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12047: Lags, Costs and Shocks: An Equilibrium Model of the Oil Industry Downloads
Gideon Bornstein, Per Krusell and Sérgio Rebelo
12046: Product Choice and Price Discrimination in Markets with Search Costs Downloads
Natalia Fabra and Juan Pablo Montero
12045: Imperfect Financial Markets and Shareholder Incentives in Partial and General Equilibrium Downloads
Elias Albagli, Christian Hellwig and Aleh Tsyvinski
12044: Sales and Markup Dispersion: Theory and Empirics Downloads
Monika Mrazova, J Peter Neary and Mathieu Parenti
12043: Safe Assets Downloads
Robert J. Barro, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Oren Levintal and Andrew Mollerus
12042: Beresford's Revenge: British equity holdings in Latin America, 1869-1929 Downloads
Richard Grossman
12041: The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms Downloads
David Autor, David Dorn, Lawrence Katz, Christina Patterson and John van Reenen
12040: Financial Conglomerate Affiliated Hedge Funds: Risk Taking Behavior and Liquidity Provision Downloads
Francesco Franzoni and Mariassunta Giannetti
12039: The Fiscal-Monetary Policy Mix in the Euro Area: Challenges at the Zero Lower Bound Downloads
Athanasios Orphanides
12038: Lessons Unlearned? Corporate Debt in Emerging Markets Downloads
Laura Alfaro, Gonzalo Asis, Anusha Chari and Ugo Panizza
12037: State Capacity and Public Goods: Institutional Change, Human Capital, and Growth in Historic Germany Downloads
Jeremiah Dittmar and Ralf Meisenzahl
12036: Bounded Rationality And Learning: A Framework and A Robustness Result Downloads
Aislinn Bohren and Daniel Hauser
12035: The Distributional Consequences of Large Devaluations Downloads
Javier Cravino and Andrei Levchenko
12034: Intertemporal Price Discrimination with Multiple Products Downloads
Jean-Charles Rochet and John Thanassoulis
12033: Corporate Leverage and Employees' Rights in Bankruptcy Downloads
Andrew Ellul and Marco Pagano
12032: U.S. Immigration Reform and the Dynamics of Mexican Migration Downloads
Khulan Altangerel and Jan C. van Ours
12031: Evaluation of the Reggio Approach to Early Education Downloads
Pietro Biroli, Daniela Del Boca, James Heckman, Yu Kyung Koh, Sylvi Kuperman, Sidhardth Moktan, Lynne Pettler Heckman, Chiara Pronzato and Anna Ziff
12030: Unemployment Insurance and Reservation Wages: Evidence from Administrative Data Downloads
Thomas Le Barbanchon, Roland Rathelot and Alexandra Roulet
12029: Trend TFP Growth in the United States: Forecasts versus Outcomes Downloads
Nicholas Crafts and Terence C Mills
12028: Overpersistence Bias in Individual Income Expectations and its Aggregate Implications Downloads
Filip Rozsypal and Kathrin Schlafmann
12027: The impact of macroprudential policies and their interaction with monetary policy: an empirical analysis using credit registry data Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta and Andrés Murcia
12026: Globalization and Executive Compensation Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Will Olney
12025: Asymmetric Consumption Effects of Transitory Income Shocks Downloads
Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli, Luigi Pistaferri and Maarten Van Rooij
12024: Systematic Monetary Policy and the Macroeconomic Effects of Shifts in Loan-to-Value Ratios Downloads
Rüdiger Bachmann and Sebastian Rueth
12023: Marginal Deterrence at Work Downloads
Rosario Crinò, Giovanni Immordino and Salvatore Piccolo
12022: How Important are Spillovers from Major Emerging Markets? Downloads
Raju Huidrom, Ayhan Kose and Franziska Ohnsorge
12021: Adapting to Radical Change: The Benefits of Short-Horizon Investors Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti and Xiaoyun Yu
12020: Monetary-Fiscal Interactions and the Euro Area's Malaise Downloads
Marek Jarociński and Bartosz Adam Mackowiak
12019: Global earnings inequality, 1970-2015 Downloads
Olle Hammar and Daniel Waldenström
12018: Job-related Mobility and Plant Performance in Sweden Downloads
Rikard Eriksson and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
12017: Is Europe an Optimal Political Area? Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Guido Tabellini and Francesco Trebbi
12016: The effects of Fiscal Consolidations: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Omar Barbiero, Carlo A. Favero, Francesco Giavazzi and Matteo Paradisi
12015: Survivor: Three Principles of Economics Lessons as Taught by a Reality Television Show Downloads
Dean S. Karlan
12014: Limited Attention, Salience and Changing Prices: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Online Supermarket Shopping Downloads
