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97/178: Some Issues in the Design of Monetary Instruments for the Operation of European Economic and Monetary Union Downloads
Paul Louis Ceriel Hilbers, Arto Kovanen and Charles Enoch
97/177: IMF Estimates of Potential Output: Theory and Practice Downloads
Paula De Masi
97/176: Is the Exchange Rate a Shock Absorber? The Case of Sweden Downloads
Alun H. Thomas
97/175: The Capital Structure of Listed Companies in Poland Downloads
Qaizar Hussain and Eugeniy Nivorozhkin
97/174: Money, Wages and Inflation in Middle-Income Developing Countries Downloads
Agénor, Pierre-Richard and Alexander W. Hoffmaister
97/173: Vertical Tax Externalities in the Theory of Fiscal Federalism Downloads
Michael Keen
97/172: International Evidence on the Determinants of Trade Dynamics Downloads
Eswar Prasad and Jeffery A. Gable
97/171: The Bank of Canada's Monetary Policy Framework - Have Recent Changes Enhanced Central Bank Credibility? Downloads
Takatoshi Ito and González-Hermosillo, Brenda
97/170: An Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Inflation in Turkey Downloads
Laura Papi and G. C. Lim
97/169: Investment, Uncertainty, and Irreversibility in Ghana Downloads
Catherine A. Pattillo
97/168: Sharp Reductions in Current Account Deficits: An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti and Assaf Razin
97/165: Private Investment and Endogenous Growth - Evidence From Cameroon Downloads
Dhaneshwar Ghura
97/164: Speculative Attacks, Forward Market Intervention and the Classic Bear Squeeze Downloads
Subir Lall
97/163: Policy Reform as Collective Action Downloads
Omotunde E. G. Johnson
97/162: Payment Arrears in the Gas and Electric Power Sectors of the Russian Federation and Ukraine Downloads
Gürgen, Emine and Hrant Bagratian
97/161: Lessons from Systemic Bank Restructuring: A Survey of 24 Countries Downloads
Ceyla Pazarbasioglu and Claudia Helene Dziobek
97/160: The Real Effects of Monetary Policy in the European Union: What Are the Differences? Downloads
Ramana Ramaswamy and Sløk, Torsten
97/159: Are Currency Crises Predictable? Downloads
Valdés, Rodrigo O. and Ilan Goldfajn
97/158: Prices in Transition - Ten Stylized Facts Downloads
Paula De Masi and Vincent Koen
97/157: Sequencing Capital Account Liberalization - Lessons from the Experiences in Chile, Indonesia, Korea, and Thailand Downloads
Claudia Echeverria, Salim M. Darbar and R. B. Johnston
97/156: The CFA Franc Zone and the EMU Downloads
Michel Galy and Michael T. Hadjimichael
97/155: Decentralization and Macroeconomic Management Downloads
Teresa Ter-Minassian
97/154: Wholesale Payments and Financial Discipline, Efficiency, and Liquidity Downloads
D. F. . Folkerts-Landau
97/153: The Efficiency of Government Expenditure - Experiences from Africa Downloads
Keiko Honjo, Marijn Verhoeven and Sanjeev Gupta
97/152: How Macroeconomic Factors Affect Income Distribution - The Cross-Country Evidence Downloads
Michael Sarel
97/151: Towards a System of Multilateral Unit Labor Cost-Based Competitiveness Indicators for Advanced, Developing, and Transition Countries Downloads
Anthony G. Turner and Stephen S. Golub
97/150: Cooperation, Emergence of the Economic Agency Role of Government, and Governance Downloads
Omotunde E. G. Johnson
97/149: Competitiveness in Transition Economies - What Scope for Real Appreciation? Downloads
Krajnyák, Kornélia and Jeromin Zettelmeyer
97/148: Policy Reform, Adjustment Costs, and Investment- With Activity of Local Investors as a Signal Downloads
Omotunde E. G. Johnson
97/147: Nominal Income and the Inflation-Growth Divide Downloads
Sheetal K. Chand
97/146: Sources of Debt Accumulation in a Small Open Economy Downloads
A. Senhadji Semlali
97/145: Determinants of Inflation in Mozambique Downloads
