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02/60: Energy Sector Quasi-Fiscal Activities in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union Downloads
Aleh Tsyvinski, Martin Petri and Günther Taube
02/59: The Role of Corporate, Legal and Macroeconomic Balance Sheet Indicators in Crisis Detection and Prevention Downloads
Manuel De la Rocha, Roberto Perrelli and Christian Mulder
02/58: How Do Treasury Systems Operate in Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa? Downloads
Luc E. Leruth, Dominique Bouley and Jerome Fournel
02/57: Early Ideas on Sovereign Bankruptcy Reorganization; A Survey Downloads
Kenneth Rogoff and Jeromin Zettelmeyer
02/56: Banking Crises and Bank Resolution; Experiences in Some Transition Economies Downloads
International Monetary Fund
02/55: Systemic Risk and Financial Consolidation; Are they Related? Downloads
Gianni De Nicolo and Myron L. Kwast
02/54: The Transmission Mechanism of European Monetary Policy; Is There Heterogeneity? Is it Changing over Time? Downloads
Matteo Ciccarelli and Alessandro Rebucci
02/53: Credit Stagnation in Latin America Downloads
Adolfo Barajas and Roberto Steiner
02/52: Why White, Not Keynes? Inventing the Post-War International Monetary System Downloads
James M. Boughton
02/51: External Wealth, the Trade Balance, and the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Philip Lane and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
02/50: Primeron Reforms in a Second-Best Ambiguous Environment; A Case for Gradualism Downloads
S. Nuri Erbas
02/49: The Rule of Law and the Pattern of Environment Protection Downloads
Muthukumara Mani and Per Fredriksson
02/48: Candidate Entry, Screening, and the Political Budget Cycle Downloads
Eric Le Borgne and Ben Lockwood
02/47: Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Markets; Income, Repatriations and Financial Vulnerabillities Downloads
Alexander Lehmann
02/46: Regulatory and Supervisory Independence and Financial Stability Downloads
Michael Taylor and Marc Quintyn
02/45: The Impact of Cyclical Factors on the U. S. Balance of Payments Downloads
Joshua E. Greene and Magda Kandil
02/44: Optimal Central Bank Conservatism and Monopoly Trade Unions Downloads
Carsten Hefeker, Helge Berger and Ronnie Schlöb
02/43: International Capital Crunches; The Time-Varying Role of Informational Asymmetries Downloads
Ashoka Mody and Mark Taylor
02/42: Wage Inequality in the United Kingdom, 1975–99 Downloads
Eswar Prasad
02/41: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Framework of Investment with Financing Constraint Downloads
Danyang Xie and Chi-Wa Yuen
02/40: Issues in Global Natural Gas; A Primer and Analysis Downloads
Bright E Okogu
02/39: Dornbusch’s Overshooting Model After Twenty-Five Years Downloads
Kenneth Rogoff
02/38: The Economic Consequences of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa Downloads
Markus Haacker
02/37: On-the-Job Search and the Beveridge Curve Downloads
Andrés Fuentes Hutfilter
02/36: Columbia or High School? Understanding the Roles of Education in Development Downloads
Rodney Ramcharan
02/35: Social Sector Spending in a Panel of Countries Downloads
Reza Baqir
02/34: Monetary Rules for Emerging Market Economies Downloads
Alessandro Rebucci and Fabio Ghironi
02/33: Trust As a Means of Improving Corporate Governance and Efficiency Downloads
Ralph Chami and Connel Fullenkamp
02/32: Purchasing Power Parity and New Trade Theory Downloads
Luca Ricci and Ronald MacDonald
02/31: A Model of Multiple Equilibria in Geographic Labor Mobility Downloads
Luis Ubeda and Antonio Spilimbergo
02/30: Nominal Exchange Rate Anchoring Under Inflation Inertia Downloads
Guillermo Calvo, Michael Kumhof and Oya Celasun
02/29: A Fiscal Theory of the Currency Risk Premium and of Sterilized Intervention Downloads
Michael Kumhof and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
02/28: The Forward Premium Puzzle Revisited Downloads
