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8541: Earnings and Employment in Foreign-Owned Firms Downloads
David Maré, Lynda Sanderson and Richard Fabling
8540: 30,000 Minimum Wages: The Economic Effects of Collective Bargaining Extensions Downloads
Pedro Martins
8539: Workplace Democracy and Job Flows Downloads
Guillermo Alves, Gabriel Burdín and Andrés Dean
8538: Say Pays! Shareholder Voice and Firm Performance Downloads
Vicente Cuñat, Mireia Giné and Maria Guadalupe
8537: Employee Stock Purchase Plans: Gift or Incentive? Evidence from a Multinational Corporation Downloads
Alex Bryson and Richard Freeman
8536: House Price Expectations Downloads
Geng Niu and Arthur van Soest
8535: Measurement Error in Subjective Expectations and the Empirical Content of Economic Models Downloads
Tilman Drerup, Benjamin Enke and Hans-Martin von Gaudecker
8534: The Effect of Communication Channels on Promise-Making and Promise-Keeping Downloads
Julian Conrads and Tommaso Reggiani
8533: Institution Formation and Cooperation with Heterogeneous Agents Downloads
Sebastian Kube, Sebastian Schaube, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch and Elina Khachatryan
8532: Voluntary Contributions to the Establishment and Operation of Public Goods: Theory and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Yuval Arbel, Ronen Bar-El, Mordechai E. Schwarz and Yossi Tobol
8531: Stealing to Survive? Crime and Income Shocks in 19th Century France Downloads
Vincent Bignon, Eve Caroli and Roberto Galbiati
8530: Household Finances and Well-Being: An Empirical Analysis of Comparison Effects Downloads
Sarah Brown and Daniel Gray
8529: Health Risk Factors among the Older European Populations: Personal and Country Effects Downloads
Teresa M. García-Muñoz, Shoshana Neuman and Tzahi Neuman
8528: Peer Effects on Childhood and Adolescent Obesity in China Downloads
Peng Nie, Alfonso Sousa-Poza and Xiaobo He
8527: Attractiveness, Anthropometry or Both? Their Relationship and Role in Economic Research Downloads
Sonia Oreffice and Climent Quintana-Domeque
8526: Evaluating the Effect of Beauty on Labor Market Outcomes: A Review of the Literature Downloads
Liu, Xing (Michelle) and Eva Sierminska
8525: Do Cows Have Negative Returns? The Evidence Revisited Downloads
Esther Gehrke and Michael Grimm
8524: Labor Productivity in Rural African Enterprises: Empirical Evidence from the LSMS-ISA Downloads
Paula Nagler and Wim Naudé
8523: Evidence on Policies to Increase the Development Impacts of International Migration Downloads
David McKenzie and Dean Yang
8522: Cultural Values and Decision to Work of Immigrant Women in Italy Downloads
Vincenzo Scoppa and Manuela Stranges
8521: Emigration, Remittances and Corruption Experience of Those Staying Behind Downloads
Artjoms Ivlevs and Roswitha M. King
8520: In Transit: The Well-Being of Migrants from Transition and Post-Transition Countries Downloads
Milena Nikolova and Carol Lee Graham
8519: The Reservation Wage Curve: Evidence from the UK Downloads
Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor
8518: Testing the Importance of Search Frictions, Matching, and Reservation Prestige Through Randomized Experiments in Jordan Downloads
Matthew Groh, David McKenzie, Nour Shammout and Tara Vishwanath
8517: Unintended Effects of Anonymous Resumes Downloads
Luc Behaghel, Bruno Crépon and Thomas Le Barbanchon
8516: Hiring Discrimination against Pro-Union Applicants: The Role of Union Density and Firm Size Downloads
Stijn Baert and Eddy Omey
8515: Revisiting the Matching Function Downloads
Britta Kohlbrecher, Christian Merkl and Daniela Nordmeier
8514: Trade Adjustment: Worker Level Evidence Downloads
David Autor, David Dorn, Gordon Hanson and Jae Song
8513: Intergenerational Transmission of Unemployment: Evidence for German Sons Downloads
Miriam Mäder, Steffen Müller, Regina Riphahn and Caroline Schwientek
8512: The Evolution of Rotation Group Bias: Will the Real Unemployment Rate Please Stand Up? Downloads
Alan Krueger, Alexandre Mas and Xiaotong Niu
8511: Public Employment Policies and Regional Unemployment Differences Downloads
Vincenzo Caponi
8510: The Productivity Consequences of Political Turnover: Firm-Level Evidence from Ukraine's Orange Revolution Downloads
John Earle and Scott Gehlbach
