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11/168: International Fuel Tax Assessment Downloads
Ian Parry and Jon Strand
11/167: Iran Downloads
Dominique M. Guillaume, Roman Zytek and Mohammad Reza Farzin
11/166: A General Equilibrium Model of Sovereign Default and Business Cycles Downloads
Vivian Z. Yue and Enrique G. Mendoza
11/165: Foreign Exchange Intervention Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/164: Modeling Optimal Fiscal Consolidation Paths in a Selection of European Countries Downloads
Daniel Kanda
11/163: J-Curve of Productivity and Growth Downloads
Arvind Virmani and Danish A Hashim
11/162: Revenue Administration Reforms in anglophone Africa Since the Early 1990's Downloads
David Kloeden
11/161: Nonperforming Loans and Macrofinancial Vulnerabilities in Advanced Economies Downloads
Mwanza Nkusu
11/160: Inflation Inertia in Egypt and its Policy Implications Downloads
Kenji Moriyama
11/159: Policy Instruments to Lean Against the Wind in Latin America Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/158: Expansionary Austerity New International Evidence Downloads
Daniel Leigh, Andrea Pescatori and Jaime Guajardo
11/157: The Dynamic Implications of Debt Relief for Low-Income Countries Downloads
Ales Bulir, Alma Romero-Barrutieta and Rodríguez-Delgado, Jose Daniel
11/156: The Behavior of Conventional and Islamic Bank Deposit Returns in Malaysia and Turkey Downloads
Joshua Charap and Serhan Cevik
11/155: The External Impact of China'S Exchange Rate Policy Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen and Hui Tong
11/154: Labor Market Regulations in Low-, Middle- and High-Income Countries Downloads
Martin Schindler and Mariya Aleksynska
11/153: Rainfall, Financial Development, and Remittances Downloads
Rabah Arezki and Markus Brückner
11/152: Towards a Best Practice of Modeling Unit of Measure and Related Statistical Metadata Downloads
Wilfried Grossmann and Michaela Denk
11/151: Avoid Filling Swiss Cheese with Whipped Cream Downloads
Michael Weber and Michaela Denk
11/150: The Role of Monetary Policy in Turkey During the Global Financial Crisis Downloads
Selim Elekdag and Harun Alp
11/149: Post-Conflict Recovery Downloads
Antonio C. David, Fabiano Rodrigues Bastos and Marshall Mills
11/148: The Real Exchange Rate and Employment in China Downloads
Mai Dao and Ruo Chen
11/147: Policy Coordination in Fiscal Federalism Downloads
Serhan Cevik
11/146: Recent Developments in European Bank Competition Downloads
Yu Sun
11/145: Should Unconventional Balance Sheet Policies Be Added to the Central Bank toolkit? a Review of the Experience so Far Downloads
Kotaro Ishi, Kenji Fujita and Mark R. Stone
11/144: International Reserve Adequacy in Central America Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/143: Will Natural Gas Prices Decouple From Oil Prices Across the Pond? Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/142: Resource Windfalls, Macroeconomic Stability and Growth Downloads
Kazim Kazimov, Kirk Hamilton and Rabah Arezki
11/141: Exchange Rate Pass-Through Over the Business Cycle in Singapore Downloads
Siang Meng Tan, Joey Chew and Sam Ouliaris
11/140: Euro Area Export Performance and Competitiveness Downloads
Jarkko Turunen, Richard T. Harmsen and Tamim A Bayoumi
11/139: Protectionist Responses to the Crisis Downloads
Bradley J. McDonald and Christian Henn
11/138: Global and Regional Spillovers to GCC Equity Markets Downloads
Tahsin Saadi Sedik and Oral H. Williams
11/137: Asean Bond Market Development Downloads
Mahmood Pradhan, Shanaka J. Peiris, Mangal Goswami, Dulani Seneviratne, Joshua Felman, Andreas A. Jobst and Simon Gray
11/136: Global Liquidity Downloads
Akito Matsumoto
