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Volume 59, issue 4, 2007

Optimal nonparametric estimation of the density of regression errors with finite support pp. 617-654 Downloads
Sam Efromovich
Optimal designs for estimating the coefficients of the lower frequencies in trigonometric regression models pp. 655-673 Downloads
Holger Dette, Viatcheslav Melas and Piter Shpilev
Buckley–James-type of estimators under the classical case cohort design pp. 675-695 Downloads
Qiqing Yu, George Wong and Menggang Yu
Autoregressive approximation in nonstandard situations: the fractionally integrated and non-invertible cases pp. 697-725 Downloads
Donald Poskitt
Toric statistical models: parametric and binomial representations pp. 727-740 Downloads
Fabio Rapallo
Exact Distribution of the Local Score for Markovian Sequences pp. 741-755 Downloads
Claudie Hassenforder and Sabine Mercier
Empirical process approach to some two-sample problems based on ranked set samples pp. 757-787 Downloads
Kaushik Ghosh and Ram Tiwari
Multivariate measures of concordance pp. 789-806 Downloads
Taylor M.
On constrained generalized inverses of matrices and their properties pp. 807-820 Downloads
Yoshio Takane, Yongge Tian and Haruo Yanai

Volume 59, issue 3, 2007

Asymptotic Null Distributions of Stationarity and Nonstationarity Tests Under Local-to-finite Variance Errors pp. 403-423 Downloads
Nunzio Cappuccio and Diego Lubian
Pointwise optimality of Bayesian wavelet estimators pp. 425-434 Downloads
Felix Abramovich, Claudia Angelini and Daniela Canditiis
Improved Model Selection Method for a Regression Function with Dependent Noise pp. 435-464 Downloads
Fourdrinier D. and Sergey Pergamenshchikov
Image segmentation by polygonal Markov Fields pp. 465-486 Downloads
Kluszczyński R., Lieshout M. and Schreiber T.
A Generalization of the Archimedean Class of Bivariate Copulas pp. 487-498 Downloads
Fabrizio Durante, José Quesada-Molina and Carlo Sempi
Integral Representations and Approximations for Multivariate Gamma Distributions pp. 499-513 Downloads
Royen T.
Consistent estimation and testing in heteroscedastic polynomial errors-in-variables models pp. 515-530 Downloads
Arturo Zavala, Heleno Bolfarine and Mário Castro
Asymptotic Expansion for the Null Distribution of the F-statistic in One-way ANOVA under Non-normality pp. 531-556 Downloads
Solomon Harrar and Arjun Gupta
Some collapsibility results for n-dimensional contingency tables pp. 557-576 Downloads
Vellaisamy P. and Vijay V.
Joint Distributions of Numbers of Runs of Specified Lengths in a Sequence of Markov Dependent Multistate Trials pp. 577-595 Downloads
Kiyoshi Inoue and Sigeo Aki
On the Waiting Time for the First Success Run pp. 597-602 Downloads
Sigeo Aki and Katuomi Hirano
Asymptotics for a Population Size Estimator of a Partially Uncatchable Population pp. 603-615 Downloads
Cibele da-Silva

Volume 59, issue 2, 2007

Multiple Penalty Regression: Fitting and Extrapolating a Discrete Incomplete Multi-way Layout pp. 171-195 Downloads
Rudolf Beran
Testing for the Absence of Random Effects in a Two-way Nested Design with Mixed Effects Model: A Nonparametric Approach pp. 197-210 Downloads
Tathagata Banerjee and Atanu Biswas
Estimation of a Multivariate Normal Covariance Matrix with Staircase Pattern Data pp. 211-233 Downloads
Xiaoqian Sun and Dongchu Sun
Jump-Preserving Regression and Smoothing using Local Linear Fitting: A Compromise pp. 235-272 Downloads
Irène Gijbels, Alexandre Lambert and Peihua Qiu
Polynomial Regression with Censored Data based on Preliminary Nonparametric Estimation pp. 273-297 Downloads
Cédric Heuchenne and Ingrid Keilegom
Mean Integrated Squared Error of Nonlinear Wavelet-based Estimators with Long Memory Data pp. 299-324 Downloads
Linyuan Li and Yimin Xiao
On the Stationary Version of the Generalized Hyperbolic ARCH Model pp. 325-348 Downloads
Ramsés Mena and Stephen Walker
Dynamic Detection of Change Points in Long Time Series pp. 349-366 Downloads
Nicolas Chopin
Asymptotic Normality of the Recursive M-estimators of the Scale Parameters pp. 367-384 Downloads
Baiqi Miao, Yuehua Wu, Donghai Liu and Qian Tong
Second-order Linearity of Wilcoxon Statistics pp. 385-402 Downloads
Marek Omelka

