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Volume 84, issue 4, 2008

What Drives Land-Use Change in the United States? A National Analysis of Landowner Decisions pp. 529-550 Downloads
Ruben N. Lubowski, Andrew J. Plantinga and Robert Stavins
Do Seller Disclosures Affect Property Values? Buyer Information and the Hedonic Model pp. 551-572 Downloads
Jaren Pope
Market Power in a GIS-Based Hedonic Price Model of Local Farmland Markets pp. 573-592 Downloads
Geerte Cotteleer, Cornelis Gardebroek and Jan Luijt
Legal Knowledge and Economic Development: The Case of Land Rights in Uganda pp. 593-619 Downloads
Klaus Deininger, Daniel Ayalew Ali and Takashi Yamano
Making the Commons Work: Conservation and Cooperation in Ireland pp. 620-634 Downloads
Salvatore Di Falco and Thomas M. van Rensburg
Intra-Regional Amenities, Wages, and Home Prices: The Role of Forests in the Southwest pp. 635-651 Downloads
Michael S. Hand, Jennifer Thacher, Daniel W. McCollum and Robert Berrens
Fisheries Instrument Choice under Uncertainty pp. 652-666 Downloads
Tom Kompas, Nhu Che and R. Quentin Grafton
Rent Capture Analysis of Ontario’s Stumpage System Using an Enhanced Parity Bounds Model pp. 667-688 Downloads
Feng’ e Yang and Shashi Kant
Distribution of Environmental Costs and Benefits, Additional Distortions, and the Porter Hypothesis pp. 689-700 Downloads
Robert D. Mohr and Shrawantee Saha
Optimal Public Goods Provision: Implications of Endogenizing the Labor/Leisure Choice pp. 701-707 Downloads
Nicholas Flores and Philip Graves
Prices versus Quantities in Fisheries Models: Comment pp. 708-711 Downloads
Lars Hansen

Volume 84, issue 3, 2008

Integrating Property Value and Local Recreation Models to Value Ecosystem Services in Urban Watersheds pp. 361-381 Downloads
Daniel J. Phaneuf, V. Smith, Raymond B. Palmquist and Jaren Pope
Do Environmental Regulations Influence the Location Behavior of French Firms? pp. 382-395 Downloads
Sébastien Raspiller and Nicolas Riedinger
Property Tax Policy and Land-Use Change pp. 396-408 Downloads
Maksym Polyakov and Daowei Zhang
India’s Disappearing Common Lands: Fuzzy Boundaries, Encroachment, and Evolving Property Rights pp. 409-422 Downloads
Elizabeth Robinson
The Effect of a Gated Community on Property and Beach Amenity Valuation pp. 423-433 Downloads
Jeffrey Pompe
Viewscapes and Flood Hazard: Coastal Housing Market Response to Amenities and Risk pp. 434-448 Downloads
Okmyung Bin, Thomas W. Crawford, Jamie B. Kruse and Craig Landry
Spatial-Endogenous Fire Risk and Efficient Fuel Management and Timber Harvest pp. 449-468 Downloads
Masashi Konoshima, Claire A. Montgomery, Heidi Albers and Jeffrey L. Arthur
Deliberative Monetary Valuation and the Evidence for a New Value Theory pp. 469-488 Downloads
Clive Spash
Is Hypothetical Bias a Universal Phenomenon? A Multinational Investigation pp. 489-500 Downloads
Mariah Tanner Ehmke, Jayson Lusk and John List
Effects of Norms and Opportunity Cost of Time on Household Recycling pp. 501-516 Downloads
Bente Halvorsen
Assessing Management Options for Weed Control with Demanders and Non-Demanders in a Choice Experiment pp. 517-528 Downloads
Fredrik Carlsson and Mitesh Kataria

