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Volume 115, issue 4, 2000

The Razor'S Edge: Distortions And Incremental Reform In The People'S Republic Of China pp. 1091-1135 Downloads
Alwyn Young
Current Accounts In Debtor And Creditor Countries pp. 1137-1166 Downloads
Aart Kraay and Jaume Ventura
Why Did The West Extend The Franchise? Democracy, Inequality, And Growth In Historical Perspective pp. 1167-1199 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson
Creative Destruction And Firm Organization Choice pp. 1201-1237 Downloads
David Thesmar and Mathias Thoenig
The Effects Of Class Size On Student Achievement: New Evidence From Population Variation pp. 1239-1285 Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
Power Couples: Changes In The Locational Choice Of The College Educated, 1940-1990 pp. 1287-1315 Downloads
Dora Costa and Matthew Kahn
Different Paths To Free Trade: The Gains From Regionalism pp. 1317-1341 Downloads
Caroline Freund
Hospital Ownership And Public Medical Spending pp. 1343-1373 Downloads
Mark Duggan
What Do We Know About Macroeconomics That Fisher And Wicksell Did Not? pp. 1375-1409 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
Walrasian Economics In Retrospect pp. 1411-1439 Downloads
Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis
The Contributions Of The Economics Of Information To Twentieth Century Economics pp. 1441-1478 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz

Volume 115, issue 3, 2000

Economics And Identity pp. 715-753 Downloads
George Akerlof and Rachel Kranton
An Economic Analysis Of A Drug-Selling Gang'S Finances pp. 755-789 Downloads
Steven Levitt and Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh
Pay Enough Or Don'T Pay At All pp. 791-810 Downloads
Uri Gneezy and Aldo Rustichini
Measuring Trust pp. 811-846 Downloads
Edward Glaeser, David Laibson, Jose Scheinkman and Christine L. Soutter
Participation In Heterogeneous Communities pp. 847-904 Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Eliana La Ferrara
Sect, Subsidy, And Sacrifice: An Economist'S View Of Ultra-Orthodox Jews pp. 905-953 Downloads
Eli Berman
"Beyond The Melting Pot": Cultural Transmission, Marriage, And The Evolution Of Ethnic And Religious Traits pp. 955-988 Downloads
Alberto Bisin and Thierry Verdier
Reputation Effects And The Limits Of Contracting: A Study Of The Indian Software Industry pp. 989-1017 Downloads
Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo
Network Effects And Welfare Cultures pp. 1019-1055 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand, Erzo Luttmer and Sendhil Mullainathan
Work Environment And Individual Background: Explaining Regional Shirking Differentials In A Large Italian Firm pp. 1057-1090 Downloads
Andrea Ichino and Giovanni Maggi

Volume 115, issue 2, 2000

Efficient Auctions pp. 341-388 Downloads
Partha Dasgupta and Eric Maskin
Land Reform, Poverty Reduction, And Growth: Evidence From India pp. 389-430 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Robin Burgess
Estimating The Labor Market Signaling Value Of The GED pp. 431-468 Downloads
John Tyler, Richard Murnane and John B. Willett
Ability-Biased Technological Transition, Wage Inequality, And Economic Growth pp. 469-497 Downloads
Oded Galor and Omer Moav
Electoral Competition Under The Threat Of Political Unrest pp. 499-531 Downloads
Matthew Ellman and Leonard Wantchekon
The Demand For Monitoring Technologies: The Case Of Trucking pp. 533-560 Downloads
Thomas N. Hubbard
In A World Without Borders: The Impact Of Taxes On Internet Commerce pp. 561-576 Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
Is Hospital Competition Socially Wasteful? pp. 577-615 Downloads
Daniel P. Kessler and Mark B. McClellan
Are Recessions Good For Your Health? pp. 617-650 Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
Substitution And Dropout Bias In Social Experiments: A Study Of An Influential Social Experiment pp. 651-694 Downloads
James Heckman, Neil Hohmann, Jeffrey Smith and Michael Khoo
Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivities Are Useful: A Comment On Kaplan And Zingales pp. 695-705 Downloads
Steven Fazzari, Robert Hubbard and Bruce Petersen
Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivities Are Not Valid Measures Of Financing Constraints pp. 707-712 Downloads
Steven Kaplan and Luigi Zingales

Volume 115, issue 1, 2000

What Marshall Didn'T Know: On The Twentieth Century'S Contributions To Economics pp. 1-44 Downloads
William Baumol
Causal Parameters And Policy Analysis In Economics: A Twentieth Century Retrospective pp. 45-97 Downloads
James Heckman
Economic Imperialism pp. 99-146 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Monetary Policy Rules And Macroeconomic Stability: Evidence And Some Theory pp. 147-180 Downloads
Richard Clarida, Jordi Gali and Mark Gertler
Rational Debate And One-Dimensional Conflict pp. 181-200 Downloads
David Spector
The Dynamics Of Reorganization In Matching Markets: A Laboratory Experiment Motivated By A Natural Experiment pp. 201-235 Downloads
John Kagel and Alvin Roth
Economic Profitability Versus Ecological Entropy pp. 237-263 Downloads
Martin Weitzman
The Nonneutrality Of Monetary Policy With Large Price Or Wage Setters pp. 265-284 Downloads
David Soskice and Torben Iversen
Resolving Indeterminacy In Dynamic Settings: The Role Of Shocks pp. 285-304 Downloads
David Frankel and Ady Pauzner
Policy Boards And Policy Smoothing pp. 305-339 Downloads
Christopher Waller

