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99/66: Financial Fragility and Economic Performance in Developing Economies; Do Capital Controls, Prudential Regulation and Supervision Matter? Downloads
Marco Rossi
99/65: The Georgian Hyperinflation and Stabilization Downloads
Jian-Ye Wang
99/64: Survey of Literatureon Demand for Money; Theoretical and Empirical Work with Special Reference to Error-Correction Models Downloads
Subramanian S. Sriram
99/63: Spend Now, Pay Later? Tax Smoothing and Fiscal Sustainability in South Asia Downloads
International Monetary Fund
99/62: Macroeconomic Conditions and Import Surcharges in Selected Transition Economies Downloads
Piritta Sorsa
99/61: Inflation Targeting and Output Stability Downloads
Esteban Jadresic
99/60: Inequality and Optimal Redistributive Tax and Transfer Policies Downloads
Howell H. Zee
99/59: Fixed Capital Adjustment; Is Latin America Different? Evidence From the Colombian and Mexican Manufacturing Sectors Downloads
R. Gaston Gelos and Alberto Ernesto Isgut
99/58: The Role of Inter- and Intraindustry Trade in Technology Diffusion Downloads
Dalia S. Hakura and Florence Jaumotte
99/57: Copper and the Chilean Economy, 1960-19+L159298 Downloads
Antonio Spilimbergo
99/56: International Trade and the Business Cycle Downloads
Eswar Prasad
99/55: Government Employment and Wages and Labor Market Performance Downloads
Zenon G. Kontolemis and Dimitri Demekas
99/54: Deposit Insurance; A Survey of Actual and Best Practices Downloads
G. G. Garcia
99/53: Can Currency Demand Be Stable Under a Financial Crisis? the Case of Mexico Downloads
May Y. Khamis and Alfredo Mario Leone
99/52: A Review of Capital Account Restrictions in Chile in the 1990's Downloads
Francisco Nadal-De Simone and Piritta Sorsa
99/51: Adjustment and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Dhaneshwar Ghura, Anupam Basu and Evangelos A. Calamitsis
99/50: Long-Run Exchange Rate Dynamics; A Panel Data Study Downloads
Karl Friedrich Habermeier and Mario Mesquita
99/49: Algeria; The Real Exchange Rate, Export Diversification, and Trade Protection Downloads
Piritta Sorsa
99/48: The Egyptian Stock Market; Efficiency Tests and Volatility Effects Downloads
Mauro Mecagni and Maged Sawky Sourial
99/47: Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Dynamic Oligopoly; An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Dominique Marie Gross and Nicolas Schmitt
99/46: Political Instability and Economic Vulnerability Downloads
Christian B. Mulder and Bussière, Matthieu
99/45: Japan's Stagnant Nineties; A Vector Autoregression Retrospective Downloads
Christel Rendu and Ramana Ramaswamy
99/44: Nonrenewable Resources; A Case for Persistent Fiscal Surpluses Downloads
M. Alier and Martin David Kaufman
99/43: Unemployment, Capital-Labor Substitution, and Economic Growth Downloads
Bob Rowthorn
99/42: Does Monetary Policy Stabilize the Exchange Rate Following a Currency Crisis? Downloads
Ilan Goldfajn and Poonam Gupta
99/41: Is Poland Ready for Inflation Targeting? Downloads
Peter F. Christoffersen and Robert F. Westcott
99/40: Real Exchange Rate Behavior and Economic Growth; Evidence From Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia Downloads
Ghiath Shabsigh and Domaç, Ilker
99/39: A Model of the Lender of Last Resort Downloads
Haizhou Huang and C. A. E. Goodhart
99/38: East Asia in the Aftermath; Was there a Crunch? Downloads
Atish Ghosh and Swart R. Ghosh
99/37: The Long-Run Relationship Between Real Exchange Rates and Real Interest Rate Differentials; A Panel Study Downloads
Jun Nagayasu and Ronald MacDonald
99/36: Explaining the Behavior of Financial Intermediation; Evidence From Transition Economies Downloads
Philipp C. Rother
99/35: Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Developing Countries; Some Stylized Facts Downloads
Christopher John McDermott, Eswar Prasad and Agénor, Pierre-Richard
99/34: Institutions, innovations, and Growth Downloads
Chenggang xu and Haizhou Huang
99/33: Determinants of Ex-Ante Banking System Distress; A Macro-Micro Empirical Exploration of Some Recent Episodes Downloads
González-Hermosillo, Brenda
99/31: Exchange Rate Movements and Tradable Goods Prices in East Asia; An Analysis Basedon Japanese Customs Data, 1988-1998 Downloads
Yushi Yoshida and Shinji Takagi
99/30: The Length and Cost of Banking Crises Downloads
Edward J. Frydl
99/29: A Model of Contagious Currency Crises with Application to Argentina Downloads
Nada Choueiri
99/28: The Korean Financial Crisis of 1997; A Strategy of Financial Sector Reform Downloads
Angel Ubide and Baliño, Tomás J. T.
