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13/273: IMF-Supported Programs in Low Income Countries; Economic Impact over the Short and Longer Term Downloads
Christian Mumssen, Yasemin Bal-Gunduz, Christian Hubert Ebeke and Linda Kaltani
13/272: The External Balance Assessment (EBA) Methodology Downloads
Steven T Phillips, Luis Catão, Luca A Ricci, Rudolfs Bems, Mitali Das, Julian di Giovanni, Filiz Unsal, Marola Castillo, Jungjin Lee, Jair Rodriguez and Jose P Mauricio Vargas
13/271: Macro-Financial Linkages in Egypt; A Panel Analysis of Economic Shocks and Loan Portfolio Quality Downloads
Inessa Love and Rima Turk Ariss
13/270: Sovereign Debt Markets in Turbulent Times; Creditor Discrimination and Crowding-Out Downloads
Fernando Broner, Aitor Erce, Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura
13/269: Macroeconomic Effects of Sovereign Restructuring in a Monetary Union; A Model-based Approach Downloads
Lorenzo Forni and Massimiliano Pisani
13/268: Development of the Renminbi Market in Hong Kong SAR; Assessing Onshore-Offshore Market Integration Downloads
R. S Craig, Changchun Hua, Philip Ng and Raymond Yuen
13/267: Does Financial Connectedness Predict Crises? Downloads
Camelia Minoiu, Chanhyun Kang, V.S. Subrahmanian and Anamaria Berea
13/266: Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises; Some Lessons Learned and Those Forgotten Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff
13/265: Consumption Based Estimates of Urban Chinese Growth Downloads
Marcos Chamon and Irineu de Carvalho Filho
13/264: Global Spillovers into Domestic Bond Markets in Emerging Market Economies Downloads
Laura Jaramillo and Anke Weber
13/263: Financial Soundness Indicators and Banking Crises Downloads
Matias Costa Navajas and Aaron Thegeya
13/262: The Benefits of International Policy Coordination Revisited Downloads
Jaromir Benes, Michael Kumhof, Douglas Laxton, Dirk Muir and Susanna Mursula
13/261: Natural Gas, Public Investment and Debt Sustainability in Mozambique Downloads
Giovanni Melina and Yi Xiong
13/260: External Imbalances and Financial Crises Downloads
Alan Taylor
13/259: Resilience in Latin America; Lessons from Macroeconomic Management and Financial Policies Downloads
Jose De Gregorio
13/258: Procyclicality and the Search for Early Warning Indicators Downloads
Hyun Song Shin
13/257: System Priors; Formulating Priors about DSGE Models' Properties Downloads
Michal Andrle and Jaromir Benes
13/256: Adding China to the Global Projection Model Downloads
Patrick Blagrave, Peter Elliott, Roberto Garcia-Saltos, Doug Hostland, Douglas Laxton and Fan Zhang
13/255: Securitization; Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead Downloads
Miguel A. Segoviano Basurto, Bradley Jones, Peter Lindner and Johannes Blankenheim
13/254: Real Money Investors and Sovereign Bond Yields Downloads
Laura Jaramillo and Yuanyan S Zhang
13/253: Policy Analysis and Forecasting in the World Economy; A Panel Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Approach Downloads
Francis Vitek
13/252: A Financial Conditions Index for Poland Downloads
Giang Ho and Yinqiu Lu
13/251: Monetary Transmission in Brazil; Has the Credit Channel Changed? Downloads
Mercedes Garcia-Escribano
13/250: Africa’s Rising Exposure to China; How Large Are Spillovers Through Trade? Downloads
Paulo Drummond and Estelle X Liu
13/249: Inequality, Leverage and Crises; The Case of Endogenous Default Downloads
Michael Kumhof, Romain Ranciere and Pablo Winant
13/248: This Time They Are Different; Heterogeneity and Nonlinearity in the Relationship Between Debt and Growth Downloads
Markus Eberhardt and Andrea Presbitero
13/247: The Redistributive Effects of Financial Deregulation Downloads
Anton Korinek and Jonathan Kreamer
13/246: Credit Constraints, Political Instability, and Capital Accumulation Downloads
Risto Herrala and Rima Turk Ariss
13/245: Labor Force Participation and Monetary Policy in the Wake of the Great Recession Downloads
Christopher Erceg and Andrew Levin
13/244: Understanding Countries’ Tax Effort Downloads
Ricardo Fenochietto and Carola Pessino
13/243: Local Government Financing Platforms in China; A Fortune or Misfortune? Downloads
Yinqiu Lu and Tao Sun
13/242: Baltic and Icelandic Experiences of Capital Flows and Capital Flow Measures Downloads
Audun Groenn and Maria Wallin Fredholm
13/241: Aggregate Uncertainty and the Supply of Credit Downloads
Fabian Valencia
13/240: Sector-Level Productivity, Structural Change, and Rebalancing in China Downloads
