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13/122: Foreign Investors Under Stress; Evidence from India Downloads
Ila Patnaik, Ajay Shah and Nirvikar Singh
13/121: Financial Structures and Economic Outcomes; An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Tom Gole and Tao Sun
13/120: Credit Constraints, Productivity Shocks and Consumption Volatility in Emerging Economies Downloads
Rudrani Bhattacharya and Ila Patnaik
13/118: Heterogeneous Bank Lending Responses to Monetary Policy; New Evidence from a Real-time Identification Downloads
John Bluedorn, Christopher Bowdler and Christoffer Koch
13/117: Fiscal Multipliers in the ECCU Downloads
Jesus R Gonzalez-Garcia, Antonio Lemus and Mico Mrkaic
13/116: Inclusive Growth and the Incidence of Fiscal Policy in Mauritius; Much Progress, But More Could be Done Downloads
Antonio David and Martin Petri
13/115: Near-Coincident Indicators of Systemic Stress Downloads
Ivailo Arsov, Elie Canetti, Laura E. Kodres and Srobona Mitra
13/114: World Food Prices, the Terms of Trade-Real Exchange Rate Nexus, and Monetary Policy Downloads
Luis Catão and Roberto Chang
13/113: External Liabilities and Crises Downloads
Luis Catão and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
13/112: Energy Subsidies and Energy Consumption; A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
Joshua Charap, Arthur Ribeiro da Silva and Pedro C Rodriguez
13/111: The Anatomy of the VAT Downloads
Michael Keen
13/110: The Welfare Implications of Services Liberalization in a Developing Country; Evidence from Tunisia Downloads
Nizar Jouini and Nooman Rebei
13/109: Is the Growth Momentum in Latin America Sustainable? Downloads
Sebastian Sosa, Evridiki Tsounta and Marie S Kim
13/108: Export Quality in Developing Countries Downloads
Christian Henn, Chris Papageorgiou and Nikola Spatafora
13/107: Capital Account Policies in Chile Macro-financial considerations along the path to liberalization Downloads
Yan Carrière-Swallow and Pablo Garcia-Silva
13/106: Credit Growth in Latin America; Financial Development or Credit Boom? Downloads
Niels-Jakob Hansen and Olga Sulla
13/105: What Is in Your Output Gap? Unified Framework & Decomposition into Observables Downloads
Michal Andrle
13/104: The Pacific Speed of Growth; How Fast Can It Be and What Determines It? Downloads
Yongzheng Yang, Hong Chen, Shiu raj Singh and Baljeet Singh
13/103: Four Decades of Terms-of-Trade Booms; Saving-Investment Patterns and a New Metric of Income Windfall Downloads
Gustavo Adler and Nicolas E Magud
13/102: Balance Sheet Strength and Bank Lending During the Global Financial Crisis Downloads
Tümer Kapan and Camelia Minoiu
13/101: The Impact of Foreign Bank Deleveraging on Korea Downloads
Sonali Jain-Chandra, Min Jung Kim, Sung Ho Park and Jerome Shin
13/100: Measuring Competitiveness; Trade in Goods or Tasks? Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi, Mika Saito and Jarkko Turunen
13/99: Survey of Reserve Managers; Lessons from the Crisis Downloads
Aideen Morahan and Christian Mulder
13/98: Understanding DSGE Filters in Forecasting and Policy Analysis Downloads
Michal Andrle
13/97: Productivity or Employment; Is It a Choice? Downloads
Andrea De Michelis, Marcello M. Estevão and Beth Anne Wilson
13/96: Monetary Policy in Emerging Markets; Taming the Cycle Downloads
Donal McGettigan, Kenji Moriyama, Jean F Noah Ndela Ntsama, Francois Painchaud, Haonan Qu and Chad Steinberg
13/95: Another Look at Governments’ Balance Sheets; The Role of Nonfinancial Assets Downloads
Elva Bova, Robert Dippelsman, Kara C Rideout and Andrea Schaechter
13/94: International Evidence on Government Support and Risk Taking in the Banking Sector Downloads
Luis Brandão Brandao Marques, Ricardo Correa and Horacio Sapriza
13/93: The Impact of Debt Sustainability and the Level of Debt on Emerging Markets Spreads Downloads
Nazim Belhocine and Salvatore Dell'Erba
13/92: Searching for the Finance-Growth Nexus in Libya Downloads
Serhan Cevik and Mohammad Rahmati
13/91: The Dynamic Effect of Social and Political Instability on Output; The Role of Reforms Downloads
Lorenzo Bernal-Verdugo, Davide Furceri and Dominique M. Guillaume
13/90: The Investment Technology of Foreign and Domestic Institutional Investors in an Emerging Market Downloads
Ila Patnaik and Ajay Shah
13/89: Fiscal Sustainability; A 21st Century Guide for the Perplexed Downloads
