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Edited by Friedrich Leisch

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Volume 24, issue 4, 2009

Commemorating William Playfair’s 250th birthday pp. 551-566 Downloads
Jürgen Symanzik, William Fischetti and Ian Spence
Comparison on five estimation approaches of intensity for a queueing system with short run pp. 567-582 Downloads
Jau-Chuan Ke and Yunn-Kuang Chu
An exact approach to sparse principal component analysis pp. 583-604 Downloads
Alessio Farcomeni
Reliability and efficiency of algorithms for computing the significance of the Mann–Whitney test pp. 605-622 Downloads
Niranjan Nagarajan and Uri Keich
An adaptive algorithm for estimating inclusion probabilities and performing the Horvitz–Thompson criterion in complex designs pp. 623-639 Downloads
Lorenzo Fattorini
On computational aspects of Bayesian spatial models: influence of the neighboring structure in the efficiency of MCMC algorithms pp. 641-669 Downloads
Vinicius Mayrink and Dani Gamerman
The behaviour of the modified Levene’s test when data are not normally distributed pp. 671-693 Downloads
Isabel Parra-Frutos
Computational methods for comparing two binary diagnostic tests in the presence of partial verification of the disease pp. 695-718 Downloads
J. Roldán Nofuentes, J. Luna del Castillo and P. Femia Marzo
Generation of three-dimensional random rotations in fitting and matching problems pp. 719-731 Downloads
Michael Habeck

Volume 24, issue 3, 2009

Computationally efficient learning of multivariate t mixture models with missing information pp. 375-392 Downloads
Tsung-I Lin, Hsiu Ho and Pao Shen
Empirical Bayes analysis of unreplicated microarray data pp. 393-408 Downloads
HyungJun Cho, Jaewoo Kang and Jae Lee
Computing circadian rhythmic patterns and beyond: introduction to a new non-Fourier analysis pp. 409-430 Downloads
Hsieh Fushing, Shu-Chun Chen and How-Jing Lee
Thresholds of moving average of stationary processes for given on target significant levels pp. 431-440 Downloads
F. Al-Awadhi and A. Soltani
Bootstrap for estimating the MSE of the Spatial EBLUP pp. 441-458 Downloads
Isabel Molina, Nicola Salvati and Monica Pratesi
An omnibus noise filter pp. 459-479 Downloads
Claudio Morana
A simulation study for a class of central composite designs with nested sub-experiment pp. 481-495 Downloads
Pao-sheng Shen
Cross-validated wavelet shrinkage pp. 497-512 Downloads
Hee-Seok Oh, Donghoh Kim and Youngjo Lee
A homogeneity test for bivariate random variables pp. 513-531 Downloads
V. Alba Fernández, D. Barrera Rosillo, M. Ibáñez Pérez and M. Jiménez Gamero
The convergence of estimators based on heuristics: theory and application to a GARCH model pp. 533-550 Downloads
Peter Winker and Dietmar Maringer

Volume 24, issue 2, 2009

Editorial pp. 181-182 Downloads
Paul Murrell
A framework for statistical software development, maintenance, and publishing within an open-access business model pp. 183-193 Downloads
Patrick Wessa
Extending the GGobi pipeline from R pp. 195-205 Downloads
Michael Lawrence, Hadley Wickham, Dianne Cook, Heike Hofmann and Deborah Swayne
The plumbing of interactive graphics pp. 207-215 Downloads
Hadley Wickham, Michael Lawrence, Dianne Cook, Andreas Buja, Heike Hofmann and Deborah Swayne
Code analysis and parallelizing vector operations in R pp. 217-223 Downloads
Luke Tierney
Open-source machine learning: R meets Weka pp. 225-232 Downloads
Kurt Hornik, Christian Buchta and Achim Zeileis
Visualizing hypothesis tests in multivariate linear models: the heplots package for R pp. 233-246 Downloads
John Fox, Michael Friendly and Georges Monette
Interacting with local and remote data repositories using the stashR package pp. 247-254 Downloads
Sandrah Eckel and Roger Peng
Caching code chunks in dynamic documents pp. 255-261 Downloads
Seth Falcon
Can we have better semantics for R’s attach mechanism? pp. 263-269 Downloads
Peter Dalgaard
A modest proposal: an approach to making the internal R system extensible pp. 271-281 Downloads
Duncan Temple Lang
Working with meta-data from C/C++ code in R: the RGCCTranslationUnit package pp. 283-293 Downloads
Duncan Temple Lang
JavaStat: a Java/R-based statistical computing environment pp. 295-302 Downloads
E. Harner, Dajie Luo and Jun Tan
How to talk to strangers: ways to leverage connectivity between R, Java and Objective C pp. 303-311 Downloads
Simon Urbanek
Asymptotic cumulants of the parameter estimators in item response theory pp. 313-331 Downloads
Haruhiko Ogasawara
Numerical approximation of conditional asymptotic variances using Monte Carlo simulation pp. 333-344 Downloads
Tak Mak and Fassil Nebebe
A process variability control chart pp. 345-368 Downloads
Muhammad Riaz and Ronald Does
J.J. Faraway: Extending the linear model with R: generalized linear, mixed effects and nonparametric regression models pp. 369-370 Downloads
Andreas Rosenblad
B. F. J. Manly: Randomization, bootstrap and Monte Carlo methods in biology, third edition pp. 371-372 Downloads
Andreas Rosenblad
D. Hand: Information generation (2007): how data rule our world pp. 373-374 Downloads
Han Shang

