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6954: Is There a Southern-Sclerosis? Worker Reallocation and Regional Unemployment in Italy Downloads
Chiara Mussida and Francesco Pastore
6953: Muslims in France: Identifying a Discriminatory Equilibrium Downloads
Claire L. Adida, David D. Laitin and Marie-Anne Valfort
6952: Policy Responses to Fiscal Restraints: A Difference-in-Discontinuities Design Downloads
Veronica Grembi, Tommaso Nannicini and Ugo Troiano
6951: Reducing Underage Alcohol and Tobacco Use: Evidence from the Introduction of Vertical Identification Cards Downloads
Andriana Bellou and Rachana Bhatt
6950: Labor Market Effects of Unemployment Insurance Design Downloads
Konstantinos Tatsiramos and Jan van Ours
6949: Job Search, Human Capital and Wage Inequality Downloads
Carlos Carrillo-Tudela
6948: Promotion Determinants in Corporate Hierarchies: An Examination of Fast Tracks and Functional Area Downloads
Christian Belzil, Michael Bognanno and François Poinas
6947: Gender, Risk and Venture Creation Intentions Downloads
Chris Dawson and Andrew Henley
6946: The Economic Security Index: A New Measure for Research and Policy Analysis Downloads
Jacob S. Hacker, Gregory Alain Huber, Austin Nichols, Philipp Rehm, Mark Schlesinger, Robert Valletta and Stuart Craig
6945: Resilience to Economic Shocks and the Long Reach of Childhood Bullying Downloads
Nattavudh Powdthavee
6944: Parents Transmit Happiness along with Associated Values and Behaviors to Their Children: A Lifelong Happiness Dividend? Downloads
Bruce Headey, Ruud Muffels and Gert Wagner
6943: Personality Traits and the Marriage Market Downloads
Arnaud Dupuy and Alfred Galichon
6942: Canonical Correlation and Assortative Matching: A Remark Downloads
Arnaud Dupuy and Alfred Galichon
6941: Isolating the Network Effect of Immigrants on Trade Downloads
Mariya Aleksynska and Giovanni Peri
6940: The Economics of Circular Migration Downloads
Amelie Constant, Olga Nottmeyer and Klaus Zimmermann
6939: Do Ethnic Enclaves Impede Immigrants' Integration? Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental Social-Interaction Approach Downloads
Alexander Danzer and Firat Yaman
6938: Bridge Jobs in Europe Downloads
Giorgio Brunello and Monica Langella
6937: Does Immigration Policy Affect the Education-Occupation Mismatch? Evidence from Australia Downloads
Max Tani
6936: Spatial Disparities in Hospital Performance Downloads
Laurent Gobillon and Carine Milcent
6935: Efficiency in a Search and Matching Economy with a Competitive Informal Sector Downloads
Olivier Charlot, Franck Malherbet and Mustafa Ulus
6934: Are We There Yet? Time for Checks and Balances on New Institutionalism Downloads
Murat Iyigun
6933: For Some Mothers More Than Others: How Children Matter for Labour Market Outcomes When Both Fertility and Female Employment Are Low Downloads
Krzysztof Karbownik and Michal Myck
6932: Worker Cooperatives and Democratic Governance Downloads
John Pencavel
6931: Immigrants' Time Use: A Survey of Methods and Evidence Downloads
David Ribar
6930: The Economics of Child Well-Being Downloads
Gabriella Conti and James Heckman
6929: Son Preference and Children's Housework: The Case of India Downloads
Tin-chi Lin and Alicia Adsera
6928: Estimating Gender Differences in Access to Jobs Downloads
Laurent Gobillon, Dominique Meurs and Sébastien Roux
6927: Savings and Prize-Linked Savings Accounts Downloads
Kadir Atalay, Fayzan Bakhtiar, Stephen Cheung and Robert Slonim
6926: The Role of Sectoral Growth Patterns in Labor Market Development Downloads
Francisco Javier Arias-Vazquez, Jean Nahrae Lee and David Newhouse
6925: Profit Sharing and Relative Consumption Downloads
Laszlo Goerke
6924: The Labour Market Integration of Refugee and Family Reunion Immigrants: A Comparison of Outcomes in Canada and Sweden Downloads
Pieter Bevelander and Ravi Pendakur
6923: The Effect of Weather-Induced Internal Migration on Local Labor Markets: Evidence from Uganda Downloads
Eric Strobl and Marie-Anne Valfort
6922: To See Is To Believe: Common Expectations in Experimental Asset Markets Downloads
Stephen Cheung, Morten Hedegaard and Stefan Palan
6921: Immigration and the Distribution of Incomes Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
6920: The Problem of the Uninsured Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich and Yong Yin
6919: Truth-Telling: A Representative Assessment Downloads
Johannes Abeler, Anke Becker and Armin Falk
