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Volume 47, issue 6, 1979

Dominance Solvable Voting Schemes pp. 1137-51 Downloads
Herve Moulin
The Impossibility of Bayesian Group Decision Making with Separate Aggregation of Beliefs and Values pp. 1321-36 Downloads
Aanund Hylland and Richard Zeckhauser
Sequences of Games with Varying Opponents pp. 1353-66 Downloads
Robert Rosenthal
Synopses in the Theory of Choice pp. 1367-89 Downloads
Murat Sertel and Alexander Van der Bellen
On Multivariate Risk Aversion pp. 1391-1401 Downloads
Edi Karni
Expectations and Money in a Dynamic Exchange Model pp. 1403-19 Downloads
Milton Harris
The Ergodic Behavior of Stochastic Processes of Economic Equilibria pp. 1421-32 Downloads
Lawrence Blume
Capital Accumulation on the Transition Path in a Monetary Optimizing Model pp. 1433-39 Downloads
Stanley Fischer
The Estimation of Partial Adjustment Models with Rational Expectations pp. 1441-55 Downloads
John Kennan
Expectational Consistency, Informational Lags, and the Formulation of Expectations in Continuous Time Models pp. 1457-74 Downloads
Malcolm R Gray and Stephen J Turnovsky
Investors' Portfolio Behavior under Alternative Models of Long-Term Interest Rate Expectations: Unitary, Rational, or Autoregressive pp. 1475-97 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman and V Vance Roley
Estimating the Time Costs of Highway Congestion pp. 1499-1512 Downloads
Donald Dewees
Functional Forms, Estimation Techniques and the Distribution of Income pp. 1513-25 Downloads
James McDonald and Michael Ransom
A Saddlepoint Approximation to the Distribution of the k-Class Estimator of a Coefficient in a Simultaneous System pp. 1527-47 Downloads
Alberto Holly and Peter Phillips
Saturation Locale et Concepts Primitifs de la Theorie du Consommateur pp. 1549-53 Downloads
Edouard Wagneur
Un Modele Bayesien d'Affectation de Capitaux dans le Cas d'Aversion Decroissante pour le Risque pp. 1555-57 Downloads
J Voranger
A Note on Capital and Output Aggregation in a General Equilibrium Model of Production pp. 1559-63 Downloads
Kazuo Sato
Nonregular Singular Dynamic Leontief Systems pp. 1565-68 Downloads
Stephen L Campbell
The Exhaustion and Depletion of Natural Resources pp. 1569-71 Downloads
Tracy Lewis

Volume 47, issue 5, 1979

On Shareholder Unanimity in Large Stock Market Economies pp. 1057-83 Downloads
Oliver Hart
General Conditions for Global Intransitivities in Formal Voting Models pp. 1085-1112 Downloads
Richard D McKelvey
Equilibrium under a-Majority Voting pp. 1113-25 Downloads
Steven Slutsky
Equity in Two Person Situations: Some Consequences pp. 1127-35 Downloads
Peter Hammond
Groves' Scheme on Restricted Domains pp. 1137-44 Downloads
Bengt Holmstrom
On Hotelling's "Stability in Competition" pp. 1145-50 Downloads
Claude d'Aspremont, Jean Gabszewicz and Jacques Thisse
An Estimate of a Structural Hedonic Price Model of the Housing Market: An Application of Rosen's Theory of Implicit Markets pp. 1151-73 Downloads
Ann D Witte, Howard J Sumka and Homer Erekson
Household Bequests, Perfect Expectations, and the National Distribution of Wealth pp. 1175-93 Downloads
John Laitner
Insurance and Individual Incentives in Adaptive Contexts pp. 1195-1207 Downloads
W Viscusi
Perfect Price Aggregation and Empirical Demand Analysis pp. 1209-30 Downloads
Ronald W Anderson
Theory and Time Series Estimation of the Quadratic Expenditure System pp. 1231-47 Downloads
Howard Howe, Robert Pollak and Terence J Wales
Estimating the Probability of Leaving Unemployment pp. 1249-66 Downloads
Stephen Nickell
Estimation and Control of a Macroeconomic Model with Rational Expectations pp. 1267-86 Downloads
John Taylor
A Simple Test for Heteroscedasticity and Random Coefficient Variation pp. 1287-94 Downloads
Trevor Breusch and Adrian Pagan
Identification Results for ARMAX Structures pp. 1295-1304 Downloads
Robert Kohn
The Borda Rule and Pareto Stability: A Comment pp. 1305-06 Downloads
Daniel Farkas and Shmuel Nitzan
Etalon(s) et "Transformation": Pour Clore un Debat pp. 1307-09 Downloads
G Abraham-Frois and E Berrebi
Taxes in a Labor Supply Model with Joint Wage-Hours Determination: A Comment pp. 1311-13 Downloads
Donald A Larson

