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Volume 60, issue 4, 1984

Intertemporal Extraction of Mineral Resources under Variable Rate Taxes pp. 319-327 Downloads
Robert F. Conrad and Bryce Hool R.
A Factor Demand Model for Strategic Nonfuel Minerals in the Primary Metals Sector pp. 328-339 Downloads
Michael Hazilla and Raymond J. Kopp
A Model of Household Electricity Conservation Behavior pp. 340-351 Downloads
Edwin T. Fujii and James Mak
The Effects of Electricity Rates and Rate Structures on Pump Irrigation: An Eastern Colorado Case Study pp. 352-359 Downloads
Richard L. Gardner and Robert A. Young
An Analysis of Proposition 13 Impacts on California Land Conservation Act Participation pp. 360-366 Downloads
Hoy F. Carman
Is Public Construction Countercyclical? pp. 367-377 Downloads
Leland S. Burns and Leo Grebler
Hedonic Amenity Valuation and Functional Form Specification pp. 378-387 Downloads
Walter Milon J., Jonathan Gressel and David Mulkey
Harvesting and Nonconsumptive Wildlife Recreation Decisions pp. 388-396 Downloads
Michael J. Hay and Kenneth McConnell
The Importance of Sample Discrimination in Using the Travel Cost Method to Estimate the Benefits of Improved Water Quality pp. 397-403 Downloads
Marc Owen Ribaudo and Donald J. Epp

Volume 59, issue 4, 1983

The Sign and Size of Option Value pp. 1-13 Downloads
A. Myrick Freeman
Valuing Option, Existence, and Bequest Demands for Wilderness pp. 14-29 Downloads
Richard G. Walsh, John Loomis and Richard A. Gillman
Evolutionary Processes in Soil Conservation Policy pp. 30-39 Downloads
Ronald C. Griffin and John R. Stoll
"Excess Capacity" in Utility Industries: An Inventory Theoretic Approach pp. 40-48 Downloads
Eli Schwartz
Assessing the Impact of Peak-Load Electricity Pricing and the Solar Tax Credits on the Adoption of Solar Energy pp. 49-55 Downloads
Robert J. Procter and Wallace E. Tyner
Energy Exploration on Wilderness: "Privatization" and Public Lands Management pp. 56-68 Downloads
Carlisle Ford Runge
Low-Interest Loans and the Markets for Limited Entry Permits in the Alaska Salmon Fisheries pp. 69-80 Downloads
Jonathan Mark Karpoff
The Effect of Rent Control on the Price of Rental Housing: An Hedonic Approach pp. 81-94 Downloads
Denton Marks
Land Use versus Road Network Design in Community Transport Cost Evaluation pp. 95-109 Downloads
Richard B. Peiser

Volume 59, issue 3, 1983

The Opportunity Cost of Travel Time in Recreation Demand Models pp. 259-278 Downloads
V. Kerry Smith, William H. Desvousges and Matthew P. McGivney
The Demand Curve for Recreational Fishing with an Application to Stock Enhancement Activities pp. 279-286 Downloads
Lee G. Anderson
Value of Big Game from Markets for Hunting Leases: The Hedonic Approach pp. 287-291 Downloads
Kerry R. Livengood
Planning Timber Production with Evolving Prices and Costs pp. 292-299 Downloads
Kenneth McConnell, N. Daberkow J. and W. Hardie I.
Steady-State Solutions to Dynamic Optimization Models with Inequality Constraints pp. 300-304 Downloads
Keith C. Knapp
Federal Tax Regulations and the Housing Demands of Owner Occupants pp. 305-314 Downloads
Francis J. Cronin
Tax Limits and Property Values pp. 315-323 Downloads
James K. Kindahl
Increased Costs of Office Building Operation and Construction: Effects on the Costs of Office Space and the Equilibrium Distribution of Offices pp. 324-336 Downloads
Helen Tauchen and Ann D. Witte
A Note on Uncertain Input Prices, Profit Risk, and the Rate-of-Return Regulated Firm pp. 337-341 Downloads
Frank A. Scott
A Note on the Functional Form of Travel Cost Models with Zones of Unequal Populations pp. 342-349 Downloads
Elizabeth J. Strong

