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Volume XVIII/ Supplement, issue November, 2012

Alina – Mariana Istrate
Marius Miculescu
Silvia Medinschi and Adela Suzana Artene
Adrian Tănase and Diana Tănase
Franca Dumitru and Violeta Săcui
Daniela Marioara Popovici

Volume XIX, issue May, 2013

Critical Analysis of the Cost Calculation System Used in Iron and Steel Industry in Libya pp. 9-12 Downloads
Abdelali Abdelkarim
Environmental Performance of Companies in the Iron and Steel Industry. Accounting Aspects pp. 13-18 Downloads
Abdelali Abdelkarim
Theoretical Fundamentals Concerning the Transmission Channels From the Perspective of the External Equilibrium pp. 19-27 Downloads
Alina Ailincă, Floarea Iordache and Camelia Milea
From Traditional Recruiting To E-Recruiting in Public Organizations pp. 28-33 Downloads
Adela Suzana Artene and Silvia Medinschi
Accounting Purpose in Auditing Environmental Aspects in SME pp. 34-37 Downloads
Alin Emanuel Artene, Aura Emanuela Domil and Crăciun Sabä‚u
Some Considerations Regarding the Key Issues of the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi Report pp. 38-43 Downloads
Camelia Baltaretu
Professional Development of Employees and Performance of SMEs in Romania pp. 44-52 Downloads
Ana-Maria Bercu
Duties and Powers of Local Public Authorities in the Management of Decentralized Public Services pp. 53-57 Downloads
Irina Adriana Bilouseac
Management Methods of Decentralized Public Services pp. 58-63 Downloads
Irina Adriana Bilouseac
The Differences Between Revaluation and Assets Impairment pp. 64-72 Downloads
BOBIÈšAN Nicolae, Diana Dumitrescu and Carmen Costuleanu
The Role of Managerial Accounting in the Management Process pp. 73-76 Downloads
Ioana-Diana Bufan
VAT Cash Accounting Scheme in Romania pp. 77-83 Downloads
Cristina Bunea-Bontas
The Manipulation and Truncation of Accounting Information and the Impact On the Decisional Process of the Stakeholders pp. 84-94 Downloads
Ovidiu-Constantin Bunget, Alin-Constantin Dumitrescu and Delia Carmen Deliu
The European Construction and Its Challenges pp. 97-101 Downloads
Mihaela Bursugiu
Private Brand Consumer Behavior in Romania pp. 102-107 Downloads
Nicoleta Buzilä‚, Violeta Gianina Dragotä‚ and Raoul Sabin Gordean
The Market Developments of Wind Energy - Accessibility, Availability and Acceptability pp. 108-113 Downloads
Georgiana Chitiga
Symptoms of Bankruptcy and Prediction Models of Bankruptcy Risk pp. 114-121 Downloads
Daniela Ciotina and Ioan Marius Ciotina
Contemporary Tendencies in Radio Station Management pp. 122-125 Downloads
Daniel-Liviu Ciurel
The Long Tail Principle in Online Marketing pp. 126-128 Downloads
Daniel-Liviu Ciurel
The Influence of Environmental Factors On the Romanian Banking Management in Current Conditions pp. 129-133 Downloads
Loredana Ciurlä‚u and Genu Alexandru Cä‚runtu
Considerations Concerning Guarantee Schemes pp. 134-141 Downloads
Emilia Clipici and Florin Frant
Cost Benefit Analysis - Tool For Allocation of Financial Resources For Major Projects pp. 142-146 Downloads
Emilia Clipici and Florin Frant
The Evolution of Information Systems in the Context of Information Society pp. 147-151 Downloads
Diana Elena Codreanu and Carmen Radut
The Connection Between Economic Information and the Informational System in Credit Institutions pp. 152-155 Downloads
Andra Nicoleta Cornean
Analysis of the Economic Crisis Effects On Labor Resources pp. 156-159 Downloads
Simona Cristina Costea and Faculty of Economics Tibiscus University TimiÅŸoara
The Conflict Relation Between the Sovereign Debt of the Euro Area Countries and the Common Monetary Policy As a Potential Source For Geopolitical Changes pp. 167-173 Downloads
Adina Criste and Iulia Lupu
