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7776: The Cyclical Behaviour of Employers' Monopsony Power and Workers' Wages Downloads
Boris Hirsch, Elke Jahn and Claus Schnabel
7775: Couples' Labour Supply Responses to Job Loss: Boom and Recession Compared Downloads
Mark Bryan and Simonetta Longhi
7774: Does Homeownership Lead to Longer Unemployment Spells? The Role of Mortgage Payments Downloads
Stijn Baert, Freddy Heylen and Daan Isebaert
7773: Behind the Great Recession: Job Search and Housing Decisions Downloads
Silvio Rendon and Núria Quella
7772: Aid to Jobless Workers in Florida in the Face of the Great Recession: The Interaction of Unemployment Insurance and the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program Downloads
Colleen M. Heflin and Peter Mueser
7771: Path-Breakers: How Does Women's Political Participation Respond to Electoral Success? Downloads
Sonia Bhalotra, Irma Clots-Figueras and Lakshmi Iyer
7770: Bride Price and Fertility Decisions: Evidence from Rural Senegal Downloads
Linguere Mbaye and Natascha Wagner
7769: Does Patience Matter for Marriage Stability? Some Evidence from Italy Downloads
Maria De Paola and Francesca Gioia
7768: After-School Care and Parents' Labor Supply Downloads
Christina Felfe, Michael Lechner and Petra Thiemann
7767: Career Lesbians: Getting Hired for Not Having Kids? Downloads
Stijn Baert
7766: Public, Private or Both? Analysing Factors Influencing the Labour Supply of Medical Specialists Downloads
Terence Cheng, Guyonne Kalb and Anthony Scott
7765: Stages of Diversification in a Neoclassical World Downloads
Catia Batista and Jacques Potin
7764: Access to Technology and the Transfer Function of Community Colleges: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Robert Fairlie and Samantha H. Grunberg
7763: Regional Equilibrium Unemployment Theory at the Age of the Internet Downloads
Vanessa Lutgen and Bruno Van der Linden
7762: The Skill Complementarity of Broadband Internet Downloads
Anders Akerman, Ingvil Gaarder and Magne Mogstad
7761: Deployments, Combat Exposure, and Crime Downloads
D. Mark Anderson and Daniel Rees
7760: Prospect Theory and Tax Evasion: A Reconsideration of the Yitzhaki Puzzle Downloads
Amedeo Piolatto and Matthew Rablen
7759: After the Tournament: Outcomes and Effort Provision Downloads
Andrew McGee and Peter McGee
7758: Subjective Evaluations: Discretionary Bonuses and Feedback Credibility Downloads
William Fuchs
7757: The Decision to Become an Entrepreneur and the Firm Size Distribution: A Unifying Framework for Policy Analysis Downloads
Markus Poschke
7756: Absence from Work of the Self-Employed: A Comparison with Paid Employees Downloads
Daniel S. J. Lechmann and Claus Schnabel
7755: The Side Effect of Pension Reforms on Training: Evidence from Italy Downloads
Giorgio Brunello and Simona Comi
7754: Does Higher Education Enhance Migration? Downloads
Mika Haapanen and Petri Böckerman
7753: Nuns and the Effects of Catholic Schools: Evidence from Vatican II Downloads
Rania Gihleb and Giovanni Giuntella
7752: The Risk and Return of Human Capital Investments Downloads
Kristian Koerselman and Roope Uusitalo
7751: Research and Teaching in Higher Education: Complements or Substitutes? Downloads
Gil Epstein and Joseph Menis
7750: Fostering and Measuring Skills: Interventions That Improve Character and Cognition Downloads
James Heckman and Tim Kautz
7749: Heaven's Swing Door: Endogenous Skills, Migration Networks and the Effectiveness of Quality-Selective Immigration Policies Downloads
Simone Bertoli and Hillel Rapoport
7748: How Do Immigrants from Taiwan Fare in the U.S. Labor Market? Downloads
Carl Lin
7747: "To Have and Have Not": Migration, Remittances, Poverty and Inequality in Algeria Downloads
David Margolis, Egidio Miotti, El Mouhoub Mouhoud and Joel Oudinet
7746: Labour Market Dynamics in Spanish Regions: Evaluating Asymmetries in Troublesome Times Downloads
Hector Sala and Pedro Trivin
7745: The Incidence and Persistence of Cyclical Job Loss in New Zealand Downloads
David Maré and Richard Fabling
7744: Macroeconomic Determinants of Retirement Timing Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Jae Song and Dmitriy Stolyarov
7743: A Detailed Decomposition of Synthetic Cohort Analysis Downloads
Tavis Barr and Carl Lin
7742: Inference with Difference-in-Differences Revisited Downloads
Mike Brewer, Thomas Crossley and Robert Joyce
