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12220: Facts, Alternative Facts, and Fact Checking in Times of Post-Truth Politics Downloads
Oscar Barrera, Sergei Guriev, Emeric Henry and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
12219: Is Industrial Production Still the Dominant Factor for the US Economy? Downloads
Elena Andreou, Patrick Gagliardini, Eric Ghysels and Mirco Rubin
12218: Income and Wealth Inequality in America, 1949-2013 Downloads
Moritz Kuhn, Moritz Schularick and Ulrike Steins
12217: Monetary Policy in the Capitals of Capital Downloads
Elena Gerko and Hélène Rey
12216: Shopping externalities and retail concentration: Evidence from Dutch shopping streets Downloads
Hans R.A. Koster, Ilias Pasidis and Jos van Ommeren
12215: The Housing Boom and Bust: Model Meets Evidence Downloads
Greg Kaplan, Kurt Mitman and Giovanni L. Violante
12214: Media See-saws: Winners and Losers in Platform Markets Downloads
Simon P Anderson and Martin Peitz
12213: Goods and Factor Market Integration: A Quantitative Assessment of the EU Enlargement Downloads
Lorenzo Caliendo, Luca David Opromolla, Fernando Parro and Alessandro Sforza
12212: Electoral Systems, Taxation and Immigration Policies: Which System Builds a Wall first? Downloads
Massimo Morelli and Margherita Negri
12211: Fertile Ground for Conflict Downloads
Nicolas Berman, Mathieu Couttenier and Raphael Soubeyran
12210: Beyond CES: Three Alternative Classes of Flexible Homothetic Demand Systems Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama and Philip Ushchev
12209: Firm Heterogeneity in Consumption Baskets: Evidence from Home and Store Scanner Data Downloads
Benjamin Faber and Thibault Fally
12208: Self-worth versus net worth: Image motivation and the quantity-quality trade-off Downloads
Michelle Brock
12207: The Political Economy of Transportation Investment Downloads
Edward L Glaeser and Giacomo AM Ponzetto
12206: Fundamental Errors in the Voting Booth Downloads
Edward L Glaeser and Giacomo AM Ponzetto
12205: Foreign Investment and Domestic Productivity: Identifying Knowledge Spillovers and Competition Effects Downloads
Christian Fons-Rosen, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Bent E Sørensen, Carolina Villegas-Sanchez and Vadym Volosovych
12204: Institutional Design of Voluntary Sustainability Standards Systems: Evidence from a New Database Downloads
Matteo Fiorini, Bernard Hoekman, Marion Jansen, Philip Schleifer, Olga Solleder, Regina Taimasova and Joseph Wozniak
12203: Services Trade Policy and Sustainable Development Downloads
Matteo Fiorini and Bernard Hoekman
12202: Strategic Sample Selection Downloads
Alfredo Di Tillio, Marco Ottaviani and Peter Norman Sorensen
12201: The Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Smoking Initiation in Europe Downloads
Ali Palali and Jan C. van Ours
12200: Bismarck's Health Insurance and the Mortality Decline Downloads
Stefan Bauernschuster, Anastasia Driva and Erik Hornung
12199: Government Financing of R&D: A Mechanism Design Approach Downloads
Saul Lach, Zvika Neeman and Mark Schankerman
12198: Media Competition, Information Provision and Political Participation: Evidence from French Local Newspapers and Elections, 1944-2014 Downloads
Julia Cagé
12197: Fixed on Flexible: Rethinking Exchange Rate Regimes after the Great Recession Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Keith Kuester and Gernot Müller
12196: A Cross-Country Database of Fiscal Space Downloads
Ayhan Kose, Sergio Kurlat, Franziska Ohnsorge and Naotaka Sugawara
12195: Portfolio Liquidity and Diversification: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Lubos Pastor, Robert F. Stambaugh and Lucian Taylor
12194: Competition and Networks of Collaboration Downloads
Nikita Roketskiy
12193: Why Secondary Towns Can Be Important for Poverty Reduction - A Migrant's Perspective Downloads
Luc Christiaensen, Joachim De Weerdt, Bert Ingelaere and Ravi Kanbur
12192: Sex and the Mission: The Conflicting Effects of Early Christian Investments on the HIV Epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Julia Cagé and Valeria Rueda
12191: More Giving or More Givers? The Effects of Tax Incentives on Charitable Donations in the UK Downloads
Miguel Almunia, Ben Lockwood and Kimberley Scharf
12190: EQCHANGE: A World Database on Actual and Equilibrium Effective Exchange Rates Downloads
Cecile Couharde, Anne-Laure Delatte, Carl Grekou, Valerie Mignon and Florian Morvillier
