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Volume 59, issue 6, 1991

Empirical Evidence on the Law of Demand pp. 1525-49 Downloads
Wolfgang Härdle, Werner Hildenbrand and Michael Jerison
Estimation and Hypothesis Testing of Cointegration Vectors in Gaussian Vector Autoregressive Models pp. 1551-80 Downloads
Soren Johansen
Robust HPD Regions in Bayesian Regression Models pp. 1581-89 Downloads
Klaus Potzelberger and Wolfgang Polasek
Understanding Unit Rooters: A Helicopter Tour pp. 1591-99 Downloads
Christopher Sims and Harald Uhlig
Invariance, Nonlinear Models, and Asymptotic Tests pp. 1601-15 Downloads
Marcel G Dagenais and Jean-Marie Dufour
Endogenous Price Fluctuations in an Optimizing Model of a Monetary Economy pp. 1617-31 Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
Asset Prices in an Exchange Economy with Habit Formation pp. 1633-57 Downloads
Jerome B Detemple and Fernando Zapatero
Dynamic (S, s) Economies pp. 1659-86 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Eduardo Engel
Fiscal Policy with Impure Intergenerational Altruism pp. 1687-1711 Downloads
Andrew Abel and B. Douglas Bernheim
Information and Timing in Repeated Partnerships pp. 1713-33 Downloads
Dilip Abreu, Paul Milgrom and David Pearce
Moral Hazard and Verifiability: The Effects of Renegotiation in Agency pp. 1735-53 Downloads
Benjamin Hermalin and Michael Katz
No-Envy and Consistency in Economies with Indivisible Goods pp. 1755-67 Downloads
Koichi Tadenuma and William Thomson
Decentralizing Public Good Supply pp. 1769-78 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Ian Jewitt
Axioms of Revealed Preference for Nonlinear Choice Sets pp. 1779-86 Downloads
Rosa Matzkin
Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives and Revealed Group Preferences pp. 1787-1801 Downloads
Hans Peters and Peter Wakker

Volume 59, issue 5, 1991

Saving and Liquidity Constraints pp. 1221-48 Downloads
Angus Deaton
Monte Carlo Methodology and the Finite Sample Properties of Instrumental Variables Statistics for Testing Nested and Non-nested Hypotheses pp. 1249-77 Downloads
Neil Ericsson
Long-Term Memory in Stock Market Prices pp. 1279-313 Downloads
Andrew Lo
Semiparametric Estimation of Monotone and Concave Utility Functions for Polychotomous Choice Models pp. 1315-27 Downloads
Rosa Matzkin
Automatic Frequency Domain Inference on Semiparametric and Nonparametric Models pp. 1329-63 Downloads
Peter Robinson
Smoothness of the Policy Function in Discrete Time Economic Models pp. 1365-82 Downloads
Manuel Santos
The Once but Not Twice Differentiability of the Policy Function pp. 1383-93 Downloads
Aloisio Araujo
Sequential Bargaining as a Noncooperative Foundation for Walrasian Equilibrium pp. 1395-1424 Downloads
Andrew McLennan and Hugo Sonnenschein
Ex Ante Price Offers in Matching Games Non-steady States pp. 1425-54 Downloads
Michael Peters
Durable Goods Monopoly with Entry of New Consumers pp. 1455-85 Downloads
Joel Sobel
A Bargaining Model Where Parties Make Errors pp. 1487-96 Downloads
Hans Carlsson
A Generalization of Hicksian q Substitutes and Complements with Application to Demand Rationing pp. 1497-508 Downloads
Paul Madden

Volume 59, issue 4, 1991

Comments on the Interpretation of Game Theory pp. 909-24 Downloads
Ariel Rubinstein
The Effects of Male and Female Labor Supply on Commodity Demands pp. 925-51 Downloads
Martin Browning and Costas Meghir
Spatial Patterns in Household Demand pp. 953-65 Downloads
Anne Case
Error Correction and Long-Run Equilibrium in Continuous Time pp. 967-80 Downloads
Peter Phillips
The Local Nature of Hypothesis Tests Involving Inequality Constraints in Nonlinear Models pp. 981-95 Downloads
Frank A Wolak
Virtual Implementation in Nash Equilibrium pp. 997-1021 Downloads
Dilip Abreu and Arunava Sen
Fair Allocation of Indivisible Goods and Criteria of Justice pp. 1023-39 Downloads
Ahmet Alkan, Gabrielle Demange and David Gale
Arbitrage, Short Sales, and Financial Innovation pp. 1041-68 Downloads
Franklin Allen and Douglas Gale
International Lending with Moral Hazard and Risk of Repudiation pp. 1069-89 Downloads
Andrew Atkeson
Equilibrium in a Production Economy with an Income Tax pp. 1091-1104 Downloads
Wilbur Coleman
How to Decide How to Decide How to...: Modeling Limited Rationality pp. 1105-25 Downloads
Barton Lipman
Strict Pareto-Improving Multilateral Reforms of Tariffs pp. 1127-52 Downloads
Arja H Turunen-Red and Alan Woodland
Testing for Autocorrelated Disturbances in Nonlinear Regression Analysis pp. 1153-59 Downloads
Masahito Kobayashi
Uniform Convergence in Probability and Stochastic Equicontinuity pp. 1161-67 Downloads
Whitney Newey
Existence Theorems in the Capital Asset Pricing Model pp. 1169-74 Downloads
Michael Allingham
Implementation of Reduced Form Auctions: A Geometric Approach pp. 1175-87 Downloads
Kim C Border

