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Volume 79, issue 4, 1997

Quadratic Engel Curves And Consumer Demand pp. 527-539 Downloads
James Banks, Richard Blundell and Arthur Lewbel
A Model Selection Approach To Real-Time Macroeconomic Forecasting Using Linear Models And Artificial Neural Networks pp. 540-550 Downloads
Norman Rasmus Swanson and Halbert White
Estimation Of A Change Point In Multiple Regression Models pp. 551-563 Downloads
Jushan Bai
Rate Of Time Preference, Intertemporal Elasticity Of Substitution, And Level Of Wealth pp. 564-572 Downloads
Masao Ogaki and Andrew Atkeson
Monetary Policy When Interest Rates Are Bounded At Zero pp. 573-585 Downloads
Jeffrey C. Fuhrer and Brian F. Madigan
Instrumental-Variable Estimation Of Count Data Models: Applications To Models Of Cigarette Smoking Behavior pp. 586-593 Downloads
John Mullahy
Employment Effects Of Immigration To Germany: An Analysis Based On Local Labor Markets pp. 594-604 Downloads
Jorn-Steffen Pischke and Johannes Velling
Intratemporal Substitution And Government Spending pp. 605-609 Downloads
Robert A. Amano and Tony S. Wirjanto
Environmental Regulation And Innovation: A Panel Data Study pp. 610-619 Downloads
Adam Jaffe and Karen Palmer
Import Price Uncertainty And The Distribution Of Income pp. 620-630 Downloads
Elie Appelbaum and Ulrich Kohli
Estimation Of Moments And Production Decisions Under Uncertainty pp. 631-637 Downloads
Elie Appelbaum and Aman Ullah
The Flexible Ces-Gbc Family Of Cost Functions: Derivation And Application pp. 638-646 Downloads
Asher Tishler and Stan Lipovetsky
External Capital Factors And Increasing Returns In U.S. Manufacturing pp. 647-654 Downloads
Catherine J. Morrison Paul and Donald S. Siegel
On Fundamentals And Exchange Rates: A Casselian Perspective pp. 655-664 Downloads
Ronald MacDonald and Ian W Marsh
Demographic Transition, Family Structure, And Income Inequality pp. 665-669 Downloads
Y. Cyrus Chu C. and Lily Jiang
Indigent Care As Quid Pro Quo In Hospital Regulation pp. 669-673 Downloads
Gary M. Fournier and Ellen S. Campbell
Breaking Trends And The Money-Output Correlation pp. 674-679 Downloads
David G. Fernandez
Nonparametric Demand Analysis Of U.K. Personal Sector Decisions On Consumption, Leisure, And Monetary Assets: A Reappraisal pp. 679-683 Downloads
Leigh Drake
Testing The Convergence Hypothesis: A Comment pp. 683-686 Downloads
Martin Anthony Carree and Luuk Klomp

