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9472: Labor Supply Effects of Winning a Lottery Downloads
Matteo Picchio, Sigrid Suetens and Jan van Ours
9471: Gender Identity and Women's Supply of Labor and Non-Market Work: Panel Data Evidence for Germany Downloads
Anna Wieber and Elke Holst
9470: Gender and the Effect of Working Hours on Firm-Sponsored Training Downloads
Matteo Picchio and Jan van Ours
9469: Real Wage Cyclicality in the Eurozone Before and During the Great Recession: Evidence from Micro Data Downloads
Gregory Verdugo
9468: Appraising Cross-National Income Inequality Databases: An Introduction Downloads
Francisco Ferreira, Nora Lustig and Daniel Teles
9467: The Pass-Through of Exchange Rate in the Context of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis Downloads
Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh and Christophe Rault
9466: What Do Unions Do in Times of Economic Crisis? Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe Downloads
Artjoms Ivlevs and Michail Veliziotis
9465: Factors Determining Callbacks to Job Applications by the Unemployed: An Audit Study Downloads
Henry S Farber, Dan Silverman and Till von Wachter
9464: Collective Labour Supply, Taxes, and Intrahousehold Allocation: An Empirical Approach Downloads
Hans Bloemen
9463: The Impact of Part-Time Work on Firm Total Factor Productivity: Evidence from Italy Downloads
Francesco Devicienti, Elena Grinza and Davide Vannoni
9462: Demanding Occupations and the Retirement Age Downloads
Niels Vermeer, Mauro Mastrogiacomo and Arthur van Soest
9461: What Is a Good Job? Downloads
Werner Eichhorst, Florian Wozny and Erno Mähönen
9460: Minimum Wages and Spatial Equilibrium: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Joan Monras
9459: Contracting Out Mandatory Counselling and Training for Long-Term Unemployed: Private For-Profit or Non-Profit, or Keep It Public? Downloads
Bart Cockx and Stijn Baert
9458: Carrot and Stick? Impact of a Low-Stakes School Accountability Program on Student Achievement Downloads
Seokjin Woo, Soohyung Lee and Kyunghee Kim
9457: Treatment versus Regime Effects of Carrots and Sticks Downloads
Patrick Arni, Gerard van den Berg and Rafael Lalive
9456: Pathways from School to Work in the Developing World Downloads
Marco Manacorda, Furio Rosati, Marco Ranzani and Giuseppe Dachille
9455: Firm-Size Wage Gaps along the Formal-Informal Divide: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Binnur Balkan and Semih Tumen
9454: Welfare Implications of India's Employment Guarantee Programme with a Wage Payment Delay Downloads
Parantap Basu and Kunal Sen
9453: Globalization, Technological Change and Labor Demand: A Firm Level Analysis for Turkey Downloads
Elena Meschi, Erol Taymaz and Marco Vivarelli
9452: A Longitudinal Analysis of Violence and Housing Insecurity Downloads
Timothy Diette and David Ribar
9451: Hukou Changes and Subjective Well-Being Downloads
Max Tani
9450: Do People Seek to Maximize Their Subjective Well‐Being? Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey and Hannes Schwandt
9449: The Long-Term Impacts of Low-Achieving Childhood Peers: Evidence from Project STAR Downloads
Jan Bietenbeck
9448: Understanding Peer Effects: On the Nature, Estimation and Channels of Peer Effects Downloads
Jan Feld and Ulf Zölitz
9447: Gender and Corruption: A Reassessment Downloads
Julia Debski and Michael Jetter
9446: Competitiveness and the Gender Gap among Young Business Professionals Downloads
Ernesto Reuben, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
9445: Intended College Attendance: Evidence from an Experiment on College Returns and Cost Downloads
Zachary Bleemer and Basit Zafar
9444: Personal Experiences and Expectations about Aggregate Outcomes Downloads
Theresa Kuchler and Basit Zafar
9443: Compliance Behavior in Networks: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Francesco Drago, Friederike Mengel and Christian Traxler
9442: A Global Count of the Extreme Poor in 2012: Data Issues, Methodology and Initial Results Downloads
Francisco Ferreira, Shaohua Chen, Andrew Dabalen, Yuri Dikhanov, Nada Hamadeh, Dean Jolliffe, Ambar Narayan, Espen Prydz, Ana Revenga, Prem Sangraula, Umar Serajuddin and Nobuo Yoshida
9441: Tertiary Education and Prosperity: Catholic Missionaries to Luminosity in India Downloads
Amparo Castello-Climent, Latika Chaudhary and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay
9440: Drought of Opportunities: Contemporaneous and Long-Term Impacts of Rainfall Shocks on Human Capital Downloads
Manisha Shah and Bryce Millett Steinberg
9439: Hurricane Watch: Battening Down the Effects of the Storm on Local Crop Production Downloads
