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2017, volume 11

Are Spanish companies involved in profit shifting? Consequences in terms of tax revenues No 2017-1, 47 pages Downloads
Ángela Castillo Murciego and Julio López-Laborda
"Completing Europe's eonomic and Monetary Union": Any support from the citizens? No 2017-10, 26 pages Downloads
Francesco Farina and Roberto Tamborini
Gains from trade due to within-firm productivity: Does services exporting matter? No 2017-11, 17 pages Downloads
N. Nergiz Dincer and Ayca Tekin-Koru
Exchange rate implications of Border Tax Adjustment neutrality No 2017-12, 41 pages Downloads
Willem H. Buiter
A replication of four quasi-experiments and three facts from "The effect of file sharing on record sales: an empirical analysis" (Journal of Political Economy, 2007) No 2017-13, 22 pages Downloads
Stan J. Liebowitz
On the return-volatility relationship in the Bitcoin market around the price crash of 2013 No 2017-2, 16 pages Downloads
Elie Bouri, Georges Azzi and Anne Haubo Dyhrberg
Private health expenditures and environmental quality No 2017-3, 24 pages Downloads
Fatma Safi and Lobna Ben Hassen
Testing the convergence hypothesis for OECD countries: A reappraisal No 2017-4, 22 pages Downloads
Maria Dolores Gadea Rivas and Isabel Sanz Villarroya
Reexamining the Schmalensee effect No 2017-5, 12 pages Downloads
Jeong-Yoo Kim and Nathan Berg
A financially stressed euro area No 2017-6, 37 pages Downloads
Marcus Kappler and Frauke Schleer
Does financial VAT affect the size of the financial sector? No 2017-7, 28 pages Downloads
Julio López-Laborda and Guillermo Peña
Gendered economic policy making: The case of public expenditures on family allowances No 2017-8, 28 pages Downloads
Oznur Ozdamar
Global shocks and their impact on the Tanzanian economy No 2017-9, 38 pages Downloads
Fiseha Haile

2016, volume 10

Decision-making under radical uncertainty: An interpretation of Keynes' treatise No 2016-1, 31 pages Downloads
David Marsay
Passive unilateral cross-ownership and strategic trade policy No 2016-10, 22 pages Downloads
Luciano Fanti and Domenico Buccella
Institutions and Investment in the South and East Asia and Pacific Region: Evidence from Meta-Analysis No 2016-11, 48 pages Downloads
Sridevi Yerrabati and Denise Donna Hawkes
Does the explanatory power of the OLI approach differ among sectors and business functions? Evidence from firm-level data No 2016-12, 46 pages Downloads
Spyros Arvanitis, Heinz Hollenstein and Tobias Stucki
The relationship between social capital and self-reported health in China No 2016-13, 44 pages Downloads
Xindong Xue, Erxiao Mo and W. Reed
Energy consumption and the size of the informal economy No 2016-14, 28 pages Downloads
Mustafa Metin Basbay, Ceyhun Elgin and Orhan Torul
The corporate social responsibility is just a twist in a Möbius strip No 2016-15, 24 pages Downloads
Nazaria Solferino and Viviana Solferino
The coming breakthrough in risk research No 2016-16, 28 pages Downloads
Carlo Jaeger
A double-edged sword: High interest rates in capital control regimes No 2016-17, 38 pages Downloads
Gudmundur S. Gudmundsson and Gylfi Zoega
Distance and border effects in international trade: A comparison of estimation methods No 2016-18, 31 pages Downloads
Glenn Magerman, Zuzanna Studnicka and Jan Van Hove
