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Volume 72, issue 6, 2004

Large Robust Games pp. 1631-1665 Downloads
Ehud Kalai
Empirical Likelihood-Based Inference in Conditional Moment Restriction Models pp. 1667-1714 Downloads
Yuichi Kitamura, Gautam Tripathi and Hyungtaik Ahn
On Optimal Rules of Persuasion pp. 1715-1736 Downloads
Jacob Glazer and Ariel Rubinstein
Polarization: Concepts, Measurement, Estimation pp. 1737-1772 Downloads
Jean-Yves Duclos, Joan Esteban and Debraj Ray
Estimation of Continuous-Time Markov Processes Sampled at Random Time Intervals pp. 1773-1808 Downloads
Darrell Duffie and Peter Glynn
Consistent Testing of Cointegrating Relationships pp. 1809-1844 Downloads
Francesc Marmol and Carlos Velasco
Confidence Intervals for Partially Identified Parameters pp. 1845-1857 Downloads
Guido Imbens and Charles Manski
Panel Binary Variables and Sufficiency: Generalizing Conditional Logit pp. 1859-1876 Downloads
Thierry Magnac
Efficient Semiparametric Estimation via Moment Restrictions pp. 1877-1897 Downloads
Whitney Newey
Asymptotic Distributions of Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Spatial Autoregressive Models pp. 1899-1925 Downloads
Lung-Fei Lee
Corrigendum to "Communication and Equilibrium in Discontinuous Games of Incomplete Information" pp. 1927-1929 Downloads
Matthew Jackson, Leo Simon, Jeroen Swinkels and William Zame

Volume 72, issue 5, 2004

Measuring Expectations pp. 1329-1376 Downloads
Charles Manski
A General Formula for Valuing Defaultable Securities pp. 1377-1407 Downloads
Collin-Dufresne P., Goldstein R. and Hugonnier J.
Women as Policy Makers: Evidence from a Randomized Policy Experiment in India pp. 1409-1443 Downloads
Raghabendra Chattopadhyay and Esther Duflo
Likelihood Estimation and Inference in a Class of Nonregular Econometric Models pp. 1445-1480 Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov and Han Hong
Likelihood-Based Estimation of Latent Generalized ARCH Structures pp. 1481-1517 Downloads
Gabriele Fiorentini, Enrique Sentana and Neil Shephard
Wavelet-Based Testing for Serial Correlation of Unknown Form in Panel Models pp. 1519-1563 Downloads
Yongmiao Hong and Chihwa Kao
Social Indeterminacy pp. 1565-1581 Downloads
Gil Kalai
The Theory of Global Games on Test: Experimental Analysis of Coordination Games with Public and Private Information pp. 1583-1599 Downloads
Frank Heinemann, Rosemarie Nagel and Peter Ockenfels
Consistent Estimation of Models Defined by Conditional Moment Restrictions pp. 1601-1615 Downloads
Manuel Dominguez and Ignacio Lobato
Mechanism Design with Interdependent Valuations: Efficiency pp. 1617-1626 Downloads
Claudio Mezzetti

Volume 72, issue 4, 2004

Financial Intermediaries and Markets pp. 1023-1061 Downloads
Franklin Allen and Douglas Gale
A Dynamic Theory of Holdup pp. 1063-1103 Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che and József Sákovics
On the Existence of Pure Strategy Monotone Equilibria in Asymmetric First-Price Auctions pp. 1105-1125 Downloads
Philip Reny and Shmuel Zamir
A PANIC Attack on Unit Roots and Cointegration pp. 1127-1177 Downloads
Jushan Bai and Serena Ng
The Organization of Supplier Networks: Effects of Delegation and Intermediation pp. 1179-1219 Downloads
Dilip Mookherjee and Masatoshi Tsumagari
Statistical Treatment Rules for Heterogeneous Populations pp. 1221-1246 Downloads
Charles Manski
Price Manipulation and Quasi-Arbitrage pp. 1247-1275 Downloads
Gur Huberman and Werner Stanzl
Efficient Semiparametric Estimation of Censored and Truncated Regressions via a Smoothed Self-Consistency Equation pp. 1277-1293 Downloads
Stephen R. Cosslett
Jackknife and Analytical Bias Reduction for Nonlinear Panel Models pp. 1295-1319 Downloads
Jinyong Hahn and Whitney Newey