Guy M Meredith and Yue Ma
02/27: Commodity Currencies and Empirical Exchange Rate Puzzles Downloads
Kenneth Rogoff and Yu-chin Chen
02/25: The Output Decline in Asian Crisis Countries; Investment Aspects Downloads
Joshua E. Greene
02/24: Assessing Accuracy and Reliability; A Note Basedon Approaches Used in National Accounts and Balance of Payments Statistics Downloads
Carol S Carson and Lucie Laliberté
02/23: Why is Unemployment High in the Philippines? Downloads
Ray Brooks
02/22: Budget System Reform in Transitional Economies; The Experience of Russia Downloads
Jack Diamond
02/21: The New Russian Budget System; A Critical Assessment and Future Reform Agenda Downloads
Jack Diamond
02/20: Lending Booms, Real Estate Bubbles and the Asian Crisis Downloads
Abdelhak S Senhadji and Charles Collyns
02/19: Debt, Deficits, and Age-Specific Mortality Downloads
Hamid Faruqee
02/18: A New Rule; The Swiss Debt Brake Downloads
Stephan Danninger
02/17: The Role of Affordable Mortgages in Improving Living Standards and Stimulating Growth; A Survey of Selected Mena Countries Downloads
Frank E. Nothaft and S. Nuri Erbas
02/16: Population Aging and its Macroeconomic Implications; A Framework for Analysis Downloads
Hamid Faruqee
02/15: Activation of a Modern Industry Downloads
Danyang Xie and Ping Wang
02/14: Exchange Market Pressure, Currency Crises, and Monetary Policy; Additional Evidence From Emerging Markets Downloads
Evan Tanner
02/13: Sources of Economic Growth in East Asia; A Nonparametric Assessment Downloads
Mohsin Khan, Shigeru Iwata and Hiroshi Murao
02/12: Mexico; Experiences with Pro-Poor Expenditure Policies Downloads
Ana Corbacho and Gerd Schwartz
02/11: Capital Flows to Transition Economies; Master or Servant? Downloads
Leslie Lipschitz, Alex Mourmouras and Timothy D. Lane
02/10: Impact of Structural Reformson Productivity Growth in Industrial Countries Downloads
Ranil M Salgado
02/9: Structural Vulnerabilities and Currency Crises Downloads
Swart R. Ghosh and Atish Ghosh
02/8: The Corporate Spread Curve and Industrial Production in the United States Downloads
Jorge Chan-Lau and Iryna V. Ivaschenko
02/7: Predicting Emerging Market Currency Crashes Downloads
William Perraudin, Manmohan S. Kumar and Uma Moorthy
02/6: Financial Reforms and Interest Rate Spreads in the Commercial Banking System in Malawi Downloads
Ephraim W. Chirwa and Montfort Mlachila
02/5: Fiscal Sustainability and Monetary Versus Fiscal Dominance; Evidence From Brazil, 1991-2000 Downloads
Evan Tanner and Alberto M. Ramos
02/4: Financial Crises, Poverty, and Income Distribution Downloads
International Monetary Fund
02/3: Currency Crises and Uncertainty About Fundamentals Downloads
Massimo Sbracia and Alessandro Prati
02/2: The Austrian Theory of Business Cycles; Old Lessons for Modern Economic Policy? Downloads
Stefan Oppers
02/1: The Impact of Changes in Stock Prices and House Priceson Consumption in OECD Countries Downloads
Alexander Ludwig and Torsten M Sloek
01/216: Import-Reducing Effect of Trade Barriers; A Cross-Country Investigation Downloads
Qing Wang
01/215: An Investigation of Output Variance Before and During Inflation Targeting Downloads
Francisco Nadal De Simone
01/214: Pension Reform and the Fiscal Policy Stance Downloads
Philip Gerson, George A Mackenzie, Peter Heller and Alfredo Cuevas
01/213: A Model of the Joint Distribution of Banking and Exchange-Rate Crises Downloads
Nancy P. Marion and Robert Flood
01/212: Legal Central Bank Independence and Inflation in Latin America During the 1990s Downloads
Luis Ignacio Jácome
01/211: Systemic Weaknesses of Budget Management in Anglophone Africa Downloads
Ian Lienert and Feridoun Sarraf
01/210: Convertibility Risk; The Precautionary Demand for Foreign Currency in a Crisis Downloads
Alex Mourmouras, Stabley W. Black and Charalambos Christofides
01/209: The Treatment of Nonperforming Loans in Macroeconomic Statistics Downloads
