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99/142: From toronto Terms to the HIPC Initiative; A Brief History of Debt Relief for Low-Income Countries Downloads
Christina Daseking and Robert Powell
99/141: Nominal Exchange Rates and Nominal Interest Rate Differentials Downloads
Francisco Nadal-De Simone and Weshah Razzak
99/140: Central Bank Participation in Currency Options Markets Downloads
Peter Breuer
99/139: Recapitalizing Banks with Public Funds; Selected Issues Downloads
International Monetary Fund
99/138: The Asia Crisis; Causes, Policy Responses and Outcomes Downloads
Andrew Berg
99/137: A Peek Inside the Black Box; The Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Japan Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi and James Morsink
99/136: Portfolio Diversification, Leverage, and Financial Contagion Downloads
Richard Smith and Garry Schinasi
99/135: Corporate Insolvency Procedures and Bank Behavior; A Study of Selected Asian Economies Downloads
Qaizar Hussain and Clas Wihlborg
99/134: Macroeconomic and Sectoral Effects of Terms-Of-Trade Shocks; The Experience of the Oil-Exporting Developing Countries Downloads
International Monetary Fund
99/133: Country Risks and the Investment Activity of U.S. Multinationals in Developing Countries Downloads
Alexander Lehmann
99/132: Exchange-Rate-Based Stabilization; Acritical Look At the Stylized Facts Downloads
A. Javier Hamann
99/131: EMU Challenges European Labor Markets Downloads
Christiane Krieger-Boden, Dirk Dohse and Rüdiger Soltwedel
99/130: Skill Acquisition and Firm Creation in Transition Economies Downloads
Wenli Li, Zuzana Brixiova and Tarik Yousef
99/129: Emerging Markets Crisis; An Asset Markets Perspective Downloads
Arvind Krishnamurthy and Ricardo Caballero
99/128: Neglected Heterogeneity and Dynamics in Cross-Country Savings Regressions Downloads
International Monetary Fund
99/127: The Enforcement of Property Rights and Underdevelopment Downloads
Era Dabla-Norris and Scott Freeman
99/126: Long-Term International Capital Movements and Technology: A Review Downloads
Harm Zebregs
99/125: Technology and Epidemics Downloads
Alberto Chong and L. Zanforlin
99/124: Three Million Foreigners, Three Million Unemployed? Immigration and the French Labor Market Downloads
Dominique Gross
99/123: Regional Income Redistribuiton and Risk Sharing; How Does Italy Compare in Europe? Downloads
Jörg Decressin
99/122: Inflation, Money Demand, and Purchasing Power Parity in South Africa Downloads
Gunnar Jonsson
99/121: Determinants of Argentina's External Trade Downloads
Elisabetta Falcetti and Luis Catão
99/120: Measuring Misalignment; Purchasing Power Parity and East Asian Currencies in the 1990's Downloads
Menzie Chinn
99/119: Modeling and Forecasting Inflation in India Downloads
Tim Callen and Dongkoo Chang
99/118: Inflation and Growth in Transition; Are the Asian Economies Different? Downloads
Torsten Sløk and Sanja Kalra
99/117: Investment, Capital Accumulation, and Growth; Some Evidence From the Gambia 1964-19+L165298 Downloads
Christian H. Beddies
99/116: The Relative Merits and Implications of Inflation Targeting for South Africa Downloads
Gunnar Jonsson
99/115: The External Wealth of Nations; Measures of Foreign Assets and Liabilities for Industrial and Developing Countries Downloads
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti and Philip Lane
99/114: Exchange Market Pressure and Monetary Policy; Asia and Latin America in the 1990's Downloads
Evan Tanner
99/113: Bank Fragility and International Capital Mobility Downloads
Enrica Detragiache
99/112: Private Sector Consumption Behavior and Non-Keynesian Effects of Fiscal Policy Downloads
Rina Bhattacharya
99/111: Firm Investment and Balance-Sheet Problems in Japan Downloads
Toshitaka Sekine
99/110: Foreign Exchange Queues, Informal Traders, and a Zero Premium in the Black Market; A Cape Verdean Puzzle Downloads
Jan-Peter Olters
99/109: Deconstructing Job Creation Downloads
Pietro Garibaldi and Paolo Mauro
