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Volume 57, issue 4, 1975

Publicly Owned Versus Privately Owned Utilities: A Policy Choice pp. 391-99 Downloads
Robert A Meyer
Life-Cycle Effects on Corporate Returns on Retentions pp. 400-409 Downloads
Henry G Grabowski and Dennis Mueller
Determinants of the Firm's Capital Structure pp. 410-16 Downloads
Allan J Taub
Advertising and Competitive Behaviour of Selected Australian Firms pp. 417-27 Downloads
M M Metwally
Technological Diffusion in the Canadian Tool and Die Industry pp. 428-34 Downloads
Steven Globerman
On the Prospects for American Trade Union Growth: A Cross-Section Analysis pp. 435-45 Downloads
William J Moore and Robert J Newman
The Effect of School Desegregation on Housing Prices pp. 446-51 Downloads
Charles Clotfelter
Education and the Managerial Efficiency of Farmers pp. 452-61 Downloads
George Fane
Male-Female Wage Differentials and the Impact of Equal Pay Legislation pp. 462-69 Downloads
Morley Gunderson
Development and Trade Dependence: The Case of Puerto Rico, 1948-1963 pp. 470-77 Downloads
Richard Weisskoff and Edward Wolff
An Analysis of United Kingdom Inflows and Outflows of Direct Foreign Investment pp. 478-86 Downloads
B D Boatwright and G A Renton
Factor Proportions, Linkages and the Open Developing Economy pp. 487-94 Downloads
James Riedel
A Taste-Dependent True Index of the Cost of Living pp. 495-501 Downloads
Louis Phlips and Ricardo Sanz-Ferrer
An Analysis of the Private and Commercial Demand for Gasoline pp. 502-07 Downloads
J B Ramsey, Robert Rasche and Bruce T Allen
The Demand for Space Heating Energy pp. 508-12 Downloads
Jon Nelson
Estimating Permanent Income from Observed Income and Consumption: Almost-Satisfactory Estimators pp. 513-16 Downloads
Philip Musgrove
The Balanced-Unbalanced Growth Controversy Revisited pp. 516-17 Downloads
Pan A Yotopoulos and Lawrence J Lau
Labor Force Participation in Goods and Services: 1958-1971 pp. 518-22 Downloads
Sanford Berg and Thomas R Dalton

Volume 57, issue 3, 1975

Technology, Prices, and the Derived Demand for Energy pp. 259-68 Downloads
Ernst R Berndt and David O Wood
Determinants of Household Migration: A Comparative Study by Race and Poverty Level pp. 269-74 Downloads
Richard L Kaluzny
Application of a Threshold Regression Model to Household Purchases of Automobiles pp. 275-85 Downloads
Marcel G Dagenais
On the Specification and Simulation of a Regional Econometric Model: A Model of Mississippi pp. 286-98 Downloads
F. Gerard Adams, Carl G Brooking and Norman J Glickman
How Reliable is Partial Equilibrium Analysis? pp. 299-310 Downloads
John Whalley
Interindustry and Interfirm Differences in the Rate of Diffusion of an Innovation pp. 311-19 Downloads
Anthony A Romeo
Cross Country Demand and Savings Patterns: An Application of the Extended Linear Expenditure System pp. 320-28 Downloads
Constantino Lluch and Ross Williams
Differential Net Migration Rates and the Quality of Life pp. 329-37 Downloads
Ben-chieh Liu
A Solution to Optimal Control of Linear Systems with Unknown Parameters pp. 338-45 Downloads
Gregory Chow
The Influence of the Quantity and Quality of Education on Black-White Earnings Differentials: Some New Evidence pp. 346-50 Downloads
Charles Link and Edward C Ratledge
Demand and Supply Functions for Stocks of Eurodollar Deposits: An Empirical Study: Comment pp. 350-53 Downloads
Ann-Marie Meulendyke
Demand and Supply Functions for Stocks of Eurodollar Deposits: Reply pp. 353-56 Downloads
John Makin
Estimates of Effective Rates of Protection for United States Industries in 1967: A Comment pp. 356-57 Downloads
Gary P Sampson
Cyclical and Secular Income Elasticities of the Demand for Imports pp. 357-61 Downloads
Mohsin Khan and Knud Z Ross
Development Patterns and Regional Imbalance in Brazil pp. 361-64 Downloads
Kenneth Jameson
Multicollinearity in Regression Analysis pp. 365-66 Downloads
Krishna Kumar
The Detection of Multicollinearity: A Comment pp. 366-68 Downloads
C Robert Wichers
Tests for the Severity of Multicollinearity in Regression Analysis: A Comment pp. 368-70 Downloads
John O'Hagan and Brendan McCabe
An Econometric Model of the U.S. Pork Economy pp. 370-75 Downloads
Dale Heien
Various Definitions of Direct and Indirect Requirements in Input-Output Analysis pp. 375-77 Downloads
Ashok Parikh
The Power of the Durbin-Watson and Geary Tests: Comment and Further Evidence pp. 377-79 Downloads
M J Harrison
Some Further Evidence on the Power of the Durbin-Watson and Geary Tests pp. 379-82 Downloads
Peter Schmidt and David K Guilkey
Double Deflation and the Value Added Product: Comment pp. 382-83 Downloads
Bent Hansen
Small Sample Tests for Serial Correlation in Models Containing Lagged Dependent Variables pp. 383-86 Downloads
James L Kenkel
The Small Sample Effects of Various Treatments of Truncation Remainders in the Estimation of Distributed Lag Models pp. 387-89 Downloads
Peter Schmidt

