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10/185: Output and Unemployment Dynamics During the Great Recession: A Panel Unobserved Components Analysis Downloads
Francis Vitek
10/179: Resource Windfalls and Emerging Market Sovereign Bond Spreads: The Role of Political Institutions Downloads
Rabah Arezki and Markus Brückner
10/173: Democracy and Reforms: Evidence From a New Dataset Downloads
Antonio Spilimbergo, Paola Giuliano and Prachi Mishra
10/169: Peru: Drivers of De-Dollarization Downloads
Mercedes Garcia-Escribano
10/167: Local Housing Market Cycle and Loss Given Default: Evidence From Sub-Prime Residential Mortgages Downloads
Yanan Zhang, Lu Ji and Fei Liu
10/165: China's Economic Growth: International Spillovers Downloads
Athanasios Vamvakidis and Vivek B. Arora
10/163: Budget Consolidation: Short-Term Pain and Long-Term Gain Downloads
Douglas Laxton, Susanna Mursula, Kevin Clinton and Michael Kumhof
10/159: Inflation and Conflict in Iraq: The Economics of Shortages Revisited Downloads
Udo Kock and David Grigorian
10/158: External Finance, Sudden Stops, and Financial Crisis: What is Different This Time? Downloads
International Monetary Fund
10/156: Of Runes and Sagas: Perspectiveson Liquidity Stress Testing Using An Iceland Example Downloads
Martin Cihák and Li L. Ong
10/155: Automatic Stabilizers and the Size of Government: Correcting a Common Misunderstanding Downloads
Carlo Cottarelli and Annalisa Fedelino
10/152: Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting in the Group of Twenty: A Panel Unobserved Components Approach Downloads
Francis Vitek
10/150: Procyclicality in Central Bank Reserve Management: Evidence From the Crisis Downloads
Jukka Pihlman and Han van der Hoorn
10/149: Vietnam: Bayesian Estimation of Output Gap Downloads
Wojciech Maliszewski
10/146: Resolution of Banking Crises: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Downloads
Luc Laeven and Fabian Valencia
10/144: Inflation Dynamics in Yemen: An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Abdullah Almounsor
10/143: Treasury Single Account: Concept, Design, and Implementation Issues Downloads
Israel Fainboim Yaker and Sailendra Pattanayak
10/140: Beyond Aid: How Much Should African Countries Pay to Borrow? Downloads
Cheikh A. Gueye and Amadou Sy
10/138: Tax Revenue Downturns: Anatomy and Links to Imports Downloads
Kun Li and Pablo Lopez Murphy
10/137: In Search of Lost Revenue: Why Restoring Fiscal Soundness After a Crisis is Harder Than it Looks Downloads
Masato Miyazaki
10/134: On the Optimal Adherence to Money Targets in a New-Keynesian Framework: An Application to Low-Income Countries Downloads
Andrew Berg, Filiz Unsal and Rafael Portillo
10/132: FDI Flows to Low-Income Countries: Global Drivers and Growth Implications Downloads
International Monetary Fund
10/130: The Credit Boom in the EU New Member States: Bad Luck or Bad Policies? Downloads
International Monetary Fund
10/126: Mining Taxation: An Application to Mali Downloads
Saji Thomas
10/125: Dynamic Loan Loss Provisions in Uruguay: Properties, Shock Absorption Capacity and Simulations Using Alternative Formulas Downloads
Torsten Wezel
10/122: Recoveries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan: Have Macroeconomic Policies Been Effective? Downloads
Francesco Grigoli and Dalia Hakura
10/120: Sovereign Spreads: Global Risk Aversion, Contagion or Fundamentals? Downloads
Miguel A. Segoviano Basurto, Carlos Caceres and Vincenzo Guzzo
10/119: ASEAN: A Chronicle of Shifting Trade Exposure and Regional Integration Downloads
Sanjay Kalra
10/118: The Linkage between the Oil and Non-oil Sectors: A Panel VAR Approach Downloads
Nir Klein
10/116: Oil Windfalls in Ghana: A DSGE Approach Downloads
Jihad Dagher, Jan Gottschalk and Rafael Portillo
10/115: Short-Versus Long-Term Credit and Economic Performance: Evidence from the WAEMU Downloads
Kodzo Gbenyo and Kangni Kpodar
10/114: Managing the Exit: Lessons from Japan's Reversal of Unconventional Monetary Policy Downloads
Murtaza H. Syed and Hiromi Yamaoka
10/112: Equity and Fiscal Policy: The Income Distribution Effects of Taxation and Social Spending in Central America Downloads
Rodrigo Cubero and Ivanna Vladkova Hollar
10/111: Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Stability: Automatic Stabilizers Work, Always and Everywhere Downloads
