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2007 - 2015

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Volume 60, issue 1, 2015

A class of derivative-free nonmonotone optimization algorithms employing coordinate rotations and gradient approximations pp. 1-33 Downloads
Grippo L. and Rinaldi F.
On the use of iterative methods in cubic regularization for unconstrained optimization pp. 35-57 Downloads
Tommaso Bianconcini, Giampaolo Liuzzi, Benedetta Morini and Marco Sciandrone
Comparative study of RPSALG algorithm for convex semi-infinite programming pp. 59-87 Downloads
Auslender A., Ferrer A., Goberna M. and López M.
A family of three-term conjugate gradient methods with sufficient descent property for unconstrained optimization pp. 89-110 Downloads
Mehiddin Al-Baali, Yasushi Narushima and Hiroshi Yabe
Local convergence of the method of multipliers for variational and optimization problems under the noncriticality assumption pp. 111-140 Downloads
Izmailov A., Kurennoy A. and Solodov M.
A double projection method for solving variational inequalities without monotonicity pp. 141-150 Downloads
Minglu Ye and Yiran He
A convergent and efficient decomposition method for the traffic assignment problem pp. 151-170 Downloads
David Di Lorenzo, Alessandro Galligari and Marco Sciandrone
Semi-definite programming relaxation of quadratic assignment problems based on nonredundant matrix splitting pp. 171-198 Downloads
Jiming Peng, Tao Zhu, Hezhi Luo and Kim-Chuan Toh
A trust-region-based derivative free algorithm for mixed integer programming pp. 199-229 Downloads
Eric Newby and Ali M.
A linear-time approximate convex envelope algorithm using the double Legendre–Fenchel transform with application to phase separation pp. 231-261 Downloads
Lorenzo Contento, Alexandre Ern and Rossana Vermiglio
An augmented Lagrangian ant colony based method for constrained optimization pp. 263-276 Downloads
Asghar Mahdavi and Mohammad Shiri

Volume 59, issue 3, 2014

Study of a primal-dual algorithm for equality constrained minimization pp. 405-433 Downloads
Paul Armand, Joël Benoist, Riadh Omheni and Vincent Pateloup
Global and local convergence of a nonmonotone SQP method for constrained nonlinear optimization pp. 435-473 Downloads
Chungen Shen, Lei-Hong Zhang, Bo Wang and Wenqiong Shao
Sequential quadratic programming methods for parametric nonlinear optimization pp. 475-509 Downloads
Vyacheslav Kungurtsev and Moritz Diehl
An alternating extragradient method with non euclidean projections for saddle point problems pp. 511-540 Downloads
Silvia Bonettini and Valeria Ruggiero
An efficient gradient method using the Yuan steplength pp. 541-563 Downloads
Roberta De Asmundis, Daniela di Serafino, William Hager, Gerardo Toraldo and Hongchao Zhang
A variable fixing version of the two-block nonlinear constrained Gauss–Seidel algorithm for $$\ell _1$$ ℓ 1 -regularized least-squares pp. 565-589 Downloads
Margherita Porcelli and Francesco Rinaldi
Solving semi-infinite programs by smoothing projected gradient method pp. 591-616 Downloads
Mengwei Xu, Soon-Yi Wu and Jane Ye
A primal-dual aggregation algorithm for minimizing conditional value-at-risk in linear programs pp. 617-638 Downloads
Daniel Espinoza and Eduardo Moreno
Strong-branching inequalities for convex mixed integer nonlinear programs pp. 639-665 Downloads
Mustafa Kılınç, Jeff Linderoth, James Luedtke and Andrew Miller
Efficient parallel solution of large-scale nonlinear dynamic optimization problems pp. 667-688 Downloads
Daniel Word, Jia Kang, Johan Akesson and Carl Laird
An Eulerian–Lagrangian method for optimization problems governed by multidimensional nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs pp. 689-724 Downloads
Alina Chertock, Michael Herty and Alexander Kurganov
Hybridizing local search algorithms for global optimization pp. 725-748 Downloads
Morteza Ahandani, Mohammad-Taghi Vakil-Baghmisheh and Mohammad Talebi