Measuring the instability of China's financial system: Indices construction and an early warning system No 2016-19, 41 pages Downloads
Lixin Sun and Yuqin Huang
Government deficits in large open economies: The problem of too little public debt No 2016-2, 39 pages Downloads
Willem Buiter and Anne C. Sibert
What drives long-term oil market volatility? Fundamentals versus speculation No 2016-20, 26 pages Downloads
Libo Yin and Yimin Zhou
The lumpiness of German exports and imports of goods No 2016-21, 38 pages Downloads
Joachim Wagner
Dynamic pricing with reference price dependence No 2016-22, 17 pages Downloads
Régis Chenavaz
Decision making in times of Knightian uncertainty: An info-gap perspective No 2016-23, 30 pages Downloads
Yakov Ben-Haim and Maria Demertzis
The order of knowledge and robust action: How to deal with economic uncertainty? No 2016-24, 30 pages Downloads
Josef Falkinger
Does uncertainty affect non-response to the European Central Bank's survey of professional forecasters? No 2016-25, 47 pages Downloads
Víctor López-Pérez
Automatic identification of general vector error correction models No 2016-26, 41 pages Downloads
Ignacio Arbués, Ramiro Ledo and Mariano Matilla-García
The role of economic policy uncertainty in predicting U.S. recessions: A mixed-frequency Markov-switching vector autoregressive approach No 2016-27, 20 pages Downloads
Mehmet Balcilar, Rangan Gupta and Mawuli Segnon
Do smoking bans always hurt the gaming industry? Differentiated impacts on the market value of casino firms in Macao No 2016-28, 32 pages Downloads
Jing Hua Zhang, Kwo Ping Tam and Nan Zhou
Job placement agencies in an artificial labor market No 2016-29, 54 pages Downloads
Marcin Wozniak
Uncertainty: A diagrammatic treatment No 2016-3, 25 pages Downloads
Sheila Dow
The effects of competitiveness on trade balance: The case of Southern Europe No 2016-30, 27 pages Downloads
Oscar Bajo-Rubio, Burcu Berke and Vicente Esteve
Prudential regulation in an artificial banking system No 2016-31, 55 pages Downloads
Pedro Dias Quinaz and José Dias Curto
Comparing persistence of product and process innovation: A discrete-time duration analysis of innovation spells No 2016-32, 35 pages Downloads
David Córcoles, Angela Triguero Cano and María Carmen Cuerva
Doing rawls justice: Evidence from the PSID No 2016-33, 39 pages Downloads
Antonio Abatemarco
Do transfer costs matter for foreign remittances? No 2016-4, 36 pages Downloads
Junaid Ahmed and Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso
Issues in the estimation of dynamic happiness models: A comment on "does childhood predict adult life satisfaction?" No 2016-5, 6 pages Downloads
Alan Piper and Geoffrey T. Pugh
Agent-based modeling for decision making in economics under uncertainty No 2016-6, 33 pages Downloads
Ben Vermeulen and Andreas Pyka
Idealizations of Uncertainty, and Lessons from Artificial Intelligence No 2016-7, 40 pages Downloads
Robert Elliott Smith
Exporting firm dynamics and productivity growth: Evidence from China No 2016-8, 31 pages Downloads
Xiaobing Huang and Xiaolian Liu
A historical analysis of the US stock price index using empirical mode decomposition over 1791-2015 No 2016-9, 15 pages Downloads
Aviral Tiwari, Arif B. Dar, Niyati Bhanja and Rangan Gupta