Angel Ubide
97/144: Liquid Asset Ratios and Financial Sector Reform Downloads
Anne Marie Gulde
97/143: Aging in the Asian "Tigers": Challenges for Fiscal Policy Downloads
Peter S. Heller
97/142: Stylized Facts of Government Finance in the G-7 Downloads
Riccardo Fiorito
97/141: Reform of the Canada Pension Plan: Analytical Considerations Downloads
Charles Frederick Kramer and Yutong Li
97/140: Banking Crises in Latin America in the 1990s - Lessons from Argentina, Paraguay, and Venezuela Downloads
García-Herrero, Alicia
97/139: Corruption, Public Investment, and Growth Downloads
Vito Tanzi and Hamid Reza Davoodi
97/138: Transparency and Ambiguity in Central Bank Safety Net Operations Downloads
Charles Enoch
97/137: Labor Market Institutions and Unemployment Dynamics in Transition Economies Downloads
Pietro Garibaldi and Zuzana Brixiova
97/136: Implications for Savings of Aging in the Asian "Tigers" Downloads
Steven A. Symansky and Peter S. Heller
97/135: Macroeconomic Cycles in China Downloads
Stefan Erik Oppers
97/134: External Finance and Foreign Debt in Central and Eastern European Countries Downloads
Stefano Manzocchi
97/133: Fiscal Policy and the Predictability of Exchange Rate Collapse Downloads
Betty C. Daniel
97/132: Time-Series of Structural Import Demand Equations - A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
A. Senhadji Semlali
97/131: Can Switching Between Inflationary Regimes Explain Fluctuations in Real Interest Rates? Downloads
M. F. Bleaney
97/130: The Scope for Inflation Targeting in Developing Countries Downloads
Miguel A. Savastano, Paul Robert Masson and Sunil Sharma
97/128: Cyclical Fluctuations in Brazil's Real Exchange Rate: The Role of Domestic and External Factors Downloads
Alexander W. Hoffmaister, Carlos . Medeiros and Agénor, Pierre-Richard
97/127: Contagion and Volatility with Imperfect Credit Markets Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Agénor, Pierre-Richard
97/126: Exchange Rate Volatility, Pricing to Market and Trade Smoothing Downloads
Hamid Faruqee and Peter B. Clark
97/125: Globalization and Growth Prospect in Arab Countries Downloads
Patricia Alonso-Gamo
97/124: Monetary Impact of a Banking Crisis and the Conduct of Monetary Policy Downloads
García-Herrero, Alicia
97/123: Discrepancies Between Quarterly GDP Estimates Downloads
Adriaan M. Bloem
97/122: Shock Versus Gradualism in Models of Rational Expectations: The Case of Trade Liberalization Downloads
Leonardo Auernheimer and Susan Mary George
97/121: Derivatives Effect on Monetary Policy Transmission Downloads
Coenraad Vrolijk
97/120: Income Distribution and Social Expenditure in Brazil Downloads
Benedict J. Clements
97/119: Exports, Inflation, and Growth Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
97/118: Policy Complementarities and the Washington Consensus Downloads
Jahangir Aziz and Robert F. Westcott
97/117: Determinants of Stock Prices - The Case of Zimbabwe Downloads
T. Oyama
97/116: The Impact of Trade Prices on Employment and Wages in the United States Downloads
Dalia S. Hakura
97/115: Capital Flows to Brazil-The Endogeneity of Capital Controls Downloads
Eliane A. Cardoso and Ilan Goldfajn
97/114: The Changing Role of the State in the Economy - A Historical Perspective Downloads
Vito Tanzi
97/113: The Insurance Role of Social Security - Theory and Lessons for Policy Reform Downloads
Victor Hugo Valdivia
97/112: Investing U.S. Social Security Trust Fund Assets in Private Securities Downloads
Michael P. Leidy
97/111: Japan's Restrictive System of Trade and Payments - Operation, Effectiveness, and Liberalization, 1950-1964 Downloads
Shinji Takagi
97/110: Saving in Southeast Asia and Latin America Compared - Searching for Policy Lessons Downloads