12189: Step away from the zero lower bound: small open economies in a world of secular stagnation Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Eleonora Mavroeidi, Gregory Thwaites and Martin Wolf
12188: When to Lean Against the Wind Downloads
Björn Richter, Moritz Schularick and Paul Wachtel
12187: Political Distribution Risk and Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
Thorsten Drautzburg, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde and Pablo A. Guerron-Quintana
12186: Companies Should Maximize Shareholder Welfare Not Market Value Downloads
Oliver Hart and Luigi Zingales
12185: Financial Repression in the European Sovereign Debt Crisis Downloads
Bo Becker and Victoria Ivashina
12184: Are clusters resilient? Evidence from Canadian textile industries Downloads
Kristian Behrens, Brahim Boualam and Julien Martin
12183: Gender: An Historical Perspective Downloads
Paola Giuliano
12182: The Rise of New Corruption: British MPs during the Railway Mania of 1845 Downloads
Rui Esteves and Gabriel Geisler Mesevage
12181: The political economy of fiscal transparency and independent fiscal councils Downloads
Roel Beetsma, Xavier Debrun and Randolph Sloof
12180: Downside Risk in the Chinese Stock Market - Has it Fundamentally Changed? Downloads
Eric Ghysels and Hanwei Liu
12179: Automated Earnings Forecasts:- Beat Analysts or Combine and Conquer? Downloads
Ryan Ball and Eric Ghysels
12178: Back to the Future: Backtesting Systemic Risk Measures during Historical Bank Runs and the Great Depression Downloads
Christian Brownlees, Ben Chabot, Eric Ghysels and Christopher Kurz
12177: Exporting and Organizational Change Downloads
Lorenzo Caliendo, Ferdinando Monte and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
12176: The Changing International linkages of Switzerland: An Overview Downloads
Cédric Tille
12175: Migration-Induced Redistribution with and without migrant voting Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
12174: Asymmetric Information and the Property Rights Approach to the Theory of the Firm Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
12173: Services Input Intensity and US Manufacturing Employment Responses to the China Shock Downloads
Omar Bamieh, Matteo Fiorini, Bernard Hoekman and Adam Jakubik
12172: Changes in the Cost of Bank Equity and the Supply of Bank Credit Downloads
Claire Célérier, Thomas Kick and Steven Ongena
12171: Financial Development and Monetary Policy: Loan Applications, Rates, and Real Effects Downloads
Charles Abuka, Ronnie Alinda, Camelia Minoiu, Jose-Luis Peydro and Andrea Presbitero
12170: Understanding Cultural Persistence and Change Downloads
Paola Giuliano and Nathan Nunn
12169: The Interconnections Between Services and Goods Trade at the Firm-Level Downloads
Andrea Ariu, Holger Breinlich, Gregory Corcos and Giordano Mion
12168: Asset encumbrance and bank risk: First evidence from public disclosures in Europe Downloads
Albert Banal-Estanol, Enrique Benito and Dmitry Khametshin
12167: Employment growth following takeovers Downloads
Karen Geurts and Johannes Van Biesebroeck
12166: Conformism, Social Norms and the Dynamics of Assimilation Downloads
Gonzalo Olcina, Fabrizio Panebianco and Yves Zenou
12165: Infant Feeding and Cohort Health: Evidence from the London Foundling Hospital Downloads
Vellore Arthi and Eric Schneider
12164: The Dire Effects of the Lack of Monetary and Fiscal Coordination Downloads
Francesco Bianchi and Leonardo Melosi
12163: Job duration and history dependent unemployment insurance Downloads
Torben M Andersen and Christian Ellermann-Aarslev
12162: The Exporter Wage Premium When Firms and Workers Are Heterogeneous Downloads
Hartmut Egger, Peter Egger, Udo Kreickemeier and Christoph Moser
12161: Measuring the Market Size for Cannabis: A New Approach Using Forensic Economics Downloads
Imran Rasul
12160: Optimal Trend Inflation Downloads
Klaus Adam and Henning Weber
12159: European Banks Straddling Borders: Risky or Rewarding? Downloads
Patty Duijm and Dirk Schoenmaker
12158: Towards a Political Theory of the Firm Downloads
Luigi Zingales
12157: The Capital Structure of Nations Downloads
Patrick Bolton and Haizhou Huang
12156: Specialization in Bank Lending: Evidence from Exporting Firms Downloads
Daniel Paravisini, Schnabl Philipp and Veronica Rappoport
12155: Welfare Effects of R&D Support Policies Downloads
Tuomas Takalo, Tanja Tanayama and Otto Toivanen
12154: Middleman Minorities and Ethnic Violence: Anti-Jewish Pogroms in the Russian Empire Downloads
Irena Grosfeld, Seyhun Orcan Sakalli and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
