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From Université catholique de Louvain, Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE)
Voie du Roman Pays 34, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium).
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1994010: Time-Consistent Criminal Sanctions Downloads
Robin Boadway, Nicolas Marceau and Maurice Marchand
1994009: Dynamic Capital Interactions, Externalities and Trade Downloads
Manjira Datta and Leonard Mirman
1994008: On the Role of Paper Money in General Equilibrium Model without Transactions Costs Downloads
Atsushi Kajii
1994007: Another Look at the American Electrical Utility Data Downloads
Christian Ritter and Leopold Simar
1994006: Externalities and Price Dynamics Downloads
Manjira Datta
1994005: On the Logic of Common Belief and Common Knowledge Downloads
Luc Lismont and Philippe Mongin
1994004: Unawareness: A Formal Theory of Unforeseen Contingencies. Part II Downloads
Salvatore Modica and Aldo Rustichini
1994003: A Method of Estimating the Average Derivative Downloads
Anurag N. Banerjeeâ
1994002: Alternative Notions of Knowledge Downloads
Stephen Morrisâ
1994001: A Nonadditive Probability Model of Individual Choice Downloads
Antoine Billot and Jacques Thisse
1993057: Stochastic Frontiers: A Semiparametric Approach Downloads
Byeong Park, Robin Sickles and Leopold Simar
1993056: Tariff Policy and Multinational Firms: How to Jump Tariff Jumping Downloads
Tito Cordella and Stefano Vannini
1993055: Generic Existence of Competitive Equilibria when the Asset Market is Incomplete: A Symmetric Argument Downloads
Heracles Polemarchakis and Paolo Siconolfi
1993054: Knowledge at Equilibrium Downloads
Enrico Minelli and Heracles Polemarchakis
1993053: Coalition-Proof Correlated Equilibrium: A Definition Downloads
Indrajit Rayâ
1993052: Signal Extraction in Presence of Infrequent Shocks Downloads
Marco Bianchiâ
1993051: Infrequent Shocks in the US Nominal Wage Series Downloads
Marco Bianchi
1993050: Segmented Regressions and Causality (with applications to macroeconomic time series) Downloads
Marco Bianchiâ
1993049: A Tactical Planning Model for Mixed-Model Electronics Assembly Operations Downloads
Anantaram Balakrishnan and François Vanderbeck,
1993048: Relative Utilitarianism Downloads
Amrita Dhillon and Jean-François Mertens
1993047: The Formulation of Uncertainty: Prices and States Downloads
Jacques H. Drezeâ
1993046: A Non-Minimal but Very Weak Axiomatization of Common Belief Downloads
Philippe Monginâ
1993045: Profile Methods Downloads
Christian Ritter and Douglas M. Bates
1993044: Stability in Generalised Assignment Models: Some Concepts and an Application to Technology Transfer Downloads
Prabal Ray Chaudhuri
1993043: A Note on Pareto Optimality in Differential Information Economies Downloads
, Françoise Forgesâ
1993042: Markets, Arbitrage and Social Choices Downloads
Graciela Chichilniskyâ
1993041: Bequests as a heir: "Discipline device" Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Pierre Pestiau
1993040: Location on Networks Downloads
Martine Labbe, Dominique Peeters and Jacques Thisse
1993039: Belief Closure: A Semantics of Common Knowledge for Modal Propositional Logic Downloads
Luc Lismont and Philippe Mongin
1993038: A Cutting Plane Approach to Capacitated Lost-Sizing with Start-Up Costs Downloads
Miguel Constantinoâ
1993037: Regions of Europe: A Feasible Status, to be discussed Downloads
Jacques H. Drezeâ
1993036: Unawareness: A Formal Theory of Unforeseen Contingencies. Part I Downloads
Salvatore Modica and Aldo Rustichini
1993035: Delegation in a Vertically Differentiated Duopoly Downloads
Fatima Barros and Isabel Grilo
1993034: Equilibrium with Incomplete Financial Markets: Uniqueness of Equilibrium Expectations and Real Indeterminacy Downloads
Tito Pietra and Paolo Siconolfi
1993033: Trade and Welfare Downloads
Tito Cordella, Enrico Minelli and Heracles Polemarchakis