Volume 59, issue 2, 1983

Priority Pollution Rights: Adapting Pollution Control to a Variable Environment pp. 141-149 Downloads
Charles W. Howe and Dwight R. Lee
Rural Residential Demand for Electricity pp. 150-162 Downloads
Ruth J. Maddigan, Wen S. Chern and Kevin P. Gallagher
Changing Energy Prices and Economic Rents: The Case of Western Coal pp. 163-176 Downloads
John H. Mutti and William E. Morgan
Michigan's Experience with Mandatory Deposits on Beverage Containers pp. 177-194 Downloads
Richard C. Porter
Congestion and Willingness to Pay for Expansion of Skiing Capacity pp. 195-210 Downloads
Richard G. Walsh, Nicole P. Miller and Lynde O. Gilliam
Capitalization of Property Tax Differentials within and among Municipalities pp. 211-219 Downloads
Allen C. Goodman
Structural Differences and the Time Pattern of Basic Employment pp. 220-234 Downloads
Lloyd D. Bender and Larry C. Parcels

Volume 59, issue 1, 1983

Estimating Option Prices and Existence Values for Wildlife Resources pp. 1-15 Downloads
David Brookshire, Larry S. Eubanks and Alan Randall
Estimation of Foreign Willingness to Pay United States Fishery Resources: Japanese Demand for Alaska Pollock pp. 16-23 Downloads
Stephen R. Crutchfield
Power Pooling: An Exercise in Industrial Coordination pp. 24-34 Downloads
Curtis Cramer and John Tschirhart
Impact of Regulatory Delays on the Cost of Wastewater Treatment Plants pp. 35-42 Downloads
Krista S. Reed and Edwin Young C.
The Economics of Municipal Utility Districts for Land Development pp. 43-57 Downloads
Richard B. Peiser
A Spatial Model of Housing Attributes: Theory and Evidence pp. 58-69 Downloads
Jan K. Brueckner and Peter F. Colwell
The Magnitude and Determinants of Home Improvement in Self-Help Housing: Manila's Tondo Project pp. 70-83 Downloads
Emmanuel Jimenez
Community Characteristics and Employment Multipliers in Nonmetropolitan Counties, 1950-1970 pp. 84-93 Downloads
Shahin Shahidsaless, William Gillis and Ron Shaffer
Production Conditions in Guatemala's Key Agricultural Product: Corn pp. 94-106 Downloads
Lawrence C. Marsh, Kenneth P Jameson and Joseph M. Phillips

Volume 58, issue 4, 1982

The Economical Management of Multispecies Fisheries pp. 417-434 Downloads
James A. Wilson
The Share System in Open-Access and Optimally Regulated Fisheries pp. 435-449 Downloads
Lee G. Anderson
Valuing a Fishing Day: An Application of a Systematic Varying Parameter Model pp. 450-463 Downloads
William J. Vaughan and Clifford S. Russell
The Economics of Salmon Ranching pp. 464-477 Downloads
Robert L. Stokes
The Appropriateness of Conditional Logit for the Modeling of Residential Fuel Choice pp. 478-487 Downloads
Raymond S. Hartman
Residential Property Tax Capitalization: Consistent Estimates Using Micro-Level Data pp. 488-496 Downloads
Diane P. Krantz, Robert D. Weaver and Theodore R. Alter
Regional Tax-Base Sharing: An Analysis and Simulation of Alternative Approaches pp. 497-515 Downloads
Peter S. Fisher
The Effects of Farm Property Tax Relief Programs on Farm Financial Conditions pp. 516-523 Downloads
David L. Chicoine, Steven T. Sonka and Robert D. Doty
Factors Influencing Mine Location: An Iron Ore Example pp. 524-536 Downloads
Peter J. Kakela, Allen K. Montgomery and William C. Patric
Location Specific Research: Rice Technology in India pp. 537-546 Downloads
Kaliappa Kalirajan and T. Shand R.
On the Necessity of Simultaneous Recreation Demand Equation Estimation pp. 547-552 Downloads
John G. Hof and David A. King
The Restrictiveness of Flexible Functional Forms and the Measurement of Regulatory Constraint pp. 553-558 Downloads
Jon A. Breslaw and B. Smith J.
Publicly Vested Values for Fish and Wildlife: Comment pp. 559-562 Downloads
Clifford S. Russell
Publicly Vested Values for Fish and Wildlife: ReplyPublicly Vested Values for Fish and Wildlife: Reply pp. 563-565 Downloads
Philip A. Meyer