Volume 59, issue 1, 2014

Preface pp. 1-4 Downloads
Xiaojun Chen and Nobuo Yamashita
A Levenberg-Marquardt method with approximate projections pp. 5-26 Downloads
Behling R., Fischer A., Herrich M., Iusem A. and Ye Y.
Faster, but weaker, relaxations for quadratically constrained quadratic programs pp. 27-45 Downloads
Samuel Burer, Sunyoung Kim and Masakazu Kojima
Convergence of the reweighted ℓ 1 minimization algorithm for ℓ 2 –ℓ p minimization pp. 47-61 Downloads
Xiaojun Chen and Weijun Zhou
A new error bound result for Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems and its algorithmic application pp. 63-84 Downloads
Axel Dreves, Francisco Facchinei, Andreas Fischer and Markus Herrich
Non-cooperative games with minmax objectives pp. 85-112 Downloads
Francisco Facchinei, Jong-Shi Pang and Gesualdo Scutari
On an enumerative algorithm for solving eigenvalue complementarity problems pp. 113-134 Downloads
Luís Fernandes, Joaquim Júdice, Hanif Sherali and Maria Forjaz
Customized proximal point algorithms for linearly constrained convex minimization and saddle-point problems: a unified approach pp. 135-161 Downloads
Guoyong Gu, Bingsheng He and Xiaoming Yuan
An affine scaling method for optimization problems with polyhedral constraints pp. 163-183 Downloads
William Hager and Hongchao Zhang
Exact computational approaches to a stochastic uncapacitated single allocation p-hub center problem pp. 185-200 Downloads
Edward Hult, Houyuan Jiang and Daniel Ralph
On error bounds and Newton-type methods for generalized Nash equilibrium problems pp. 201-218 Downloads
Alexey Izmailov and Mikhail Solodov
Approximation methods for complex polynomial optimization pp. 219-248 Downloads
Bo Jiang, Zhening Li and Shuzhong Zhang
Convergence properties of the inexact Lin-Fukushima relaxation method for mathematical programs with complementarity constraints pp. 249-262 Downloads
Christian Kanzow and Alexandra Schwartz
A constrained optimization reformulation and a feasible descent direction method for $$L_{1/2}$$ L 1 / 2 regularization pp. 263-284 Downloads
Dong-Hui Li, Lei Wu, Zhe Sun and Xiong-ji Zhang
Optimal parameter selection for nonlinear multistage systems with time-delays pp. 285-306 Downloads
Chongyang Liu, Ryan Loxton and Kok Teo
Space tensor conic programming pp. 307-319 Downloads
Liqun Qi and Yinyu Ye
A regularized Newton method without line search for unconstrained optimization pp. 321-351 Downloads
Kenji Ueda and Nobuo Yamashita
A smoothing augmented Lagrangian method for solving simple bilevel programs pp. 353-377 Downloads
Mengwei Xu and Jane Ye
Successive convex approximations to cardinality-constrained convex programs: a piecewise-linear DC approach pp. 379-397 Downloads
Xiaojin Zheng, Xiaoling Sun, Duan Li and Jie Sun

