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08/87: A New Fiscal Rule; Should Israel “Go Swiss?†Downloads
Steven A. Symansky, Xavier Debrun and Natan P. Epstein
08/86: Business Cycles in Small Developed Economies; The Role of Terms of Trade and Foreign Interest Rate Shocks Downloads
Jaime Guajardo
08/85: Investors’ Risk Appetite and Global Financial Market Conditions Downloads
Brenda Gonzalez-Hermosillo
08/84: Striving to Be “Clearly Open†and “Crystal Clearâ€; Monetary Policy Communication of the CNB Downloads
Ales Bulir and Katerina Smídková
08/83: Exchange Rate Assessment in a Resource-Dependent Economy; The Case of Botswana Downloads
Corinne Deléchat and Matthew Gaertner
08/82: Breaking the Impediments to Budgetary Reforms; Evidence from Europe Downloads
Ashoka Mody and Stefania Fabrizio
08/81: High and Volatile Treasury Yields in Tanzania; The Role of Strategic Bidding and Auction Microstructure Downloads
Yuri V Sobolev and S. M. Abbas
08/80: Are Diamonds Forever? Using the Permanent Income Hypothesis to Analyze Botswana’s Reliance on Diamond Revenue Downloads
Olivier Basdevant
08/79: Financial Development and Growth in India; A Growing Tiger in a Cage? Downloads
Hiroko Oura
08/78: Pass-Through of External Shocks to Inflation in Sri Lanka Downloads
Nombulelo Braiton
08/77: Corporate Income Tax Competition in the Caribbean Downloads
Koffie Ben Nassar
08/76: Does Money Matter for U.S. Inflation? Evidence from Bayesian VARs Downloads
Pär Österholm and Helge Berger
08/75: Testing for Structural Breaks in Small Samples Downloads
Sergei Antoshin, Andrew Berg and Marcos R Souto
08/74: The Reform of Italian Cooperative Banks; Discussion of Proposals Downloads
Eva Gutierrez
08/73: The Monetary Model Strikes Back; Evidence from the World Downloads
Valerie Cerra and Sweta Saxena
08/72: Challenges to Monetary Policy in the Czech Republic—An Integrated Monetary and Fiscal Analysis Downloads
Sònia Muñoz and Céline Allard
08/71: Political Economy of Multi-Level Tax Assignments in Latin American Countries; Earmarked Revenue Versus Tax Autonomy Downloads
Giorgio Brosio and Ehtisham Ahmad
08/70: Japan’s Corporate Income Tax—Overview and Challenges Downloads
Thomas Dalsgaard
08/69: Achieving a Soft Landing; The Role of Fiscal Policy Downloads
Daniel Leigh
08/68: Trade in the WAEMU; Developments and Reform Opportunities Downloads
Hans Weisfeld and Manuela Goretti
08/67: Local Service Provision in Selected OECD Countries; Do Decentralized Operations Work Better? Downloads
Ehtisham Ahmad, Giorgio Brosio and Vito Tanzi
08/66: Trade Creation and Diversion Revisited; Accounting for Model Uncertainty and Natural Trading Partner Effects Downloads
Chris Papageorgiou, Christian Henn and Theo Eicher
08/65: Regionalism or Multilateralism? A Political Economy Choice Downloads
Giorgia Albertin
08/64: A Small Structural Monetary Policy Model for Small Open Economies with Debt Accumulation Downloads
Philippe D Karam and Adrian Pagan
08/63: Analysis of the Efficiency and Profitability of the Japanese Banking System Downloads
Elena Loukoianova
08/62: Financial Development and Poverty Reduction; Can There Be a Benefit Without a Cost? Downloads
Sylviane Guillaumont Jeanneney and Kangni Kpodar
08/61: Business Cycle Accounting For Chile Downloads
Ludvig Söderling and Ina Simonovska
08/60: Imperfect Central Bank Communication - Information versus Distraction Downloads
Athanasios Orphanides, Spencer Dale and Pär Österholm
08/59: What Makes Growth Sustained? Downloads
Jonathan Ostry, Andrew Berg and Jeromin Zettelmeyer
08/58: A Stochastic Framework for Public Debt Sustainability Analysis Downloads
C. Di Bella
08/57: Hong Kong SAR as a Financial Center for Asia; Trends and Implications Downloads
Olaf Unteroberdoerster and Cynthia Leung
08/56: Effective Average Tax Rates for Permanent Investment Downloads
Alexander Klemm
08/55: Credit Cyclicality in Chile; A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
Ludvig Söderling
08/54: India; Is the Rising Tide Lifting All Boats? Downloads
Petia Topalova