Nekeisha Spencer and Solomon Polachek
9438: The Use and Impact of Job Search Procedures by Migrant Workers in China Downloads
Tony Fang, Morley Gunderson and Carl Lin
9437: Do Foreign Workers Reduce Trade Barriers? Microeconomic Evidence Downloads
Martyn J. Andrews, Thorsten Schank and Richard Upward
9436: The Association between Immigration and Labor Market Outcomes in the United States Downloads
Gaetano Basso and Giovanni Peri
9435: The Educational Achievement of Pupils with Immigrant and Native Mothers: Evidence from Taiwan Downloads
Eric Lin and Yu-Lung Lu
9434: Self‐Selection of Emigrants: Theory and Evidence on Stochastic Dominance in Observable and Unobservable Characteristics Downloads
George J. Borjas, Ilpo Kauppinen and Panu Poutvaara
9433: Speaking in Numbers: The Effect of Reading Performance on Math Performance among Immigrants Downloads
Ingo Isphording, Marc Piopiunik and Núria Rodriguez-Planas
9432: Technology and Education: Computers, Software, and the Internet Downloads
George Bulman and Robert Fairlie
9431: Bilingual Schooling and Earnings: Evidence from a Language-in-Education Reform Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari and Antonio Di Paolo
9430: Gradual Retirement, Financial Incentives, and Labour Supply of Older Workers: Evidence from a Stated Preference Analysis Downloads
Ahmed Elsayed, Andries de Grip, Didier Fouarge and Raymond Montizaan
9429: Broadband Diffusion and Firm Performance in Rural Areas: Quasi-Experimental Evidence Downloads
Giulia Canzian, Samuele Poy and Simone Schüller
9428: Endogeneity and Non-Response Bias in Treatment Evaluation: Nonparametric Identification of Causal Effects by Instruments Downloads
Hans Fricke, Markus Frölich, Martin Huber and Michael Lechner
9427: Trend-Spotting in the Housing Market Downloads
Nikos Askitas
9426: Brain Types and Wages Downloads
Nick Drydakis
9425: Excess Commuting in the US: Differences between the Self-Employed and Employees Downloads
J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal, José Alberto Molina and Jorge Velilla
9424: Incentives and Children's Dietary Choices: A Field Experiment in Primary Schools Downloads
Michèle Belot, Jonathan James and Patrick Nolen
9423: Bobos in Paradise: Urban Politics and the New Economy Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
9422: Human Resources and Innovation: Total Factor Productivity and Foreign Human Capital Downloads
Claudio Fassio, Sona Kalantaryan and Alessandra Venturini
9421: Female Migration and Native Marital Stability: Insights from Italy Downloads
Daniele Vignoli, Alessandra Venturini and Elena Pirani
9420: Do E-Verify Mandates Improve Labor Market Outcomes of Low-Skilled Native and Legal Immigrant Workers? Downloads
Sarah Bohn, Magnus Lofstrom and Steven Raphael
9419: Heterogeneous Immigrants and Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Language Skills Downloads
Matthias Lücke and Tobias Stöhr
9418: Tradable Refugee-Admission Quotas (TRAQs), the Syrian Crisis and the New European Agenda on Migration Downloads
Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga and Hillel Rapoport
9417: Gender Gaps in Performance: Evidence from Young Lawyers Downloads
Ghazala Azmat and Rosa Ferrer
9416: Is Economics a Good Major for Future Lawyers? Evidence from Earnings Data Downloads
John Winters
9415: Are Sociocultural Factors Important for Studying a Science University Major? Downloads
Volker Grossmann, Aderonke Osikominu and Marius Osterfeld
9414: Social Ties in Academia: A Friend is a Treasure Downloads
Tommaso Colussi
9413: State and Local Sales Taxes and Business Activity in the United States Downloads
Nicholas Saxon, Mehmet Tosun and Jingjing Yang
9412: The Welfare Effects of Globalization with Labor Market Regulation Downloads
Tapio Palokangas
9411: Identifying Sorting in Practice Downloads
Cristian Bartolucci, Francesco Devicienti and Ignacio Monzon
9410: Temporary Employment, Demand Volatility and Unions: Firm-Level Evidence Downloads
Francesco Devicienti, Paolo Naticchioni and Andrea Ricci
9409: Household Debt and Crises of Confidence Downloads
Thomas Hintermaier and Winfried Koeniger
9408: Wealth-Income Ratios in a Small, Late-Industrializing, Welfare-State Economy: Sweden, 1810–2014 Downloads
Daniel Waldenström
9407: Ex Post Inequality of Opportunity Comparisons Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey, Vito Peragine and Xavi Ramos
9406: The Subversive Nature of Inequality: Subjective Inequality Perceptions and Attitudes to Social Inequality Downloads
Andreas Kuhn
9405: The Coming Wave: Where Do Emerging Market Investors Put Their Money? Downloads
G. Karolyi, David T. Ng and Eswar Prasad
