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Volume 71, issue 4, 1989

R&D Capital, Rate of Return on R&D Investment and Spillover of R&D in Japanese Manufacturing Industries pp. 555-64 Downloads
Akira Goto and Kazuyuki Suzuki
Evidence on the Determinants and Factor Content Characteristics of Japanese Technology Trade 1977-1981 pp. 565-71 Downloads
James E Vestal
Entry, Innovation and Productivity Growth pp. 572-78 Downloads
Paul Geroski
Alternative Models of Managerial Behavior: Empirical Tests for the Petroleum Industry pp. 579-85 Downloads
Badi Baltagi and James M Griffin
Profit Incentives and Technical Efficiency in the Production of Nursing Home Care pp. 586-94 Downloads
John Nyman and Dennis L Bricker
A Study of Economic Efficiency of Utah Dairy Farmers: A System Approach pp. 595-604 Downloads
Subal Kumbhakar, Basudeb Biswas and DeeVon Bailey
Bounded Price Variation and Rational Expectations in an Endogenous Switching Model of the U.S. Corn Market pp. 605-13 Downloads
Matthew Holt and Stanley R Johnson
Spatial Price Competition and the Demand for Freight Transportation pp. 614-25 Downloads
Fred S Inaba and Nancy E Wallace
A Regional Equilibrium Model of the United States: Tax Effects on Factor Movements and Regional Production pp. 626-35 Downloads
William Morgan, John Mutti and Mark Patridge
The Tendency towards Factor Price Equalization among OECD Countries pp. 636-42 Downloads
Manouchehr Mokhtari and Farhad Rassekh
Some New Evidence on the Timing of Consumption Decisions and on Their Generating Process pp. 643-50 Downloads
Luigi Ermini
Does Money Matter in Canada? Evidence from a Vector Error Correction Model pp. 651-58 Downloads
Steven Ambler
Estimation of Variances in the Grouped Heteroskedasticity Model pp. 659-65 Downloads
James K Binkley
Is Variety the Spice of Life? Implications for Calorie Intake pp. 666-72 Downloads
Jere Behrman and Anil Deolalikar
A Simultaneous Model of Cigarette Advertising: Effects on Demand and Industry Response to Public Policy pp. 673-77 Downloads
Barry J Seldon and Khosrow Doroodian
Inflation Uncertainty and Contract Duration pp. 677-81 Downloads
Susan Vroman
Testing the Rationality of Inflation Forecasts from Survey Data: Another Look at the SRC Expected Price Change Data pp. 682-86 Downloads
Robert Rich
Technology Production and Technology Purchase in Indian Industry: An Econometric Analysis pp. 689-92
Anil Deolalikar and Robert E Evenson
Socialist Structural Gaps: A Simultaneous Inference Analysis pp. 693-98 Downloads
Stephen G Grubaugh, Andrew J Stollar and G Rodney Thompson
On Exports and Productivity: A Causal Analysis pp. 699-703 Downloads
Robert Kunst and Dalia Marin
Exchange Rates and "Unfair Trade." pp. 704-07 Downloads
Robert Feinberg
Real Exchange Rate Volatility and U.S. Bilateral Trade: A VAR Approach pp. 708-12 Downloads
Faik Koray and William D Lastrapes
Bias and Stability of Multiplier Estimates pp. 718-21 Downloads
David Roland-Holst
Establishment Size Differentials in Internal Mobility pp. 721-24 Downloads
Todd Idson
Asymptotically Distribution-Free Statistical Inference for Generalized Lorenz Curves pp. 725-27 Downloads
John A Bishop, S Chakraborti and Paul D Thistle