08/53: Does Money Growth Granger-Cause Inflation in the Euro Area? Evidence from Out-of-Sample Forecasts Using Bayesian VARs Downloads
Pär Österholm and Helge Berger
08/52: Tax and Welfare Reforms in the Czech Republic—Structural Implications and Challenges Downloads
Thomas Dalsgaard
08/51: The Landscape of Capital Flows to Low-Income Countries Downloads
Thomas William Dorsey, Zuzana Brixiová, Sukhwinder Singh and Helaway Tadesse
08/50: Central America’s Regional Trends and U.S. Cycles Downloads
Shaun K. Roache
08/49: Central Bank Financial Strength, Policy Constraints and Inflation Downloads
Peter Stella
08/48: A Bayesian-Estimated Model of Inflation Targeting in South Africa Downloads
Thomas Harjes and Luca Ricci
08/47: Helping Hand or Grabbing Hand? Supervisory Architecture, Financial Structure and Market View Downloads
Marc Quintyn and Donato Masciandaro
08/46: External Linkages and Economic Growth in Colombia; Insights from A Bayesian VAR Model Downloads
Pär Österholm and Lisandro Abrego
08/45: Aggregate Investment Expenditures on Tradable and Nontradable Goods Downloads
Rudolfs Bems
08/44: Debt Sustainability under Catastrophic Risk; The Case for Government Budget Insurance Downloads
Eduardo Cavallo, Eduardo Borensztein and Patricio Valenzuela
08/43: Regional Wage Differentiation and Wage Bargaining Systems in the EU Downloads
Athanasios Vamvakidis
08/42: Budget Deficits and Interest Rates; A Fresh Perspective Downloads
Ari Aisen and David Hauner
08/41: International Reserve Trends in the South Caucasus and Central Asia Region Downloads
Holger Floerkemeier and Mariusz A. Sumlinski
08/40: A Risk-Based Debt Sustainability Framework; Incorporating Balance Sheets and Uncertainty Downloads
Dale F. Gray, Elena Loukoianova, Samuel Malone and Cheng Hoon Lim
08/39: Big Government, High Debt, and Fiscal Adjustment in Small States Downloads
Rui Ota and Stephanie Medina Cas
08/38: “Beneficial†Delays in Debt Restructuring Negotiations Downloads
Ran Bi
08/37: Issues in Central Bank Finance and Independence Downloads
Åke Lönnberg and Peter Stella
08/36: Terms of Trade Shocks and Economic Recovery Downloads
Patrick Imam, Eleonora Granziera and Norbert Funke
08/35: Importer and Producer Petroleum Taxation; A Geo-Political Model Downloads
Jon Strand
08/34: Where Did All the Aid Go? An Empirical Analysis of Absorption and Spending Downloads
Shekhar Aiyar and Ummul Hasanath Ruthbah
08/33: External Tariff Liberalization in CARICOM; A Commodity-Level Analysis Downloads
Azim M Sadikov
08/32: The Determinants of Stock Market Development in Emerging Economies; Is South Africa Different? Downloads
Charles Amo Yartey
08/31: Canadian Firm and Job Dynamics Downloads
Ravi Balakrishnan
08/30: The Effects of Early Retirement on Youth Unemployment; The Case of Belgium Downloads
Pierre Pestieau, Mathieu Lefèbvre, Alain Jousten and Sergio Perelman
08/29: Remittances and Institutions; Are Remittances a Curse? Downloads
Jihad Dagher, Ralph Chami, Peter Montiel and Yasser Abdih
08/28: Where Did All the Borrowing Go? A Forensic Analysis of the U.S. External Position Downloads
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti and Philip Lane
08/27: Addressing Korea’s Long-Term Fiscal Challenges Downloads
Murtaza H Syed, Michael Skaarup and Tarhan Feyzioglu
08/26: Foreign Direct Investment and Structural Reforms; Evidence from Eastern Europe and Latin America Downloads
Yuko Kinoshita and Nauro Campos
08/25: Why is Canada’s Price Level So Predictable? Downloads
Vladimir Klyuev, Heesun Kiem, Ondra Kamenik and Douglas Laxton
08/24: Do Technology Shocks Lead to Productivity Slowdowns? Evidence from Patent Data Downloads
Lone Engbo Christiansen
08/23: Real Implications of Financial Linkages Between Canada and the United States Downloads
Vladimir Klyuev
08/22: Show Me the Money; Access to Finance for Small Borrowers in Canada Downloads
Vladimir Klyuev
08/21: Inflation Differentials in the EU; A Common (Factors) Approach with Implications for EU8 Euro Adoption Prospects Downloads
International Monetary Fund
