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Volume 61, issue 4, 2009

Generalized Neyman–Pearson optimality of empirical likelihood for testing parameter hypotheses pp. 773-787 Downloads
Taisuke Otsu
Uniformly robust tests in errors-in-variables models pp. 789-810 Downloads
Longcheen Huwang, Steve Huang Y. and Yi-Hua Tina Wang
Functional regression modeling via regularized Gaussian basis expansions pp. 811-833 Downloads
Yuko Araki, Sadanori Konishi, Shuichi Kawano and Hidetoshi Matsui
Asymptotic properties of posterior distributions in nonparametric regression with non-Gaussian errors pp. 835-859 Downloads
Taeryon Choi
A simple test for the parametric form of the variance function in nonparametric regression pp. 861-886 Downloads
Holger Dette and Benjamin Hetzler
Proportional hazards regression under progressive Type-II censoring pp. 887-903 Downloads
Sergio Alvarez-Andrade, Balakrishnan N. and Laurent Bordes
Local influence analysis for penalized Gaussian likelihood estimation in partially linear single-index models pp. 905-918 Downloads
Qingming Zou, Zhongyi Zhu and Jinglong Wang
Goodness of fit test for ergodic diffusion processes pp. 919-928 Downloads
Ilia Negri and Yoichi Nishiyama
Point process diagnostics based on weighted second-order statistics and their asymptotic properties pp. 929-948 Downloads
Giada Adelfio and Frederic Schoenberg
Metropolis–Hastings Algorithms with acceptance ratios of nearly 1 pp. 949-967 Downloads
Kengo Kamatani
Merging of opinions in game-theoretic probability pp. 969-993 Downloads
Vladimir Vovk
Asymptotic expansions in the singular value decomposition for cross covariance and correlation under nonnormality pp. 995-1017 Downloads
Haruhiko Ogasawara

Volume 61, issue 3, 2009

Improved prediction for a multivariate normal distribution with unknown mean and variance pp. 531-542 Downloads
Kengo Kato
Consistency of the instrumental weighted variables pp. 543-578 Downloads
Jan Víšek
Testing the tail index in autoregressive models pp. 579-598 Downloads
Jana Jurečková, Hira Koul and Jan Picek
Estimating the intensity of a cyclic Poisson process in the presence of linear trend pp. 599-628 Downloads
Roelof Helmers and Mangku I.
Third-order asymptotic expansion of M-estimators for diffusion processes pp. 629-661 Downloads
Yuji Sakamoto and Nakahiro Yoshida
Efficient and fast spline-backfitted kernel smoothing of additive models pp. 663-690 Downloads
Jing Wang and Lijian Yang
Optimal testing for additivity in multiple nonparametric regression pp. 691-714 Downloads
Felix Abramovich, Italia Feis and Theofanis Sapatinas
Jump-preserving surface reconstruction from noisy data pp. 715-751 Downloads
Peihua Qiu
Stochastic monotonicity of the MLE of exponential mean under different censoring schemes pp. 753-772 Downloads
Balakrishnan N. and Iliopoulos G.

Volume 61, issue 2, 2009

$${\mathcal{M}}$$ -decomposability and symmetric unimodal densities in one dimension pp. 275-289 Downloads
Nicholas Chia and Junji Nakano
On regression model selection for the data with correlated errors pp. 291-308 Downloads
Wen Wei
Log-linear modeling using conditional log-linear structures pp. 309-329 Downloads
Vellaisamy P. and Vijay V.
Nonlinear logistic discrimination via regularized radial basis functions for classifying high-dimensional data pp. 331-353 Downloads
Tomohiro Ando and Sadanori Konishi
Bayesian isotonic changepoint analysis pp. 355-370 Downloads
Enrique Alvarez and Dipak Dey
On a model of sequential point patterns pp. 371-390 Downloads
Shcherbakov V.
M-estimation in nonparametric regression under strong dependence and infinite variance pp. 391-411 Downloads
Ngai Chan and Rongmao Zhang
Nonparametric density estimation for linear processes with infinite variance pp. 413-439 Downloads
Toshio Honda
Conditional independence, conditional mixing and conditional association pp. 441-460 Downloads
Prakasa Rao B.
A class of rank-based test for left-truncated and right-censored data pp. 461-476 Downloads
Pao-sheng Shen
Higher-order accurate polyspectral estimation with flat-top lag-windows pp. 477-498 Downloads
Arthur Berg and Dimitris Politis
On waiting time distributions associated with compound patterns in a sequence of multi-state trials pp. 499-516 Downloads
Kiyoshi Inoue and Sigeo Aki
On V-orthogonal projectors associated with a semi-norm pp. 517-530 Downloads
Yongge Tian and Yoshio Takane