11/135: Developing Asean5 Bond Markets Downloads
Simon Gray, Andreas A. Jobst, Joshua Felman and Ana Carvajal
11/134: Sovereign Spreads and Contagion Risks in Asia Downloads
Filiz D. Unsal and Carlos Caceres
11/133: Business Cycles in Emerging Markets Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/132: The Development of Local Debt Markets in Asia Downloads
Mangal Goswami and Sunil Sharma
11/131: The Distributive Effects of Land Titleon Labor Supply Downloads
Mauricio Moura, Caio Cicero Piza and Marcos Poplawski-Ribeiro
11/130: Risky Bank Lending and Optimal Capital Adequacy Regulation Downloads
Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof
11/129: Official Dollarization As a Monetary Regime Downloads
Andrew Swiston
11/128: A New Action-Based Dataset of Fiscal Consolidation Downloads
Andrea Pescatori, Daniel Leigh, Jaime Guajardo and Pete Devries
11/127: The IMF's Government Finance Statistics Yearbook Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/126: Measuring Fiscal Decentralization Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/125: Information Rigidity in Growth Forecasts Downloads
Natalia Tamirisa, Prakash Loungani and Herman O. Stekler
11/124: Reforming the Tax System to Promote Environmental Objectives Downloads
Ian Parry
11/123: Sectoral Composition of Foreign Direct Investment and External Vulnerability in Eastern Europe Downloads
Yuko Kinoshita
11/122: Precautionary Savings and Global Imbalances in World General Equilibrium Downloads
Damiano Sandri
11/121: Inflation Dynamics and the Great Recession Downloads
Sandeep Mazumder and Laurence Ball
11/120: From West to East Downloads
Yan Sun
11/119: Bank Behavior in Response to Basel Iii Downloads
Thomas F. Cosimano and Dalia S. Hakura
11/118: Credit Market Imperfection and Sectoral Asymmetry of Chinese Business Cycle Downloads
Yuanyan Sophia Zhang
11/117: Search Frictions and the Labor Wedge Downloads
Murat Tasci and Andrea Pescatori
11/116: In Which Exchange Rate Models Do Forecasters Trust? Downloads
Jaewoo Lee, H. Takizawa and David Hauner
11/115: Impact of the Global Crisison Banking Sector Soundness in Asian Low-Income Countries Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/114: Causes of Asset Shortages in Emerging Markets Downloads
Jiaqian Chen and Patrick A. Imam
11/113: On Brazil’s Term Structure Downloads
Rodrigo Cabral, Richard Munclinger, Luiz Alves and Marco Rodriguez Waldo
11/112: Words vs. Deeds Downloads
Mahvash Saeed Qureshi, Atish Ghosh and Charalambos G. Tsangarides
11/111: Identifying Vulnerabilities in Systemically-Important Financial Institutions in a Macro-Financial Linkages Framework Downloads
Tao Sun
11/110: New Shocks and Asset Price Volatility in General Equilibrium Downloads
Alessandro Rebucci, Akito Matsumoto, Pietro Cova and Massimiliano Pisani
11/109: Real Unit Labor Costs Differentials in EMU+L4700 Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/108: Estimating a Small Open-Economy Model for Egypt Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/107: Identifying Fiscal Policy Transmission in Stochastic Debt Forecasts Downloads
Kei Kawakami and Rafael Romeu
11/106: New Evidenceon Cyclical and Structural Sources of Unemployment Downloads
Jinzhu Chen, Bharat Trehan, Prakash Kannan and Prakash Loungani
11/105: Has the Great Recession Raised U.S. Structural Unemployment? Downloads
Estevão, Marcello M. and Evridiki Tsounta
11/104: Ghana Downloads
Burcu Aydin
11/103: Macroeconomic Costs of Higher Bank Capital and Liquidity Requirements Downloads
Scott Roger and Jan Vlcek
11/102: Oil Spill(over)s Downloads
Mohamed El Harrak, Antonio C. David, Lorraine Ocampos and Marshall Mills
11/101: Development of Financial Markets in Central Europe Downloads
