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01/64: Determinants of Private Capital Flows in the 1970's and 1990's; Is there Evidence of Contagion? Downloads
Rodrigo Valdés, Leonardo Hernández and Pamela Melado
01/63: Domestic Bank Regulation and Financial Crises; Theory and Empirical Evidence From East Asia Downloads
Kenneth Kletzer and Robert Dekle
01/62: Financial System Standards and Financial Stability; The Case of the Basel Core Principles Downloads
Dewitt Marston
01/61: Financial Implications of the Shrinking Supply of U.S. Treasury Securities Downloads
Garry Schinasi, Richard Smith and Charles Frederick Kramer
01/60: Price Volatility and Financial Instability Downloads
Gene L. Leon and Rupert Worrell
01/59: Whose Inflation? A Characterization of the CPI Plutocratic Bias Downloads
Eduardo Ley
01/58: Monetary Implications of Cross-Border Derivatives for Emerging Economies Downloads
Armando Méndez Morales
01/57: Intrahousehold Allocation of Resources; The Bolivian Family Downloads
Gabriela Inchauste
01/56: Interpreting Real Exchange Rate Movements in Transition Countries Downloads
International Monetary Fund
01/55: Transition Economies; How Appropriate is the Size and Scope of Government? Downloads
International Monetary Fund
01/54: International Trade and Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Geoffrey J. Bannister
01/53: Financial Reforms in Sudan; Streamlining Bank Intermediation Downloads
Alexei Kireyev
01/52: Indonesia; Anatomy of a Banking Crisis Two Years of Living Dangerously 1997–99 Downloads
Arto Kovanen, Olivier Frecaut, Barbara E. Baldwin and Charles Enoch
01/51: Securities Transaction Taxes and Financial Markets Downloads
Karl Friedrich Habermeier and Andrei Kirilenko
01/50: High Inflation and Real Wages Downloads
Benedikt Braumann
01/49: Currency Crises and the Real Economy; The Role of Banks Downloads
Piti Disyatat
01/48: The Fall and Recovery of the Cuban Economy in the 1990's; Mirage or Reality? Downloads
Ernesto Hernández-Catá
01/47: Financial Sustainability and Reform Options for the Albanian Pension Fund Downloads
Volker Treichel
01/46: How Do Countries Choose their Exchange Rate Regime? Downloads
Helene Poirson Ward
01/45: Comparing Projections and Outcomes of IMF-Supported Programs Downloads
Steven Phillips and Alberto Musso
01/44: Inflation and Financial Depth Downloads
Mohsin Khan, Abdelhak Senhadji and Bruce Smith
01/42: How Does Privatization Work? Ownership Concentration and Enterprise Performance in Ukraine Downloads
Alexander Pivovarsky
01/41: International Trade in Manufactured Products; A Ricardo-Heckscher-Ohlin Explanation with Monopolistic Competition Downloads
Ehsan Choudhri and Dalia Hakura
01/40: Population Aging in Japan; Demographic Shock and Fiscal Sustainability Downloads
Martin Mühleisen and Hamid Faruqee
01/39: The Equilibrium Distributions of Value for Risky Stocks and Bonds Downloads
Ronald Johannes
01/38: PPP and the Balassa Samuelson Effect; The Role of the Distribution Sector Downloads
Ronald MacDonald and Luca Ricci
01/37: Obtstacles to Faster Growth in Transition Economies; The Mongolian Case Downloads
Stabley W. Black
01/36: Mortgage Market Development, Savings, and Growth Downloads
Xiaowei Li
01/35: Social Sector Reform in Transition Countries Downloads
Christian Keller and Peter Heller
01/34: Monetary Union in West Africa; An Agency of Restraint for Fiscal Policies? Downloads
Catherine A. Pattillo and Paul Masson
01/33: Africa's Trade Revisted Downloads
Natalia Tamirisa and Arvind Subramanian
01/32: Human Capital Convergence; International Evidence Downloads
Randa Sab and Stephen Smith
01/31: Inflation Targeting in the Context of IMF-Supported Adjustment Programs Downloads