Kfir Eliaz, Orli Oren-Kolbinger and Sarit Weisburd
12013: Model Uncertainty in Macroeconomics: On the Implications of Financial Frictions Downloads
Michael Binder, Philipp Lieberknecht, Jorge Quintana and Volker Wieland
12012: Decentralization and Efficiency of Subsidy Targeting: Evidence from Chiefs in Rural Malawi Downloads
Pia Basurto, Pascaline Dupas and Jonathan Robinson
12011: Monetary Policy at Work: Security and Credit Application Registers Evidence Downloads
Jose-Luis Peydro, Andrea Polo and Enrico Sette
12010: Are Mutual Fund Managers Paid For Investment Skill? Downloads
Marcus Ibert, Ron Kaniel, Stijn van Nieuwerburgh and Roine Vestman
12009: Bank sectoral concentration and (systemic) risk: Evidence from a worldwide sample of banks Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Olivier De Jonghe and Klaas Mulier
12008: How post-crisis regulation has affected bank CEO compensation Downloads
Vittoria Cerasi, Sebastian Deininger, Leonardo Gambacorta and Tommaso Oliviero
12007: Are risk-based capital requirements detrimental to corporate lending? Evidence from Europe Downloads
Brunella Bruno, Giacomo Nocera and Andrea Cesare Resti
12006: Suitable or non-suitable? An investigation of Eurozone SME access to market-based finance Downloads
Paola Bongini, Annalisa Ferrando, Emanuele Rossi and Monica Rossolini
12005: Whatever it takes: The Real Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy Downloads
Viral V Acharya, Tim Eisert, Christian Eufinger and Christian Hirsch
12004: From Start-up to Scale-up: Examining Public Policies for the Financing of High-Growth Ventures Downloads
Gilles Durufle, Thomas F Hellmann and Karen Wilson
12003: Financial frictions and corporate investment in bad times. Who cut back most? Downloads
Brunella Bruno, D'Onofrio, Alexandra and Immacolata Marino
12002: Determinants of bank lending in Europe and the United States: Evidence from crisis and post-crisis years Downloads
Brunella Bruno, D'Onofrio, Alexandra and Immacolata Marino
12001: Who gets the urban surplus? Downloads
Paul Collier and Anthony Venables
12000: On the Joint Evolution of Culture and Institutions Downloads
Alberto Bisin and Thierry Verdier
11999: Unreal Wages? Real Income and Economic Growth in England, 1260-1850 Downloads
Jane Humphries and Jacob Weisdorf
11998: U.S. municipal yields and unfunded state pension liabilities Downloads
Roel Beetsma, Zina Lekniute and Eduard Ponds
11997: Dissecting US recoveries Downloads
Maria Dolores Gadea Rivas, Ana Gómez Loscos and Gabriel Pérez-Quirós
11996: Moving On Up for High School Graduates in Russia: The Consequences of the Uni ed State Exam Reform Downloads
Marco Francesconi, Fabian Slonimczyk and Anna Yurko
11995: What Drives Differences in Management? Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Erik Brynjolfsson, Lucia Foster, Ron Jarmin, Megha Patnaik, Itay Saporta-Eksten and John van Reenen
11994: Cities, Towns, and Poverty: Migration Equilibrium and Income Distribution in a Todaro-type Model with Multiple Destinations Downloads
Luc Christiaensen, Joachim De Weerdt and Ravi Kanbur
11993: Canary in a Coalmine: Securities Lending Predicting the Performance of Securitized Bonds Downloads
Elisabeth Kempf, Alberto Manconi and Massimo Massa
11992: Corporate Bond Guarantees and The Value of Financial Flexibility Downloads
Michela Altieri, Alberto Manconi and Massimo Massa
11991: Much Ado About Nothing: Is the Market Affected by Political Bias? Downloads
Mancy Luo, Alberto Manconi and Massimo Massa
11990: Inefficient Globalization of Finance: Evidence from Marketing-Oriented Overseas Expansions of Low-Skilled Mutual Fund Families Downloads
Si Cheng, Massimo Massa and Hong Zhang
11989: The New Keynesian Cross: Understanding Monetary Policy with Hand-to-Mouth Households Downloads
Florin Ovidiu Bilbiie
11988: The Unexpected Activeness of Passive Investors: A World-Wide Analysis of ETFs Downloads
Si Cheng, Massimo Massa and Hong Zhang
11987: Choices in Equity Finance A Global Perspective Downloads
Moqi Groen-Xu, Massimo Massa, Virginie Mataigne and Theo Vermaelen
11986: Mergers and Acquisitions and the Value of Control Downloads
Gur Aminadav, Massimo Massa, Hong Zhang and Weikang Zhu
11985: Competition in Agricultural Markets: An Experimental Approach Downloads
Lorenzo Casaburi and Tristan Reed
11984: On the Rewards to International Investing: A Safe Haven Currency Perspective Downloads
Jean-Pierre Danthine and Samuel Danthine
11983: Gradual Portfolio Adjustment: Implications for Global Equity Portfolios and Returns Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
11982: Differences in positions along a hierarchy: Counterfactuals based on an assignment model Downloads