99/27: Explaining Foreign Exchange Market Puzzles Downloads
Norman C. Miller
99/26: Monetary Policy and Public Finances; Inflation Targets in a New Perspective Downloads
Christian H. Beddies
99/25: Financial Liberalization, Credit Constraints, and Collateral; Investment in the Mexican Manufacturing Sector Downloads
R. Gaston Gelos and Alejandro M. Werner
99/24: Capital Controls and Trade Liberalization in a Monetary Economy Downloads
B. Jang
99/23: Growth Gains From Trade and Education Downloads
Yong-jin Kim and Se-Jik Kim
99/22: The Stock Market Channel of Monetary Policy Downloads
Thomas F. Cosimano, Connel Fullenkamp and Ralph Chami
99/21: Does Higher Government Spending Buy Better Results in Education and Health Care? Downloads
Marijn Verhoeven, Sanjeev Gupta and Erwin Tiongson
99/20: Credit Allocation and Financial Crisis in Korea Downloads
Eduardo Borensztein and Jong-Wha Lee
99/19: Taxation in Latin America; Structural Trends and Impact of Administration Downloads
Parthasrathi Shome
99/18: Are there International RandD Spillovers Among Randomly Matched Trade Partners? A Response to Keller Downloads
David Theodore Coe and Alexander W. Hoffmaister
99/17: Large Capital Flows; A Survey of the Causes, Consequences, and Policy Responses Downloads
López Mejía, Alejandro
99/16: Interest Rate Arbitrage in Currency Baskets; Forecasting Weights and Measuring Risk Downloads
Peter F. Christoffersen and Lorenzo Giorgianni
99/15: Exchange Rate Unification, the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate, and Choice of Exchange Rate Regime; The Case of the Islamic Republic of Iran Downloads
International Monetary Fund
99/14: Consumption and Income Inequality in Poland During the Economic Transition Downloads
Eswar Prasad and Michael P Keane
99/13: The Morning After; Explaining the Slowdown in Japanese Growth in the 1990's Downloads
Tamim A Bayoumi
99/12: The Euro and the Production Structure and Export Performance of Middle East and North African Countries Downloads
Ruhashyankiko, Jean-François
99/11: Sectorial Macroeconomic Interdependencies; Evidence for Latin America, East Asia and Europe Downloads
Norman V. Loayza, Humberto Lopez and Angel Ubide
99/10: Enemy of None But a Common Friend of All? An International Perspectiveon the Lender-Of-Last-Resort Function Downloads
Curzio Giannini
99/8: Repmod; A Smaller Sibling for Multimod Downloads
Guy Meredith
99/7: Inflation Targeting in Korea; An Empirical Exploration Downloads
Alexander W. Hoffmaister
99/6: Privatization in Transition Countries; A Sampling of the Literature Downloads
Oli Havrylyshyn and Donal McGettigan
99/5: Offshore Banking; An Analysis of Micro- and Macro-Prudential Issues Downloads
Luca Errico and Alberto Musalem Borrero
99/4: Central Bank Autonomy, and Inflation and Output Performance in the Baltic States, Russia, and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union, 1995-1997 Downloads
Tonny Lybek
99/3: In Search of "Capital Crunch"; Supply Factors Behind the Credit Slowdown in Japan Downloads
D. Woo
99/2: Credibility of Central Bank Independence Revisited Downloads
Välilä, Timo
99/1: China's Trade Flows; Changing Price Sensitivies and the Reform Process Downloads
Anuradha Dayal-Gulati and Valerie Cerra
98/182: The Dynamic Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Policy in an Overlapping Generations Model Downloads
Ben Heijdra and Jenny E. Ligthart
98/181: Why Do Countries Use Capital Controls? Downloads
Natalia Tamirisa and R. B. Johnston
98/180: The Intragenerational Redistributive Effects of Unfunded Pension Programs Downloads
Luis M. Cubeddu
98/179: Correlations Between Real Interest Rates and Output in a Dynamic International Model-Evidence From G-7 Countries Downloads
Jahanara Begum
98/178: Fundamental Determinants of Inequality and the Role of Government Downloads
