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Volume 60, issue 11, 2007

'Whatever is, is right'? Economic institutions in pre-industrial Europe -super-1 pp. 649-684 Downloads
Sheilagh Ogilvie
Calculating credibility: print culture, trust and economic figures in early eighteenth-century England -super-1 pp. 685-711 Downloads
Natasha Glaisyer
An 'art', not a 'science'? Central bank management in Portugal under the gold standard, 1863-87 -super-1 pp. 712-741 Downloads
Jaime Reis
Financial market analysis can go mad (in the search for irrational behaviour during the South Sea Bubble) -super-1 pp. 742-765 Downloads
Gary Shea
Pitfalls in the quest for South Sea rationality pp. 766-772 Downloads
Richard Dale, Johnnie E. V. Johnson and Leilei Tang
List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2006 pp. 773-826 Downloads
Matthew Hale, Richard Hawkins and Catherine Wright
England on the Eve of the Black Death: an atlas of lay lordship, land and wealth, 1300-49 - By Bruce M. S. Campbell and Ken Bartley pp. 827-828 Downloads
Peter Coss
Medieval villages in an English landscape: beginnings and ends - By Richard Jones and Mark Page pp. 828-830 Downloads
P. D. A. Harvey
Victoria county history: a history of the county of Chester, vol. V, 2, The city of Chester: culture, buildings and institutions - Edited by Christopher P. Lewis and Alan T. Thacker Victoria county history: a history of the county of Durham, vol. IV, Darlington - Edited by Gillian Cookson Victoria county history: a history of the County of Oxford, vol. XV, Carterton, Minster Lovell, and environs (Bampton Hundred part three) - Edited by S. Townley pp. 830-832 Downloads
Nigel Goose
Gender, taste and material culture in Britain and North America, 1700-1830 - Edited by John Styles and Amanda Vickery pp. 832-834 Downloads
Richard Sheldon
Illegitimacy in Britain, 1700-1920 - Edited by Alysa Levene, Thomas Nutt, and Samantha Williams pp. 834-835 Downloads
Leonard Schwarz
Creating capitalism: joint-stock enterprise in British politics and culture, 1800-1870 - By James Taylor pp. 835-837 Downloads
Robin Pearson
Rethinking nineteenth-century liberalism: Richard Cobden bicentenary essays - Edited by Anthony Howe and Simon Morgan pp. 837-838 Downloads
Peter Cain
'We might be trusted': women, welfare and local politics, 1880-1920 - By Steven King pp. 838-840 Downloads
Marjorie Levine- Clark
The English countryside between the wars: regeneration or decline? - Edited by Paul Brassley, Jeremy Burchardt, and Lynne Thompson pp. 840-842 Downloads
E. J. T. Collins
Unemployment, poverty and health in interwar south Wales - By Steven Thomson pp. 842-843 Downloads
Bernard Harris
The front line of freedom: British farming in the Second World War - Edited by Brian Short, Charles Watkins, and John Martin pp. 843-844 Downloads
Erin Gill
Dennis Robertson: essays on his life and work - By Gordon A. Fletcher pp. 845-846 Downloads
Susan Howson
The slow failure: population decline and independent Ireland, 1922-73 - By Mary E. Daly pp. 846-847 Downloads
Enda Delaney
Work and pay in twentieth-century Britain - Edited by Nicholas Crafts, Ian Gazeley, and Andrew Newell pp. 847-848 Downloads
Nicholas Woodward
The politics of free markets: the rise of neoliberal economic policies in Britain, France, Germany and the United States - By Monica Prasad pp. 848-850 Downloads
Neil Rollings
From physick to pharmacology: five hundred years of British drug retailing - Edited by Louise Hill Curth pp. 850-851 Downloads
Elaine Leong
Le commerce du Nord: les échanges commerciaux entre la France et l'Europe septentrionale au XVIIIe siècle - By Pierrick Pourchasse pp. 851-853 Downloads
Silvia Marzagalli
La fonction consulaire à l'époque moderne: l'affirmation d'une institution économique et politique, 1500-1700 - Edited by Jörg Ulbert and Gérard Le Bouëdec pp. 853-855 Downloads