Cornelis N Gorter and Adriaan M. Bloem
01/208: Government Spending, Legislature Size, and the Executive Veto Downloads
Reza Baqir
01/207: Uncovered Interest Parity in Crisis; The Interest Rate Defense in the 1990s Downloads
Andrew Rose and Robert Flood
01/206: Quantity Controls, License Transferability, and the Level of Investment Downloads
Ling Hui Tan, Kala Krishna and Ram Ranjan
01/205: Central Bank Independence and the Design of Fiscal Institutions Downloads
Francesca Castellani and Xavier Debrun
01/204: The Impact of Corporate Governance Structures on the Agency Cost of Debt Downloads
Jorge Chan-Lau
01/203: Mind the Gap; What is the Best Measure of Slack in the Euro Area? Downloads
Angel Ubide and Kevin Ross
01/202: Corporate Restructuring in Japan; An Event-Study Analysis Downloads
Jorge Chan-Lau
01/200: Financial Stability and Fiscal Crises in a Monetary Union Downloads
Samir Jahjah
01/199: Regional Disparities and Transfer Policies in Russia; Theory and Evidence Downloads
Era Dabla-Norris and Shlomo Weber
01/198: Sources of Inflation in Developing Countries Downloads
Prakash Loungani and Phillip Swagel
01/197: Limiting Currency Volatility to Stimulate Goods Market Integration; A Price-Based Approach Downloads
David Parsley and Shang-Jin Wei
01/196: An Unbiased Appraisal of Purchasing Power Parity Downloads
Christopher McDermott and Paul Cashin
01/195: Fiscal Expenditure Policy and Non-Oil Economic Growth; Evidence from GCC Countries Downloads
Qing Wang and Ugo Fasano-Filho
01/194: Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Domestic Prices; Does the Inflationary Environment Matter? Downloads
Dalia Hakura and Ehsan Choudhri
01/193: Stock Market Liberalizations; Financial and Macroeconomic Implications Downloads
Norbert Funke and Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln
01/192: Capital Flows and Their Macroeconomic Effects in India Downloads
Renu Kohli
01/191: Foreign Currency Credit Ratings for Emerging Market Economies Downloads
Roberto Perrelli and Christian Mulder
01/190: Exchange Rates and Capital Flows Downloads
Robin Brooks, Torsten M Sloek, Manmohan S. Kumar and Hali Edison
01/189: Speculative Attacks in the Asian Crisis Downloads
Zhiwei Zhang
01/188: Measuring Statistical Capacity Building; A Logical Framework Approach Downloads
Thomas K. Morrison and Sarmad Khawaja
01/187: The Effects of Capital Controls on Exchange Rate Volatility and Output Downloads
Christiane Nickel, Günter Schmidt, Georg Stadtmann and Michael Frenkel
01/186: The Zero Interest Rate Floor (ZIF) and its Implications for Monetary Policy in Japan Downloads
Douglas Laxton and Benjamin L Hunt
01/185: Hedging Government Oil Price Risk Downloads
James Daniel
01/184: Implications of Globalization for Monetary Policy Downloads
Helmut Wagner
01/183: Manuals on Macroeconomic Statistics; A Stocktaking to Guide Future Work Downloads
Carol S Carson and Lucie Laliberté
01/182: An Attempt to Profile the Finances of China’s Enterprise Sector Downloads
Cem Karacadag and Paul J. Heytens
01/181: Tax Incentives in The Philippines; A Regional Perspective Downloads
Nigel A Chalk
01/180: A Simple Measure of the Intensity of Capital Controls Downloads
Francis Warnock and Hali Edison
01/179: Euro Area Money Demand; Measuring the Opportunity Costs Appropriately Downloads
Joaquim Vieira Ferreira Levy, Alessandro Calza and Dieter Gerdesmeier
01/178: Is Fiscal Policy Coordination in EMU Desirable? Downloads
Roel Beetsma, Xavier Debrun and Franc Klaassen
01/177: Monetary Policy and Corporate Liquid Asset Demand Downloads
Woon Gyu Choi and Yungsan Kim
01/176: The Art of Making Everybody Happy; How to Prevent a Secession Downloads
Michel Le Breton and Shlomo Weber
01/175: Determinants of, and the Relation Between, Foreign Direct Investment and Growth; A Summary of the Recent Literature Downloads
Ewe-Ghee Lim
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