Volume 58, issue 3, 2014

Adaptively refined dynamic program for linear spline regression pp. 523-541 Downloads
Noam Goldberg, Youngdae Kim, Sven Leyffer and Thomas Veselka
Robust registration of point sets using iteratively reweighted least squares pp. 543-561 Downloads
Per Bergström and Ove Edlund
Revisiting several problems and algorithms in continuous location with $$\ell _\tau $$ ℓ τ norms pp. 563-595 Downloads
Victor Blanco, Justo Puerto and Safae El Haj Ben Ali
On the semilocal convergence behavior for Halley’s method pp. 597-618 Downloads
Yonghui Ling and Xiubin Xu
POD a-posteriori error analysis for optimal control problems with mixed control-state constraints pp. 619-644 Downloads
Martin Gubisch and Stefan Volkwein
Adaptive POD basis computation for parametrized nonlinear systems using optimal snapshot location pp. 645-677 Downloads
Oliver Lass and Stefan Volkwein
Subgrid scale eddy viscosity finite element method on optimal control of system governed by unsteady Oseen equations pp. 679-705 Downloads
Gang Chen and Minfu Feng
A survey on multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for many-objective problems pp. 707-756 Downloads
Christian Lücken, Benjamín Barán and Carlos Brizuela
Implementation aspects of interactive multiobjective optimization for modeling environments: the case of GAMS-NIMBUS pp. 757-779 Downloads
Vesa Ojalehto, Kaisa Miettinen and Timo Laukkanen
Advanced particle swarm assisted genetic algorithm for constrained optimization problems pp. 781-806 Downloads
Manoj Dhadwal, Sung Jung and Chang Kim

Volume 58, issue 2, 2014

The generalized trust region subproblem pp. 273-322 Downloads
Ting Pong and Henry Wolkowicz
Interior-point methods for nonconvex nonlinear programming: cubic regularization pp. 323-346 Downloads
Hande Benson and David Shanno
Robust least square semidefinite programming with applications pp. 347-379 Downloads
Guoyin Li, Alfred Ma and Ting Pong
Proximal methods for the latent group lasso penalty pp. 381-407 Downloads
Silvia Villa, Lorenzo Rosasco, Sofia Mosci and Alessandro Verri
A unified algorithm for mixed $$l_{2,p}$$ l 2, p -minimizations and its application in feature selection pp. 409-421 Downloads
Liping Wang, Songcan Chen and Yuanping Wang
The space decomposition theory for a class of eigenvalue optimizations pp. 423-454 Downloads
Ming Huang, Li-Ping Pang and Zun-Quan Xia
A sparsity preserving stochastic gradient methods for sparse regression pp. 455-482 Downloads
Qihang Lin, Xi Chen and Javier Peña
CVaR-constrained stochastic programming reformulation for stochastic nonlinear complementarity problems pp. 483-501 Downloads
Liyan Xu and Bo Yu
Determination of initial temperature in fast simulated annealing pp. 503-522 Downloads
Chang-Yong Lee and Dongju Lee

Volume 58, issue 1, 2014

Efficient algorithms for robust and stable principal component pursuit problems pp. 1-29 Downloads
Necdet Aybat, Donald Goldfarb and Shiqian Ma
Approximate dynamic programming for stochastic N-stage optimization with application to optimal consumption under uncertainty pp. 31-85 Downloads
Mauro Gaggero, Giorgio Gnecco and Marcello Sanguineti
On R-linear convergence of semi-monotonic inexact augmented Lagrangians for saddle point problems pp. 87-103 Downloads
Zdeněk Dostál, David Horák and Petr Vodstrčil
Properties and methods for finding the best rank-one approximation to higher-order tensors pp. 105-132 Downloads
Yuning Yang, Qingzhi Yang and Liqun Qi
Semidefinite relaxations for semi-infinite polynomial programming pp. 133-159 Downloads
Li Wang and Feng Guo
Strategic oscillation for the quadratic multiple knapsack problem pp. 161-185 Downloads
Carlos García-Martínez, Fred Glover, Francisco Rodriguez, Manuel Lozano and Rafael Martí
A tabu search approach for proportionate multiprocessor open shop scheduling pp. 187-203 Downloads
Tamer Abdelmaguid, Mohamed Shalaby and Mohamed Awwad
Graph partitions for the multidimensional assignment problem pp. 205-224 Downloads
Chrysafis Vogiatzis, Eduardo Pasiliao and Panos Pardalos
Local convergence of quasi-Newton methods under metric regularity pp. 225-247 Downloads
Aragón Artacho F., Belyakov A., Dontchev A. and López M.
Computing the partial conjugate of convex piecewise linear-quadratic bivariate functions pp. 249-272 Downloads
Bryan Gardiner, Khan Jakee and Yves Lucet
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