08/20: Financial Frictions and Business Cycles in Middle-Income Countries Downloads
Jaime Guajardo
08/19: Microeconomic Implications of Remittances in an Overlapping Generations Model with Altruism and Self-Interest Downloads
Tigran Melkonyan and David Grigorian
08/18: Taylor Rule Under Financial Instability Downloads
Martin Cihak, Ales Bulir and Sofia Bauducco
08/17: Lebanon—Weathering the Perfect Storms Downloads
Axel Schimmelpfennig and E. H. Gardner
08/16: Islamic Banks and Financial Stability; An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Martin Cihak and Heiko Hesse
08/15: Trade Restrictiveness in the CEMAC Region; The Case of Congo Downloads
Maria-Angels Oliva
08/14: The Impact of Trade Liberalization on the Trade Balance in Developing Countries Downloads
Yi Wu and Li Zeng
08/13: Real Exchange Rates and Fundamentals; A Cross-Country Perspective Downloads
Luca Ricci, Jaewoo Lee and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
08/12: Capital Flows and Economic Fluctuations; The Role of Commercial Banks in Transmitting Shocks Downloads
Yong Sarah Zhou
08/11: International Reserves—Too Much of a Zipf’s Thing Downloads
Mariusz A. Sumlinski
08/10: Emerging Market Spread Compression; Is it Real or is it Liquidity? Downloads
Laura E. Kodres, Kristian Hartelius and Kenichiro Kashiwase
08/9: Evaluating Alternative Approaches to Poverty Alleviation; Rice Tariffs Versus Targeted Transfers in Madagascar Downloads
Paul Dorosh, David Coady and Bart Minten
08/8: Capital Flows and Demographics—An Asian Perspective Downloads
Erik Lueth
08/7: Tax Rate Cuts and Tax Compliance—The Laffer Curve Revisited Downloads
Tamás K. Papp and Elöd Takáts
08/6: Financial Instruments to Hedge Commodity Price Risk for Developing Countries Downloads
Yinqiu Lu and Salih Neftci
08/5: The Role of Institutional Quality in a Currency Crisis Model Downloads
Yi Wu
08/4: Does Technological Diffusion Explain Australia’s Productivity Performance? Downloads
Thierry Tressel
08/3: Spillovers Across NAFTA Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi and Andrew J Swiston
08/2: Spillovers to Ireland Downloads
Daniel S Kanda
08/1: Optimal Capital Structure of Public-Private Joint Ventures Downloads
Pawel Gasiorowski and Marian Moszoro
07/299: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Supply for the G-7 Countries, with Emphasis on Germany Downloads
Jon Strand
07/298: How Has The Globalization of Labor Affected the Labor Income Share in Advanced Countries? Downloads
Florence Jaumotte and Irina Tytell
07/297: Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Pacific Island Countries; Macro-Fiscal Linkages Downloads
Paulo A Medas and Eric Le Borgne
07/296: Equilibrium Exchange Rates; Assessment Methodologies Downloads
Peter Isard
07/295: Modeling Inflation for Mali Downloads
Mame Astou Diouf
07/294: Is Brazil Different? Risk, Dollarization, and Interest Rates in Emerging Markets Downloads
Márcio Holland, Edmar Bacha and Fernando M. Gonçalves
07/293: Do Reserve Portfolios Respond to Exchange Rate Changes Using a Portfolio Rebalancing Strategy? An Econometric Study Using COFER Data Downloads
Ewe-Ghee Lim
07/292: Border and Behind-the-Border Trade Barriers and Country Exports Downloads
Azim M Sadikov
07/291: Use of Participatory Notes in Indian Equity Markets and Recent Regulatory Changes Downloads
Manmohan Singh
07/290: Stochastic Volatilities and Correlations, Extreme Values and Modeling the Macroeconomic Environment, Under Which Brazilian Banks Operate Downloads
Marcos R Souto and Theodore M. Barnhill
07/289: Government for the People; On the Determinants of the Size of U.S. Government Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi and Fernando M. Gonçalves
07/288: Equity and Private Debt Markets in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic Downloads
Hemant Shah, Jorge Chan-Lau, Geoffrey J Bannister, Ana Carvajal and Ivan S Guerra
07/287: Testing for Purchasing Power Parity in Cointegrated Panels Downloads
Johan Lyhagen, Pär Österholm and Mikael Carlsson
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