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07/176: The Effect of External Conditions on Growth in Latin America Downloads
Jeromin Zettelmeyer and Pär Österholm
07/175: Introducing Islamic Banks into Conventional Banking Systems Downloads
Juan Sole
07/174: VAT, Tariffs, and Withholding; Border Taxes and Informality in Developing Countries Downloads
Michael Keen
07/173: The Case for a European Banking Charter Downloads
Martin Cihak and Jörg Decressin
07/172: Volatility and Jump Risk Premia in Emerging Market Bonds Downloads
John Matovu
07/171: The Discipline-Enhancing Role of Fiscal Institutions; Theory and Empirical Evidence Downloads
Xavier Debrun and Manmohan S. Kumar
07/170: Rapid Growth in the CIS; Panel Regression Approach Downloads
Garbis Iradian
07/169: Globalization and Income Inequality; A European Perspective Downloads
Thomas Harjes
07/168: Assessing the Impact of a Change in the Composition of Public Spending; A DSGE Approach Downloads
Ivan Tchakarov and Roland Straub
07/167: Growth and Inflation Dispersions in EMU; Reasons, the Role of Adjustment Channels, and Policy Implications Downloads
Emil Stavrev
07/166: Real Effects of Common Currencies in East Asia Downloads
Kazuko Shirono
07/165: On the Buyability of Voting Bodies Downloads
Felix Vardy and John Morgan
07/164: Rapid Growth in Transition Economies; Growth-Accounting Approach Downloads
Garbis Iradian
07/163: The Role of Nonseparable Utility and Nontradeables in International Business Cycles and Portfolio Choice Downloads
Akito Matsumoto
07/162: A Note on Public Debt, Tax-Exempt Bonds, and Ponzi Games Downloads
Berthold Wigger
07/161: Firm Heterogeneity and Weak Intellectual Property Rights Downloads
Stanley Watt
07/160: Globalization, Gluts, Innovation or Irrationality; What Explains the Easy Financing of the U.S. Current Account Deficit? Downloads
Ravi Balakrishnan, Volodymyr Tulin and Tamim Bayoumi
07/159: Cooperative Banks in Europe—Policy Issues Downloads
Wim Fonteyne
07/158: The Common Monetary Area in Southern Africa; Shocks, Adjustment, and Policy Challenges Downloads
Iyabo Masha, Leighton Harris, Jian-Ye Wang and Kazuko Shirono
07/157: What Drives Stock Market Development in the Middle East and Central Asia—Institutions, Remittances, or Natural Resources? Downloads
Andreas Billmeier and Isabella Massa
07/156: Trade Openness and Growth; Pursuing Empirical Glasnost Downloads
Andreas Billmeier and Tommaso Nannicini
07/155: Estimation of a Behavioral Equilibrium Exchange Rate Model for Ghana Downloads
Elena Loukoianova and Plamen Iossifov
07/154: Welfare Gains from Financial Liberalization Downloads
Kenichi Ueda and Robert Townsend
07/153: Distributional Implications of the VAT Reform in the Philippines Downloads
David Newhouse and Daria Zakharova
07/152: IMF Drawing Programs; Participation Determinants and Forecasting Downloads
Eugenio Cerutti
07/151: Capital Flows, Financial Integration, and International Reserve Holdings; The Recent Experience of Emerging Markets and Advanced Economies Downloads
Sunil Sharma, Woon Gyu Choi and Maria Strömqvist
07/150: Guarding Against Fiscal Risks in Hong Kong SAR Downloads
International Monetary Fund
07/149: IPO Behavior in GCC Countries; Goody-Two Shoes or Bad-to-the-Bone? Downloads
International Monetary Fund
07/148: Persistent Gaps, Volatility Types, and Default Traps Downloads
Ana Fostel, Sandeep Kapur and Luis Catão
07/147: Public Debt Markets in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic Downloads
Andreas Jobst, Laura Valderrama, Ivan Guerra and Hemant Shah
07/146: Precautionary Demand for Foreign Assets in Sudden Stop Economies; An Assessment of the New Merchantilism Downloads
Enrique Mendoza, C. Bora Durdu and Marco Terrones
07/145: Measuring the Effect of Foreign Aidon Growth and Poverty Reduction or the Pitfalls of Interaction Variables Downloads
J. J. Polak, Joydeep Roy and Catherine A. Pattillo
07/144: Europe and Global Imbalances Downloads
Philip Lane and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
