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Volume 34, issue 10, 2007

Influential Observations in the Functional Measurement Error Model pp. 1165-1183 Downloads
Ignacio Vidal, Pilar Iglesias and Manuel Galea
Semi-parametric Bayesian Analysis of the Proportional Hazard Rate Model An Application to the Effect of Training Programs on Graduate Unemployment pp. 1185-1205 Downloads
Pilar Olave and Manuel Salvador
A Universal QQ-Plot for Continuous Non-homogeneous Populations pp. 1207-1223 Downloads
Alberto Luceno
A Multi-state Piecewise Exponential Model of Hospital Outcomes after Injury pp. 1225-1239 Downloads
David Clark, Louise Ryan and F. L. Lucas
Robust Detection of Multiple Outliers in Grouped Multivariate Data pp. 1241-1250 Downloads
Chrys Caroni and Nedret Billor
A Stylometric Analysis of King Alfred's Literary Works pp. 1251-1258 Downloads
Paramjit Gill, Tim Swartz and Michael Treschow
Connectivity Inference between Neural Structures via Partial Directed Coherence pp. 1259-1273 Downloads
Daniel Yasumasa Takahashi, Luiz Antonio Baccal and Koichi Sameshima
Analyzing Designed Experiments with Multiple Responses pp. 1275-1296 Downloads
Øyvind Langsrud, Kjetil Jørgensen, Ragni Ofstad and Tormod Næs

Volume 34, issue 9, 2007

A Bayesian Adjustment for Covariate Misclassification with Correlated Binary Outcome Data pp. 1019-1034 Downloads
Dianxu Ren and Roslyn Stone
Explorative Data Analysis and CATANOVA for Ordinal Variables: An Integrated Approach pp. 1035-1050 Downloads
Pasquale Sarnacchiaro and Antonello D'ambra
Censored Kullback-Leibler Information and Goodness-of-Fit Test with Type II Censored Data pp. 1051-1064 Downloads
Jonggun Lim and Sangun Park
Hypotheses Tests of Strain-specific Vaccine Efficacy Adjusted for Covariate Effects pp. 1065-1073 Downloads
Seunggeun Hyun and Yanqing Sun
Holt-Winters Forecasting: An Alternative Formulation Applied to UK Air Passenger Data pp. 1075-1090 Downloads
J. D. Bermudez, J. V. Segura and E. Vercher
Testing for Equal Predictability of Stationary ARMA Processes pp. 1091-1108 Downloads
Edoardo Otrano and Umberto Triacca
A Bayesian Procedure for Assessing Process Performance Based on Expected Relative Loss with Asymmetric Tolerances pp. 1109-1123 Downloads
Chien-Wei Wu and M. H. Shu
Simulating Correlated Marked-point Processes pp. 1125-1134 Downloads
C. Xu, P. A. Dowd, K. V. Mardia, R. J. Fowell and C. C. Taylor
Poverty as a System: Human Contestability Approach to Poverty Measurement pp. 1135-1158 Downloads
Gopal Kanji and Parvesh Chopra

Volume 34, issue 8, 2007

Risk of Error and the Kappa Coefficient of a Binary Diagnostic Test in the Presence of Partial Verification pp. 887-898 Downloads
J. A. Roldan Nofuentes and J. D. Luna Del Castillo
Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test Statistic and Critical Values for the Erlang-3 and Erlang-4 Distributions pp. 899-906 Downloads
Neil Marks
Case-deletion Influence Measures for the Data from Multivariate t Distributions pp. 907-921 Downloads
Feng-Chang Xie, Bo-Cheng Wei and Jin-Guan Lin
Estimation of the Force of Infection from Current Status Data Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models pp. 923-939 Downloads
Harriet Namata, Ziv Shkedy, Christel Faes, Marc Aerts, Geert Molenberghs, Heide Theeten, Pierre Van Damme and Philippe Beutels
Multivariate Capability Indices: Distributional and Inferential Properties pp. 941-962 Downloads
W. L. Pearn, F. K. Wang and C. H. Yen
A Note on Trend Decomposition: The 'Classical' Approach Revisited with an Application to Surface Temperature Trends pp. 963-972 Downloads
Terence Mills
SPC Study of a Brewing Process pp. 973-984 Downloads
Edgardo Escalante-Vazquez
Estimation of the Length Distribution of Marine Populations in the Gaussian-multinomial Setting using the Method of Moments pp. 985-991 Downloads
Olena Babak, Birgir Hrafnkelsson and Olafur Palsson
Local Conditional Influence pp. 997-1009 Downloads
Wai-Yin Poon and Yat Sun Poon

