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1974 - 2015

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Volume 41, issue 6, 2015

Material Parenting: How the Use of Goods in Parenting Fosters Materialism in the Next Generation pp. 1333 - 1357 Downloads
Marsha L. Richins and Lan Nguyen Chaplin
The Floor Is Nearer than the Sky: How Looking Up or Down Affects Construal Level pp. 1358 - 1371 Downloads
Anneleen Van Kerckhove, Maggie Geuens and Iris Vermeir
Playing the Field: The Effect of Fertility on Women's Desire for Variety pp. 1372 - 1391 Downloads
Kristina M. Durante and Ashley Rae Arsena
"I" Follow My Heart and "We" Rely on Reasons: The Impact of Self-Construal on Reliance on Feelings versus Reasons in Decision Making pp. 1392 - 1411 Downloads
Jiewen Hong and Hannah H. Chang
Doing Well by Doing Good: The Benevolent Halo of Corporate Social Responsibility pp. 1412 - 1425 Downloads
Alexander Chernev and Sean Blair
A Sign of Things to Come: Behavioral Change through Dynamic Iconography pp. 1426 - 1446 Downloads
Luca Cian, Aradhna Krishna and Ryan S. Elder
Refashioning a Field? Connected Consumers and Institutional Dynamics in Markets pp. 1447 - 1468 Downloads
Pierre-Yann Dolbec and Eileen Fischer
To Know and to Care: How Awareness and Valuation of the Future Jointly Shape Consumer Spending pp. 1469 - 1485 Downloads
Daniel M. Bartels and Oleg Urminsky
Timeflow: How Consumption Practices Shape Consumers' Temporal Experiences pp. 1486 - 1508 Downloads
Niklas Woermann and Joonas Rokka
Why Is the Crowd Divided? Attribution for Dispersion in Online Word of Mouth pp. 1509 - 1527 Downloads
Stephen X. He and Samuel D. Bond

Volume 41, issue 5, 2015

Humorous Complaining pp. 1153 - 1171 Downloads
Peter McGraw A., Caleb Warren and Christina Kan
This Number Just Feels Right: The Impact of Roundedness of Price Numbers on Product Evaluations pp. 1172 - 1185 Downloads
Monica Wadhwa and Kuangjie Zhang
Perils of Compensatory Consumption: Within-Domain Compensation Undermines Subsequent Self-Regulation pp. 1186 - 1203 Downloads
Monika Lisjak, Andrea Bonezzi, Soo Kim and Derek D. Rucker
Squeezed: Coping with Constraint through Efficiency and Prioritization pp. 1204 - 1227 Downloads
Philip M. Fernbach, Christina Kan and John G. Lynch
Things Fall Apart: The Dynamics of Brand Audience Dissipation pp. 1228 - 1251 Downloads
Marie-Agnès Parmentier and Eileen Fischer
From Close to Distant: The Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships in Shared Goal Pursuit pp. 1252 - 1266 Downloads
Szu-chi Huang, Susan M. Broniarczyk, Ying Zhang and Mariam Beruchashvili
Pardon the Interruption: Goal Proximity, Perceived Spare Time, and Impatience pp. 1267 - 1283 Downloads
Ji Hoon Jhang and John G. Lynch
Riding Coattails: When Co-Branding Helps versus Hurts Less-Known Brands pp. 1284 - 1300 Downloads
Marcus Cunha, Mark R. Forehand and Justin W. Angle
The Motivating-Uncertainty Effect: Uncertainty Increases Resource Investment in the Process of Reward Pursuit pp. 1301 - 1315 Downloads
Luxi Shen, Ayelet Fishbach and Christopher K. Hsee
The Progress Bias in Goal Pursuit: When One Step Forward Seems Larger than One Step Back pp. 1316 - 1331 Downloads
Margaret C. Campbell and Caleb Warren