Volume 24, issue 1, 2009

A predictive estimator of finite population mean using nonparametric regression pp. 1-14 Downloads
M. Rueda and I. Sánchez-Borrego
Likelihood stabilization for ill-conditioned vector GARCH models pp. 15-35 Downloads
Miguel Jerez, José Casals and Sonia Sotoca
Combined regression models pp. 37-66 Downloads
Enrique Castillo, Carmen Castillo, Ali Hadi and José María Sarabia
The constrained Fisher scoring method for maximum likelihood computation of a nonparametric mixing distribution pp. 67-81 Downloads
Yong Wang
Non-crossing quantile regression via doubly penalized kernel machine pp. 83-94 Downloads
Jooyong Shim, Changha Hwang and Kyung Seok
Sequential and non-sequential acceptance sampling plans for autocorrelated processes using ARMA(p,q) models pp. 95-111 Downloads
M. Aminzadeh
The uncertainties about the relationships risk–return–volatility in the Spanish stock market pp. 113-126 Downloads
Ricardo Cao, Alicia Heras and Angeles Saavedra
Variable selection in multivariate methods using global score estimation pp. 127-144 Downloads
Kaoru Fueda, Masaya Iizuka and Yuichi Mori
Two tests for heteroscedasticity in nonparametric regression pp. 145-163 Downloads
Mario Francisco-Fernández and Juan Vilar-Fernández
One-mode three-way overlapping cluster analysis pp. 165-179 Downloads
Satoru Yokoyama, Atsuho Nakayama and Akinori Okada

Volume 23, issue 4, 2008

Iterative Denoising pp. 497-517 Downloads
Kendall Giles, Michael Trosset, David Marchette and Carey Priebe
Computational aspects of continuous–discrete extended Kalman-filtering pp. 519-539 Downloads
Thomas Mazzoni
Selecting hidden Markov model state number with cross-validated likelihood pp. 541-564 Downloads
Gilles Celeux and Jean-Baptiste Durand
Extending lattice: using generics and methods to implement new visualization methods within the Trellis framework pp. 565-572 Downloads
Deepayan Sarkar
Confidence intervals for quantile estimation using Jackknife techniques pp. 573-585 Downloads
Y. Román-Montoya, M. Rueda and A. Arcos
Computation of reference Bayesian inference for variance components in longitudinal studies pp. 587-604 Downloads
Miao-Yu Tsai and Chuhsing Hsiao
Alternative interval estimation for parameters of bivariate exponential model with time varying covariate pp. 605-622 Downloads
Jayanthi Arasan and Mary Lunn
Penalised spline support vector classifiers: computational issues pp. 623-641 Downloads
John Ormerod, M. Wand and Inge Koch
A bootstrap-based aggregate classifier for model-based clustering pp. 643-659 Downloads
José Dias and Jeroen Vermunt
Correction to “On the linear combination of normal and Laplace random variables”, by Nadarajah, S., Computational Statistics, 2006, 21, 63–71 pp. 661-666 Downloads
Eloísa Díaz-Francés and José Montoya
Reply to the letter to the editor pp. 667-668 Downloads
Saralees Nadarajah

