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12/220: Taxation and Development: Again Downloads
Michael Keen
12/219: Dissecting Saving Dynamics; Measuring Wealth, Precautionary, and Credit Effects Downloads
Christopher Carroll, Martin Sommer and Jiri Slacalek
12/218: Can Policies Affect Employment Intensity of Growth? A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
Davide Furceri, Ernesto Crivelli and Joël Toujas-Bernate
12/217: Global Housing Cycles Downloads
Deniz Igan and Prakash Loungani
12/216: A New Heuristic Measure of Fragility and Tail Risks; Application to Stress Testing Downloads
Christian Schmieder, Tidiane Kinda, Nassim N. Taleb, Elena Loukoianova and Elie Canetti
12/215: What Drives the POLONIA Spread in Poland? Downloads
Yinqiu Lu
12/214: Exchange Rate Fluctuations and International Portfolio Rebalancing in Thailand Downloads
Jacob Gyntelberg, Subhanij Tientip and Mico Loretan
12/213: Private Information, Capital Flows, and Exchange Rates Downloads
Jacob Gyntelberg, Subhanij Tientip and Mico Loretan
12/212: Emerging Market Sovereign Bond Spreads; Estimation and Back-testing Downloads
Fabio Comelli
12/211: What (Really) Accounts for the Fall in Hours After a Technology Shock? Downloads
Nooman Rebei
12/210: Effects of Culture on Firm Risk-Taking; A Cross-Country and Cross-Industry Analysis Downloads
Roxana Mihet
12/209: Measuring Systemic Risk-Adjusted Liquidity (SRL); A Model Approach Downloads
Andreas Jobst
12/208: Exchange Rate and Foreign Interest Rate Linkages for Sub-Saharan Africa Floaters Downloads
Alun H. Thomas
12/207: The Cyclicality of Sales, Regular and Effective Prices; Business Cycle and Policy Implications Downloads
Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Gee Hee Hong
12/206: Household Production, Services and Monetary Policy Downloads
Constant Lonkeng Ngouana
12/205: How much should I hold? Reserve Adequacy in Emerging Markets and Small Islands Downloads
Nkunde Mwase
12/204: Donor Competition for Aid Impact, and Aid Fragmentation Downloads
Kurt Annen and Luc Moers
12/203: Sovereign Debt Restructurings 1950-2010; Literature Survey, Data, and Stylized Facts Downloads
Christoph Trebesch, Michael G Papaioannou and Udaibir S. Das
12/202: The Chicago Plan Revisited Downloads
Michael Kumhof and Jaromir Benes
12/201: Reforming the Public Pension System in the Russian Federation Downloads
Frank Eich, Mauricio Soto and Charleen Gust
12/200: Resource Windfalls, Optimal Public Investment and Redistribution; The Role of Total Factor Productivity and Administrative Capacity Downloads
Alan H. Gelb, Arnaud Dupuy and Rabah Arezki
12/199: Innocent Bystanders? Monetary Policy and Inequality in the U.S Downloads
John Silvia, Lorenz Kueng, Olivier Coibion and Yuriy Gorodnichenko
12/198: Bond Yields in Emerging Economies; It Matters What State You Are In Downloads
Laura Jaramillo and Anke Weber
12/197: Intergenerational Implications of Fiscal Consolidation in Japan Downloads
Kiichi Tokuoka
12/196: A Financial Conditions Index for South Africa Downloads
Nombulelo Gumata, Eliphas Ndou and Nir Klein
12/195: Barriers to Household Risk Management; Evidence from India Downloads
Robert M. Townsend, Shawn Cole, Jeremy Tobacman, Xavier Gine, James Vickery and Petia Topalova
12/194: Measuring Systemic Liquidity Risk and the Cost of Liquidity Insurance Downloads
Tiago Severo
12/193: Latin America; Vulnerabilities Under Construction? Downloads
Luis M. Cubeddu, Camilo Tovar and Evridiki Tsounta
12/192: Inflation Dynamics in Mongolia; Understanding the Roller Coaster Downloads
Julia Bersch, Steven Barnett and Yasuhisa Ojima
12/191: Lost in Transmission? The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Transmission Channels in the GCC Countries Downloads
Serhan Cevik and Katerina Teksoz
12/190: Successful Austerity in the United States, Europe and Japan Downloads
Giovanni Callegari, Giovanni Melina and Nicoletta Batini
12/189: On Price Stability and Welfare Downloads
Etienne B. Yehoue
12/188: Riding Global Financial Waves; The Economic Impact of Global Financial Shocks on Emerging Market Economies Downloads
Gustavo Adler and Camilo Tovar
12/187: Fiscal Rules in Response to the Crisis; Toward the "Next-Generation" Rules: A New Dataset Downloads
