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06/219: Post-Crisis Recovery: When Does Increased Fiscal Discipline Work? Downloads
Pritha Mitra
06/218: The "Flat Tax(es)": Principles and Evidence Downloads
Ricardo Varsano, Kevin Kim and Michael Keen
06/216: Fiscal Determinants of Inflation: A Primer for the Middle East and North Africa Downloads
Ludvig Söderling and Domenico Fanizza
06/215: Distance-To-Default in Banking: A Bridge too Far? Downloads
Amadou Sy and Jorge Chan-Lau
06/210: Growth and Reforms in Latin America: A Survey of Facts and Arguments Downloads
Jeromin Zettelmeyer
06/205: The External Financing of Emerging Market Countries: Evidence From Two Waves of Financial Globalization Downloads
Aleksandar Zaklan, Paolo Mauro, Martín Minnoni and Andre Faria
06/201: The Stock Market and the Financing of Corporate Growth in Africa: The Case of Ghana Downloads
Charles Amo Yartey
06/199: Insuring Public Finances Against Natural Disasters: A Survey of Options and Recent Initiatives Downloads
David Hofman and Patricia Brukoff
06/197: Measures of Underlying Inflation in the Euro Area: Assessment and Role for Informing Monetary Policy Downloads
Emil Stavrev
06/196: Financial Integration in Asia: Recent Developments and Next Steps Downloads
Leslie Teo, David Cowen, Hemant Shah, Ranil Salgado and Alessandro Zanello
06/193: Natural-Resource Depletion, Habit Formation, and Sustainable Fiscal Policy: Lessons From Gabon Downloads
Jan-Peter Olters and Daniel Leigh
06/192: Money isn't Everything: The Challenge of Scaling Up Aid to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Ethiopia Downloads
Todd D. Mattina
06/189: Financial Globalization: A Reappraisal Downloads
Ayhan Kose, Eswar Prasad, Kenneth Rogoff and Shang-Jin Wei
06/187: The Jordanian Stock Market: Should You Invest in it for Risk Diversification or Performance? Downloads
Martin Petri and Tahsin Saadi-Sedik
06/184: Fiscal and Monetary Nexus in Emerging Market Economies: How Does Debt Matter? Downloads
Garima Vasishtha, Taimur Baig, Manmohan S. Kumar and Edda Zoli
06/183: Management of Oil Wealth Under the Permanent Income Hypothesis: The Case of Sao tome and Principe Downloads
Alonso Segura
06/179: Institutional Quality, Knightian Uncertainty, and Insurability: A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
S. Nuri Erbas and Chera L. Sayers
06/177: Euro-Dollar Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in an Estimated Two-Country Model: What is Important and What is Not Downloads
Vicente Tuesta and Pau Rabanal
06/176: Lending Resumption After Default: Lessons From Capital Markets During the 19Th Century Downloads
Juan Sole
06/174: Why Elementary Price Index Number Formulas Differ: Price Dispersion and Product Heterogeneity Downloads
Mick Silver and Saeed Heravi
06/173: Analyzing Balance Sheet Vulnerabilities in a Dollarized Economy: The Case of Georgia Downloads
Andreas Billmeier and Johan Mathisen
06/171: Weathering the Storm so Far: The Impact of the 2003-20+L340805 Oil Shockon Low-Income Countries Downloads
Helaway Tadesse, Mark Lewis, Jörg Zeuner, James John, Luzmaria Monasi and Paolo Dudine
06/169: Institutions V. Geography: Sub-National Evidence From the United States Downloads
Alma Romero-Barrutieta and Eric Clifton
06/168: Mr. Ricardo's Great Adventure: Estimating Fiscal Multipliers in a Truly Intertemporal Model Downloads
Silvia Sgherri and Tamim Bayoumi
06/167: Ukraine: The Cost of Weak Institutions Downloads
Andrew Tiffin
06/166: Macroeconomic Volatility: The Policy Lessons From Latin America Downloads
Anoop Singh
06/159: U.S. Inflation Dynamics: What Drives them Over Different Frequencies? Downloads
Ravi Balakrishnan and Sam Ouliaris
06/156: IMF-Supported Programs and Crisis Prevention: An Analytical Framework Downloads
Jun Il Kim
06/155: The Impact of Tradeon Wages: What If Countries Are Not Small? Downloads
Ichiro Tokutsu and Mika Saito
06/154: The Maastricht Inflation Criterion: How Unpleasant is Purgatory? Downloads
Ales Bulir and Jaromír Hurník
06/153: The Euro's Challenge to the Dollar: Different Views From Economists and Evidence From Cofer (Currency Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves) and Other Data Downloads
Ewe-Ghee Lim
06/146: What Transparency Can Do When Incentives Fail: An Analysis of Rent Capture Downloads
Elisabeth Paul and Era Dabla-Norris
06/145: Aid Volatility and Dutch Disease: Is there a Role for Macroeconomic Policies? Downloads