Tangible Assets Revaluation Policy At Listed Entities On the Bucharest Stock Exchange - Tier I pp. 174-181 Downloads
SZ Csongor Cså
A Critical Analysis of the Main European Human Resource Management Models pp. 182-186 Downloads
Suzana Demyen
Considerations and Comparisons Regarding the Importance of Public and Private Expenditures in Educational Field, As Premise For An Efficient Human Resource Management pp. 187-192 Downloads
Suzana Demyen and POPA Ioan Lala
Accounting Practices Under the Influence of Creativity pp. 193-199 Downloads
Florin-Constantin Dima
The Users of Accounting Information and Their Needs pp. 200-204 Downloads
Florin-Constantin Dima
The Evolution of Bank Branches in the Near Future pp. 205-208 Downloads
Elena Silvia Dinculescu and Mihaela Bursugiu
Health Systems and Their Importance in the Europe 2020 Strategy pp. 209-212 Downloads
Mihaela Simona Dogan, Nicoleta Buzila and Raoul Gordean
Corporate and Social Responsibility - a Fundamental Pillar of a Sustainable Corporate Governance pp. 213-219 Downloads
Octavian-Florin Dondera
Importance of Investments in Romania by European Funds pp. 220-224 Downloads
Violeta Gianina Dragotä‚, Nicoleta Buzilä‚ and Mihaela Simona Dogan
Analysis of “Environment Stamp†- First Registration Tax For Cars In Romania pp. 225-230 Downloads
Cătălin Drä‚goi
Tools of Active and Passive Management of Financial-Accounting Risks pp. 231-235 Downloads
Corina-Maria Ducu
Manifestation and Identification of Fraud Risk in Accounting pp. 236-241 Downloads
Corina-Maria Ducu and Dănuț Chilarez
Finding and Reporting Irregularities in Internal Audit pp. 242-247 Downloads
Franca Dumitru
Collecting and Processing Information in Internal Audit pp. 248-251 Downloads
Franca Dumitru and Violeta Sacui
Planning the Internal Audit Activity pp. 252-256 Downloads
Franca Dumitru, Corina Șerban and Maria Moraru
Metro - a Marketing Analysis pp. 257-263 Downloads
Elena Enache and Cristian Morozan

Volume XVIII, issue May, 2012

Study on the natural and anthropic tourism resources – factors of sustainable rural development in the area Hateg-Retezat pp. 11-21 Downloads
Paun Ion Otiman, Gabriela Botici, Violeta Florian and Cornel Ionescu
Design and development issues of an XML based e-learning tool pp. 22-26 Downloads
Adrian Cojocariu and Ofelia Stanciu
A comparative analysis of solutions regarding the current global crisis pp. 27-35 Downloads
Adina Dornean and Vasile Isan
The implications of chaos theory on Bucharest stock exchange pp. 36-41 Downloads
Felicia Ramona Birau
The role of technical consumption calculation models on accounting information systems of public utilities services operators pp. 42-48 Downloads
Gheorghe Claudiu Feies, Dorel Mates and Nicolae Virag
Consumers’ perceptions in a volatile environment - a case study for the 2012 society pp. 49-56 Downloads
Veronica Adriana Popescu, Gheorghe Popescu and Cristina Raluca Popescu
Motivational strategies in teaching university students pp. 57-60 Downloads
Cristina Mihaescu
Bank of England’s monetary policy committee – assessing the importance and the implication upon monetary policy pp. 61-67 Downloads
Florin Cornel Dumiter and Horatiu Florin Soim
The impact of Romania’s accession to the European Union on the accounting and tax information pp. 68-75 Downloads
Lucia Paliu-Popa
The implications of buying habits and usage within marketing -the psychology of the buyer’s behavior pp. 76-79 Downloads
Cristina Sandu
How can be investigated the fiscal policy effects on the Romanian economy? pp. 80-87 Downloads
Emilia Mioara Campeanu
Role of environmental audit in the modern enterprise pp. 88-95 Downloads
Mihaela Ungureanu
