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Volume 71, issue 10, 2004

Money and Information pp. 915-944 Downloads
Aleksander Berentsen and Guillaume Rocheteau
Constrained Indirect Estimation pp. 945-973 Downloads
Giorgio Calzolari, Gabriele Fiorentini and Enrique Sentana
Gradualism in Bargaining and Contribution Games pp. 975-1000 Downloads
Olivier Compte and Philippe Jehiel
From Physical to Human Capital Accumulation: Inequality and the Process of Development pp. 1001-1026 Downloads
Oded Galor and Omer Moav
Empirical Analysis of Limit Order Markets pp. 1027-1063 Downloads
Burton Hollifield, Robert A. Miller and Patrik Sandas
A Perpetual Race to Stay Ahead pp. 1064-1088 Downloads
Johannes Hörner
Strategic Pricing, Consumer Search and the Number of Firms pp. 1089-1118 Downloads
Maarten Janssen and Jose Moraga-Gonzalez
The Agency Cost of Internal Collusion and Schumpeterian Growth pp. 1119-1141 Downloads
David Martimort and Thierry Verdier
Does Poaching Distort Training? pp. 1143-1162 Downloads
Espen Moen and Åsa Rosén
Efficient Mechanisms for Public Goods with Use Exclusions pp. 1163-1188 Downloads
Peter Norman
Educational Financing and Lifetime Earnings pp. 1189-1216 Downloads
Robert Sauer
Optimal Taxation with Private Government Information pp. 1217-1239 Downloads
Christopher Sleet

Volume 71, issue 07, 2004

A Dynamic Analysis of the Market for Wide-Bodied Commercial Aircraft pp. 581-611 Downloads
C. Lanier Benkard
Limit Theorems for Estimating the Parameters of Differentiated Product Demand Systems pp. 613-654 Downloads
Steven Berry, Oliver Linton and Ariel Pakes
Endogeneity in Semiparametric Binary Response Models pp. 655-679 Downloads
Richard Blundell and James L. Powell
Regulating Exclusion from Financial Markets pp. 681-707 Downloads
Philip Bond and Arvind Krishnamurthy
Twenty Years of Rising Inequality in U.S. Lifetime Labour Income Values pp. 709-742 Downloads
Audra Bowlus and Jean-Marc Robin
Wealth Inequality and Intergenerational Links pp. 743-768 Downloads
Mariacristina De Nardi
Precautionary Wealth Accumulation pp. 769-781 Downloads
Mark Huggett
Monopoly Power and Distribution in Fragmented Markets: The Case of Groundwater pp. 783-808 Downloads
Hanan Jacoby, Rinku Murgai and Saeed Rehman
Informational Size and Efficient Auctions pp. 809-827 Downloads
Richard McLean and Andrew Postlewaite
Party Formation and Policy Outcomes under Different Electoral Systems pp. 829-853 Downloads
Massimo Morelli
Fooling All of the People Some of the Time: A Theory of Endogenous Sequencing in Confidential Negotiations pp. 855-881 Downloads
Thomas Noe and Jun Wang
Balance Sheet Effects, Bailout Guarantees and Financial Crises pp. 883-913 Downloads
Martin Schneider and Aaron Tornell

Volume 71, issue 04, 2004

Optimal Lending Contracts and Firm Dynamics pp. 285-315 Downloads
Rui Albuquerque and Hugo Hopenhayn
Collusion and Price Rigidity pp. 317-349 Downloads
Susan Athey, Kyle Bagwell and Chris Sanchirico
Arms Races and Negotiations pp. 351-369 Downloads
Sandeep Baliga and Tomas Sj–str–m
Overturning Mundell: Fiscal Policy in a Monetary Union pp. 371-396 Downloads
Russell Cooper and Hubert Kempf
Strategic Delegation By Unobservable Incentive Contracts pp. 397-424 Downloads
Levent Kockesen and Efe Ok
Limited Depth of Reasoning and Failure of Cascade Formation in the Laboratory pp. 425-441 Downloads
Dorothea K¸bler and Georg Weizs”cker
Social Learning from Private Experiences: The Dynamics of the Selection Problem pp. 443-458 Downloads
Charles Manski
Business Creation and the Stock Market pp. 459-481 Downloads
Claudio Michelacci and Javier Suarez
Competition Between Networks: A Study of the Market for Yellow Pages pp. 483-512 Downloads
Marc Rysman
Piece Rates, Fixed Wages and Incentives: Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 513-534 Downloads
Bruce Shearer
Wage-Tenure Contracts in a Frictional Labour Market: Firms' Strategies for Recruitment and Retention pp. 535-551 Downloads
Margaret Stevens
The Right Man for the Job pp. 553-580 Downloads
C. N. Teulings and Pieter Gautier

Volume 71, issue 01, 2004

Investment Incentives in Procurement Auctions pp. 1-18 Downloads
Leandro Arozamena and Estelle Cantillon
How Efficiently is Capital Allocated? Evidence from the Knitted GarmentIndustry in Tirupur pp. 19-42 Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee and Kaivan Munshi
A Pure Theory of Job Security and Labour Income Risk pp. 43-61 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
Filtering Returns for Unspecified Biases in Priors when Testing Asset PricingTheory pp. 63-86 Downloads
Peter Bossaerts
Does One Soros Make a Difference? A Theory of Currency Crises with Large and Small Traders pp. 87-113 Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Amil Dasgupta, Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin
Voting on Majority Rules pp. 115-132 Downloads
Matthias Messner and Mattias K Polborn
Market News in Commodity Price Theory: Application to the Ethiopian GrainMarket pp. 133-164 Downloads
Theresa Osborne
Committee Design with Endogenous Information pp. 165-191 Downloads
Nicola Persico
Persistence of Employment Fluctuations: A Model of Recurring Job Loss pp. 193-215 Downloads
Michael Pries
Is Grameen Lending Efficient? Repayment Incentives and Insurance in Village Economies pp. 217-234 Downloads
Ashok Rai and Tomas Sj–str–m
Supermarket Choice and Supermarket Competition in Market Equilibrium pp. 235-263 Downloads
Howard Smith
Mass Media Competition, Political Competition, and Public Policy pp. 265-284 Downloads
David Str–mberg