Xavier Labat Saint Vincent
At the centre of the old world: trade and manufacturing in Venice and the Venetian mainland, 1400-1800 - Edited by Paola Lanaro pp. 855-856 Downloads
Maria Fusaro
Networking Europe: transnational infrastructures and the shaping of Europe, 1850-2000 - Edited by Erik van der Vleuten and Arne Kaijser pp. 856-858 Downloads
Thomas J. Misa
Modernization in Russia since 1900 - Edited by Markku Kangaspuro and Jeremy Smith pp. 858-859 Downloads
Vincent Barnett
The economic history of India, 1857-1947 - By Tirthankar Roy pp. 859-860 Downloads
Bishnupriya Gupta
Networked machinists: high-technology industries in Antebellum America - By David R. Meyer pp. 860-862 Downloads
Ralf Richter
Selling the race: culture, community and black Chicago, 1940-1955 - By Adam Green pp. 862-864 Downloads
Rachel Roseman
America transformed: sixty years of revolutionary change, 1941-2001 - By Richard M. Abrams pp. 864-865 Downloads
Howell John Harris
From silver to cocaine: Latin American commodity chains and the building of the world economy, 1500-2000 - Edited by Steven Topik, Carlos Marichal, and Zephyr Frank pp. 865-866 Downloads
Marshall C. Eakin
The ambivalent consumer: questioning consumption in East Asia and the West - Edited by Sheldon Garon and Patricia L. Maclachlan pp. 866-868 Downloads
Peter N. Stearns
The revolution that bit its own tail: how economic history changed our ideas on economic growth - By J.W. Drukker pp. 868-869 Downloads
Leandro Prados de la Escosura
Inside the economist's mind: conversations with eminent economists - Edited by Paul A. Samuelson and William A. Barnett pp. 869-871 Downloads
Roger Middleton
Capitals of capital: a history of international financial centres, 1780-2005 - By Youssef Cassis pp. 871-872 Downloads
Ranald Michie
Emerging markets and financial globalization: sovereign bond spreads in 1870-1913 and today - By Paolo Mauro, Nathan Sussman, and Yishay Yafeh pp. 872-874 Downloads
Marc Flandreau
Monetary theory and Bretton Woods: the construction of an international monetary order - By Filippo Cesarano pp. 874-875 Downloads
Forrest Capie
Gunpowder, explosives and the state: a technological history - Edited by Brenda J. Buchanan pp. 876-877 Downloads
John F. Guilmartin

Volume 60, issue 08, 2007

After the Black Death: labour legislation and attitudes towards labour in late-medieval western Europe pp. 457-485 Downloads
Samuel Cohn
Downhill from devaluation: The battle for sterling, 1968-72 -super-1 pp. 486-512 Downloads
Michael J. Oliver and Arran Hamilton
Serfdom and social capital in Bohemia and Russia -super-1 pp. 513-544 Downloads
T. K. Dennison and Sheilagh Ogilvie
The changing role of fairs in the long eighteenth century: evidence from the north midlands -super-1 pp. 545-573 Downloads
Ian Mitchell
Regions and time in the European fertility transition: problems in the Princeton Project's statistical methodology -super-1 pp. 574-595 Downloads
John C. Brown and Timothy Guinnane
Charters and custumals of Shaftesbury Abbey, 1089-1216 - Edited by Neil E. Stacy pp. 596-597 Downloads
Edmund King
Children remembered: responses to untimely death in the past - By Robert Woods pp. 597-598 Downloads
Colin Heywood
Industry, trade and people in Ireland, 1650-1950: essays in honour of W. H. Crawford - Edited by Brenda Collins, Philip Ollersenshaw, and Trevor Parkhill pp. 598-599 Downloads
S. J Connolly
The British-Atlantic trading community, 1760-1810: men, women and the distribution of goods - By Sheryllynne Haggerty pp. 600-602 Downloads
David Hancock
Financing medicine: the British experience since 1750 - Edited by Martin Gorsky and Sally Sheard pp. 602-603 Downloads
John Stewart
The business of women: female enterprise and urban development in Northern England, 1760-1830 - By Hannah Barker pp. 603-604 Downloads
Christine Wiskin