Volume 84, issue 2, 2008

Communities, Competition, Spillovers, and Open Space pp. 169-187 Downloads
Aaron Strong and Randall Walsh
Finding the Missing Premium: An Explanation of Home Values within Residential Community Associations pp. 188-208 Downloads
Jeremy Groves
Identifying Individual Discount Rates and Valuing Public Open Space with Stated-Preference Models pp. 209-224 Downloads
Kent Kovacs and Douglas M. Larson
Public Benefits, Private Benefits, and Policy Mechanism Choice for Land-Use Change for Environmental Benefits pp. 225-240 Downloads
David Pannell
The Geographic Diversity of U.S. Nonmetropolitan Growth Dynamics: A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach pp. 241-266 Downloads
Mark Partridge, Dan Rickman, Kamar Ali and Rose Olfert M.
Economies in Transition and Public Land-Use Policy: Discrete Duration Models of Eastern Wilderness Designation pp. 267-281 Downloads
Randall S. Rosenberger, Mark Sperow and Donald B. K. English
Preferences for Public Lands Management under Competing Uses: The Case of Yellowstone National Park pp. 282-305 Downloads
Carol Mansfield, Daniel J. Phaneuf, Reed Johnson F., Jui-Chen Yang and Robert Beach
Rent-Seeking in Invasive Species Regulation: The Case of Noxious Weeds pp. 306-326 Downloads
He Min, Munisamy Gopinath, Steven T. Buccola and Peter B. McEvoy
Restoring a Fish Stock: A Dynamic Bankruptcy Problem pp. 327-339 Downloads
Elena Inarra and Anders Skonhoft
Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data in a Spatially Explicit Price Model: Vegetation Dynamics and Millet Prices pp. 340-357 Downloads
Molly E. Brown, Jorge E. Pinzon and Stephen D. Prince

Volume 84, issue 1, 2008

Making Markets for Development Rights Work: What Determines Demand? pp. 1-16 Downloads
Elizabeth Kopits, Virginia McConnell and Margaret Walls
Do Landowners Respond to Land Retirement Incentives? Evidence from the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program pp. 17-30 Downloads
Jordan Suter, Gregory Poe and Nelson L. Bills
Is Water Policy Limiting Residential Growth? Evidence from California pp. 31-50 Downloads
Ellen Hanak
On the Link Between Urban Form and Automobile Use: Evidence from German Survey Data pp. 51-65 Downloads
Colin Vance and Ralf Hedel
Will Farmers Trade Profits for Stewardship? Heterogeneous Motivations for Farm Practice Selection pp. 66-82 Downloads
Hayley Chouinard, Tobias Paterson, Philip Wandschneider and Adrienne M. Ohler
Rainfall Shocks, Resilience, and the Effects of Crop Biodiversity on Agroecosystem Productivity pp. 83-96 Downloads
Salvatore Di Falco and Jean-Paul Chavas
Voluntary Agreements with Industries: Participation Incentives with Industry-Wide Targets pp. 97-114 Downloads
Na Dawson and Kathleen Segerson
Decoy Effects in Choice Experiments and Contingent Valuation: Asymmetric Dominance pp. 115-127 Downloads
Ian Bateman, Alistair Munro and Gregory Poe
How Can We Reduce the Errors from Benefits Transfer? An Investigation Using the Choice Experiment Method pp. 128-147 Downloads
Sergio Colombo and Nick Hanley
Poverty and the Environment: Exploring the Relationship Between Household Incomes, Private Assets, and Natural Assets pp. 148-167 Downloads
Urvashi Narain, Shreekant Gupta and Klaas van ’t Veld

Volume 83, issue 4, 2007

Residential Land-Use Controls and Land Values: Zoning and Covenant Interactions pp. 445-457 Downloads
Carolyn A. Dehring and Melissa S. Lind
Regulation, Open Space, and the Value of Land Undergoing Residential Subdivision pp. 458-474 Downloads
Ian Hardie, Erik Lichtenberg and Cynthia J. Nickerson
The Influence of Recreation and Amenity Benefits of Open Space on Residential Development Patterns pp. 475-496 Downloads
Kent Kovacs and Douglas M. Larson
Assessing the Performance of Conservation Auctions: An Experimental Study pp. 497-515 Downloads
Steven Schilizzi and Uwe Latacz-Lohmann
Enduring Impacts of Land Retirement Policies: Evidence from the Conservation Reserve Program pp. 516-538 Downloads
Michael Roberts and Ruben N. Lubowski
Potential Cost-Effectiveness of Incentive Payment Programs for the Protection of Non-Industrial Private Forests pp. 539-560 Downloads
Juha Siikamäki and David F. Layton
The Distributional Impacts of Recreational Fees: A Discrete Choice Model with Incomplete Data pp. 561-574 Downloads
Hwa Nyeon Kim, W. Shaw and Richard Woodward
Output-Based Allocation of Emissions Permits for Mitigating Tax and Trade Interactions pp. 575-599 Downloads
Carolyn Fischer and Alan Fox
The Economics of Fish Consumption Advisories: Insights from Revealed and Stated Preference Data pp. 600-616 Downloads
Douglas J. MacNair and William H. Desvousges
Benefit Estimates for Landscape Improvements: Sequential Bayesian Design and Respondents’ Rationality in a Choice Experiment pp. 617-634 Downloads
Riccardo Scarpa, Danny Campbell and George Hutchinson W.