Evan C Tanner
13/88: Market-Based Structural Top-Down Stress Tests of the Banking System Downloads
Jorge Chan-Lau
13/87: GPM6; The Global Projection Model with 6 Regions Downloads
Ioan Carabenciov, Charles Freedman, Roberto Garcia-Saltos, Douglas Laxton, Ondra Kamenik and Petar Manchev
13/86: Leaning Against the Wind and the Timing of Monetary Policy Downloads
Itai Agur and Maria Demertzis
13/85: Monetary Transaction Costs and the Term Premium Downloads
Raphael Espinoza and Dimitrios Tsomocos
13/84: Italian Sovereign Spreads; Their Determinants and Pass-through to Bank Funding Costs and Lending Conditions Downloads
Edda Zoli
13/83: China’s Path to Consumer-Based Growth; Reorienting Investment and Enhancing Efficiency Downloads
Il Houng Lee, Murtaza H Syed and Liu Xueyan
13/82: China’s Demography and its Implications Downloads
Il Houng Lee, Xu Qingjun and Murtaza H Syed
13/81: Too Cold, Too Hot, or Just Right? Assessing Financial Sector Development Across the Globe Downloads
Adolfo Barajas, Thorsten Beck, Era Dabla-Norris and Reza Yousefi
13/80: Current Account Norms in Natural Resource Rich and Capital Scarce Economies Downloads
Juliana Dutra Araujo, Bin Grace Li, Marcos Poplawski-Ribeiro and Luis-Felipe Zanna
13/79: The Day After Tomorrow; Designing an Optimal Fiscal Strategy for Libya Downloads
Carlos Caceres, Serhan Cevik, Ricardo Fenochietto and Borja Gracia
13/78: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Inflation in Libya Downloads
Serhan Cevik and Katerina Teksoz
13/77: Measuring and Mending Monetary Policy Effectiveness Under Capital Account Restrictions; Lessons from Mauritania Downloads
Robert Blotevogel
13/76: The Global Financial Crisis; An Anatomy of Global Growth Downloads
Troy Matheson
13/75: How Effective are Macroprudential Policies in China? Downloads
Bin Wang and Tao Sun
13/74: Rebalancing; Evidence from Current Account Adjustment in Europe Downloads
Ruben V Atoyan, Jonathan F Manning and Jesmin Rahman
13/73: Aid, Exports, and Growth; A Time-Series Perspective on the Dutch Disease Hypothesis Downloads
Joong S Kang, Alessandro Prati and Alessandro Rebucci
13/72: Non-Performing Loans in CESEE; Determinants and Impact on Macroeconomic Performance Downloads
Nir Klein
13/71: Growth Slowdowns and the Middle-Income Trap Downloads
Shekhar Aiyar, Romain Duval, Damien Puy, Yiqun Wu and Longmei Zhang
13/70: Factors Influencing Emerging Market Central Banks’ Decision to Intervene in Foreign Exchange Markets Downloads
Matthew S Malloy
13/69: The Economics of Political Transitions; Implications for the Arab Spring Downloads
Padamja Khandelwal and Agustin Roitman
13/68: A Framework for Macroprudential Bank Solvency Stress Testing; Application to S-25 and Other G-20 Country FSAPs Downloads
Andreas Jobst, Li L Ong and Christian Schmieder
13/67: The Challenge of Debt Reduction during Fiscal Consolidation Downloads
Luc Eyraud and Anke Weber
13/66: The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks on the UK Economy Downloads
Stephanie Denis and Prakash Kannan
13/65: Rules, Discretion, and Macro-Prudential Policy Downloads
Itai Agur and Sunil Sharma
13/64: Rating Through-the-Cycle; What does the Concept Imply for Rating Stability and Accuracy? Downloads
John Kiff, Michael Kisser and Liliana B Schumacher
13/63: Stock-Flow Adjustments, Government’s Integrated Balance Sheet and Fiscal Transparency Downloads
Mike Seiferling
13/62: Export Performance in Europe; What Do We Know from Supply Links? Downloads
Jesmin Rahman and Tianli Zhao
13/61: Forecasting and Monetary Policy Analysis in Low-Income Countries; Food and non-Food Inflation in Kenya Downloads
Michal Andrle, Andrew Berg, R. Armando Morales, Rafael Portillo and Jan Vlcek
13/60: Quarterly GDP Revisions in G-20 Countries; Evidence from the 2008 Financial Crisis Downloads
Manik L. Shrestha and Marco Marini
13/59: External Linkages and Policy Constraints in Saudi Arabia Downloads
Niklas Westelius
13/58: A Framework for Efficient Government Investment Downloads
Andrew Warner
13/57: Targeting, Cascading, and Indirect Tax Design Downloads
Michael Keen
13/56: Information Rigidities in Economic Growth Forecasts; Evidence from a Large International Panel Downloads
Jonas Dovern, Ulrich Fritsche, Prakash Loungani and Natalia Tamirisa