Landlords, tenants, famine: the business of an Irish land agency in the 1840s - By Desmond Norton pp. 604-606 Downloads
Gerald J. Lyne
From the corn laws to free trade: interests, ideas and institutions in historical perspective - By Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey pp. 606-607 Downloads
Boyd Hilton
Clara Collet, 1860-1948: an educated working woman - By Deborah McDonald pp. 607-609 Downloads
Hester Barron
Alfred Herbert Ltd and the British machine tool industry, 1887-1983 - By Roger Lloyd-Jones and M. J. Lewis pp. 609-610 Downloads
Geoffrey Tweedale
Jewish Ireland in the age of Joyce: a socioeconomic history - By Cormac Ó Gráda pp. 610-612 Downloads
Todd M. Endelman
Psychological subjects: identity, culture and health in twentieth-century Britain - By Matthew Thomson pp. 612-613 Downloads
Joseph Melling
The Cambridge companion to Keynes - Edited by Roger E. Backhouse and Bradley Bateman pp. 613-615 Downloads
Mauro Boianovsky
Visual culture and decolonisation in Britain - Edited by Simon Faulkner and Anandi Ramamurthy pp. 615-617 Downloads
Stephen Howe
Using history, making British policy: the Treasury and the Foreign Office, 1950-76 - By Peter J. Beck pp. 617-618 Downloads
Hugh Pemberton
The Chancellors' tales: managing the British economy - Edited by Howard Davies pp. 619-620 Downloads
Nicholas Woodward
Britain's pension crisis: history and policy - Edited by Hugh Pemberton, Pat Thane, and Noel Whiteside pp. 620-621 Downloads
Paul Bridgen
Liverpool 800: culture, character and history - Edited by John Belchem pp. 621-623 Downloads
John K. Walton
Institutions and the path to the modern economy: lessons from medieval trade - By Avner Greif pp. 623-624 Downloads
Karl Gunnar Persson
The rise of the Amsterdam market and information exchange: merchants, commercial expansion and change in the spatial economy of the Low Countries, c.1550-1630 - By Clé Lesger pp. 624-625 Downloads
Wantje Fritschy
The city, the duke and their banker: the Rapondi family and the formation of the Burgundian state (1384-1430) - By Bart Lambert pp. 626-627 Downloads
Graeme Small
The political economy of virtue: luxury, patriotism and the origins of the French Revolution - By John Shovlin pp. 627-628 Downloads
William Doyle
Planning ahead and falling behind: the East German economy in comparison with West Germany, 1936-2002 - By Jaap Sleifer pp. 628-630 Downloads
Mathieu Denis
Civil society, associations and urban places: class, nation and culture in nineteenth-century Europe - Edited by Graeme Morton, Boudien de Vries, and Robert J. Morris pp. 630-631 Downloads
Philip Nord
The economy of east central Europe, 1815-1989 - By David Turnock pp. 632-633 Downloads
Max- Stephan Schulze
The road to prosperity: an economic history of Finland - Edited by Jari Ojala, Jari Eloranta, and Jukka Jalava pp. 633-634 Downloads
Ola Honningdal Grytten
A history of Russian economic thought - By Vincent Barnett pp. 635-636 Downloads
Yuri Tulupenko
Historical statistics of the United States - Edited by Susan B. Carter, Scott Sigmund Gartner, Michael R. Haines, Alan L. Olmstead, Richard Sutch, and Gavin Wright pp. 636-638 Downloads
Kenneth Morgan
The world's newest profession: management consulting in the twentieth century - By Christopher D. McKenna pp. 638-639 Downloads
M. W. Kirby
Plantation Jamaica, 1750-1850: capital and control in a colonial economy - By Barry W. Higman pp. 639-640 Downloads
Gad Heuman
The role of tradition in Japan's industrialization: another path to industrialization - Edited by Masayuki Tanimoto pp. 641-642 Downloads
Alan Booth
Globalization and the poor periphery before 1950 - By Jeffrey G. Williamson pp. 642-643 Downloads
Edward Anderson
Eli Heckscher, international trade and economic history - Edited by Ronald Findlay, Rolf G. H. Henriksson, Håkan Lindgren, and Mats Lundahl pp. 644-645 Downloads
John J. McCusker