Volume 83, issue 3, 2007

The Value of the Reservoir Services Gained with Soil Conservation pp. 285-301 Downloads
LeRoy Hansen and Daniel Hellerstein
Estimating the Value of Water Use Permits: A Hedonic Approach Applied to Farmland in the Southeastern United States pp. 302-318 Downloads
Ragan A. Petrie and Laura Taylor
Targeting Green Payments under a Budget Constraint pp. 319-330 Downloads
Richard Horan and Roger Claassen
Agency Perceptions of Alternative Salinity Policies: The Role of Fairness pp. 331-352 Downloads
Laura M. J. McCann and Adam R. Hafdahl
Divergence in State-Level Per Capita Carbon Dioxide Emissions pp. 353-369 Downloads
Joseph Aldy
Activities in Models of Recreational Demand pp. 370-381 Downloads
Bowman Cutter W., Linwood Pendleton and R. DeShazo J.
Estimating Targeting Ability in Multi-Species Fisheries: A Primal Multi-Output Distance Function Approach pp. 382-397 Downloads
Sean Pascoe, Phoebe Koundouri and Trond Bjørndal
Local Economic Instability and Business Location: The Case of Maine pp. 398-411 Downloads
Todd Gabe
Testing Benefits Transfer of Forest Recreation Values over a Twenty-Year Time Horizon pp. 412-440 Downloads
Marianne Zandersen, Mette Termansen and Frank Søndergaard Jensen

Volume 83, issue 2, 2007

Policies for Habitat Fragmentation: Combining Econometrics with GIS-Based Landscape Simulations pp. 109-127 Downloads
David J. Lewis and Andrew J. Plantinga
Riding the Wave of Urban Growth in the Countryside: Spread, Backwash, or Stagnation? pp. 128-152 Downloads
Mark Partridge, Ray D. Bollman, Rose Olfert M. and Alessandro Alasia
Net Buyers, Net Sellers, and Agricultural Landowner Support for Agricultural Zoning pp. 153-165 Downloads
James Deaton B., John Hoehn and Patricia Norris
Cloud Cover and Satellite Images of Deforestation pp. 166-173 Downloads
S. Butler J. and Christine Moser
The Impacts of Social Networks and Household Forest Conservation Efforts in Rural Nepal pp. 174-191 Downloads
Mani Nepal, Alok Bohara and Robert Berrens
On Price Liberalization, Poverty, and Shifting Cultivation: An Example from Mexico pp. 192-216 Downloads
Unai Pascual and Edward Barbier
Wildfire Risk and Housing Prices: A Case Study from Colorado Springs pp. 217-233 Downloads
Geoffrey H. Donovan, Patricia A. Champ and David T. Butry
Valuing Groundwater Recharge in an Urban Context pp. 234-252 Downloads
Bowman Cutter W.
Hedonic Onsight Cost Model of Recreation Demand pp. 253-267 Downloads
Craig Landry and Kenneth McConnell

Volume 83, issue 1, 2007

Recent Developments in Fisheries Economics: An Introduction pp. 1-5 Downloads
Ussif Sumaila, Gordon R. Munro and Jon G. Sutinen
Chasing the Spillovers: Locating Protected Areas in a Trans-Boundary Fishery pp. 6-22 Downloads
Arjan Ruijs and John Janmaat
Early Attempts at Establishing Exclusive Rights in the British Columbia Salmon Fishery pp. 23-40 Downloads
Frank Millerd
Individual Vessel Quotas and Increased Fishing Pressure on Unregulated Species pp. 41-49 Downloads
Frank Asche, Daniel Gordon and Carsten Jensen
Buyback Subsidies, the Time Consistency Problem, and the ITQ Alternative pp. 50-58 Downloads
Colin W. Clark, Gordon R. Munro and Ussif Sumaila
Generating Value in Habitat-Dependent Fisheries: The Importance of Fishery Management Institutions pp. 59-73 Downloads
Martin D. Smith
A Simple Empirical Model of Data Fouling by High-Grading in Capture Fisheries pp. 74-85 Downloads
Michael Wernerheim C. and Richard L. Haedrich
Improving Utilization of the Atlantic Sea Scallop Resource: An Analysis of Rotational Management of Fishing Grounds pp. 86-103 Downloads
Diego Valderrama and James Anderson
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