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00/106: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Corruption in Bureaucracies Downloads
Era Dabla-Norris
00/105: Global Financial Crises: Institutions and Incentives Downloads
Manmohan S. Kumar, Paul Masson and Marcus Miller
00/104: The Impact of Intersectoral Labor Reallocationon Economic Growth Downloads
Hélène Poirson
00/103: Do Asset Prices in Transition Countries Contain Information About Future Economic Activity? Downloads
Torsten Sløk and Peter Christoffersen
00/102: Indonesia: Implementing National Policies in a Decentralized Context: Special Purpose Programs to Protect the Poor Downloads
Ehtisham Ahmad and Luc E. Leruth
00/101: International Spillovers of Macroeconomic Shocks: A Quantitative Exploration Downloads
Douglas Laxton and Eswar Prasad
00/100: Globalization and Catching-Up: From Recession to Growth in Transition Economies Downloads
Gregorz W. Kolodko
00/99: Real Exchange Rates and Productivity: Closed-Form Solutions and Some Empirical Evidence Downloads
Jahanara Begum
00/98: Turkmenistan: The Burden of Current Agricultural Policies Downloads
International Monetary Fund
00/97: Currency Boards, Credibility, and Macroeconomic Behavior Downloads
Amadou Sy and Luis Rivera-Batiz
00/96: Aftermath of Banking Crises: Effectson Real and Monetary Variables Downloads
Poonam Gupta
00/95: The Yen-Dollar Rate: Have Interventions Mattered? Downloads
Ramana Ramaswamy and Hossein Samiei
00/94: Factor Reallocation and Growth in Developing Countries Downloads
Hélène Poirson
00/93: The New Capital Adequacy Framework: Institutional Constraints and Incentive Structures Downloads
Cem Karacadag and Michael Taylor
00/92: Financial Institutions, Financial Contagion, and Financial Crises Downloads
Haizhou Huang and Chenggang Xu
00/91: Czech Koruna and Polish Zloty Currency Options: Information Contnent and Eu-Accession Implications Downloads
Armando Méndez Morales
00/90: Bank Failures and Fiscal Austerity: Policy Presecriptions for a Developing Country Downloads
Andrew Feltenstein
00/89: Stock Returns and Output Growth in Emerging and Advanced Economies Downloads
Paolo Mauro
00/88: Spillovers Through Banking Centers: A Panel Data Analysis Downloads
International Monetary Fund
00/87: Capital Mobility and the Output-Inflation Tradeoff Downloads
Assaf Razin, Prakash Loungani and Chi-Wa Yuen
00/86: Centripetal forces in China's Economic Take-Off Downloads
Anuradha Dayal-Gulati and Aasim M. Husain
00/85: Real Effects of High Inflation Downloads
Benedikt Braumann
00/84: Sex Discrimination and Growth Downloads
Berta Esteve-Volart
00/83: VIVAT, CVAT and All That: New Forms of Value-Added Tax for Federal Systems Downloads
Michael Keen
00/82: Social Fractionalization, Political Instability, and the Size of Government Downloads
Anthony Annett
00/81: Assessing Fiscal Sustainability in Theory and Practice Downloads
Nigel Andrew Chalk and Richard Hemming
00/80: Seasonality and Capacity: An Application to Italy Downloads
Federico Mini and Guido de Blasio
00/79: Emergency Liquidity Support Facilities Downloads
Dong He
00/78: Rural Poverty in Developing Countries: Issues and Policies Downloads
Mahmood Hasan Khan
00/77: How Accurate Are Private Sector Forecasts: Cross-Country Evidence From Consensus Forecasts of Output Growth Downloads
Prakash Loungani
00/76: Assessing Financial System Vulnerabilities Downloads
R. B. Johnston, Liliana Schumacher and Jingqing Chai
00/75: A Simple Model of An International Lender of Last Resort Downloads
Haizhou Huang and C. A. E. Goodhart
00/74: Social Capital and Civil Society Downloads
Francis Fukuyama
00/73: Caribbean Approaches to Economic Stabilization Downloads
Alvin Hilaire
00/72: Terms of Trade Shocks in Africa: Are they Short-Lived or Long-Lived? Downloads