6918: Aggregate Earnings and Macroeconomic Shocks: The Role of Labour Market Policies and Institutions Downloads
Andrea Bassanini
6917: Gender, Single-Sex Schooling and Maths Achievement Downloads
Aedín Doris, Donal O'Neill and Olive Sweetman
6916: Trust, Values and False Consensus Downloads
Jeffrey Butler, Paola Giuliano and Luigi Guiso
6915: Transcriptional Modulation of the Developing Immune System by Early Life Social Adversity Downloads
Steven W. Cole, Gabriella Conti, Jesusa M. Arevalo, Angela M. Ruggiero, James Heckman and Stephen J. Suomi
6914: Experimental Evidence on the Relationship between Tax Evasion Opportunities and Labor Supply Downloads
Philipp Doerrenberg and Denvil Duncan
6913: The Effect of Schooling on Cognitive Skills Downloads
Magnus Carlsson, Gordon Dahl and Dan-Olof Rooth
6912: Tax Reform in Georgia and the Size of the Shadow Economy Downloads
Karine Torosyan and Randall Filer
6911: Liberty and the Post-Utilitarian Society Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
6910: Unequal Inequalities: Do Progressive Taxes Reduce Income Inequality? Downloads
Denvil Duncan and Klara Sabirianova Peter
6909: Aging and Productivity: Evidence from Piece Rates Downloads
Tuomas Pekkarinen and Roope Uusitalo
6908: Household Search or Individual Search: Does It Matter? Evidence from Lifetime Inequality Estimates Downloads
Luca Flabbi and James Mabli
6907: Intergenerational Income Persistency in Urban China Downloads
Deng Quheng, Björn Anders Gustafsson and Shi Li
6906: The Cyclicality of the Separation and Job Finding Rates in France Downloads
Jean-Olivier Hairault, Thomas Le Barbanchon and Thepthida Sopraseuth
6905: Stochastic Choice and Consideration Sets Downloads
Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti
6904: The Impact of Immigration on the Educational Attainment of Natives Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
6903: Ethnic Discrimination in China's Internet Job Board Labor Market Downloads
Margaret Maurer-Fazio
6902: The Labor-Market Returns to Community College Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates Downloads
Christopher Jepsen, Kenneth Troske and Paul A. Coomes
6901: Measuring the Shadow Economy: Endogenous Switching Regression with Unobserved Separation Downloads
Tomas Lichard, Jan Hanousek and Randall Filer
6900: Consumption Inequality and Family Labor Supply Downloads
Richard Blundell, Luigi Pistaferri and Itay Saporta-Eksten
6899: The Human Capital (Schooling) of Immigrants in America Downloads
James Smith
6898: Indebted and Overweight: The Link Between Weight and Household Debt Downloads
Susan L. Averett and Julie Smith
6897: Offshoring, Wages and Job Security of Temporary Workers Downloads
Holger Görg and Dennis Görlich
6896: Business Training and Female Enterprise Start-Up, Growth, and Dynamics: Experimental Evidence from Sri Lanka Downloads
Suresh de Mel, David McKenzie and Christopher Woodruff
6895: What Are We Learning from Business Training and Entrepreneurship Evaluations around the Developing World? Downloads
David McKenzie and Christopher Woodruff
6894: Do Firms Demand Temporary Workers When They Face Workload Fluctuation? Cross-Country Firm-Level Evidence on the Conditioning Effect of Employment Protection Downloads
Vanessa Dräger and Paul Marx
6893: Wage Growth and Job Mobility in the Early Career: Testing a Statistical Discrimination Model of the Gender Wage Gap Downloads
Philippe Belley, Nathalie Havet and Guy Lacroix
6892: Minimum Wages and Female Labor Supply in Germany Downloads
Christian Bredemeier and Falko Juessen
6891: Shadow Economies in Highly Developed OECD Countries: What Are the Driving Forces? Downloads
Friedrich Schneider and Andreas Buehn
6890: Youth Unemployment and Vocational Training Downloads
Costanza Biavaschi, Werner Eichhorst, Corrado Giulietti, Michael J. Kendzia, Alexander Muravyev, Janneke Pieters, Núria Rodriguez-Planas, Ricarda Schmidl and Klaus Zimmermann
6889: Central School Exit Exams and Labor-Market Outcomes Downloads
Marc Piopiunik, Guido Schwerdt and Ludger Woessmann
6888: Does Money Burn Fat? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Downloads
Boris Augurzky, Thomas Bauer, Arndt Reichert, Christoph Schmidt and Harald Tauchmann
6887: A Control Function Approach to Estimating Dynamic Probit Models with Endogenous Regressors, with an Application to the Study of Poverty Persistence in China Downloads
John Giles and Irina Murtazashvili
6886: Why Don't Women Patent? Downloads
Jennifer Hunt, Jean-Philippe Garant, Hannah Herman and David J. Munroe
