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10472: Technological Progress and (Un)employment Development Downloads
Uwe Blien and Oliver Ludewig
10471: Technological Change and Employment: Were Ricardo and Marx Right? Downloads
Mariacristina Piva and Marco Vivarelli
10470: Is Modern Technology Responsible for Jobless Recoveries? Downloads
Georg Graetz and Guy Michaels
10469: Trade and Manufacturing Jobs in Germany Downloads
Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen and Jens Suedekum
10468: Labor Market Regulation, International Trade and Footloose Capital Downloads
Tapio Palokangas
10467: Public-Sector Employment in an Equilibrium Search and Matching Model Downloads
James Albrecht, Monica Robayo-Abril and Susan Vroman
10466: Fiscal Policy and Occupational Employment Dynamics Downloads
Christian Bredemeier, Falko Juessen and Roland Winkler
10465: Fertility, Mortality and Environmental Policy Downloads
Ulla Lehmijoki and Tapio Palokangas
10464: Teen Fertility and Labor Market Segmentation: Evidence from Madagascar Downloads
Catalina Herrera, David E. Sahn and Kira M. Villa
10463: Missing from the Market: Purdah Norm and Women's Paid Work Participation in Bangladesh Downloads
Mohammad Asadullah and Zaki Wahhaj
10462: Family Size, Sibling Rivalry and Migration: Evidence from Mexico Downloads
Massimiliano Bratti, Simona Fiore and Mariapia Mendola
10461: Maybe "Honor thy Father and thy Mother": Uncertain Family Aid and the Design of Social Long Term Care Insurance Downloads
Chiara Canta, Helmuth Cremer and Firouz Gahvari
10460: The Long Shadow of the Chinese Cultural Revolution: The Intergenerational Transmission of Education Downloads
Xin Meng and Guochang Zhao
10459: Stereotype Threat, Role Models, and Demographic Mismatch in an Elite Professional School Setting Downloads
Christopher Birdsall, Seth Gershenson and Raymond Zuniga
10458: Teacher Assessments versus Standardized Tests: Is Acting "Girly" an Advantage? Downloads
Adriana Di Liberto and Laura Casula
10457: Sectoral Cognitive Skills, R&D, and Productivity: A Cross-Country Cross-Sector Analysis Downloads
Simone Sasso and Jo Ritzen
10456: The Life-cycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program Downloads
Jorge Luis Garcia, James Heckman, Duncan Ermini Leaf and Maria José Prados
10455: Gender Disparities in Employment and Earnings in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Swaziland Downloads
Zuzana Brixiová and Thierry Kangoye
10454: Working Hours, Promotion and the Gender Gap in the Workplace Downloads
Takao Kato, Hiromasa Ogawa and Hideo Owan
10453: Workplaces, Low Pay and the Gender Earnings Gap in Britain Downloads
Tim Butcher, Karen Mumford and Peter Smith
10452: The Great Recession and Life Satisfaction: The Unique Decline for Americans Approaching Retirement Age Downloads
John Ifcher, Homa Zarghamee and Amanda Cabacungan
10451: Wage Risk, Employment Risk and the Rise in Wage Inequality Downloads
Ariel Mecikovsky and Felix Wellschmied
10450: Trends in the German Income Distribution: 2005/06 to 2010/11 Downloads
Martin Biewen, Martin Ungerer and Max Löffler
10449: Estimating Matching Affinity Matrix under Low-Rank Constraints Downloads
Arnaud Dupuy, Alfred Galichon and Yifei Sun
10448: Estimation of Technical Change and TFP Growth Based on Observable Technology Shifters Downloads
Almas Heshmati and Masoomeh Rashidghalam
10447: A Simple Method to Estimate Large Fixed Effects Models Applied to Wage Determinants and Matching Downloads
Nikolas Mittag
10446: The Effects of International Migration on Native Workers' Unionisation in Austria Downloads
José-Ignacio Antón, René Böheim and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
10445: International Migration, Return Migration, and their Effects: A Comprehensive Review on the Romanian Case Downloads
Remus Gabriel Anghel, Alina Botezat, Anatolie Coșciug, Ioana Manafi and Monica Roman
10444: The Impact of Migration on Child Labor: Theory and Evidence from Brazil Downloads
Garance Genicot, Anna Maria Mayda and Mariapia Mendola
10443: How Immigrants Helped EU Labor Markets to Adjust during the Great Recession Downloads
Martin Kahanec and Martin Guzi
10442: Labor Market Institutions and the Cost of Recessions Downloads
Tom Krebs and Martin Scheffel
10441: End-of-Year Spending and the Long-Run Employment Effects of Training Programs for the Unemployed Downloads
Bernd Fitzenberger, Marina Furdas and Christoph Sajons
10440: Toothless Reforms? The Remarkable Stability of Female Labor Force Participation in a Top-Reforming Country Downloads
Norberto Pignatti, Karine Torosyan and Maka Chitanava