07/143: U.S. Revenue Surprises; Are Happy Days Here to Stay? Downloads
Koshy Mathai, Andrew Swiston and Martin Mühleisen
07/142: VAT Attacks! Downloads
Michael Keen
07/141: Testing for Cointegration Using the Johansen Methodology when Variables are Near-Integrated Downloads
Pär Österholm and Erik Hjalmarsson
07/140: Complex Ownership Structures and Corporate Valuations Downloads
Luc Laeven and Ross Levine
07/139: Relative Price Stability, Creditor Rights, and Financial Deepening Downloads
Pablo Druck, Alexander Plekhanov and Mario Dehesa
07/138: International Financial Integration Through Equity Markets; Which Firms from Which Countries Go Global? Downloads
Sergio Schmukler and Stijn Claessens
07/137: Trade Reform in the CEMAC; Developments and Opportunities Downloads
Charalambos Tsangarides and Jan Kees Martijn
07/136: Re-Accessing International Capital Markets After Financial Crises; Some Empirical Evidence Downloads
Luisa Zanforlin
07/135: An Oil and Gas Model Downloads
Noureddine Krichene
07/134: Bank Efficiency and Market Structure; What Determines Banking Spreads in Armenia? Downloads
Holger Floerkemeier and Era Dabla-Norris
07/133: Modalities of Moving to Inflation Targeting in Armenia and Georgia Downloads
International Monetary Fund
07/132: Pooling Risk Among Countries Downloads
Jean Imbs and Paolo Mauro
07/131: Budget Rigidity and Expenditure Efficiency in Slovenia Downloads
Todd D. Mattina and Victoria Gunnarsson
07/130: Asia Rising; A Sectoral Perspective Downloads
International Monetary Fund
07/129: France in the Global Economy; A Structural Approximate Dynamic Factor Model Analysis Downloads
Francisco Nadal De Simone and Alain Kabundi
07/128: The Ties that Bind; Measuring International Bond Spillovers Using Inflation-Indexed Bond Yields Downloads
Andrew Swiston and Tamim Bayoumi
07/127: The Role of Domestic Debt Markets in Economic Growth; An Empirical Investigation for Low-Income Countries and Emerging Markets Downloads
S. M. Abbas and Jakob Christensen
07/126: Impact of Intra-European Trade Agreements, 1990-2005; Policy Implications for the Western Balkans and Ukraine Downloads
Zhaogang Qiao and Johannes Herderschee
07/125: Financial Sector Reforms and Prospects for Financial Integration in Maghreb Countries Downloads
Juan Sole, Gabriel Sensenbrenner, Amor Tahari, J. E. J. De Vrijer, Marina Moretti, Patricia D Brenner and Abdelhak Senhadji
07/124: Public Investment and Growth in the Eastern Caribbean Downloads
Shaun K. Roache
07/123: Monetary Policy Transparency and Financial Market Forecasts in South Africa Downloads
Vivek B. Arora
07/122: Coping with Spain’s Aging; Retirement Rules and Incentives Downloads
Alexander Hoffmaister, Mario Catalan and Jaime Guajardo
07/121: Do Unit Value Export, Import, and Terms of Trade Indices Represent or Misrepresent Price Indices? Downloads
Mick Silver
07/120: Labor’s Liquidity Service and Firing Costs Downloads
Herman Z. Bennett
07/119: Money and Inflation in the Islamic Republic of Iran Downloads
Leo Bonato
07/118: Private-Sector Financial Liabilities in Advanced Economies; Is More Better? Downloads
Man-Keung Tang
07/117: The Economics of Islamic Finance and Securitization Downloads
Andreas Jobst
07/116: The Convergence Dynamics of a Transition Economy; The Case of the Czech Republic Downloads
Jan Bruha, Jiri Podpiera and Stanislav Polak
07/115: Macroeconomic and Financial Soundness Indicators; An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Rita Babihuga
07/114: Output Volatility and Large Output Drops in Emerging Market and Developing Countries Downloads
Dalia Hakura
07/113: Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Output in Oil-Producing Countries; The Case of Iran Downloads
Magda Kandil and Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee
07/112: Informality and Regulations; What Drives Firm Growth? Downloads
Era Dabla-Norris and Gabriela Inchauste
07/111: Global Imbalances and Financial Stability Downloads
Miranda Xafa
07/110: Oil Shocks and External Balances Downloads
International Monetary Fund