Volume 47, issue 4, 1979

Resource-Constrained versus Demand-Constrained Systems pp. 801-19 Downloads
János Kornai
Iterative Aggregation-A New Approach to the Solution of Large-Scale Problems pp. 821-41 Downloads
Y Vakhutinsky, L M Dudkin and A A Ryvkin
Dynamics under Uncertainty pp. 843-68 Downloads
William Brock and Michael Magill
Existence of a Core When There Are Increasing Returns pp. 869-76 Downloads
William Sharkey
Open Access and Extinction pp. 877-82 Downloads
Peter Berck
Frontier Production Functions and Technical Progress: A Study of General Milk Processing in Swedish Dairy Plants pp. 883-900 Downloads
Finn Førsund and Lennart Hjalmarsson
Decomposable Income Inequality Measures pp. 901-20 Downloads
François Bourguignon
An Equilibrium Model with Fixed Labor Time pp. 921-38 Downloads
Claus Weddepohl
Econometric Methods for the Duration of Unemployment pp. 939-56 Downloads
Tony Lancaster
Comparisons of Normal and Logistic Models in the Bivariate Dichotomous Analysis pp. 957-75 Downloads
Kimio Morimune
Identification and Estimation in Binary Choice Models with Limited (Censored) Dependent Variables pp. 977-96 Downloads
Lung-Fei Lee
On the Value of Sample Separation Information pp. 997-1003 Downloads
Nicholas Kiefer
Asymptotic Estimation and Hypothesis Testing Results for Vector Linear Time Series Models pp. 1005-30 Downloads
Robert Kohn
The Distributional Implications of Public Goods Revisited pp. 1031-37 Downloads
E G West and R J Staaf
The Classical Theory of International Adjustment: Comments pp. 1039-46 Downloads
Richard K Anderson and Akira Takayama
The Nature of Equilibrium with Semiordered Preferences: A Correction pp. 1047-48 Downloads
Dean Jamison and Lawrence J Lau

Volume 47, issue 3, 1979

The Joint Allocation of Leisure and Goods Expenditure pp. 539-63 Downloads
William Barnett
A Representation Theorem for "Preference for Flexibility" pp. 565-77 Downloads
David Kreps
Expenditure Functions, Local Duality, and Second Order Approximations pp. 579-601 Downloads
Charles Blackorby and Walter Diewert
Ville Axioms and Consumer Theory pp. 603-19 Downloads
Leonid Hurwicz and Marcel Richter
Intertemporally Inconsistent Preferences and the Rate of Consumption pp. 621-26 Downloads
Steven Goldman
Consistent Majority Rules over Compact Sets of Alternatives pp. 627-36 Downloads
Joseph Greenberg
A Note on Group Strategy-Proof Decision Schemes pp. 637-40 Downloads
Salvador Barberà
Optimal Search for the Best Alternative pp. 641-54 Downloads
Martin Weitzman
Rational Expectations Equilibrium: Generic Existence and the Information Revealed by Prices pp. 655-78 Downloads
Roy Radner
A Convergence Theorem for Competitive Bidding with Differential Information pp. 679-88 Downloads
Paul Milgrom
The Arrow-Debreu Model Extended to Financial Markets pp. 689-707 Downloads
Peter H Friesen
Some Theorems of Trade and General Equilibrium with Many Goods and Factors pp. 709-26 Downloads
Winston Chang
On the Differentiability of the Value Function in Dynamic Models of Economics pp. 727-32 Downloads
L M Benveniste and Jose Scheinkman
On the Stability of Dynamic Processes in Economic Theory pp. 733-37 Downloads
Claude d'Aspremont and Jacques Dreze
A Note on Aggregation and Disaggregation pp. 739-46 Downloads
Walter D Fisher
Poverty, Income Inequality, and Their Measures: Professor Sen's Axiomatic Approach Reconsidered pp. 747-59 Downloads
Noriyuki Takayama
A Model of Wealth Distribution pp. 761-72 Downloads
Pierre Pestieau and Uri M Possen
Function for Size Distribution of Incomes: A Further Comment pp. 773-74 Downloads
D C Cronin
Proportional Solutions to the Bargaining Problem pp. 775-77 Downloads
Alvin Roth
Theoretical Restrictions on the Parameters of Indirect Addilog Demand Equations pp. 779-80 Downloads
John Akin and John F Stewart
Nearer-Normality and Some Econometric Models pp. 781-84 Downloads
Clive Granger
The Power of Tests for Autocorrelation with Missing Observations pp. 785-88 Downloads
Sally M Richardson and Kenneth J White
A Method of Calculating the Effects and Gains of Utilizing Scale-Economies pp. 789-95 Downloads
Vidar Ringstad