Accounting modernization – premise of an effective governance system of enterprise Abstract: Value of company is maximizing insofar as can be identified and harmonized conflicts of interest between social partners of the firm, particularly between shareholders and managers. Harmonization of these interests is ensured by the corporate governance system. Accounting is the economical information system most appropriate for the governance needs. Under the current conditions, information is relevant not only by accuracy, but especially by its obtaining speed, since information achieved after the time it is needed, is not important anymore. This paper aims to show which are the main ways of accounting modernization to meet the demands of an effective governance, in the current business environment pp. 96-101 Downloads
Mihaela Ungureanu
The impact on landscape generated by works of improving the navigation conditions on Danube between Calarasi – Braila pp. 102-109 Downloads
Petronela-Sonia Nedea, Emilia Pascu and Oana Milea
Educating and informing the consumer in order to fight counterfeiting pp. 110-116 Downloads
Emilia Pascu, Oana Milea and Petronela-Sonia
Tourism satellite account - statistical method for determining the economic impact of tourism pp. 117-124 Downloads
Oana Milea, Petronela - Sonia Nedea and Emilia Pascu
Steps to be followed for egovernment implementation pp. 125-133 Downloads
Bogdan Calin Velicu, Maria-Cristiana Munthiu, Mihaela Tuta and Iulia-Adina Zara
The relationship between government and business r&d expenditure in the European Union pp. 134-141 Downloads
Nicolae Bacila
Fertility and its determinants in Romania after 1995 pp. 142-149 Downloads
Danut Jemna and Elena Cigu
E-readiness of Romanian SMEs pp. 150-155 Downloads
Florin Martin, Marian Pompiliu Cristescu, Laurentiu Ciovica and Liviu Ciovica
Durable development of tourism and its impact on the environment pp. 156-160 Downloads
Monica Ogarlaci and Elena Tonea
A new dimension included in teaching educational sciences: healthy eating behavior pp. 161-168 Downloads
Mona Vintila
The recessing development pp. 169-173 Downloads
Marina Luminita Sarbovan
Is there trust or not? pp. 174-178 Downloads
Marina Luminita Sarbovan
The process of europeanisation reviewed: the implication of the court of justice of the European Union pp. 179-184 Downloads
Carolina Smochina and Tatiana Cernei
Multiagent Learning within a collaborative environment pp. 185-188 Downloads
Ofelia Stanciu, Adrian Cojocariu and Ljubica Kazi
Fiscal shocks and the reaction of automatic stabilizers pp. 189-196 Downloads
Emilia Mioara Campeanu and Elena Padurean
Economical development and environment protection relationship pp. 197-201 Downloads
Constantin Popescu
The role of business ethics as academic discipline pp. 202-207 Downloads
Christina Mitariu
The role of advisory committees in the system of the corporate governance. Case study on listed companies in Romania pp. 208-214 Downloads
Berheci Maria Grosu
Translation and transfer of the European economic reality pp. 215-222 Downloads
Tania Petcovici and Raluca Ciortea
Economic operators' security through harmonization between national and European law - the first directive pp. 223-229 Downloads
Anca Popescu-Cruceru, Eugenia Gabriela Leuciuc and Viorel Banulescu
Economic efficiency of investments pp. 230-233 Downloads
Simona Cristina Costea
The constitution, organization and operation of non-profit organizations pp. 234-238 Downloads
Franca Dumitru and Maria Moraru
Financial statements for legal persons without patrimonial purpose pp. 239-244 Downloads
Franca Dumitru and Maria Moraru
Sources of financing european smes and new supporting EU policies: evidence from the new EU member states pp. 245-252 Downloads
