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14/67: Does Demand Volatility Lower Growth and Raise Inflation? Evidence from the Caribbean Downloads
Magda Kandil
14/66: Official Demand for U.S. Debt; Implications for U.S. Real Interest Rates Downloads
Iryna Kaminska and Gabriele Zinna
14/65: Comparing the Performance of Logit and Probit Early Warning Systems for Currency Crises in Emerging Market Economies Downloads
Fabio Comelli
14/64: Income Inequality, Fiscal Decentralization and Transfer Dependency Downloads
Caroline-Antonia Goerl and Mike Seiferling
14/63: India; Defining and Explaining Inclusive Growth and Poverty Reduction Downloads
Rahul Anand, Volodymyr Tulin and Naresh Kumar
14/62: Cross-Country Experience in Reducing Net Foreign Liabilities; Lessons for New Zealand Downloads
Ding Ding, Werner Schule and Yan Sun
14/61: Exchange Rate Flexibility and Credit during Capital Inflow Reversals; Purgatory…not Paradise Downloads
Nicolas Magud and Esteban Vesperoni
14/60: Global Financial Shocks and Foreign Asset Repatriation; Do Local Investors Play a Stabilizing Role? Downloads
Gustavo Adler, Marie-Louise Djigbenou and Sebastian Sosa
14/59: Fiscal Policy in Latin America over the Cycle Downloads
Alexander Klemm
14/58: Strengthening Post-Crisis Fiscal Credibility; Fiscal Councils on the Rise — A New Dataset Downloads
Xavier Debrun and Tidiane Kinda
14/57: Financial Crises in DSGE Models; A Prototype Model Downloads
Jaromir Benes, Michael Kumhof and Douglas Laxton
14/56: Financial Crises in DSGE Models; Selected Applications of MAPMOD Downloads
Jaromir Benes, Michael Kumhof and Douglas Laxton
14/55: Inflation Persistence in Brazil - A Cross Country Comparison Downloads
Shaun K. Roache
14/54: How can Korea Boost Potential Output to Ensure Continued Income Convergence? Downloads
Sonali Jain-Chandra and Longmei Zhang
14/53: Safe-Haven Korea? - Spillover Effects from UMPs Downloads
Jack J Ree and Seoeun Choi
14/52: Trade Integration and Business Cycle Synchronization; A Reappraisal with Focus on Asia Downloads
Romain Duval, Kevin C Cheng, Kum Hwa Oh, Richa Saraf and Dulani Seneviratne
14/51: Surging Investment and Declining Aid; Evaluating Debt Sustainability in Rwanda Downloads
John W Clark JR and Birgir Arnason
14/50: Debt Sustainability, Public Investment, and Natural Resources in Developing Countries; the DIGNAR Model Downloads
Giovanni Melina, Susan S. Yang and Luis-Felipe Zanna
14/49: Fiscal Limits, External Debt, and Fiscal Policy in Developing Countries Downloads
Huixin Bi, Wenyi Shen and Susan S. Yang
14/48: Assessing Bias and Accuracy in the World Bank-IMF's Debt Sustainability Framework for Low-Income Countries Downloads
Andrew Berg, Enrico Berkes, Catherine A Pattillo, Andrea Presbitero and Yorbol Yakhshilikov
14/47: Disentangling India’s Investment Slowdown Downloads
Rahul Anand and Volodymyr Tulin
14/46: The Regulatory Responses to the Global Financial Crisis; Some Uncomfortable Questions Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Laura E. Kodres
14/45: Deep Roots of Fiscal Behavior Downloads
Serhan Cevik and Katerina Teksoz
14/44: Efficient Energy Investment and Fiscal Adjustment in Senegal Downloads
Salifou Issoufou, Edward F Buffie, Mouhamadou Bamba Diop and Kalidou Thiaw
14/43: From Volatility to Stability in Expenditure; Stabilization Funds in Resource-Rich Countries Downloads
Naotaka Sugawara
14/42: Quality, Trade, and Exchange Rate Pass-Through Downloads
Natalie Chen and Luciana Juvenal
14/41: Managing Income Tax Compliance through Self-Assessment Downloads
Andrew Okello
14/40: Estimating Sri Lanka’s Potential Output Downloads
Ding Ding, John Nelmes, Roshan Perera and Volodymyr Tulin
14/39: Tracking Global Demand for Emerging Market Sovereign Debt Downloads
Serkan Arslanalp and Takahiro Tsuda
14/38: Why Was Asia Resilient? Lessons from the Past and for the Future Downloads
Phakawa Jeasakul, Cheng Hoon Lim and Erik J. Lundback
14/37: Asia’s Stock Markets; Are There Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons? Downloads
Fabian Lipinsky and Li Lian Ong
14/36: Assessing Countries’ Financial Inclusion Standing - A New Composite Index Downloads
Goran Amidžić, Alexander Massara and André Mialou
14/35: Rising BRICs and Changes in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Business Cycle Patterns Downloads
Oumar Diallo and Sampawende Tapsoba
14/34: Debt and Growth; Is There a Magic Threshold? Downloads