Volume 71, issue 3, 1989

Estimating the Marginal Rate of Substitution in the Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model pp. 365-75 Downloads
Louis O Scott
Rational versus Adaptive Expectations in Present Value Models pp. 376-84 Downloads
Gregory Chow
The Evolution of Federal Reserve Credibility: 1978-1984 pp. 385-93 Downloads
Gikas Hardouvelis and Scott W Barnhart
Endogenous Output in an Aggregate Model of the Labor Market pp. 394-400 Downloads
Richard E Quandt and Harvey Rosen
Saving, Pension Contributions, and the Real Interest Rate pp. 401-07 Downloads
John Makin and Kenneth Couch
Consumption in Developing Countries: Tests for Liquidity Constraintsand Finite Horizons pp. 408-15 Downloads
Nadeem Haque and Peter Montiel
Political Loyalties and the Economy: The U.S. Case pp. 412-17
Gianluigi Galeotti and Antonio Forcina
Unobservables in Consumer Choice: Residential Energy and the Demand for Comfort pp. 416-25 Downloads
John Quigley and Daniel L Rubinfeld
An Integrated Test for Electoral Cycles in the U.S. Economy pp. 426-34 Downloads
Stephen E Haynes and Joe Stone
The Marginal Excess Burden of Different Capital Tax Instruments pp. 435-42 Downloads
Don Fullerton and Yolanda Kodrzycki Henderson
Identifying Productivity and Amenity Effects in Interurban Wage Differentials pp. 443-52 Downloads
Patricia E Beeson and Randall Eberts
The Agricultural Knowledge Production Function: An Empirical Look pp. 453-61 Downloads
Philip Pardey
Dynamic Oligopoly in the Rice Export Market pp. 462-70 Downloads
Larry Karp and Jeffrey Perloff
Off-Farm Work Decisions of Husbands and Wives: Joint Decision Making pp. 471-80 Downloads
Wallace Huffman and Mark D Lange
The Measurement of Horizontal Inequality pp. 481-90 Downloads
Daniel T Slesnick
The Pricing of Manufactured Goods during Trade Liberalization: Evidence from Chile, Israel, and Korea pp. 491-99 Downloads
Vittorio Corbo and Paul McNelis
The U.S. Budget Deficit and the Foreign Exchange Value of the Dollar pp. 500-505 Downloads
Michael Melvin, Don Schlagenhauf and Ayhan Talu
The Effects of Foreign Exchange Movements on U.S. Domestic Prices pp. 505-11 Downloads
Robert Feinberg
Are Estimated Tax Elasticities Really Just Tax Evasion Elasticities? The Case of Charitable Contributions pp. 517-22 Downloads
Joel Slemrod
Scale Related Efficiencies as a (Minor) pp. 523-26 Downloads
Robert F Allen and Allan Scott Hagin
The Duration of the Adjustment Process of Financial Ratios pp. 527-32 Downloads
Yoram C Peles and Meir Schneller
Welfare Savings from Employment and Training Programs for Welfare Recipients pp. 533-37
Jean Baldwin Grossman and Judith Roberts
Welfare Expenditures and the Decline of Unions pp. 538-42 Downloads
William J Moore, Robert J Newman and Loren C Scott
Why Construction Industry Productivity Is Declining: Comment pp. 543-46 Downloads
Paul Pieper
Why Construction Industry Productivity Is Declining: Reply pp. 547-48 Downloads
Steven Allen
Substitution between Production Labor and Other Imputs in Unionized and Nonunionized Manufacturing: Comment pp. 549-52 Downloads
Hua-Shan Chi
Devaluation and the J-Curve: Some Evidence for LDCs: Errata pp. 553-54 Downloads
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee

Volume 71, issue 2, 1989

Litigation and Settlement: An Empirical Approach pp. 189-95 Downloads
Gary Fournier and Thomas Zuehlke
Intertemporal Labor Supply and the Distribution of Family Income pp. 196-205 Downloads
Kathryn Shaw
The Taste for Bequests and Well-Being of Widows: A Model of Life Insurance Demand by Married Couples pp. 206-14 Downloads
John Fitzgerald
Employee Choice of Health Insurance pp. 215-23 Downloads
Randall Ellis
Regional Wage Differentials and the Spatial Convergence of Worker Characteristic Prices pp. 224-31 Downloads
Stephen C Farber and Robert J Newman
A Time Series Analysis of Labour Absence in Australia pp. 232-39 Downloads
Peter Kenyon and Peter Dawkins
Household Location and Race: Estimates of Multinomial Logit Model pp. 240-49 Downloads
Stuart Gabriel and Stuart Rosenthal
Dual Measures of Monopoly and Monopsony Power: An Application to Regulated Electric Utilities pp. 250-57 Downloads
Scott E Atkinson and Joe Kerkvliet
Can Small Firms Find and Defend Strategic Niches? A Test of the Porter Hypothesis pp. 258-62 Downloads
Ralph Bradburd and David R Ross
The Effects of Uncertainty and Adjustment Costs on Investment in the Almond Industry pp. 263-74 Downloads
Jeffrey Dorfman and Dale Heien
Tests of the Specification and Predictive Accuracy of Nonnested Models of Inflation pp. 275-83 Downloads
David J Stockton and Charles S Struckmeyer
Institutions of Higher Education as Multi-product Firms: Economies of Scale and Scope pp. 284-90 Downloads
Elchanan Cohn, Sherrie L W Rhine and Maria C Santos
The Price-Concentration Relationship in Banking pp. 291-99 Downloads
Allen Berger and Timothy Hannan
Testing the Rationality of State Revenue Forecasts pp. 300-308 Downloads
Feenberg, Daniel R, et al
Are Changes in Inflation Expectations Capitalized into Stock Prices? A Micro-firm Test for the Nominal Contracting Hypothesis pp. 309-17 Downloads
Yoon Dokko
Market Perceptions and Inventory-Price-Employment Plans pp. 318-24 Downloads
John A Carlson and William C Dunkelberg
The Informational Context of Ex Ante Forecasts pp. 325-31 Downloads
Ray Fair and Robert Shiller
The Internationalisation of Stock Markets and the Abolition of U.K. Exchange Control pp. 332-36 Downloads
Mark Taylor and Ian Tonks
An Empirical Examination of the Structural Stability of Disaggregated U.S. Import Demand pp. 337-41 Downloads
Timothy A Deyak, W. Charles Sawyer and Richard L Sprinkle
The Determinants of Escape Clause Petitions pp. 341-47 Downloads
Cletus Coughlin, Joseph Terza and Noor Aini Khalifah
The Effects of Salaries and Opportunity Costs on Duration in Teaching: Evidence from Michigan pp. 347-52 Downloads
Richard Murnane and Randall J Olsen
Experience as a Barrier to Contestability in Airline Markets pp. 352-56 Downloads
Samuel H Baker and James B Pratt
The Stochastic Behavior of Durable and Nondurable Consumption pp. 356-63 Downloads
Richard Startz