Thierry Tressel and Alessandro Prati
06/144: Getting Shut Out of the International Capital Markets: It Doesn't Take Much Downloads
Nancy Marion and Robert Flood
06/140: Exchange Rate Misalignment: An Application of the Behavioral Equilibrium Exchange Rate (Beer) to Botswana Downloads
Atsushi Iimi
06/137: Structural Reforms in the Euro Area: Economic Impact and Role of Synchronization Across Markets and Countries Downloads
Luc Everaert and Werner Schule
06/136: Nonlinearity in Deviations From Uncovered Interest Parity: An Explanation of the Forward Bias Puzzle Downloads
Giorgio Valente, H. L. Leon and Lucio Sarno
06/133: Sudden Stops and Currency Drops: A Historical Look Downloads
Luis Catão
06/130: Altruism and Workers' Remittances: Evidence From Selected Countries in the Middle East and Central Asia Downloads
Jacques Bouhga-Hagbe
06/129: Immiserizing Foreign Aid: The Role of Tariffs and Nontraded Goods Downloads
Stephen Tokarick
06/128: Outcomes-Based Conditionality: Its Role and Optimal Design Downloads
Anna Ivanova
06/126: HIV/AIDS: The Impacton Poverty and Inequality Downloads
Markus Haacker and Gonzalo Salinas
06/121: Public Debt, Money Supply, and Inflation: A Cross-Country Study and its Application to Jamaica Downloads
Goohoon Kwon, Lavern McFarlane and Wayne Robinson
06/119: Fiscal Discipline and Exchange Rate Regimes: Evidence From the Caribbean Downloads
Rupa Duttagupta and Guillermo Tolosa
06/116: Enforcement and the Stability and Growth Pact: How Fiscal Policy Did and Did Not Change Under Europe'S Fiscal Framework Downloads
Anthony Annett
06/115: Excess Liquidity and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy: Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Magnus Saxegaard
06/114: The Korean Crisis: What Did We Know and When Did We Know it? What Stress Tests of the Corporate Sector Reveal Downloads
Meral Karasulu and Matthew T. Jones
06/112: Fiscal Policy and Interest Rates: How Sustainable is the "New Economy"? Downloads
Manmohan S. Kumar and David Hauner
06/110: The Role of Interest Rates in Business Cycle Fluctuations in Emerging Market Countries: The Case of Thailand Downloads
Ivan Tchakarov and Selim Elekdag
06/107: Idiosyncratic and Systemic Risk in the European Corporate Sector: A CDO Perspective Downloads
Yinqiu Lu and Jorge Chan-Lau
06/106: Aid Scaling Up: Do Wage Bill Ceilings Stand in the Way? Downloads
Annalisa Fedelino, Gerd Schwartz and Marijn Verhoeven
06/105: A New Risk Indicator and Stress Testing tool: A Multifactor Nth-to-Default CDS Basket Downloads
Renzo G. Avesani, Jing Li and Antonio Garcia Pascual
06/103: Mind the Gap: Is Economic Growth in India Leaving Some States Behind? Downloads
Catriona Purfield
06/102: IMF Data Standards Initiatives: A Consultative Approach to Enhancing Global Data Transparency Downloads
Anne Y. Kester
06/100: Using the Balance Sheet Approach in Surveillance: Framework, Data Sources, and Data Availability Downloads
Anthony J. Pellechio and Johan Mathisen
06/98: Government Debt in Emerging Market Countries: A New Data Set Downloads
Anastasia Guscina and Olivier Jeanne
06/93: The Tax System in India: Could Reform Spur Growth? Downloads
Hélène Poirson
06/91: Distributional Effects of Oil Price Changeson Household Expenditures: Evidence From Mali Downloads
Kangni Kpodar
06/87: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Macroeconomic Impact of An Aging Population in a Highly Open Economy Downloads
Lamin Leigh
06/86: Emigration and Wages in Source Countries: Evidence From Mexico Downloads
Prachi Mishra
06/85: How to Evaluate Gdp-Linked Warrants: Price and Repayment Capacity Downloads
Ken Miyajima
06/82: Adopting Full Dollarization in Postconflict Economies: Would the Gains Compensate for the Losses in Liberia? Downloads
Liliana Schumacher and Jiro Honda
06/81: Practical Model-Based Monetary Policy Analysis: A How-To Guide Downloads
Douglas Laxton, Andrew Berg and Philippe D Karam
06/77: Public-Private Partnerships: A Public Economics Perspective Downloads
Efraim Sadka
06/71: Progress in China'S Banking Sector Reform: Has Bank Behavior Changed? Downloads
Richard Podpiera
06/70: Energy, the Exchange Rate, and the Economy: Macroeconomic Benefits of Canada'S Oil Sands Production Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi and Martin Mühleisen
06/69: The External Wealth of Nations Mark II: Revised and Extended Estimates of Foreign Assets and Liabilities, 1970-2004 Downloads