Volume 41, issue 4, 2014

Monochrome Forests and Colorful Trees: The Effect of Black-and-White versus Color Imagery on Construal Level pp. 1015 - 1032 Downloads
Hyojin Lee, Xiaoyan Deng, Rao Unnava H. and Kentaro Fujita
The Effects of Country-Related Affect on Product Evaluations pp. 1033 - 1046 Downloads
Cathy Yi Chen, Pragya Mathur and Durairaj Maheswaran
Emotions Shape Decisions through Construal Level: The Case of Guilt and Shame pp. 1047 - 1064 Downloads
DaHee Han, Adam Duhachek and Nidhi Agrawal
Lucky Loyalty: The Effect of Consumer Effort on Predictions of Randomly Determined Marketing Outcomes pp. 1065 - 1077 Downloads
Rebecca Walker Reczek, Kelly L. Haws and Christopher A. Summers
The Effects of Heightened Physiological Needs on Perception of Psychological Connectedness pp. 1078 - 1088 Downloads
Xiuping Li and Meng Zhang
Forced to Be Bad: The Positive Impact of Low-Autonomy Vice Consumption on Consumer Vitality pp. 1089 - 1107 Downloads
Fangyuan Chen and Jaideep Sengupta
The Role of Arousal in Congruity-Based Product Evaluation pp. 1108 - 1126 Downloads
Theodore Noseworthy, Fabrizio Di Muro and Kyle B. Murray
The Presenter's Paradox Revisited: An Evaluation Mode Account pp. 1127 - 1136 Downloads
Tobias Krüger, André Mata and Max Ihmels
Optimal Visualization Aids and Temporal Framing for New Products pp. 1137 - 1151 Downloads
Min Zhao, Darren W. Dahl and Steve Hoeffler
Branding Disaster: Reestablishing Trust through the Ideological Containment of Systemic Risk Anxieties pp. 877 - 910 Downloads
Ashlee Humphreys and Craig J. Thompson
Outsourcing Parenthood? How Families Manage Care Assemblages Using Paid Commercial Services pp. 911 - 935 Downloads
Amber M. Epp and Sunaina R. Velagaleti
How Nonconsumption Shapes Desire pp. 936 - 952 Downloads
Xianchi Dai and Ayelet Fishbach
The Offer Framing Effect: Choosing Single versus Bundled Offerings Affects Variety Seeking pp. 953 - 964 Downloads
Mauricio Mittelman, Eduardo B. Andrade, Amitava Chattopadhyay and Miguel Brendl C.
Consuming Experiential Categories pp. 965 - 977 Downloads
Anuj K. Shah and Adam L. Alter
Fooled by Heteroscedastic Randomness: Local Consistency Breeds Extremity in Price-Based Quality Inferences pp. 978 - 994 Downloads
Bart de Langhe, Stijn M. J. van Osselaer, Stefano Puntoni and Ann L. McGill
Marketplace Sentiments pp. 995 - 1014 Downloads
Ahir Gopaldas