2015, volume 9

Distance, production, virtual trade and growth: A note No 2015-1, 12 pages Downloads
Biswajit Mandal
Modelling the economic impacts of climate change on global and European agriculture: Review of economic structural approaches No 2015-10, 53 pages Downloads
Francisco J. Fernández and Maria Blanco
Meta-analysis in a nutshell: Techniques and general findings No 2015-11, 14 pages Downloads
Martin Paldam
Discounting, beyond utilitarianism No 2015-12, 52 pages Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey and Stéphane Zuber
What have economists been doing for the last 50 years? A text analysis of published academic research from 1960-2010 No 2015-13, 38 pages Downloads
Lea-Rachel Kosnik
The inner structure of pyramid and capital structure: Evidence from China No 2015-14, 30 pages Downloads
Kun Su
Costs of trade and self-selection into exporting and importing: The case of Turkish manufacturing firms No 2015-15, 28 pages Downloads
Başak Dalgıç, Burcu Fazlıoğlu and Michael Gasiorek
Multinational versus national firms on capital adjustment costs: A structural approach No 2015-16, 22 pages Downloads
Athanasios Lapatinas
Reducing severance costs or subsidizing permanent job creation: Which policy is more effective to reduce duality? No 2015-17, 35 pages Downloads
Victoria Osuna
Credit constraints and the extensive margins of exports: First evidence for German manufacturing No 2015-18, 17 pages Downloads
Joachim Wagner
Does growth attract FDI? No 2015-19, 35 pages Downloads
Sasi Iamsiraroj and Hristos Doucouliagos
Indirect taxation, public pricing and price cap regulation: A synthesis No 2015-2, 39 pages Downloads
Edilio Valentini
Exit from exporting: Does being a two-way trader matter? No 2015-20, 27 pages Downloads
Carmen Diaz-Mora, David Córcoles and Rosario Gandoy
Anchoring in economics: On Frey and Gallus on the aggregation of behavioural anomalies No 2015-21, 25 pages Downloads
Peter Earl
The export-productivity link for Brazilian manufacturing firms No 2015-22, 31 pages Downloads
Xavier Cirera, Daniel Lederman, Juan A. Máñez, María E. Rochina and Juan A. Sanchis
A microeconometric analysis of the springboard subsidiary: The case of Spanish firms No 2015-23, 34 pages Downloads
Carolina Caicedo Marulanda, José Pla-Barber, Fidel León Darder and Jhon Mora
Knightian uncertainty and stock-price movements: Why the REH present-value model failed empirically No 2015-24, 50 pages Downloads
Roman Frydman, Michael D. Goldberg and Nicholas Mangee
Field experimental evidence on gender discrimination in hiring: Biased as Heckman and Siegelman predicted? No 2015-25, 11 pages Downloads
Stijn Baert
Political risk guarantees and capital flows: The role of bilateral investment treaties No 2015-26, 38 pages Downloads
Wasseem Mina
Do soaring global oil prices heat up the housing market? Evidence from Malaysia No 2015-27, 30 pages Downloads
Thai-Ha Le
Urban house prices: A tale of 48 cities No 2015-28, 43 pages Downloads
Konstantin Kholodilin and Dirk Ulbricht
Pricing as a risky choice: Uncertainty and survival in a monopoly market No 2015-29, 22 pages Downloads
Per Andersen and Henrik Vetter
Entrepreneurship, knowledge, and the industrial revolution No 2015-3, 54 pages Downloads
M. Aykut Attar
A Monte Carlo analysis of alternative meta-analysis estimators in the presence of publication bias No 2015-30, 40 pages Downloads
W. Reed
Bayesian averaging vs. dynamic factor models for forecasting economic aggregates with tendency survey data No 2015-31, 37 pages Downloads
Piotr Bialowolski, Tomasz Kuszewski and Bartosz Witkowski
Export behaviour of micro firms in the Swedish computer and business service industries No 2015-32, 24 pages Downloads
Martin Falk and Eva Hagsten
A reconsideration of multiple equilibria in the analysis of one-period government bonds with default risk No 2015-33, 52 pages Downloads
Yanling Guo
Choice of foreign R&D entry mode and its relation to firm performance: A firm-level analysis for Switzerland and Austria No 2015-34, 47 pages Downloads
Heinz Hollenstein and Martin Berger
Effects of the US stock market return and volatility on the VKOSPI No 2015-35, 34 pages Downloads
Heejoon Han, Ali Kutan and Doojin Ryu
Regional estimates of multidimensional poverty in India No 2015-36, 35 pages Downloads
Bidyadhar Dehury and Sanjay K. Mohanty
On the size of sheepskin effects: A meta-analysis No 2015-37, 18 pages Downloads
Jhon Mora and Juan Muro
Imported inputs and Egyptian exports: Exploring the links No 2015-38, 31 pages Downloads
María Dolores Parra and Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso
Determinants of immigrant apprehensions: The case of U.S. immigration No 2015-39, 25 pages Downloads
Bilol Buzurukov and Byeong-Wan Lee
Income inequality and health: Evidence from developed and developing countries No 2015-4, 56 pages Downloads
Dierk Herzer and Peter Nunnenkamp
The growth effects of R&D spending in the EU: A meta-analysis No 2015-40, 26 pages Downloads
Ari Kokko, Patrik Tingvall and Josefin Videnord
The economics of radical uncertainty No 2015-41, 20 pages Downloads
Paul Ormerod
What determines whether preferential liberalization of barriers against foreign investors in services are beneficial or immizerising: Application to the case of Kenya No 2015-42, 134 pages Downloads
Edward Balistreri, Jesper Jensen and David Tarr
FTA effects on agricultural trade with matching approaches No 2015-43, 26 pages Downloads
GaSeul Lee and Song Soo Lim
On the efficiency of labor market reforms: How to solve the Spanish puzzle? No 2015-44, 30 pages Downloads
Stephen Sacht
Incentives in supply function equilibrium No 2015-5, 20 pages Downloads
Henrik Vetter
Conflict in the profit-led growth model No 2015-6, 9 pages Downloads
Romar Correa
Resurgence of the endogeneity-backed instrumental variable methods No 2015-7, 35 pages Downloads
Duo Qin
Enjoyment takes time: Some implications for choice theory No 2015-8, 40 pages Downloads
Sergio Nisticò
Sovereign credit ratings and the transnationalization of finance: Evidence from a gravity model of portfolio investment No 2015-9, 54 pages Downloads
Finn Körner and Hans-Michael Trautwein
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