Volume 47, issue 2, 1979

Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decision under Risk pp. 263-91 Downloads
Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky
A Theory of Competitive Equilibrium in Stock Market Economies pp. 293-329 Downloads
Sanford Grossman and Oliver Hart
Informational Equilibrium pp. 331-59 Downloads
John Riley
Allocation of Resources in Large Teams pp. 361-85 Downloads
Kenneth Arrow and R Radner
Some Evidence of the Efficiency of a Speculative Market pp. 387-92 Downloads
Mukhtar M Ali
Financing Public Goods with Commodity Taxes: The Tax Reform Viewpoint pp. 393-421 Downloads
Roger Guesnerie
The Nash Social Welfare Function pp. 423-35 Downloads
Mamoru Kaneko and Kenjiro Nakamura
Components of Variation in Panel Earnings Data: American Scientists, 1960-70 pp. 437-54 Downloads
Lee Lillard and Yoram Weiss
Attrition Bias in Experimental and Panel Data: The Gary Income Maintenance Experiment pp. 455-73 Downloads
Jerry Hausman and David Wise
Measurement Error in a Dynamic Simultaneous Equations Model with Stationary Disturbances pp. 475-94 Downloads
Cheng Hsiao
Linear Models with Autocorrelated Errors: Structural Identifiability in the Absence of Minimality Assumptions pp. 495-504 Downloads
Manfred Deistler and Jurgen Schrader
A Note on the Numerical Results by Goldberger, Nagar, and Odeh pp. 505-06 Downloads
Carlo Bianchi, Giorgio Calzolari and Paolo Corsi
Information Criteria for Choice of Regression Models: A Comment pp. 507-10 Downloads
Edward Leamer
A Note about the "Nowhere Denseness" of Societies Having an Equilibrium under Majority Rule pp. 511-14 Downloads
Ariel Rubinstein
Class Dominance Characteristics at a Service Facility pp. 515-19 Downloads
K R Balachandran and Mark E Schaefer
The Demand for Housing: An Empirical Postscript pp. 521-23 Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky

Volume 47, issue 1, 1979

The Empirical Foundations of the Phillips Curve: Evidence from Canadian Wage Contract Data pp. 1-24 Downloads
W. Craig Riddell
The Optimal Exploitation of Renewable Resource Stocks: Problems of Irreversible Investment pp. 25-47 Downloads
Colin W Clark, Frank H Clarke and Gordon R Munro
A Procedure for Generating Pareto-Efficient Egalitarian-Equivalent Allocations pp. 49-60 Downloads
Vincent Crawford
Incentive Compatibility and the Bargaining Problem pp. 61-73 Downloads
Roger Myerson
On Interpersonal Comparability and Social Welfare Orderings pp. 75-89 Downloads
Louis Gevers
Dynamic Choice Theory and Dynamic Programming pp. 91-100 Downloads
David Kreps and Evan L Porteus
Lead-Lag Relations, Exogeneity and Prediction of Economic Time Series pp. 101-13 Downloads
Salih N Nefti
Efficiency of Least-Squares Estimation of Linear Trend when Residuals are Autocorrelated pp. 115-28 Downloads
John Chipman
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Stochastic Linear Difference Equations with Autoregressive Moving Average Errors pp. 129-51 Downloads
Greg Reinsel
Sample Selection Bias as a Specification Error pp. 153-61 Downloads
James Heckman
Evaluation of the Distribution Function of the Two-Stage Least Squares Estimate pp. 163-82 Downloads
T W Anderson and Takamitsu Sawa
Effects of Growing Incomes on Classified Income Distributions, the Derived Lorenz Curves, and Gini Indices pp. 183-98 Downloads
Hans-Georg Petersen
Neoclassical Theory of Trade Credit: A Critique and A Reformulation pp. 199-202 Downloads
George Bitros
Conflict among Criteria for Testing Hypotheses: Extensions and Comments pp. 203-07 Downloads
Trevor Breusch
A Grouping Test for Misspecification pp. 209-10 Downloads
R W Farebrother
Multicollinearity and the Minimax Conditions of the Bock Stein-Like Estimator pp. 211-12 Downloads
Thomas Fomby and R Carter Hill
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