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Volume 111, issue 4, 1996

A Walrasian Theory of Money and Barter pp. 955-1005 Downloads
Abhijit V Banerjee and Eric Maskin
Learning and Wage Dynamics pp. 1007-47 Downloads
Henry S Farber and Robert Gibbons
Redlining in Boston: Do Mortgage Lenders Discriminate against Neighborhoods? pp. 1049-79 Downloads
Geoffrey Tootell
Channels of Interstate Risk Sharing: United States 1963-1990 pp. 1081-1110 Downloads
Pierfederico Asdrubali, Bent Sorensen and Oved Yosha
Speculative Investor Behavior and Learning pp. 1111-33 Downloads
Stephen Morris
Costly Arbitrage: Evidence from Closed-End Funds pp. 1135-51 Downloads
Jeffrey Pontiff
Preemptive R&D, Rent Dissipation, and the "Leverage Theory." pp. 1153-81 Downloads
Jay Choi
Monetary Policy Shifts and Long-Term Interest Rates pp. 1183-1209 Downloads
Jeffrey Fuhrer
Convergence to the Law of One Price without Trade Barriers or Currency Fluctuations pp. 1211-36 Downloads
David Parsley and Shang-Jin Wei
Tax Subsidies and Household Saving: Evidence from Canada pp. 1237-68 Downloads
Gary V Engelhardt

Volume 111, issue 3, 1996

The Finance-Growth Nexus: Evidence from Bank Branch Deregulation pp. 639-70 Downloads
Jith Jayaratne and Philip E Strahan
How Teachers' Unions Affect Education Production pp. 671-718 Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
Procyclical Productivity: Increasing Returns or Cyclical Utilization? pp. 719-51 Downloads
Susanto Basu
Options, the Value of Capital, and Investment pp. 753-77 Downloads
Andrew Abel, Avinash Dixit, Janice Eberly and Robert Pindyck
A Microfoundation for Social Increasing Returns in Human Capital Accumulation pp. 779-804 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu
On the Timing and Efficiency of Creative Destruction pp. 805-52 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Mohamad L Hammour
Nominal Wage Stickiness and Aggregate Supply in the Great Depression pp. 853-83 Downloads
Ben Bernanke and Kevin Carey
Demand Uncertainty, Inventories, and Resale Price Maintenance pp. 885-913 Downloads
Raymond Deneckere, Howard P Marvel and James Peck
Sex Discrimination in Restaurant Hiring: An Audit Study pp. 915-41 Downloads
David Neumark
A Further Augmentation of the Solow Model and the Empirics of Economic Growth for OECD Countries pp. 943-53 Downloads
Walter Nonneman and Patrick Vanhoudt

Volume 111, issue 2, 1996

An Analysis of Out-of-Wedlock Childbearing in the United States pp. 277-317 Downloads
George Akerlof, Janet Yellen and Michael Katz
The Effect of Prison Population Size on Crime Rates: Evidence from Prison Overcrowding Litigation pp. 319-51 Downloads
Steven Levitt
Do Doctors Practice Defensive Medicine? pp. 353-90 Downloads
Daniel Kessler and Mark McClellan
Does Public Insurance Crowd Out Private Insurance? pp. 391-430 Downloads
David Cutler and Jonathan Gruber
Health Insurance Eligibility, Utilization of Medical Care, and Child Health pp. 431-66 Downloads
Janet Currie and Jonathan Gruber
Teen Motherhood and Abortion Access pp. 467-506 Downloads
Thomas J Kane and Doug Staiger
Crime and Social Interactions pp. 507-48 Downloads
Edward Glaeser, Bruce Sacerdote and Jose Scheinkman
Integrating Behavioral Choice into Epidemiological Models of AIDS pp. 549-73 Downloads
Michael Kremer
Immigration and the Welfare State: Immigrant Participation in Means-Tested Entitlement Programs pp. 575-604 Downloads
George Borjas and Lynette Hilton
Labor Supply Response to the Earned Income Tax Credit pp. 605-37 Downloads
Nada Eissa and Jeffrey Liebman

Volume 111, issue 1, 1996

Choosing the Wrong Pond: Social Comparisons in Negotiations That Reflect a Self-Serving Bias pp. 1-19 Downloads
Linda Babcock, Xianghong Wang and George Lowenstein
Why Are Professional Forecasters Biased? Agency versus Behavioral Explanations pp. 21-40 Downloads
Tilman Ehrbeck and Robert Waldmann
Income Inequality and Choice of Free Trade in a Model of Intraindustry Trade pp. 41-64 Downloads
Ronald Fischer and Pablo Serra
A Model of Political Competition with Citizen-Candidates pp. 65-96 Downloads
Martin Osborne and Al Slivinski
Do Public Schools Hire the Best Applicants? pp. 97-133 Downloads
Dale Ballou
Income Distribution, Communities, and the Quality of Public Education pp. 135-64 Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Richard Rogerson
Loss-Avoidance and Forward Induction in Experimental Coordination Games pp. 165-94 Downloads
Gerard P Cachon and Colin Camerer
The Creation and Capture of Rents: Wages and Innovation in a Panel of U.K. Companies pp. 195-226 Downloads
John van Reenen
Wages, Profits, and Rent-Sharing pp. 227-51 Downloads
David Blanchflower, Andrew Oswald and Peter Sanfey
Search with Learning and Price Adjustment Dynamics pp. 253-68
Arthur Fishman
Is Fixed Investment the Key to Economic Growth pp. 269-76 Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom, Robert Lipsey and Mario Zejan

