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Volume 74, issue 4, 1992

The Intertemporal Elasticity of Substitution in Consumption in the United States and the United Kingdom pp. 573-84 Downloads
Kerry D Patterson and Bahram Pesaran
Aggregate Consumption and Saving in the Postwar United States pp. 585-97 Downloads
Daniel T Slesnick
Survey Expectations in the Time Series Consumption Function pp. 598-606 Downloads
Roy Batchelor and Pami Dua
Does Consumption Take a Random Walk? Some Evidence from Macroeconomic Forecasting Data pp. 607-14 Downloads
Albert Jaeger
The Effect of the Medicaid Program on Welfare Participation and Labor Supply pp. 615-26 Downloads
Robert Moffitt and Barbara Wolfe
Hospital Costs and Competition for Services: A Multiproduct Analysis pp. 627-34 Downloads
Gary Fournier and Jean M Mitchell
Child Care Subsidies, Quality of Care, and the Labor Supply of Low-Income, Single Mothers pp. 635-42 Downloads
Mark Berger and Dan Black
Sources of the Financing Hierarchy for Business Investment pp. 643-54 Downloads
Stephen Oliner and Glenn Rudebusch
Is the Market Well Defined in Bank Merger and Acquisition Analysis? pp. 655-61 Downloads
Jackson, William E,
Duopoly Behavior in Asymmetric Markets: An Experimental Evaluation pp. 662-70 Downloads
Charles Mason, Owen R Phillips and Clifford Nowell
Value Event Studies pp. 671-77 Downloads
Michael Salinger
Is the Export-Led.Growth Hypothesis Valid for Industrialized Countries? pp. 678-88 Downloads
Dalia Marin
Technology Expenditures, Factor Intensity, and Efficiency in Indian Manufacturing pp. 689-700 Downloads
Michael J Ferrantino
Effective Rates of Protection When Domestic and Foreign Goods Are Imperfect Substitutes: The Case of Thailand pp. 701-11 Downloads
Shantayanan Devarajan and Chalongphob Sussangkarn
The Distributional Shape of Unemployment Duration: A Reconsideration pp. 712-17 Downloads
Paul Swaim and Michael Podgursky
The Distributional Shape of Unemployment Duration: A Reply pp. 717-21 Downloads
John Addison and Pedro Portugal
Labor Supply and Investment in Child Quality: A Study of Jewish and Non-Jewish Women: A Comment pp. 721-25 Downloads
Byron Spencer
Labor Supply and Investment in Child Quality: A Study of Jewish and Non-Jewish Women: A Reply pp. 726-27 Downloads
Barry Chiswick
On Cointegration and Tests of Forward Market Unbiasedness pp. 728-32 Downloads
P. Dean Corbae, Kian-Guan Lim and Sam Ouliaris
A General Model of Dynamic Labor Demand pp. 733-37 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
The Effects of Inside and Outside Money on Industrial Production across Spectral Frequency Bands pp. 737-41 Downloads
Mark Thoma