Malhar S Nabar and Kai Yan
13/239: Money Targeting in a Modern Forecasting and Policy Analysis System; an Application to Kenya Downloads
Michal Andrle, Andrew Berg, Enrico Berkes, Rafael Portillo, Jan Vlcek and R. Armando Morales
13/238: Debt Reduction, Fiscal Adjustment, and Growth in Credit-Constrained Economies Downloads
Emanuele Baldacci, Sanjeev Gupta and Carlos Mulas-Granados
13/237: The Investment-Financing-Growth Nexus; The Case of Liberia Downloads
John W Clark JR and Manuel Rosales Torres
13/236: Drivers of Growth; Evidence from Sub-Saharan African Countries Downloads
Manuk Ghazanchyan and Janet Gale Stotsky
13/235: Cross-border Activity of Japanese Banks Downloads
Waikei R Lam
13/234: International Corporate Governance Spillovers; Evidence from Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions Downloads
Rui Albuquerque, Luis Brandao-Marques, Miguel Ferreira and Pedro Matos
13/233: Bailouts and Systemic Insurance Downloads
Giovanni Dell'ariccia and Lev Ratnovski
13/232: Rules of Thumb for Bank Solvency Stress Testing Downloads
Daniel C Hardy and Christian Schmieder
13/231: Sovereign Wealth Funds; Aspects of Governance Structures and Investment Management Downloads
Abdullah Al-Hassan, Michael Papaioannou, Martin Skancke and Cheng Chih Sung
13/230: Fiscal Consolidations and Growth; Does Speed Matter? Downloads
Steven Pennings and Esther Perez Ruiz
13/229: Cyclical Fiscal Rules for Oil-Exporting Countries Downloads
Stephen Snudden
13/228: The Curious Case of the Yen as a Safe Haven Currency; A Forensic Analysis Downloads
Dennis P Botman, Irineu de Carvalho Filho and Waikei R Lam
13/227: Sovereign Risk and Belief-Driven Fluctuations in the Euro Area Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Keith Kuester, Andre Meier and Gernot J. Mueller
13/226: Making Monetary Policy More Effective; The Case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Downloads
Felix Fischer, Charlotte J. Lundgren and Samir Jahjah
13/225: Spillovers to and from the Nordic Economies; A Macroeconometric Model Based Analysis Downloads
Francis Vitek
13/224: The International Monetary System; Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Go? Downloads
Rakesh Mohan, Michael Debabrata Patra and Muneesh Kapur
13/223: Global Factors in the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Mirko Abbritti, Salvatore Dell'Erba, Antonio Moreno and Sergio Sola
13/222: The Big Split; Why Did Output Trajectories in the ASEAN-4 Diverge after the Global Financial Crisis? Downloads
Agnes Isnawangsih, Vladimir Klyuev and Longmei Zhang
13/221: Taxation and Corporate Debt; Are Banks any Different? Downloads
Jost Heckemeyer and Ruud de Mooij
13/220: The Role of Domestic and External Shocks in Poland; Results from an Agnostic Estimation Procedure Downloads
Michal Andrle, Roberto Garcia-Saltos and Giang Ho
13/219: Shining a Light on the Mysteries of State; The Origins of Fiscal Transparency in Western Europe Downloads
Timothy Irwin
13/218: Modeling Banking, Sovereign, and Macro Risk in a CCA Global VAR Downloads
Dale F. Gray
13/217: Growth Following Investment and Consumption-Driven Current Account Crises Downloads
Alexander Klemm
13/216: Fiscal Discipline in WAEMU; Rules, Institutions, and Markets Downloads
Ermal Hitaj and Yasin Onder
13/215: Inclusive Growth and Inequality in Senegal Downloads
Alexei Kireyev
13/214: The Economic Performance Index (EPI); an Intuitive Indicator for Assessing a Country's Economic Performance Dynamics in an Historical Perspective Downloads
Khramov Vadim and John Ridings Lee
13/213: Outlook for Interest Rates and Japanese Banks’ Risk Exposures under Abenomics Downloads
Serkan Arslanalp and Waikei R Lam
13/212: Estimating Parameters of Short-Term Real Interest Rate Models Downloads
Khramov Vadim
13/211: Fiscal Consolidation in the Euro Area; How Much Can Structural Reforms Ease the Pain? Downloads
Derek Anderson, Benjamin L Hunt and Stephen Snudden
13/210: Trade Linkages, Balance Sheets, and Spillovers; The Germany-Central European Supply Chain Downloads
Selim Elekdag and Dirk Muir
13/209: Monetary and Macroprudential Policy in an Estimated DSGE Model of the Euro Area Downloads
Dominic Quint and Pau Rabanal
13/208: Fragmentation and Monetary Policy in the Euro Area Downloads
Ali J Al-Eyd and Pelin Berkmen
13/207: The Composition of Fiscal Consolidation Matters; Policy Simulations for Hungary Downloads
Alejandro D Guerson
13/206: State-Owned Banks and Fiscal Discipline Downloads