Volume 34, issue 7, 2007

Alternative Penalty Functions for Penalized Likelihood Principal Components pp. 767-777 Downloads
Trevor Park
On the Screening of Large Numbers of Significance Tests pp. 779-783 Downloads
Man Yu Wong and D.R. Cox
Residual Responses to Change Patterns of Autocorrelated Processes pp. 785-798 Downloads
Mohamed El Ghourabi and Mohamed Limam
Minimum Size Double Sampling Plans for Large Isolated Lots pp. 799-806 Downloads
R. Vijayaraghavan
Spatial Modeling of Habitat Preferences of Biological Species using Markov Random Fields pp. 807-821 Downloads
Carlos Diaz Avalos
A Spatial-temporal Model for Temperature with Seasonal Variance pp. 823-841 Downloads
Jurate saltyte Benth, Fred Espen Benth and Paulius Jalinskas
An NP Control Chart Using Double Inspections pp. 843-855 Downloads
Zhang Wu and Qinan Wang
Modified Shewhart Charts for High Yield Processes pp. 857-877 Downloads
Tee Chin Chang and Fah Fatt Gan

Volume 34, issue 6, 2007

Efficiency of Betting Markets and Rationality of Players: Evidence from the French 6/49 Lotto pp. 645-662 Downloads
Patrick Roger and Marie-Hélène Broihanne
Bayesian Inference for Skew-normal Linear Mixed Models pp. 663-682 Downloads
R.B. Arellano-Valle, H. Bolfarine and V.H. Lachos
Identifying Dispersion Effects in Robust Design Experiments—Issues and Improvements pp. 683-699 Downloads
Lourdes Pozueta, Xavier Tort-Martorell and Lluis Marco
Estimation of a Parameter of Bivariate Pareto Distribution by Ranked Set Sampling pp. 703-714 Downloads
Manoj Chacko and P. Yageen Thomas
Empirical-distribution-function Tests for the Beta-Binomial Model pp. 715-724 Downloads
Chien-Tai Lin and Cheng-Chieh Chou
Inferences on the Number of Unseen Species and the Number of Abundant/Rare Species pp. 725-740 Downloads
Hongmei Zhang
The Impact of Ovarian Cancer on Life Expectancy in Japan pp. 741-747 Downloads
Juan Sun, Lifu Bi, Yaojun Chi, Guowei Huang, Chun Fan, Kazuo Aoki, Akihiro Kono, Tian Hui and Junichi Misumi
Classifying Speech Sonority Functional Data using a Projected Kolmogorov-Smirnov Approach pp. 749-761 Downloads
Juan Antonio Cuesta-Albertos, Ricardo Fraiman, Antonio Galves, Jesus Garcia and Marcela Svarc

Volume 34, issue 5, 2007

Standardization of Process Norms in Baker's Yeast Fermentation through Statistical Models in Comparison with Neural Networks pp. 511-527 Downloads
Prasun Das and Sasadhar Bera
Evolution of Athletic Records: Statistical Effects versus Real Improvements pp. 529-545 Downloads
Daniel Gembris, John G. Taylor and Dieter Suter
Sample-based Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Autologistic Model pp. 547-561 Downloads
S. Magnussen and R. Reeves
Regression Diagnostic under Model Misspecification pp. 563-575 Downloads
Li-Chu Chien and Tsung-Shan Tsou
Optimal Circular Block Designs for Neighbouring Competition Effects pp. 577-584 Downloads
Seema Jaggi, Cini Varghese and V.K. Gupta
Describing the Dynamics of Attention to TV Commercials: A Hierarchical Bayes Analysis of the Time to Zap an Ad pp. 585-609 Downloads
Paul Gustafson and S. Siddarth
Order-restricted Dose-related Trend Phi-divergence Tests for Generalized Linear Models pp. 611-623 Downloads
A. Felipe, M. L. Menendez and L. Pardo
Expected Mean Squares for Hierarchical Factorial Layouts with Population Imbalance pp. 625-637 Downloads
Shannon E. Allen and Burt Holland

Volume 34, issue 4, 2007

Power of the Neyman Smooth Test for Evaluating Multivariate Forecast Densities pp. 371-381 Downloads
Jan G. Gooijer
Stochastic Modelling of Times to Temperature for Furnaces Supplying Titanium Blooms to a Rolling Mill at TIMET pp. 383-397 Downloads
Mark Evans and Richard E. Johnston
An Alternative Methodology for Combining Different Forecasting Models pp. 403-421 Downloads
Haritini Tsangari
Nonparametric Estimation of Duration Dependence in Militarized Interstate Disputes pp. 423-441 Downloads
Larry W. Taylor
On the Superiority of a Variable Sampling Interval Control Chart pp. 443-458 Downloads
Shashibhushan B. Mahadik and Digambar T. Shirke
Monitoring Variability and Analyzing Multivariate Autocorrelated Processes pp. 459-469 Downloads
Jeffrey E. Jarrett and Xia Pan
Robustness of Inference for One-sample Problem with Correlated Observations pp. 471-486 Downloads
Perla Subbaiah and George Xia
Computational Examples of a New Method for Distribution Selection in the Pearson System pp. 487-506 Downloads
Andriy Andreev, Antti Kanto and Pekka Malo