Volume 23, issue 3, 2008

A filtered polynomial approach to density estimation pp. 343-360 Downloads
Dominik Heinzmann
Bayesian modeling of continuously marked spatial point patterns pp. 361-379 Downloads
Matthew Bognar
Comparison of presmoothing methods in kernel density estimation under censoring pp. 381-406 Downloads
M. Jácome, I. Gijbels and R. Cao
Classification trees for ordinal variables pp. 407-427 Downloads
Raffaella Piccarreta
Goodness-of-fit tests based on a robust measure of skewness pp. 429-442 Downloads
Guy Brys, Mia Hubert and Anja Struyf
Two noniterative algorithms for computing posteriors pp. 443-453 Downloads
Jun Yang, Guohua Zou and Yu Zhao
Ordinary and penalized minimum power-divergence estimators in two-way contingency tables pp. 455-468 Downloads
Aylin Alin and Serdar Kurt
Acceleration of the EM algorithm using the vector epsilon algorithm pp. 469-486 Downloads
Mingfeng Wang, Masahiro Kuroda, Michio Sakakihara and Zhi Geng
Taligent MVP in interactive statistical graphics pp. 487-495 Downloads
Derek Law

Volume 23, issue 2, 2008

Interview with Andreas Buja pp. 177-184 Downloads
Jürgen Symanzik
Influence diagnostics in the varying coefficient model with longitudinal data pp. 185-196 Downloads
Whasoo Bae, Soonyoung Hwang and Choongrak Kim
A self-organizing state space model and simplex initial distribution search pp. 197-216 Downloads
Koiti Yano
A random model approach for the LASSO pp. 217-233 Downloads
Scott Foster, Arūnas Verbyla and Wayne Pitchford
JavaStatSoft: design patterns and features pp. 235-251 Downloads
Wen Wei and Guan Chen
Monitoring process variability using auxiliary information pp. 253-276 Downloads
Muhammad Riaz
The Monte Carlo EM method for estimating multinomial probit latent variable models pp. 277-289 Downloads
Xingcai Zhou and Xinsheng Liu
Bayesian selection of primary resolution and wavelet basis functions for wavelet regression pp. 291-302 Downloads
Chun Park, Hee-Seok Oh and Hakbae Lee
Selective association rule generation pp. 303-315 Downloads
Michael Hahsler, Christian Buchta and Kurt Hornik
Automatic selection of indicators in a fully saturated regression pp. 317-335 Downloads
Carlos Santos, David F. Hendry and Soren Johansen
Automatic selection of indicators in a fully saturated regression pp. 337-339 Downloads
David F. Hendry, Soren Johansen and Carlos Santos
F. Ferraty and P. Vieu: “Nonparametric functional data analysis: theory and practice” pp. 341-342 Downloads
Wenceslao González-Manteiga

Volume 23, issue 1, 2008

Computational issues in parameter estimation for stationary hidden Markov models pp. 1-18 Downloads
Jan Bulla and Andreas Berzel
Determining p-values for systems cointegration tests with a prior adjustment for deterministic terms pp. 19-39 Downloads
Carsten Trenkler
Simultaneous confidence bands for the integrated hazard function pp. 41-62 Downloads
Anna Dudek, Maciej Goćwin and Jacek Leśkow
Plug-in method for nonparametric regression pp. 63-78 Downloads
Jan Koláček
Estimation of population spectrum for linear processes with random coefficients pp. 79-98 Downloads
P. Saavedra, C. Hernández, I. Luengo, J. Artiles and A. Santana
Empirical model selection in generalized linear mixed effects models pp. 99-109 Downloads
Christian Lavergne, Marie-José Martinez and Catherine Trottier
Bayesian spatial modeling of genetic population structure pp. 111-129 Downloads
Jukka Corander, Jukka Sirén and Elja Arjas
Testing for cointegration using induced-order statistics pp. 131-151 Downloads
Alvaro Escribano, M. Santos and Ana Sipols
Stability of principal components pp. 153-171 Downloads
A. Al-Ibrahim and Noriah Al-Kandari
V. Berger: Selection bias and covariate imbalances in randomized clinical trials pp. 173-176 Downloads
Thomas Bradstreet
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