Vito Tanzi
98/177: Terms of Trade Shocks and the Current Account Downloads
Paul Cashin and Christopher John McDermott
98/176: Will Fiscal Policy Be Effective Under EMU? Downloads
M. Cangiano and Eric Mottu
98/175: Export Credit Agencies, Trade Finance and South East Asia Downloads
Malcolm Stephens
98/174: The Wage Bargaining Structure in Norway and Sweden and its Influenceon Real Wage Developments Downloads
Alun H. Thomas
98/173: Fixed-Income Markets in the United States, Europe, and Japan-Some Lessons for Emerging Markets Downloads
Garry J. Schinasi and Richard Todd Smith
98/172: International Capital Flows and National Creditworthiness; Do the Fundamental Things Apply As Time Goes By? Downloads
Paul Cashin and Christopher John McDermott
98/171: Private Saving in Colombia Downloads
Juan Ricardo Ortega and López Mejía, Alejandro
98/170: Monetary Policy in the Aftermath of Currency Crisis; The Case of Asia Downloads
Taimur Baig and Ilan Goldfajn
98/169: Do IMF-Supported Programs Work? a Survey of the Cross-Country Empirical Evidence Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/168: Managing Capital Flows; Lessons From the Experience of Chile Downloads
Bernard Laurens and Jaime Cardoso
98/167: The Decline of Traditional Sectors in Israel; The Role of the Exchange Rate and the Minimum Wage Downloads
Eric V. Clifton
98/166: Economic Determinants of Government Subsidies Downloads
Benedict J. Clements, Rodríguez, Hugo and Gerd Schwartz
98/165: Migration and Pension Downloads
Efraim Sadka and Assaf Razin
98/164: The Quality of Governance; Second-Generation Civil Service Reform in Africa Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/163: The Volatility of the Relative Price of Commodities in Terms of Manufactures Across Exchange Regimes; A Theoretical Model Downloads
Hong Liang
98/162: The Impact of Human Capitalon Growth; Evidence From West Africa Downloads
Sonia Brunschwig, Emilio Sacerdoti and Jon Tang
98/161: Inflation, Uncertainty, and Growth in Colombia Downloads
Henry Ma
98/160: Determinants of Inflation, Exchange Rate, and Output in Nigeria Downloads
Louis Kuijs
98/159: Capital Flows with Debt- and Equity-Financed Investment-Equilibrium Structure and Efficiency Implications Downloads
Assaf Razin, Chi-Wa Yuen and Efraim Sadka
98/158: Fiscal Effects of the 1993 Colombian Pension Reform Downloads
Sergio Clavijo
98/157: Demand for Money in Mozambique; Was there a Structural Break? Downloads
Piñón-Farah, Marco A.
98/156: Soft Exchange Rate Bands and Speculative Attacks; Theory, and Evidence From the ERM Since August 1993 Downloads
Leonardo Bartolini and Alessandro Prati
98/155: Financial Market Contagion in the Asian Crisis Downloads
Taimur Baig and Ilan Goldfajn
98/154: Are Currency Crises Predictable? a Test Downloads
Catherine A. Pattillo and Andrew Gouinlock Berg
98/153: Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy with Credit Goods Production Downloads
Jorge Chan-Lau
98/152: The Effects of Tax Wedgeson Hours Worked and Unemployment in Sweden Downloads
Alun H. Thomas
98/151: Pension Developments and Reforms in Transition Economies Downloads
Carlo Cottarelli, Luis M. Cubeddu and M. Cangiano
98/150: European Trade and Foreign Direct Investment U-Shaping Industrial Output in Central and Eastern Europe; Theory and Evidence Downloads
Patrick Paul Walsh and Alexandre Repkine
98/149: Time Series Analysis of Export Demand Equations; A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
Claudio Montenegro and A. Senhadji Semlali
98/148: Purchasing Power Parities in Five East African Countries; Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda Downloads
Noureddine Krichene
98/147: Real Exchange Rate Volatility; Does the Nominal Exchange Rate Regime Matter? Downloads
Hong Liang
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