Volume 74, issue 3, 1992

Unraveling the Productivity Growth Slowdown in the United States, Canada and Japan: The Effects of Subequilibrium, Scale Economies and Markups pp. 381-93 Downloads
Catherine Morrison Paul
Department of Defense Profit Policy and Capital Investment in the Military Aircraft Industry pp. 394-403 Downloads
Thomas P Frazier, Matthew S Goldberg and Gulledge, Thomas R,
An Analysis of the Probability of Default on Federally Guaranteed Student Loans pp. 404-11 Downloads
Laura Greene Knapp and Terry G Seaks
Political Institutions and Pollution Control pp. 412-21 Downloads
Roger Congleton
Costs of Adjustment, the Aggregation Problem and Investment pp. 422-29 Downloads
Stephen Gordon
Profit Maximization, Returns to Scale, and Measurement Error pp. 430-38 Downloads
Hongil Lim and C. Shumway
The Internal Distribution of Union Rents: An Empirical Test of the Voting Power Model pp. 439-45 Downloads
Donald Parsons
Estimating the Employment Effects of Wage Discrimination pp. 446-55 Downloads
Marjorie Baldwin and William G Johnson
Patterns of Intergenerational Mobility in Income and Earnings pp. 456-66 Downloads
Elizabeth Peters
The Intergenerational Transfer of Welfare Dependency: Some Statistical Evidence pp. 467-73 Downloads
John J Antel
Maternal Labor Supply and Children's Cognitive Development pp. 474-81 Downloads
Francine Blau and Adam Grossberg
Job Search and Immigrant Assimilation: An Earnings Frontier Approach pp. 482-92 Downloads
Daneshvary, Nasser, et al
Dispute Resolution in Workers' Compensation pp. 493-502 Downloads
Leslie Boden
Search, Hedonic Prices and Housing Demand pp. 503-08 Downloads
Sunwoong Kim
Who Deters Entry? Evidence on the Use of Strategic Entry Deterrents pp. 509-21 Downloads
David S Bunch and Robert Smiley
Is Public Spending Determined by Voter Choice of Fiscal Capacity? pp. 522-29 Downloads
Leonard Dudley and Claude Montmarquette
Sources of Fluctuations in Real and Nominal Exchange Rates pp. 530-39 Downloads
William D Lastrapes
How Robust Is the Capital-Skill Complementarity Hypothesis? pp. 540-46 Downloads
Villy Bergstrom and Epaminondas E Panas
The Translog Production Function and Variable Returns to Scale pp. 546-52 Downloads
H Youn Kim
Explaining Interstate Variation in Income Inequality pp. 553-57 Downloads
John A Bishop, John P Formby and Paul D Thistle
The Duration of the Adjustment Process of Financial Ratios: Further Remarks pp. 557-59 Downloads
Harry Zvi Davis and Yoram C Peles
Optimal Designs of Discrete Response Experiments in Contingent Valuation Studies pp. 559-63 Downloads
Hans Nyquist
Finite Sample Behavior of Tests for Grouped Heteroskedasticity pp. 563-68 Downloads
James K Binkley
Constraining Kalman Filter and Smoothing Estimates to Satisfy Time-Varying Restrictions pp. 568-72 Downloads
Howard E Doran

Volume 74, issue 2, 1992

Sources of Competitiveness of the United States and of Its Multinational Firms pp. 193-201 Downloads
Irving B Kravis and Robert Lipsey
R&D Reactions to High-Technology Import Competition pp. 202-12 Downloads
F M Scherer and Keun Huh
Price-Augmenting Returns to Scale: An Application to Nonseparable Two-Stage Technologies pp. 213-20 Downloads
Robert Pollak and Terence J Wales
A Composite Cost Function for Multiproduct Firms with an Application to Economies of Scope in Banking pp. 221-30 Downloads
Lawrence B Pulley and Yale M Braunstein
Price Distortions and Resource-Use Efficiency in Indian Agriculture: A Restricted Profit Function Approach pp. 231-39 Downloads
Subal Kumbhakar and Arunava Bhattacharyya
Testing Dynamic Specification of Factor Demand Equations for U.S. Manufacturing pp. 240-50 Downloads
Jane Friesen
The Impact of Affirmative Action on Labor Demand: A Test of Some Implications of the Le Chatelier Principle pp. 251-60 Downloads
Peter Griffin
Does the Baseball Labor Market Contradict the Human Capital Model of Investment? pp. 261-68 Downloads
Asher Blass
A Model of Layoff, Search and Job Choice and Its Estimation pp. 269-75 Downloads
Rezaul K Khandker
Black-White Earnings over the 1970s and 1980s: Gender Differences in Trends pp. 276-86 Downloads
Francine Blau and Andrea H Beller
Taxes, Fringe Benefits and Faculty pp. 287-96 Downloads
Stephen Woodbury and Daniel Hamermesh
Firm-Specific Determinants of the Real Wage pp. 297-304 Downloads
Janet Currie and Sheena McConnell
Inter-vivos Transfers and Intergenerational Exchange pp. 305-14 Downloads
Donald Cox and Mark R Rank
Evidence of the Fisher Effect from U.K. Indexed Bonds pp. 315-20 Downloads
G Thomas Woodward
An Empirical Window on Rational Expectations Formation pp. 320-24 Downloads
Richard L Pollock and Jack P Suyderhoud
Conditional Exchange-Rate Volatility and the Volume of International Trade: Evidence from the Early 1900s pp. 325-29 Downloads
Susan Pozo
On the Effect of Opportunity Cost on International Reserve Holdings pp. 329-32 Downloads
Avraham Ben-Bassat and Daniel Gottlieb
Intertemporal Substitution in Macroeconomics: Consumption, Labor Supply, and Money Demand pp. 333-38 Downloads
Donald Dutkowsky and William G Foote
Medicaid and the Cost of Improving Access to Nursing Home Care pp. 338-45 Downloads
Paul J Gertler
Market Structure, Uncertainty, and Intrafirm Diffusion: The Case of Optical Scanners in Grocery Stores pp. 345-50 Downloads
Sharon Levin, Stanford L Levin and John B Meisel
Estimating Electricity Demand: The Cost of Linearising the Budget Constraint pp. 350-54 Downloads
Rodney Maddock, Elkin Castano and Francis Vella
Multiple Minima in the Estimation of Models with Autoregressive Disturbances pp. 354-57 Downloads
Howard Doran and Jan Kmenta
The Sensitivity Analysis of Applied General Equilibrium Models: Completely Randomized Factorial Sampling Designs pp. 357-62 Downloads
Glenn Harrison and Hrishikesh Vinod
Bias of SDE 2 in the Linear Regression Model with Correlated Errors pp. 362-65 Downloads
Jan Kiviet and Walter Krämer
A Non-nested Test of Separability for Flexible Functional Forms pp. 365-69 Downloads
GianCarlo Moschini
The Durbin-Watson Test for Autocorrelation in Nonlinear Models pp. 370-73 Downloads
Kenneth J White
The Price-Concentration Relationship in Banking: A Comment pp. 373-76 Downloads
Jackson, William E,
The Price-Concentration Relationship in Banking: A Reply pp. 376-79 Downloads
Allen Berger and Timothy Hannan