Angela Roman
Provisions accountancy for pensions and similar liabilities pp. 253-258 Downloads
Mihaela Cosmina Petre
Reducing employee's unmotivation in the time of crisis pp. 259-265 Downloads
Silvia Medinschi and Adela Suzana Artene
The importance of materiality in audit pp. 266-272 Downloads
Maria Moraru and Franca Dumitru
The role of internal audit within public entities pp. 273-277 Downloads
Maria Moraru and Franca Dumitru
Corporate governance of banks – present and perspectives pp. 278-286 Downloads
Clara-Iulia Zinca
The pitfalls of the promotional language pp. 287-294 Downloads
Christina Moldoveanu-Barbu
Is the Romanian financial market prepared to support pension system reform? pp. 295-299 Downloads
Laura Raisa Milos
Financial reports users perspective on the accounting information necessary for valuing enterprises pp. 300-303 Downloads
Marius Cristian Milos
The old age population in the European Union pp. 304-309 Downloads
Marius Cristian Milos
Net migration and natural change main factors for decreasing population pp. 310-313 Downloads
Marius Cristian Milos
Certain notes concerning the needs pyramid in knowledge society pp. 314-322 Downloads
Alexandru Jivan
Current trends of financial reporting in the European Union pp. 323-329 Downloads
Lucian Ioan Sabau
Taxes on consumption in some European Union countries pp. 330-335 Downloads
Corina Serban and Mihaela Patrasc
The impact of the informational market on accounting result and the way of presenting it pp. 336-341 Downloads
Alina – Mariana Istrate and Ana – Maria Pascu
Empirical study on the degree of homogeneity of financial reporting concerning intangible assets pp. 342-349 Downloads
Cristina-Ionela Fadur, Daniela Ciotina and Marilena Mironiuc
International harmonization of accounting standards for multinational entities pp. 350-356 Downloads
Aura Emanuela Domil, Alin Emanuel Artene and Codruta Daniela Pavel
Taxes applying to capital investment acquisition pp. 357-361 Downloads
Aura Emanuela Domil and Alin Emanuel Artene
Reference models of endogenous economic growth pp. 362-367 Downloads
Marinela Geamanu
Romania and the European Union budget, the integration costs and benefits pp. 368-372 Downloads
Ionela Popa, Dorina Luta and Diana Codreanu
Survival estimation: the Kaplan–Meier method applied in endoprosthetics pp. 373-375 Downloads
Emanuela-Alisa Nica
The impact of human resource management practices on SMEs performance in Romania pp. 376-383 Downloads
Ana-Maria Bercu
The impact of the crisis on the financial performance (results) of Romanian insurance companies pp. 384-391 Downloads
Cristina Mihaela Nagy, Bogdan Cotlet, Dumitru Cotlet and Marina Uher
The ability of Romanian insurers to cover technical reserves under present conditions pp. 392-399 Downloads
Cristina Mihaela Nagy, Bogdan Cotlet, Dumitru Cotlet and Marina Uher
The necessity for accounting regulations generally accepted at international level pp. 400-405 Downloads
Bogdan Cotlet, Cristina Mihaela Nagy, Ovidiu Megan and Dumitru Cotlet
Creative techniques for modeling performance reported in financial statements pp. 406-410 Downloads
Bogdan Cotlet, Cristina Mihaela Nagy, Ovidiu Megan and Dumitru Cotlet
The Internet’s impact on the Romanian insurance industry pp. 411-415 Downloads
Cristina Mihaela Nagy and Ramona Vasilescu
Merger of commercial companiesin the conditions of the financial crisis pp. 416-419 Downloads
Marina Uher, Cristina Mihaela Nagy, Bogdan Cotlet and Dumitru Cotlet
Judicial reorganization – solution for crisis periods pp. 420-424 Downloads
Marina Uher and Cristina Mihaela Nagy
City, sustainable development engine pp. 425-430 Downloads
Camelia Marin, Isabella Sima, Alina Voiculet and Mihaela Ruxanda
