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7453: Anthropometric Mobility During Childhood Downloads
Daniel Millimet and Rusty Tchernis
7452: Testing the Tunnel Effect: Comparison, Age and Happiness in UK and German Panels Downloads
Felix FitzRoy, Michael A. Nolan, Max Steinhardt and David Ulph
7451: Getting Stuck in the Blues: Persistence of Mental Health Problems in Australia Downloads
John Roy and Stefanie Schurer
7450: The Unintended Consequences of Education Policies on South African Participation and Unemployment Downloads
Rulof Burger, Servaas van der Berg and Dieter von Fintel
7449: Exploitation, Altruism, and Social Welfare: An Economic Exploration Downloads
Matthias Doepke
7448: Ethnic Unemployment Rates and Frictional Markets Downloads
Laurent Gobillon, Peter Rupert and Etienne Wasmer
7447: Robustness of the Encouragement Design in a Two-Treatment Randomized Control Trial Downloads
Luc Behaghel, Bruno Crépon and Marc Gurgand
7446: Child Labor Variation by Type of Respondent: Evidence from a Large-Scale Study Downloads
Ana Dammert and Jose Galdo
7445: The Price of Warm Glow Downloads
Andrew Lilley and Robert Slonim
7444: Who Chooses Which Private Education? Theory and International Evidence Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Daniele Checchi
7443: Incidence of Strict Quality Standards: Protection of Consumers or Windfall for Professionals? Downloads
Daiji Kawaguchi, Tetsushi Murao and Ryo Kambayashi
7442: Organizations, Diffused Pivotality and Immoral Outcomes Downloads
Armin Falk and Nora Szech
7441: Democracy, Dictatorship and the Cultural Transmission of Political Values Downloads
Davide Ticchi, Thierry Verdier and Andrea Vindigni
7440: The Scarring Effects of Unemployment, Low Pay and Skills Under-utilisation in Australia Compared Downloads
Kostas Mavromaras, Peter Sloane and Zhang Wei
7439: Win Some Lose Some? Evidence from a Randomized Microcredit Program Placement Experiment by Compartamos Banco Downloads
Manuela Angelucci, Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman
7438: Causal Effects on Employment after First Birth: A Dynamic Treatment Approach Downloads
Bernd Fitzenberger, Katrin Sommerfeld and Susanne Steffes
7437: Should We Increase Instruction Time in Low Achieving Schools? Evidence from Southern Italy Downloads
Erich Battistin and Elena Meroni
7436: Drivers of Entrepreneurship and Post-Entry Performance of Newborn Firms in Developing Countries Downloads
Francesco Quatraro and Marco Vivarelli
7435: Management Compensation and the Economic Crisis: Longitudinal Evidence from the German Chemical Sector Downloads
Christian Grund and Tanja Walter
7434: Sinners or Saints? Preachers' Kids and Risky Health Behaviors Downloads
Jason Delaney and John Winters
7433: A Note on Height and Surnames: The Role of Networks Downloads
Wolter Hassink and Bas van Leeuwen
7432: Bullying at School and Labour Market Outcomes Downloads
Nick Drydakis
7431: Proximity and Coresidence of Adult Children and their Parents in the United States: Description and Correlates Downloads
Janice Compton and Robert Pollak
7430: Economic Consequences of Mispredicting Utility Downloads
Bruno Frey and Alois Stutzer
7429: Wanna Get Away? RD Identification Away from the Cutoff Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Miikka Rokkanen
7428: A Model of Worker Investment in Safety and Its Effects on Accidents and Wages Downloads
José R. Guardado and Nicolas Ziebarth
7427: Earnings Growth of Mexican Immigrants: New versus Traditional Destinations Downloads
Neeraj Kaushal and Ce Shang
7426: Multitasking and Wages Downloads
Dennis J. Snower and Dennis Goerlich
7425: Testing for Discrimination against Lesbians of Different Marital Status: A Field Experiment Downloads
Doris Weichselbaumer
7424: Stature and Life-Time Labor Market Outcomes: Accounting for Unobserved Differences Downloads
Petri Böckerman and Jari Vainiomäki
7423: Are You Unhappy Having Minority Co-Workers? Downloads
Getinet Haile
7422: Income and Population Growth Downloads
Markus Brückner and Hannes Schwandt
7421: Gender Differences in Cooperation: Experimental Evidence on High School Students Downloads
José Alberto Molina, J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal, José A. Cuesta, Carlos Garcia-Lazaro, Yamir Moreno and Angel Sanchez
7420: School Accountability: Can We Reward Schools and Avoid Pupil Selection? Downloads
Erwin Ooghe and Erik Schokkaert