12153: Political Connections and the Informativeness of Insider Trades Downloads
Alan D. Jagolinzer, David F. Larcker, Gaizka Ormazabal and Daniel Taylor
12152: Market-wide Effects of Off-Balance Sheet Disclosures Downloads
Marc Badia, Miguel Duro, Bjorn Jorgensen and Gaizka Ormazabal
12151: Capital Structure Under Collusion Downloads
Daniel Ferrés, Gaizka Ormazabal, Paul Povel and Giorgio Sertsios
12150: The Geography of Consumption Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, J. Jensen and Ferdinando Monte
12149: Can Gender Quotas in Candidate Lists Empower Women? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Downloads
Manuel Bagues and Pamela Campa
12148: Executive Compensation: A Survey of Theory and Evidence Downloads
Alex Edmans, Xavier Gabaix and Dirk Jenter
12147: Why Do Boards Exist? Governance Design in the Absence of Corporate Law Downloads
Mike Burkart, Salvatore Miglietta and Charlotte Ostergaard
12146: Measuring Social Connectedness Downloads
Michael Bailey, Ruiqing Cao, Theresa Kuchler, Johannes Ströbel and Arlene Wong
12145: Does the Public Disclosure of the SEC's Oversight Actions Matter? Downloads
Miguel Duro, Jonas Heese and Gaizka Ormazabal
12144: Firm Risk and Disclosures about Dispersion in Asset Values Downloads
Marc Badia, Mary E. Barth, Miguel Duro and Gaizka Ormazabal
12143: Whistleblowers on the Board? The Role of Independent Directors in Cartel Prosecutions Downloads
Murillo Campello, Daniel Ferrés and Gaizka Ormazabal
12142: Why Do Defaults Affect Behavior? Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan Downloads
Joshua Blumenstock, Michael Callen and Tarek Ghani
12141: Geography, Search Frictions and Endogenous Trade Costs Downloads
Giulia Brancaccio, Myrto Kalouptsidi and Theodore Papageorgiou
12140: Industrial Clusters, Organized Crime and Productivity Growth in Italian SMEs Downloads
Roberto Ganau and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
12139: News, Uncertainty and Economic Fluctuations Downloads
Mario Forni, Luca Gambetti and Luca Sala
12138: Macroprudential policy and bank risk Downloads
Yener Altunbas, Mahir Binici and Leonardo Gambacorta
12137: The Exchange Rate as an Instrument of Monetary Policy Downloads
Jonas Heipertz, Ilian Mihov and Ana Maria Santacreu
12136: Land Trade and Development: A Market Design Approach Downloads
Gharad Bryan, Jonathan de Quidt, Tom Wilkening and Nitin Yadav
12135: The Causal Impact of Social Connections on Firms' Outcomes Downloads
Marcus Eliason, Lena Hensvik, Francis Kramarz and Oskar Nordstrom Skans
12134: Balance-Sheet Diversification in General Equilibrium: Identification and Network Effects Downloads
Jonas Heipertz, Amine Ouazad, Romain Rancière and Natacha Valla
12133: Revenue- versus spending-based consolidation plans: the role of follow-up Downloads
Roel Beetsma, Oana Furtuna and Massimo Giuliodori
12132: Secular Satiation Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
12131: Institutions and Political Party Systems: The Euro Case Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde and Tano Santos
12130: A Generalized Approach to Indeterminacy in Linear Rational Expectations Models Downloads
Francesco Bianchi and Giovanni Nicolò
12129: Application Bundling in System Markets Downloads
Alexandre de Cornière and Greg Taylor
12128: Spillovers, Persistence and Learning: Institutions and the Dynamics of Cooperation Downloads
Roberto Galbiati, Emeric Henry and Nicolas Jacquemet
12127: The shifting drivers of global liquidity Downloads
Stefan Avdjiev, Leonardo Gambacorta, Linda Goldberg and Stefano Schiaffi
12126: Training and Effort Dynamics in Apprenticeship Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Luis Rayo
12125: Hunting Unicorns? Experimental Evidence on Predatory Pricing Policies Downloads
Aaron Edlin, Catherine Roux, Armin Schmutzler and Christian Thoeni
12124: Productivity and trade spillovers: Horizontal crowding-out versus vertical synergies in Europe as a response to the Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Jan Hanousek, Evžen Kočenda and Pavla Vozarova
12123: When Inequality Matters for Macro and Macro Matters for Inequality Downloads
SeHyoun Ahn, Greg Kaplan, Benjamin Moll, Thomas Winberry and Christian Wolf
12122: Populism and Central Bank Independence Downloads
Charles A Goodhart and Rosa Lastra
12121: Stocks for the Long Run: New Monthly Indices of British Equities, 1869-1929 Downloads
Richard Grossman
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