1993032: Diverging Patterns in a Two Country Model with Endogenous Labor Migration Downloads
Pietro Reichlin and Aldo Rustichini
1993031: Testing for Continuous-Time Models of the Short-Term Interest Rate Downloads
Laurence Broze, Olivier Scaillet and Jean-Michel Zakoianâ
1993030: Liquidity and Financial Intermediation Downloads
Jayasri Dutta and Sandeep Kapur
1993029: On Asymptotically Exact Testing of Nonparametric Hypotheses Downloads
Oleg V. Lepskiiâ
1993028: The Value of Failure Downloads
Hh. Haller and A. Pavlopoulos
1993027: Model Selection and Variable Transformations in Nonlinear Regression Downloads
Olaf Bunke, Bernd Droge and Jörg Polzehl,
1993026: Learning by Observation within the Firm Downloads
Jayasri Dutta and Kislaya Prasad
1993025: A Bootstrap Test for Single Index Models Downloads
Wolfgang Hã„rdle, and sabel M. Diasâ Proenca
1993024: Reparameterization and Estimation in Unit Root Equations Downloads
Van Hoa Tran
1993023: Capacitated Facility Location: Valid Inequalities and Facets Downloads
Karen Aardal, Yves Pochet and Laurence A. Wolsey
1993022: Non-Cooperative Implementation in an Assignment Model Downloads
Prabal R. Chaudhuriâ
1993021: Optimal Taxation and Provision of Public Goods with Non Linear Income and Linear Commodity Taxes in a Two Class Economy Downloads
Mario Navaâ Â, Maurice Marchandâ and Fred Schroyen
1993020: Projection Pursuit Discriminant Analysis Downloads
, Jörg Polzehlâ
1993019: Consistent Bayesian Aggregation Downloads
Philippe Mongin
1993018: Examining the Economic / Econometric Relevance of Discretizing Panel Data: An Application to the Belgian Labour Market Downloads
E. Cahuzac, M. Mouchart and B. Vanâ Derâ Linden
1993017: Learning about Variable Demand in the Long Run Downloads
Aldo Rustichini and Asher Wolinskyâ
1993016: Non-Parametric Efficiency, Progress and Regress Measures for Panel Data: Methodological Aspects Downloads
Henry Tulkens and Philippe Vandenâ Eeckaut
1993015: Optimal Dimensioning of Pipe Networks with Application to Gas Transmission Networks Downloads
Daniel Deâ Wolf and Yves Smeers
1993014: Efficient Estimation of Average Derivative Downloads
Ildar A. Ibragimovâ
1993013: Covariance Estimators and Adjusted Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Method Downloads
Laurence Broze and Christian Gourierouxâ
1993012: Stationary Temporary Equilibrium in a Model of Trade and Optimal Accumulation Downloads
Manjira Dattaâ
1993011: Optimal intergenerational transfers in an endogenous growth model with fertility change Downloads
Maurice Marchand, Philippe Michel and Pierre Pestieau
1993010: Polyhedra for Lot-Sizing with Wagner-Whitin Costs Downloads
Yves Pochet and Laurence A. Wolsey
1993009: Five Legitimate Definitions of Correlated Equilibrium in Games with Incomplete Information Downloads
, Françoise Forgesâ
1993008: Moral Hazard in Teams and Repeated Partnership: The Role of Information Quality Downloads
Claude d ASPREMONT and Louis-André Gérard-Varet
1993007: Comparative Advantage under Oligopoly Downloads
Tito Cordella and Jean Gabszewicz
1993006: An Exact Algorithm for Maximum Entropy Sampling Downloads
Chun-Wa Ko, Jon Lee and Maurice Queyranne
1993005: On the Performance of the H-H Test Downloads
Isabelle Proencaâ
1993004: The Provision of Information on a Market with Vertically Differentiated Goods Downloads
David Sevyâ
1993003: Repeated Games and the Central Limit Theorem Downloads
Bernard Deâ Meyerâ
1993002: On the Relationship between Mutation Rates and Growth Rates in a Changing Environment Downloads
Elchanan Ben Porath, Eddie Dekel and Aldo Rustichini
1993001: Cournot-Walras and Cournot Equilibria in Mixed Markets: A Comparison Downloads
Giulio Codognatoâ
1992063: '1 Market + 1 (Tight) Money = 2 Rules of Fiscal Discipline': Europe's Fiscal Stance deserves Another Look Downloads
Jacques H. Drezeâ
1992062: The Volume of the Relaxed Boolean Quadric Polytope Downloads