Volume 59, issue 3, 1991

Voting by Committees pp. 595-609 Downloads
Salvador Barberà, Hugo Sonnenschein and Lin Zhou
Incentives to Help in Multi-agent Situations pp. 611-36 Downloads
Hideshi Itoh
Evolutionary Games in Economics pp. 637-66 Downloads
Daniel Friedman
A Theory of Disappointment Aversion pp. 667-86 Downloads
Faruk Gul
Subgroup Consistent Poverty Indices pp. 687-709 Downloads
James Foster and Anthony F Shorrocks
The Rank of Demand Systems: Theory and Nonparametric Estimation pp. 711-30 Downloads
Arthur Lewbel
The Relation between Firm Growth and Q with Multiple Capital Goods: Theory and Evidence from Panel Data on Japanese Firms pp. 731-53 Downloads
Fumio Hayashi and Tohru Inoue
Best Nonlinear Three-Stage Least Squares Estimation of Certain Econometric Models pp. 755-86 Downloads
Peter Robinson
Asymptotic Expansions of the Information Matrix Test Statistic pp. 787-815 Downloads
Andrew Chesher and Richard Spady
Heteroskedasticity and Autocorrelation Consistent Covariance Matrix Estimation pp. 817-58 Downloads
Donald Andrews
Social Stability and Equilibrium pp. 859-67 Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa and Akihiko Matsui
Nash Implementation of Competitive Equilibria in a Model with Indivisible Goods pp. 869-77 Downloads
Lars-Gunnar Svensson

Volume 59, issue 2, 1991

Optimal Inference in Cointegrated Systems pp. 283-306 Downloads
Peter Phillips
Asymptotic Normality of Series Estimators for Nonparametric and Semiparametric Regression Models pp. 307-45 Downloads
Donald Andrews
Conditional Heteroskedasticity in Asset Returns: A New Approach pp. 347-70 Downloads
Daniel B Nelson
Quadrature-Based Methods for Obtaining Approximate Solutions to Nonlinear Asset Pricing Models pp. 371-96 Downloads
George Tauchen and Robert Hussey
The Permanent Income Hypothesis Revisited pp. 397-423 Downloads
Lawrence Christiano, Martin Eichenbaum and David Marshall
Observing Violations of Transitivity by Experimental Methods pp. 425-39 Downloads
Graham Loomes, Chris Starmer and Robert Sugden
The Existence of Ramsey Equilibrium pp. 441-60 Downloads
Robert Becker, John Boyd and Ciprian Foias
Bayesian Implementation pp. 461-77 Downloads
Matthew Jackson
Nash Implementation Using Undominated Strategies pp. 479-501 Downloads
Thomas R Palfrey and Sanjay Srivastava
Comments on Brown and Rosenthal's Reexamination [Testing the Minimax Hypothesis, A Reexamination of O'Neill's Game Experiment] pp. 503-07 Downloads
O'Neill, Barry
The Division Problem with Single-Peaked Preferences: A Characterization of the Uniform Allocation Rule pp. 509-19 Downloads
Yves Sprumont
A More Powerful Method for Triangularizing Input-Output Matrices: A Comment pp. 521-23 Downloads
Eric Howe

Volume 59, issue 1, 1991

Aggregation and Social Choice: A Mean Voter Theorem pp. 1-23 Downloads
Andrew Caplin and Barry Nalebuff
Aggregation and Imperfect Competition: On the Existence of Equilibrium pp. 25-59 Downloads
Andrew Caplin and Barry Nalebuff
Lexicographic Probabilities and Choice under Uncertainty pp. 61-79 Downloads
Lawrence Blume, Adam Brandenburger and Eddie Dekel
Lexicographic Probabilities and Equilibrium Refinements pp. 81-98 Downloads
Lawrence Blume, Adam Brandenburger and Eddie Dekel
The Optimality of Boiteux-Ramsey Pricing pp. 99-121 Downloads
Egbert Dierker
Monotonic Preferences and Core Equivalence pp. 123-38 Downloads
Alejandro Manelli
Mixture Symmetry and Quadratic Utility pp. 139-63 Downloads
S H Chew, Larry Epstein and Uzi Segal
Segmented or Competitive Labor Markets pp. 165-87 Downloads
Thierry Magnac
Job Exit Behavior of Older Men pp. 189-210 Downloads
James Berkovec and Steven Stern
A Continuous Time Approximation to the Unstable First-Order Autoregressive Process: The Case without an Intercept pp. 211-36 Downloads
Pierre Perron
Solution to a Problem of Stochastic Process Switching pp. 237-39 Downloads
Gregor Smith
Stochastic Process Switching: Some Simple Solutions pp. 241-50 Downloads
Kenneth Froot and Maurice Obstfeld
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