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2008, issue 12

Prices, Rents and Rational Speculative Bubbles in the Sydney Housing Market pp. 405-420 Downloads
Eden Hatzvi and Glenn Otto
Factors Influencing Housing Equity Withdrawal: Evidence from a Microeconomic Survey pp. 421-433 Downloads
Carl Schwartz, Christine Lewis, David Norman and Tim Hampton
Innovation, Technological Conditions and New Firm Survival pp. 434-448 Downloads
Paul H. Jensen, Elizabeth Webster and Hielke Buddelmeyer
A Bayesian Vector Autoregressive Model with Informative Steady-state Priors for the Australian Economy pp. 449-465 Downloads
Meredith Beechey and Pär Österholm
Improving the Modelling of Couples' Labour Supply pp. 466-485 Downloads
Robert Vincent Breunig, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark and Xiaodong Gong
Does Tax Evasion Modify the Redistributive Effect of Tax Progressivity? pp. 486-495 Downloads
María Jesús Freire-Seren and Judith Panadés
Union Wage Effects in Australia: Is There Variation along the Distribution? pp. 496-510 Downloads
Lixin Cai and Amy Y.C. Liu
Real Product and Productivity of Industries since the Nineteenth Century: A Comment on 'Lost Exceptionalism' by Broadberry and Irwin pp. 511-514 Downloads
Bryan Haig
Real Product and Productivity of Industries since the Nineteenth Century: A Reply to Bryan Haig pp. 515-516 Downloads
Stephen Broadberry and Douglas A. Irwin
The Tyranny of the Market: Why You Can't Always Get What You Want - by Joel Waldfogel pp. 517-518 Downloads
eclan T rott D
Advances in Household Economics, Consumer Behaviour and Economic Policy - Edited by Tran Van Hoa pp. 518-519 Downloads
osanna S cutella R
The Demand for Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana: International Evidence - by Saroja Selvanathan and Eliyathamby A. Selvanathan pp. 520-522 Downloads
ueyan Z hao X
International Perspectives on Welfare to Work Policy - Edited by Richard Hoefer and James Midgley pp. 522-523 Downloads
ielke B uddelmeyer H
On Classical Economics - by Thomas Sowell pp. 523-524 Downloads
ary H awke G
Economics and Religion (The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics) - Edited by Paul Oslington pp. 524-526 Downloads
an S mith I
The New Monetary Policy: Implications and Relevance - Edited by Philip Arestis, Michelle Baddeley and John McCombie pp. 526-527 Downloads
olin R ogers C
Water Resource Economics: The Analysis of Scarcity Policies and Projects - by Ronald C. Griffin pp. 527-528 Downloads
ike Y oung M

