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6751: Please Call Again: Correcting Non-Response Bias in Treatment Effect Models Downloads
Luc Behaghel, Bruno Crépon, Marc Gurgand and Thomas Le Barbanchon
6750: Toward the Integration of Personality Theory and Decision Theory in the Explanation of Economic and Health Behavior Downloads
Aldo Rustichini, Colin G. DeYoung, Jon E. Anderson and Stephen Burks
6749: Do Employees Profit from Profit Sharing? Evidence from Canadian Panel Data Downloads
Richard J. Long and Tony Fang
6748: Estimating Equilibrium Effects of Job Search Assistance Downloads
Pieter Gautier, Paul Muller, Bas van der Klaauw, Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer
6747: Team Structure and the Effectiveness of Collective Performance Pay Downloads
Marisa Ratto, Emma Tominey and Thibaud Vergé
6746: Stepping Stones versus Dead End Jobs: Exits from Temporary Contracts in Italy after the 2003 Reform Downloads
Giovanni Bruno, Floro Caroleo and Orietta Dessy
6745: Income Distribution among those of 65 Years and Older in Sweden Downloads
Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist and Eskil Wadensjö
6744: Aircraft Noise, Health, and Residential Sorting: Evidence from Two Quasi-Experiments Downloads
Stefan Boes, Stephan Nuesch and Steven Stillman
6743: Macroeconomic Impacts of Canadian Immigration: Results from a Macro-Model Downloads
Peter Dungan, Tony Fang and Morley Gunderson
6742: Liability-of-Foreignness Effects on Job Success of Immigrant Job Seekers Downloads
Tony Fang, Al-Karim Samnani, Milorad M. Novicevic and Mark N. Bing
6741: De Jure and De Facto Determinants of Power: Evidence from Mississippi Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi and Arcangelo Dimico
6740: Why Do Entrepreneurial Parents Have Entrepreneurial Children? Downloads
Matthew Lindquist, Joeri Sol and Mirjam Praag
6739: In-Work Benefits for Married Couples: An Ex-Ante Evaluation of EITC and WTC Policies in Italy Downloads
Giuseppe De Luca, Claudio Rossetti and Daniela Vuri
6738: Incentives in the Public Sector: Evidence from a Government Agency Downloads
Simon Burgess, Carol Propper, Marisa Ratto and Emma Tominey
6737: The Impact of Armed Conflict on Economic Performance: Evidence from Rwanda Downloads
Pieter Serneels and Marijke Verpoorten
6736: Can Mistargeting Destroy Social Capital and Stimulate Crime? Evidence from a Cash Transfer Program in Indonesia Downloads
Lisa Cameron and Manisha Shah
6735: Comparing Labor Supply Elasticities in Europe and the US: New Results Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Kristian Orsini and Andreas Peichl
6734: Differential Welfare State Impacts for Frontier Working Age Families Downloads
Irina Burlacu and Cathal O'Donoghue
6733: Intangible Capital and Growth in Advanced Economies: Measurement Methods and Comparative Results Downloads
Carol Corrado, Jonathan Haskel, Cecilia Jona-Lasinio and Massimiliano Iommi
6732: Life Satisfaction and Air Quality in Europe Downloads
Susana Ferreira, Alpaslan Akay, Finbarr Brereton, Juncal Cuñado, Peter Martinsson and Mirko Moro
6731: Ethnic Diversity and Team Performance: A Field Experiment Downloads
Sander M. Hoogendoorn and Mirjam Praag
6730: Additive Decompositions with Interaction Effects Downloads
Martin Biewen
6729: Delayed Entry into First Marriage: Further Evidence on the Becker-Landes-Michael Hypothesis Downloads
Evelyn Lehrer and Yu Chen
6728: On-the-Job Learning and Earnings: Comparative Evidence from Morocco and Senegal Downloads
Christophe Nordman and François-Charles Wolff
6727: Is There an Informal Employment Wage Premium? Evidence from Tajikistan Downloads
Reza (Gholamreza) Arabsheibani and Anita Staneva
6726: Returns to Education in Russia: Where There Is Risky Sexual Behaviour There Is Also an Instrument Downloads
Reza (Gholamreza) Arabsheibani and Anita Staneva
6725: Cheating in the Workplace: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Bonuses and Productivity Downloads
David Gill, Victoria Prowse and Michael Vlassopoulos
6724: The Timing of Earnings Sampling over the Life-Cycle and IV Identification of the Return to Schooling Downloads
Christian Belzil and Jorgen Hansen
6723: Differences in Employment Outcomes for College Town Stayers and Leavers Downloads
John Winters
6722: Do Fiscal and Political Decentralization Raise Students' Performance? A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
Luis Diaz-Serrano and Enric Meix-Llop
6721: Redistributive Preferences, Redistribution, and Inequality: Evidence from a Panel of OECD Countries Downloads
Andreas Kuhn
