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63544: More applicable environmental scanning systems leveraging "modern" information systems
Jörg H. Mayer, Neon Steinecke, Reiner Quick and Timm Weitzel
63543: Improving Environmental Scanning Systems Using Bayesian Networks
Reiner Quick, S. Welter and J. H. Mayer
63541: Taking a New-Generation Manager Perspective to Develop Interface Designs
Jörg H. Mayer, Reiner Quick and Joerg Hauke
63535: Contabilitate in partida dubla
Reiner Quick, Hans-Jürgen Wurl and E. Sztojanov
63534: Grundlagen des Controlling
Peter Lorson, Reiner Quick and Hans-Jürgen Wurl
63533: Wirtschaftlichkeitsanalysen für Plus-Energie-Häuser und dezentrale Energiespeicher mit Hilfe des Life Cycle Costing
A. von Ahsen
63531: Wellenbrecher auf dem Weg zur Energiewende? Zur Attraktivität von Energiespeicherung, nachhaltiger Erzeugung und Verbrauchssteuerung
Anette von Ahsen, Robert Fraunhoffer and Dirk Schiereck
63530: Nachhaltigkeitscontrolling
Anette von Ahsen
63527: Integrierte Managementsysteme
Anette von Ahsen
63524: [Rez.] Inderst, Cornelia/Bannenberg, Britta/Poppe, Sina (Hrsg.): Compliance: Aufbau - Management - Risikobereiche, Heidelberg 2013
R. Quick
63514: Four Variants of the Vehicle Routing Problem
S. Irnich, M. Schneider and D. Vigo
63500: An Adaptive VNS Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problems with Intermediate Stops
M. Schneider, A. Stenger and J. Hof
63495: Converting freemium customers from free to premium - The role of the perceived premium fit in the case of music as a service
C. Wagner, Alexander Benlian and Thomas Hess
63486: Leveraging In-Memory Technology: A Business Perspective for Improving Management Support Systems
J. H. Mayer, M. Esswein, M. Goeken and R. Quick
63478: Effizientere Realisierung von Immobilienprojekten durch lebenszyklusübergreifende Wertschöpfungspartnerschaften Downloads
Kevin Meyer
63477: Lebenszyklusorientierte Partnerschaften, One-Pilotprojekt: „Erstaunlich hoher Kostenvorteil“
Andreas Pfnür and Kevin Meyer
63476: Kooperation fördert Projekterfolg: Analyse des privaten Lebenszyklus-Pilotprojekts
Andreas Pfnür, C Glock and Kevin Meyer
63471: Soziale Klima-Bombe
Andreas Pfnür and Nikolas D. Müller
63463: Return-on-Investment in der Arbeitswissenschaft: Qualitäts- und Produktivitätsverbesserungen durch ergonomische Arbeitsplatzgestaltung Downloads
Nicole Neubert
63447: Is Boreout a Threat to Frontline Employees’ Innovative Work Behavior?
Ruth Stock
63445: Implicit Leadership in an Intercultural Context: Theory Extension and Empirical Investigation
Ruth Stock and Gülden Özbek-Potthoff
63444: As They Sow, so Shall They Reap: Customers’ Influence on Customer Satisfaction at the Customer Interface Downloads
Ruth Stock and Marei Bednarek
63443: Who Should be in Power to Encourage Product Program Innovativeness, R&D or Marketing? Downloads
Ruth Stock and Ines Reiferscheid
63442: Ordering policy for stock-dependent demand under progressive payment scheme: a comment Downloads
C. H. Glock, K. Schwindl and J. M. Ries
63414: Two Sides of the Same Coin: How Do Different Dimensions of Product Program Innovativeness Affect Customer Loyalty?