Global imbalances and the lessons of Bretton Woods - By Barry Eichengreen pp. 645-646 Downloads
Bernard J. Foley
Global labour history: a state of the art - Edited by Jan Lucassen pp. 646-648 Downloads
Chris Wrigley

Volume 60, issue 05, 2007

Night watchman, extractive, or developmental states? Some evidence from late colonial south-east Asia -super-1 pp. 241-266 Downloads
Anne Booth
China and the world financial markets 1870-1939: Modern lessons from historical globalization -super-1 pp. 267-312 Downloads
William Goetzmann, Andrey D. Ukhov and Ning Zhu
The organization of the grain trade in the early Roman Empire pp. 313-332 Downloads
David Kessler and Peter Temin
Where there's muck, there's brass: -super-1 the market for manure in the industrial revolution -super-2 pp. 333-372 Downloads
Liam Brunt
Ancient and early modern mortality: experience and understanding -super-1 pp. 373-399 Downloads
Robert Woods
Food in medieval England: diet and nutrition - Edited by Christopher M. Woolgar, Dale Serjeantson, and Tony Waldron pp. 400-401 Downloads
John Langdon
The business of everyday life: gender, practice and social politics in England, c.1600-1900 - By Beverly Lemire pp. 401-402 Downloads
Lynn Abrams
Slavery, family and gentry capitalism in the British Atlantic: the world of the Lascelles, 1648-1834 - By Simon D. Smith pp. 403-404 Downloads
William J. Ashworth
A foot in the past: consumers, producers and footwear in the long eighteenth century - By Giorgio Riello pp. 405-406 Downloads
Nancy Cox
China trade and empire: Jardine, Matheson & Co. and the origins of British rule in Hong Kong, 1827-1843 - Edited by Alain Le Pichon pp. 406-407 Downloads
Paul A. van Dyke
The English rural poor, 1850-1914 - Edited by Mark Freeman pp. 407-409 Downloads
Steven King
Charles Knight: educator, publisher, writer - By Valerie Gray pp. 409-411 Downloads
James Thompson
Writers, readers and reputations: literary life in Britain, 1870-1918 - By Philip J. Waller pp. 411-412 Downloads
James Thompson
The debate on the rise of the British empire - By Anthony Webster pp. 412-414 Downloads
Stephen Howe
The Labour governments, 1964-1970 - Edited by Peter Dorey pp. 414-415 Downloads
Jim Tomlinson
Age discrimination: an historical and contemporary discussion - By John Macnicol pp. 415-417 Downloads
Robin Blackburn
Craft guilds in the early modern Low Countries: work, power and representation - Edited by Maarten Prak, Catharina Lis, Jan Lucassen, and Hugo Soly pp. 417-419 Downloads
James R. Farr
The emergence of modern business enterprise in France, 1800-1930 - By Michael Stephan Smith pp. 419-421 Downloads
Peter Wardley
The wages of destruction: the making and breaking of the Nazi economy - By Adam Tooze pp. 421-422 Downloads
Ray Stokes
Überholen ohne einzuholen: Die DDR-Wirtschaft als Fußnote der deutschen Geschichte? - Edited by André Steiner pp. 422-424 Downloads
Jeremy Leaman
Evolution of Italian enterprises in the 20th century - Edited by Renato Gianetti and Michelangelo Vasta pp. 424-425 Downloads
Paolo Di Martino
An anatomy of trade in medieval writing: value, consent and community - By Lianna Farber pp. 425-427 Downloads
James Davis
Cultures of selling: perspectives on consumption and society since 1700 - Edited by John Benson and Laura Ugolini pp. 427-428 Downloads
Lesley Whitworth
An economic history of Europe: from expansion to development - Edited by Antonio Di Vittorio pp. 429-430 Downloads
Herman van der Wee
Monetary circulation in Central Europe at the beginning of the early modern period: attempts to establish a shared currency as an aspect of the political culture of the 16th century (1524-1573) - By Petr Vorel pp. 430-432 Downloads
Ian Blanchard
The Palestinian peasant economy under the Mandate: a story of colonial bungling - By Amos Nadan pp. 432-434 Downloads
Jacob Metzer