Volume 71, issue 1, 1989

The Capital Gains and Losses on U.S. Government Debt: 1942-1987 pp. 1-14 Downloads
William Michael Cox and Cara S Lown
Money, Deficit and Public Debt in the United States pp. 15-25 Downloads
Guido Tabellini and Vincenzo La Via
Wage Variability in the 1970s: Sectoral Shifts or Cyclical Sensitivi ty pp. 26-36 Downloads
Kathryn Shaw
The Youth Labor Market in the Eighties: Determinants of Re-employment Probabilities for Young Men and Women pp. 37-45 Downloads
Lisa Lynch
Work and Health after Retirement: A Competing Risks Model with Semiparametric Unobserved Heterogeneity pp. 46-53 Downloads
J S Butler, Kathryn Anderson and Richard Burkhauser
Women's Labor Market Reactions to Family Disruptions pp. 54-61 Downloads
Donald Haurin
Consumption Patterns and Self-selecting Tariffs pp. 62-73 Downloads
Kenneth Train, Moshe Ben-Akiva and Terry Atherton
Administrative Control, Buyer Concentration, and Price-Cost Margins pp. 74-79 Downloads
Craig M Newmark
Contracting and Price Adjustment in Commodity Markets: Evidence from Copper and Oil pp. 80-89 Downloads
Robert Hubbard and Robert J Weiner
Multilateral Productivity Comparisons When Some Outputs Are Undesirable: A Nonparametric Approach pp. 90-98 Downloads
Fare, Rolf, et al
How Fragile Are Fragile Inferences? A Re-evaluation of the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment pp. 99-106 Downloads
Michael McAleer and Michael Veall
Factor Components, Population Subgroups and the Computation of the Gini Index of Inequality pp. 107-15 Downloads
Jacques Silber
Specific Egalitarianism and Total Welfare Inequality: A Decompositional Analysis pp. 116-27 Downloads
Daniel T Slesnick
An Empirical Analysis of Moral Hazard and Experience Rating pp. 128-34 Downloads
Marcel Boyer and Georges Dionne
Testing for Structural Change in Panel Data: Application to a Study of U.S. Foreign Trade in Manufacturing Goods pp. 135-42 Downloads
Aaron K Han and Daekeun Park
The Generalized Gravity Equation, Monopolistic Competition, and the Factor-Proportions Theory in International Trade pp. 143-53 Downloads
Jeffrey Bergstrand
Efficient Estimation of the Costs of Rent Controls pp. 154-59 Downloads
Steven B Caudill, Richard W Ault and Richard Saba
The Work Disincentive Effect of Extended Unemployment Compensation: Recent Evidence pp. 159-64 Downloads
Jean Baldwin Grossman
Welfare Measurement with Expenditure-Constrained Demand Models pp. 164-67 Downloads
Robert Mendelsohn and George Peterson
Social Security Wealth Accumulation: Further Microeconomic Evidence pp. 167-71 Downloads
Ian E Novos
Biases in the Estimation of Intergenerational Earnings Correlations pp. 172-74 Downloads
Gary Solon
Japanese Trade Elasticities and the J-Curve pp. 175-79 Downloads
Marcus Noland
A Political-Economic Model of U.S. Bilateral Trade pp. 179-82 Downloads
Rebecca Summary
The Injury Determination Category and the Value of Relief from Dumping pp. 183-86 Downloads
James C Hartigan, Sreenivas Kamma and Philip R Perry
Weighted Least Squares Estimation from Grouped Observations pp. 187-88 Downloads
Ronald Bewley
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