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06/45: A New-Open-Economy Macro Model for Fiscal Policy Evaluation Downloads
Dirk Vaughn Muir, Douglas Michael Laxton, Dennis P. J. Botman and Andrei Romanov
06/44: Banking Spreads in Latin America Downloads
R. Gaston Gelos
06/43: Quasi-Fiscal Deficits and Energy Conditionality in Selected CIS Countries Downloads
Tapio Saavalainen and Berge, Joy Mylène ten
06/42: Banks During the Argentine Crisis; Were they All Hurt Equally? Did they All Behave Equally? Downloads
V. Hugo Juan-Ramon, Emiliano Basco, Carlos Quarracino and Adolfo Barajas
06/41: Forecasting ECB Monetary Policy; Accuracy is (Still) a Matter of Geography Downloads
Michael Ehrmann, Marcel Fratzscher and Helge Berger
06/40: Macroeconomic Challenges with Eu Accession in Southeastern Europe; An Overview Downloads
Piritta Sorsa
06/39: Does NGO Aid Go to the Poor? Empirical Evidence From Europe Downloads
Gilles Nancy and Boriana Yontcheva
06/38: Providing official Statistics for the Common Market and Monetary Union in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries; A Case for "Gulfstat" Downloads
Abdulrahman K. L. Al-Mansouri and Claudia Helene Dziobek
06/37: The Impact of Foreign Interest Rateson the Economy; The Role of the Exchange Rate Regime Downloads
Julian di Giovanni and Jay C. Shambaugh
06/36: Does Inflation in China Affect the United States and Japan? Downloads
Luke Willard and Tarhan Feyzioglu
06/35: Does Economic Diversification Lead to Financial Development? Evidence From topography Downloads
Rodney Ramcharan
06/34: Regulatory Capture in Banking Downloads
International Monetary Fund
06/33: Financial Sector Projections and Stress Testing in Financial Programming; A New Framework Downloads
Antonio Garcia Pascual, Nada Choueiri and Ritu Basu
06/32: Toward An Effective Supervision of Partially Dollarized Banking Systems Downloads
Antonio Garcia Pascual, Jorge Cayazzo, Socorro Heysen and Eva Gutierrez
06/31: Stylized Factson Bilateral Trade and Currency Unions; Implications for Africa Downloads
Michal Hulej, Charalambos G. Tsangarides and Pierre Ewenczyk
06/30: Wealth Effects in Europe; A Tale of Two Countries (Italy and the United Kingdom) Downloads
Muñoz, Sònia
06/29: Habit Formation and Persistence in Individual Asset Portfolio Holdings; The Case of Italy Downloads
Muñoz, Sònia
06/28: Zimbabwe's Export Performance; The Impact of the Parallel Market and Governance Factors Downloads
Muñoz, Sònia
06/27: Procyclical Fiscal Policy; Shocks, Rules, and Institutions: A View From Mars Downloads
Paolo Manasse
06/26: Fiscal Policy and Financial Development Downloads
David Hauner
06/25: Emigration and Brain Drain; Evidence From the Caribbean Downloads
Prachi Mishra
06/24: Implications of Quasi-Fiscal Activities in Ghana Downloads
Mali Chivakul and Robert C. York
06/23: Tax Incentives and Investment in the Eastern Caribbean Downloads
Sebastian Sosa
06/22: India's Pattern of Development; What Happened, What Follows? Downloads
Arvind Subramanian, Raghuram G. Rajan, Ioannis Tokatlidis, Kalpana Kochhar and Utsav Kumar
06/21: Economic Transformation, Population Growth, and the Long-Run World Income Distribution Downloads
Marcos Chamon and Michael Kremer
06/20: Does Import Protection Discourage Exports? Downloads
Stephen Tokarick
06/19: Equilibrium Wage Dispersion; An Example Downloads
International Monetary Fund
06/18: Foreign Banks in Poor Countries; Theory and Evidence Downloads
Enrica Detragiache, Poonam Gupta and Thierry Tressel
06/17: The Net Worth Approach to Fiscal Analysis; Dynamics and Rules Downloads
International Monetary Fund
06/16: Fiscal Policy and Financial Markets Downloads
Bernardin Akitoby and Thomas Stratmann
06/15: Suppressed Inflation and Money Demand in Zimbabwe Downloads
Muñoz, Sònia
06/14: Foreign Aid Policy and Sources of Poverty; A Quantitative Framework Downloads
Alex Mourmouras and Peter Rangazas
06/13: Pricing and Hedging of Contingent Credit Lines Downloads
Elena Loukoianova, Salih N. Neftci and Sunil Sharma