Amat Adarov and Robert Tchaidze
11/100: Assessing Fiscal Stress Downloads
Gabriela Dobrescu, Iva Petrova, Nazim Belhocine and Emanuele Baldacci
11/99: Did Export Diversification Soften the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis? Downloads
Rafael Romeu and Nelson Camanho da Costa Neto
11/98: Real-Time Forecasts of Economic Activity for Latin American Economies Downloads
Philip Liu, Rafael Romeu and Troy D Matheson
11/97: Lessons for Monetary Policy Downloads
Otmar Issing
11/96: Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms in Pacific Island Countries Downloads
Jonathan C. Dunn, Matt Davies, Yongzheng Yang, Yiqun Wu and Shengzu Wang
11/95: The Tax Elasticity of Corporate Debt Downloads
Ruud Aloysius de Mooij
11/94: Measuring Fiscal Vulnerability and Fiscal Stress Downloads
James McHugh, Iva Petrova and Emanuele Baldacci
11/93: Financial Conditions Indexes for the United States and Euro Area Downloads
Troy D Matheson
11/92: International Mutual Funds, Capital Flow Volatility, and Contagion-A Survey Downloads
R. Gaston Gelos
11/91: How to Deal with Real Estate Booms Downloads
Pau Rabanal, Christopher W. Crowe, Dell'ariccia, Giovanni and Deniz Igan
11/90: Growth From International Capital Flows Downloads
Antu Panini Murshid and Ashoka Mody
11/89: France Downloads
Edouard Martin, Irina Yakadina and Irina Tytell
11/88: How Do Business and Financial Cycles Interact? Downloads
Marco E. Terrones, Ayhan Kose and Stijn Claessens
11/87: Monetary Transmission in Dollarized and Non-Dollarized Economies Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/86: Identifying the Linkages Between Major Mining Commodity Prices and China’s Economic Growth-Implications for Latin America Downloads
Yongzhen Yu
11/85: Corporate and Household Debt Distress in Latvia Downloads
Magnus Saxegaard, Michaela Erbenova and Yan Liu
11/84: The Dynamics of the Term Structure of Interest Rates in the United States in Light of the Financial Crisis of 2007-2010 Downloads
Marco Rodriguez Waldo and Carlos . Medeiros
11/83: Next Generation Balance Sheet Stress Testing Downloads
Christian Schmieder, Maher Hasan and Claus Puhr
11/82: Fat Tails and their (Un)Happy Endings Downloads
International Monetary Fund
11/81: Toward Inflation Targeting in Sri Lanka Downloads
Ding Ding, Rahul Anand and Shanaka J. Peiris
11/80: Feeling the Elephant’s Weight Downloads
Egoumé-Bossogo, Philippe and Ankouvi Nayo
11/79: Mongolia Downloads
Julia Bersch and Tara M. Sinclair
11/78: Deposit Formation in Georgia Downloads
Robert Tchaidze and Salome Tvalodze
11/77: Evidenceon Productivity, Comparative Advantage, and Networks in the Export Performance of Firms Downloads
Luca Antonio Ricci and Federico Trionfetti
11/76: Financial Cycles Downloads
Marco E. Terrones, Ayhan Kose and Stijn Claessens
11/75: Probabilities of Default and the Market Price of Risk in a Distressed Economy Downloads
Miguel A. Segoviano Basurto and Raphael A Espinoza
11/74: A Network Analysis of Global Banking:1978-2009 Downloads
Javier A. Reyes and Camelia Minoiu
11/73: ICT, Financial Inclusion, and Growth Evidence from African Countries Downloads
Kangni KPODAR and Mihasonirina Andrianaivo
11/72: An Analysis of U.S. Fiscal and Generational Imbalances Downloads
Nicoletta Batini, Julia Guerreiro and Giovanni Callegari
11/71: Reconsidering the Role of Food Prices in Inflation Downloads
James P Walsh
11/70: Debt Dilution and Sovereign Default Risk Downloads
Leonardo Martinez, Juan Carlos Hatchondo and Cesar Sosa Padilla
11/69: Fiscal Sustainability and the Fiscal Reaction Function for South Africa Downloads
Charl Jooste, Alfredo Cuevas, Ian Stuart and Philippe Burger
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