Volume 34, issue 3, 2007

Application of Multivariate Analysis to Increase the Yield of Dry Cell Batteries pp. 239-248 Downloads
Arup Kumar Das
Towards Enhancement of the Economy of a Thermal Power Generating System through Prediction of Plant Efficiency pp. 249-259 Downloads
Indranil Mukhopadhyay, Sudipta Chatterjee and Aditya Chatterjee
Estimation Methods of the Long Memory Parameter: Monte Carlo Analysis and Application pp. 261-301 Downloads
Mohamed Boutahar, Velayoudom Marimoutou and Leila Nouira
Comparing Fits of Latent Trait and Latent Class Models Applied to Sparse Binary Data: An Illustration with Human Resource Management Data pp. 303-319 Downloads
Lilian M. De Menezes and Ana Lasaosa
Not the First Digit! Using Benford's Law to Detect Fraudulent Scientif ic Data pp. 321-329 Downloads
Andreas Diekmann
Least Trimmed Squares Estimator in the Errors-in-Variables Model pp. 331-338 Downloads
Kang-Mo Jung
Bivariate Longitudinal Model for Detecting Prescribing Change in Two Drugs Simultaneously with Correlated Errors pp. 339-352 Downloads
Jabu S. Sithole and Peter W. Jones
Robust ANCOVA: Some Small-sample Results when there are Multiple Groups and Multiple Covariates pp. 353-364 Downloads
Rand R. Wilcox

Volume 34, issue 2, 2007

Statistical Inference Based on Pooled Data: A Moment-Based Estimating Equation Approach pp. 129-140 Downloads
Howard D. Bondell, Aiyi Liu and Enrique F. Schisterman
Robust Estimation and Hypothesis Testing of Linear Contrasts in Analysis of Covariance with Stochastic Covariates pp. 141-151 Downloads
Birdal Senoğlu
A BLUP Synthetic Versus an EBLUP Estimator: An Empirical Study of a Small Area Estimation Problem pp. 153-165 Downloads
A. F. Militino, M. D. Ugarte and T. Goicoa
A Comparison of Three-level Orthogonal Arrays in the Presence of a Possible Correlation in Observations pp. 167-175 Downloads
E. Kolaiti and C. Koukouvinos
A Remark on the Zhang Omnibus Test for Normality pp. 177-184 Downloads
Yi-Ting Hwang and Peir-Feng Wei
On the Linear Combination of Laplace and Logistic Random Variables pp. 185-194 Downloads
Saralees Nadarajah and Samuel Kotz
Tests for the Validity of the Assumption that the Underlying Distribution of Life is Pareto pp. 195-201 Downloads
Zeinab H. Amin
A Non-parametric Method for Defining a Global Preference Ranking of Industrial Products pp. 203-216 Downloads
L. Corain and L. Salmaso
Alignment and Sub-pixel Interpolation of Images using Fourier Methods pp. 217-230 Downloads
C. A. Glasbey and G. W. A. M. Van Der Heijden

Volume 34, issue 1, 2007

A Bayesian False Discovery Rate for Multiple Testing pp. 1-9 Downloads
Alice Whittemore
Mixture Multi-state Markov Regression Model pp. 11-21 Downloads
Amy Ming-Fang Yen and Tony Hsiu-Hsi Chen
Bias Reduction through First-order Mean Correction, Bootstrapping and Recursive Mean Adjustment pp. 23-45 Downloads
K. D. Patterson
Testing and Merging Information for Effect Size Estimation pp. 47-60 Downloads
Noriah Al-Kandari, Sana Buhamra and S. E. Ahmed
A-Optimal Block Designs with Additional Singly Replicated Treatments pp. 61-70 Downloads
Agnes Herzberg and Richard Jarrett
Double Sampling Ratio-product Estimator of a Finite Population Mean in Sample Surveys pp. 71-85 Downloads
Housila Singh and Mariano Ruiz Espejo
Jarque-Bera Test and its Competitors for Testing Normality - A Power Comparison pp. 87-105 Downloads
Thorsten Thadewald and Herbert Buning
Non-parametric Estimation for NHPP Software Reliability Models pp. 107-119 Downloads
Zhiguo Wang, Jinde Wang and Xue Liang
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