Ruth Stock and Nicolas Zacharias
63413: Non-Linear Relationships of Executives' Strategic Actions on Innovation and New Product Performance
Nicolas Zacharias, Ruth Stock and Subin Im
63412: How Do Executives Impact New Product Performance? An Investigation of Non-Linear Effects
Nicolas Zacharias, Ruth Stock and Subin Im
63409: Linking Multiple Layers of Innovation-oriented Corporate Culture, Product Program Innovativeness, and Business Performance: A Contingency Approach
Ruth Stock, Björn Six and Nicolas Zacharias
63403: Spillover-Effects In The Attention Economy - Why Ebay Should Pray For Poor Quality TV Program
Oliver Hinz and Ju-Young Kim
63402: How Social Media can be used to Predict the Stock Market Development
Oliver Hinz
63401: Spillover-Effects In The Attention Economy - Why Ebay Should Pray For Poor Quality TV Program
Oliver Hinz and Ju-Young Kim
63400: Opportunistic Claiming Behavior in Two-sided Market
Zhihao Chen, Silu Yu, Li Zhao and Wenyan Zhou
63399: Der Wert von sozialen Strukturdaten aus ökonomischer Sicht
Jörg Gottschlich and Oliver Hinz
63398: Superspreader – Welche Kunden sich für virale Marketing-Kampagnen eignen"
Christian Barrot, Jan. U. Becker, Oliver Hinz and Bernd Skiera
63397: Explaining the Adoption of Grid Computing: An Integrated Institutional Theory and Organizational Capability Approach
Christian Messerschmidt and Oliver Hinz
63396: Law Enforcement 2.0 - The Potential and the (Legal) Restrictions of Facebook Data for Police Tracing and Investigation
Sebastian Voigt, Nora Jansen and Oliver Hinz
63395: The Value of Users’ Facebook Profile Data – Generating Product Recommendations for Online Social Shopping Sites
Jörg Gottschlich, Irina Heimbach and Oliver Hinz
63394: An IT architecture enabling flexible adjustment of exploration/exploitation trade-off
Jörg Gottschlich
63393: Makers
Peter Buxmann and Oliver Hinz
63392: Makers
Peter Buxmann and Oliver Hinz
63391: Drivers of the Long Tail Phenomenon: An Empirical Analysis, Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS), 27 (4), 43-69
Oliver Hinz, Jochen Eckert and Bernd Skiera
63387: Optimal delivery policy in two-level supply chains under demand risk
J. M. Ries
63386: Impact of transportation lead-time variability on the economic and environmental performance of inventory systems Downloads
E. Arikan, J. Fichtinger and J. M. Ries
63361: The Lot Sizing Problem: A Tertiary Study Downloads
C. H. Glock, E. H. Grosse and J. M. Ries
63320: Nachhaltigkeit entlang der maritimen Transportkette. Analyse der Kooperation im Bereich von Eco-Innovations
R. Elbert, L. Seikowsky and T. Franzke
63318: Behavior of Internal Stakeholders in Project Portfolio Management and Its Impact on Success
Claus Beringer, Daniel Jonas and Alexander Kock
63317: An Empirical Investigation of Portfolio Risk Management and Its Success
Juliane Teller and Alexander Kock
63316: How Ideation Portfolio Management Influences Project Portfolio Success - The Mediating Role of Front End Success
Alexander Kock, Wilderich Heising and Hans Georg Gemünden
63315: The Impact of Ideation Portfolio Management on Project Portfolio Success
Alexander Kock, Wilderich Heising and Hans Georg Gemünden
63314: Risk Management in Project Portfolios Is More than Managing Solely Project Risks: A Contingency Perspective on Risk Management
Juliane Teller, Alexander Kock and Hans Georg Gemünden
63313: Performance Effects of University Industry Collaboration
Alexander Wirsisch, Alexander Kock, Jan-Philip Schneider, Søren Salomo and Carsten Schultz
63312: The Interplay of Formal an Informal Factors in the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation
Alexander Kock, Minea Schwenk and Hans Georg Gemünden
63311: The Moderating Influence of Strategic Orientation on the Project Portfolio Formation-Performance Relationship
Alexander Kock, Sascha Meskendahl and Hans Georg Gemünden
63308: Customer Integration and Project Portfolio Success - Investigating Process Integration as a Mediator
Martin Voss, Alexander Kock and Hans Georg Gemünden
63307: Balancing Formalization and Climate in the Front End of Innovation
Alexander Kock, Minea Schwenk and Hans Georg Gemünden
63306: Telemedizinakzeptanz im Doc2Doc Bereich
Carsten Schultz and Alexander Kock
63305: Die Kunst der Projektsteuerung
Sascha Meskendahl, Daniel Jonas, Alexander Kock and Hans Georg Gemünden
63304: Projektportfoliomanagement - Jenseits der Prozessmodelle
Daniel Jonas, Sascha Meskendahl, Alexander Kock and Hans Georg Gemünden
63292: Bei radikalen Innovationen gelten andere Spielregeln
Hans Georg Gemünden and Alexander Kock
63290: Erfolg substanzieller Innovationen - Der Innovationsgrad als Einflussfaktor
Hans Georg Gemünden and Alexander Kock
63289: Wie Unternehmen erfolgreich ihr Projektportfolio managen - Ergebnisse der 4. Studie zum Multiprojektmanagement der TU Berlin
Sascha Meskendahl, Daniel Jonas, Alexander Kock and Hans Georg Gemünden
63288: Erfolgsfaktoren im Multiprojektmanagement - Was erfolgreiche Unternehmen beim Management von Projektlandschaften auszeichnet
Alexander Kock, Dietfried Globocnik and Hans Georg Gemünden
63287: Innovativeness and Innovation Success - A Meta-Analysis
Alexander Kock
63286: Top ManagementTeam Diversity and Strategic Innovation Orientation: The Relationship and Consequences for Innovativeness and Performance