Methods used by banks when taking medium term and long term financing decisions pp. 431-439 Downloads
Delia David and Luminita Paiusan
The role of the Europe 2020 strategy concerning economic growth in health pp. 440-445 Downloads
Mihaela Simona Dogan
Implementing IFRS in the banking system pp. 446-450 Downloads
Gabriela Lazar and Gabriela Sandu
Proposed solutions for combating human capital erosion in Romania pp. 451-454 Downloads
Adela Suzana Artene and Silvia Medinschi
Community environmental programs in the context of sustainable development pp. 455-459 Downloads
Ana-Maria Teodorescu
Marketing consultancy in agrotourism along the Romanian web sites pp. 460-462 Downloads
Constantin Negrut, Ramona Violeta Vasilescu and Simona Cata
Territorial support of macroeconomic processes and national priorities pp. 463-469 Downloads
Adriana Tegledi
Financial performance and e-governance indicators in local public administration pp. 470-474 Downloads
Rodica Gabriela Blidisel
Ethics or creative in professional accountants work? pp. 475-478 Downloads
Ana-Maria Marculescu and Octavian-Florin Dondera
Realities regarding the student perception of the education and development entrepreneurial spirit needs in the context of the actual economy. Study case pp. 479-486 Downloads
Denisa Abrudan and Catalin Martin
Considerations on the impact of ICTS on the location and structure of two business services companies pp. 487-495 Downloads
Andrei Schwartz and Janeta Weisz
The role of innovation in increasing efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises pp. 496-504 Downloads
Janeta Weisz and Andrei Schwartz
On forecasting stock options volatility: evidence from London international financial futures and options exchange pp. 505-511 Downloads
Mircea Asandului
The relationship between performance and knowledge management in Romanian SMEs pp. 512-517 Downloads
Ionela Carmen Pirnea and Elena Alexandra Caldararu
Stocks evaluation in Romanian and international financial accounting pp. 518-523 Downloads
Dorel Mates and Laura–Adriana COJOCARU (alionescu)
Advertising communication and gender stereotypes pp. 524-528 Downloads
Dalia Petcu, Sorin Suciu, Vasile Gherhes and Ciprian Obrad
The EBRD co-financing by loan syndications pp. 529-532 Downloads
Antoneta Simen
Communication strategies in business promotions pp. 533-536 Downloads
Dalia Petcu, Vasile Gherhes, Sorin Suciu and Ioan David
Several issues affecting sustainability of healthcare financing in Romania pp. 537-544 Downloads
Andreea-Oana Iacobuta
Banking performances in the context of the international financial crisis pp. 545-548 Downloads
Daniela Harangus
Risk management and prevention of fraud in card transactions pp. 549-554 Downloads
Codruta Pavel, Carmen Imbrescu, Aura Domil and Ciprian Pavel
The control activity exercised by permanent control compartiments in credit institutions pp. 555-558 Downloads
Codruta Pavel, Gianina Violeta Dragota and Ciprian Pavel
The impact of modern forms of retail commerce on consumer’s behavior pp. 559-563 Downloads
Ciprian Pavel
The legal and financial consequences of the irregular practices concerning the remuneration in the institutions financed from the local budgets, revealed by the external public audit pp. 564-569 Downloads
Ionel Bostan
The direct or indirect access of agricultural producers in Timis county on the urban market in Timisoara pp. 570-573 Downloads
Raoul Sabin Gordean
Most common mistakes in English as a second language pp. 574-576 Downloads
Manuela Florentina Gordean
Financial accounting systems - ratio between accounting organisation system and informatic approach pp. 577-581 Downloads
Diana-Elena Codreanu, Ionela Popa, Cristina Tenovici and Denisa Parpandel
