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2000-48: On the Equivalence between some Local and Global Chinese Postman and Traveling Salesman Graphs Downloads
D. Granot and H.J.M. Hamers
2000-47: On Convex Quadratic Approximation Downloads
D. den Hertog, Etienne de Klerk and J. Roos
2000-46: Mobility in the Urban Labor Market: A Panel Data Analysis for Mexico Downloads
Xiaodong Gong, Arthur van Soest and Elizabeth Villagomez
2000-45: Sexual Bias and Household Consumption: A Semiparametic Analysis of Engel curves in Rural China Downloads
Xiaodong Gong, Arthur van Soest and P. Zhang
2000-44: Cones of Games arising from Market Entry Problems Downloads
R. Brânzei, S.H. Tijs and J.B. Timmer
2000-43: Semi-Infinite Assignment and Transportation Games Downloads
J. Sánchez-Soriano, N. Llorca, S.H. Tijs and J.B. Timmer
2000-42: Cooperative Games arising from Information Sharing Situations Downloads
R. Brânzei, S.H. Tijs and J.B. Timmer
2000-41: The Impact of Active Labor Market Programs and Benefit Entitlement Rules on the Duration of Unemployment Downloads
Rafael Lalive, J.C. van Ours and Josef Zweimüller
2000-40: Does the Recent Success of some OECD Countries in Lowering their Unemployment Rates lie in the Clever Design of their Labour Market Reforms? Downloads
Michèle Belot and J.C. van Ours
2000-39: Two-Step Sequential Sampling Downloads
J.J.A. Moors and Leo Strijbosch
2000-38: A Game Theoretic Approach to Linear Systems with L2-bounded Disturbances Downloads
W.A. van den Broek, Jacob Engwerda and Johannes M. Schumacher
2000-37: Measuring the Quality of Publications: New Methodology and Case Study Downloads
Jack P.C. Kleijnen and Willem van Groenendaal
2000-36: Index Option Pricing Models with Stochastic Volatility and Stochastic Interest Rates Downloads
G.J. Jiang and Pieter Jelle van der Sluis
2000-35: Libor and Swap Market Models for the Pricing of Interest Rate Derivatives: An Empirical Analysis Downloads
F.C.J.M. de Jong, Joost Driessen and Antoon A. J. Pelsser
2000-34: Inequality, Environmental Protection and Growth Downloads
L. Marsiliani and T.. Renstrom
2000-33: Safety Monitoring, Capital Structure, and "Financial Responsibility" Downloads
Eberhard Feess and Ulrich Hege
2000-32: Outsourcing of Services and the Productivity Recovery in U.S. Manufacturing in the 1980s and 1990s Downloads
T. ten Raa and Edward Nathan Wolff
2000-31: Optimal Angle Reduction - A Behavioral Approach to Linear System Approximation Downloads
B. Roorda and S. Weiland
2000-30: Optimal Hankel Norm Model Reduction by Truncation of Trajectories Downloads
B. Roorda and S. Weiland
2000-29: Short-Term Robustness of Production Management Systems: New Methodology Downloads
Jack P.C. Kleijnen and E.G.A. Gaury
2000-28: A Maximum Likelihood Estimator based on First Differences for a Panel Data Tobit Model with Individual Specific Effects Downloads
Adriaan Kalwij
2000-27: Family Size, Looming Demographic Changes and the Efficiency of Social Security Reform Downloads
Bas van Groezen, T. Leers and Lex Meijdam
2000-26: Collecting Information to improve Decision-Making Downloads
R. Brânzei, S.H. Tijs and J.B. Timmer
2000-25: Estimating Dynamic Models from Repeated Cross-Sections Downloads
Marno Verbeek and Francis Vella
2000-24: Investment Spending in the Netherlands: The Impact of Liquidity and Corporate Governance Downloads
Hans Degryse and A. de Jong
2000-23: The Myth of Worksharing Downloads
Arie Kapteyn, Adriaan Kalwij and Asghar Zaidi
2000-22: Can the Stock Market anticipate Future Operating Performance? Evidence from Equity Rights Issues Downloads
Rezaul Kabir and P.G.J. Roosenboom
2000-21: The WTO Dispute Settlement System: A First Assessment from an Economic Perspective Downloads
Monika Bütler and H. Hauser
2000-20: Family Labor Supply and Proposed Tax Reforms in the Netherlands Downloads
Arthur van Soest and Marcel Das
2000-19: Share Price Reactions to Sporty Performances of Soccer Clubs listed on the London Stock Exchange and the AIM Downloads
Luc Renneboog and P. Vanbrabant
2000-18: United we stand: Corporate Monitoring by Shareholder Coalitions in the UK Downloads
R. Crespi and Luc Renneboog
2000-17: Optimal Labour Taxation and Search Downloads
Jan Boone and Lans Bovenberg