2008, issue 09

Introduction pp. S1-S1 Downloads
Ranjan Ray and Graeme M. Wells
A Dynamic Incentive-Based Argument for Conditional Transfers pp. S2-S16 Downloads
Dilip Mookherjee and Debraj Ray
Choices and Constraints over Retirement Income Streams: Comparing Rules and Regulations pp. S17-S31 Downloads
Hazel J Bateman and Susan Thorp
Why Do the Rich Save More? A Theory and Australian Evidence pp. S32-S44 Downloads
Debajyoti Chakrabarty, Hajime Katayama and Hanna Maslen
Occupational Attainment and Immigrant Economic Progress in Australia pp. S45-S56 Downloads
Barry R. Chiswick and Paul W. Miller
Prices versus Rationing: Marshallian Surplus and Mandatory Water Restrictions pp. S57-S65 Downloads
R. Quentin Grafton and Michael B. Ward
Skilled Immigration and Wages in Australia pp. S66-S82 Downloads
Asadul Islam and Dietrich Karl Fausten
The Impact of Lifecycle Events on Women's Labour Force Transitions: A Panel Analysis pp. S83-S98 Downloads
Sung-Hee Jeon
The Distribution of Household Health Expenditures in Australia pp. S99-S114 Downloads
Glenn Jones, Elizabeth Savage and Kees van Gool
Do Migrants get Good Jobs in Australia? The Role of Ethnic Networks in Job Search pp. S115-S130 Downloads
Stephane Mahuteau and Junankar, Pramod (Raja) N.
Do Australian Qualifications Help? The Effect of Host Country Qualification on Migrant Participation and Unemployment pp. S131-S140 Downloads
Jaai Parasnis, Dietrich Karl Fausten and Roland Cheo
Increasing Returns, Financial Capital Mobility and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics pp. S141-S158 Downloads
Steven Pennings and Rodney Tyers
Cut-offs, Knock-ons and Welfare Payment Taper Changes: An Evaluation of the July 2000 Tax and Welfare Changes for Lone Mothers pp. 291-309 Downloads
Robert George Gregory, Eva Klug and Prem J. Thapa
Understanding the Drivers of Poverty Dynamics in Australian Households pp. 310-321 Downloads
Hielke Buddelmeyer and Sher Verick
Experimenting with Affirmative Action: The Coate and Loury Model pp. 322-337 Downloads
Michael P Kidd, Paul Stewart Carlin and Jonathan Pot
Bayesian Information Transmission and Stable Distributions: Motion Picture Revenues at the Australian Box Office pp. 338-353 Downloads
Jordi Mckenzie
How Costly is Exchange Rate Stabilisation for an Inflation Targeter? The Case of Australia pp. 354-365 Downloads
Mark Crosby, Timothy Chan Yoke Kam and Kirdan Lees
Private or Public? Towards a Taxonomy of Optimal Ownership and Management Regimes pp. 366-377 Downloads
Stephen Peter King and Rohan Pitchford
Public Capital Spillovers and Growth Revisited: A long-run and Dynamic Structural Analysis pp. 378-392 Downloads
Timothy Chan Yoke Kam and Yi-Chia Wang
What Makes a Terrorist - by Alan B. Krueger pp. 393-394 Downloads
aul F rijters P
Japan's Financial Crisis: Institutional Rigidity and Reluctant Change - by Jennifer A. Amyx pp. 394-396 Downloads
ames R. R hodes J
Nonlinear Time Series Analysis - by Holdger Kantz and Thomas Schreiber pp. 396-397 Downloads
inxian Y ang M
The Structure and Resilience of the Financial System - edited by Christopher Kent and Jeremy Lawson pp. 397-398 Downloads
ardi D ungey M
Exchange Rates under the East Asian Dollar Standard: Living with Conflicted Virtue - by Ronald I. McKinnon pp. 398-400 Downloads
rief R amayandi A
The Theory of Corporate Finance - by Jean Tirole pp. 400-401 Downloads
hris J ones C
How China Grows: Investment, Finance, and Reform - by James Riedel, Jing Jin and Jian Gao pp. 401-402 Downloads
igang S ong L
Do Economists Make Markets? On the Performativity of Economics - edited by Donald MacKenzie, Fabian Muniesa and Lucia Siu pp. 403-403 Downloads
eclan T rott D