07/109: Pension Reform in China; The Need for a New Approach Downloads
Steven Vincent Dunaway and Vivek B. Arora
07/108: Pension Reform and Macroeconomic Stability in Latin America Downloads
Jorge Roldos
07/107: Old Curses, New Approaches? Fiscal Benchmarks for Oil-Producing Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Jan-Peter Olters
07/106: Tax Potential vs. Tax Effort; A Cross-Country Analysis of Armenia's Stubbornly Low Tax Collection Downloads
David Grigorian and Hamid Reza Davoodi
07/105: Wage Gaps and Development; Lessons from U.S. History Downloads
Alex Mourmouras and Peter Rangazas
07/104: Unconditional IMF Financial Support and Investor Moral Hazard Downloads
Jun Il Kim
07/103: Jordan’s International Reserve Position; Justifiably Strong Downloads
Stanley Watt, Donal McGettigan and Saade Chami
07/102: Diagnosing Dutch Disease; Does Russia Have the Symptoms? Downloads
Katerina Kalcheva and Nienke Oomes
07/101: Interest Rate Spreads in English-Speaking African Countries Downloads
Joe Crowley
07/100: Health Aid and Infant Mortality Downloads
David Newhouse and Prachi Mishra
07/99: Lessons From High Inflation Epidsodes for Stabilizing the Economy in Zimbabwe Downloads
Jens Clausen, Sharmini Coorey, Bakar Ould-Abdallah, Sònia Muñoz and Norbert Funke
07/98: Central Bank Quasi-Fiscal Losses and High Inflation in Zimbabwe; A Note Downloads
Sònia Muñoz
07/97: The Dynamics of Product Quality and International Competitiveness Downloads
Ashoka Mody, Deniz Igan and Stefania Fabrizio
07/96: Looking Beyond the Fiscal; Do Oil Funds Bring Macroeconomic Stability? Downloads
Ghiath Shabsigh and Nadeem Ilahi
07/95: Implications of More Precise Information for Technological Development and Welfare Downloads
Bernhard Eckwert and Burkhard Drees
07/94: Trade Adjustment and Human Capital Investments; Evidence from Indian Tariff Reform Downloads
Eric Edmonds, Nina Pavcnik and Petia Topalova
07/93: Government Size and Intersectoral Income Fluctuation; An International Panel Analysis Downloads
Daehaeng Kim and Chul-In Lee
07/92: Trade Policy with Heterogeneous Traders; Do Quotas Get a Bum Rap? Downloads
Kala Krishna and Ling Hui Tan
07/91: Dynamic Incentives and the Optimal Delegation of Political Power Downloads
Eric Le Borgne and Gauti Eggertsson
07/90: In Search of Equilibrium; Estimating Equilibrium Real Exchange Rates in Sub-Saharan African Countries Downloads
Joannes Mongardini and Alexander Chudik
07/89: Financial Market Risk and U.S. Money Demand Downloads
David Cook and Woon Gyu Choi
07/88: Central Bank Autonomy; Lessons from Global Trends Downloads
Bernard Laurens, Martin Sommer, Marco Arnone and Jean-François Segalotto
07/87: Concept of Offshore Financial Centers; In Search of an Operational Definition Downloads
Ahmed Zoromé
07/86: Guyana; Why Has Growth Stopped? An Empirical Study on the Stagnation of Economic Growth Downloads
Judith Gold, Ruben Atoyan and Cornelia Staritz
07/85: Financial Market Implications of India’s Pension Reform Downloads
Helene Poirson Ward
07/84: Balance of Payments Crises Under Inflation Targeting Downloads
Shujing Li, Kit Ming Yan and Michael Kumhof
07/83: Land Distribution and Financial System Development Downloads
Dietrich Vollrath and Lennart Erickson
07/82: Banking Supervision; Quality and Governance Downloads
Alessandro Gambini, Salim M. Darbar and Marco Arnone
07/81: A Theory of “Crying Wolfâ€; The Economics of Money Laundering Enforcement Downloads
Elöd Takáts
07/80: Catch-Up Growth, Habits, Oil Depletion, and Fiscal Policy; Lessons from the Republic of Congo Downloads
Stéphane Carcillo, Mauricio Villafuerte and Daniel Leigh
07/79: The Effect of Capital Controlson Foreign Direct Investment Decisions Under Country Risk with Intangible Assets Downloads
Kinga Z. Elo
07/78: British Influences on Commonwealth Budget Systems; The Case of the United Republic of Tanzania Downloads
Ian Lienert
07/77: Interpreting EU Funds Data for Macroeconomic Analysis in the New Member States Downloads
Robert Sierhej and Christoph B. Rosenberg
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