99/108: Bailout and Conglomeration Downloads
Se-Jik Kim
99/107: Analysis of the U.S. Business Cycle with a Vector-Markov-Switching Model Downloads
Zenon Kontolemis
99/106: Bank Bailouts; Moral Hazard vs. Value Effect Downloads
Eduardo Levy Yeyati and Tito Cordella
99/105: Measuring Financial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
E. Gelbard and Sérgio Pereira. Leite
99/104: The IMF Approach to Economic Stabilization Downloads
Miguel A. Savastano and Michael Mussa
99/103: Public Debt Management and Bailouts Downloads
Törbjörn I. Becker
99/102: Rachet Effects in Currency Substitution; An Application to the Kyrgyz Republic Downloads
Joannes Mongardini and Johannes Mueller
99/101: We Just Averaged Over Two Trillion Cross-Country Growth Regressions Downloads
Mark Steel and Eduardo Ley
99/100: Global Moral Hazard, Capital Account Liberalization and the "Overlending Syndrome" Downloads
Eduardo Levy Yeyati
99/99: Adjustment Costs, Irreversibility, and Investment Patterns in African Manufacturing Downloads
Arne Bigsten
99/98: The Rise and Fall of the Pyramid Schemes in Albania Downloads
Christopher J. Jarvis
99/97: A Dynamic Model of Inflation for Kenya, 1974-1996 Downloads
Njuguna S. Ndung'u and Dick Durevall
99/96: Measures of Potential Output; An Application to Israel Downloads
Fabio Scacciavillani and Phillip Swagel
99/95: The Structural Budget Balance; The Imf's Methodology Downloads
Robert P. Hagemann
99/94: Managerial Entrenchment and the Choice of Debt Financing Downloads
Amadou Sy
99/93: Coordinating Tariff Reduction and Domestic Tax Reform Downloads
Michael Keen and Jenny Ligthart
99/92: Central Banking without Central Bank Money Downloads
Alain Ize, Arto Kovanen and Timo Henckel
99/91: Institutionalized Corruption and the Kleptocratic State Downloads
Christian Harm and Joshua Charap
99/90: Determinants of Angola's Parallel Market Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Jun Nagayasu and E. Gelbard
99/89: Trade in Financial Services and Capital Movements Downloads
Natalia Tamirisa
99/88: External Vulnerability in Emerging Market Economies; How High Liquidity Can offset Weak Fundamentals and the Effects of Contagion Downloads
Christian B. Mulder and Matthieu Bussière
99/87: Military Spending, the Peace Dividend, and Fiscal Adjustment Downloads
Benedict J. Clements, Jerald Alan Schiff, Peter Debaere and Hamid Reza Davoodi
99/86: Signaling Fiscal Regime Sustainability Downloads
Alessandro Prati and Francesco Drudi
99/85: Does Mother Nature Corrupt; Natural Resources, Corruption, and Economic Growth Downloads
Carlos Leite and Jens Weidmann
99/84: Explaining International Comovements of Output and Asset Returns; The Role of Money and Nominal Rigidities Downloads
Robert Miguel W. K. Kollman
99/83: Real Wage Rigidities, Fiscal Policy, and the Stability of EMU in the Transition Phase Downloads
Eric Thode, Norbert Berthold and Rainer Fehn
99/82: Common Trends and Structural Change; A Dynamic Macro Model for the Pre- and Postrevolution Islamic Republic of Iran Downloads
Törbjörn I. Becker
99/81: Co-Movements in Long-Term Interest Rates and the Role of PPP-Based Exchange Rate Expectations Downloads
Klaas Knot and Jan Marc Berk
99/80: How Persistent Are Shocks to World Commodity Prices? Downloads
Hong Liang, Christopher McDermott and Paul Cashin
99/79: Do Hong Kong Sar and China Constitute An Optimal Currency Area? An Empirical Test of the Generalized Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis Downloads
Hong Liang
99/78: Price Imputation and Other Techniques for Dealing with Missing Observations, Seasonality and Quality Change in Price Indices Downloads
Paul A. Armknecht and Fenella Maitland-Smith
99/77: Sources of Economic Growth; An Extensive Growth Accounting Exercise Downloads
A. Senhadji Semlali
99/76: Price Liberalization, Money Growth, and Inflation During the Transition to a Market Economy Downloads
Ernesto Hernández-Catá
99/75: Simple Monetary Policy Rules Under Model Uncertainty Downloads
Ann-Charlotte Eliasson, Peter Isard and Douglas Laxton