Volume 59, issue 1, 2007

Preface pp. 1-2 Downloads
Shun-ichi Amari and Shiro Ikeda
A modified EM algorithm for mixture models based on Bregman divergence pp. 3-25 Downloads
Yu Fujimoto and Noboru Murata
Exponential statistical manifold pp. 27-56 Downloads
Alberto Cena and Giovanni Pistone
A new algorithm of non-Gaussian component analysis with radial kernel functions pp. 57-75 Downloads
Motoaki Kawanabe, Masashi Sugiyama, Gilles Blanchard and Klaus-Robert Müller
The geometry of proper scoring rules pp. 77-93 Downloads
Dawid A.
Extending local mixture models pp. 95-110 Downloads
Paul Marriott
Local mixtures of the exponential distribution pp. 111-134 Downloads
Anaya-Izquierdo K. and Marriott P.
Bayesian prediction based on a class of shrinkage priors for location-scale models pp. 135-146 Downloads
Fumiyasu Komaki
Uncertainty principle and quantum Fisher information pp. 147-159 Downloads
Paolo Gibilisco and Tommaso Isola
A note on curvature of α-connections of a statistical manifold pp. 161-170 Downloads
Jun Zhang

Volume 58, issue 4, 2006

Properties of estimators of baseline hazard functions in a semiparametric cure model pp. 647-674 Downloads
Tomoyuki Sugimoto and Toshimitsu Hamasaki
Lorenz Curve for Truncated and Censored Data pp. 675-686 Downloads
Sze-Man Tse
Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood for Missing Covariates in Parametric Regression pp. 687-706 Downloads
Zhiwei Zhang and Howard Rockette
A Partial Empirical Likelihood Based Score Test Under a Semiparametric Finite Mixture Model pp. 707-719 Downloads
Biao Zhang
Generalized Moment Theory and Bayesian Robustness Analysis for Hierarchical Mixture Models pp. 721-738 Downloads
Bruno Betrò, Antonella Bodini and Alessandra Guglielmi
Estimation of error variance in ANOVA model and order restricted scale parameters pp. 739-756 Downloads
Youhei Oono and Nobuo Shinozaki
Confidence Intervals for Quantiles and Tolerance Intervals Based on Ordered Ranked Set Samples pp. 757-777 Downloads
Balakrishnan N. and Li T.
Wavelet-Based Estimation for Univariate Stable Laws pp. 779-807 Downloads
Anestis Antoniadis, Andrey Feuerverger and Paulo Gonçalves
Testing homogeneity in Weibull error in variables models pp. 809-809 Downloads
Dione Valença and Heleno Bolfarine
Optimality of AIC in inference about Brownian motion pp. 811-811 Downloads
Arijit Chakrabarti and Jayanta Ghosh
Exact and limiting distributions in diagonal Pólya processes pp. 813-813 Downloads
Srinivasan Balaji and Hosam Mahmoud
Compound binomial approximations pp. 815-815 Downloads
Vydas Čekanavičius and Bero Roos