Volume 70, issue January, 2003

Stage Financing and the Role of Convertible Securities pp. 1-32
Francesca Cornelli and Oved Yosha
Nonparametric Estimation of Sample Selection Models pp. 33-58
Mitali Das, Whitney Newey and Francis Vella
Contracting Productivity Growth pp. 59-85
Patrick Francois and Joanne Roberts
Group Formation in Risk--Sharing Arrangements pp. 87-113
Garance Genicot and Debraj Ray
Empirical Implications of Equilibrium Bidding in First--Price, Symmetric, Common Value Auctions pp. 115-145
Kenneth Hendricks, Joris Pinkse and Robert Porter
Incomplete Simultaneous Discrete Response Model with Multiple Equilibria pp. 147-165
Elie Tamer
Productivity Dynamics with Technology Choice: An Application to Automobile Assembly pp. 167-198
Johannes Van Biesebroeck

Volume 70, issue 10, 2003

Editorial Announcement pp. 697-697 Downloads
Orazio Attanasio and Michael Woodford
Gaps and Triangles pp. 699-713 Downloads
Bernardino Adao, Isabel Correia and Pedro Teles
Expectation Traps and Monetary Policy pp. 715-741 Downloads
Stefania Albanesi, Varadarajan Chari and Lawrence Christiano
Price Stability in Open Economies pp. 743-764 Downloads
Gianluca Benigno and Pierpaolo Benigno
Monetary Policy in the Open Economy Revisited: Price Setting and Exchange-Rate Flexibility pp. 765-783 Downloads
Michael Devereux and Charles Engel
Common Currencies vs. Monetary Independence pp. 785-806 Downloads
Thomas Cooley and Vincenzo Quadrini
Expectations and the Stability Problem for Optimal Monetary Policies pp. 807-824 Downloads
George Evans and Seppo Honkapohja
Optimal Monetary Policy pp. 825-860 Downloads
Aubhik Khan, Robert King and Alexander Wolman
Optimal Interest-Rate Smoothing pp. 861-886 Downloads
Michael Woodford
Learning and Equilibrium Selection in a Monetary Overlapping Generations Model with Sticky Prices pp. 887-907 Downloads
Klaus Adam
Strategic Monetary Policy with Non-Atomistic Wage Setters pp. 909-919 Downloads
Francesco Lippi

Volume 70, issue 07, 2003

Endogenous Debt Constraints in Lifecycle Economies pp. 461-487 Downloads
Costas Azariadis and Luisa Lambertini
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation pp. 489-520 Downloads
Roland Benabou and Jean Tirole
Unemployment Risk, Labour Force Participation and Savings pp. 521-539 Downloads
Gabriella Berloffa and Peter Simmons
Pay-as-you-go Social Security and the Distribution of Altruistic Transfers pp. 541-567 Downloads
Jordi Caballe and Luisa Fuster
Optimal Indirect and Capital Taxation pp. 569-587 Downloads
Mikhail Golosov, Narayana Kocherlakota and Aleh Tsyvinski
Public-Good Provision with Many Participants pp. 589-614 Downloads
Martin Hellwig
Statistical Discrimination and Efficiency pp. 615-627 Downloads
Peter Norman
Foreign Direct Investment and Exports with Growing Demand pp. 629-648 Downloads
Rafael Rob and Nikolaos Vettas
Monetary Policy Committees: Individual and Collective Reputations pp. 649-665 Downloads
Anne Sibert
The Decentralization of Information Processing in the Presence of Interactions pp. 667-695 Downloads
Dimitri Vayanos

Volume 70, issue 04, 2003

Patterns of Skill Premia pp. 199-230 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu
Reputation and Survival: Learning in a Dynamic Signalling Model pp. 231-251 Downloads
Heski Bar-Isaac
Collusion, Delegation and Supervision with Soft Information pp. 253-279 Downloads
Antoine Faure-Grimaud, Jean-Jacques Laffont and David Martimort
Financial Contracting Theory Meets the Real World: An Empirical Analysis of Venture Capital Contracts pp. 281-315 Downloads
Steven Kaplan and Per Stromberg
Estimating Production Functions Using Inputs to Control for Unobservables pp. 317-341 Downloads
James Levinsohn and Amil Petrin
Market Selection and Asymmetric Information pp. 343-368 Downloads
George Mailath and Alvaro Sandroni
Persistent Inequality pp. 369-393 Downloads
Dilip Mookherjee and Debraj Ray
Professionals Play Minimax pp. 395-415 Downloads
Ignacio Palacios-Huerta
Second Opinions and Price Competition: Inefficiency in the Market for Expert Advice pp. 417-437 Downloads
Wolfgang Pesendorfer and Asher Wolinsky
Collusion, Exclusion, and Inclusion in Random-Order Bargaining pp. 439-460 Downloads
Ilya Segal
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