Xavier Debrun and Radhicka Kapoor
10/110: Public Investment As a Fiscal Stimulus: Evidence from Japan's Regional Spending During the 1990's Downloads
Anita Tuladhar and Markus Brückner
10/109: Power Laws in Firm Size and Openness to Trade: Measurement and Implications Downloads
Andrei Levchenko, Julian di Giovanni and Romain Ranciere
10/105: Cross-Border Financial Surveillance: A Network Perspective Downloads
Juan Sole and Marco Espinosa-Vega
10/103: The Structural Manifestation of the `Dutch Disease’: The Case of Oil Exporting Countries Downloads
Kareem Ismail
10/102: The Global Credit Crunch and Foreign Banks' Lending to Emerging Markets: Why Did Latin America Fare Better? Downloads
Kulwant Rai and Herman Kamil
10/100: Quantitative Properties of Sovereign Default Models: Solution Methods Matter Downloads
Leonardo Martinez, Horacio Sapriza and Juan Hatchondo
10/98: Regulatory Capital Charges for too-Connected-To-Fail Institutions: A Practical Proposal Downloads
Jorge Chan-Lau
10/97: Absorption Boom and Fiscal Stance: What Lies Ahead in Eastern Europe? Downloads
Jesmin Rahman
10/96: Growth Convergence and Spillovers Among Indian States: What Matters? What Does Not? Downloads
Piyaporn Sodsriwiboon and Sanjay Kalra
10/95: Bank Efficiency Amid Foreign Entry: Evidence From the Central American Region Downloads
Torsten Wezel
10/93: Determinants of China's Private Consumption: An International Perspective Downloads
Kai Guo and Papa M'B. P. N'Diaye
10/92: Beyond the Crisis: Revisiting Emerging Europe's Growth Model Downloads
Ruben Atoyan
10/89: Russia's Output Collapse and Recovery: Evidence from the Post-Soviet Transition Downloads
Eteri Kvintradze
10/87: The GCC Banking Sector: Topography and Analysis Downloads
May Y. Khamis, Abdullah Al-Hassan and Nada Oulidi
10/86: The Embodiment of Intangible Investment Goods: A Q-Theory Approach Downloads
Nazim Belhocine
10/84: Inflation Expectations and Monetary Policy in India: An Empirical Exploration Downloads
Michael Debabrata Patra and Partha Ray
10/82: Price Setting in a Model with Production Chains: Evidence From Sectoral Data Downloads
Maral Shamloo
10/81: Basel Core Principles and Bank Risk: Does Compliance Matter? Downloads
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt and Enrica Detragiache
10/79: Fiscal Adjustment in Sudan: Size, Speed and Composition Downloads
S. M. Abbas, Kenji Moriyama and Abdul Naseer
10/78: Spillovers of Domestic Shocks: Will they Counteract the "Great Moderation"? Downloads
Ashoka Mody and Alina Carare
10/77: Fiscal Objectives in the Post IMF Program World: The Case of Albania Downloads
Jiri Jonas
10/76: Estimating the Inflation-Growth Nexus: A Smooth Transition Model Downloads
Raphael Espinoza, Ananthakrishnan Prasad and H. L. Leon
10/75: Economic Transition and Health Care Reform: The Experience of Europe and Central Asia Downloads
Adam Leive
10/67: Competition and Firm Productivity: Evidence From Firm-Level Data Downloads
Marc Schiffbauer and Sandra Ospina
10/65: The Short-Run Macroeconomics of Aid Inflows: Understanding the Interaction of Fiscal and Reserve Policy Downloads
Luis-Felipe Zanna, Andrew Berg, Tokhir Mirzoev and Rafael Portillo
10/61: Oman:: Banking Sector Resilience Downloads
Ananthakrishnan Prasad and Pierluigi Bologna
10/59: Caribbean Bananas: The Macroeconomic Impact of Trade Preference Erosion Downloads
Paul Cashin, Montfort Mlachila and Cleary Haines
10/58: The Real Exchange Rate and Growth Revisited: The Washington Consensus Strikes Back? Downloads
Andrew Berg and Yanliang Miao
10/57: Asset Booms and Structural Fiscal Positions: The Case of Ireland Downloads
Daniel Kanda
10/55: FX Swaps: Implications for Financial and Economic Stability Downloads
Li L. Ong and Bergljot Barkbu
10/54: Precautionary Reserves: An Application to Bolivia Downloads
Fabian Valencia
10/52: Simulating Inflation Forecasting in Real-Time: How Useful is a Simple Phillips Curve in Germany, the U.K.L4434, and the U.S.? Downloads
Jens Clausen and Bianca Clausen
10/50: On the Solvency of Nations: Are Global Imbalances Consistent with Intertemporal Budget Constraints? Downloads
Enrique Mendoza, Marco Terrones and C. Bora Durdu
10/48: The Empirics of Exchange Rate Regimes and Trade: Words vs. Deeds Downloads
Mahvash Qureshi and Charalambos Tsangarides
10/47: Bank Credit During the 2008 Financial Crisis: A Cross-Country Comparison Downloads