2008, issue 06

Searching for the Smoking Gun: Did Trade Hurt Unskilled Workers? pp. 141-156 Downloads
Niven Winchester
A Richer Understanding of Australia's Productivity Performance in the 1990s: Improved Estimates Based Upon Firm-Level Panel Data pp. 157-176 Downloads
Robert Vincent Breunig and Marn-Heong Wong
Smoothing the Fiscal Costs of Population Ageing in Australia: Effects on Intergenerational Equity and Social Welfare pp. 177-192 Downloads
Ross Guest
How Much do Public Schools Really Cost? Estimating the Relationship between House Prices and School Quality pp. 193-206 Downloads
Ian Davidoff and Andrew Keith Leigh
Individual Heterogeneity in Alcohol Consumption: The Case of Beer, Wine and Spirits in Australia pp. 207-222 Downloads
Preety Ramful and Xueyan Zhao
Does Country Risk Influence International Tourism? A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis pp. 223-236 Downloads
Tiago Neves Sequeira and Paulo Macas Nunes
The Accuracy and Rationality of US and Australian Household Inflation Forecasts: A Comparative Study of the Michigan and Melbourne Institute Surveys pp. 237-252 Downloads
Lloyd B. Thomas and Alan P. Grant
Happiness Studies: Ways to Improve Comparability and Some Public Policy Implications pp. 253-266 Downloads
Yew-Kwang Ng
Distinguished Fellow of the Economic Society of Australia, 2007: Yew-Kwang Ng pp. 267-272 Downloads
Max Corden W., Peter John Forsyth and Christis G. Tombazos
Inside the Economist's Mind: Conversations with Eminent Economists - edited by Paul A. Samuelson and William A. Barnett pp. 273-274 Downloads
ames E. H artley J
Institutions, Globalisation and Empowerment - edited by Kartik C. Roy and Jörn Sideras pp. 274-276 Downloads
ambit B hattacharyya S
Global and National Macroeconometric Modelling - by Anthony Garratt, Kevin Lee, M. Hashem Pesaran and Yongcheol Shin pp. 276-277 Downloads
lasdair S cott A
Making the World Autonomous: A Global Role for the European Union - by Anthony Clunies-Ross pp. 278-279 Downloads
ohn L odewijks J
Lands of Shame: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 'Homelands' in Transition - by Helen Hughes pp. 279-281 Downloads
oyd H unter B
Arndt's Story: The Life of an Australian Economist - by Peter Coleman, Selwyn Cornish and Peter Drake pp. 281-283 Downloads
oward D ick H
The Structure of Post-Keynesian Economics: The Core Contributions of the Pioneers - by Geoff Harcourt pp. 283-285 Downloads
erry C ourvisanos J
Adam Smith's Moral Philosophy: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective on Markets, Law, Ethics, and Culture - by Jerry Evensky pp. 285-286 Downloads
aria P ia P aganelli M
The Search for Stability. The Boyer Lectures 2006 - by Ian Macfarlane and The Global Economy in the 1990s. A Long-run Perspective - edited by Paul W. Rhode and Gianni Toniolo pp. 286-288 Downloads
elwyn C ornish S

2008, issue 03

An Estimated New Keynesian Policy Model for Australia pp. 1-16 Downloads
Daniel Buncic and Martin Melecký
The Role of Portfolio Shocks in a Structural Vector Autoregressive Model of the Australian Economy pp. 17-33 Downloads
Renee Fry, James Hocking and Vance Lindsay Martin
The Cyclical Dynamics and Volatility of Australian Output and Employment pp. 34-49 Downloads
David Shepherd and Robert John Dixon
Beyond Brigden: Australia's Inter-War Manufacturing Tariffs, Real Wages and Economic Size pp. 50-67 Downloads
Rodney Tyers and William Oliver Coleman
Neighbourhood Measures: Quantifying the Effects of Neighbourhood Externalities pp. 68-81 Downloads
Ben Jensen and Mark N. Harris
A Measure of the Efficacy of the Australian Imputation Tax System pp. 82-94 Downloads
John C. Handley and Krishnan Maheswaran
Separability and Subadditivity in Australian Railways pp. 95-108 Downloads
Nick Wills-Johnson
Discounting and the Time Preference Rate pp. 109-127 Downloads
John Creedy and Ross Guest
Repeated Games and Reputations: Long-run Relationships - by George J. Mailath and Larry Samuelson pp. 128-129 Downloads
Damien Sean Eldridge
Australian Local Government Economics - by Brian Dollery, Lin Crase and Andrew Johnson pp. 129-130 Downloads
Joel Byrnes
The Search for Stability: The Boyer Lectures 2006 - by Ian Macfarlane and The Global Economy in the 1990s: A Long-run Perspective - Edited by Paul W. Rhode and Gianni Toniolo pp. 130-132 Downloads
Selwyn Cornish
The New Comparative Economic History: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey G. Williamson - Edited by Timothy J. Hatton, Kevin H. O'Rourke and Alan M. Taylor pp. 132-134 Downloads
Ian W. McLean
Involuntary Unemployment: The Elusive Quest for a Theory - by Michel De Vroey pp. 134-136 Downloads
William Oliver Coleman
Bright Future: Abundance and Progress in the 21st Century - by David McMullen pp. 134-134 Downloads
Declan Trott
The Inflation-Targeting Debate - Edited by Ben Bernanke and Michael Woodford pp. 136-138 Downloads
Kirdan Lees
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