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07/290: Stochastic Volatilities and Correlations, Extreme Values and Modeling the Macroeconomic Environment, Under Which Brazilian Banks Operate Downloads
Marcos R Souto and Theodore M. Barnhill
07/289: Government for the People; On the Determinants of the Size of U.S. Government Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi and Fernando M. Gonçalves
07/288: Equity and Private Debt Markets in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic Downloads
Hemant Shah, Jorge Chan-Lau, Geoffrey J Bannister, Ana Carvajal and Ivan S Guerra
07/287: Testing for Purchasing Power Parity in Cointegrated Panels Downloads
Johan Lyhagen, Pär Österholm and Mikael Carlsson
07/286: Buoyant Capital Spending and Worries over Real Appreciation; Cold Facts from Algeria Downloads
Oumar Diallo, Boileau Loko and Kangni Kpodar
07/285: The Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Egypt Downloads
Rania A. Al-Mashat and Andreas Billmeier
07/284: Solving for Country Portfolios in Open Economy Macro Models Downloads
Michael Devereux and Alan Sutherland
07/283: Country Portfolio Dynamics Downloads
Alan Sutherland and Michael Devereux
07/282: An Estimated DSGE Model for Monetary Policy Analysis in Low-Income Countries Downloads
Shanaka J Peiris and Magnus Saxegaard
07/281: International Diversification Gains and Home Bias in Banking Downloads
Alicia García-Herrero and Francisco Vazquez
07/280: Changing Nature of North-South Linkages; Stylized Facts and Explanations Downloads
Cigdem Akin and Ayhan Kose
07/279: Financial Globalization and Monetary Policy Downloads
Michael Devereux and Alan Sutherland
07/278: High Growth and Low Consumption in East Asia; How to Improve Welfare While Avoiding Financial Failures Downloads
Celine Rochon, Andrew Feltenstein and Maral Shamloo
07/277: Empirical Evidence on the New International Aid Architecture Downloads
Danny Cassimon, Stijn Claessens and Bjorn Van Campenhout
07/276: Estimating Iceland’s Real Equilibrium Exchange Rate Downloads
Robert Tchaidze
07/275: How Well Do Aggregate Bank Ratios Identify Banking Problems? Downloads
Martin Cihak and Klaus Schaeck
07/274: Tax Policy; Recent Trends and Coming Challenges Downloads
Tehmina Khan and John Norregaard
07/273: Do Remittances to Latin America Depend on the U.S. Business Cycle? Downloads
Ewa Gradzka and Shaun K. Roache
07/272: Does the Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Transmission Work in Turkey? Downloads
Petya Koeva Brooks
07/271: Simple Monetary Rules Under Fiscal Dominance Downloads
Michael Kumhof, Ricardo Nunes and Irina Yakadina
07/270: Effect of Corruption on Tax Revenues in the Middle East Downloads
Patrick Imam and Davina Jacobs
07/269: Is Inflation in India an Attractor of Inflation in Nepal? Downloads
Edimon Ginting
07/268: What Explains India’s Real Appreciation? Downloads
Renu Kohli and Sudip Mohapatra
07/267: Estimating Spillover Risk Among Large EU Banks Downloads
Li L Ong and Martin Cihak
07/266: China’s Changing Trade Elasticities Downloads
Jahangir Aziz and Xiangming Li
07/265: The Optimal Level of Foreign Reserves in Financially Dollarized Economies; The Case of Uruguay Downloads
Fernando M. Gonçalves
07/264: The Use of Encompassing Tests for Forecast Combinations Downloads
Turgut Kisinbay
07/263: Education and Health in G7 Countries; Achieving Better Outcomes with Less Spending Downloads
Victoria Gunnarsson, Stéphane Carcillo and Marijn Verhoeven
07/262: Financial Linkages Between the U.S. and Latin America; Evidence from Daily Data Downloads
Srideep D Ganguly and Roberto Benelli
07/261: Effect of IMF Structural Adjustment Programs on Expectations; The Case of Transition Economies Downloads
Patrick Imam
07/260: EU Framework for Safeguarding Financial Stability; Towards an Analytical Benchmark for Assessing its Effectiveness Downloads
María Nieto and Garry Schinasi
07/259: Strengths and Weaknesses in Securities Market Regulation; A Global Analysis Downloads
Jennifer A. Elliott and Ana Carvajal
07/258: The Duration of Capital Account Crises—An Empirical Analysis Downloads
David J Hofman, Ruben V Atoyan, Dimitri Tzanninis and Mauro Mecagni
