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7277: Estimation of Productivity in Korean Electric Power Plants: A Semiparametric Smooth Coefficient Model Downloads
Almas Heshmati, Subal C. Kumbhakar and Kai Sun
7276: The Sources of Wage Variation: A Three-Way High-Dimensional Fixed Effects Regression Model Downloads
Sónia Torres, Pedro Portugal, John Addison and Paulo Guimaraes
7275: The Transformation of Hunger Revisited Downloads
Ian Gazeley, Andrew Thomas Newell and Mintewab Bezabih
7274: Social Capital and Immigrants' Labour Market Performance Downloads
Matloob Piracha, Max Tani and Matias Vaira-Lucero
7273: The Importance of the Cognitive Environment for Intertemporal Choice Downloads
Michael A. Kuhn, Peter Joseph Kuhn and Marie Claire Villeval
7272: Investment Crowding-Out and Labor Market Effects of Financialization in the U.S Downloads
Ignacio González and Hector Sala
7271: Authority and Incentives in Organizations Downloads
Matthias Kräkel
7270: Entrepreneurship of the Left-Behind Downloads
Corrado Giulietti, Jackline Wahba and Klaus F. Zimmermann
7269: How Sensitive Are Individual Retirement Expectations to Raising the Retirement Age? Downloads
Andries de Grip, Didier Fouarge and Raymond Michel Montizaan
7268: Star Wars: The Empirics Strike Back Downloads
Abel Brodeur, Mathias Lé, Marc Sangnier and Yanos Zylberberg
7267: The Effects of School Libraries on Language Skills: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in India Downloads
Evan Borkum, Fang He and Leigh L. Linden
7266: Monitoring Job Search Effort with Hyperbolic Time Preferences and Non-Compliance: A Welfare Analysis Downloads
Bart Leo Wim Cockx, Corinna Ghirelli and Bruno Van der Linden
7265: Does Everyone Use Probabilities? Intuitive and Rational Decisions about Stockholding Downloads
Johannes Binswanger and Martin Salm
7264: Mixed Oligopoly in Education Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Darío Maldonado
7263: The Relationship between the Housing & Labor Market Crises and Doubling-Up: An MSA-Level Analysis, 2005-2010 Downloads
William H. Rogers and Anne E. Winkler
7262: Pure Ethnic Gaps in Educational Attainment and School to Work Transitions: When Do They Arise? Downloads
Stijn Baert and Bart Leo Wim Cockx
7261: The Earned Income Tax Credit, Health, and Happiness Downloads
Casey Boyd-Swan, Chris M. Herbst, John Ifcher and Homa Zarghamee
7260: Is Germany the North Star of Labor Market Policy? Downloads
Ulf Rinne and Klaus F. Zimmermann
7259: Education, Social Mobility and Religious Movements: A Theory of the Islamic Revival in Egypt Downloads
Christine Binzel and Jean-Paul Carvalho
7258: Fifty Years of Compositional Changes in U.S. Out-Migration, 1908-1957 Downloads
Costanza Biavaschi
7257: An Equilibrium Search Model of the Labor Market Entry of Second-Generation Immigrants and Ethnic Danes Downloads
Nabanita Datta Gupta and Lene Kromann
7256: Where the Streets Have a Name: Income Comparisons in the US Downloads
Abel Brodeur and Sarah Flèche
7255: The Impact of Tax Knowledge and Budget Spending Influence on Tax Compliance Downloads
Behnud Mir Djawadi and René Fahr
7254: The Labor Market Behavior of Married Women with Young Children in the U.S.: Have Differences by Religion Disappeared? Downloads
Evelyn L. Lehrer and Yu Chen
7253: Product and Labor Market Imperfections and Scale Economies: Micro-Evidence on France, Japan and the Netherlands Downloads
Sabien Dobbelaere, Kozo Kiyota and Jacques MAIRESSE
7252: Labour-Market Outcomes of Older Workers in the Netherlands: Measuring Job Prospects Using the Occupational Age Structure Downloads
Nicole Bosch and Bas ter Weel
7251: Social Learning and Health Insurance Enrollment: Evidence from China's New Cooperative Medical Scheme Downloads
Hong Liu, Qi Sun and Zhong Zhao
7250: The Effects of Expanding the Generosity of the Statutory Sickness Insurance System Downloads
Nicolas Robert Ziebarth and Martin Karlsson
7249: A Simple Approach to Treatment Effects on Durations When the Treatment Timing is Chosen Downloads
Myoung-jae Lee and Per Johansson
7248: Regulation of Pharmaceutical Prices: Evidence from a Reference Price Reform in Denmark Downloads
Ulrich Kaiser, Susan J. Méndez, Thomas Rønde and Hannes Ullrich
7247: The Effect of Deceptive Advertising on Consumption of the Advertised Good and its Substitutes: The Case of Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Products Downloads
John Cawley, Rosemary Avery and Matthew Eisenberg
7246: Do Parents Drink Their Children's Welfare? A Joint Analysis of Intra-Household Allocation of Time Downloads