Volume 79, issue 3, 2000

The Term Structure Of Forward Exchange Premiums And The Forecastability Of Spot Exchange Rates: Correcting The Errors pp. 353-361 Downloads
Richard H. Clarida and Mark P. Taylor
An Assessment Of The Relative Importance Of Real Interest Rates, Inflation, And Term Premiums In Determining The Prices Of Real And Nominal U.K. Bonds pp. 362-366 Downloads
David G. Barr and Bahram Pesaran
The Productivity Slowdown: Is A Growing Unmeasurable Sector The Culprit? pp. 367-370 Downloads
Daniel Sichel
Comment On Sichel pp. 371-371 Downloads
Zvi Griliches
Trade Barriers And Trade Flows Across Countries And Industries pp. 372-382 Downloads
Jong-Wha Lee and Phillip Lee Swagel
Changes In Concentration, Turbulence, And The Dynamics Of Market Shares pp. 383-391 Downloads
W. Davies S. and Paul A. Geroski
Analysis Of Transition Data By The Minimum-Chi-Square Method: An Application To Welfare Spells In Belgium pp. 392-405 Downloads
Bart Leo Wim Cockx
Estimating Earnings Poverty In 1939: A Comparison Of Orshansky-Method And Price-Indexed Definitions Of Poverty pp. 406-414 Downloads
Linda Barrington
Regional Measures of Capacity Utilization in the 1980s pp. 415-421 Downloads
Gasper A. Garofalo and Devinder M. Malhotra
Price Changes, Maintenance, And The Rate Of Depreciation pp. 422-430 Downloads
Randy Nelson and Michael R. Caputo
Alcohol Advertising And Motor Vehicle Fatalities pp. 431-442 Downloads
Henry Saffer
A Panel Data Design For Estimation Of Hospital Cost Functions pp. 443-453 Downloads
Kathleen Carey
Monetary Policy Preferences Of Individual Fomc Members: A Content Analysis Of The Memoranda Of Discussion pp. 454-460 Downloads
Henry W. Chappell, Thomas M. Havrilesky and Rob Roy McGregor
Female Labor Supply With A Discontinuous, Nonconvex Budget Constraint: Incorporation Of A Part-Time/Full-Time Wage Differential pp. 461-470 Downloads
Susan L. Averett and Julie L. Hotchkiss
Assessing The Productivity Of Information Technology Equipment In U.S. Manufacturing Industries pp. 471-481 Downloads
Catherine J. Morrison Paul
An Analysis Of The Source And Nature Of Technical Change: The Case Of U.S. Agriculture pp. 482-492 Downloads
Jean-Paul Chavas, Michael Aliber and Thomas L. Cox
Inventories Under Joint Production: An Empirical Analysis Of Petroleum Refining pp. 493-502 Downloads
Timothy J. Considine
Autoregressive Transformations In Cointegrated Regressions pp. 503-507 Downloads
Robert McNown and Myles Wallace
Inference in Cointegrated VAR Systems pp. 508-511 Downloads
Anders Warne
A Cointegration Analysis of the Impact of the Age Structure of the Population on the Household Saving Rate in Japan pp. 511-516 Downloads
Charles Yuji Horioka
Interindustry and Interregion Differentials: Mechanics and Interpretation pp. 516-521 Downloads
John P. Haisken-DeNew and Christoph M. Schmidt
Roses or Lemons: Adverse Selection in the Market for Thoroughbred Yearlings pp. 521-526 Downloads
Brian Chezum and Brad Wimmer

Volume 79, issue 2, 1997

The J-Shape Of Performance Persistence Given Survivorship Bias pp. 161-166 Downloads
Darryll Hendricks, Jayendu Patel and Richard J. Zeckhauser
Rejoinder: The J-Shape Of Performance Persistence Given Survivorship Bias pp. 167-170 Downloads
Stephen J. Brown, William N. Goetzmann, Roger G. Ibbotson and Stephen A. Ross
Estimating The Density Tail Index For Financial Time Series pp. 171-175 Downloads
Phillip Kearns and Adrian Rodney Pagan
The Predictability Of Stock Returns: A Cross-Sectional Simulation pp. 176-183 Downloads
Zsuzsanna Fluck, Burton G. Malkiel and Richard E. Quandt
Estimating Deterministic Trends In The Presence Of Serially Correlated Errors pp. 184-200 Downloads
Eugene Canjels and Mark W. Watson
Growth Rates Of Per-Capita Income And Aggregate Welfare: An International Comparison pp. 201-211 Downloads
Nanak Kakwani
Multiple Trend Breaks And The Unit-Root Hypothesis pp. 212-218 Downloads
Robin L. Lumsdaine and David H. Papell
How Fast Do Economies Converge? pp. 219-225 Downloads
Paul Evans
Estimating Capital Asset Price Indexes pp. 226-233 Downloads
Carter Hill R., John Ross Knight and F. Sirmans C.
Scaling Factors In Estimation Of Time-Nonseparable Utility Functions pp. 234-240 Downloads
Shawn Ni
Precautionary Savings-A Panel Study pp. 241-247 Downloads
Mark Vahram Kazarosian
Have U.S. Financial Institutions' Real Estate Investments Exhibited "Trend-Chasing" Behavior? pp. 248-258 Downloads
Jianping Mei and Anthony Saunders
Public Policy, Private Preferences, And The Japanese Trade Pattern pp. 259-266 Downloads
Marcus Noland
Public Capital And Private Productivity pp. 267-278 Downloads
Wim P. M. Vijverberg, Chu-Ping C. Vijverberg and Janet L. Gamble
Implications Of Ownership, Regulation, And Market Structure For Performance: Evidence From The U.S. Electric Utility Industry Before And After The New Deal pp. 279-289 Downloads
William M. Emmons
Information And Cost Asymmetry In Experimental Duopoly Markets pp. 290-299 Downloads
Charles F. Mason and Owen R. Phillips
Household Labor Supply In Urban Areas Of Bolivia pp. 300-310 Downloads
Menno Prasad Pradhan and Arthur van Soest
The Direct Costs Of Financial Repression: Evidence From India pp. 311-320 Downloads
Panicos O. Demetriades and Kul B Luintel
On The Dynamic Properties Of Asymmetric Models Of Real GNP pp. 321-352 Downloads
Allan D. Brunner
Okun's Coefficient: A Comment pp. 326-329 Downloads
Clifford L. F. Attfield and Brian Silverstone
The Long-Run Demand for Skilled and Unskilled Labor in Colombian Manufacturing Plants pp. 330-334 Downloads
Mark J. Roberts and Emmanuel Skoufias
Nonparametric Tests for the Independence of Regressors and Disturbances as Specification Tests pp. 335-340 Downloads
David Johnson and Robert McClelland
Alternative Forms of the Score Test for Heterogeneity in a Censored Exponential Model pp. 340-343 Downloads
Sanjiv Jaggia
Tests of the Specification of Univariate and Bivariate Ordered Probit pp. 343-347 Downloads
S. Butler J. and Patrali Chatterjee
Instrument Relevance in Multivariate Linear Models: A Simple Measure pp. 348-352 Downloads
John Shea