Chinese medicine men: consumer culture in China and Southeast Asia - By Sherman Cochran pp. 434-435 Downloads
Matthew Hilton
Technology gatekeepers for war and peace: the British ship revolution and Japanese industrialization - By Miwao Matsumoto pp. 435-437 Downloads
Janet Hunter
Lever of empire: the international gold standard and the crisis of liberalism in prewar Japan - By Mark Metzler pp. 437-438 Downloads
Arturo Giraldez
Japan, China, and the growth of the Asian international economy, 1850-1949 - Edited by Kaoru Sugihara pp. 438-440 Downloads
Pierre van der Eng
Barbed wire: an ecology of modernity - By Reviel Netz pp. 440-441 Downloads
Avner Offer
Creating the twentieth century: technical innovations of 1867-1914 and their lasting impact - By Vaclav Smil Transforming the twentieth century: technical innovations and their consequences - By Vaclav Smil pp. 441-443 Downloads
Richard Lipsey
The role of government in the history of economic thought - Edited by Steven Medema and Peter Boettke pp. 444-445 Downloads
Michael J. Oliver
Global migration and the world economy: two centuries of policy and performance - By Timothy J. Hatton and Jeffrey G. Williamson pp. 445-446 Downloads
Dudley Baines
Historicizing lifestyle: mediating taste, consumption and identity from the 1900s to the 1970s - Edited by David Bell, and Joanne Hollows pp. 446-448 Downloads
Sean Nixon
The expert consumer: associations and professionals in consumer society - Edited by Alain Chatriot, Marie-Emanuelle Chessel, and Matthew Hilton pp. 448-449 Downloads
Stefan Schwarzkopf
The social sources of financial power: domestic legitimacy and international financial orders - By Leonard Seabrooke pp. 449-450 Downloads
Margaret Levi
The global economy in the 1990s: a long run perspective - Edited by Paul W. Rhode and Gianni Toniolo pp. 451-452 Downloads
Mary O'Mahony
The bourgeois virtues: ethics for an age of commerce - By Deirdre N. McCloskey pp. 452-453 Downloads
Jere Cohen
Announcing web-based submission process: Manuscript Central pp. 454-455 Downloads
Jane Humphries
Erratum: English county populations in the later eighteenth century pp. 456-456 Downloads
E. A. Wrigley

Volume 60, issue 02, 2007

Towards a new Bradshaw? Economic statistics and the British state in the 1950s and 1960s pp. 1-34 Downloads
Glen O'Hara
English county populations in the later eighteenth century -super-1 pp. 35-69 Downloads
E. A. Wrigley
The causes and consequences of rent-seeking in Northern Ireland, 1945-72 -super-1 pp. 70-96 Downloads
Graham Brownlow
The long march of history: Farm wages, population, and economic growth, England 1209-1869 -super-1 pp. 97-135 Downloads
Gregory Clark
Trade and economic developments, 1450-1550: the experience of Kent, Surrey and Sussex - Mavis E. Mate pp. 190-191 Downloads
R. W. Hoyle
Immigrants and the industries of London, 1500-1700 - Lien Bich Luu pp. 191-192 Downloads
Andrew Spicer
The social life of money in the English past - Deborah Valenze pp. 192-193 Downloads
Julian Hoppit
County Durham hearth tax assessment Lady Day 1666 - Edited by Adrian Green, Elizabeth Parkinson and Margaret Spufford pp. 193-195 Downloads
Tom Arkell
Nathan Mayer Rothschild and the creation of a dynasty: the critical years, 1806-1816 - Herbert H. Kaplan pp. 195-196 Downloads
Stanley Chapman
The popularization of Malthus in early nineteenth century England: Martineau, Cobbett and the pauper press - James P. Huzel pp. 196-197 Downloads
John Pullen
Imagined orphans: poor families, child welfare and contested citizenship in London - Lydia Murdoch pp. 197-199 Downloads
Harry Hendrick
Rebel girls: their fight for the vote - Jill Liddington pp. 199-201 Downloads
Harold L. Smith
A history of auditing: the changing audit process in Britain from the nineteenth century to the present day - Derek Matthews pp. 201-202 Downloads
Christopher J. Napier
The re-emergence of global finance - Gary Burn pp. 202-204 Downloads
