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1991 - 2014

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Volume 38, issue 6, 2009

Is diversity bad for economic growth?: Evidence from state-level data in the US pp. 859-870 Downloads
Nazmun Ratna, R. Quentin Grafton and Tom Kompas
Reputational cues in repeated trust games pp. 871-877 Downloads
Riccardo Boero, Giangiacomo Bravo, Marco Castellani and Flaminio Squazzoni
Social innovation: Buzz word or enduring term? pp. 878-885 Downloads
Eduardo Pol and Simon Ville
Midnight regulations and the Cinderella effect pp. 886-890 Downloads
Veronique de Rugy and Antony Davies
Behavioral economics and the economics of Keynes pp. 891-902 Downloads
Wesley Pech and Marcelo Milan
A dynamic econometric model of suicides in Turkey pp. 903-907 Downloads
Alper Altinanahtar and Ferda Halicioglu
Why reputation is not always beneficial: Tolerance and opportunism in business networks pp. 908-915 Downloads
Martin Abraham
The social economics of ethical consumption: Theoretical considerations and empirical evidence pp. 916-925 Downloads
Martha Starr
A model of corporate social performance: Social satisfaction and moral conduct pp. 926-934 Downloads
Shinji Teraji
Do taboo trade-offs explain the difficulty in valuing health and social interventions? pp. 935-939 Downloads
Alan Shiell, Daniel Sperber and Carly Porat
Enforcement of exogenous environmental regulation, social disapproval and bribery pp. 940-945 Downloads
Wisdom Akpalu, Håkan Eggert and Godwin Kofi Vondolia
Healthy, educated and wealthy: A primer on the impact of public and private welfare expenditures on economic growth pp. 946-956 Downloads
Sergio Beraldo, Daniel Montolio and Gilberto Turati
Changing your role models: Social learning and the Engel curve pp. 957-965 Downloads
Christian Cordes
Examining evidence of financial and credit exclusion in Canada from 1999 to 2005 pp. 966-976 Downloads
Wayne Simpson and Jerry Buckland
Controlling for endogeneity in the health-socioeconomic status relationship of the near retired pp. 977-987 Downloads
Keith Bender and Ioannis Theodossiou
Tax evasion, tax morale and policy maker's effectiveness pp. 988-997 Downloads
Roberto Dell'Anno
Hugh Schwartz, A Guide to Behavioral Economics, Higher Education Publications, Inc., Falls Church, Virginia (2008) 90 pp., ISBN-13: 978-0-914927-61-7, ISBN-10: 0-914927-61-2 pp. 998-999 Downloads
Demetri Kantarelis
Robert J. Shiller, The Subprime Solution: How Today's Global Financial Crisis Happened and What to Do About It, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ (2008) ISBN 978-0-691-13929-6 196 pp., Price: $16.95 pp. 999-1000 Downloads
Robert J. Hendershott

Volume 38, issue 5, 2009

A note on interdependent happiness pp. 713-721 Downloads
Friedel Bolle, Yarema Okhrin and Claudia Vogel
How Sunday, price, and social norms influence donation behaviour pp. 722-727 Downloads
Richard Martin and John Randal
On the absorbability of informational cascades in the laboratory pp. 728-738 Downloads
Andrea Morone, Serena Sandri and Annamaria Fiore
An empirical investigation of heterogeneity in time preferences and smoking behaviors pp. 739-751 Downloads
Michel Grignon
Risk behavior in decision-making in a multi-person-setting pp. 752-756 Downloads
Thomas Fenzl and Thomas Brudermann
Perceived facilitators and barriers to saving among low-income youth pp. 757-763 Downloads
Jennifer Wheeler-Brooks and Edward Scanlon
Women and poverty: A gender-sensitive approach pp. 764-778 Downloads
Amélia Bastos, Sara F. Casaca, Francisco Nunes and Jose Pereirinha
Gender pairing bias in trustworthiness pp. 779-789 Downloads
Aurélie Bonein and Daniel Serra
Why a fixed workweek? pp. 790-798 Downloads
Antonia Díaz and E. Echevarria
The role and significance of endogenous firing costs in a matching model with endogenous job destruction pp. 799-808 Downloads
Enrico Saltari and Riccardo Tilli
Older workers' employment in dynamic technology changes pp. 809-813 Downloads
Miki Malul
Consumer attitudes towards switching supplier in three deregulated markets pp. 814-819 Downloads
Amelie Gamble, E. Asgeir Juliusson and Tommy Gärling
Faking it: Personality and individual difference predictors of willingness to buy counterfeit goods pp. 820-825 Downloads
Viren Swami, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Adrian Furnham
Technical efficiency estimates of Cherokee agriculture: A pre- and post-removal analysis pp. 826-833 Downloads
Matthew Gregg
With or without you? Measuring the quality of relational life throughout the world pp. 834-842 Downloads
Luca Stanca
A simple theory of 'meso'. On the co-evolution of institutions and platform size--With an application to varieties of capitalism and 'medium-sized' countries pp. 843-858 Downloads
Wolfram Elsner and Torsten Heinrich