Gianna Claudia Claudia Giannelli, Lucia Mangiavacchi and Luca Piccoli
7245: Lawyers as Agents of the Devil in a Prisoner's Dilemma Game: Evidence from Long Run Play Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, David E. Bloom and Gordon B. Dahl
7244: Distributional Consequences of Capital Accumulation, Globalisation and Financialisation in the US Downloads
Marika Karanassou and Hector Sala
7243: Gender and Competition: Evidence from Jumping Competitions Downloads
René Böheim and Mario Lackner
7242: Using the EU-SILC to Model the Impact of the Economic Crisis on Inequality Downloads
O'Donoghue, Cathal, Jason Loughrey and Karyn Morrissey
7241: Firm Size Distortions and the Productivity Distribution: Evidence from France Downloads
Luis Garicano, Claire Lelarge and John Michael van Reenen
7240: Does Better Pre-Migration Performance Accelerate Immigrants' Wage Assimilation? Downloads
Boris Hirsch, Elke Jutta Jahn, Ott Toomet and Daniela Hochfellner
7239: For Better or for Worse: The Long-Term Effects of Postwar Reconstruction on Family Formation Downloads
Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel, Melanie Khamis and Mutlu Yuksel
7238: Business, Bankruptcy, and Beliefs: The Financial Demise of NBA Stars Downloads
Ruby Henry
7237: A Structural Model of Educational Attainment in Canada Downloads
Jorgen Hansen and Xingfei Liu
7236: The Distribution of Income in Central America Downloads
Gindling, Thomas (Tim) H. and Juan Diego Trejos
7235: Measurement of Environmentally Sensitive Productivity Growth in Korean Industries Downloads
Yeimin Chung and Almas Heshmati
7234: Happiness, Growth, and Public Policy Downloads
Richard A. Easterlin
7233: Unemployment Compensation and the Allocation of Labor in Developing Countries Downloads
Olivier Charlot, Franck MALHERBET and Mustafa Ulus
7232: The Changing Size Distribution of U.S. Trade Unions and Its Description by Pareto's Distribution Downloads
John Pencavel
7231: The Recent Decline in Employment Dynamics Downloads
Henry Richard Hyatt and James R. Spletzer
7230: Immigrant Concentration in Schools: Consequences for Native and Migrant Students Downloads
Nicole Schneeweis
7229: Does Forced Solidarity Hamper Investment in Small and Micro Enterprises? Downloads
Michael Grimm, Renate Hartwig and Jann Lay
7228: School Starting Age and Crime Downloads
Rasmus Landersø, Helena Skyt Nielsen and Marianne Simonsen
7227: University Differences in the Graduation of Minorities in STEM Fields: Evidence from California Downloads
Peter Arcidiacono, Esteban Aucejo and V. Joseph Hotz
7226: Poverty, Inequality, and the Local Natural Resource Curse Downloads
Norman V. Loayza, Alfredo Mier y Teran and Jamele Rigolini
7225: Migration, Capital Formation, and House Prices Downloads
Volker Grossmann, Andreas Schäfer and Thomas Michael Steger
7224: Women, Medieval Commerce, and the Education Gender Gap Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi and Monica Bozzano
7223: China's High Saving Puzzle Downloads
Guonan Ma and Dennis Tao Yang
7222: Stayers and Returners: Educational Self-Selection among U.S. Immigrants and Returning Migrants Downloads
Arturo Alberto Aguilar Esteva
7221: Quasi-Hyperbolic Time Preferences and their Intergenerational Transmission Downloads
Fabian Kosse and Friedhelm Pfeiffer
7220: Minimum Wages and the Creation of Illegal Migration Downloads
Gil S. Epstein and Heizler (Cohen), Odelia
7219: Capital Prices and Eurozone Competitiveness Differentials Downloads
Philippe Askenazy
7218: The Religious Affiliation and Anti-Semitism of Secondary School Swedish Youths: A Statistical Analysis of Survey Data from 2003 and 2009 Downloads
Pieter Bevelander, Mikael Hjerm and Jenny Kiiskinen
7217: On the Power of Childhood Impressions for Skill Formation: Initial Evidence and Unsettled Questions Downloads
Friedhelm Pfeiffer
7216: Early Life Adversity and Children's Competence Development: Evidence from the Mannheim Study of Children at Risk Downloads
Dorothea Blomeyer, Katja Coneus, Manfred Laucht and Friedhelm Pfeiffer
7215: Comparing Inequality Aversion across Countries When Labor Supply Responses Differ Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Mathias Dolls, Dirk Neumann, Andreas Peichl and Sebastian Siegloch
7214: Default Options and Training Participation Downloads
Lex Borghans and Bart H. H. Golsteyn
7213: The Demand for Cigarettes as Derived from the Demand for Weight Control Downloads
John Cawley and Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder
7212: Women Political Leaders, Corruption and Learning: Evidence from a Large Public Program in India Downloads