8509: Estimating Direct and Indirect Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Firm Productivity in the Presence of Interactions between Firms Downloads
Sourafel Girma, Yundan Gong, Holger Görg and Sandra Lancheros
8508: The Empirics of Agglomeration Economies Downloads
Pierre-Philippe Combes and Laurent Gobillon
8507: European Innovation Dynamics and US Economic Impact: Theory and Empirical Analysis Downloads
Paul J. J. Welfens and Tony Irawan
8506: Innovation, Productivity, and Training Downloads
Benoit Dostie
8505: Selective Schooling Systems Increase Inequality Downloads
Simon Burgess, Matt Dickson and Lindsey Macmillan
8504: Growth and Inequality in Public Good Games Downloads
Simon Gächter, Friederike Mengel, Elias Tsakas and Alexander Vostroknutov
8503: Equalization of Opportunity: Definitions, Implementable Conditions and Application to Early-Childhood Policy Evaluation Downloads
Francesco Andreoli, Tarjei Havnes and Arnaud Lefranc
8502: Relative Concerns for Consumption at the Top: An Intertemporal Analysis for the UK Downloads
Climent Quintana-Domeque and Johannes Wohlfart
8501: World Income Inequality Databases: An Assessment of WIID and SWIID Downloads
Stephen Jenkins
8500: Long Term Trends in Fair and Unfair Inequality in the United States Downloads
Andrew Hussey and Michael Jetter
8499: Higher Intelligence Groups Have Higher Cooperation Rates in the Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Downloads
Eugenio Proto, Aldo Rustichini and Andis Sofianos
8498: Happy Voters Downloads
Federica Liberini, Michela Redoano and Eugenio Proto
8497: Terrorism and the Media Downloads
Michael Jetter
8496: Love Thy Neighbor: Religion and Prosocial Behavior Downloads
Guido Heineck
8495: A Journey Home: What Drives How Long People Are Homeless? Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark, Nicolas Hérault, Rosanna Scutella and Yi-Ping Tseng
8494: Fetus, Fasting, and Festival: The Persistent Effects of in Utero Social Shocks Downloads
Xi Chen
8493: Modelling Heaped Duration Data: An Application to Neonatal Mortality Downloads
Wiji Arulampalam, Valentina Corradi and Daniel Gutknecht
8492: Moral Hazard and Less Invasive Medical Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease: The Case of Cigarette Smoking Downloads
Jesse Margolis, Jason Hockenberry, Michael Grossman and Shin-Yi Chou
8491: Waiting To Give Downloads
Ashley Craig, Ellen Garbarino, Stephanie A. Heger and Robert Slonim
8490: When the Baby Cries at Night: Inelastic Buyers in Non-Competitive Markets Downloads
Giacomo Calzolari, Andrea Ichino, Francesco Manaresi and Viki Nellas
8489: The Impact of a One Laptop per Child Program on Learning: Evidence from Uruguay Downloads
Gioia de Melo, Alina Machado and Alfonso Miranda
8488: Determinants of Bilingualism among Children Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Marina Gindelsky
8487: Locus of Control and Its Intergenerational Implications for Early Childhood Skill Formation Downloads
Warn Nuarpear Lekfuangfu, Francesca Cornaglia, Nattavudh Powdthavee and Nele Warrinnier
8486: Female Self-Employment and Children: The Case of Sweden Downloads
Pernilla Andersson Joona
8485: Are Parental Welfare Work Requirements Good for Disadvantaged Children? Evidence from Age-of-Youngest-Child Exemptions Downloads
Chris M. Herbst
8484: Does Early Child Care Help or Hurt Children's Development? Downloads
Christina Felfe and Rafael Lalive
8483: Manufacturing Growth and the Lives of Bangladeshi Women Downloads
Rachel Heath and Ahmed Mobarak
8482: Beyond Inequality Accounting: Marital Sorting and Couple Labor Supply Downloads
Nico Pestel
8481: Intermarriage and the Unhealthy Assimilation of Immigrant Descendants Downloads
Giovanni Giuntella
8480: Common Law Marriage and Couple Formation Downloads
Shoshana Grossbard and Victoria Vernon
8479: Pension and the Family Downloads
Mizuki Komura and Hikaru Ogawa
8478: The Family Gap in Career Progression Downloads
Astrid Kunze
8477: Broken Gears: The Value Added of Higher Education on Teachers' Academic Achievement Downloads
Carlos Balcazar and Hugo Ñopo
8476: Private Education Market, Information on Test Scores and Tuition Practices Downloads
Sergio Firpo, Vladimir Ponczek and Vítor Augusto Possebom
8475: Managerial Practices and Students' Performance Downloads
Adriana Di Liberto, Fabiano Schivardi and Giovanni Sulis
8474: Is It Worth It? Postsecondary Education and Labor Market Outcomes for the Disadvantaged Downloads