7419: Employment Verification Mandates and the Labor Market Outcomes of Likely Unauthorized and Native Workers Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Cynthia Bansak
7417: Homeownership and Entrepreneurship: The Role of Commitment and Mortgage Debt Downloads
Philippe Bracke, Christian Hilber and Olmo Silva
7416: Reading to Young Children: A Head-Start in Life? Downloads
Guyonne Kalb and Jan van Ours
7415: Intergenerational Long Term Effects of Preschool: Structural Estimates from a Discrete Dynamic Programming Model Downloads
James Heckman and Lakshmi K. Raut
7414: The Paradox of Redistribution Revisited: And That It May Rest in Peace? Downloads
Ive Marx, Lina Salanauskaite and Gerlinde Verbist
7413: Worker Identity, Employment Fluctuations and Stabilization Policy Downloads
Dennis J. Snower and Wolfgang Lechthaler
7412: Are Worker-Managed Firms Really More Likely to Fail? Downloads
Gabriel Burdín
7411: Can You Trust the Good Guys? Trust Within and Between Groups with Different Missions Downloads
Sebastian Fehrler and Michael Kosfeld
7410: Gender Differences in the Effects of Behavioral Problems on School Outcomes Downloads
Jannie Kristoffersen and Nina Smith
7409: Analyzing Regional Variation in Health Care Utilization Using (Rich) Household Microdata Downloads
Peter Eibich and Nicolas Ziebarth
7408: Gender Differences in the Effects of Vocational Training: Constraints on Women and Drop-Out Behavior Downloads
Yoonyoung Cho, Davie Kalomba, Ahmed Mobarak and Victor Orozco
7407: Post Schooling Human Capital Investments and the Life Cycle Variance of Earnings Downloads
Thierry Magnac, Nicolas Pistolesi and Sébastien Roux
7406: Transfer Behaviour in Migrant Sending Communities Downloads
Tanika Chakraborty, Bakhrom Mirkasimov and Susan Steiner
7405: Working Conditions and Job Satisfaction of China's New Generation of Migrant Workers: Evidence from an Inland City Downloads
Huashu Wang, Lei Pan and Nico Heerink
7404: The Role of Institutions and Firm Heterogeneity for Labour Market Adjustment: Cross-Country Firm-Level Evidence Downloads
Peter Gal, Alexander Hijzen and Zoltán Wolf
7403: Is the Contracting-Out of Intensive Placement Services More Effective than Provision by the PES? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment Downloads
Gerhard Krug and Gesine Stephan
7402: A Helping Hand or the Long Arm of the Law? Experimental Evidence on What Governments Can Do to Formalize Firms Downloads
Gustavo Henrique de Andrade, Miriam Bruhn and David McKenzie
7401: Eliciting Illegal Migration Rates through List Randomization Downloads
David McKenzie and Melissa Siegel
7400: Seek and Ye Shall Find: How Search Requirements Affect Job Finding Rates of Older Workers Downloads
Patrick Hullegie and Jan van Ours
7399: Outsourcing, Occupational Restructuring, and Employee Well-Being: Is There a Silver Lining? Downloads
Petri Böckerman and Mika Maliranta
7398: What Did the Old Poor Law Really Accomplish? A Redux Downloads
Avner Greif and Murat Iyigun
7397: Same Same But Different: Dialects and Trade Downloads
Alfred Lameli, Volker Nitsch, Jens Suedekum and Nikolaus Wolf
7396: Aggregation and the Estimated Effects of Local Economic Conditions on Health Downloads
Jason Lindo
7395: Digital Labor-Market Intermediation and Job Expectations: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Ana Dammert, Jose Galdo and Virgilio Galdo
7394: Program Quality and Treatment Completion for Youth Training Programs Downloads
Ana Dammert and Jose Galdo
7393: Income and Wealth in the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing Downloads
O'Sullivan, Vincent, Brian Nolan and Alan Barrett
7392: Coworker Networks in the Labour Market Downloads
Albrecht Glitz
7391: Disease and Development Revisited Downloads
David Bloom, David Canning and Günther Fink
7390: Do Higher Corporate Taxes Reduce Wages? Micro Evidence from Germany Downloads
Clemens Fuest, Andreas Peichl and Sebastian Siegloch
7389: Negative and Positive Assimilation By Prices and By Quantities Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
7388: Who Moves and For How Long: Determinants of Different Forms of Migration Downloads
Daniela Borodak and Matloob Piracha
7387: Retirement Incentives in Belgium: Estimations and Simulations Using SHARE Data Downloads
Alain Jousten and Mathieu Lefebvre
7386: Can Basic Entrepreneurship Transform the Economic Lives of the Poor? Downloads