Laurent Gobillon, Dominique Meurs and Sébastien Roux
11981: Household Matters: Revisiting the Returns to Capital among Female Micro-entrepreneurs Downloads
Arielle Bernhardt, Erica Field, Rohini Pande and Natalia Rigol
11980: Wedges: Distribution, Distortions, and Market Integration Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
11979: Turbulence, Firm Decentralization and Growth in Bad Times Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Nicholas Bloom, Brian Lucking, Raffaella Sadun and John van Reenen
11978: Population Aging, Social Security and Fiscal Limits Downloads
Burkhard Heer, Vito Polito and Michael R. Wickens
11977: Early agglomeration or late agglomeration?: Two phases of development with spatial sorting Downloads
Rikard Forslid and Toshihiro Okubo
11976: Spatial Competition, Innovation and Institutions: The Industrial Revolution and the Great Divergence Downloads
Klaus Desmet, Avner Greif and Stephen L. Parente
11975: The Good and the Bad Fiscal Theory of the Price Level Downloads
Willem H. Buiter
11974: Are stock-financed takeovers opportunistic? Downloads
B Espen Eckbo, Tanakorn Makaew and Karin S Thorburn
11973: Growing, Shrinking and Long Run Economic Performance: Historical Perspectives on Economic Development Downloads
Stephen Broadberry and John Wallis
11972: China, Europe and the great Divergence: A Study in Historical National Accounting, 980-1850 Downloads
Stephen Broadberry, Hanhui Guan and David Daokui Li
11971: Japan and the Great Divergence, 730-1874 Downloads
Jean-Pascal Bassino, Stephen Broadberry, Kyoji Fukao, Bishnupriya Gupta and Masanori Takashima
11970: The Quanto Theory of Exchange Rates Downloads
Lukas Kremens and Ian Martin
11969: Negative interest rates in Switzerland: What have we learned? Downloads
Jean-Pierre Danthine
11968: Individuals and Organizations as Sources of State Effectiveness, and Consequences for Policy Design Downloads
Michael Best, Jonas Hjort and David Szakonyi
11967: Functional Upgrading in China's Export Processing Sector Downloads
Ari Van Assche and Johannes Van Biesebroeck
11966: A Central Bank Theory of Price Level Determination Downloads
Pierpaolo Benigno
11965: Learning about the Enforcement of Conditional Welfare Programs: Evidence from Brazil Downloads
Fernanda Brollo, Katja Kaufmann and Eliana La Ferrara
11964: The Political Economy of Program Enforcement: Evidence from Brazil Downloads
Fernanda Brollo, Katja Kaufmann and Eliana La Ferrara
11963: Precaution Versus Mercantilism: Reserve Accumulation, Capital Controls, and the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Woo Jin Choi and Alan M. Taylor
11962: Attrition in Randomized Control Trials: Using tracking information to correct bias Downloads
Karen Macours and Teresa Molina Millan
11961: Credit Ratings and Market Information Downloads
Alessio Piccolo and Joel Shapiro
11960: CEO Behavior and Firm Performance Downloads
Oriana Bandiera, Stephen Hansen, Andrea Prat and Raffaella Sadun
11959: The Benefits from Foreign Direct Investment in a Cross-Country Context: A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Randolph Bruno, Nauro F Campos and Saul Estrin
11958: Amenities and the Social Structure of Cities Downloads
Carl Gaigne, Hans Koster, Fabien Moizeau and Jacques-François Thisse
11957: Changing business models in international bank funding Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta, Stefano Schiaffi and Adrian van Rixtel
11956: Pipeline Risk in Leveraged Loan Syndication Downloads
Max Bruche, Frédéric Malherbe and Ralf Meisenzahl
11955: A Model of Directed Consumer Search Downloads
Marco A. Haan, José-Luis Moraga-González and Vaiva Petrikaite
11954: Who Voted for Brexit? A Comprehensive District-Level Analysis Downloads
Sascha Becker, Thiemo Fetzer and Dennis Novy
11953: Cross-border Acquisitions and Restructuring: Multinational Enterprises and Private Equity-Firms Downloads
Lars Persson
11952: Pulling up the Tarnished Anchor: The End of Silver as a Global Unit of Account Downloads
Ricardo Fernholz, Kris James Mitchener and Marc Weidenmier
11951: International Expansion and Riskiness of Banks Downloads
Ester Faia, Gianmarco Ottaviano and Irene Sanchez Arjona
11950: Uncertainty shocks, asset supply and pricing over the business cycle Downloads
Francesco Bianchi, Cosmin Ilut and Martin Schneider
11949: Humans' (incorrect) distrust of reflective decisions Downloads
Antonio Cabrales, Antonio Espín, Praveen Kujal and Stephen Rassenti
11948: Salience in Retailing: Vertical Restraints on Internet Sales Downloads
Magdalena Helfrich and Fabian Herweg
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