Volume 38, issue 4, 2009

Commitment and weakness of will in game theory and neoclassical economics pp. 549-556 Downloads
Roger A. McCain
Followers and leaders: Reciprocity, social norms and group behavior pp. 557-567 Downloads
Raúl López-Pérez
Do spending comparisons affect spending and satisfaction? pp. 568-573 Downloads
Sara J. Solnick and David Hemenway
Heterogeneous 'adaptation' and 'income effects' across self-reported health distribution? pp. 574-580 Downloads
Montserrat Costa-Font and Joan Costa-Font
The job satisfaction gender gap among young recent university graduates: Evidence from Catalonia pp. 581-589 Downloads
Toni Mora and Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell
The Easterlin paradox and the decline of social capital: An integrated explanation pp. 590-600 Downloads
Maurizio Pugno
Social capital and business giving to charity following a natural disaster: An empirical assessment pp. 601-607 Downloads
Okmyung Bin and Bob Edwards
Shoplifting, monitoring and price determination pp. 608-610 Downloads
Gideon Yaniv
Formal and informal deterrents of crime in Japan: Roles of police and social capital revisited pp. 611-621 Downloads
Eiji Yamamura
Non-expected utility maximizers behave as if expected utility maximizers: An experimental test pp. 622-629 Downloads
Hiroshi Kurata, Hiroshi Izawa and Makoto Okamura
Satisfaction and 'comparison sharing': What influences Swedish parents satisfaction with the sharing of parental leave? pp. 630-640 Downloads
Anna Amilon
Tipping as risk sharing pp. 641-647 Downloads
Steven J. Holland
Career prospects and tenure-job satisfaction profiles: Evidence from panel data pp. 648-657 Downloads
Ioannis Theodossiou and Alexandros Zangelidis
Two sources of human irrationality: Cognitive dissonance and brain dysfunction pp. 658-662 Downloads
David Lester and Bijou Yang
Non-response to the recycling promotion technique of blockleader and commitment pp. 663-671 Downloads
Gonzalo Díaz Meneses
Urban path dependency theory and the living wage: Were cities that passed ordinances destined to do so? pp. 672-683 Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
Cognitive dissonance and the overtaking anomaly: Psychology in the principal-agent relationship pp. 684-690 Downloads
John Smith
Decisive FDI obstacles as an explanatory reason for limited FDI inflows in an EMU member state: The case of Greece pp. 691-704 Downloads
Aristidis Bitzenis, Antonis Tsitouras and Vasileios Vlachos
P. Diamond and H. Vartiainen, Editors, Behavioral Economics and its Applications, Princeton University Press, Princeton and Woodstock (2007) 336 pp., $46.95, ISBN-13: 978-0-691-12284-7 and ISBN-10: 0-691-12284-9 pp. 705-706 Downloads
Özgür Gürerk
Duncan Foley, Adam's Fallacy. A Guide to Economic Theology, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA (2006) 265 pages including references and index. ISBN: 13:978-0-674-02309-3 pp. 706-707 Downloads
Roger Frantz
Erratum to "Steven Pressman (Ed.), Palgrave MacMillan, Alternative Theories of the State, New York, NY (2006). viii+229 pp., Price $90.00, ISBN: 1-4039-9939-2" [The Journal of Socio-Economics 37 (2009) 2569-2571] pp. 709-711 Downloads
Fadhel Kaboub and Devin Rafferty