6885: Why Do Women Leave Science and Engineering? Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
6884: The Impact of Managerial Change on Performance: The Role of Team Heterogeneity Downloads
Sandra Hentschel, Gerd Muehlheusser and Dirk Sliwka
6883: What Determines Religious School Choice? Theory and Evidence from Rural Bangladesh Downloads
Mohammad Asadullah, Rupa Chakrabarti and Nazmul Chaudhury
6882: Do Literacy and Numeracy Pay Off? On the Relationship between Basic Skills and Earnings Downloads
Manfred Antoni and Guido Heineck
6881: The Dynamics of the Regulation of Labor in Developing and Developed Countries since 1960 Downloads
Nauro Campos and Jeffrey B. Nugent
6880: Active Labor Market Programs: Employment Gain or Fiscal Drain? Downloads
Alessio Brown and Johannes Koettl
6879: Saving Lives at Birth: The Impact of Home Births on Infant Outcomes Downloads
N. Meltem Daysal, Mircea Trandafir and Reyn Van Ewijk
6878: Exploring the Early-life Causes and Later-life Consequences of Migration through a Longitudinal Study on Ageing Downloads
Alan Barrett and Irene Mosca
6877: An Alternative Explanation for the Variation in Reported Estimates of Risk Aversion Downloads
Denis Conniffe and Donal O'Neill
6876: Can Taxes Stabilize the Economy in the Presence of Consumption Externalities? Downloads
Teresa Lloyd-Braga and Leonor Modesto
6875: Rent Sharing as a Driver of the Glass Ceiling Effect Downloads
Alessia Matano and Paolo Naticchioni
6874: Searching for Rehabilitation in Nonparametric Regression Models with Exogenous Treatment Assignment Downloads
Daniel Henderson and Esfandiar Maasoumi
6873: Promotion and Wages in Mid-Career: Gender, Unionism, and Sector Downloads
John Addison, Orgul Ozturk and Si Wang
6872: Rural Households in a Changing Climate Downloads
Javier Baez, Dorothy Kronick and Andrew D. Mason
6871: Miserable Migrants? Natural Experiment Evidence on International Migration and Objective and Subjective Well-Being Downloads
Steven Stillman, John Gibson, David McKenzie and Halahingano Rohorua
6870: Conditional Cash Transfers, Political Participation, and Voting Behavior Downloads
Javier Baez, Adriana Camacho, Emily Conover and Roman Zarate
6869: Human Capital Externalities and Employment Differences across Metropolitan Areas of the U.S Downloads
John Winters
6868: Self Investments of Adolescents and their Cognitive Development Downloads
Daniela Del Boca, Chiara Monfardini and Cheti Nicoletti
6867: Grades, Aspirations and Post-Secondary Education Outcomes Downloads
Louis Christofides, Michael Hoy, Joniada Milla and Thanasis Stengos
6866: Constrained Firms, Not Subsistence Activities: Evidence on Capital Returns and Accumulation in Peruvian Microenterprises Downloads
Kristin Göbel, Michael Grimm and Jann Lay
6865: Opting-In: Participation Biases in the Lab Downloads
Robert Slonim, Carmen Wang, Ellen Garbarino and Danielle Merrett
6864: Early Life Health Interventions and Academic Achievement Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj, Katrine Løken and Christopher Neilson
6863: Misery Loves Company: Exogenous Shocks in Retirement Expectations and Social Comparison Effects on Subjective Well-Being Downloads
Raymond Montizaan and Maarten Vendrik
6862: Education and Freedom of Choice: Evidence from Arranged Marriages in Vietnam Downloads
M. Shahe Emran, Fenohasina Maret-Rakotondrazaka and Stephen Smith
6861: An Experimental Test of a Committee Search Model Downloads
Yoichi Hizen, Keisuke Kawata and Masaru Sasaki
6860: Why Are Educated and Risk-Loving Persons More Mobile Across Regions? Downloads
Stefan Bauernschuster, Oliver Falck, Stephan Heblich and Jens Suedekum
6859: Media Slant Against Foreign Owners: Downsizing Downloads
Guido Friebel and Matthias Heinz
6858: Labor Market Impacts of a Large-Scale Public Works Program: Evidence from the Indian Employment Guarantee Scheme Downloads
Laura Zimmermann
6857: In-State Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants and its Impact on College Enrollment, Tuition Costs, Student Financial Aid, and Indebtedness Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Chad Sparber
6856: Do Babysitters Have More Kids? The Effects of Teenage Work Experiences on Adult Outcomes Downloads
Zeynep Erdogan, Joyce Jacobsen and Peter Kooreman
6855: The Declines in Infant Mortality and Fertility: Evidence from British Cities in Demographic Transition Downloads
Andrew Newell and Ian Gazeley
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