Ari Aisen and Michael Franken
10/45: Inflation Targeting and the Crisis: An Empirical Assessment Downloads
Irineu de Carvalho Filho
10/41: Bankruptcy and Firm Dynamics: The Case of the Missing Firms Downloads
Jose Daniel Rodríguez-Delgado
10/35: Spillovers to Central America in Light of the Crisis: What a Difference a Year Makes Downloads
Andrew Swiston
10/34: The Global Integrated Monetary and Fiscal Model (GIMF): Theoretical Structure Downloads
Douglas Laxton, Susanna Mursula, Michael Kumhof and Dirk Muir
10/27: Recovery Determinants of Distressed Banks: Regulators, Market Discipline, or the Environment? Downloads
Michael Koetter, Tigran Poghosyan and Thomas Kick
10/26: International Pricing of Emerging Market Corporate Debt: Does the Corporate Matter? Downloads
Sonja Keller and Ashoka Mody
10/24: The Global Financial Crisis and Workers' Remittances to Africa: What's the Damage? Downloads
Ralph Chami, Adolfo Barajas, Anjali Garg and Connel Fullenkamp
10/18: Responding to Banking Crises: Lessons From Cross-Country Evidence Downloads
Enrica Detragiache and Giang Ho
10/17: Inflation in Tajikistan: Forecasting Analysis and Monetary Policy Challenges Downloads
Svetlana Vtyurina and Fahad Alturki
10/16: China: Does Government Health and Education Spending Boost Consumption? Downloads
Steven Barnett and Ray Brooks
10/15: Estimating Poland's Potential Output: A Production Function Approach Downloads
Natan P. Epstein and Corrado Macchiarelli
10/13: Canada's Potential Growth: Another Victim of the Crisis? Downloads
Marcello M. Estevão and Evridiki Tsounta
10/11: After the Crisis: Lower Consumption Growth But Narrower Global Imbalances? Downloads
Franziska Ohnsorge and Ashoka Mody
10/8: The Spillover Effects of the Global Crisison Economic Activity in Mena Emerging Market Countries: An Analysis Using the Financial Stress Index Downloads
Kenji Moriyama
10/6: Correlations in Emerging Market Bonds: The Role of Local and Global Factors Downloads
A. Javier Hamann, Irina Bunda and Subir Lall
10/5: The Impact of the Global Crisison Canada: What Do Macro-Financial Linkages Tell Us? Downloads
Rupa Duttagupta and N. Barrera
10/1: Post-Crisis Bank Behavior: Lessons From Mercosur Downloads
International Monetary Fund
09/287: A Fistful of Dollars: Lobbying and the Financial Crisis Downloads
Deniz Igan, Thierry Tressel and Prachi Mishra
09/284: Growth and Structural Reforms: A New Assessment Downloads
Lone Engbo Christiansen, Thierry Tressel and Martin Schindler
09/282: “Lost Decade†in Translation: What Japan’s Crisis could Portend About Recovery from the Great Recession Downloads
Kiichi Tokuoka, Murtaza H. Syed and Kenneth Kang
09/281: Exchange Rate Assessments: Methodologies for Oil Exporting Countries Downloads
Irineu de Carvalho Filho and Rudolfs Bems
09/280: The Global Financial Crisis: Explaining Cross-Country Differences in the Output Impact Downloads
R. Gaston Gelos, Robert Rennhack, James P Walsh and Pelin Berkmen
09/277: How Russia Affects the Neighborhood: Trade, Financial, and Remittance Channels Downloads
Jaime Espinosa-Bowen, Nadeem Ilahi and Fahad Alturki
09/274: Cyclical Patterns of Government Expenditures in Sub-Saharan Africa: Facts and Factors Downloads
Irene Yackovlev, Victor Duarte Lledo and Lucie Gadenne
09/273: Being a Foreigner Among Domestic Banks: Asset or Liability? Downloads
Neeltje Van Horen and Stijn Claessens
09/267: Oil Rents, Corruption, and State Stability: Evidence From Panel Data Regressions Downloads
International Monetary Fund
09/265: Emerging Economy Responses to the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-20+L427209: An Empirical Analysis of the Liquidity Easing Measures Downloads
Etienne B. Yehoue
09/264: Investment-Specific Productivity Growth: Chile in a Global Perspective Downloads
Gabriel Di Bella and Martin Cerisola
09/262: Inflation Targeting Pillars: Transparency and Accountability Downloads
Douglas Laxton and Charles Freedman
09/261: Systemic Liquidity Management in the U.A.E.: Issues and Options Downloads
Alexandre Chailloux and Dalia Hakura
09/259: From Lombard Street to Avenida Paulista: Foreign Exchange Liquidity Easing in Brazil in Response to the Global Shock of 2008-09 Downloads
Mark Stone, W. Christopher Walker and Yosuke Yasui
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