Volume 41, issue 3, 2014

Home Sweet Messy Home: Managing Symbolic Pollution pp. 565 - 589 Downloads
Delphine Dion, Ouidade Sabri and Valérie Guillard
Should the Devil Sell Prada? Retail Rejection Increases Aspiring Consumers' Desire for the Brand pp. 590 - 609 Downloads
Morgan K. Ward and Darren W. Dahl
Money in the Bank: Feeling Powerful Increases Saving pp. 610 - 623 Downloads
Emily N. Garbinsky, Anne-Kathrin Klesse and Jennifer Aaker
Licensing Indulgence in the Present by Distorting Memories of Past Behavior pp. 624 - 641 Downloads
Frank May and Caglar Irmak
If It's Useful and You Know It, Do You Eat? Preschoolers Refrain from Instrumental Food pp. 642 - 655 Downloads
Michal Maimaran and Ayelet Fishbach
The Bottom Dollar Effect: The Influence of Spending to Zero on Pain of Payment and Satisfaction pp. 656 - 677 Downloads
Robin L. Soster, Andrew D. Gershoff and William O. Bearden
I'm Moral, but I Won't Help You: The Distinct Roles of Empathy and Justice in Donations pp. 678 - 696 Downloads
Saerom Lee, Karen Page Winterich and William T. Ross
Proud to Belong or Proudly Different? Lay Theories Determine Contrasting Effects of Incidental Pride on Uniqueness Seeking pp. 697 - 712 Downloads
Xun (Irene) Huang, Ping Dong and Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Nostalgia Weakens the Desire for Money pp. 713 - 729 Downloads
Jannine D. Lasaleta, Constantine Sedikides and Kathleen D. Vohs
Doing It the Hard Way: How Low Control Drives Preferences for High-Effort Products and Services pp. 730 - 745 Downloads
Keisha M. Cutright and Adriana Samper
Social Defaults: Observed Choices Become Choice Defaults pp. 746 - 760 Downloads
Young Eun Huh, Joachim Vosgerau and Carey K. Morewedge
Retailer Pricing Strategy and Consumer Choice under Price Uncertainty pp. 761 - 774 Downloads
Shai Danziger, Liat Hadar and Vicki G. Morwitz
Is It Still Working? Task Difficulty Promotes a Rapid Wear-Off Bias in Judgments of Pharmacological Products pp. 775 - 793 Downloads
Veronika Ilyuk, Lauren Block and David Faro
Reading Fictional Stories and Winning Delayed Prizes: The Surprising Emotional Impact of Distant Events pp. 794 - 809 Downloads
Jane E. J. Ebert and Tom Meyvis
The Categorization of Time and Its Impact on Task Initiation pp. 810 - 822 Downloads
Yanping Tu and Dilip Soman
When Going Green Backfires: How Firm Intentions Shape the Evaluation of Socially Beneficial Product Enhancements pp. 823 - 839 Downloads
George E. Newman, Margarita Gorlin and Ravi Dhar
Creating the Responsible Consumer: Moralistic Governance Regimes and Consumer Subjectivity pp. 840 - 857 Downloads
Markus Giesler and Ela Veresiu
The Marketization of Religion: Field, Capital, and Consumer Identity pp. 858 - 875 Downloads
James H. McAlexander, Beth Leavenworth Dufault, Diane M. Martin and John W. Schouten

Volume 41, issue 2, 2014

Transforming Health Care: Empowering Therapeutic Communities through Technology-Enhanced Narratives pp. 237 - 260 Downloads
Kelly Tian, Pookie Sautter, Derek Fisher, Sarah Fischbach, Cuauhtemoc Luna-Nevarez, Kevin Boberg, Jim Kroger and Richard Vann
Something to Chew On: The Effects of Oral Haptics on Mastication, Orosensory Perception, and Calorie Estimation pp. 261 - 273 Downloads
Dipayan Biswas, Courtney Szocs, Aradhna Krishna and Donald R. Lehmann
Accepting Inequality Deters Responsibility: How Power Distance Decreases Charitable Behavior pp. 274 - 293 Downloads
Karen Page Winterich and Yinlong Zhang
When Identity Marketing Backfires: Consumer Agency in Identity Expression pp. 294 - 309 Downloads
Amit Bhattacharjee, Jonah Berger and Geeta Menon
Judging a Part by the Size of Its Whole: The Category Size Bias in Probability Judgments pp. 310 - 325 Downloads
Mathew S. Isaac and Aaron R. Brough
"So Cute I Could Eat It Up": Priming Effects of Cute Products on Indulgent Consumption pp. 326 - 341 Downloads
Gergana Y. Nenkov and Maura L. Scott
The Product-Agnosia Effect: How More Visual Impressions Affect Product Distinctiveness in Comparative Choice pp. 342 - 360 Downloads
Jayson Shi Jia, Baba Shiv and Sanjay Rao
Should Birds of a Feather Flock Together? Understanding Self-Control Decisions in Dyads pp. 361 - 380 Downloads
Hristina Dzhogleva and Cait Poynor Lamberton
The Experience versus the Expectations of Power: A Recipe for Altering the Effects of Power on Behavior pp. 381 - 396 Downloads
Derek D. Rucker, Miao Hu and Adam D. Galinsky
Brand Tourists: How Non-Core Users Enhance the Brand Image by Eliciting Pride pp. 397 - 417 Downloads
Silvia Bellezza and Anat Keinan
Imagining Yourself in the Scene: The Interactive Effects of Goal-Driven Self-Imagery and Visual Perspectives on Consumer Behavior pp. 418 - 435 Downloads
Yuwei Jiang, Rashmi Adaval, Yael Steinhart and Robert S. Wyer
The Price of Being Beautiful: Negative Effects of Attractiveness on Empathy for Children in Need pp. 436 - 450 Downloads
Robert J. Fisher and Yu Ma
Rejected, Shackled, and Alone: The Impact of Systemic Restricted Choice on Minority Consumers' Construction of Self pp. 451 - 474 Downloads
Sterling A. Bone, Glenn L. Christensen and Jerome D. Williams
When Does a Higher Construal Level Increase or Decrease Indulgence? Resolving the Myopia versus Hyperopia Puzzle pp. 475 - 488 Downloads
Ravi Mehta, Rui Zhu and Joan Meyers-Levy
(Im)moral Support: The Social Outcomes of Parallel Self-Control Decisions pp. 489 - 505 Downloads
Michael L. Lowe and Kelly L. Haws
Double Standards in the Use of Enhancing Products by Self and Others pp. 506 - 525 Downloads
Elanor F. Williams and Mary Steffel
From Compensatory Consumption to Adaptive Consumption: The Role of Self-Acceptance in Resolving Self-Deficits pp. 526 - 542 Downloads
Soo Kim and David Gal
What Makes Things Cool? How Autonomy Influences Perceived Coolness pp. 543 - 563 Downloads
Caleb Warren and Margaret C. Campbell
Decisions at a Distance: Effects of Psychological Distance on Consumer Decision Making pp. iii - vi Downloads
Rebecca HamiltonCurator
Morality and the Marketplace pp. vii - ix Downloads
Kent GraysonCurator