Volume 74, issue 1, 1992

Central Planners as Market Stabilizers: Evidence from Poland and the Soviet Union pp. 1-13 Downloads
Josef Brada and Arthur E King
Hybrid Rice Innovation in China: A Study of Market-Demand Induced Technological Innovation in a Centrally-Planned Economy pp. 14-20 Downloads
Justin Lin
On the Effect of Devaluation during Stabilization Programs in LDCs pp. 21-27 Downloads
Samuel A Morley
Dynamics of Public Infrastructure, Industrial Productivity and Profitability pp. 28-36 Downloads
Anwar Shah
The Role of Public Capital in Production pp. 37-44 Downloads
Catherine Lynde and James Richmond
Aggregation, Distribution and Dynamics in the Linear and Quadratic Expenditure Systems pp. 45-53 Downloads
Adolf Buse
A Simultaneous Equations Model of Coffee Brand Pricing and Advertising pp. 54-63 Downloads
Philip Nelson, John Siegfried and John Howell
Short-Run and Long-Run Elasticities for Canadian Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages: An Error-Correction Mechanism/Cointegration Approach pp. 64-74 Downloads
Johnson, James A, et al
The Demand for Tax Return Preparation Services pp. 75-82 Downloads
Dubin, Jeffrey A, et al
The Effect of Child Care Costs on Married Women's Labor Force Participation pp. 83-90 Downloads
Rachel Connelly
The Effect of Income Taxation on Labor Supply when Deductions Are Endogenous pp. 91-99 Downloads
Robert Triest
Arrests, Persistent Youth Joblessness, and Black/White Employment Differentials pp. 100-106 Downloads
Jeffrey Grogger
Changes in the Distribution of Individual Earnings in the United States: 1967-1986 pp. 107-15 Downloads
Lynn A Karoly
A Cointegration Analysis of Treasury Bill Yields pp. 116-26 Downloads
Anthony Hall, Heather Anderson and Clive Granger
Cobwebs, Rational Expectations and Futures Markets pp. 127-34 Downloads
Jerome Stein
Central Bank Secrecy and Money Surprises: International Evidence pp. 135-45 Downloads
Michael Hutchison and John P Judd
Testing for Granger's Full Causality pp. 146-53 Downloads
Ted Covey and David Bessler
Trends, Random Walks and Persistence: An Empirical Study of Disaggregated U.S. Industrial Production pp. 154-59 Downloads
Robert Krol
The Emerging U.S. Current Account Deficit in the 1980s: A Cointegration Analysis pp. 159-66 Downloads
Steven Husted
Occupational Hazard and Wage Compensating Differentials pp. 166-69 Downloads
Jean-Michel Cousineau, Robert Lacroix and Anne-Marie Girard
Assimilation and the Earnings of Young Internal Migrants pp. 170-75 Downloads
George Borjas, Stephen Bronars and Stephen Trejo
Revealed Preferences for Property Taxes: An Empirical Study of Perceived Tax Incidence pp. 176-79 Downloads
Pamela H Moomau and Rebecca B Morton
Costs and Factor Substitution in the Provision of Local Fire Services pp. 180-84 Downloads
William D Duncombe
Medicare's Prospective Payment System: The Victim of Aggregation Bias? pp. 185-91 Downloads
Susan Feigenbaum, Gerard Anderson and Judith R Lave
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