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Volume 80, issue 3, 2003

Information Cascades in the Labor Market pp. 211-229 Downloads
Dorothea Kübler and Georg Weizsäcker
Distributional Consequences of Competitive Structural Change pp. 231-248 Downloads
Jérôme Glachant
Dynamic and Comparative Static Analysis of Imperfectly Competitive International Fishery pp. 249-265 Downloads
Koji Okuguchi
Kuhn, H. W., and Nasar, S. (Eds.): The Essential John Nash pp. 267-268 Downloads
Reinhard Selten
Levy Yeyati, E., and Sturzenegger, F. (Eds.): Dollarization pp. 268-272 Downloads
A. Ize
Bernholz, P.: Monetary Regimes and Inflation: History, Economic and Political Relationships pp. 272-276 Downloads
Peter N. Ireland
Cordon, W. M: Too Sensational: On the Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes pp. 276-278 Downloads
Olivier Jeanne
Arnold, L. G.: Business Cycle Theory pp. 278-280 Downloads
Roger E. A. Farmer
Nurmi, H.: Voting Procedures under Uncertainty pp. 280-282 Downloads
Shmuel Nitzan
Coto-Millán, P.: General Equilibrium and Welfare pp. 283-284 Downloads
Walter Trockel
Laffont, J.-J., and Martimort, D.: The Theory of Incentives – The Principal – Agent Model pp. 284-287 Downloads
D. E. Campbell
Rohlfs, J. H.: Bandwagon Effects in High-Technology Industries pp. 287-292 Downloads
Carl Shapiro
Meyendorff, A., and Thakor, A. (Eds.): Designing Financial Systems in Transition Economies – Strategies for Reform in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 292-297 Downloads
Niels Hermes

Volume 80, issue 2, 2003

R&D Efficiency Gains Due to Cooperation pp. 107-125 Downloads
Jeroen Hinloopen
Service Production Functions pp. 127-142 Downloads
Dietmar Lindenberger
“Buy Domestic” Campaigns and Optimal Tariffs pp. 143-160 Downloads
Jiunn-Rong Chiou, Jin-Li Hu and Yan-Shu Lin
Pareto-improving Untied Aid with Environmental Externalities pp. 161-169 Downloads
Takumi Naito
Kaplow, L., and Shavell, S.: Fairness Versus Welfare. XXII, 544 pp. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 2002. Hardcover £ 30.95 pp. 171-173 Downloads
Y.-K. Ng
Moyes, P., Seidl, C., and Shorrocks, A. (Eds.): Inequalities: Theory, Experiments and Applications. Journal of Economics/Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie, Supplement 9, XI, 363 pp. Springer, Wien New York, 2002. Softcover € 118.00 pp. 173-178 Downloads
C. D’Ambrosio and P. Muliere
Gollier, C.: The Economics of Risk and Time. XX, 445 pp. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. 2001. Hardcover £ 34.50 pp. 178-179 Downloads
Herve Cres
White, H. C.: Markets from Networks – Socioeconomic Models of Production. XVII, 389 pp. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. 2002. Hardcover £ 24.95 pp. 179-181 Downloads
W. J. Baumol
Rothschild, Emma: Economic Sentiments: Adam Smith, Condorcet, and the Enlightenment. IX, 353 pp. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2002. Paperback $ 18.95 pp. 181-183 Downloads
Richard F. Teichgraeber
Muralidhar, A. S.: Innovations in Pension Fund Management. XXXI, 327 pp. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 2001. Hardcover £ 30.00 pp. 183-189 Downloads
M. B. Waring
Wigger, B. U.: Public Pensions and Economic Growth. XI, 164 pp. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg 2002. Hardcover € 64.95 pp. 189-193 Downloads
H. A. A. Verbon
Gasmi, F., Kennet, D. M., Laffont, J.-J., and Sharkey, W. W.: Cost Proxy Models and Telecommunications Policy – A New Empirical Approach to Regulation. XVI, 257 pp. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2002. Hardcover £ 29.95 pp. 193-196 Downloads
Ingo Vogelsang
Rustem, B., and Howe, M.: Algorithms for Worst-case Design and Applications to Risk Management. XV, 389 pp. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. 2002. Hardcover £ 52.00 pp. 197-198 Downloads
P. M. Pardalos
Lo, A. W., and MacKinlay, A. C.: A Non-Random Walk Down Wall Street. XXIII, 424 pp. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. First paperback printing 2002. Softcover. $ 24.95 pp. 198-203 Downloads
W. E. Ferson
Bhagat, S., and Jefferis, R. H. Jr.: The Econometrics of Corporate Governance Studies. X, 114 pp. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. 2002. Hardcover £ 16.50 pp. 203-206 Downloads
C. R. Knoeber
Wooldridge, J. M.: Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data. XXIII, 752 pp. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2002. Hardcover £ 37.50 pp. 206-209 Downloads
N. Christopeit