2000-16: The Dividend and Share Repurchase Policies of Canadian Firms: Empirical Evidence based on New Research Design Downloads
A. de Jong, R. van Dijk and Chris Veld
2000-15: Going-Public and the Influence of Disclosure Environment Downloads
T.A. Marra and J.P.M. Suijs
2000-14: Bank Relationship and Firm Profitability Downloads
Hans Degryse and Steven Ongena
2000-13: Distressed Relationships: Lessons from the Norwegian Banking Crisis Downloads
Steven Ongena, D.C. Smith and D. Michalsen
2000-12: Integration, Disintegration and Trade in Europe: Evolution of Trade Relations during the 1990s Downloads
J. Fidrmuc and J. Fidrmuc
2000-11: Premium Differentiation in the Unemployment Insurance System and the Demand for Labor Downloads
Rob Alessie and Hans Bloemen
2000-10: Do Active Labor Market Policies help Unemployed Workers to find and keep Regular Jobs Downloads
J.C. van Ours
2000-09: Learning and Communication in Sender-Reciever Games: An Economic Investigation Downloads
Andreas Blume, D.V. DeJong, G. Neumann and N.E. Savin
2000-08: Club Efficiency and Lindahl Equilibrium with Semi-Public Goods Downloads
T. ten Raa and R.P. Gilles
2000-07: Tax Policy in a Model of Search with Training Downloads
Jan Boone and Ruud Aloysius de Mooij
2000-06: The Double Dividend Hypothesis and Trade Liberalization Downloads
Partha Sen and Sjak Smulders
2000-05: A Note on the Relation between Income and Welfare Downloads
Jan Boone and Sjak Smulders
2000-04: Convexity in Stochastic Cooperative Situations Downloads
J.B. Timmer, Peter Borm and S.H. Tijs
2000-03: Firm Culture and Leadership as Firm Performance Predictors: a Resource-Based Perspective Downloads
C.P.M. Wilderom and P. van den Berg
2000-02: Modeling Financial Incentives to get Unemployment Back to Work Downloads
Jan Boone and J.C. van Ours
2000-01: Cartel Formation under Incomplete Information: on the Requirements of Collusion-Proofness Downloads
Jerome Pouyet and V.C.H.M. Verouden
1999-123: Currency Hedging for International Stock Portfolios: A General Approach Downloads
F.A. de Roon, Theo Nijman and Bas J.M. Werker
1999-122: Evolution and Refinement with Endogenous Mistake Probabilities Downloads
E.E.C. van Damme and Jörgen W. Weibull
1999-121: Coalition Formation in Games with Externalities Downloads
Maria Montero
1999-120: An Axiomatization of the Shapley Value Using a Fairness Property Downloads
Rene van den Brink
1999-119: The Netherlands and the United Kingdom: A European Unemployment Miracle? Downloads
Stephen John Nickell and J.C. van Ours
1999-118: Fast track or Failure: A Study of the Completion Rates of Graduate Students in Economics Downloads
J.C. van Ours and Geert Ridder
1999-117: The Netherlands: Old Emigrants - Young Immigrant Country Downloads
J.C. van Ours and J.M.C. Veenman
1999-116: Equilibrium in Generalized Cournot and Stackelberg Models Downloads
V.A. Bulavsky and V.V. Kalashnikov
1999-115: Nonparametric Modeling of the Anchoring Effect in an Unfolding Bracket Design Downloads
Rosalia Vazquez-Alvarez, Bertrand Melenberg and Arthur van Soest
1999-114: Weak Stability and a Bargaining Set for the Marriage Model Downloads
Flip Klijn and Jordi Masso
1999-113: On the Viability of Gift Exchange in a Market Environment Downloads
T.C.M.J. van de Klundert and Jeroen van de Ven
1999-112: Simple Expressions for Safety Factors in Inventory Control Downloads
Leo Strijbosch and J.J.A. Moors
1999-111: On the Nucleolus of Neighbour Games Downloads
H.J.M. Hamers, Flip Klijn, Tamás Solymosi, S.H. Tijs and Dries Vermeulen
1999-110: Neighbour Games and the Leximax Solution Downloads
Flip Klijn, Dries Vermeulen, H.J.M. Hamers, Tamás Solymosi, S.H. Tijs and J. Pere Villar
1999-109: Search for a New Conceptual Bookkeeping Model: Different Levels of Abstraction Downloads
A.M.J. Sweere and Willem van Groenendaal
1999-108: Inflation Targets and Debt Accumulation in a Monetary Union Downloads
Roel Maria Wilhelmus Jozef Beetsma and Lans Bovenberg
1999-107: Weighted Constrained Egalitarianism in TU-Games Downloads
Maurice Koster
1999-106: Vested Interests and Resistance to Technology Adoption Downloads
Erik Canton, Henri L.F. de Groot and Richard Nahuis
1999-105: Labor Supply and Matching Rates for Welfare Recipients: An Analysis Using Neighborhood Characterisitics Downloads