Catherine Schenk
The making of modern management: British management in historical perspective - John F. Wilson and Andrew Thomson pp. 204-205 Downloads
M. W. Kirby
A history of leisure - Peter Borsay pp. 205-207 Downloads
Brad Beaven
W. Arthur Lewis and the birth of development economics - Robert L. Tignor pp. 207-208 Downloads
Jim Tomlinson
The official history of Britain and the Channel Tunnel - Terry Gourvish pp. 208-209 Downloads
Richard S. Grayson
The challenge of affluence: self-control and well-being in the United States and Britain since 1950 - Avner Offer pp. 210-211 Downloads
M. J. Daunton
Les banques du grand Sud-Ouest, Système bancaire et gestion des risques (des années 1900 à nos jours) - Hubert Bonin and Christophe Lastacouères pp. 212-213 Downloads
Jean- Pierre Dormois
Gilding the market: luxury and fashion in fourteenth-century Italy - Susan Mosher Stuard pp. 214-215 Downloads
Sharon Farmer
Trade, diplomacy and cultural exchange: continuity and change in the North Sea area and the Baltic, c.1350-1750 - Edited by Hanno Brand pp. 215-216 Downloads
Herman van der Wee
The grammar of profit: the price revolution in intellectual context - Andrea Finkelstein pp. 216-217 Downloads
Ian Blanchard
The justice of Venice: authorities and liberties in the urban economy - James E. Shaw pp. 217-219 Downloads
Liz Horodowich
The soul of commerce: credit, property and politics in Leipzig, 1750-1840 - Robert Beachy pp. 219-220 Downloads
Victoria Harris
Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte: Arbeitsgebiete-Probleme-Perspektiven - Edited by Günther Schulz, Christoph Buchheim, Gerhard Fouquet, Rainer Gömmel, Friedrich-Wilhelm Henning, Karl Heinrich Kaufhold and Hans Pohl pp. 220-222 Downloads
Carsten Burhop
Momente deutsch-deutscher Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte 1945 bis 1990: Eine Analyse auf gleicher Augenhöhe - Jörg Roesler pp. 222-224 Downloads
Gareth Dale
Norwegian catch-up: development and globalization before Word War II - Jonathon W. Moses pp. 224-225 Downloads
Jan Tore Klovland
Consuming cultures: global perspectives, historical trajectories, transnational exchanges - Edited by John Brewer and Frank Trentmann pp. 225-226 Downloads
Richard Sheldon
An economic history of twentieth-century Europe: economic regimes from laissez-faire to globalization - Ivan T. Berend pp. 227-228 Downloads
Bernard J. Foley
Corruption and reform: lessons from America's economic history - Edited by Edward L. Glaeser and Claudia Goldin pp. 228-229 Downloads
Susan Rose- Ackerman
The Canton trade: life and enterprise on the China coast, 1700-1845 - Paul A. Van Dyke pp. 230-231 Downloads
H. V. Bowen
China and capitalism: a history of business enterprise in modern China - David Faure pp. 231-232 Downloads
Catherine Schenk
Rural economic development in Japan: from the nineteenth century to the Pacific war - Penelope Francks pp. 232-233 Downloads
Richard J. Smethurst
Taste, trade and technology: the development of the international meat industry since 1840 - Richard Perren pp. 234-235 Downloads
P. J. Atkins
Global capitalism: its fall and rise in the twentieth century - Jeffrey Frieden pp. 235-236 Downloads
Scott Newton
International economic integration in historical perspective - Dennis M. P. McCarthy pp. 236-237 Downloads
Pilar Nogués Marco
The economics of World War I - Edited by Stephen Broadberry and Mark Harrison pp. 238-239 Downloads
Theo Balderston
The 'vanity of the philosopher': from equality to hierarchy in postclassical economics - Sandra J. Peart and David M. Levy pp. 239-240 Downloads
Roger Backhouse

Volume 60, issue 01, 2007

Review of periodical literature published in 2005 pp. 136-189 Downloads
David Pratt, P. R. Schofield, Henry French, Peter Kirby, Mark Freeman, Julian Greaves and Hugh Pemberton
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