Volume 61, issue 1, 2009

Multiple comparisons of several homoscedastic multivariate populations pp. 1-26 Downloads
Yoshihide Kakizawa
Generalized partially linear mixed-effects models incorporating mismeasured covariates pp. 27-46 Downloads
Hua Liang
Statistical estimation in partial linear models with covariate data missing at random pp. 47-84 Downloads
Qi-Hua Wang
Asymptotic properties of local polynomial regression with missing data and correlated errors pp. 85-109 Downloads
Pérez-González A., Vilar-Fernández J. and González-Manteiga W.
On the estimation of a monotone conditional variance in nonparametric regression pp. 111-141 Downloads
Holger Dette and Kay Pilz
Constrained optimal discrimination designs for Fourier regression models pp. 143-157 Downloads
Stefanie Biedermann, Holger Dette and Philipp Hoffmann
Bayesian estimation of stochastic volatility models based on OU processes with marginal Gamma law pp. 159-179 Downloads
Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter and Leopold Sögner
Notes on estimating inverse-Gaussian and gamma subordinators under high-frequency sampling pp. 181-195 Downloads
Hiroki Masuda
Varying-coefficient model for the occurrence rate function of recurrent events pp. 197-213 Downloads
Chin-Tsang Chiang and Mei-Cheng Wang
Estimating a bounded parameter for symmetric distributions pp. 215-234 Downloads
Éric Marchand and François Perron
Exact two-sample nonparametric test for quantile difference between two populations based on ranked set samples pp. 235-249 Downloads
Omer Ozturk and Balakrishnan N.
Exact inference for a simple step-stress model from the exponential distribution under time constraint pp. 251-274 Downloads
Balakrishnan N., Qihao Xie and Kundu D.

Volume 60, issue 4, 2008

Preface: Featured section on data-mining and statistical science pp. 697-698 Downloads
Tomoyuki Higuchi and Takashi Washio
Direct importance estimation for covariate shift adaptation pp. 699-746 Downloads
Masashi Sugiyama, Taiji Suzuki, Shinichi Nakajima, Hisashi Kashima, Paul Bünau and Motoaki Kawanabe
A preferential attachment model with Poisson growth for scale-free networks pp. 747-761 Downloads
Paul Sheridan, Yuichi Yagahara and Hidetoshi Shimodaira
Measuring the baseline sales and the promotion effect for incense products: a Bayesian state-space modeling approach pp. 763-780 Downloads
Tomohiro Ando
An angular–linear time series model for waveheight prediction pp. 781-800 Downloads
Tsukasa Hokimoto and Kunio Shimizu
On a simple strategy weakly forcing the strong law of large numbers in the bounded forecasting game pp. 801-812 Downloads
Masayuki Kumon and Akimichi Takemura
Local empirical processes near boundaries of convex bodies pp. 813-842 Downloads
Estate Khmaladze and Wolfgang Weil
Estimating a mean matrix: boosting efficiency by multiple affine shrinkage pp. 843-864 Downloads
Rudolf Beran
On potentially negative space time covariances obtained as sum of products of marginal ones pp. 865-882 Downloads
Gregori P., Porcu E., Mateu J. and Sasvári Z.
Second-order nonlinear least squares estimation pp. 883-900 Downloads
Liqun Wang and Alexandre Leblanc
Semi-self-decomposable distributions on Z+ pp. 901-917 Downloads
Nadjib Bouzar