Volume 80, issue 1, 2003

Asset Ownership and the Threat to Sell pp. 1-25 Downloads
Ulf von Lilienfeld-Toal
Mixed Duopoly, Merger and Multiproduct Firms pp. 27-42 Downloads
Juan Carlos Bárcena-Ruiz and María Begona Garzon
Efficient Management of Product Durability and Recyclability under Utilitarian and Chichilnisky Preferences pp. 43-75 Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Marco Runkel
Rationality without Transitivity pp. 77-87 Downloads
Susanne Fuchs-Seliger and Oliver Mayer
Book Reviews pp. 89-92 Downloads
Giovanni Dosi
Book Reviews pp. 93-97 Downloads
F. O' Toole
Book Reviews pp. 97-99 Downloads
Fabrizio Coricelli
Book Reviews pp. 99-103 Downloads
Alex Cukierman
Book Reviews pp. 103-106 Downloads
K. Anderson

Volume 79, issue 3, 2003

Rent Seeking with Efforts and Bids pp. 215-235 Downloads
Marco A. Haan and Lambert Schoonbeek
Aggregation of Directional Distance Functions and Industrial Efficiency pp. 237-261 Downloads
Walter Briec, Benoit Dervaux and Hervé Leleu
Information and Communication Technology as Technical Change in Matching and Production pp. 263-287 Downloads
Thomas Ziesemer
Book Reviews pp. 289-295 Downloads
L. Corry
Book Reviews pp. 295-302 Downloads
Helmut Frisch
Book Reviews pp. 302-306 Downloads
R. Schettkat
Book Reviews pp. 306-308 Downloads
J. de Haan

Volume 74, issue 3, 2001

Two is not too many for monopoly pp. 231-258 Downloads
Patrick Van Cayseele and Dave Furth
Commercial policy and international factor mobility in the presence of monopolistic competition pp. 259-281 Downloads
Sajid Anwar
Strategic pricing and entry deterrence under price-cap regulation pp. 283-300 Downloads
Alberto Iozzi
Urban unemployment, informal sector and development policies pp. 301-314 Downloads
Shigemi Yabuuchi and Hamid Beladi
Book reviews pp. 316-329 Downloads
H. Park, Daniele Checchi, E. Colombatto and E. Amann

Volume 74, issue 2, 2001

European common stochastic long-run trends pp. 119-130 Downloads
Panagiotis Reppas, Efthymios Mike Tsionas and Dimitris Christopoulos
International investment in a model of stochastic growth and development traps pp. 131-155 Downloads
Philipp Harms
Price or quantity setting under uncertain demand and capacity constraints: An examination of the profits pp. 157-171 Downloads
Enrico Pennings
Adverse selection and bilateral asymmetric information pp. 173-195 Downloads
Fredrik Andersson
Book reviews pp. 198-229 Downloads
S. Lohmann, M. Lavigne, Martin Kolmar, Sudipto Bhattacharya, G. Lozada, E. Ahmed, Daniel Piazolo and A. Kneip

Volume 74, issue 1, 2001

Technology adoption and accumulation in a vintage-capital model pp. 1-38 Downloads
Emilio Barucci and Fausto Gozzi
R&D-expenditure in an endogenous growth model pp. 39-62 Downloads
María Jesús Freire-Seren
The overprovision anomaly of private public good supply pp. 63-78 Downloads
Wolfgang Buchholz and Wolfgang Peters
Who is afraid of capital mobility? on taxation of labor income and the level of public services in an open economy pp. 79-101 Downloads
Oliver Lorz and Frank Stähler
Book reviews pp. 104-117 Downloads
B. Grodal, R. Sarin, K. Kikuta, H. Houthakker and Christian Seidl
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