Volume 41, issue 1, 2014

Happiness from Ordinary and Extraordinary Experiences pp. 1 - 17 Downloads
Amit Bhattacharjee and Cassie Mogilner
The Effect of Price on Preference Consistency Over Time pp. 109 - 118 Downloads
Kelly Kiyeon Lee and Min Zhao
How Childhood Advertising Exposure Can Create Biased Product Evaluations That Persist into Adulthood pp. 119 - 134 Downloads
Paul M. Connell, Merrie Brucks and Jesper H. Nielsen
Hedonic Eating Goals and Emotion: When Sadness Decreases the Desire to Indulge pp. 135 - 151 Downloads
Anthony Salerno, Juliano Laran and Chris Janiszewski
The Impact of Fear on Emotional Brand Attachment pp. 152 - 168 Downloads
Lea Dunn and JoAndrea Hoegg
Why Feasibility Matters More to Gift Receivers than to Givers: A Construal-Level Approach to Gift Giving pp. 169 - 182 Downloads
Ernest Baskin, Cheryl J. Wakslak, Yaacov Trope and Nathan Novemsky
Smellizing Cookies and Salivating: A Focus on Olfactory Imagery pp. 18 - 34 Downloads
Aradhna Krishna, Maureen Morrin and Eda Sayin
Power and Action Orientation: Power as a Catalyst for Consumer Switching Behavior pp. 183 - 196 Downloads
Yuwei Jiang, Lingjing Zhan and Derek D. Rucker
We'll Be Honest, This Won't Be the Best Article You'll Ever Read: The Use of Dispreferred Markers in Word-of-Mouth Communication pp. 197 - 212 Downloads
Ryan Hamilton, Kathleen D. Vohs and Ann L. McGill
How and When Grouping Low-Calorie Options Reduces the Benefits of Providing Dish-Specific Calorie Information pp. 213 - 235 Downloads
Jeffrey R. Parker and Donald R. Lehmann
The Red Sneakers Effect: Inferring Status and Competence from Signals of Nonconformity pp. 35 - 54 Downloads
Silvia Bellezza, Francesca Gino and Anat Keinan
The Bright Side of Impulse: Depletion Heightens Self-Protective Behavior in the Face of Danger pp. 55 - 70 Downloads
Monika Lisjak and Angela Y. Lee
The Maximizing Mind-Set pp. 71 - 92 Downloads
Jingjing Ma and Neal J. Roese
Prosocial Behavior in Intergroup Relations: How Donor Self-Construal and Recipient Group-Membership Shape Generosity pp. 93 - 108 Downloads
Rod Duclos and Alixandra Barasch
From the Editors-Elect: Meaningful Consumer Research pp. iii - v Downloads
Darren Dahl, Eileen Fischer, Gita Johar and Vicki Morwitz
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