Volume 60, issue 3, 2008

Comparison of methods for ordinal lens opacity data from atomic-bomb survivors: univariate worse-eye method and bivariate GEE method using global odds ratio pp. 465-482 Downloads
Eiji Nakashima, Kazuo Neriishi and Atsushi Minamoto
Some remarks on Bayesian inference for one-way ANOVA models pp. 483-498 Downloads
Fabrizio Solari, Brunero Liseo and Dongchu Sun
Bayesian hierarchical linear mixed models for additive smoothing splines pp. 499-517 Downloads
Dongchu Sun and Paul Speckman
A bootstrap approach to model checking for linear models under length-biased data pp. 519-543 Downloads
Ojeda J., Cristóbal J. and Alcalá J.
Maximum likelihood estimation in the proportional hazards cure model pp. 545-574 Downloads
Wenbin Lu
Empirical likelihood confidence intervals for hazard and density functions under right censorship pp. 575-589 Downloads
Junshan Shen and Shuyuan He
Some results on lower variance bounds useful in reliability modeling and estimation pp. 591-603 Downloads
Nair N. and Sudheesh K.
Nonparametric inference for sequential k-out-of-n systems pp. 605-626 Downloads
Eric Beutner
Properties of residuals for spatial point processes pp. 627-649 Downloads
Baddeley A., Møller J. and Pakes A.
Higher order estimation at Lebesgue points pp. 651-677 Downloads
Beirlant J., Berlinet A. and Biau G.
Some necessary uniform tests for spherical symmetry pp. 679-696 Downloads
Jiajuan Liang, Kai-Tai Fang and Fred Hickernell

Volume 60, issue 2, 2008

Minimal invariant Markov basis for sampling contingency tables with fixed marginals pp. 229-256 Downloads
Satoshi Aoki and Akimichi Takemura
Consistent estimation of the dimensionality in sliced inverse regression pp. 257-271 Downloads
Guy Nkiet
Plug-in bandwidth selector for the kernel relative density estimator pp. 273-300 Downloads
Elisa Molanes-López and Ricardo Cao
Estimation of a parameter of Morgenstern type bivariate exponential distribution by ranked set sampling pp. 301-318 Downloads
Manoj Chacko and Thomas P.
Limit laws for the Randić index of random binary tree models pp. 319-343 Downloads
Qunqiang Feng, Hosam Mahmoud and Alois Panholzer
On weak convergence of random fields pp. 345-365 Downloads
Youri Davydov and Ričardas Zitikis
Asymptotic normality of a covariance estimator for nonsynchronously observed diffusion processes pp. 367-406 Downloads
Takaki Hayashi and Nakahiro Yoshida
The admissible parameter space for exponential smoothing models pp. 407-426 Downloads
Rob J Hyndman, Muhammad Akram and Blyth Archibald
Small-sample studies on right censored data with discrete failure times pp. 427-440 Downloads
Jiantian Wang
Empirical likelihood inference for censored median regression with weighted empirical hazard functions pp. 441-457 Downloads
Yichuan Zhao and Song Yang
The semi-Sibuya distribution pp. 459-464 Downloads
Nadjib Bouzar

Volume 60, issue 1, 2008

A first–passage time random walk distribution with five transition probabilities: a generalization of the shifted inverse trinomial pp. 1-20 Downloads
Kazuki Aoyama, Kunio Shimizu and Ong S.
A cross-validation method for data with ties in kernel density estimation pp. 21-44 Downloads
Kamila Żychaluk and Prakash Patil
Randomized group up and down experiments pp. 45-59 Downloads
Alessandro Antognini, Paola Bortot and Alessandra Giovagnoli
Accurate confidence intervals in regression analyses of non-normal data pp. 61-83 Downloads
Robert Boik
Estimating a general function of a quadratic function pp. 85-119 Downloads
Fourdrinier D. and Lepelletier P.
The estimation of M4 processes with geometric moving patterns pp. 121-150 Downloads
Zhengjun Zhang
Progressive censoring from heterogeneous distributions with applications to robustness pp. 151-171 Downloads
Balakrishnan N. and Erhard Cramer
Bivariate Markov chain embeddable variables of polynomial type pp. 173-191 Downloads
Koutras M., Bersimis S. and Antzoulakos D.
On occurrence of subpattern and method of gambling teams pp. 193-203 Downloads
Vladimir Pozdnyakov
Saddlepoint approximations for multivariate M-estimates with applications to bootstrap accuracy pp. 205-224 Downloads
Chris Field, John Robinson and Elvezio Ronchetti
Saddlepoint approximations for multivariate M-estimates with applications to bootstrap accuracy pp. 225-227 Downloads
Chris Field, John Robinson and Elvezio Ronchetti
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