99/74: Estimating Trade Equations From Aggregate Bilateral Data Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi
99/73: The Evolution of Output in Transition Economies; Explaining the Differences Downloads
Ratna Sahay, Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Eduardo Borensztein and Andrew Berg
99/72: Sticky Prices; An Empirical Assessment of Alternative Models Downloads
Esteban Jadresic
99/71: Excess Volatility and the Asset-Pricing Exchange Rate Model with Unobservable Fundamentals Downloads
Lorenzo Giorgianni and Leonardo Bartolini
99/70: A Test of the General Validity of the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem for Trade in the European Community Downloads
Dalia Hakura
99/69: Economic and Legal Considerations of Optimal Privatization; Case Studies of Mortgage Firms (Depfa Group and Fannie Mae) Downloads
John R. Garrett, Hans-Joachim Beyer and Claudia Helene Dziobek
99/68: Privatization, Social Impact, and Social Safety Nets Downloads
Sanjeev Gupta, Henry Ma and Christian Schiller
99/67: Price and Monetary Dynamics Under Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes Downloads
M. F. Bleaney
99/66: Financial Fragility and Economic Performance in Developing Economies; Do Capital Controls, Prudential Regulation and Supervision Matter? Downloads
Marco Rossi
99/65: The Georgian Hyperinflation and Stabilization Downloads
Jian-Ye Wang
99/64: Survey of Literatureon Demand for Money; Theoretical and Empirical Work with Special Reference to Error-Correction Models Downloads
Subramanian S. Sriram
99/63: Spend Now, Pay Later? Tax Smoothing and Fiscal Sustainability in South Asia Downloads
International Monetary Fund
99/62: Macroeconomic Conditions and Import Surcharges in Selected Transition Economies Downloads
Piritta Sorsa
99/61: Inflation Targeting and Output Stability Downloads
Esteban Jadresic
99/60: Inequality and Optimal Redistributive Tax and Transfer Policies Downloads
Howell H. Zee
99/59: Fixed Capital Adjustment; Is Latin America Different? Evidence From the Colombian and Mexican Manufacturing Sectors Downloads
R. Gaston Gelos and Alberto Isgut
99/58: The Role of Inter- and Intraindustry Trade in Technology Diffusion Downloads
Dalia Hakura and Florence Jaumotte
99/57: Copper and the Chilean Economy, 1960-19+L159298 Downloads
Antonio Spilimbergo
99/56: International Trade and the Business Cycle Downloads
Eswar Prasad
99/55: Government Employment and Wages and Labor Market Performance Downloads
Zenon Kontolemis and Dimitri Demekas
99/54: Deposit Insurance; A Survey of Actual and Best Practices Downloads
G. G. Garcia
99/53: Can Currency Demand Be Stable Under a Financial Crisis? the Case of Mexico Downloads
May Y. Khamis and Alfredo Mario Leone
99/52: A Review of Capital Account Restrictions in Chile in the 1990's Downloads
Francisco Nadal-De Simone and Piritta Sorsa
99/51: Adjustment and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Dhaneshwar Ghura, Anupam Basu and Evangelos A. Calamitsis
99/50: Long-Run Exchange Rate Dynamics; A Panel Data Study Downloads
Karl Friedrich Habermeier and Mario Mesquita
99/49: Algeria; The Real Exchange Rate, Export Diversification, and Trade Protection Downloads
Piritta Sorsa
99/48: The Egyptian Stock Market; Efficiency Tests and Volatility Effects Downloads
Mauro Mecagni and Maged Sawky Sourial
99/47: Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Dynamic Oligopoly; An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Dominique Gross and Nicolas Schmitt
99/46: Political Instability and Economic Vulnerability Downloads
Christian B. Mulder and Matthieu Bussière
99/45: Japan's Stagnant Nineties; A Vector Autoregression Retrospective Downloads
Christel Rendu and Ramana Ramaswamy
99/44: Nonrenewable Resources; A Case for Persistent Fiscal Surpluses Downloads
M. Alier and Martin David Kaufman
99/43: Unemployment, Capital-Labor Substitution, and Economic Growth Downloads
Bob Rowthorn
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