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98/174: The Wage Bargaining Structure in Norway and Sweden and its Influenceon Real Wage Developments Downloads
Alun H. Thomas
98/173: Fixed-Income Markets in the United States, Europe, and Japan-Some Lessons for Emerging Markets Downloads
Garry J. Schinasi and Richard Todd Smith
98/172: International Capital Flows and National Creditworthiness Downloads
Paul Cashin and Christopher John McDermott
98/171: Private Saving in Colombia Downloads
Juan Ricardo Ortega and López Mejía, Alejandro
98/170: Monetary Policy in the Aftermath of Currency Crisis Downloads
Taimur Baig and Ilan Goldfajn
98/169: Do IMF-Supported Programs Work? a Survey of the Cross-Country Empirical Evidence Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/168: Managing Capital Flows Downloads
Bernard Laurens and Jaime Cardoso
98/167: The Decline of Traditional Sectors in Israel Downloads
Eric V. Clifton
98/166: Economic Determinants of Government Subsidies Downloads
Benedict J. Clements, Rodríguez, Hugo and Gerd Schwartz
98/165: Migration and Pension Downloads
Efraim Sadka and Assaf Razin
98/164: The Quality of Governance Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/163: The Volatility of the Relative Price of Commodities in Terms of Manufactures Across Exchange Regimes Downloads
Hong Liang
98/162: The Impact of Human Capitalon Growth Downloads
Sonia Brunschwig, Emilio Sacerdoti and Jon Tang
98/161: Inflation, Uncertainty, and Growth in Colombia Downloads
Henry Ma
98/160: Determinants of Inflation, Exchange Rate, and Output in Nigeria Downloads
Louis Kuijs
98/159: Capital Flows with Debt- and Equity-Financed Investment-Equilibrium Structure and Efficiency Implications Downloads
Assaf Razin, Chi-Wa Yuen and Efraim Sadka
98/158: Fiscal Effects of the 1993 Colombian Pension Reform Downloads
Sergio Clavijo
98/157: Demand for Money in Mozambique Downloads
Piñón-Farah, Marco A.
98/156: Soft Exchange Rate Bands and Speculative Attacks Downloads
Leonardo Bartolini and Alessandro Prati
98/155: Financial Market Contagion in the Asian Crisis Downloads
Taimur Baig and Ilan Goldfajn
98/154: Are Currency Crises Predictable? a Test Downloads
Catherine A. Pattillo and Andrew Gouinlock Berg
98/153: Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy with Credit Goods Production Downloads
Jorge Chan-Lau
98/152: The Effects of Tax Wedgeson Hours Worked and Unemployment in Sweden Downloads
Alun H. Thomas
98/151: Pension Developments and Reforms in Transition Economies Downloads
Carlo Cottarelli, Luis M. Cubeddu and M. Cangiano
98/150: European Trade and Foreign Direct Investment U-Shaping Industrial Output in Central and Eastern Europe Downloads
Patrick Paul Walsh and Alexandre Repkine
98/149: Time Series Analysis of Export Demand Equations Downloads
Claudio Montenegro and A. Senhadji Semlali
98/148: Purchasing Power Parities in Five East African Countries Downloads
Noureddine Krichene
98/147: Real Exchange Rate Volatility Downloads
Hong Liang
98/146: Optimal Fiscal Policy and the Environment Downloads
Jenny E. Ligthart
98/145: Explaining the Recent Behavior of Inflation and Unemployment in the United States Downloads
Vincent Hogan
98/144: Monetary Operations and Government Debt Management Under Islamic Banking Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/143: Crises, Contagion, and the Closed Downloads
Eduardo Levy Yeyati and Angel Ubide
98/142: Contagion Downloads
Paul Robert Masson
98/141: Recovery and Growth in Transition Economies 1990-1997 Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/140: From Autarky to Integration Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/139: Can the Neoclassical Model Explain the Distribution of Foreign Direct Investment Across Developing Countries? Downloads
Harm Zebregs
98/138: Managing Corporate Distress in the Philippines Downloads
Charles Woodruff and G. C. Lim
98/137: East Asian Growth Before and After the Crisis Downloads
Nicholas Crafts
98/136: Is the United States CPI Biased Across Income and Age Groups? Downloads
S. Nuri Erbas and Chera L. Sayers
98/135: Tax Revenue in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Dhaneshwar Ghura
98/134: The Role of Allocation in a Globalized Corporate Income Tax Downloads
Jack M. Mintz
98/133: The Uzbek Growth Puzzle Downloads
Jeromin Zettelmeyer
98/132: Output Decline and Recovery in Uzbekistan Downloads
Jeromin Zettelmeyer and Taube, Günther
98/131: Can Short-Term Capital Controls Promote Capital Inflows? Downloads
Tito Cordella
98/130: Perspectiveson the Recent Currency Crisis Literature Downloads
Nancy P. Marion and Robert P. Flood
98/129: Increasing Dependency Ratios, Pensions, and Tax Smoothing Downloads
Vito Tanzi and Efraim Sadka
98/128: The East Asian Crisis Downloads
Kalpana Kochhar, Prakash Loungani and Mark R. Stone
98/127: Financial Crisis and Credit Crunch As a Result of Inefficient Financial Intermediation Downloads
Zhaohui Chen and Jorge Chan-Lau
98/126: Central Banking in Transition Countries Downloads
Helmut Wagner
98/125: Fixed Investment and Capital Flows Downloads
Jorge Chan-Lau and Peter B. Clark
98/124: Self-Fulfilling Risk Predictions Downloads
Robert P. Flood and Nancy P. Marion
98/123: Does the Long-Run Ppp Hypothesis Hold for Africa? Evidence From Panel Co-Integration Study Downloads
Jun Nagayasu
98/122: Tax Smoothing in a Financially Repressed Economy Downloads
Paul Cashin, Nilss Olekalns and Ratna Sahay
98/121: Capital Structures and Portfolio Composition During Banking Crisis Downloads
Alberto M. Ramos
98/120: The Demise of the Nation State? Downloads
Vito Tanzi
98/119: Search Unemployment with Advance Notice Downloads
Pietro Garibaldi
98/118: Macroeconomic Performance Under Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes Downloads
Esteban Jadresic
98/117: Deviations From Uncovered Interest Parity Downloads
Evan Tanner
98/116: Impact of European Union Association Agreementson Mediterranean Countries Downloads
Ghesquière, Henri C.