7741: Penalized Quantile Regression with Semiparametric Correlated Effects: Applications with Heterogeneous Preferences Downloads
Matthew Harding and Carlos Lamarche
7740: Structural Empirical Evaluation of Job Search Monitoring Downloads
Gerard van den Berg and Bas van der Klaauw
7739: Bibliometric Evaluation vs. Informed Peer Review: Evidence from Italy Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi, Alfonso Gambardella, Tullio Jappelli, Carmela A. Nappi and Franco Peracchi
7738: A Theory for Ranking Distribution Functions Downloads
Rolf Aaberge, Tarjei Havnes and Magne Mogstad
7737: Changes in Income Distributions and the Role of Tax-Benefit Policy During the Great Recession: An International Perspective Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Tim Callan, Karina Doorley and Claire Keane
7736: Politicians, Governed vs. Non-Governed Interest Groups and Rent Dissipation Downloads
Gil Epstein and Yosef Mealem
7735: People, Places and Public Policy: Some Simple Welfare Economics of Local Economic Development Programs Downloads
Patrick Kline and Enrico Moretti
7734: To Own or Not to Own? Household Portfolios, Demographics and Institutions in a Cross-National Perspective Downloads
Eva Sierminska and Karina Doorley
7733: Does Wealth Inequality Matter for Growth? The Effect of Billionaire Wealth, Income Distribution, and Poverty Downloads
Sutirtha Bagchi and Jan Svejnar
7732: Do High-Income or Low-Income Immigrants Leave Faster? Downloads
Govert Bijwaard and Jackline Wahba
7731: Income vs. Consumption Inequality in South Korea: Evaluating Stochastic Dominance Rankings by Various Household Attributes Downloads
Almas Heshmati and Robert Rudolf
7730: Income Mobility Downloads
Markus Jäntti and Stephen Jenkins
7729: The Ins and Outs of Top Income Mobility Downloads
Rolf Aaberge, Anthony Atkinson and Jørgen Modalsli
7728: "Barcelona or Die": Understanding Illegal Migration from Senegal Downloads
Linguere Mbaye
7727: Left-Behind Children and Return Decisions of Rural Migrants in China Downloads
Sylvie Démurger and Hui Xu
7726: Migration and Financial Constraints: Evidence from Mexico Downloads
Manuela Angelucci
7725: The Economic Payoff of Name Americanization Downloads
Costanza Biavaschi, Corrado Giulietti and Zahra Siddique
7724: Returns to Foreign Language Skills in a Developing Country: The Case of Turkey Downloads
Antonio Di Paolo and Aysıt Tansel
7723: Incentives for Teacher Relocation: Evidence from the Gambian Hardship Allowance Downloads
Todd Pugatch and Elizabeth Schroeder
7722: Re-testing PISA Students One Year Later: On School Value Added Estimation Using OECD-PISA Downloads
Massimiliano Bratti and Daniele Checchi
7721: Immigrants' Educational Mismatch and the Penalty of Over-Education Downloads
Eleni Kalfa and Matloob Piracha
7720: Spillover Effects of Studying with Immigrant Students: A Quantile Regression Approach Downloads
Asako Ohinata and Jan van Ours
7719: Does Apprenticeship Improve Job Opportunities? A Regression Discontinuity Approach Downloads
Matteo Picchio and Stefano Staffolani
7718: Firm Dynamics, Job Turnover, and Wage Distributions in an Open Economy Downloads
A. Kerem Cosar, Nezih Guner and James Tybout
7717: Is there a Trade-off between Employment and Productivity? Downloads
Pramod (Raja) Junankar
7716: Temporary Contracts and Young Workers' Job Satisfaction in Italy Downloads
Giovanni Bruno, Floro Caroleo and Orietta Dessy
7715: Amerisclerosis? The Puzzle of Rising U.S. Unemployment Persistence Downloads
Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Dmitri Koustas
7714: Second-Degree Moral Hazard in a Real-World Credence Goods Market Downloads
Loukas Balafoutas, Rudolf Kerschbamer and Matthias Sutter
7713: Individual Behavior as a Pathway between Early-Life Shocks and Adult Health: Evidence from Hunger Episodes in Post-War Germany Downloads
Iris Kesternich, Bettina Siflinger, James Smith and Joachim Winter
7712: Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection, and the Criminal Activity of the 'Children of the Wall' Downloads
Arnaud Chevalier and Olivier Marie
7711: The Effect of Local Area Crime on Mental Health Downloads
Christian Dustmann and Francesco Fasani
7710: Women Labor Market Participation in Europe: Novel Evidence on Trends and Shaping Factors Downloads
Angela Cipollone, Eleonora Patacchini and Giovanna Vallanti
7709: Household Consumption at Retirement: A Regression Discontinuity Study on French Data Downloads
Nicolas Moreau and Elena Stancanelli