Volume 58, issue 3, 1982

Factors Affecting the Use of Soil Conservation Practices: Hypotheses, Evidence, and Policy Implications pp. 277-292 Downloads
Christine A. Ervin and David E. Ervin
An Analysis of Selected Property Tax Exemptions for Timber pp. 293-309 Downloads
David Klemperer W.
An Economic Analysis of Forest Taxation's Impact on Optimal Rotation Age pp. 310-323 Downloads
Sun Joseph Chang
Growth and Residential Property Taxes: A Model for Estimating Direct and Indirect Population Impacts pp. 324-337 Downloads
Shepard C. Buchanan and Bruce A. Weber
Landed Property and the Distinction between Royalty and Rent pp. 338-350 Downloads
Ben Fine
Revenue Effects from Changes in a Declining Block Pricing Structure pp. 351-363 Downloads
Douglas A. Houston
Multiple Destination Trip Bias in Recreation Benefit Estimation pp. 364-372 Downloads
Abraham E. Haspel and Reed Johnson F.
Do Gasoline Demand Elasticities Vary? pp. 373-382 Downloads
Carol A. Dahl
On the Neutrality of the Property Tax pp. 383-385 Downloads
Yukio Noguchi
Specification of Block Rate Price Variables in Demand Models pp. 386-394 Downloads
Bruce Billings R.
A Note on the Use of Travel Cost Models with Unequal Zonal Populations: Comment pp. 395-399 Downloads
Jens B. Christensen and Colin Price
A Note on the Use of Travel Cost Models with Unequal Zonal Populations: Comment pp. 400-407 Downloads
William J. Vaughan, Clifford S. Russell and Michael Hazilla
A Note on the Use of Travel Cost Models with Unequal Zonal Populations: Reply pp. 408-410 Downloads
Michael D. Bowes and John Loomis

Volume 58, issue 2, 1982

The Effects of State Taxation on United States Copper Supply pp. 153-180 Downloads
Patricia T. Foley and Joel P. Clark
Estimating Demand under Block Rates: Electricity and Water pp. 181-188 Downloads
Joseph Vincent Terza and P. Welch W.
Differential Capitalization of Local Public Service Characteristics pp. 189-203 Downloads
Michael S. Johnson and Michael J. Lea
Satisfaction, Length of Residence, and Per Capita Multiplier Models pp. 204-216 Downloads
Deborah J. Brown, Stephen Lovejoy and Janet Ayres
The Welfare Efficiency of Moving Families into Public Housing in Little Rock, Arkansas pp. 217-224 Downloads
Jack E. Adams
Urban Residential Demand for Water in the United States: Further Discussion pp. 225-227 Downloads
James J. Opaluch
Lifeline Electricity Rates as an Income Transfer Device: Comment pp. 228-234 Downloads
Christopher Garbacz
Lifeline Electricity Rates as an Income Transfer Device: Reply pp. 235 Downloads
Giles Burgess and Morton Paglin

Volume 58, issue 1, 1982

Option Value: An Exposition and Extension pp. 1-15 Downloads
Richard C. Bishop
Auctions and Alternative Procedures for Allocating Pollution Rights pp. 16-32 Downloads
Randolph M. Lyon
Investment in Forest Land: Aspects of Risk and Diversification pp. 33-51 Downloads
W. L. Mills and William L. Hoover
X-Inefficiency and Interfirm Rivalry: Evidence from the Electric Utility Industry pp. 52-66 Downloads
Rodney Stevenson
Coal Surface Mine Land Reclamation Costs pp. 67-85 Downloads
Walter S. Misiolek and Thomas C. Noser
Third-Degree Price Discrimination and Regulation in the Municipal Water Industry pp. 86-95 Downloads
Thomas H. Bruggink
The Specification of Hedonic Indexes for Urban Housing pp. 96-108 Downloads
Richard V. Butler
The Impact of Rent Control on Tenure Discounts and Residential Mobility pp. 109-117 Downloads
A. V. Clark W. and Allan D. Heskin
Local Economic Impacts Associated with Pure Taxable Capacity Changes pp. 118-130 Downloads
J. Bjornstad D.
Petroleum Facilities in Washington: A Regional Benefit-Cost Analysis pp. 131-143 Downloads
Robert L. Stokes
On Turvey's Benefit-Cost "Short-Cut": A Study of Water Meters pp. 144-146 Downloads
Steve H. Hanke
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