Nina Budina, Andrea Schaechter, Anke Weber and Tidiane Kinda
12/186: Foreign Aid and Revenue; Still a Crowding Out Effect? Downloads
Ernesto Crivelli, Sanjeev Gupta, Priscilla S. Muthoora and Dora Benedek
12/185: Accelerating And Sustaining Growth; Economic and Political Lessons Downloads
Arvind Virmani
12/184: Great Recession and Fiscal Squeeze at U.S. Subnational Government Level Downloads
Jiri Jonas
12/183: Building Blocks for Effective Macroprudential Policies in Latin America; Institutional Considerations Downloads
Patrick Imam, Erlend Nier and Luis Ignacio Jácome
12/182: Quality of Government and Living Standards; Adjusting for the Efficiency of Public Spending Downloads
Francesco Grigoli and Eduardo Ley
12/181: Macro-prudential Policy in a Fisherian Model of Financial Innovation Downloads
Javier Bianchi, Emine Boz and Enrique Mendoza
12/180: Environmental Tax Reform; Principles from Theory and Practice to Date Downloads
Ian Parry, John Norregaard and Dirk Heine
12/179: The (Other) Deleveraging Downloads
Manmohan Singh
12/178: Intertwined Sovereign and Bank Solvencies in a Model of Self-Fulfilling Crisis Downloads
Gustavo Adler
12/177: Estimating the Implicit Inflation Target of the South African Reserve Bank Downloads
Nir Klein
12/176: Global Commodity Prices, Monetary Transmission, and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the Pacific Islands Downloads
Shanaka J. Peiris and Ding Ding
12/175: International Capital Flows and Debt Dynamics Downloads
Martin Evans
12/174: Equity Returns in the Banking Sector in the Wake of the Great Recession and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis Downloads
International Monetary Fund
12/173: Public Expenditure in the Slovak Republic; Composition and Technical Efficiency Downloads
Francesco Grigoli
12/172: Paths to Eurobonds Downloads
Ashoka Mody, Stijn Claessens and Shahin Vallée
12/171: Japan out of the Lost Decade; Divine Wind or Firms’ Effort? Downloads
Ichiro Tokutsu, Kazuo Ogawa and Mika Saito
12/170: The Impact of Longevity Improvements on U.S. Corporate Defined Benefit Pension Plans Downloads
John Kiff, Michael Kisser, Mauricio Soto and Stefan E. Oppers
12/169: On the Extrapolation with the Denton Proportional Benchmarking Method Downloads
Marco Marini and Tommaso Di Fonzo
12/168: Commodity Prices and Exchange Rate Volatility; Lessons from South Africa’s Capital Account Liberalization Downloads
Elena Ivona Dumitrescu, Rabah Arezki, Andreas Freytag and Marc Quintyn
12/167: Evolution of Debt Sustainability Analysis in Low-Income Countries; Some Aggregate Evidence Downloads
Benedicte Baduel and Robert T. Price
12/166: Peru; Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies, 1930-1980 Downloads
Gonzalo C. Pastor
12/165: Factor Endowment, Structural Coherence, and Economic Growth Downloads
Natasha Xingyuan Che
12/164: Quantifying Impact of Aging Population on Fiscal Space Downloads
Seok Gil Park
12/163: Systemic Banking Crises Database: An Update Downloads
Fabian Valencia and Luc Laeven
12/162: Leverage? What Leverage? A Deep Dive into the U.S. Flow of Funds in Search of Clues to the Global Crisis Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi and Ashok Vir Bhatia
12/161: Too Much Finance? Downloads
Enrico Berkes, Ugo Panizza and Jean-Louis Arcand
12/160: Monetization in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Downloads
Noriaki Kinoshita and Cameron McLoughlin
12/159: Monitoring Systemic Risk Basedon Dynamic Thresholds Downloads
Kasper Lund-Jensen
12/158: Government Bonds and their Investors; What Are the Facts and Do they Matter? Downloads
Jochen Andritzky
12/157: Threshold Effects of Sovereign Debt; Evidence From the Caribbean Downloads
Lisa Drakes, Chrystol Thomas, Roland Craigwell and Kevin Greenidge
12/156: Fiscal Transparency, Fiscal Performance and Credit Ratings Downloads
Julio Escolano and Elif Arbatli
12/155: Banks' Liability Structure and Mortgage Lending During the Financial Crisis Downloads
Jihad Dagher and Kazim Kazimov
12/154: Global and Regional Spillovers to Pacific Island Countries Downloads
Yiqun Wu, Patrizia Tumbarello and Niamh Sheridan
12/153: Fiscal Foresight and Information Flows Downloads
Todd Walker, Eric Leeper and Shu-Chun Yang