13/55: Getting to Know GIMF; The Simulation Properties of the Global Integrated Monetary and Fiscal Model Downloads
Derek Anderson, Benjamin L Hunt, Mika Kortelainen, Michael Kumhof, Douglas Laxton, Dirk Muir, Susanna Mursula and Stephen Snudden
13/54: Systemic Contingent Claims Analysis; Estimating Market-Implied Systemic Risk Downloads
Andreas Jobst and Dale F. Gray
13/53: The Quality of the Recent High-Growth Episode in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Marcelo Martinez and Montfort Mlachila
13/52: Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Investment; The Case of Developing Countries Downloads
Ali J Al-Sadiq
13/51: Benchmarking Banking Sector Efficiency Across Regional Blocks in Sub-Saharan Africa; What Room for Policy? Downloads
François Boutin-Dufresne, Santiago Peña, Oral Williams and Tomasz A. Zawisza
13/50: The Endogenous Skill Bias of Technical Change and Inequality in Developing Countries Downloads
Alberto Behar
13/49: Fiscal Multipliers in Bulgaria; Low But Still Relevant Downloads
Dirk Muir and Anke Weber
13/48: Taxation, Bank Leverage, and Financial Crises Downloads
Ruud de Mooij, Michael Keen and Masanori Orihara
13/47: Financial Stability In An Evolving Regulatory And Supervisory Landscape Downloads
Yingbin Xiao
13/46: Too Small to Fail? Subnational Spending Pressures in Europe Downloads
Luc Eyraud and Marialuz Moreno Badia
13/45: Asset Price Bubbles; A Selective Survey Downloads
Anna Scherbina
13/44: Dealing with Private Debt Distress in the Wake of the European Financial Crisis A Review of the Economics and Legal Toolbox Downloads
Yan Liu and Christoph B. Rosenberg
13/43: Structural Transformation and the Volatility of Aggregate Output in OECD Countries Downloads
Constant Lonkeng Ngouana
13/42: Macroeconomic Evaluation of Labor Market Reform in Germany Downloads
Tom Krebs and Martin Scheffel
13/41: Infrastructure and Income Distribution in ASEAN-5; What are the Links? Downloads
Dulani Seneviratne and Yan Sun
13/40: Growth and Employment in the Dominican Republic; Options for a Job-Rich Growth Downloads
Umidjon Abdullaev and Marcello Estevão
13/39: Monetary Transmission Mechanism in the East African Community; An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Hamid R Davoodi, S. V. S. Dixit and Gabor Pinter
13/38: Global House Price Fluctuations; Synchronization and Determinants Downloads
Hideaki Hirata, Ayhan Kose, Christopher Otrok and Marco Terrones
13/37: Competition among Exchanges and Enforcement Policy Downloads
Cecilia Caglio and Andrea Pescatori
13/36: Fiscal Consolidation and the Cost of Credit; Evidence from Syndicated Loans Downloads
Senay Agca and Deniz Igan
13/35: Boosting Competitiveness to Grow Out of Debt; Can Ireland Find a Way Back to Its Future? Downloads
Mwanza Nkusu
13/34: Determinants of Bank Interest Margins in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Calixte Ahokpossi
13/33: International Reserves and Rollover Risk Downloads
Javier Bianchi, Juan Hatchondo and Leonardo Martinez
13/32: Exchange Rate Liberalization in Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries Successes, Failures, and Lessons Downloads
Nils Øyvind Mæhle, Haimanot Teferra and Armine Khachatryan
13/31: Inward and Outward Spillovers in the SACU Area Downloads
Jorge I Canales Kriljenko, Farayi Gwenhamo and Saji Thomas
13/30: Wholesale Bank Funding, Capital Requirements and Credit Rationing Downloads
Itai Agur
13/29: Revisiting the Link Between Finance and Macroeconomic Volatility Downloads
Era Dabla-Norris and Narapong Srivisal
13/28: Financial Crises Explanations, Types, and Implications Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Ayhan Kose
13/27: External Conditions and Debt Sustainability in Latin America Downloads
Gustavo Adler and Sebastian Sosa
13/26: Chronicle of a Decline Foretold; Has China Reached the Lewis Turning Point? Downloads
Mitali Das and Papa M N'Diaye
13/25: The Changing Collateral Space Downloads
Manmohan Singh
13/24: Income Mobility and Welfare Downloads
Tom Krebs, Pravin Krishna and William Maloney
13/23: Assessing the Determinants of Interest Rate Transmission Through Conditional Impulse Response Functions Downloads
Christian Saborowski and Sebastian Weber
13/22: Assessing the Macroeconomic Impact of Structural Reforms The Case of Italy Downloads
Lusine Lusinyan and Dirk Muir
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