10439: Unemployment Insurance Generosity and Aggregate Employment Downloads
Christopher Boone, Arindrajit Dube, Lucas Goodman and Ethan Kaplan
10438: Men, Women and Unions Downloads
Getinet Haile
10437: Employee Representation and Flexible Working Time Downloads
Gabriel Burdín and Virginie Pérotin
10436: Boards of Directors in Russian Publicly Traded Companies in 1998-2014: Structure, Dynamics and Performance Effects Downloads
Alexander Muravyev
10435: Gender Differences in the Union Wage Premium? A Comparative Case Study Downloads
Alex Bryson, Harald Dale-Olsen and Kristine Nergaard
10434: Unawareness and Selective Disclosure: The Effect of School Quality Information on Property Prices Downloads
John P. Haisken-DeNew, Syed Hasan, Nikhil Jha and Mathias Sinning
10433: Computer Gaming and Test Scores: Cross-Country Gender Differences among Teenagers Downloads
Yann Algan and Nicole M. Fortin
10432: The Effect of One Laptop per Child on Teachers' Pedagogical Practices and Students' Use of Time at Home Downloads
Gustavo Yamada, Pablo Lavado and Guadalupe Montenegro
10431: The Effect of Fe y Alegria on School Achievement: Exploiting a School Lottery Selection as a Natural Experiment Downloads
Pablo Lavado, Santiago Cueto, Gustavo Yamada and Micaela Wensjoe
10430: The Sooner the Better? Compulsory Schooling Reforms in Sweden Downloads
Martin Fischer, Martin Karlsson, Therese Nilsson and Nina Schwarz
10429: Research Design Meets Market Design: Using Centralized Assignment for Impact Evaluation Downloads
Atila Abdulkadiroğlu, Joshua Angrist, Yusuke Narita and Parag A. Pathak
10428: Atmospheric Pollution and Child Health in Late Nineteenth Century Britain Downloads
Roy E. Bailey, Timothy Hatton and Kris Inwood
10427: Demand for Off-Grid Solar Electricity: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda Downloads
Michael Grimm, Luciane Lenz, Jörg Peters and Maximiliane Sievert
10426: The Plough, Gender Roles, and Corruption Downloads
Gautam Hazarika
10425: The Power of Social Pensions Downloads
Wei Huang and Chuanchuan Zhang
10424: Glass Ceiling Effect in Urban China: Wage Inequality of Rural-Urban Migrants during 2002-2007 Downloads
Qu, Zhaopeng (Frank) and Zhong Zhao
10423: Age at Immigration Matters for Labor Market Integration: The Swedish Example Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson, Hanna Mac Innes and Torun Österberg
10422: The Labour Market Effect of Immigration: Accounting for Effective Immigrant Work Experience in New Zealand Downloads
Michael M. H. Tse and Sholeh A. Maani
10421: Business Visits, Knowledge Diffusion and Productivity Downloads
Mariacristina Piva, Max Tani and Marco Vivarelli
10420: Countering Public Opposition to Immigration: The Impact of Information Campaigns Downloads
Giovanni Facchini, Yotam Margalit and Hiroyuki Nakata
10419: Does Information Change Attitudes Towards Immigrants? Representative Evidence from Survey Experiments Downloads
Alexis Grigorieff, Christopher Roth and Diego Ubfal
10418: Is There a Preferential Treatment for Locals in the Labor Market? Evidence from Takeovers Downloads
Tommaso Colussi and Livio Romano
10417: Minority Salience and Political Extremism Downloads
Tommaso Colussi, Ingo Isphording and Nico Pestel
10416: Excess Mortality, Institutionalization and Homelessness Among Status Indians in Canada Downloads
Randall K. Q. Akee and Donna Feir
10415: Free Childcare and Parents' Labour Supply: Is More Better? Downloads
Mike Brewer, Sarah Cattan, Claire Crawford and Birgitta Rabe
10414: Lone Parents, Time-Limited In-Work Credits and the Dynamics of Work and Welfare Downloads
Mike Brewer and Jonathan Cribb
10413: Educational Homogamy and Assortative Mating Have Not Increased Downloads
Rania Gihleb and Kevin Lang
10412: Social Media Use and Children's Wellbeing Downloads
Emily McDool, Philip Powell, Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor
10411: Your Spouse Is Fired! How Much Do You Care? Downloads
Milena Nikolova and Sinem Ayhan
10410: Trust the Police? Self-Selection of Motivated Agents into the German Police Force Downloads
Guido Friebel, Michael Kosfeld and Gerd Thielmann
10409: Avoiding Convictions: Regression Discontinuity Evidence on Court Deferrals for First-Time Drug Offenders Downloads
Michael Mueller-Smith and Kevin T. Schnepel
10408: Portfolio Allocation, Income Uncertainty and Households' Flight from Risk Downloads
Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray, Mark Harris and Christopher Spencer
10407: Locus of Control and Investment in Risky Assets Downloads
Nicolas Salamanca, Andries de Grip, Didier Fouarge and Raymond Montizaan