Andrea Pescatori, Damiano Sandri and John Simon
14/33: Commodity Price Shocks and Imperfectly Credible Macroeconomic Policies in Commodity-Exporting Small Open Economies Downloads
Juan Medina and Claudio Soto
14/32: Judicial System Reform in Italy - A Key to Growth Downloads
Gianluca Esposito, Sergi Lanau and Sebastiaan Pompe
14/31: Information Rigidities; Comparing Average and Individual Forecasts for a Large International Panel Downloads
Jonas Dovern, Ulrich Fritsche, Prakash Loungani and Natalia Tamirisa
14/30: Monetary and Macroprudential Policies to Manage Capital Flows Downloads
Juan Medina and Jorge Roldos
14/29: Emerging Market Local Currency Bond Yields and Foreign Holdings in the Post-Lehman Period - a Fortune or Misfortune? Downloads
Christian Hubert Ebeke and Yinqiu Lu
14/28: The U.S. Manufacturing Recovery; Uptick or Renaissance? Downloads
Oya Celasun, C. Di Bella, Tim Mahedy and Chris Papageorgiou
14/27: Foreign Investor Flows and Sovereign Bond Yields in Advanced Economies Downloads
Serkan Arslanalp and Tigran Poghosyan
14/26: Regional Labor Market Adjustments in the United States and Europe Downloads
Mai Dao, Davide Furceri and Prakash Loungani
14/25: What is Shadow Banking? Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Lev Ratnovski
14/24: Do Forecasters Believe in Okun’s Law? An Assessment of Unemployment and Output Forecasts Downloads
Laurence Ball, Joao Jalles and Prakash Loungani
14/23: Aggregate Stability and Balanced-Budget Rules Downloads
Matteo Ghilardi and Raffaele Rossi
14/22: Leaning Against the Wind; Macroprudential Policy in Asia Downloads
Longmei Zhang and Edda Zoli
14/21: Bulgaria’s EU Funds Absorption; Maximizing the Potential! Downloads
Iana Paliova and Tonny Lybek
14/20: Sub-National Credit Risk and Sovereign Bailouts; Who Pays the Premium? Downloads
Eva Jenkner and Zhongjin Lu
14/19: A Hybrid Approach to Estimating the Efficiency of Public Spending on Education in Emerging and Developing Economies Downloads
Francesco Grigoli
14/18: Policy Responses to Aid Surges in Countries with Limited International Capital Mobility; The Role of the Exchange Rate Regime Downloads
Andrew Berg, Rafael Portillo and Luis-Felipe Zanna
14/17: Sovereign CDS Spreads in Europe; The Role of Global Risk Aversion, Economic Fundamentals, Liquidity, and Spillovers Downloads
Frigyes F Heinz and Yan Sun
14/16: Boosting Job Growth in the Western Balkans Downloads
Dmitriy Kovtun, Alexis Mayer Cirkel, Zuzana Murgasova, Dustin Smith and Suchanan Tambunlertchai
14/15: The Quest for Non-Resource-Based FDI; Do Taxes Matter? Downloads
Tidiane Kinda
14/14: Financial Soundness Indicators and the Characteristics of Financial Cycles Downloads
Natasha X Che and Yoko Shinagawa
14/13: Remittances and Vulnerability in Developing Countries Downloads
Giulia Bettin, Andrea Presbitero and Nikola Spatafora
14/12: Thin Capitalization Rules and Multinational Firm Capital Structure Downloads
Jennifer Blouin, Harry Huizinga, Luc Laeven and Gaëtan Nicodème
14/11: Exchange Rate Management and Crisis Susceptibility; A Reassessment Downloads
Atish Ghosh, Jonathan Ostry and Mahvash Qureshi
14/10: Mapping the Shadow Banking System Through a Global Flow of Funds Analysis Downloads
Luca Errico, Artak Harutyunyan, Elena Loukoianova, Richard Walton, Yevgeniya Korniyenko, Goran Amidžić, Hanan AbuShanab and Hyun Song Shin
14/9: Global Liquidity through the Lens of Monetary Aggregates Downloads
Kyuil Chung, Jong-Eun Lee, Elena Loukoianova, Hail Park and Hyun Song Shin
14/8: Effectiveness of Capital Outflow Restrictions Downloads
Christian Saborowski, Sarah Sanya, Hans Weisfeld and Juan Yepez
14/7: Reforming Tax Expenditures in Italy; What, Why, and How? Downloads
Justin Tyson
14/6: Reforming Capital Taxation in Italy Downloads
Luc Eyraud
14/5: Resource Blessing, Revenue Curse? Domestic Revenue Effort in Resource-Rich Countries Downloads
Ernesto Crivelli and Sanjeev Gupta
14/4: Fiscal Vulnerabilities and Risks from Local Government Finance in China Downloads
Yuanyan S Zhang and Steven A Barnett
14/3: Economic Growth and Government Spending in Saudi Arabia; an Empirical Investigation Downloads
Saad A. Alshahrani and Ali J. Alsadiq
14/2: Potential Growth in Emerging Asia Downloads
Rahul Anand, Kevin C Cheng, Sidra Rehman and Longmei Zhang
14/1: Real Exchange Rate Appreciation in Emerging Markets; Can Fiscal Policy Help? Downloads
Marialuz Moreno Badia and Alex Segura-Ubiergo