Volume 79, issue 1, 1997

Estimates Of The Returns To Schooling From Sibling Data: Fathers, Sons, And Brothers pp. 1-9 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and David John Zimmerman
A Cross-National Comparison Of Permanent Inequality In The United States And Germany pp. 10-17 Downloads
Richard V. Burkhauser and John G. Poupore
Wealth Mobility pp. 18-31 Downloads
Nancy Ammon Jianakoplos and Paul L. Menchik
Econometric Estimation Of Foresight: Tax Policy And Investment In The United States pp. 32-40 Downloads
Douglas Gardiner Steigerwald and Charles E. Stuart
Count Data Models With Variance Of Unknown Form: An Application To A Hedonic Model Of Worker Absenteeism pp. 41-49 Downloads
Miguel A. Delgado and Thomas J. Kniesner
Labor Supply, Taxes, And Government Spending: A Microeconometric Analysis pp. 50-67 Downloads
Karen Smith Conway
The Impact Of Computers On Manufacturing Productivity Growth: A Multiple-Indicators, Multiple-Causes Approach pp. 68-78 Downloads
Donald S. Siegel
Irreversible Investments And Volatile Markets: A Study Of The Chemical Processing Industry pp. 79-87 Downloads
Gregory K. Bell and Jose Manuel Campa
Welfare Estimation Using The Fourier Form: Simulation Evidence For The Recreation Demand Case pp. 88-94 Downloads
Michael Creel
Exchange Rate Pass-Through In U.S. Manufacturing Industries pp. 95-104 Downloads
Jiawen Yang
Measures Of Shortage And Monetary Overhang In The Polish Economy pp. 105-115 Downloads
Antoni Chawluk and Rod Cross
Budget-Constrained Frontier Measures Of Fiscal Equality And Efficiency In Schooling pp. 116-124 Downloads
Shawna Grosskopf, Kathy J. Hayes, Lori L. Taylor and William L. Weber
Tax Credits, Labor Supply, And Child Care pp. 125-135 Downloads
Susan L. Averett, Elizabeth Peters and Donald M. Waldman
Market Share Behavior And Mobility: An Analysis And Time-Series Application Notes pp. 136-141 Downloads
John R. Cable
The Response Of Exchange Rate Pass-Through To Market Concentration In A Small Economy: The Evidence From Korea pp. 142-145 Downloads
Jaewoo Lee
The Skill Bias Of Technological Change In Canadian Manufacturing Industries pp. 146-150 Downloads
Julian R. Betts
Another Look At The Impact Of The National Industrial Recovery Act On Cartel Formation And Maintenance Costs pp. 151-154 Downloads
Matthew B. Krepps
Beer Taxes, Workers' Compensation, And Industrial Injury pp. 155-160 Downloads
Robert L. Ohsfeldt and Michael A. Morrisey
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