9404: What Factors Influence Firm Perceptions of Labour Market Constraints to Growth in the MENA Region? Downloads
Ali Fakih and Pascal Ghazalian
9403: Beyond Qualifications: Returns to Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Skills in Colombia Downloads
Pablo Acosta, Noel Muller and Miguel Sarzosa
9402: Person Equivalent Headcount Measures of Poverty Downloads
Tony Castleman, James Foster and Stephen Smith
9401: National Well-being Policy and a Weighted Approach to Human Feelings Downloads
O'Donnell, Gus and Andrew Oswald
9400: Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water and Mental Health Downloads
Shyamal Chowdhury, Annabelle Krause and Klaus Zimmermann
9399: Pollution, Infectious Disease, and Mortality: Evidence from the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Downloads
Karen Clay, Joshua Lewis and Edson R. Severnini
9398: Vog: Using Volcanic Eruptions to Estimate the Health Costs of Particulates Downloads
Timothy Halliday, John Lynham and Aureo de Paula
9397: Height, Weight and Well-Being for Rural, Urban and Migrant Workers in China Downloads
Wang-Sheng Lee and Zhong Zhao
9396: A Cross-State Comparison of Measures of Subjective Well-Being Downloads
Younghwan Song
9395: Direct Evidence for Income Comparisons and Subjective Well-Being across Reference Groups Downloads
Laszlo Goerke and Markus Pannenberg
9394: New Estimates of Intergenerational Mobility in Australia Downloads
Silvia Mendolia and Peter Siminski
9393: Labor Force Activity after 60: Recent Trends in the Scandinavian Countries with Germany as a Benchmark Downloads
Mona Larsen and Peder Pedersen
9392: Heterogeneity of Skill Needs and Job Complexity: Evidence from the OECD PIAAC Survey Downloads
Konstantinos Pouliakas and Giovanni Russo
9391: The Japanese Labour Market during the Global Financial Crisis and the Role of Non-Standard Work: A Micro Perspective Downloads
Alexander Hijzen, Ryo Kambayashi, Hiroshi Teruyama and Yuji Genda
9390: Stemming the Tide: What Have EU Countries Done to Support Low-Wage Workers in an Era of Downward Wage Pressures? Downloads
Sarah Marchal and Ive Marx
9389: Labour Market Institutions and Inflation Differentials in the EU Downloads
Gaetano D'Adamo and Riccardo Rovelli
9388: The Impact of Fine Size and Uncertainty on Punishment and Deterrence: Theory and Evidence from the Laboratory Downloads
Eberhard Feess, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Markus Schramm and Ansgar Wohlschlegel
9387: Information Characteristics and Errors in Expectations: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Constantinos Antoniou, Glenn Harrison, Morten Lau and Daniel Read
9386: Procedures vs. Incentives: The Case of the University Promotion System in Italy Downloads
Carlo dal Maso, Enrico Rettore and Lorenzo Rocco
9385: Disentangling the Role of Contract Types and Sector Disparities for Public Service Motivation Downloads
Christian Grund and Kirsten Thommes
9384: Equality Concerns and the Limits of Self-Governance in Heterogeneous Populations Downloads
Lata Gangadharan, Nikos Nikiforakis and Marie Claire Villeval
9383: The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Experimental Evidence from Children's Intertemporal Choices Downloads
Matthias Sutter, Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Philipp Lergetporer
9382: Do Gays Shy Away from Competition? Do Lesbians Compete Too Much? Downloads
Thomas Buser, Lydia Geijtenbeek and Erik Plug
9381: An Alternative Estimator for Industrial Gender Wage Gaps: A Normalized Regression Approach Downloads
Myeong-Su Yun and Eric Lin
9380: Moving Up or Falling Behind? Gender, Promotions, and Wages in Canada Downloads
Mohsen Javdani and Andrew McGee
9379: Work-Life Balance Practices, Performance-Related Pay, and Gender Equality in the Workplace: Evidence from Japan Downloads
Takao Kato and Naomi Kodama
9378: Welfare Evaluation of the 1986 Tax Reform for Married Couples in the United States Downloads
Matteo Picchio and Giacomo Valletta
9377: Life-Cycle and Intergenerational Effects of Child Care Reforms Downloads
Marc Chan and Kai Liu
9376: Secondary Childcare in the ATUS: What Does It Measure? Downloads
Jay Stewart and Mary Dorinda Allard
9375: Intra-Household Commuting Choices and Local Labour Markets Downloads
Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor
9374: Education and Criminal Behavior: Insights from an Expansion of Upper Secondary School Downloads
Olof Aslund, Hans Grönqvist, Caroline Hall and Jonas Vlachos
9373: Lifting the Iron Curtain: School-Age Education and Entrepreneurial Intentions Downloads
Oliver Falck, Robert Gold and Stephan Heblich
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