Volume 38, issue 3, 2009

Social norms: Does it matter whether agents are rational or boundedly rational? pp. 403-410 Downloads
Edward Cartwright
Explaining the gap between the theoretical prediction and experimental evidences about the investment in the spouse's human capital pp. 411-414 Downloads
Xuemei Liu
Consumption theory with reference dependent utility pp. 415-420 Downloads
Fredrik W. Andersson
The value of non-binding announcements in public goods experiments: Some theory and experimental evidence pp. 421-428 Downloads
Michael Berlemann, Marcus Dittrich and Gunther Markwardt
Social capital as social networks: A new framework for measurement and an empirical analysis of its determinants and consequences pp. 429-442 Downloads
Fabio Sabatini
Social capital: An analysis of factors influencing investment pp. 443-455 Downloads
David Shideler and David S. Kraybill
Low wages and high unemployment rates: The role of social interactions in hiring discrimination pp. 456-463 Downloads
Jean-François Jacques and Emmanuelle Walkowiak
Good for the soul: The relationship between work, wellbeing and psychological capital pp. 464-474 Downloads
Kenneth Cole, Anne Daly and Anita Mak
Do institutions really matter for saving among low-income households? A comparative approach pp. 475-483 Downloads
Chang-Keun Han and Michael Sherraden
Why do small firms produce the entrepreneurs? pp. 484-494 Downloads
Simon Parker
Cultural filtering in the hiring process and its relationship to welfare reform pp. 495-508 Downloads
Dan Axelsen, Daniel A. Underwood and Dan Friesner
The effects of direct experience on consumer product evaluation pp. 509-518 Downloads
. Manon de Groot, Gerrit Antonides, Daniel Read and W. Fred van Raaij
The financial practices and perceptions behind separate systems of household financial management pp. 519-529 Downloads
Katherine J. Ashby and Carole. B. Burgoyne
Portfolio choice when relative income matters pp. 530-533 Downloads
Sangkyun Park
Optimal dividend distribution policy from the perspective of the impatient and loss-averse investor pp. 534-540 Downloads
Yang Yang, Isao Shoji and Sumei Kanehiro
R. Thaler and C. Sunstein, Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Yale University Press, New Haven (2008) pp. 293, $26.00, ISBN: 978-0-300-12223-7 pp. 541-542 Downloads
David Colander
Tobias F. Rotheli, Expectations, Rationality, and Economic Performance, Edward Elgar, Northampton, MA (2007) 202 pp., [euro]93.24, ISBN: 987-1-84542-724-9 pp. 542-543 Downloads
Robert Oxoby
Erratum to "Social Capital in the Knowledge Economy: Theory and Empirics, H. Westlund. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York (2006). x + 212 pp., ISBN-10 3-540-35364-X, ISBN-13 978-540-35364-5" [The Journal of Socio-Economics 37 (2009) 2567-2569] pp. 545-546 Downloads
Nicolas Sirven
Retraction notice to "Social mood: The stock market and political cycles" [J. Socio-Econ. 36 (2007) 734-744] pp. 547-547 Downloads
John R. Nofsinger

Volume 38, issue 2, 2009

Gift-giving and deadweight loss pp. 215-220 Downloads
Kristine E. Principe and Joseph G. Eisenhauer
"I don't want to be selling my soul": Two experiments in environmental economics pp. 221-229 Downloads
Natalia V. Ovchinnikova, Hans J. Czap, Gary D. Lynne and Christopher W. Larimer
The distinct role of group-central and group-peripheral norms in taxpaying behaviour pp. 230-237 Downloads
Julie S. Ashby, S. Alexander Haslam and Paul Webley
Perceived tax evasion and the importance of trust pp. 238-245 Downloads
Henrik Hammar, Sverker C. Jagers and Katarina Nordblom
Universal Basic Income and Negative Income Tax: Two different ways of thinking redistribution pp. 246-255 Downloads
Davide Tondani
Gender disparities in the Italian regions from a human development perspective pp. 256-269 Downloads
Valeria Costantini and Salvatore Monni
Groom price-female human capital: Some empirical evidence pp. 270-279 Downloads
Amarendra Sharma and Paul Frijters
Examining the structure of awareness and perceptions of groundnut aflatoxin among Ghanaian health and agricultural professionals and its influence on their actions pp. 280-287 Downloads
Curtis M. Jolly, Budry Bayard, Richard T. Awuah, Simon C. Fialor and Johnathan T. Williams
Interview effects in the reporting of domestic violence pp. 288-300 Downloads
W. David Allen
Does satisfaction matter? A microeconomic empirical analysis of the effect of social relations on economic welfare pp. 301-309 Downloads
Giacomo Degli Antoni
Religion and subjective well-being among the elderly in China pp. 310-319 Downloads
Phil Brown and Brian Tierney
Finance-growth-poverty nexus in South Africa: A dynamic causality linkage pp. 320-325 Downloads
Nicholas Odhiambo
Human development and the optimal size of government pp. 326-330 Downloads
Antony Davies
The problem of the 21st century: Economics faculty and the color line pp. 331-343 Downloads
Gregory Price
Occupational differences in the wage penalty for obese women pp. 344-349 Downloads
Ronald DeBeaumont
The effect of immigration on the earnings of native-born workers: Evidence from Australia pp. 350-356 Downloads
Temesgen Kifle
Effects of positive attitude on earnings: Evidence from the US longitudinal data pp. 357-371 Downloads
Madhu S. Mohanty
The impact of union direct voice on voluntary and involuntary absenteeism pp. 372-383 Downloads
Carlos Garcia-Serrano and Miguel Malo
The role of relationships in labor markets for the popular arts and its impact on product quality pp. 384-390 Downloads
Joshua M. Frank and Pamela Carlisle-Frank
A post-Keynesian regulatory model of privatization pp. 391-398 Downloads
Wissam AlHussaini and Rick Molz
D.C. North, Understanding the Process of Economic Change, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ (2005) pp. xi, 187, $29.95/£18.95, ISBN 0-691-11805-1 pp. 399-400 Downloads
Elias Khalil
Stephen T. Ziliak and Deirdre N. McClosky, The Cult of Statistical Significance, The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor (2008) 352 pp., Price: US$ 24.95, ISBN-10: 0472050079 pp. 400-401 Downloads
Kudret Topyan