Jesus R Gonzalez-Garcia and Francesco Grigoli
13/205: Territorial vs. Worldwide Corporate Taxation; Implications for Developing Countries Downloads
Thornton Matheson, Victoria J. Perry and Chandara Veung
13/204: Enhancing China’s Medium-Term Growth Prospects; The Path to a High-Income Economy Downloads
Malhar S Nabar and Papa M'B. P. N'Diaye
13/203: Do Asset Price Drops Foreshadow Recessions? Downloads
John Bluedorn, Jörg Decressin and Marco Terrones
13/202: The Path to Higher Growth; Does Revamping Japan’s Dual Labor Market Matter? Downloads
Chie Aoyagi and Giovanni Ganelli
13/201: Africa's Got Work to Do; Employment Prospects in the New Century Downloads
Louise Fox, Cleary Haines, Jorge Huerta Munoz and Alun H. Thomas
13/200: Solving and Estimating Indeterminate DSGE Models Downloads
Roger Farmer and Khramov Vadim
13/199: Addressing Interconnectedness; Concepts and Prudential Tools Downloads
Nicolas Arregui, Mohamed Norat, Antonio Pancorbo, Jodi G. Scarlata, Eija Holttinen, Fabiana Melo, Jay Surti, Christopher Wilson, Rodolfo Wehrhahn and Mamoru Yanase
13/198: The Euro Area Crisis; Need for a Supranational Fiscal Risk Sharing Mechanism? Downloads
Davide Furceri and Aleksandra Zdzienicka
13/197: The Monetary Transmission Mechanism in the Tropics; A Narrative Approach Downloads
Andrew Berg, Luisa Charry, Rafael Portillo and Jan Vlcek
13/196: Is Labor Market Mismatch a Big Deal in Japan? Downloads
Ippei Shibata
13/195: Distributional Consequences of Fiscal Consolidation and the Role of Fiscal Policy; What Do the Data Say? Downloads
Jaejoon Woo, Elva Bova, Tidiane Kinda and Yuanyan S Zhang
13/194: Cross-Country Linkages in Europe; A Global VAR Analysis Downloads
Yan Sun, Frigyes F Heinz and Giang Ho
13/193: Procyclical Behavior of Institutional Investors During the Recent Financial Crisis; Causes, Impacts, and Challenges Downloads
Michael Papaioannou, Joonkyu Park, Jukka Pihlman and Han van der Hoorn
13/192: Inflation and Output Comovement in the Euro Area; Love at Second Sight? Downloads
Michal Andrle, Jan Bruha and Serhat Solmaz
13/191: Shock from Graying; Is the Demographic Shift Weakening Monetary Policy Effectiveness Downloads
Patrick Imam
13/190: Unconventional Monetary Policy and Asset Price Risk Downloads
Shaun K. Roache and Marina V Rousset
13/189: Do Inflows or Outflows Dominate? Global Implications of Capital Account Liberalization in China Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi and Franziska Ohnsorge
13/188: Resource Dependence and Fiscal Effort in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Alun H. Thomas and Juan P Trevino
13/187: Waste Not, Want Not; The Efficiency of Health Expenditure in Emerging and Developing Economies Downloads
Francesco Grigoli and Javier Kapsoli
13/186: Collateral and Monetary Policy Downloads
Manmohan Singh
13/185: Two Sides of the Same Coin? Rebalancing and Inclusive Growth in China Downloads
Il Houng Lee, Murtaza H Syed and Xin Wang
13/184: Cooperative and Islamic Banks; What can they Learn from Each Other? Downloads
Saeed Al-Muharrami and Daniel C Hardy
13/183: Capital Flows are Fickle; Anytime, Anywhere Downloads
John Bluedorn, Rupa Duttagupta, Jaime Guajardo and Petia Topalova
13/182: Assessing the Impact and Phasing of Multi-year Fiscal Adjustment; A General Framework Downloads
Ran Bi, Haonan Qu and James Roaf
13/181: The Driving Force behind the Boom and Bust in Construction in Europe Downloads
Yan Sun, Pritha Mitra and Alejandro Simone
13/180: Testing the Prebisch-Singer Hypothesis since 1650; Evidence from Panel Techniques that Allow for Multiple Breaks Downloads
Rabah Arezki, Kaddour Hadri, Prakash Loungani and Yao Rao
13/179: Dismal Employment Growth in EU Countries; The Role of Corporate Balance Sheet Repair and Dual Labor Markets Downloads
Bas B. Bakker and Li Zeng
13/178: Credibility and Crisis Stress Testing Downloads
Li L Ong and Ceyla Pazarbasioglu
13/177: HEAT! A Bank Health Assessment Tool Downloads
Li L Ong, Phakawa Jeasakul and Sarah Kwoh
13/176: Benchmarking Structural Transformation Across the World Downloads
Era Dabla-Norris, Alun H. Thomas, Rodrigo Garcia-Verdu and Yingyuan Chen
13/175: Financial Interconnectedness and Financial Sector Reforms in the Caribbean Downloads
Sumiko Ogawa, Joonkyu Park, Diva Singh and Nita Thacker
13/174: Sudden stops, time inconsistency, and the duration of sovereign debt Downloads
Juan Hatchondo and Leonardo Martinez
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