Leading change in the public arena pp. 582-588 Downloads
Andreea Bahnareanu
Attempts to codify the rules of private and public property of the state and of the territorial-administrative units pp. 589-592 Downloads
Ionel Bostan
The refinement of the institutional framework concerning the assesment, promotion and professional training of the public manager pp. 593-600 Downloads
Alunica Morariu
Methods and techniques regarding the audit of financial standing pp. 601-607 Downloads
Maria Madalina Salomia
The role of accounting information in the economic entity pp. 608-612 Downloads
Maria-Mihaela Dinca, Nicolae Virag and Bogdan Cotlet
Techniques and procedures for mobilization of the local resources with the help of state treasury pp. 613-616 Downloads
Dumitru Popovici and Daniela Marioara Popovici
An analysis of vital statistics and death causes evolution in Romania in 1990-2010 period pp. 617-624 Downloads
Marian Zaharia and Aniela Balacescu
Institutional environment – basic requirement of economic competitiveness pp. 625-628 Downloads
Adrian Tanase, Florin Frant and Diana Tanase
ITC implementation in Romanian local public entities pp. 629-636 Downloads
Rodica Gabriela Blidisel
Creative accounting and fiscal fraud pp. 637-642 Downloads
Carmen Mihaela Imbrescu and Camelia Hategan
Civil responsibility in audit. an objective necessity of economic reality pp. 643-648 Downloads
Ana-Maria Pascu and Alina-Mariana Istrate
Considerations regarding the effect of applying the contraventional fines to the administrative-territorial units pp. 649-654 Downloads
Florin Cornel Popovici and Florin Popovici
Promoting throught the internet with social-media networking pp. 655-660 Downloads
Buzila Nicoleta
Teaching Italian as a foreign language: the educational use of economic texts pp. 661-665 Downloads
Mirela Boncea and Silvia Madincea Pascu
The relevance of keynes in the context of actual financial collapse pp. 666-669 Downloads
Viorica Stan
The influence of air humidity on the environment in the area of Slatina city pp. 670-674 Downloads
Dana Maria Constantin (Oprea, Martinescu)
IFRS roadmap or “all road lead to… convergence?” pp. 675-681 Downloads
Diana Dumitrescu and Nicolae Bobitan
Macroeconomic stability - important factor of economic competitiveness pp. 682-685 Downloads
Diana Tanase, Adrian Tanase and Florin Frant
Considerations concerning the role of the marketing specialist in the tourism organization pp. 686-689 Downloads
Claudia-Nicoleta Dobrescu and Mirela Costencu
Normative premises and approaches for flexibilizing the access in the category of senior civil servants pp. 690-695 Downloads
Alunica Morariu
The process of monitoring and controlling with reference to the banking activity pp. 696-702 Downloads
Laura Ramona Raducan
The presentation of the capital in financial statements. The concept of maintaining capital pp. 703-706 Downloads
Annee-Marie Grecea
Implementing environmental balance sheet within European private companies pp. 707-710 Downloads
Alin Emanuel Artene, Aura Emanuela Domil, Ionel Bostan and Costica Roman
Tax evasion in Romania and some methods to prevent and combat it pp. 711-714 Downloads
Mihaela-Iuliana Patrasc and Corina Serban
Environmental management accounting and the opportunity cost of environment management systems pp. 715-718 Downloads
Alin Emanuel Artene, Aura Emanuela Domil and Craciun Sabau
The effects of the financial and economic crisis on FDI pp. 719-723 Downloads
Violeta Gianina Dragota
Sustenability from the mankind - nature entropic exchange perspective pp. 724-729 Downloads
Angelica-Nicoleta Onea and Maria Tatarusanu
The evolution of the regional disparities of foreign direct investments in Romania influenced by the integration in the European Union and the economic crisis pp. 730-736 Downloads