Volume 72, issue 3, 2004

the Block-Block Bootstrap: Improved Asymptotic Refinements pp. 673-700 Downloads
Donald Andrews
Moral Hazard Contracting and Private Credit Markets pp. 701-746 Downloads
In-Uck Park
Relational Contracts and the Nature of Market Interactions pp. 747-780 Downloads
Martin Brown, Armin Falk and Ernst Fehr
Behavior in a Dynamic Decision Problem: An Analysis of Experimental Evidence Using a Bayesian Type Classification Algorithm pp. 781-822 Downloads
Daniel Houser, Michael Keane and Kevin McCabe
Repeated Games with Private Monitoring: Two Players pp. 823-852 Downloads
Hitoshi Matsushima
Financial Market Globalization, Symmetry-Breaking, and Endogenous Inequality of Nations pp. 853-884 Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
Econometric Analysis of Realized Covariation: High Frequency Based Covariance, Regression, and Correlation in Financial Economics pp. 885-925 Downloads
Ole Barndorff-Nielsen and Neil Shephard
Simple Finite Horizon Bubbles Robust to Higher Order Knowledge pp. 927-936 Downloads
John Conlon
The Error in Rejection Probability of Simple Autocorrelation Robust Tests pp. 937-946 Downloads
Michael Jansson
Twicing Kernels and a Small Bias Property of Semiparametric Estimators pp. 947-962 Downloads
Whitney Newey, Fushing Hsieh and James M. Robins
The Measurement of Intellectual Influence pp. 963-977 Downloads
Ignacio Palacios-Huerta and Oscar Volij

Volume 72, issue 2, 2004

The Consumer Gains from Direct Broadcast Satellites and the Competition with Cable TV pp. 351-381 Downloads
Austan Goolsbee and Amil Petrin
Expedient and Monotone Learning Rules pp. 383-405 Downloads
Tilman Börgers, Antonio Morales and Rajiv Sarin
Imperfect Monitoring and Impermanent Reputations pp. 407-432 Downloads
Martin Cripps, George Mailath and Larry Samuelson
Information in Securities Markets: Kyle Meets Glosten and Milgrom pp. 433-465 Downloads
Kerry Back and Shmuel Baruch
GMM Estimation of Autoregressive Roots Near Unity with Panel Data pp. 467-522 Downloads
Hyungsik Moon and Peter Phillips
Ordinally Bayesian Incentive Compatible Voting Rules pp. 523-540 Downloads
Dipjyoti Majumdar and Arunava Sen
The Time Consistency of Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policies pp. 541-567 Downloads
Fernando Alvarez, Patrick Kehoe and Pablo Neumeyer
Adaptive Local Polynomial Whittle Estimation of Long-range Dependence pp. 569-614 Downloads
Donald Andrews and Yixiao Sun
Neoclassical Theory Versus Prospect Theory: Evidence from the Marketplace pp. 615-625 Downloads
John List
Fair Production and Allocation of an Excludable Nonrival Good pp. 627-640 Downloads
Francois Maniquet and Yves Sprumont
Asymptotic Normality of the QMLE Estimator of ARCH in the Nonstationary Case pp. 641-646 Downloads
Søren Tolver Jensen and Anders Rahbek
Testing for the Cointegrating Rank of a VAR Process with Level Shift at Unknown Time pp. 647-662 Downloads
Helmut Lütkepohl, Pentti Saikkonen and Carsten Trenkler

Volume 72, issue 1, 2004

Income Variance Dynamics and Heterogeneity pp. 1-32 Downloads
Costas Meghir and Luigi Pistaferri
Estimation of Nonlinear Models with Measurement Error pp. 33-75 Downloads
Susanne Schennach
Precautionary Bidding in Auctions pp. 77-92 Downloads
Peter Eso and Lucy White
Information-Based Relative Consumption Effects pp. 93-118 Downloads
Larry Samuelson
Self-Control and the Theory of Consumption pp. 119-158 Downloads
Faruk Gul and Wolfgang Pesendorfer
Worms: Identifying Impacts on Education and Health in the Presence of Treatment Externalities pp. 159-217 Downloads
Edward Miguel and Michael Kremer
Higher Order Properties of Gmm and Generalized Empirical Likelihood Estimators pp. 219-255 Downloads
Whitney Newey and Richard Smith
Random Matching Under Dichotomous Preferences pp. 257-279 Downloads
Anna Bogomolnaia and Herve Moulin
Notes and Comments the Amsterdam Auction pp. 281-294 Downloads
Jacob Goeree and Theo Offerman
Random Effects Estimators with many Instrumental Variables pp. 295-306 Downloads
Gary Chamberlain and Guido Imbens
The Econometric Society Annual Reports Report of the Editors 2002-2003 pp. 336-338 Downloads
Eddie Dekel, Glenn Ellison, Joel Horowitz, Costas Meghir and Andrew Postlewaite
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