Volume 114, issue 4, 1999

Changing Inequality In Markets For Workplace Amenities pp. 1085-1123 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
Ramsey Meets Laibson In The Neoclassical Growth Model pp. 1125-1152 Downloads
Robert Barro
When Does Privatization Work? The Impact Of Private Ownership On Corporate Performance In The Transition Economies pp. 1153-1191 Downloads
Roman Frydman, Cheryl Gray, Marek Hessel and Andrzej Rapaczynski
The Benefits Of Privatization: Evidence From Mexico pp. 1193-1242 Downloads
Rafael La Porta and Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes
Public Goods And Ethnic Divisions pp. 1243-1284 Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Reza Baqir and William Easterly
Interfirm Relationships And Informal Credit In Vietnam pp. 1285-1320 Downloads
John McMillan and Christopher Woodruff
A Theory Of Wage And Promotion Dynamics Inside Firms pp. 1321-1358 Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Michael Waldman
Dualism And Macroeconomic Volatility pp. 1359-1397 Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Abhijit Banerjee and Thomas Piketty
Fiscal Policy In Good Times And Bad pp. 1399-1436 Downloads
Roberto Perotti
What Drives Deregulation? Economics And Politics Of The Relaxation Of Bank Branching Restrictions pp. 1437-1467 Downloads
Randall S. Kroszner and Philip E. Strahan

Volume 114, issue 3, 1999

Democracies Pay Higher Wages pp. 707-738 Downloads
Dani Rodrik
Zipf'S Law For Cities: An Explanation pp. 739-767 Downloads
Xavier Gabaix
Incentives For Procrastinators pp. 769-816 Downloads
Ted O'Donoghue and Matthew Rabin
A Theory Of Fairness, Competition, And Cooperation pp. 817-868 Downloads
Ernst Fehr and Klaus Schmidt
Coordinating Regime Switches pp. 869-905 Downloads
Christophe Chamley
The Impact Of Outsourcing And High-Technology Capital On Wages: Estimates For The United States, 1979-1990 pp. 907-940 Downloads
Robert Feenstra and Gordon Hanson
The Induced Innovation Hypothesis And Energy-Saving Technological Change pp. 941-975 Downloads
Richard Newell, Adam Jaffe and Robert Stavins
David S. Lee
Evidence On Growth, Increasing Returns, And The Extent Of The Market pp. 1025-1045 Downloads
Alberto F. Ades and Edward Glaeser
School Inputs And Educational Outcomes In South Africa pp. 1047-1084 Downloads
Anne Case and Angus Deaton

Volume 114, issue 2, 1999

Contracting With Externalities pp. 337-388 Downloads
Ilya Segal
Career Concerns Of Mutual Fund Managers pp. 389-432 Downloads
Judith Chevalier and Glenn Ellison
Consumption And Portfolio Decisions When Expected Returns Are Time Varying pp. 433-495 Downloads
John Campbell and Luis Viceira
Experimental Estimates Of Education Production Functions pp. 497-532 Downloads
Alan Krueger
Using Maimonides' Rule To Estimate The Effect Of Class Size On Scholastic Achievement pp. 533-575 Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Victor Lavy
Do Better Schools Matter? Parental Valuation Of Elementary Education pp. 577-599 Downloads
Sandra Black
Psychological Factors And Stock Option Exercise pp. 601-627 Downloads
Chip Heath, Steven Huddart and Mark Lang
Is Bank Supervision Central To Central Banking? pp. 629-653 Downloads
Joe Peek, Eric Rosengren and Geoffrey Tootell
State-Dependent Pricing And The General Equilibrium Dynamics Of Money And Output pp. 655-690 Downloads
Michael Dotsey, Robert King and Alexander Wolman
Pricing The Limits To Growth From Minerals Depletion pp. 691-706 Downloads
Martin Weitzman

Volume 114, issue 1, 1999

Social Norms And Economic Incentives In The Welfare State pp. 1-35 Downloads
Assar Lindbeck, Sten Nyberg and Jörgen Weibull
First Impressions Matter: A Model Of Confirmatory Bias pp. 37-82 Downloads
Joel L. Schrag
Why Do Some Countries Produce So Much More Output Per Worker Than Others? pp. 83-116 Downloads
Robert Hall and Charles Jones
Has Work-Sharing Worked In Germany? pp. 117-148 Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
The Forgotten Rationale For Policy Reform: The Productivity Of Investment Projects pp. 149-184 Downloads
Jonathan Isham and Daniel Kaufmann
Investment And Demand Uncertainty pp. 185-227 Downloads
Luigi Guiso and Giuseppe Parigi
The Aftermath Of Appreciations pp. 229-262 Downloads
Ilan Goldfajn and Rodrigo O. ValdŽs
Abortion Legalization And Child Living Circumstances: Who Is The ''Marginal Child''? pp. 263-291 Downloads
Jonathan Gruber, Phillip Levine and Doug Staiger
Rational Bias In Macroeconomic Forecasts pp. 293-318 Downloads
David Laster, Paul Bennett and In Sun Geoum
Avoiding Default: The Role Of Credit In The Consumption Collapse Of 1930 pp. 319-335 Downloads
Martha L. Olney
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