Volume 58, issue 3, 2006

Asymptotic Results on a General Class of Empirical Statistics: Power and Confidence Interval Properties pp. 427-440 Downloads
In Chang and Rahul Mukerjee
Confidence estimation for tolerance intervals pp. 441-456 Downloads
Tsao C. and Yu-Ling Tseng
Likelihood-based Inference for the Ratios of Regression Coefficients in Linear Models pp. 457-473 Downloads
Malay Ghosh, Gauri Datta, Dalho Kim and Trevor Sweeting
On the Effect of Misspecifying the Density Ratio Model pp. 475-497 Downloads
Konstantinos Fokianos and Irene Kaimi
An Information-theoretic Approach to the Effective Usage of Auxiliary Information from Survey Data pp. 499-509 Downloads
Changchun Wu and Runchu Zhang
Adaptive penalized M-estimation with current status data pp. 511-526 Downloads
Shuangge Ma and Michael Kosorok
On Continuity of the Pearson Statistic and Sample Quantiles pp. 527-535 Downloads
Al-Jarallah R., Soltani A. and Al-Kandari N.
Joint distributions of runs in a sequence of higher-order two-state Markov trials pp. 537-554 Downloads
Kotwal K. and Shinde R.
A Skew Laplace Distribution on Integers pp. 555-571 Downloads
Tomasz Kozubowski and Seidu Inusah
Statistical Problems Related to Irrational Rotations pp. 573-593 Downloads
Teturo Kamae and Hayato Takahashi
Classification of Three-word Indicator Functions of Two-level Factorial Designs pp. 595-608 Downloads
Balakrishnan N. and Po Yang
Connections Between the Resolutions of General Two-level Factorial Designs pp. 609-618 Downloads
Balakrishnan N. and Po Yang
On the Kernel Rule for Function Classification pp. 619-633 Downloads
Abraham C., Biau G. and Cadre B.
Sampling Properties of U-statistics for a Class of Stationary Nonlinear Processes pp. 635-646 Downloads
Kamal Chanda

Volume 58, issue 2, 2006

Test for Parameter Change in Diffusion Processes by Cusum Statistics Based on One-step Estimators pp. 211-222 Downloads
Sangyeol Lee, Yoichi Nishiyama and Nakahiro Yoshida
On Non-simple Marked Point Processes pp. 223-233 Downloads
Frederic Schoenberg
A J-Function for Marked Point Patterns pp. 235-259 Downloads
Lieshout M.
Testing for Tail Independence in Extreme Value models pp. 261-290 Downloads
Michael Falk and René Michel
Waiting Time Distributions of Simple and Compound Patterns in a Sequence of r-th Order Markov Dependent Multi-state Trials pp. 291-310 Downloads
James Fu and Lou W.
Multiplicative Correlations pp. 311-326 Downloads
Kunihiro Baba and Ritei Shibata
Estimation of Kullback–Leibler Divergence by Local Likelihood pp. 327-340 Downloads
Young Lee and Byeong Park
Robust and Efficient Parametric Estimation for Censored Survival Data pp. 341-355 Downloads
Srabashi Basu, Ayanendranath Basu and Jones M.
Asymptotic Properties of a Nonparametric Regression Function Estimator with Randomly Truncated Data pp. 357-378 Downloads
Elias Ould-Saïd and Mohamed Lemdani
On Consistent Statistical Procedures in Regression pp. 379-387 Downloads
Yannis Yatracos
A Note on the Use of V and U Statistics in Nonparametric Models of Regression pp. 389-406 Downloads
Carlos Martins-Filho and Feng Yao
Local c- and E-optimal Designs for Exponential Regression Models pp. 407-426 Downloads
Holger Dette, Viatcheslav Melas and Andrey Pepelyshev

Volume 58, issue 1, 2006

Optimality of AIC in Inference About Brownian Motion pp. 1-20 Downloads
Arijit Chakrabarti and Jayanta Ghosh
Large deviations for M-estimators pp. 21-52 Downloads
Miguel Arcones
On Estimating the Cumulant Generating Function of Linear Processes pp. 53-71 Downloads
Sucharita Ghosh and Jan Beran
Estimation of a Location Parameter with Restrictions or “vague information” for Spherically Symmetric Distributions pp. 73-92 Downloads
Dominique Fourdrinier, William Strawderman and Martin Wells
Biased and Unbiased Two-sided Wilcoxon Tests for Equal Sample Sizes pp. 93-100 Downloads
Nariaki Sugiura, Hidetoshi Murakami, Seong Lee and Yasutomo Maeda
On Some Tests of the Covariance Matrix Under General Conditions pp. 101-114 Downloads
Arjun Gupta and Jin Xu
Testing Homogeneity in Weibull Error in Variables Models pp. 115-129 Downloads
Dione Valença and Heleno Bolfarine
Nonasymptotic Bounds on the L 2 Error of Neural Network Regression Estimates pp. 131-151 Downloads
Michael Hamers and Michael Kohler
A Flexible Model for Generalized Linear Regression with Measurement Error pp. 153-169 Downloads
Surupa Roy and Tathagata Banerjee
Exact and Limiting Distributions in Diagonal Pólya Processes pp. 171-185 Downloads
Srinivasan Balaji and Hosam Mahmoud
Compound Binomial Approximations pp. 187-210 Downloads
Vydas Čekanavičius and Bero Roos
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