6720: Prediction Markets for Economic Forecasting Downloads
Erik Snowberg, Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz
6719: The Effects of Credit Status on College Attainment and College Completion Downloads
Dora Gicheva, Felicia Ionescu and Nicole Simpson
6718: The Effects of Bullying in Elementary School Downloads
Tine Louise Eriksen, Helena Nielsen and Marianne Simonsen
6717: Business Taxation and Wages: Evidence from Individual Panel Data Downloads
Thomas Bauer, Tanja Kasten and Lars Siemers
6716: Social Incentives Matter: Evidence from an Online Real Effort Experiment Downloads
Mirco Tonin and Michael Vlassopoulos
6715: Expert Leaders in a Fast-Moving Environment Downloads
Amanda Goodall and Ganna Pogrebna
6714: The Effects of Pharmacological Treatment of ADHD on Children's Health Downloads
Søren Dalsgaard, Helena Nielsen and Marianne Simonsen
6713: Migration and Imperfect Labor Markets: Theory and Cross-Country Evidence from Denmark, Germany and the UK Downloads
Herbert Brücker, Elke Jahn and Richard Upward
6712: Why Not Fully Spend a Conditional Block Grant? Downloads
Riemer Faber and Pierre Koning
6711: A Reason for Unreason: Returns-Based Beliefs in Game Theory Downloads
Chander Velu, Sriya Iyer and Jonathan R. Gair
6710: The "Bomb" Risk Elicitation Task Downloads
Paolo Crosetto and Antonio Filippin
6709: Trends in Time Allocation: A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal and Almudena Sevilla
6708: Leisure Inequality in the United States: 1965-2003 Downloads
Almudena Sevilla, J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal and Jonathan . Gershuny
6707: The Effect of Job Displacement on Couples' Fertility Decisions Downloads
Kristiina Huttunen and Jenni Kellokumpu
6706: Birth Order and Human Capital Development: Evidence from Ecuador Downloads
Monique De Haan, Erik Plug and José Rosero
6705: Stand Your Ground Laws and Homicides Downloads
Chandler McClellan and Erdal Tekin
6704: Can Pro-Marriage Policies Work? An Analysis of Marginal Marriages Downloads
Wolfgang Frimmel, Martin Halla and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
6703: Differences in Quality of Life Estimates Using Rents and Home Values Downloads
John Winters
6702: How Financial Incentives Induce Disability Insurance Recipients to Return to Work Downloads
Andreas Ravndal Kostol and Magne Mogstad
6701: Time vs. Money: The Supply of Voluntary Labor and Charitable Donations across Europe Downloads
Thomas Bauer, Julia Bredtmann and Christoph Schmidt
6700: A Gift of Time Downloads
Daiji Kawaguchi, Jungmin Lee and Daniel Hamermesh
6699: Nudges at the Dentist Downloads
Steffen Altmann and Christian Traxler
6698: Joint Leisure Before and After Retirement: A Double Regression Discontinuity Approach Downloads
Elena Stancanelli and Arthur van Soest
6697: The Effect of Breastfeeding on Children's Cognitive and Noncognitive Development Downloads
Cristina Borra, Maria Iacovou and Almudena Sevilla
6696: Kick It Like Özil? Decomposing the Native-Migrant Education Gap Downloads
Annabelle Krause, Ulf Rinne and Simone Schüller
6695: Overeducation among Immigrants in Sweden: Incidence, Wage Effects and State-Dependence Downloads
Pernilla Andersson Joona, Nabanita Datta Gupta and Eskil Wadensjö
6694: Impact of Bilingual Education Programs on Limited English Proficient Students and Their Peers: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Texas Downloads
Aimee Chin, N. Meltem Daysal and Scott Imberman
6693: Immigrants in Risky Occupations Downloads
Pia Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny
6692: Testing for Nonparametric Identification of Causal Effects in the Presence of a Quasi-Instrument Downloads
Xavier de Luna and Per Johansson
6691: What is the Right Profile for Getting a Job? A Stated Choice Experiment of the Recruitment Process Downloads
Stefan Eriksson, Per Johansson and Sophie Langenskiöld
6690: Immigration and Structural Change: Evidence from Post-War Germany Downloads
Sebastian Braun and Michael Kvasnicka
6689: A Theory of Child Adoption Downloads
Dirk Bethmann and Michael Kvasnicka
6688: Taxes, Cigarette Consumption, and Smoking Intensity: Reply Downloads
Jerome Adda and Francesca Cornaglia
6687: Bureaucratic Delay, Local-Level Monitoring, and Delivery of Small Infrastructure Projects: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Bolivia Downloads
Monica Yanez-Pagans and Carlos Machicado Salas
6686: One Way the Demand for Labor May Adapt to the Availability of Labor Downloads
Harriet Duleep
6685: The Rise of the East and the Far East: German Labor Markets and Trade Integration Downloads
Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen and Jens Suedekum
6684: Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Cypriot Labour Market: Distastes or Uncertainty? Downloads
Nick Drydakis
6683: Independent Schools and Long-Run Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Sweden's Large Scale Voucher Reform Downloads
Anders Böhlmark and Mikael Lindahl
6682: Sharpening the Effectiveness of Natural Experiments as an Analytical Tool Downloads
Harriet Duleep
6681: Peer Effects in Program Participation Downloads
Gordon Dahl, Katrine Løken and Magne Mogstad
6680: The Effects of EITC Payment Expansion on Maternal Smoking Downloads
Susan L. Averett and Yang Wang
6679: Equilibrium Simulation with Microeconometric Models: A New Procedure with an Application to Income Support Policies Downloads
Ugo Colombino
6678: Who Marries Differently-Aged Spouses? Earnings, Ability and Appearance Downloads
Hani Mansour and Terra McKinnish
6677: How Immigration May Affect U.S. Native Entrepreneurship: Theoretical Building Blocks and Preliminary Results Downloads
Harriet Duleep, David Jaeger and Mark Regets
6676: Immigrant Homeownership and Immigration Status: Evidence from Spain Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Kusum Mundra
6675: Extra Status and Extra Stress: Are Promotions Good for Us? Downloads
David Johnston and Wang-Sheng Lee
6674: Myth or Fact? The Beauty Premium across the Wage Distribution Downloads
Karina Doorley and Eva Sierminska
6673: Peer Salaries and Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace Downloads
Karen Mumford and Peter Smith
6672: Empirical Approaches to Inequality of Opportunity: Principles, Measures, and Evidence Downloads
Xavi Ramos and Dirk Van de gaer
6671: How Are Firms Affected by the Crisis and How Do They React? Downloads
Niels Westergård-Nielsen and Ioana Neamtu
6670: Temporary Work as an Active Labor Market Policy: Evaluating an Innovative Program for Disadvantaged Youths Downloads
Christoph Ehlert, Jochen Kluve and Sandra Schaffner
6669: The Cycle of Earnings Inequality: Evidence from Spanish Social Security Data Downloads
Stéphane Bonhomme and Laura Hospido
6668: The Impact of Population Ageing on House Prices: A Micro-simulation Approach Downloads
Yu Chen, Kenneth D. Gibb, Chris Leishman and Robert Wright
6667: Measuring Segregation When Hierarchy Matters Downloads
Robert M. Hutchens
6666: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, and the Great Recession: Lessons from Japan's Lost Decade Downloads
Ryo Kambayashi and Takao Kato
6665: Migration, Redistribution and the Universal Welfare Model Downloads
Torben M. Andersen
6664: The Selection of Migrants and Returnees in Romania: Evidence and Long-Run Implications Downloads
J. William Ambrosini, Karin Mayr, Giovanni Peri and Dragos Radu
6663: The Impact of Female Employment on Male Wages and Careers: Evidence from the English Banking Industry, 1890-1941 Downloads
Andrew Seltzer
6662: High Wage Workers Match with High Wage Firms: Clear Evidence of the Effects of Limited Mobility Bias Downloads
Martyn J. Andrews, Leonard Gill, Thorsten Schank and Richard Upward
6661: Power of the Pill or Power of Abortion? Re-Examining the Effects of Young Women's Access to Reproductive Control Downloads
Caitlin Myers
6660: Unemployment Insurance, Job Search and Informal Employment Downloads
David Margolis, Lucas Navarro and David Robalino
6659: The Effect of College Education on Health Downloads
Kasey Buckles, Ofer Malamud, Melinda Sandler Morrill and Abigail Wozniak
6658: Is the Erosion Thesis Overblown? Evidence from the Orientation of Uncovered Employers Downloads
John Addison, Paulino Teixeira, Katalin Evers and Lutz Bellmann
6657: Worker Matching and Firm Value Downloads
Espen Moen and Eran Yashiv
6656: Maternal Gender Role Attitudes, Human Capital Investment, and Labour Supply of Sons and Daughters Downloads
David Johnston, Stefanie Schurer and Michael Shields
6655: The Role of Income and Immigration Policies in Attracting International Migrants Downloads
Francesc Ortega and Giovanni Peri
6654: Unemployment Persistence: How Important Are Non-Cognitive Skills? Downloads
Maite Blázquez Cuesta and Santiago Budría
6653: Does It Pay to Be a Cadre? Estimating the Returns to Being a Local Official in Rural China Downloads
Jian Zhang, John Giles and Scott Rozelle
6652: More Hours, More Jobs? The Employment Effects of Longer Working Hours Downloads
Martyn J. Andrews, Hans-Dieter Gerner, Thorsten Schank and Richard Upward
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