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Volume 21, issue 2, 2014

To stylize or not to stylize, is it a fact then? Clarifying the role of stylized facts in empirical model evaluation pp. 107-124 Downloads
Stefan Mendritzki
Epistemological foundations for the assessment of risks in banking and finance pp. 125-138 Downloads
Guillaume Vuillemey
Logic, rationality and knowledge in Ramsey's thought: reassessing 'human logic' pp. 139-157 Downloads
Marion Gaspard
'Economic imperialism' in health care resource allocation - how can equity considerations be incorporated into economic evaluation? pp. 158-174 Downloads
Andrea Klonschinski
The economic debate on power: a Marxist critique pp. 175-192 Downloads
Giulio Palermo
Theory of conditional games pp. 193-198 Downloads
Don Ross
Philosophy of economics: a contemporary introduction pp. 198-202 Downloads
Jiménez-Buedo, María
Theoretical and practical reason in economics: capacities and capabilities pp. 202-207 Downloads
Thomas R. Wells

Volume 21, issue 1, 2014

Introduction to the special issue: papers from the IX INEM Conference in Helsinki pp. 1-2 Downloads
Aki Lehtinen, Mäki, Uskali and Caterina Marchionni
Why macroeconomics does not supervene on microeconomics pp. 3-18 Downloads
Brian Epstein
Understanding with theoretical models pp. 19-36 Downloads
Petri Ylikoski and N. Emrah Aydinonat
A non-monotonic intensional framework for framing effects pp. 37-53 Downloads
Silvia Lerner
Causal models and evidential pluralism in econometrics pp. 54-76 Downloads
Alessio Moneta and Federica Russo
The role of experts in the methodology of economics pp. 77-91 Downloads
Carlo Martini
Mainstreaming Behavioral Economics pp. 92-95 Downloads
Floris Heukelom
Philosophy of economics [Handbook of the philosophy of science, vol. 13] pp. 96-98 Downloads
David Teira
Philosophy of economics for real pp. 98-103 Downloads
Stefan Mendritzki

Volume 20, issue 4, 2013

Introduction to symposium on 'reflexivity and economics: George Soros's theory of reflexivity and the methodology of economic science' pp. 303-308 Downloads
D. Wade Hands
Fallibility, reflexivity, and the human uncertainty principle pp. 309-329 Downloads
George Soros
Reflexivity, complexity, and the nature of social science pp. 330-342 Downloads
Eric D. Beinhocker
Reflexivity unpacked: performativity, uncertainty and analytical monocultures pp. 343-349 Downloads
Richard Bronk
George Soros: Hayekian? pp. 350-356 Downloads
Bruce Caldwell
Reflections on Soros: Mach, Quine, Arthur and far-from-equilibrium dynamics pp. 357-367 Downloads
Rod Cross, Harold Hutchinson, Harbir Lamba and Doug Strachan
Soros's reflexivity concept in a complex world: Cauchy distributions, rational expectations, and rational addiction pp. 368-376 Downloads
John Bryan Davis
Hypotheses non fingo: Problems with the scientific method in economics pp. 377-385 Downloads
J. Doyne Farmer
Fallibility in formal macroeconomics and finance theory pp. 386-396 Downloads
Roman Frydman and Michael D. Goldberg
Reflexivity and equilibria pp. 397-405 Downloads
Francesco Guala
Reflexivity, expectations feedback and almost self-fulfilling equilibria: economic theory, empirical evidence and laboratory experiments pp. 406-419 Downloads
Cars Hommes
Soros and Popper: on fallibility, reflexivity, and the unity of method pp. 420-428 Downloads
Mark Amadeus Notturno
Reflexivity, uncertainty and the unity of science pp. 429-438 Downloads
Alex Rosenberg
On the role of reflexivity in economic analysis pp. 439-445 Downloads
Anwar Shaikh
Broader scopes of the reflexivity principle in the economy pp. 446-453 Downloads
Yi-Cheng Zhang

Volume 20, issue 3, 2013

Introduction to symposium on the explanation paradox pp. 235-236 Downloads
D. Wade Hands
How fictional accounts can explain pp. 237-243 Downloads
Robert Sugden
Reply to Julian Reiss pp. 244-249 Downloads
Menno Rol
Paradox postponed pp. 250-254 Downloads
Daniel M. Hausman
Genuineness resolved: a reply to Reiss' purported paradox pp. 255-261 Downloads
Grüne-Yanoff, Till
It's just a feeling: why economic models do not explain pp. 262-267 Downloads
Anna Alexandrova and Robert Northcott
On a paradox of truth, or how not to obscure the issue of whether explanatory models can be true pp. 268-279 Downloads
Mäki, Uskali
The explanation paradox redux pp. 280-292 Downloads
Julian Reiss