Paul Cashin and Catherine A. Pattillo
00/71: Financial Market Spillovers in Transition Economies Downloads
Ratna Sahay and R. Gaston Gelos
00/70: Institutions Matter in Transition, But so do Policies Downloads
International Monetary Fund
00/69: Using Credit Ratings for Capital Requirementson Lending to Emerging Market Economies: Possible Impact of a New Basel Accord Downloads
Christian B. Mulder and Brieuc Monfort
00/68: Banks and Monetary Shocks in Emerging Markets: How Far Can We Go with the "Credit View"? Downloads
Luis Catão and Sergio L. Rodriguez
00/67: Currency Crises: In Search of Common Elements Downloads
Ranil Salgado, Jahangir Aziz and Francesco Caramazza
00/66: Central Banks Use of Derivatives and Other Contingent Liabilities: Analytical Issues and Policy Implications Downloads
Liliana Schumacher and Mario I. Bléjer
00/65: Auction Quotas with a Foreign Duopoly Downloads
Ling Hui Tan
00/64: Does 'Grease Money' Speed Up the Wheels of Commerce? Downloads
Daniel Kaufmann and Shang-Jin Wei
00/63: Misalignment and Managed Exchange Rates: An Application to the Thai Baht Downloads
Guay Lim
00/62: Income Distribution and Tax and Government Social Spending Policies in Developing Countries Downloads
Ke-young Chu, Hamid Reza Davoodi and Sanjeev Gupta
00/61: Welfare Effects of Uzbekistan's Foreign Exchange Regime Downloads
International Monetary Fund
00/60: Contagion, Monsoons, and Domestic Turmoil in Indonesia: A Case Study in the Asian Currency Crisis Downloads
Sweta Saxena and Valerie Cerra
00/59: Alternative Methods of Estimating Potential Output and the Output Gap: An Application to Sweden Downloads
Sweta Saxena and Valerie Cerra
00/58: Relative Prices, Inflation and Core Inflation Downloads
Scott Roger
00/57: Deposit Insurance and Crisis Management Downloads
G. G. Garcia
00/56: Monetary and Fiscal Coordination in Small Open Economies Downloads
DeLisle Worrell
00/55: Trade and Financial Contagion in Currency Crises Downloads
Ranil Salgado, Luca Ricci and Francesco Caramazza
00/54: Comparative Macroeconomic Dynamics in the Arab World: A Panel Var Approach Downloads
Alexei Kireyev
00/53: Unionization and Strategic Trade Policy Downloads
Phillip Swagel and Ling Hui Tan
00/52: A Framework for Assessing Fiscal Vulnerability Downloads
Murray Petrie and Richard Hemming
00/51: The Complier Pays Principle: The Limits of Fiscal Approaches toward Sustainable Forest Management Downloads
Luc E. Leruth, R. Paris and I. Ruzicka
00/50: The Pros and Cons of Full Dollarization Downloads
Eduardo Borensztein and Andrew Berg
00/49: The Impact of Ethnic Heterogeneityon the Quantity and Quality of Public Spending Downloads
Louis Kuijs
00/48: Herd Behavior in Financial Markets: A Review Downloads
Sunil Sharma and Sushil Bikhchandani
00/47: Compliance with IMF Program Indicators and Growth in Transition Economies Downloads
Anna Unigovskaya and Valerie Mercer-Blackman
00/46: Medium-Term Determinants of Current Accounts in Industrial and Developing Countries: An Empirical Exploration Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Eswar Prasad
00/45: Dynamic Gains From Trade: Evidence From South Africa Downloads
Arvind Subramanian and Gunnar Jonsson
00/44: Globalization and Growth in the Twentieth Century Downloads
Nicholas Crafts
00/43: The International Monetary System in the (Very) Long Run Downloads
Nathan Sussman and Barry Eichengreen
00/42: Educational Choices and Educational Constraints: Evidence From Bolivia Downloads
Gabriela Inchauste
00/41: Demographic Transition in the Middle East: Implications for Growth, Employment, and Housing Downloads
Rina Bhattacharya, Tarik Yousef and Pierre Dhonte
00/40: Retarding Short-Term Capital Inflows Through withholding Tax Downloads
Howell H. Zee