Chun-Wa Ko, Jon Lee and Einar Steingrimsson
1992061: Mixed Duopoly under Vertical Differentiation: a Stackelberg-Nash-Cournot equilibrium model Downloads
Isabel Grilo
1992060: A Parallel Block Cholesky Factorization for Staircase Linear Programming Problems Downloads
Etienne Loute and Jean-Philippe Vial
1992059: On the Distribution of Jumps of the Dirichlet Process Downloads
Jean-Marie Rolinâ
1992058: A Stochastic Version of a Stackelberg-Nash-Cournot Equilibrium Model Downloads
Daniel Deâ Wolf and Yves Smeers
1992057: General equilibrium concepts under imperfect competition: a Cournotion approach Downloads
Claude d'Aspremont, R. Dos Santos and Louis-André Gã‰rard-Varet,
1992056: Non Linear ARX-Models: Probabilistic Properties and Consistent Recursive Estimation Downloads
P. Doukhan and Alexandre Tsybakov
1992055: A New Approach to Minimising the Frontwidth in Finite Element Calculations Downloads
Cc. Deâ Souza, R. Keunings, Laurence Wolsey and O. Zone
1992054: Estimating the Time-of-Day Electricity Demand by Using the Constrained Smoothing Spline Estimator Downloads
Juan M. Rodriguez-Pooâ
1992053: A Note on Redistributions and Gains from Trade Downloads
Tito Cordella and Luigi Ventura
1992052: Estimating End-Use Demand: A Bayesian Approach Downloads
Luc Bauwens, Denzil Fiebig and Mark Steel
1992051: Patterns of trade and oligopoly equilibria: an example Downloads
Tito Cordella
1992050: Optimizing constrained subtrees of trees Downloads
El Houssaine Aghezzaf, Thomas Magnanti and Laurence Wolsey
1992049: Minimax linewise algorithm for image reconstruction Downloads
A. Korostelev and Alexandre Tsybakov
1992048: Some connections between epistemic logic and the theory of nonadditive probability Downloads
Philippe Mongin
1992047: Oligopoly equilibria in exchange economies Downloads
Jean Gabszewicz and Philippe Michel
1992046: Probabilistic voting and platform selection in multi-party elections Downloads
Simon Anderson, A. Katz and Jacques Thisse
1992045: Efficiency wages and underemployment in the long run Downloads
Jayasri Dutta
1992044: Monotonicity and the fair assignment solution Downloads
Ahmet Alkan
1992043: Technological linkages and efficient location of indivisible activities: Koopmans-Beckmann and Von Thünen unified Downloads
Masahisa Fujita and Jacques Thisse
1992042: The acid rain game as a resource allocation process with an application to the cooperation among Finland, Russia, and Estonia Downloads
Veijo Kaitala, Karl Mã„ler, and Henry Tulkens
1992041: Numerical experiments with the symmetric affine scaling algorithm on degenerate linear programming problems Downloads
Jorge Amaya
1992040: Volunteer work and club size: Nash equilibrium and optimality Downloads
Vicky Barham, Robin Boadway, Maurice Marchand and Pierre Pestieau
1992039: Perfect correlated equilibria Downloads
Amrita Dhillon and Jean-François Mertens
1992038: Approximate HPD regions for testing residual autocorrelation using augmented regressions Downloads
Luc Bauwens and A. Rasquero
1992037: Nonparametric approaches to generalized linear models Downloads
Wolfgang Hã„rdle, and Berwin Turlach
1992036: Incentive schemes as strategic variables: an application to a mixed duopoly Downloads
Fatima Barros
1992035: Commodity taxation in a differentiated oligopoly Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Jacques Thisse
1992034: The private provision of public good in the case of satiation points: The case of a quasi-linear economy Downloads
Alain Trannoy, B. Caralp, Jean-Luc Prigent and Y. Richelle
1992033: Constrained nonparametric regression Downloads
Juan Rodriguez-Poo
1992032: On direction methods for average derivative estimation Downloads
Barwin Turlach
1992031: Competitive spatial price discrimination with capacity constraints Downloads
Jonathan Hamilton and Jacques Thisse
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