Volume 110, issue 4, 1995

Globalization and the Inequality of Nations pp. 857-80 Downloads
Paul Krugman and Anthony Venables
Expansion of Markets and the Geographic Distribution of Economic Activities: The Tends in U.S. Regional Manufacturing Structure, 1860-1987 pp. 881-908 Downloads
Sukkoo Kim
The Medicaid Notch, Labor Supply, and Welfare Participation: Evidence from Eligibility Expansions pp. 909-39 Downloads
Aaron Yelowitz
Finishing High School and Starting College: Do Catholic Schools Make a Difference? pp. 941-74 Downloads
William Evans and Robert M Schwab
Some Empirical Evidence on the Effects of Shocks to Monetary Policy on Exchange Rates pp. 975-1009 Downloads
Martin Eichenbaum and Charles Evans
Financial Systems in Northern Thai Villages pp. 1011-46 Downloads
Robert Townsend
What Determines the Value of Corporate Votes? pp. 1047-73 Downloads
Luigi Zingales
Foreign Competition, Market Power, and Wage Inequality pp. 1075-1110 Downloads
George Borjas and Valerie Ramey
How Do We Know That Real Wages Are Too High? pp. 1111-25 Downloads
Alan Manning
Growth Empirics: A Panel Data Approach pp. 1127-70 Downloads
Nazrul Islam
Corrigendum [A Contribution to the Theory of Business Cycles] pp. 1171
Duncan Foley

Volume 110, issue 3, 1995

Social Mobility and Redistributive Politics pp. 551-84 Downloads
Thomas Piketty
Ambiguity Aversion and Comparative Ignorance pp. 585-603 Downloads
Craig Fox and Amos Tversky
Case-Based Decision Theory pp. 605-39 Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa and David Schmeidler
The Tyranny of Numbers: Confronting the Statistical Realities of the East Asian Growth Experience pp. 641-80 Downloads
Alwyn Young
Corruption and Growth pp. 681-712 Downloads
Paolo Mauro
Did Workers Pay for the Passage of Workers' Compensation Laws? pp. 713-42 Downloads
Price Fishback and Shawn Kantor
Is the Behavior of Hours Worked Consistent with Implicit Contract Theory? pp. 743-68 Downloads
Paul Beaudry and John DiNardo
Does Electoral Accountability Affect Economic Policy Choices? Evidence from Gubernatorial Term Limits pp. 769-98 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Anne Case
Monopolistic Competition and International Trade: Reconsidering the Evidence pp. 799-836 Downloads
David Hummels and James Levinsohn
The Long Side of the Market and the Short End of the Stick: Bargaining Power and Price Formation in Buyers', Sellers', and Balanced Markets pp. 837-55 Downloads
Curtis Taylor

Volume 110, issue 2, 1995

Arm's Length Relationships pp. 275-95 Downloads
Jacques Crémer
Pensions and Retirement: Evidence from Union Army Veterans pp. 297-319 Downloads
Dora Costa
The Timing and Magnitude of Retail Store Markdowns: Evidence from Weekends and Holidays pp. 321-52 Downloads
Elizabeth J Warner and Robert Barsky
Economic Growth and the Environment pp. 353-77 Downloads
Gene Grossman and Alan Krueger
Prices and Trading Volume in the Housing Market: A Model with Down-Payment Effects pp. 379-406 Downloads
Jeremy Stein
The Effect of Credit Market Competition on Lending Relationships pp. 407-43 Downloads
Mitchell Petersen and Raghuram Rajan
A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Public Health Subsidies for STD Testing pp. 445-74 Downloads
Tomas Philipson and Richard Posner
The Effects of Tax-Based Saving Incentives on Government Revenue and National Saving pp. 475-94 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Time Series Tests of Endogenous Growth Models pp. 495-525 Downloads
Charles Jones
The High Unemployment Trap pp. 527-50 Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul

Volume 110, issue 1, 1995

Warm-Glow versus Cold-Prickle: The Effects of Positive and Negative Framing on Cooperation in Experiments pp. 1-21 Downloads
James Andreoni
Search at Wholesale Auto Auctions pp. 23-49 Downloads
David Genesove
The Effect of Arrests on the Employment and Earnings of Young Men pp. 51-71 Downloads
Jeffrey Grogger
Myopic Loss Aversion and the Equity Premium Puzzle pp. 73-92 Downloads
Shlomo Benartzi and Richard Thaler
Word-of-Mouth Communication and Social Learning pp. 93-125 Downloads
Glenn Ellison and Drew Fudenberg
Inflation Persistence pp. 127-59 Downloads
Jeffrey Fuhrer and George Moore
Relative-Price Changes as Aggregate Supply Shocks pp. 161-93 Downloads
Laurence Ball and N. Gregory Mankiw
Trade and Circuses: Explaining Urban Giants pp. 195-227 Downloads
Alberto F Ades and Edward Glaeser
Aggregate Price Indices, New Goods, and Generics pp. 229-44 Downloads
Franklin M Fisher and Zvi Griliches
Sticky Prices: New Evidence from Retail Catalogs pp. 245-74 Downloads
Anil Kashyap
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