06/12: Reforming External Tariffs in Central and Western African Countries Downloads
Lubin Kobla Doe
06/11: Corruption, Competition, and Contracts; A Model of Vote Buying Downloads
Felix Vardy and John Morgan
06/10: Will the Doha Round Lead to Preference Erosion? Downloads
John Romalis and Mary Amiti
06/9: The Global Impact of Demographic Change Downloads
Tim Callen, Warwick J. McKibbin and Nicoletta Batini
06/8: Harmonization of Domestic Consumption Taxes in Central and Western African Countries Downloads
Lubin Kobla Doe
06/7: Financial Dollarization in Latin America Downloads
Robert Rennhack and Masahiro Nozaki
06/6: American in the Shadows; Harry Dexter White and the Design of the International Monetary Fund Downloads
James M. Boughton
06/5: Sectoral Balance Sheet Mismatches and Macroeconomic Vulnerabilities in Colombia, 1996-2003 Downloads
Juan Manuel Lima, Johannes Wiegand, Enrique Montes and Carlos Varela
06/04: Seasonalities in China's Stock Markets; Cultural or Structural? Downloads
Jason D. Mitchell and Li L. Ong
06/3: How Does Trade Openness Influence Budget Deficits in Developing Countries? Downloads
Jean-Louis Combes and Tahsin Saadi-Sedik
06/2: The Macroeconomics of Remittances; The Case of Tajikistan Downloads
Alexei Kireyev
06/1: Are Donor Countries Giving More or Less Aid? Downloads
Sanjeev Gupta, Catherine A. Pattillo and Smita Wagh
05/241: Measuring the Performance of Fiscal Policy in Russia Downloads
Antonio Spilimbergo
05/240: Bank Efficiency and Competition in Low-Income Countries; The Case of Uganda Downloads
David Hauner and Shanaka J. Peiris
05/239: How Tight is too Tight? a Look At Welfare Implications of Distortionary Policies in Uzbekistan Downloads
David Grigorian and Edward R. Gemayel
05/238: Service offshoring, Productivity, and Employment; Evidence From the United States Downloads
Mary Amiti and Shang-Jin Wei
05/237: Fiscal Policy and Business Cycles in an Oil-Producing Economy; The Case of Venezuela Downloads
Alfredo Baldini
05/236: Money Demand and Inflation in Madagascar Downloads
Koffie Ben Nassar
05/235: Emergence of the Gulf of Guinea in the Global Economy; Prospects and Challenges Downloads
Ondo Mañe, Damian
05/234: Remittances, Financial Development, and Growth Downloads
Marta Ruiz-Arranz and Paola Giuliano
05/233: Real Exchange Rates in Growing Economies; How Strong is the Role of the Nontradables Sector? Downloads
Ken Miyajima
05/232: First; A Market-Based Approach to Evaluate Financial System Risk and Stability Downloads
Renzo G. Avesani
05/231: The End; A New Indicator of Financial and Nonfinancial Corporate Sector Vulnerability Downloads
Jorge Chan-Lau and Toni Gravelle
05/230: Financial Sector Conditionality; Is tougher Better? Downloads
Roger P. Kronenberg and Alessandro Giustiniani
05/229: A Fair Exchange? Theory and Practice of Calculating Equilibrium Exchange Rates Downloads
Jaewoo Lee, Hamid Faruqee and Tamim A Bayoumi
05/228: Long-Run Productivity Shifts and Cyclical Fluctuations; Evidence for Italy Downloads
Silvia Sgherri
05/227: Labor and Product Market Deregulation; Partial, Sequential, or Simultaneous Reform? Downloads
Helge Berger and Stephan Danninger
05/226: Assessing Debt Sustainability in Emerging Market Economies Using Stochastic Simulation Methods Downloads
Philippe D Karam and Doug Hostland
05/225: Fiscal Transparency and Economic Outcomes Downloads
International Monetary Fund
05/224: Macroeconomic Determinants of Remittances; Evidence From India Downloads
Poonam Gupta
05/223: Debt Overhang or Debt Irrelevance? Revisiting the Debt Growth Link Downloads
Tito Cordella, Luca Antonio Ricci and Marta Ruiz-Arranz
05/222: Monitoring and Commitment in Bank Lending Behavior Downloads
Rodolphe Blavy
05/221: Fiscal Dominance and Inflation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Downloads
Jean-Claude Nachega
05/220: Barriers to Capital Accumulation and the Incidence of Child Labor Downloads
Marco Espinosa-Vega and Richard C. Barnett