Bas van der Klaauw and J.C. van Ours
1999-104: Validation of Models: Statistical Techniques and Data Availability Downloads
Jack P.C. Kleijnen
1999-103: Prediction of Ownership and Control Concentration in German and UK Initial Public Offerings Downloads
Marc Georges Goergen and Luc Renneboog
1999-102: Information Feedback in Public-Bad Games: A Cross-Country Experiment Downloads
Eline van der Heijden and E. Moxnes
1999-101: Governance of Clubs and Firms with Cultural Dimensions Downloads
Rene van den Brink, Pieter H.M. Ruys and R. Semenov
1999-100: Labor markets and Monetary Union: A Strategic Analysis Downloads
Alex Cukierman and Francesco Lippi
1999-99: Establishing a Reputation for Dependability by Means of Inflation Targets Downloads
Alex Cukierman
1999-98: Congestion Games and Potentials Reconsidered Downloads
Mark Voorneveld, Peter Borm, F.J.C. van Megen, S.H. Tijs and Giovanni Facchini
1999-97: Corporate Governance Structures, Control and Performance in European Markets: A Tale of Two Systems Downloads
Y. Crama, L. Leruth, Luc Renneboog and Jean-Pierre Urbain
1999-96: Shareholding Cascades: The Separation of Ownership and Control in Belgium Downloads
Marco Becht, Ariane Chapelle and Luc Renneboog
1999-95: Insurance Games Downloads
J.P.M. Suijs
1999-94: Collateral, Renegotiation and the Value of Diffusely Held Debt Downloads
Ulrich Hege and Pierre Mella-Barral
1999-93: Strategic Information Revelation and Revenue Sharing in an R&D Race with Learning Labs
J.A. Jansen
1999-92: Effects of Strategic Interactions on the Option Value of Waiting Downloads
Kuno Huisman and Peter Kort
1999-91: Price Uncertainty in Linear Production Situations Downloads
J.P.M. Suijs
1999-90: The Solution Set of the n-Player Scalar Feedback Nash Algebraic Riccati Equations Downloads
Jacob Engwerda
1999-89: Restriction of Preferences to the Set of Consumption Bundles, In a Model with Production and Consumption Bundles Downloads
S. Schalk
1999-88: Voluntary Contribution to Multiple Public Projects Downloads
Maurice Koster, Hans Reijnierse and Mark Voorneveld
1999-87: Spatial Social Networks Downloads
C. Johnson and R.P. Gilles
1999-86: Time Inconsistency in Environmental Policy: Tax Earmarking as A Commitment Solution
L. Marsiliani and T.. Renstrom
1999-85: A Resource-Constrained Optimal Control Model for Crackdown on Illicit Drug Markets Downloads
A. Baveja, G. Feichtinger, R.F. Hartl, J.L. Haunschmied and Peter Kort
1999-84: Testing Affine Term Structure Models in Case of Transaction Costs Downloads
Joost Driessen, Bertrand Melenberg and Theo Nijman
1999-83: Coalition Formation and Potential Games Downloads
Marco Slikker
1999-82: Predatory Pricing: Strategic Theory and Legal Policy Downloads
Patrick Bolton, J.F. Brodley and Michael H. Riordan
1999-81: The Anatomy of Unemployment Dynamics Downloads
Jaap H. Abbring, Gerard J. van den Berg and J.C. van Ours
1999-80: Inventory Modelling for a Manufacturer of Sweets: An Evaluation of an Adjusted Compund Renewal Approach for B-Items With A Relative Short Production Lead Time Downloads
R.M.J. Heuts and M.L.J. Luijten
1999-79: Weighted Allocation Rules for Standard Fixed Tree Games Downloads
Endre Jostein Bjørndal, Maurice Koster and S.H. Tijs
1999-78: Simple and Complex Gift Exchange in the Laboratory Downloads
E.C.M. van der Heijden, Jan Nelissen, Jan Potters and H.A.A. Verbon
1999-77: The Dutch DCS-1800 Auction Downloads
E.E.C. van Damme
1999-76: Existence and Welfare Properties of Equilibrium in an Exchange Economy with Multiple Divisible, Indivisible Commodities and Linear Production Technologies Downloads
Gerard van der Laan, Dolf Talman and Z.F. Yang
1999-75: Surjective Function Theorems Downloads
N. Sun and Z.F. Yang
1999-74: Semi-Infinite Assignment Problems and Related Games Downloads
N. Llorca, S.H. Tijs and J.B. Timmer
1999-73: Why is it so Difficult to Find An Effect of Exchange Rate Risk on Trade? Downloads
Franc Klaassen
1999-72: Variational Inequality Problems With a Continuum of Solutions: Existence and Computation Downloads
P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Dolf Talman and Z.F. Yang
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