07/257: Can Domestic Policies Influence Inflation? Downloads
Ashoka Mody and Franziska Ohnsorge
07/256: Local Currency Debt Markets in the West African Economic and Monetary Union Downloads
Amadou Sy
07/255: Mainstreaming Statistics in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Approach to Provide for More Effective Technical Assistance; Some Experience at the IMF Downloads
Robin D Kibuka
07/254: Consistent Quantitative Operational Risk Measurement and Regulation; Challenges of Model Specification, Data Collection and Loss Reporting Downloads
Andreas Jobst
07/253: Optimal Taxation in the Forestry Sector in the Congo Basin; The Case of Gabon Downloads
Oscar E Melhado Orellana
07/252: Why Focus on Spending Needs Factors? The Political Economy of Fiscal Transfer Reforms in Mexico Downloads
Ehtisham Ahmad, Mercedes Garcia-Escribano, José Antonio González Anaya, Ernesto Revilla, Giorgio Brosio and Ben Lockwood
07/251: Capital Account Convertibility and Risk Management in India Downloads
Amadou Sy
07/250: The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive; Banking on Market and Supervisory Efficiency Downloads
François Haas
07/249: GCC Monetary Union and the Degree of Macroeconomic Policy Coordination Downloads
Bassem Kamar and Sami Ben Naceur
07/248: Decomposing Financial Risks and Vulnerabilities in Eastern Europe Downloads
Rupert D Worrell, Andrea M. Maechler and Srobona Mitra
07/247: Policy Challenges of Population Aging in Ireland Downloads
Dora M Iakova and Dennis P Botman
07/246: Benchmarking the Efficiency of Public Expenditure in the Russian Federation Downloads
David Hauner
07/245: Financial Development in Emerging Europe; The Unfinished Agenda Downloads
Edda Zoli
07/244: Finance and Convergence; What’s Ahead for Emerging Europe? Downloads
Philip Schellekens and Rudolfs Bems
07/243: Implications of Oil Inflows for Savings and Reserve Management in the Cemac Downloads
International Monetary Fund
07/242: A Markov-Switching Approach to Measuring Exchange Market Pressure Downloads
Francis Y Kumah
07/241: Alternative Fiscal Rules for Norway Downloads
Daniel Leigh and Etibar Jafarov
07/239: Operational Risk; The Sting is Still in the Tail But the Poison Dependson the Dose Downloads
Andreas Jobst
07/238: How Does Financial Globalization Affect Risk Sharing? Patterns and Channels Downloads
Marco Terrones, Ayhan Kose and Eswar Prasad
07/237: Sukuk vs. Eurobonds; Is There a Difference in Value-at-Risk? Downloads
Faezeh Raei and Selim Cakir
07/236: Vulnerabilities in Emerging Southeastern Europe—How Much Cause for Concern? Downloads
International Monetary Fund
07/235: Toward a Robust Fiscal Framework for Iceland; Motivation and Practical Suggestions Downloads
Anthony M Annett
07/234: Hedonic Imputation versus Time Dummy Hedonic Indexes Downloads
Walter Diewert, Mick Silver and Saeed Heravi
07/233: Measuring Sovereign Risk in Turkey; An Application of the Contingent Claims Approach Downloads
Christian Keller, Peter J Kunzel and Marcos R Souto
07/232: Fiscal Reaction Functions in the CFA Zone; An Analytical Perspective Downloads
Oral Williams and Olumuyiwa S Adedeji
07/231: Overcoming Barriers to Reform; On Incentive-Compatible International Assistance Downloads
Wolfgang Mayer and Alex Mourmouras
07/230: The Equity Premium Puzzle, Ambiguity Aversion, and Institutional Quality Downloads
Abbas Mirakhor and S. Nuri Erbas
07/229: Capital Market Development in a Small Country; The Case of Slovenia Downloads
Jochen Andritzky
07/228: The Determinants of Corporate Risk in Emerging Markets; An Option-Adjusted Spread Analysis Downloads
Eduardo Cavallo and Patricio Valenzuela
07/227: Public Financial Institutions in Developed Countries—Organization and Oversight Downloads
Lev Ratnovski and Aditya Narain
07/226: The Health Sector in the Slovak Republic; Efficiency and Reform Downloads
Victoria Gunnarsson, Sergio Lugaresi and Marijn Verhoeven
07/225: Sri Lanka’s Sources of Growth Downloads
Nombulelo Braiton
07/224: Wild or Tamed?; India’s Potential Growth Downloads
Hiroko Oura
07/223: Can Miracles Lead to Crises? the Role of Optimism in Emerging Markets Crises Downloads
Emine Boz