10406: Locus of Control and Investment in Training Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Deborah Cobb-Clark, Helke Seitz and Arne Uhlendorff
10405: The Twin Instrument Downloads
Sonia R. Bhalotra and Damian Clarke
10404: Labor Supply Elasticities: Overcoming Nonclassical Measurement Error Using More Accurate Hours Data Downloads
Garry Barrett and Daniel Hamermesh
10403: Replication in Labor Economics: Evidence from Data, and What It Suggests Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
10402: Missing Data, Imputation, and Endogeneity Downloads
Ian McDonough and Daniel Millimet
10401: Career Choice and the Strength of Weak Ties Downloads
Semih Tumen
10400: A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market: 2016–2017 Edition Downloads
John Cawley
10399: Who Is Your Perfect Match? Educational Norms, Educational Mismatch and Firm Profitability Downloads
Stephan Kampelmann, Benoît Mahy, Francois Rycx and Guillaume Vermeylen
10398: The Effects of Computers on Children's Social Development and School Participation: Evidence from a Randomized Control Experiment Downloads
Robert Fairlie and Ariel Kalil
10397: On the Interpretation of Non-Cognitive Skills: What Is Being Measured and Why It Matters Downloads
John Humphries and Fabian Kosse
10396: Exposing Corruption: Can Electoral Competition Discipline Politicians? Downloads
Farzana Afridi, Amrita Dhillon and Eilon Solan
10395: Loss Aversion and Lying Behavior: Theory, Estimation and Empirical Evidence Downloads
Ellen Garbarino, Robert Slonim and Marie Claire Villeval
10394: The Spillover Effects of Affirmative Action on Competitiveness and Unethical Behavior Downloads
Ritwik Banerjee, Nabanita Datta Gupta and Marie Claire Villeval
10393: Dynamic Incentive Effects of Team Formation: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Thomas Gall, Xiaocheng Hu and Michael Vlassopoulos
10392: Growth with Equity: Income Inequality in Vietnam, 2002–14 Downloads
Dwayne Benjamin, Loren Brandt and Brian McCaig
10391: Estimation of Joint Income‐Wealth Poverty: A Sensitivity Analysis Downloads
Sarah Kuypers and Ive Marx
10390: Economics of Civil Conflict: Evidence from the Punjab Insurgency Downloads
Prakarsh Singh
10389: The 'Informality Gap': Can Education Help Minorities Escape Informal Employment? Evidence from Peru Downloads
Juan Gabriel Delgado Montes, Javier Corrales and Prakarsh Singh
10388: The Impact of the 1896 Factory and Shops Act on Victorian Labour Markets Downloads
Andrew Seltzer and Jeff Borland
10387: Free Primary Education, Schooling, and Fertility: Evidence from Ethiopia Downloads
Luke Chicoine
10386: Biology and Gender in the Labor Market Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark
10385: Inter-ethnic Fertility Spillovers and the Role of Forward-looking Behavior: Evidence from Peninsular Malaysia Downloads
Emily Beam and Slesh Shrestha
10384: Performance in Mixed-Sex and Single-Sex Tournaments: What We Can Learn from Speedboat Races in Japan Downloads
Alison Booth and Eiji Yamamura
10383: The Impact of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems on Families' Child Care Choices and the Supply of Child Care Labor Downloads
Chris M. Herbst
10382: My Baby Takes the Morning Train: Gender Identity, Fairness, and Relative Labor Supply Within Households Downloads
Anthony Lepinteur, Sarah Flèche and Nattavudh Powdthavee
10381: The Economic Impact of East‐West Migration on the European Union Downloads
Martin Kahanec and Mariola Pytlikova
10380: Population Growth and Carbon Emissions Downloads
Gregory Casey and Oded Galor
10379: Geographical Origins and Economic Consequences of Language Structures Downloads
Oded Galor, Ömer Özak and Assaf Sarid
10378: Addressing Longevity Heterogeneity in Pension Scheme Design and Reform Downloads
Mercedes Ayuso, Jorge Miguel Bravo and Robert Holzmann
10377: Small-Scale Farming and Food Security: The Enabling Role of Cash Transfers in South Africa's Former Homelands Downloads
Dieter von Fintel and Louw Pienaar
10376: Is the Allocation of Time Gender Sensitive to Food Price Changes? An Investigation of Hours of Work in Uganda Downloads
Daniela Campus and Gianna Claudia Giannelli
10375: Behavior Change for Early Childhood Nutrition: Effectiveness of Health Worker Training Depends on Maternal Information in a Randomized Control Trial Downloads
Prakarsh Singh and William Masters
10374: Rising Sea Levels and Sinking Property Values: The Effects of Hurricane Sandy on New York's Housing Market Downloads
Francesc Ortega and Süleyman Taspinar
10373: The Production Function for Housing: Evidence from France Downloads
Pierre-Philippe Combes, Gilles Duranton and Laurent Gobillon
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