Christian Thimann and Anuradha Dayal-Gulati
97/109: Estimating the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate - An Application to Finland Downloads
Tarhan Feyzioglu
97/107: Tax Effort in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Janet Gale Stotsky and Asegedech WoldeMariam
97/106: The Determinants of Banking Crises - Evidence from Developing and Developed Countries Downloads
Demirgüç-Kunt, Asli and Enrica Detragiache
97/105: The Egyptian Stabilization Experience - An Analytical Retrospective Downloads
Arvind Subramanian
97/104: Potential Output Growth in Emerging Market Countries - The Case of Chile Downloads
Jorge Roldos
97/103: Japanese Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Trade Downloads
Gabrielle Lipworth and Tamim A Bayoumi
97/102: On the Speed of Transition in Central and Eastern Europe: Does On-the-Job Search Matter? Downloads
Zuzana Brixiova
97/100: Controlling Fiscal Corruption Downloads
Sheetal K. Chand and Karl Ove Moene
97/99: The Design of EMU Downloads
David K. H. Begg
97/98: Some Evidence on Exchange Rate Determination in Major Industrial Countries Downloads
Yan Sun and R. B. Johnston
97/97: Growth and Productivity in ASEAN Countries Downloads
Michael Sarel
97/96: Public Disclosure and Bank Failures Downloads
Eduardo Levy Yeyati and Tito Cordella
97/95: Debt Reduction and New Loans: A Contracting Perspective Downloads
Aasim M. Husain, John A. Carlson and Jeffrey A. Zimmerman
97/94: The Role of Fiscal Policy in Sustainable Stabilization: Evidence from Latin America Downloads
Gerd Schwartz and Teresa Ter-Minassian
97/93: Effects of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) on Taxation and Interest Spending of National Governments Downloads
Francesco Paolo Mongelli
97/92: Authorities' Roles and Organizational Issues in Systemic Bank Restructuring Downloads
Peter Nyberg
97/91: Exogenous Shocks, Deposit Runs and Bank Soundness - A Macroeconomic Framework Downloads
Bléjer, Mario I.
97/90: From Suez to Tequila - The IMF as Crisis Manager Downloads
James M. Boughton
97/89: Institutional Development - Skill Transference Through a Reversal of "Human Capital Flight" or Technical Assistance Downloads
International Monetary Fund
97/88: Do Tax Rates Encourage Entrepreneurial Activity? Downloads
Roger H. Gordon
97/87: Capital Flows and the Twin Crises: The Role of Liquidity Downloads
Ilan Goldfajn and Valdés, Rodrigo O.
97/86: Borrowing Risk and the Tequila Effect Downloads
Agénor, Pierre-Richard
97/85: Growth, Investment, and Savings in the Arab Economies Downloads
Amer Bisat
97/84: Recovery Ratios and Survival Times for Corporate Bonds Downloads
Ivailo Izvorski
97/83: Do Central Banks Need Capital? Downloads
Peter Stella
97/82: Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Alexander W. Hoffmaister
97/81: Financial Sector Reforms in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia: A Preliminary Assessment Downloads
A. Jbili
97/80: Inflation in Transition Economies: How Much? and Why? Downloads
Atish Ghosh
97/79: Leading Indicators of Currency Crises Downloads
Graciela Laura Kaminsky
97/77: Unemployment Persistence and Capital Shortage: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago Downloads
Benedikt Braumann
97/76: A Model of an Optimum Currency Area Downloads
Luca Antonio Ricci
97/75: Exchange Rate-Based Stabilization in Western Europe - Greece, Ireland, Italy and Portugal Downloads
Enrica Detragiache and A. Javier Hamann
97/74: How Long is the Long Run? A Dynamic Analysis of the Spanish Business Cycle Downloads
Humberto Lopez, Stefania Fabrizio and Angel Ubide
97/73: Corruption and the Rate of Temptation - Do Low Wages in the Civil Service Cause Corruption? Downloads
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