Gerd Schwartz, Pau Rabanal, Mario I. Bléjer and Alfredo Mario Leone
01/30: In Search of Coincident and Leading Indicators of Economic Activity in Argentina Downloads
Alejandro Simone
01/29: What Drives Contagion; Trade Neighborhood, or Financial Links? Downloads
Rodrigo Valdés and Leonardo Hernández
01/28: Euro-Area Banking At the Crossroads Downloads
Agnes Belaisch, Joaquim Vieira Ferreira Levy, Laura E. Kodres and Angel Ubide
01/27: Sustaining Fixed Exchange Rates; A Model with Debt and Institutions Downloads
Alexander Pitt
01/26: A Cointegration Analysis of Broad Money Demand in Cameroon Downloads
Jean-Claude Nachega
01/25: Toward a Framework for Assessing Data Quality Downloads
Carol S. Carson
01/24: A Quest for Revenue and Tax Incidence in Uganda Downloads
John Matovu, Duanjie Chen and Ritva Reinikka
01/23: Competitiveness and the Equilibrium Exchange Rate in Costa Rica Downloads
Claudio Paiva
01/22: Electoral System and Public Spending Downloads
Roberto Perotti, Massimo Rostagno and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
01/21: Bank Competition and Firm Creation Downloads
Giovanni Dell'ariccia
01/20: Flight to Quality or to Captivity; Information and Credit Allocation Downloads
Giovanni Dell'ariccia and Robert Marquez
01/19: On the Long and Short of Central Bank Independence, Policy Coordination, and Economic Performance Downloads
Alberto Musalem Borrero
01/18: Currency Crises and Foreign Reserves; A Simple Model Downloads
Piti Disyatat
01/17: Physical Capital Adjustment within Spain; Long-Run and Short-Run Analysis Downloads
Antonio Spilimbergo and Paolo Mauro
01/16: Explaining Russia's Output Collapse; Aggregate Sources and Regional Evidence Downloads
Irina Dolinskaya and Irina Tytell
01/15: Rent Seeking and Endogenous Income Inequality Downloads
Paul Wade and Era Dabla-Norris
01/14: The Macroeconomic Effects of Higher Oil Prices Downloads
Peter Isard, Benjamin Hunt and Douglas Laxton
01/13: Counterfeit Goods and Income Inequality Downloads
Stefania Scandizzo
01/12: Different Strokes? Common and Uncommon Responses to Financial Crises Downloads
James M. Boughton
01/11: The Role of Medium-Term Fiscal Frameworks for Transition Countries; The Case of Bulgaria Downloads
Balázs Horváth and Istvan P Szekely
01/10: Modeling Politics with Economic Tools; A Critical Survey of the Literature Downloads
Jan-Peter Olters
01/9: Time-To-Build and Convex Adjustment Costs Downloads
Petya Koeva Brooks
01/8: Budgetary Transparency for Public Expenditure Control Downloads
Franco Reviglio
01/7: Inflation Targeting with NAIRU Uncertainty and Endogenous Policy Credibility Downloads
Peter Isard, Douglas Laxton and Ann-Charlotte Eliasson
01/6: Growth Slowdown in Bureaucratic Economic Systems; An Issue Revisited Downloads
Ales Bulir and Zuzana Brixiová
01/5: Recursive Utility, Endogenous Growth, and the Welfare Cost of Volatility Downloads
Aude Pommeret and Anne Epaulard
01/4: Are African Current Account Deficits Different? Stylized Facts, Transitory Shocks, and Decomposition Analysis Downloads
Luisa Zanforlin, César Calderón and Alberto Chong
01/3: China's Provincial Growth Dynamics Downloads
Jahangir Aziz and Christoph Duenwald
01/2: Crises and Liquidity; Evidence and Interpretation Downloads
Enrica Detragiache and Antonio Spilimbergo
01/1: Monetary Independence in Emerging Markets; Does the Exchange Rate Regime Make a Difference? Downloads
Thomas Philippon, Jeromin Zettelmeyer and Eduardo Borensztein
00/216: The New Economy and Global Stock Returns Downloads
Luis Catão and Robin Brooks
00/215: The Role of Subordinated Debt in Market Discipline; The Case of Emerging Markets Downloads
Cem Karacadag and Animesh Shrivastava
00/214: Depositor Behavior and Market Discipline in Colombia Downloads
Roberto Steiner and Adolfo Barajas