13/273: IMF-Supported Programs in Low Income Countries; Economic Impact over the Short and Longer Term Downloads
Christian Mumssen, Yasemin Bal Gunduz, Christian Hubert Ebeke and Linda Kaltani
13/272: The External Balance Assessment (EBA) Methodology Downloads
Steven T Phillips, Luis Catão, Luca A Ricci, Rudolfs Bems, Mitali Das, Julian di Giovanni, Filiz Unsal, Marola Castillo, Jungjin Lee, Jair Rodriguez and Jose P Mauricio Vargas
13/271: Macro-Financial Linkages in Egypt; A Panel Analysis of Economic Shocks and Loan Portfolio Quality Downloads
Inessa Love and Rima Turk-Ariss
13/270: Sovereign Debt Markets in Turbulent Times; Creditor Discrimination and Crowding-Out Downloads
Fernando Broner, Aitor Erce, Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura
13/269: Macroeconomic Effects of Sovereign Restructuring in a Monetary Union; A Model-based Approach Downloads
Lorenzo Forni and Massimiliano Pisani
13/268: Development of the Renminbi Market in Hong Kong SAR; Assessing Onshore-Offshore Market Integration Downloads
R. S Craig, Changchun Hua, Philip Ng and Raymond Yuen
13/267: Does Financial Connectedness Predict Crises? Downloads
Camelia Minoiu, Chanhyun Kang, V.S. Subrahmanian and Anamaria Berea
13/266: Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises; Some Lessons Learned and Those Forgotten Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff
13/265: Consumption Based Estimates of Urban Chinese Growth Downloads
Marcos Chamon and Irineu de Carvalho Filho
13/264: Global Spillovers into Domestic Bond Markets in Emerging Market Economies Downloads
Laura Jaramillo and Anke Weber
13/263: Financial Soundness Indicators and Banking Crises Downloads
Matias Costa Navajas and Aaron Thegeya
13/262: The Benefits of International Policy Coordination Revisited Downloads
Jaromir Benes, Michael Kumhof, Douglas Laxton, Dirk Muir and Susanna Mursula
13/261: Natural Gas, Public Investment and Debt Sustainability in Mozambique Downloads
Giovanni Melina and Yi Xiong
13/260: External Imbalances and Financial Crises Downloads
Alan Taylor
13/259: Resilience in Latin America; Lessons from Macroeconomic Management and Financial Policies Downloads
Jose De Gregorio
13/258: Procyclicality and the Search for Early Warning Indicators Downloads
Hyun Song Shin
13/257: System Priors; Formulating Priors about DSGE Models' Properties Downloads
Michal Andrle and Jaromir Benes
13/256: Adding China to the Global Projection Model Downloads
Patrick Blagrave, Peter Elliott, Roberto Garcia-Saltos, Doug Hostland, Douglas Laxton and Fan Zhang
13/255: Securitization; Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead Downloads
Miguel A. Segoviano Basurto, Bradley Jones, Peter Lindner and Johannes Blankenheim
13/254: Real Money Investors and Sovereign Bond Yields Downloads
Laura Jaramillo and Yuanyan S Zhang
13/253: Policy Analysis and Forecasting in the World Economy; A Panel Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Approach Downloads
Francis Vitek
13/252: A Financial Conditions Index for Poland Downloads
Giang Ho and Yinqiu Lu
13/251: Monetary Transmission in Brazil; Has the Credit Channel Changed? Downloads
Mercedes Garcia-Escribano
13/250: Africa’s Rising Exposure to China; How Large Are Spillovers Through Trade? Downloads
Paulo Drummond and Estelle X Liu
13/249: Inequality, Leverage and Crises; The Case of Endogenous Default Downloads
Michael Kumhof, Romain Ranciere and Pablo Winant
13/248: This Time They Are Different; Heterogeneity and Nonlinearity in the Relationship Between Debt and Growth Downloads
Markus Eberhardt and Andrea Presbitero
13/247: The Redistributive Effects of Financial Deregulation Downloads
Anton Korinek and Jonathan Kreamer
13/246: Credit Constraints, Political Instability, and Capital Accumulation Downloads
Risto Herrala and Rima Turk-Ariss
13/245: Labor Force Participation and Monetary Policy in the Wake of the Great Recession Downloads
Christopher Erceg and Andrew Levin
13/244: Understanding Countries’ Tax Effort Downloads
Ricardo Fenochietto and Carola Pessino
13/243: Local Government Financing Platforms in China; A Fortune or Misfortune? Downloads
Yinqiu Lu and Tao Sun
13/242: Baltic and Icelandic Experiences of Capital Flows and Capital Flow Measures Downloads
Audun Groenn and Maria Wallin Fredholm
13/241: Aggregate Uncertainty and the Supply of Credit Downloads
Fabian Valencia
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