Katrin Talke, Søren Salomo and Alexander Kock
63285: The Mixed Blessings of Technological Innovativeness for the Commercial Success of New Products
Alexander Kock, Hans Georg Gemünden, Søren Salomo and Carsten Schultz
63284: Wertsteigerung durch Projektportfoliomanagement
Alexander Kock, Hans Georg Gemünden and Daniel Jonas
63283: Formalization of Project Portfolio Management: The Moderating Role of Portfolio Complexity
Juliane Teller, Barbara Unger, Alexander Kock and Hans Georg Gemünden
63282: Enforcing Strategic Fit of Project Portfolios by Project Moderating Role of Portfolio Complexity
Barbara Unger, Alexander Kock, Hans Georg Gemünden and Daniel Jonas
63281: Predicting Project Portfolio Success by Measuring Management Quality Termination: An Empirical Study on Senior Management Involvement
Daniel Jonas, Alexander Kock and Hans Georg Gemünden
63280: Behavior of Internal Stakeholders in Project Portfolio Management and Its Impact on Success
Claus Beringer, Daniel Jonas and Alexander Kock
63279: Impact of Relationship Value on Project Portfolio Success - Investigating the Moderating Effects of Portfolio Characteristics and External Turbulence
Martin Voss and Alexander Kock
63248: An Empirical Investigation on How Portfolio Risk Management Influences Project Portfolio Success
Juliane Teller and Alexander Kock
63234: A survey of Location-Routing Problems Downloads
M. Drexl and M. Schneider
63228: Einflussfaktoren auf die Bondemissionsprämie im Bereich der alternativen Energien: Eine Note Downloads
L. Kesch, D. Maul and D. Schiereck
63220: Implizite Führung im interkulturellen Kontext: Stand der Forschung, Erweiterung der Theorie und empirische Analyse
Gülden Özbek-Potthoff
63199: Are we aligned … enough? The effects of perceptual congruence between service teams and their leaders on team performance
Alexander Benlian
63165: USA und Japan liefern Kombi-Ideen
R. Elbert, L. Seikowsky and D. Thiel
63130: Fusionen und Unternehmensübernahmen in der Softwareindustrie - Forschungsergebnisse im Bereich Erfolgsdeterminanten
Markus Schief, Peter Buxmann and Dirk Schiereck
63126: Creating Trust and Participation in Online Communities with IT Features: The Technology-Trust-Participation Model
Alexander Benlian and Thomas Hess
62981: Planung von Lieferketten und -netzwerken Downloads
Werner Delfmann and Anne Lange
62980: Determinants of Air Traffic Delays: Empirical Evidence on the influence of U.S. Airlines Network Concentration
Patrick Baumgarten, Robert Malina and Anne Lange
62979: Measuring Concentration in Less-than-Truckload Networks
Anne Paul
62978: Centrality in Strategic Transportation Network Design – An application to less-than-truckload networks Downloads
Anne Paul
62971: Results of the German Software Industry Survey 2013 Downloads
Anton Pussep, Markus Schief, Tobias Weiblen, Timo Leimbach, Juhana Peltonen, Mikko Rönkkö and Peter Buxmann
62958: Horizontal cooperation among logistics service providers and the influence of environmental uncertainty
R. Elbert, U.-T. Gerdes and G. Kaiser
62947: Marked-based financing instruments promoting energy efficiency enhancement activities for the building sector: a case study of China and Germany
Haoping Wang
62923: Unfolding Dyadic Dependencies in IS Outsourcing Relationships – Development of Two Multidimensional Constructs
Jasmin Kaiser, Thomas Widjaja and Peter Buxmann
62919: Relative and Joint Dependence in IS Outsourcing Relationships – A Model of Effects on Relational Facets and Exchange Performance
Jasmin Kaiser, Thomas Widjaja and Peter Buxmann
62899: Wege zur elektronischen Vergabe
M. G. Broens and C. H. Glock
62869: Territory-Based Vehicle Routing in the Presence of Time Window Constraints
M. Schneider, A. Stenger, F. Schwahn and D. Vigo
62868: To understand or to be understood? A dyadic analysis of perceptual congruence and interdependence between CEOs and CIOs
Ingmar Haffke and Alexander Benlian
62851: Impacts of HGV tolls on transport logistics
F. Rühl, M. von Mörner, H. Friedrich and Özhan Özsucu
62850: Urbane Wertschöpfung – Herausforderungen und Potenziale für Produktion und Logistik im urbanen Umfeld
Felix Wiegel, Siri Adolph, Özhan Özsucu, Dominik Thiel, Eberhard Abele and Ralf Elbert
62849: Service engineering blueprint for logistics service providers – A framework for product and process solutions
R. Elbert and L. Seikowsky
62848: How multi user warehouse solutions can be designed to succeed – A research on influences and barriers
R. Elbert, C. Bogusch and J. Tränkner
62847: Die Zukunft des Verkehrs 2030 – Ein Bericht vom 10. Hessischen Mobilitätskongress
Manfred Boltze, R. Elbert, M. Lanzdorf and U. Köhler
62846: Standardization and integration of information flow along the maritime transport chain
R. Elbert and H. Pontow
62816: Will You Accept an App? Empirical Investigation of the Decisional Calculus Behind the Adoption of Applications on Facebook
Nicole Eling, Hanna Krasnova, Thomas Widjaja and Peter Buxmann
62788: Container management in a single-vendor-multiple-buyer supply chain Downloads
C. H. Glock and T. Kim
62757: Geschäftsmodelle – Eine Forschungsagenda für die Wirtschaftsinformatik
Daniel J. Veit, Eric K. Clemons, Alexander Benlian, Peter Buxmann, Thomas Hess, D Kundisch, Jan Marco Leimeister, Peter Loos and Martin Spann
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