00/213: Issues in the Unification of Financial Sector Supervision Downloads
Richard K. Abrams and Michael Taylor
00/212: Measuring Integrated Market and Credit Risks in Bank Portfolios; An Application to a Set of Hypothetical Banks Operation in South Africa Downloads
Panagiotis Papapanagiotou, Theodore M. Barnhill and Liliana Schumacher
00/211: An Incentive Approach to Identifying Financial System Vulnerabilities Downloads
Jingqing Chai and R. B. Johnston
00/210: The U.K. Business Cycle, Monetary Policy, and EMU Entry Downloads
Hossein Samiei and Zenon Kontolemis
00/209: Financial Development and Economic Growth; An Overview Downloads
Mohsin Khan and Abdelhak Senhadji
00/208: Will the Emergence of the Euro Affect World Commodity Prices? Downloads
Hong Liang and John Cuddington
00/207: Inflation in Albania Downloads
Philipp Rother
00/206: Day-To-Day Monetary Policy and the Volatility of the Federal Funds Interest Rate Downloads
Alessandro Prati, Giuseppe Bertola and Leonardo Bartolini
00/205: Government Spending, Rights, and Civil Liberties Downloads
International Monetary Fund
00/204: Comprehensive Measures of GDP and the Unrecorded Economy Downloads
Manik L. Shrestha and Adriaan M. Bloem
00/203: El Nino and World Primary Commodity Prices; Warm Water or Hot Air? Downloads
Allan Brunner
00/202: Measuring off-Balance-Sheet Leverage Downloads
Peter Breuer
00/201: Cooption and Repression in the Soviet Union Downloads
Hershel I. Grossman and Dmitry Gershenson
00/200: What Happened to Asian Exports During the Crisis? Downloads
Antonio Spilimbergo and Rupa Duttagupta
00/199: Dual Currency Boards; A Proposal for Currency Stability Downloads
Stefan Oppers
00/198: A Panic-Prone Pack? the Behavior of Emerging Market Mutual Funds Downloads
R. Gaston Gelos and Eduardo Borensztein
00/197: Demand-Side Stabilization Policies; What is the Evidence of their Potential? Downloads
Magda Kandil
00/196: External Debt Management in Low-Income Countries Downloads
Sheku Bangura, Robert Powell and Damoni N. Kitabire
00/195: Loan Review, Provisioning, and Macroeconomic Linkages Downloads
International Monetary Fund
00/194: The Inverted Fisher Hypothesis; Inflation Forecastability and Asset Substitution" Downloads
Woon Gyu Choi
00/193: Explaining Economic Growth with Imperfect Credit Markets Downloads
Luis Carranza
00/192: Northwest of Suez; The 1956 Crisis and the IMF Downloads
James M. Boughton
00/191: Effects of Volatile Asset Priceson Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Downloads
Marco Committeri
00/190: Emerging Market Spreads; Then Versus Now Downloads
Yishay Yafeh, Paolo Mauro and Nathan Sussman
00/189: To "B" or Not to "B"; A Welfare Analysis of Breaking Up Monopolies in an Endogenous Growth Model Downloads
Danyang Xie
00/188: Endogenous Money Supply and Money Demand Downloads
Woon Gyu Choi and Seonghwan Oh
00/187: Poverty, Inequality, and Unethical Behavior of the Strong Downloads
Arye Hillman
00/186: Transparency in Central Bank Financial Statement Disclosures Downloads
Kenneth Sullivan
00/185: How Can Fiscal Policy Help Avert Currency Crises? Downloads
George Kopits
00/184: The Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations; Theory and Evidence From Developing Countries Downloads
Magda Kandil
00/183: Optimal Inventory Policies when the Demand Distribution is not Known Downloads
Erik W. Larson, Sunil Sharma and Lars Olson
00/182: Corruption, Growth, and Public Finances Downloads
Vito Tanzi and Hamid Reza Davoodi
00/181: Globalization, Technological Developments, and the Work of Fiscal Termites Downloads
Vito Tanzi
00/180: The Cost of Government and the Misuse of Public Assets Downloads
Tej Prakash and Vito Tanzi
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