Oriana Bandiera, Robin Burgess, Narayan Das, Selim Gulesci, Imran Rasul and Munshi Sulaiman
7385: Does Bilateral Trust Affect International Movement of Goods and Labor? Downloads
Eva Spring and Volker Grossmann
7384: Job Spells, Employer Spells, and Wage Returns to Tenure Downloads
Paul Devereux, Robert Hart and J Roberts
7383: The Impact of Risk Perception and Risk Attitudes on Corrupt Behavior: Evidence from a Petty Corruption Experiment Downloads
Behnud Mir Djawadi and René Fahr
7382: The Value of Hiring through Referrals Downloads
Stephen Burks, Bo Cowgill, Mitchell Hoffman and Michael Housman
7381: State Merit-Aid Programs and College Major: A Focus on STEM Downloads
David Sjoquist and John Winters
7380: Endophilia or Exophobia: Beyond Discrimination Downloads
Jan Feld, Nicolas Salamanca and Daniel Hamermesh
7379: Gender Differences in Sickness Absence and the Gender Division of Family Responsibilities Downloads
Nikolay Angelov, Per Johansson and Erica Lindahl
7378: Intra-Firm Upward Mobility and Immigration Downloads
Mohsen Javdani and Andrew McGee
7377: Social Organizations, Violence & Modern Growth Downloads
Avner Greif and Murat Iyigun
7376: Family Ties Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Paola Giuliano
7375: Female Labour Supply, Human Capital and Welfare Reform Downloads
Richard Blundell, Monica Costa Dias, Costas Meghir and Jonathan Shaw
7374: Self-Selection into Economics Experiments Is Driven by Monetary Rewards Downloads
Johannes Abeler and Daniele Nosenzo
7373: Complex Tax Incentives: An Experimental Investigation Downloads
Johannes Abeler and Simon Jäger
7372: Correlation Neglect in Belief Formation Downloads
Benjamin Enke and Florian Zimmermann
7371: Maternal Employment and Childhood Obesity: A European Perspective Downloads
Wencke Gwozdz, Alfonso Sousa-Poza, Lucia A. Reisch, Wolfgang Ahrens, Stefaan De Henauw, Gabriele Eiben, Juan M. Fernández-Alvira, Charalampos Hadjigeorgiou, Eva Kovács, Fabio Lauria, Toomas Veidebaum, Garrath Williams and Karin Bammann
7370: Showing Off to the New Neighbors? Income, Socioeconomic Status and Consumption Patterns of Internal Migrants Downloads
Alexander Danzer, Barbara Dietz, Ksenia Gatskova and Achim Schmillen
7369: Families, Taxes and the Welfare System Downloads
Nicole Simpson
7368: The Effects of International Migration on the Well-Being of Native Populations in Europe Downloads
William Betz and Nicole Simpson
7367: Foreign Scientists and Engineers and Economic Growth in Canadian Labor Markets Downloads
Giovanni Peri and Kevin Shih
7366: Language Proficiency of Migrants: The Relation with Job Satisfaction and Matching Downloads
Hans Bloemen
7365: The Marginal Income Effect of Education on Happiness: Estimating the Direct and Indirect Effects of Compulsory Schooling on Well-Being in Australia Downloads
Nattavudh Powdthavee, Warn Nuarpear Lekfuangfu and Mark Wooden
7364: Dynamics and Drivers of Consumption and Multidimensional Poverty: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia Downloads
Tilman Brück and Sindu Workneh Kebede
7363: Altruism and Relational Incentives in the Workplace Downloads
Robert Dur and Jan Tichem
7362: South-South Migration and the Labor Market: Evidence from South Africa Downloads
Giovanni Facchini, Anna Maria Mayda and Mariapia Mendola
7361: Works Councils, Quits and Dismissals in Germany Downloads
Christian Grund and Andreas Schmitt
7360: Disadvantages of Linguistic Origin: Evidence from Immigrant Literacy Scores Downloads
Ingo Isphording
7359: Dynamic Panel Data Models with Irregular Spacing: With Applications to Early Childhood Development Downloads
Daniel Millimet and Ian McDonough
7358: Trade and Labor Reallocation with Heterogeneous Enforcement of Labor Regulations Downloads
Rita Almeida and Jennifer Poole
7357: Smoking, Income and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from Smoking Bans Downloads
Abel Brodeur
7356: Ora et non Labora? A Test of the Impact of Religion on Female Labor Supply Downloads
Francesco Pastore and Simona Tenaglia
7355: Economic Conditions and Child Abuse Downloads
Jason Lindo, Jessamyn Schaller and Benjamin Hansen
7354: International Education and Economic Growth Downloads
Jan Bergerhoff, Lex Borghans, Philipp K. Seegers and Tom van Veen
7353: Subjective Well‐Being and Income: Is There Any Evidence of Satiation? Downloads
Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
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