Benjamin Backes, Harry J. Holzer and Erin Dunlop Velez
8473: Returns to University Quality in Australia: A Two-Stage Analysis Downloads
David Carroll, Chris Heaton and Max Tani
8472: Does Diploma Type Matter for Subsequent Academic Achievement? A UAE Case Study Downloads
Samer Kherfi and George Naufal
8471: Student Scores in Public and Private Schools: Evidence from PISA 2009 Downloads
Stephane Mahuteau and Kostas Mavromaras
8470: Behavioral Economics of Education Downloads
Alexander Koch, Julia Nafziger and Helena Nielsen
8469: Vacation Leave, Work Hours and Wages: New Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data Downloads
Ali Fakih
8468: The Brazilian Wage Curve: New Evidence from the National Household Survey Downloads
Badi Baltagi, Bartlomiej Rokicki and Kênia Barreiro de Souza
8467: Do Wages Continue Increasing at Older Ages? Evidence on the Wage Cushion in the Netherlands Downloads
Anja Deelen and Rob Euwals
8466: Early Retirement and Financial Incentives: Differences Between High and Low Wage Earners Downloads
Rob Euwals and Elisabetta Trevisan
8465: Unconditional and Conditional Wage Polarization in Europe Downloads
Paolo Naticchioni, Giuseppe Ragusa and Riccardo Massari
8464: Sometimes, Winners Lose: Economic Disparity and Indigenization in Kazakhstan Downloads
Ira Gang and Achim Schmillen
8463: Birthplace Diversity and Productivity Spill-overs in Firms Downloads
René Böheim, Gerard Horvath and Karin Mayr
8462: Top Team Diversity and Business Performance: Latent Class Analysis for Firms and Cities Downloads
Max Nathan
8461: Ethnic Differences in Realising Desires to Leave the Neighbourhood Downloads
Sanne Boschman, Reinout Kleinhans and Maarten van Ham
8460: Immigrants' 'Ability' and Welfare as a Function of Cultural Diversity: Effect of Cultural Capital at Individual and Local Level Downloads
Annie Tubadji, Masood Gheasi and Peter Nijkamp
8459: Ireland's Recession and the Immigrant/Native Earnings Gap Downloads
Alan Barrett, Adele Bergin, Elish Kelly and Seamus McGuinness
8458: On the Intended and Unintended Consequences of Enhanced Border and Interior Immigration Enforcement: Evidence from Deportees Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Susan Pozo
8457: The Rhetoric of Closed Borders: Quotas, Lax Enforcement and Illegal Migration Downloads
Giovanni Facchini and Cecilia Testa
8456: The Free Movement of Workers in an Enlarged European Union: Institutional Underpinnings of Economic Adjustment Downloads
Martin Kahanec, Mariola Pytlikova and Klaus Zimmermann
8455: Testing for Selection Bias Downloads
Joonhwi Joo and Robert J. LaLonde
8454: Employment and Earnings Effects of Awarding Training Vouchers in Germany Downloads
Annabelle Doerr, Bernd Fitzenberger, Thomas Kruppe, Marie Paul and Anthony Strittmatter
8453: Labor Market Reforms and Current Account Imbalances: Beggar-Thy-Neighbor Policies in a Currency Union? Downloads
Timo Baas and Ansgar Belke
8452: Do Criminal Representatives Hinder or Improve Constituency Outcomes? Evidence from India Downloads
Nishith Prakash, Marc Rockmore and Yogesh Uppal
8451: Money Can't Buy Love But Can It Buy Peace? Evidence from the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation Downloads
Tilman Brück and Neil Ferguson
8450: Policy Discontinuity and Duration Outcomes Downloads
Gerard van den Berg, Antoine Bozio and Monica Costa Dias
8449: Evaluating Workplace Mandates with Flows versus Stocks: An Application to California Paid Family Leave Downloads
E Curtis, Barry Hirsch and Mary C. Schroeder
8448: Tax Morale Downloads
Erzo Luttmer and Monica Singhal
8447: Do Employer Preferences Contribute to Sticky Floors? Downloads
Stijn Baert, Ann-Sophie De Pauw and Nick Deschacht
8446: Awareness Programs and Change in Taste-based Caste Prejudice Downloads
Ritwik Banerjee and Nabanita Datta Gupta
8445: The Timing of Preference and Prejudice in Sequential Hiring Games Downloads
Glen R. Waddell and Logan M. Lee
8444: Desert and Inequity Aversion in Teams Downloads
David Gill and Rebecca Stone
8443: Gender Differences in Honesty: Groups Versus Individuals Downloads
Gerd Muehlheusser, Andreas Roider and Niklas Wallmeier
8442: Concern for Relative Standing and Deception Downloads
Spyros Galanis and Michael Vlassopoulos
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