Philip Lane and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
06/68: The Utilization-Adjusted Output Gap: Is the Russian Economy Overheating? Downloads
Nienke Oomes and Oksana Dynnikova
06/67: Primary Surplus Behavior and Risks to Fiscal Sustainability in Emerging Market Countries: A "Fan-Chart" Approach Downloads
Oya Celasun, Xavier Debrun and Jonathan Ostry
06/65: Volatility of Development Aid: From the Frying Pan Into the Fire? Downloads
A. Javier Hamann and Ales Bulir
06/64: Sovereign Insurance and Program Design: What is Optimal for the Sovereign? Downloads
Miguel Messmacher
06/62: World Crude Oil Markets: Monetary Policy and the Recent Oil Shock Downloads
Noureddine Krichene
06/61: Beware of Emigrants Bearing Gifts: Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the Presence of Remittances Downloads
Michael T. Gapen, Thomas Cosimano and Ralph Chami
06/60: Inflation in Pakistan: Money or Wheat? Downloads
Mohsin Khan and Axel Schimmelpfennig
06/58: Spending Seigniorage: Do Central Banks Have a Governance Problem? Downloads
Alain Ize
06/55: The Dynamics of Provincial Growth in China: A Nonparametric Approach Downloads
Bulent Unel and Harm Zebregs
06/54: To Peg or Not to Peg: A Template for Assessing the Nobler Downloads
Aasim M. Husain
06/52: Business Cycles and Workers' Remittances: How Do Migrant Workers Respond to Cyclical Movements of GDP At Home? Downloads
Serdar Sayan
06/51: Malaysian Capital Controls: Macroeconomics and Institutions Downloads
Natalia Tamirisa, Simon Johnson, Kalpana Kochhar and Todd Mitton
06/47: Domestic Taxes and International Trade: Some Evidence Downloads
Michael Keen and Murtaza H. Syed
06/42: Banks During the Argentine Crisis: Were they All Hurt Equally? Did they All Behave Equally? Downloads
V. Hugo Juan-Ramon, Emiliano Basco, Carlos Quarracino and Adolfo Barajas
06/41: Forecasting ECB Monetary Policy: Accuracy is (Still) a Matter of Geography Downloads
Michael Ehrmann, Marcel Fratzscher and Helge Berger
06/40: Macroeconomic Challenges with Eu Accession in Southeastern Europe: An Overview Downloads
Piritta Sorsa
06/38: Providing official Statistics for the Common Market and Monetary Union in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries: A Case for "Gulfstat" Downloads
Abdulrahman K. L. Al-Mansouri and Claudia Helene Dziobek
06/37: The Impact of Foreign Interest Rateson the Economy: The Role of the Exchange Rate Regime Downloads
Julian di Giovanni and Jay Shambaugh
06/33: Financial Sector Projections and Stress Testing in Financial Programming: A New Framework Downloads
Antonio Garcia Pascual, Nada Choueiri and Ritu Basu
06/31: Stylized Factson Bilateral Trade and Currency Unions: Implications for Africa Downloads
Michal Hulej, Charalambos Tsangarides and Pierre Ewenczyk
06/30: Wealth Effects in Europe: A Tale of Two Countries (Italy and the United Kingdom) Downloads
Sònia Muñoz
06/29: Habit Formation and Persistence in Individual Asset Portfolio Holdings: The Case of Italy Downloads
Sònia Muñoz
06/28: Zimbabwe's Export Performance: The Impact of the Parallel Market and Governance Factors Downloads
Sònia Muñoz
06/27: Procyclical Fiscal Policy: Shocks, Rules, and Institutions: A View From Mars Downloads
Paolo Manasse
06/25: Emigration and Brain Drain: Evidence From the Caribbean Downloads
Prachi Mishra
06/22: India's Pattern of Development: What Happened, What Follows? Downloads
Arvind Subramanian, Raghuram Rajan, Ioannis Tokatlidis, Kalpana Kochhar and Utsav Kumar
06/19: Equilibrium Wage Dispersion: An Example Downloads
International Monetary Fund
06/18: Foreign Banks in Poor Countries: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Enrica Detragiache, Poonam Gupta and Thierry Tressel
06/17: The Net Worth Approach to Fiscal Analysis: Dynamics and Rules Downloads
International Monetary Fund
06/14: Foreign Aid Policy and Sources of Poverty: A Quantitative Framework Downloads
Alex Mourmouras and Peter Rangazas
06/11: Corruption, Competition, and Contracts: A Model of Vote Buying Downloads
Felix Vardy and John Morgan
06/6: American in the Shadows: Harry Dexter White and the Design of the International Monetary Fund Downloads
James M. Boughton
06/04: Seasonalities in China's Stock Markets: Cultural or Structural? Downloads
Jason D. Mitchell and Li L. Ong
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