00/39: Currency Crisis and Contagion: Evidence From Exchange Rates and Sectoral Stock Indices of the Philippines and Thailand Downloads
Jun Nagayasu
00/38: Financial Liberalization, Bank Market Structure, and Financial Deepening: An Interest Margin Analysis Downloads
Abdourahmane Sarr
00/37: Concordance in Business Cycles Downloads
Christopher McDermott and Alasdair Scott
00/36: The Role of the State and the Quality of the Public Sector Downloads
Vito Tanzi
00/35: Tax Policy for Emerging Markets: Developing Countries Downloads
Howell Zee and Vito Tanzi
00/34: Toward a Framework for Systemic Liquidity Policy Downloads
J. Kimball Hobbs, Claudia Helene Dziobek and David Marston
00/33: Two Approaches to Resolving Nonperforming Assets During Financial Crises Downloads
D. Woo
00/32: The Great Contractions in Russia, the Baltics and the Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union: A View From the Supply Side Downloads
International Monetary Fund
00/31: Trade Policy in Financial Services Downloads
Bradley J. McDonald, Geoffrey J. Bannister, Natalia Tamirisa, Piritta Sorsa and Jaroslaw Wieczorek
00/30: The Transition Economies After Ten Years Downloads
Stanley Fischer and Ratna Sahay
00/29: The Choice of Exchange Rate Regime and Monetary Target in Highly Dollarized Economies Downloads
Eduardo Borensztein and Andrew Berg
00/28: Devaluation Expectations and the Stock Market: The Case of Mexico in 1994/95 Downloads
Törbjörn I. Becker, Anthony Richards and R. Gaston Gelos
00/27: Estimation of Trade Protection in Middle East and North African Countries Downloads
Maria-Angels Oliva
00/26: Shadow Economies Around the World: Size, Causes, and Consequences Downloads
Friedrich Schneider and Dominik Enste
00/25: Financial Crisis and Credit Crunch in Korea: Evidence From Firm-Level Data Downloads
Jong-Wha Lee and Eduardo Borensztein
00/24: A Framework for Price Statistics Downloads
Kimberly D. Zieschang
00/23: Corruption and Military Spending Downloads
International Monetary Fund
00/22: The Unbearable Stability of the German Wage Structure: Evidence and Interpretation Downloads
Eswar Prasad
00/21: Monetary Policy in Transition: The Case of Mongolia Downloads
Torsten Sløk
00/20: Bad Dreams Under Alternative Anchors: Are the Consequences Different? Downloads
Leonardo Auernheimer and Susan Mary George
00/19: The Interest Rate-Exchange Rate Nexus in the Asian Crisis Countries Downloads
Atish Ghosh and Gabriela Basurto
00/18: What Will Happen to Financial Markets When the Baby Boomers Retire? Downloads
Robin Brooks
00/17: International Trade and Productivity Growth: Exploring the Sectoral Effects for Developing Countries Downloads
Ehsan Choudhri and Dalia Hakura
00/16: Pension System Viability and Reform Alternatives in the Czech Republic Downloads
Thomas Laursen
00/15: Composition of Government Expenditure, Human Capital Accumulation, and Welfare Downloads
John Matovu
00/14: Discriminating Contagion: An Alternative Explanation of Contagious Currency Crises in Emerging Markets Downloads
Pavan Ahluwalia
00/13: Taxes and Tradable Permits As Instruments for Controlling Pollution: Theory and Practice Downloads
John Norregaard and Valérie Reppelin-Hill
00/12: Globalization and the Future of Social Protection Downloads
Vito Tanzi
00/11: Public Capital and Output Growth in Portugal: An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Jenny Ligthart
00/10: Intra-Arab Trade: Is it too Little? Downloads
Tarik Yousef and Hassan Al-Atrash
00/9: Deposit-Refundon Labor: A Solution to Equilibrium Unemployment? Downloads
Ben Heijdra and Jenny Ligthart
00/8: The Role of Human Capital in Economic Growth: The Case of Spain Downloads
Paolo Mauro and Enric Fernandez
00/7: The Japanese Banking Crisis of the 1990's: Sources and Lessons Downloads
D. Woo and Akihiro Kanaya
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