7708: What If You Had Been Less Fortunate: The Effects of Poor Family Background on Current Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Sungwook Cho and Almas Heshmati
7707: What Is the Case for Paid Maternity Leave? Downloads
Gordon Dahl, Katrine Løken, Magne Mogstad and Kari Vea Salvanes
7706: U.S. versus Sweden: The Effect of Alternative In-Work Tax Credit Policies on Labour Supply of Single Mothers Downloads
Rolf Aaberge and Lennart Flood
7705: Assessing the Impact of the Maternity Capital Policy in Russia Using a Dynamic Model of Fertility and Employment Downloads
Fabian Slonimczyk and Anna Yurko
7704: Mothers, Friends and Gender Identity Downloads
Claudia Olivetti, Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou
7703: Informality and Mobility: Evidence from Russian Panel Data Downloads
Fabian Slonimczyk and Vladimir Gimpelson
7702: Money on the Table? Firms' and Workers' Gains from Productivity Spillovers through Worker Mobility Downloads
Andrey Stoyanov and Nick Zubanov
7701: Skill Mismatches in the EU: Immigrants vs. Natives Downloads
Sandra Nieto, Alessia Matano and Raul Ramos
7700: A Gravity Model of Migration between ENC and EU Downloads
Raul Ramos and Jordi Suriñach
7699: Aggregation and Labor Supply Elasticities Downloads
Alois Kneip, Monika Merz and Lidia Storjohann
7698: Steady-State Labor Supply Elasticities: A Survey Downloads
Olivier Bargain and Andreas Peichl
7697: Does It Pay to Work for Free? Wage Returns and Gender Differences in the Market for Volunteers Downloads
Guido Cozzi, Noemi Mantovan and Robert Sauer
7696: Internationalisation of Education and Returns in the Labour Market Downloads
Jacques Poot and Matthew Roskruge
7695: Determinants of Financial Rewards from Industry-University Collaboration in South Korea Downloads
Junghee Han and Almas Heshmati
7694: Peer Effects in Disadvantaged Primary Schools: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Downloads
Heather Antecol, Ozkan Eren and Serkan Ozbeklik
7693: Seasonality in Smoking Behaviour: Re-evaluating the Effects of the 2005 Public Smoking Ban in Italy Downloads
Emilia Del Bono, Klaus Grünberger and Daniela Vuri
7692: The Effects of Intrauterine Malnutrition on Birth and Fertility Outcomes: Evidence from the 1974 Bangladesh Famine Downloads
Rey Hernández-Julián, Hani Mansour and Christina Peters
7691: Natural Disaster, Policy Action, and Mental Well-Being: The Case of Fukushima Downloads
Jan Goebel, Christian Krekel, Tim Tiefenbach and Nicolas Ziebarth
7690: Heterogeneous Sports Participation and Labour Market Outcomes in England Downloads
Michael Lechner and Paul Downward
7689: Does Full Insurance Increase the Demand for Health Care? Downloads
Stefan Boes and Michael Gerfin
7688: Is Climbing Difficult? A Gendered Analysis on the Use of Financial Services in Ghana and South Africa Downloads
Samuel Annim and Thankom Arun
7687: Usage of Financial Services in South Africa: Perceptions Matter Downloads
Philip Kostov, Thankom Arun and Samuel Annim
7686: Criminal Victims, Victimized Criminals, or Both? A Deeper Look at the Victim-Offender Overlap Downloads
Horst Entorf
7685: Engaging in Corruption: The Influence of Cultural Values and Contagion Effects at the Micro Level Downloads
Wang-Sheng Lee and Cahit Guven
7684: Confucianism and Preferences: Evidence from Lab Experiments in Taiwan and China Downloads
Elaine Liu, Juanjuan Meng and Joseph Wang
7683: Effects of Religiosity on Social Behaviour: Experimental Evidence from a Representative Sample of Spaniards Downloads
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Antonio Espín and Shoshana Neuman
7682: What Predicts a Successful Life? A Life-Course Model of Well-Being Downloads
Richard Layard, Andrew Clark, Francesca Cornaglia, Nattavudh Powdthavee and James Vernoit
7681: Household Behavior and the Marriage Market Downloads
Daniela Del Boca and Christopher Flinn
7680: Strategic Parenting, Birth Order and School Performance Downloads
V. Joseph Hotz and Juan Pantano
7679: Laterborns Don't Give Up: The Effects of Birth Order on Earnings in Europe Downloads
Marco Bertoni and Giorgio Brunello
7678: Why So Few Women on Boards of Directors? Empirical Evidence from Danish Companies 1997-2007 Downloads
Pierpaolo Parrotta and Nina Smith
7677: The Difficult Case of Persuading Women: Experimental Evidence from Childcare Downloads
Vincenzo Galasso, Paola Profeta, Chiara Pronzato and Francesco Billari
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