Raluca Georgiana Popescu, Denisia Vintila and Raluca Erdinc
Innovative cluster – a conceptual analyse pp. 737-742 Downloads
Dana Codruta Duda-Daianu
Considerations regarding the factors that influence the performance of cluster pp. 743-748 Downloads
Dana Codruta Duda-Daianu and Daniela Harangus
Strategy "Europe 2020" - an analysis of proposed objectives pp. 749-754 Downloads
Daniela Harangus and Dana Codruta Duda-Daianu
The regional location of foreign direct investments: a review of the evidence pp. 755-762 Downloads
Raluca Georgiana Popescu
National and transnational in the context of the knowledge-based society pp. 763-766 Downloads
Alina Voiculet, Nicoleta Belu, Denisa – Elena Parpandel and Diana Codreanu
Creative accounting – tangible assets and amortization pp. 767-774 Downloads
Csongor Csősz, Partenie Dumbrava and Albert Márton
Fiscal policy and the optimal gdp under a budget constrain condition pp. 775-782 Downloads
Alin Opreana and Diana Mihaiu Cindea
Business communication and Italian commercial correspondence pp. 783-787 Downloads
Silvia MADINCEA Pascu and Sorin Daniel
Using analytics for understanding the consumer online pp. 788-793 Downloads
Iulia-Adina Zara, Bogdan Calin Velicu, Maria-Cristiana Munthiu and Mihaela Tuta
Economic indicators of quality of life pp. 794-799 Downloads
Carmen Mariana Codreanu
Innovation in the EU context pp. 800-805 Downloads
Alin Daniel Munteanu
Development of electronic commerce in Europe pp. 806-810 Downloads
Alin Daniel Munteanu
IFRS adoption around the world - a brief literature review pp. 811-818 Downloads
Alina Rusu
Accounting a consultant in the management process pp. 819-822 Downloads
Nicolae Virag, Gheorghe Claudiu Feies, Maria-Mihaela Dinca and Dorel Mates
Building mathematical models in dynamic programming pp. 823-828 Downloads
Liana Pater
Teaching legal english as a second language pp. 829-833 Downloads
Elena Codruta Badea
The credibility of the exchange rate after the failure of the European monetary system and in the context of the current crisis pp. 834-842 Downloads
Isabella - Cristiana Sima, Camelia - Aurelia Marin, Mihaela Ruxanda and Elena Nisipeanu
Social media and political unrest pp. 843-847 Downloads
Sorin Suciu and Dalia Petcu
The management of financial crises in companies pp. 848-851 Downloads
Elena Doina Lepadat
The strategic planning process at administrative-territorial level from the West region based on the regional development plan 2007-2013 West region pp. 852-859 Downloads
Nicolae-Eugen Munteanu and Ana-Maria Popescu Stingaciu
Strategic cost management - the main instrument of competitive advantage in the current economic environment pp. 860-866 Downloads
Corina Miculescu and Marius Miculescu
Economical efficiency of the Oenothera Biennis l. cultivation in the biological system pp. 867-870 Downloads
Adina Horablaga and Nicolae Marinel Horablaga
Analyze the efficiency of keyword search algorithms pp. 871-878 Downloads
Daniela Enachescu and Andreea Radulescu
Dimensions of the research on capital structure and firm performance pp. 879-886 Downloads
Mihaela Brindusa Tudose
EU fiscal consolidation strategies in times of crisis – comparative approaches pp. 887-894 Downloads
Irina Bilan and Florin Oprea
Growth economic models and their implications to financial policy during transition. A theoretical approach pp. 895-902 Downloads
Bogdan Firtescu
Local sustainable development – implications for local public finances pp. 903-910 Downloads
Florin Oprea and Elena Cigu
Financial side analysis of local autonomy in Romania pp. 911-918 Downloads
Cristinel Ichim
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