Volume 20, issue 2, 2013

Field experiments and methodological intolerance pp. 103-117 Downloads
Glenn W. Harrison
Change and expectations in macroeconomic models: recognizing the limits to knowability pp. 118-138 Downloads
Roman Frydman and Michael D. Goldberg
Performativity of economic systems: approach and implications for taxonomy pp. 139-163 Downloads
Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
Towards a transdisciplinary econophysics pp. 164-183 Downloads
Christophe Schinckus and Franck Jovanovic
Three kinds of ‘as-if’ claims pp. 184-205 Downloads
Aki Lehtinen
Preferences as total subjective comparative evaluations pp. 206-210 Downloads
Aki Lehtinen
Asymmetric paternalism for economists pp. 211-214 Downloads
Miriam Teschl
The concepts of choice and preference in economics pp. 215-218 Downloads
Prasanta K. Pattanaik
A reply to Lehtinen, Teschl and Pattanaik pp. 219-223 Downloads
Daniel M. Hausman

Volume 19, issue 4, 2012

The firm, property rights and methodological individualism: some lessons from J.S. Mill pp. 339-355 Downloads
Amos Witztum
The history of the use of self-reports and the methodology of economics pp. 357-374 Downloads
Edwards, José M.
Beyond the positive--normative dichotomy: some remarks on Colander's Lost Art of Economics pp. 375-390 Downloads
Huei-chun Su
New economics of science, economics of scientific knowledge and sociology of science: the case of Paul David pp. 391-406 Downloads
Matthieu Ballandonne
‘Heterodox economics’ and the problems of classification pp. 407-424 Downloads
Andrew Mearman
Famous figures and diagrams in economics pp. 437-442 Downloads
Daniel Little
Economists and societies: discipline and profession in the United States, Britain, & France, 1890s to 1990s pp. 442-446 Downloads
D. Wade Hands
Individuals and identity in economics pp. 446-451 Downloads
Don Ross
The hesitant hand. Taming self-interest in the history of economic ideas pp. 451-457 Downloads
Nicola Giocoli

Volume 19, issue 3, 2012

The paradox of popularity in economics pp. 187-192 Downloads
Diane Coyle
A less-is-more approach to introductory economics pp. 193-198 Downloads
Robert H. Frank
Finding the right levers: the serious side of ‘economics made fun’ pp. 199-217 Downloads
Jack Vromen
On the philosophy of the new kiosk economics of everything pp. 219-230 Downloads
Uskali Mäki
Economics is a serious and difficult subject pp. 231-241 Downloads
Roger E. Backhouse
The two images of economics: why the fun disappears when difficult questions are at stake? pp. 243-258 Downloads
N. Emrah Aydinonat
Inland empire: economics imperialism as an imperative of Chicago neoliberalism pp. 259-282 Downloads
Edward Nik-Khah and Robert Van Horn
The unbearable lightness of the economics-made-fun genre pp. 283-301 Downloads
Peter Spiegler
The evolving notion of relevance: an historical perspective to the ‘economics made fun’ movement pp. 303-316 Downloads
Jean-Baptiste Fleury
Economic page turners pp. 317-327 Downloads
Björn Frank

Volume 19, issue 2, 2012

Introduction: values and justice pp. 99-99 Downloads
John Bryan Davis
Values and justice pp. 101-108 Downloads
Amartya Sen
Values, classical political economy and the Portuguese empire pp. 109-119 Downloads
Emma Rothschild
On the centrality of human value pp. 121-141 Downloads
Teresa Carla Oliveira and Stuart Holland
Sen, Sraffa and the revival of classical political economy pp. 143-157 Downloads
Nuno Ornelas Martins
Are transcendental theories of justice redundant? pp. 159-163 Downloads
Ingrid Robeyns
Sen's Idea of Justice and the locus of normative reasoning pp. 165-167 Downloads
Fabienne Peter
The idea of public reasoning pp. 169-172 Downloads
John Bryan Davis
A reply to Robeyns, Peter and Davis pp. 173-176 Downloads
Amartya Sen

Volume 19, issue 1, 2012

The influence of economics on political science: by what pathway? pp. 1-19 Downloads
Lee Sigelman and Robert Goldfarb
Institutions, distributed cognition and agency: rule-following as performative action pp. 21-42 Downloads
Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
The explanation paradox pp. 43-62 Downloads
Julian Reiss
A test of the experimental method in the spirit of Popper pp. 63-76 Downloads
Shaun Hargreaves Heap, Arjan Verschoor and Daniel John Zizzo
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