07/222: Fiscal Management of Scaled-Up Aid Downloads
Sanjeev Gupta, Duncan P Last, Isabell Adenauer, Kevin Fletcher, Gerd Schwartz, Shamsuddin Tareq and Richard I Allen
07/221: India; Asset Prices and the Macroeconomy Downloads
Catriona Purfield
07/220: The Role of Fiscal Transparency in Sustaining Growth and Stability in Latin America Downloads
Taryn R Parry
07/219: Political Budget Cycles in Papua New Guinea Downloads
Ebrima A Faal
07/218: Ethnic Diversity, Democracy, and Corruption Downloads
Etienne B Yehoue
07/217: Optimal Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy Under Segmented Asset Markets and Sticky Prices Downloads
Juan Medina and Ruy Lama
07/216: Banking Competition and Capital Ratios Downloads
Martin Cihak and Klaus Schaeck
07/215: Bank Ownership, Market Structure and Risk Downloads
Gianni De Nicolo and Elena Loukoianova
07/214: The Shifting Structure of China’s Trade and Production Downloads
Li Cui and Murtaza H Syed
07/213: Inter-sectoral Linkages and Local Content in Extractive Industries and Beyond – The Case of São Tomé and Príncipe Downloads
Alonso A Segura Vasi, Walter Zarate, Gonzalo C Pastor and Ulrich Klueh
07/212: Competitiveness in the CFA Franc Zone Downloads
Charalambos Tsangarides and Gustavo Ramirez
07/211: What Drives China’s Growing Role in Africa? Downloads
Jian-Ye Wang
07/210: Why Has Unemployment in Algeria Been Higher than in MENA and Transition Countries? Downloads
Kangni Kpodar
07/209: Stock Market Development in Sub-Saharan Africa; Critical Issues and Challenges Downloads
Charles Adjasi and Charles Amo Yartey
07/208: U.K. Inflation and Relative Prices over the Last Decade; How Important was Globalization? Downloads
Benjamin L Hunt
07/207: Endogenous Monetary Policy Credibility in a Small Macro Model of Israel Downloads
Eyal Argov, David Rose, Philippe D Karam, Natan P. Epstein and Douglas Laxton
07/206: Debt Stabilization Bias and the Taylor Principle; Optimal Policy in a New Keynesian Model with Government Debt and Inflation Persistence Downloads
David Vines and Sven Jari Stehn
07/205: Indian Subnational Finances; Recent Performance Downloads
Ananthakrishnan Prasad and Adarsh Kishore
07/204: The Effects of Dividend Taxes on Equity Prices; A Re-examination of the 1997 U.K. Tax Reform Downloads
Stephen Bond, Alexander Klemm and Michael B. Devereux
07/203: Financial Deepening in Sub-Saharan Africa; Empirical Evidence on the Role of Creditor Rights Protection and Information Sharing Downloads
Calvin A McDonald and Liliana B Schumacher
07/202: A Party without a Hangover? On the Effects of U.S. Government Deficits Downloads
Douglas Laxton and Michael Kumhof
07/201: Assessing Competitiveness and Real Exchange Rate Misalignment in Low-Income Countries Downloads
Mark W Lewis, Aurelie Martin and C. Di Bella
07/200: DSGE Modeling at the Fund; Applications and Further Developments Downloads
Dennis P Botman, David Rose, Douglas Laxton and Philippe D Karam
07/199: The Golden Rule and the Economic Cycles Downloads
Keiko Honjo
07/198: Economic Growth in Croatia; Potential and Constraints Downloads
David Moore and Athanasios Vamvakidis
07/197: A Simple DGE Model for Inflation Targeting Downloads
International Monetary Fund
07/196: Global Aging Pressures; Impact of Fiscal Adjustment, Policy Cooperation, and Structural Reforms Downloads
Manmohan S. Kumar and Dennis P Botman
07/195: New Landscape, New Challenges; Structural Change and Regulation in the U.S. Financial Sector Downloads
Ashok Vir Bhatia
07/194: Estimation of Equilibrium Exchange Rates in the WAEMU; A Robustness Analysis Downloads
Magnus Saxegaard, Stéphane Roudet and Charalambos Tsangarides
07/193: Inflation Targeting in Georgia; Are We There Yet? Downloads
Giorgi Bakradze and Andreas Billmeier
07/192: Structuring and Restructuring Sovereign Debt; The Role of a Bankruptcy Regime Downloads
Patrick Bolton and Olivier Jeanne
07/191: What Do We Know About Namibia’s Competitiveness? Downloads
Ken Miyajima
07/190: Coping with Capital Inflows; Experiences of Selected European Countries Downloads
David Vávra, Inci Ötker, Barry Topf and Zbigniew Polanski
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