05/219: Estimating Markov Transition Matrices Using Proportions Data; An Application to Credit Risk Downloads
Matthew T. Jones
05/218: VAT Refunds; A Review of Country Experience Downloads
Graham Harrison and Russell Krelove
05/217: How Important is Sovereign Risk in Determining Corporate Default Premia? the Case of South Africa Downloads
Marcel Peter and Grandes, Martín
05/216: Pricing Growth-Indexed Bonds Downloads
Paolo Mauro and Marcos Chamon
05/215: Oil Price Shocks; Can they Account for the Stagflation in the 1970's? Downloads
Ben Hunt
05/214: The Impacton India of Trade Liberalization in the Textiles and Clothing Sector Downloads
Sonali Jain-Chandra and A. Prasad
05/213: Capital Account Liberalization, Capital Flow Patterns, and Policy Responses in the EU's New Member States Downloads
Ãrvai, Zsófia
05/212: Financial Globalization and Fiscal Perfomance in Emerging Markets Downloads
David Hauner and Manmohan S. Kumar
05/211: Understanding the Evolution of World Business Cycles Downloads
Ayhan Kose, Christopher Otrok and Charles H. Whiteman
05/210: Does Performance Budgeting Work? An Analytical Review of the Empirical Literature Downloads
Marc Robinson and Jim Brumby
05/209: The Domestic and Global Impact of Japan's Policies for Growth Downloads
Nicoletta Batini, Alessandro Rebucci and N'Diaye, Papa M'B. P.
05/208: Macroeconomic Effects of Social Security and Tax Reform in the United States Downloads
Tamim A Bayoumi, Dennis P. J. Botman and Manmohan S. Kumar
05/207: The Perils of Tax Smoothing; Sustainable Fiscal Policy with Random Shocks to Permanent Output Downloads
Evan Tanner and Kevin Carey
05/206: Strengthening IMF Crisis Prevention Downloads
Jonathan David Ostry and Jeromin Zettelmeyer
05/205: The Role of Domestic and Foreign Investors in a Simple Model of Speculative Attacks Downloads
Cees Diks and Dennis P. J. Botman
05/204: Can the Standard International Business Cycle Model Explain the Relation Between Trade and Comovement? Downloads
Kei-Mu Yi and Ayhan Kose
05/203: Revenue Administration Reform in Middle Eastern Countries, 1994-2004 Downloads
Jean-Paul Bodin and William Joseph Crandall
05/202: Estimating China's "Equilibrium" Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Xiangming Li and Steven Vincent Dunaway
05/201: Debt Maturity, Risk, and Asymmetric Information Downloads
Marco Espinosa-Vega, Allen N. Berger, Nathan H. Miller and W Scott Frame
05/200: Boom-Bust Cycles in Housing; The Changing Role of Financial Structure Downloads
Calvin Schnure
05/199: Robbing the Riches; Capital Flight, Institutions, and Instability Downloads
Sweta C. Saxena, Meenakshi Rishi and Valerie Cerra
05/198: International Reserves; Precautionary vs. Mercantilist Views, Theory, and Evidence Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Jaewoo Lee
05/197: Trinidad and tobago; The Energy Boom and Proposals for a Sustainable Fiscal Policy Downloads
International Monetary Fund
05/196: Introducing Financial Management Information Systems in Developing Countries Downloads
Pokar Khemani and Jack Diamond
05/195: Sustaining Growth Accelerations and Pro-Poor Growth in Africa Downloads
Sanjeev Gupta, Catherine A. Pattillo and Kevin Carey
05/194: Social Welfare and Cost Recovery in Two-Sided Markets Downloads
Wilko Bolt and Alexander F. Tieman
05/193: Clusters As a Driving Engine for FDI Downloads
Etienne B. Yehoue
05/192: Is Russia Still Driving Regional Economic Growth? Downloads
Marco Pani, Etibar Jafarov and Clinton R. Shiells
05/191: Product Market Regulation and the Benefits of Wage Moderation Downloads
Estevão, Marcello M.
05/190: Investment Restrictions and Contagion in Emerging Markets Downloads
Anna O. Ilyina
05/189: FDI Flows to Asia; Did the Dragon Crowd Out the Tigers? Downloads
Benoit Mercereau
05/188: Managing Systemic Liquidity Risk in Financially Dollarized Economies Downloads
Eduardo Levy Yeyati, Alain Ize and Miguel A. Kiguel
05/187: Financial De-Dollarization; Is it for Real? Downloads
Eduardo Levy Yeyati and Alain Ize
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