12/152: Systemic Risk and Asymmetric Responses in the Financial Industry Downloads
Germán López-Espinosa, Antonio Rubia, Laura Valderrama and Antonio Moreno
12/151: What’s in it for Me? A Primeron Differences between Islamic and Conventional Finance in Malaysia Downloads
Olga Krasicka and Sylwia Nowak
12/150: What Determines Government Spending Multipliers? Downloads
Gernot Müller, André Meier and Giancarlo Corsetti
12/149: Policy Analysis and Forecasting in the World Economy; A Panel Unobserved Components Approach Downloads
Francis Vitek
12/148: The Relationship Between the Foreign Exchange Regime and Macroeconomic Performance in Eastern Africa Downloads
International Monetary Fund
12/147: Inflation and Income Inequality; Is Food Inflation Different? Downloads
James P Walsh and Jiangyan Yu
12/146: Local Governments’ Fiscal Balance, Privatization, and Banking Sector Reform in Transition Countries Downloads
Ernesto Crivelli
12/145: Intra-Regional Spillovers in South America; Is Brazil Systemic After All? Downloads
Sebastian Sosa and Gustavo Adler
12/144: Public Investment, Growth, and Debt Sustainability; Putting together the Pieces Downloads
Andrew Berg, Rafael Portillo, Edward F. Buffie, Catherine A. Pattillo and Luis-Felipe Zanna
12/143: How Effective is Monetary Transmission in Low-Income Countries? A Survey of the Empirical Evidence Downloads
Prachi Mishra and Peter Montiel
12/142: Credit Growth and the Effectiveness of Reserve Requirements and Other Macroprudential Instruments in Latin America Downloads
International Monetary Fund
12/141: Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Sub-Saharan African Economies and its Determinants Downloads
International Monetary Fund
12/140: Financial Intermediation Costs in Low-Income Countries; The Role of Regulatory, Institutional, and Macroeconomic Factors Downloads
Tigran Poghosyan
12/139: Tariff-Tax Reforms in Large Economies Downloads
Juha Tervala and Giovanni Ganelli
12/138: Managing Large-Scale Capital Inflows; The Case of the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania Downloads
Leonor Keller and Ibrahim Chowdhury
12/137: Walking Hand in Hand; Fiscal Policy and Growth in Advanced Economies Downloads
Laura Jaramillo and Carlo Cottarelli
12/136: Welfare Effects of Monetary Integration; The Common Monetary Area and Beyond Downloads
Tamon Asonuma, Xavier Debrun and Paul Masson
12/135: Optimal Liquidity and Economic Stability Downloads
Linghui Han and Il Houng Lee
12/134: The Volatility Trap; Precautionary Saving, Investment, and Aggregate Risk Downloads
Reda Cherif and Fuad Hasanov
12/133: RMB Internationalization; O+L5022nshore/Offshore Links Downloads
Samar Maziad and Joong Shik Kang
12/132: Monetary Policy Transmission in the GCC Countries Downloads
Ananthakrishnan Prasad and Raphael Espinoza
12/131: Productivity Growth and Structural Reform in Bulgaria; Restarting the Convergence Engine Downloads
Cyril Pouvelle and Pritha Mitra
12/130: Surging Capital Flows to Emerging Asia; Facts, Impacts, and Responses Downloads
Sylwia Nowak, Sanjaya Panth, Ravi Balakrishnan and Yiqun Wu
12/129: The Effects of Government Spending Under Limited Capital Mobility Downloads
Wenyi Shen and Shu-Chun Yang
12/128: Quantifying Structural Subsidy Values for Systemically Important Financial Institutions Downloads
International Monetary Fund
12/127: As You sow so Shall You Reap; Public Investment Surges, Growth, and Debt Sustainability in togo Downloads
Antonio David, Luis-Felipe Zanna, Raphael Espinoza, Michal Andrle and Marshall Mills
12/126: Exchange Rate Pass Through to Prices in Maldives Downloads
Iyabo Masha and Chanho Park
12/125: Why House Price Indexes Differ; Measurement and Analysis Downloads
Mick Silver
12/124: Do Dynamic Provisions Enhance Bank Solvency and Reduce Credit Procyclicality? a Study of the Chilean Banking System Downloads
Jorge A. Chan-Lau
12/123: Determinants of Credit Growth and Interest Margins in the Philippines and Asia Downloads
Tatum Blaise Pua Tan
12/122: Appraising Credit Ratings; Does the CAP Fit Better than the ROC? Downloads
International Monetary Fund
12/121: Interest Rate Rules, Endogenous Cycles, and Chaotic Dynamics in Open Economies Downloads
Luis-Felipe Zanna and Marco Airaudo
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