Volume 57, issue 2, 1975

The Impact of Buyer Concentration in Manufacturing Industries pp. 125-32 Downloads
Steven H Lustgarten
Scale Economies in Statistical Analyses of Market Power pp. 133-40 Downloads
Richard E Caves, J Khalilzadeh-Shirazi and M E Porter
The Stock of Consumer Durables, Inflation, and Personal Saving Decisions pp. 141-54 Downloads
Susan W Burch and Diane Werneke
The Age-Wealth Relationship: A Cross-Section and Cohort Analysis pp. 155-63 Downloads
A F Shorrocks
Financial Conditions and the Time Path of Equipment Expenditures pp. 164-70 Downloads
Roy Gardner and Russell Sheldon
Legal "Cobwebs": A Recursive Model of the Market for New Lawyers pp. 171-79 Downloads
Richard Freeman
Windfalls and Consumption under a Borrowing Constraint pp. 180-84 Downloads
Clark Wiseman
Economies of Scale in the Administration of Health Insurance pp. 185-89 Downloads
Roger D Blair, Jerry R Jackson and Ronald J Vogel
The Expectations Hypothesis and the Efficiency of the Treasury Bill Market pp. 190-99 Downloads
Michael J Hamburger and Elliott N Platt
Distortions in the Factor Market: An Empirical Investigation pp. 200-213 Downloads
Gunnar Floystad
The Linearity Property in the Consumption Function: Estimation, Tests and Some Related Results pp. 214-20 Downloads
Che S Tsao
The Structure and Behavior of Imports of Venezuela pp. 221-24 Downloads
Mohsin Khan
The Use of Operational Time to Correct for Sampling Interval Mis-specification pp. 225-30 Downloads
Peter Clark
A Closer Look at the Implications of the Stable Paretian Hypotheses pp. 231-35 Downloads
Edwin J Elton, Martin J Gruber and Paul R Kleindorfer
The Impact of Welfare Benefit Levels and Tax Rates on the Labor Supply of Poor Women: Note pp. 236-38 Downloads
Jack A Meyer
Deposit Variability and Commercial Bank Cash Holdings: Note pp. 238-41 Downloads
James R Barth and James T Bennett
Real Money Balances: An Omitted Variable from the Production Function? A Comment pp. 241-43 Downloads
Alberto Niccoli
Real Money Balances as a Variable in the Production Function: A Comment pp. 243-44 Downloads
Zmira Prais
Real Money Balances as a Factor of Production: A Comment pp. 244-46 Downloads
Mohsin Khan and Kouri, Pentti, J K
Money in the Production Function: An Interpretation of Empirical Results pp. 246-47 Downloads
Uri Ben-Zion and Vernon Ruttan
Real Money Balances: An Omitted Variable from the Production Function? A Reply pp. 247-52 Downloads
Allen Sinai and Houston Stokes
Interest Rate Seasonality and the Specification of Money Demand Functions: A Note pp. 252-55 Downloads
Raymond E Lombra and Herbert M Kaufman
A Modified Logit Model: A Note pp. 255-57 Downloads
Takeshi Amemiya and Frederick C Nold

Volume 57, issue 1, 1975

Seymour E. Harris, Editor of this Review pp. i
Otto Eckstein
Seymour Harris as Political Economist pp. ii-v
Paul Samuelson
Seymour Edwin Harris pp. vi-vii
John Kenneth Galbraith
Taxation of Income of Multinational Corporations: The Case of the United States Petroleum Industry pp. 1-11 Downloads
Glenn Jenkins and Brian Wright
Residential Demand for Electric Energy pp. 12-18 Downloads
Robert Halvorsen
Income and Urban Home Ownership pp. 19-26 Downloads
Raymond J Struyk and Sue A Marshall
The Pioneering Stage in Input-Output Economics: The Soviet National Economic Balance 1923-24, after Fifty Years pp. 27-34 Downloads
Nicolas Spulber and Kamran Moayed-Dadkhah
An Analysis of Changes in the Distribution of Employment between the Manufacturing and Service Industries 1960-1970 pp. 35-42 Downloads
B D Haig
The Impact of Poor Health on Earnings pp. 43-57 Downloads
Harold S Luft
The Distributed Impact of Price-Level Variation of Floating Exchange Rates pp. 58-64 Downloads
John S Hodgson and Patricia Phelps
Dividend Policy: Informational Content or Partial Adjustment? pp. 65-70 Downloads
James S Ang
The Positive Effect of Population Growth on Agricultural Saving in Irrigation Systems pp. 71-79 Downloads
Julian L Simon
Seasonal Variation in Interest Rates pp. 80-83 Downloads
James R Barth and James T Bennett
The Effect of Averaging Components on the Predictability of the Index of Consumer Sentiment pp. 84-91 Downloads
R William Thomas
An Alternative Econometric Approach to the Permanent Income Hypothesis, an International Comparison: Some Comments pp. 92-94 Downloads
Yngve Willassen
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Friedman Consumption Function pp. 94-100 Downloads
Balvir Singh
The Air Pollution and Property Value Debate pp. 100-104 Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
Air Pollution and Property Values: Further Comment pp. 105-07 Downloads
Kenneth Small
On the Selective Use of Spectral Analysis pp. 107-09 Downloads
John Percival
The Change in the U.S. Import Demand Function from the 1950's to the 1960's pp. 109-11 Downloads
James Joy and J D Stolen
The Measurement of Firm Size: Theory and Evidence for the United States and the United Kingdom pp. 111-14 Downloads
David J Smyth, William J Boyes and Dennis E Peseau
An Employment Pressure Index as an Alternative Measure of Labor Market Conditions pp. 115-21 Downloads
William E Cullison
A Model of Federal Home Loan Bank System and Federal National Mortgage Association Behavior-A Comment pp. 121-23 Downloads
Thomas F Morrissey
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