Volume 38, issue 1, 2009

Institutions matter: The case of Vietnam pp. 1-12 Downloads
Thi Bich Tran, R. Quentin Grafton and Tom Kompas
Cultural, cognition and human action pp. 13-24 Downloads
Adam Gifford
Living will: Ruminations of an economist pp. 25-30 Downloads
Li Way Lee
Becoming: Identity and spirituality pp. 31-36 Downloads
Rowena Pecchenino
Rational praying: The economics of prayer pp. 37-44 Downloads
Timothy Tyler Brown
The economics of possible selves pp. 45-51 Downloads
Shinji Teraji
Relative status and interdependent effects in consumer behavior pp. 52-59 Downloads
Parfait U. Gasana
About the "economic" origin of altruism pp. 60-71 Downloads
Antonio Luigi Paolilli
The determinants of purposeful voluntarism pp. 72-79 Downloads
Jody W. Lipford and Bruce Yandle
On the relation between impulses to help and causes of neediness: An experimental study pp. 80-88 Downloads
Gelkha Buitrago, Werner Gueth and Maria Levati
Experiment timing and preferences for fairness pp. 89-95 Downloads
David Dickinson
Some indications of limits to framing the policy preferences of the civically engaged: Interplay of social capital, race attitudes, and social justice frames pp. 96-103 Downloads
Catherine S. Elliott, Keith Fitzgerald, Donald M. Hayward and Stela Krasteva
The demand for job protection: Some clues from behavioural economics pp. 104-114 Downloads
Fabio D'Orlando and Francesco Ferrante
Social preferences for public intervention: An empirical investigation based on French data pp. 115-128 Downloads
Romina Boarini and Christine Le Clainche
An economic analysis of the job search decisions for Canadian nurses pp. 129-137 Downloads
Karen J. Buhr
Socioeconomic determinants of the need for personal assistance reported by community-dwelling elderly: Empirical evidence from a French national health survey pp. 138-146 Downloads
Bérengère Davin, Alain Paraponaris and Pierre Verger
The poor, the rich and the happy: Exploring the link between income and subjective well-being pp. 147-158 Downloads
Emmanouil Mentzakis and Mirko Moro
When money does not buy happiness: The case of "frustrated achievers" pp. 159-167 Downloads
Leonardo Becchetti and Fiammetta Rossetti
A theory of happiness-wealth relationship with status-sensitive communication pp. 168-172 Downloads
Amnon Levy
Young and out: An application of a prospects-based concept of social exclusion pp. 173-187 Downloads
Oddbjørn Raaum, Jon Rogstad, Knut Røed and Lars Westlie
Cooperative behavior and institutions pp. 188-196 Downloads
Arild Vatn
What happened to the Washington Consensus? The evolution of international development policy pp. 197-208 Downloads
John Marangos
Measures of freedom pp. 209-214 Downloads
Antonio D'Agata
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