Farzana Afridi, Vegard Iversen and M.R. Sharan
7211: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Home Computers on Academic Achievement among Schoolchildren Downloads
Robert W. Fairlie and Jonathan Robinson
7210: Does the Welfare State Destroy the Family? Evidence from OECD Member Countries Downloads
Martin Halla, Mario Lackner and Johann Scharler
7209: A Goodness-of-Fit Approach to Estimating Equivalence Scales Downloads
Martin Biewen and Andos Juhasz
7208: Earnings Gap, Cohort Effect and Economic Assimilation of Immigrants from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the United States Downloads
Carl Lin
7207: Do Single-Sex Classes Affect Exam Scores? An Experiment in a Coeducational University Downloads
Alison Lee Booth, Lina Marcela Cardona Sosa and Patrick J. Nolen
7206: Risk Tolerance and Entrepreneurship Downloads
Hans K. Hvide and Georgios A. Panos
7205: Ageing and Productivity: Introduction Downloads
David E. Bloom and Alfonso Sousa-Poza
7204: UK Households' Carbon Footprint: A Comparison of the Association between Household Characteristics and Emissions from Home Energy, Transport and Other Goods and Services Downloads
Milena Buchs and Sylke V. Schnepf
7203: Trust of Second Generation Immigrants: Intergenerational Transmission or Cultural Assimilation? Downloads
Julie Moschion and Domenico Tabasso
7202: Job Search as a Determinant of Graduate Over-Education: Evidence from Australia Downloads
David Carroll and Max Tani
7201: Regulation, Trust, and Cronyism in Middle Eastern Societies: The Simple Economics of 'Wasta' Downloads
Andy Barnett, Bruce Yandle and George Sami Naufal
7200: Workplace Heterogeneity and the Rise of West German Wage Inequality Downloads
David E. Card, Jörg Heining and Patrick M. Kline
7199: The Economic and Demographic Transition, Mortality, and Comparative Development Downloads
Matteo Cervellati and Uwe Sunde
7198: Note on Lilien and Modified Lilien Index Downloads
Muhammad Rashid Ansari, Chiara Mussida and Francesco Pastore
7197: Female Labour Force Participation in MENA's Manufacturing Sector: The Implications of Firm-Related and National Factors Downloads
Ali Fakih and Pascal L. Ghazalian
7196: China's Life Satisfaction, 1990-2010 Downloads
Richard A. Easterlin, Robson Morgan, Malgorzata Switek and Fei Wang
7195: Investment under Company-Level Pacts Downloads
Lutz Bellmann, Hans-Dieter Gerner and Olaf Elmar Hübler
7194: The Unfairness of (Poverty) Targets Downloads
Melanie Allwine, Jamele Rigolini and Luis F Lopez-Calva
7193: Unemployment and Subsequent Employment Stability: Does Labour Market Policy Matter? Downloads
Melike Wulfgramm and Lukas Fervers
7192: Cyclicality of Job and Worker Flows: New Data and a New Set of Stylized Facts Downloads
Ruediger Bachmann, Christian Bayer, Stefan Seth and Felix Wellschmied
7191: Self-Employment in China: Are Rural Migrant Workers and Urban Residents Alike? Downloads
Yuling Cui, Daehoon Nahm and Max Tani
7190: Partisan Tax Policy and Income Inequality in the U.S., 1979-2007 Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Mathias Dolls, Herwig Immervoll, Dirk Neumann, Andreas Peichl, Nico Pestel and Sebastian Siegloch
7189: Living on the Edge: Youth Entry, Career and Exit in Drug-Selling Gangs Downloads
Leandro Carvalho and Rodrigo Reis Soares
7188: Competition vs. Monopoly in the Religious Marketplace: Judaism in the United States and Israel Downloads
Carmel U. Chiswick
7187: Happiness and Economic Growth: The Evidence Downloads
Richard A. Easterlin
7186: Persistence Bias and the Wage-Schooling Model Downloads
Corrado Andini
7185: Return Migration of Foreign Students Downloads
Govert Ewout Bijwaard and Qi Wang
7184: Views among Economists: Professional Consensus or Point-Counterpoint? Downloads
Roger Gordon and Gordon B. Dahl
7183: Social Distance and Trust: Experimental Evidence from a Slum in Cairo Downloads
Christine Binzel and Dietmar Fehr
7182: The Importance of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation for Measuring IQ Downloads
Lex Borghans, Huub Meijers and Bas ter Weel
7181: Is the Persistent Gender Gap in Income and Wages Due to Unequal Family Responsibilities? Downloads
Nikolay Angelov, Per Johansson and Erica Lindahl
7180: Place Based Policies with Unemployment Downloads
Patrick M. Kline and Enrico Moretti
7179: Air Pollution and Infant Mortality: Evidence from the Expansion of Natural Gas Infrastructure Downloads
Resul Cesur, Erdal Tekin and Aydogan Ulker
7178: The "Task Approach" to Labor Markets: An Overview Downloads
David Autor
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