98/115: Consequences of the Economic and Monetary Union for the Coordination of Tax Systems in the European Union Downloads
Howell H. Zee and Vito Tanzi
98/114: The Transmission of Monetary Policy in Israel Downloads
Fiorella De Fiore
98/113: Market-Based Policy Instruments for Systemic Bank Restructuring Downloads
Tamim A Bayoumi and Paul Robert Masson
98/112: Liability-Creating Versus Non-Liability-Creating Fiscal Stabilization Policies Downloads
Paul Robert Masson and Tamim A Bayoumi
98/111: Welfare Cost of (Low) Inflation Downloads
Howell H. Zee
98/110: Interest Spreads in Banking Downloads
Adolfo Barajas, Natalia Salazar and Roberto Steiner
98/109: Considerations in Reducing Inflation From Low to Lower Levels Downloads
Stephen Tokarick and Michael P. Leidy
98/108: Structural Reforms in Government Bond Markets Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/107: Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Trade Flows Downloads
Dell'ariccia, Giovanni
98/106: Disinflation in Spain Downloads
Nicolas Sobczak
98/105: Developing Countries and the Globalization of Financial Markets Downloads
Malcolm D. Knight
98/104: Determinants of Growth in an Error Downloads
Méndez Morales, Armando
98/103: Policy Responses to External Imbalances in Emerging Market Economies Downloads
Luis J. Carranza and Chorng-Huey Wong
98/102: How Big is the Brain Drain? Downloads
William Carrington and Enrica Detragiache
98/101: Inflation and Money Demand in Albania Downloads
Sanja Kalra
98/100: From Inflation to Growth Downloads
Peter Doyle and Peter F. Christoffersen
98/99: Explaining Investment in the WAEMU Downloads
Athanasios Vamvakidis
98/98: The Impact of Economic Securityon Bank Deposits and Investment Downloads
Michael Fabricius
98/96: Banking System Restructuring in Kazakhstan Downloads
David S. Hoelscher
98/95: Liberating Supply-Fiscal Policy and Technological innovation in a Multicountry Model Downloads
Douglas Michael Laxton, Tamim A Bayoumi and David Theodore Coe
98/94: North-South Trade-Is Africa Unusual? Downloads
David Theodore Coe and Alexander W. Hoffmaister
98/93: Bank Lending and Interest Rate Changes in a Dynamic Matching Model Downloads
Dell'ariccia, Giovanni and Pietro Garibaldi
98/92: Asymmetric Information and the Market Structure of the Banking Industry Downloads
Dell'ariccia, Giovanni
98/91: Leading Indicators of Banking Crises Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/90: Intermediation Spreads in a Dual Currency Economy Downloads
Catão, Luis
98/89: Current Account Reversals and Currency Crisis Downloads
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti and Assaf Razin
98/88: The Price Incentive to Smuggle and the Cocoa Supply in Ghana, 1950-1996 Downloads
Ales Bulir
98/87: The United Kingdom's Experience with Inflation Targeting Downloads
International Monetary Fund
98/86: Japanese Effective Exchange Rates and Determinants Downloads
Jun Nagayasu
98/85: The Effects of European Economic Integrationon the Profitability of Industries Downloads
Dalia S. Hakura
98/84: Trading Blocs and Welfare Downloads
R Scott Hacker and Qaizar Hussain
98/83: Financial Liberalization and Financial Fragility Downloads
Enrica Detragiache and Demirgüç-Kunt, Asli
98/82: Selected Transition and Mediterranean Countries Downloads
Robert Alan Feldman and Heliodoro Temprano-Arroyo
98/81: Exchange and Capital Controls As Barriers to Trade Downloads
Natalia Tamirisa
98/80: A Model for Financial Programming Downloads
Jan Giehm Mikkelsen
98/79: Responses of the Stock Market to Macroeconomic Announcements Across Economic States Downloads
Zuliu Hu and Li Li
98/78: Reducing Inflation Downloads
C. McNeilly and Doris Schiesser-Gachnang
98/77: How Do the Skilled and the Unskilled Respond to Regional Shocks? the Case of Spain Downloads
Paolo Mauro and Antonio Spilimbergo
98/76: Does Corruption Affect Income Inequality and Poverty? Downloads
Sanjeev Gupta
98/75: The Macroeconomic Effects of Environmental Taxes Downloads
Jenny E. Ligthart
98/74: The Italian Social Protection System Downloads
Massimo V Rostagno and Francesca Utili
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