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9235: Feeling Useless: The Effect of Unemployment on Mental Health in the Great Recession Downloads
Lídia Farré, Francesco Fasani and Hannes Mueller
9234: Immigration and School Choices in the Midst of the Great Recession Downloads
Lídia Farré, Francesc Ortega and Ryuichi Tanaka
9233: Labour Market Dynamics and Worker Heterogeneity during the Great Recession: Evidence from Europe Downloads
Ronald Bachmann, Peggy Bechara (née David), Anica Kramer and Sylvi Rzepka
9232: The Post Crisis Growth in the Self-Employed: Volunteers or Reluctant Recruits? Downloads
Andrew Henley
9231: Bound To Lose, Bound To Win? The Financial Crisis and the Informal-Formal Sector Earnings Gap in Serbia Downloads
Niels-Hugo Blunch
9230: Completing the Monetary Union of Europe as Mid-term Solution of the Euro Crisis Downloads
Justina A. V. Fischer and Francesco Pastore
9229: Do Hospitals Respond to Increasing Prices by Supplying Fewer Services? Downloads
Martin Salm and Ansgar Wübker
9228: Human Capital Risk, Contract Enforcement, and the Macroeconomy Downloads
Tom Krebs, Moritz Kuhn and Mark L. J. Wright
9227: Poor Little Rich Kids? The Determinants of the Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux, Petter Lundborg and Kaveh Majlesi
9226: Do Social Networks Improve Chinese Adults' Subjective Well-being? Downloads
Xiaoyan Lei, Yan Shen, James P. Smith and Guangsu Zhou
9225: Understanding the Effects of Education on Health: Evidence from China Downloads
Wei Huang
9224: Do More of Those in Misery Suffer from Poverty, Unemployment or Mental Illness? Downloads
Sarah Flèche and Richard Layard
9223: Ownership and Pay in Britain Downloads
Andrew Pendleton, Alex Bryson and Howard Gospel
9222: Organizational Barriers to Technology Adoption: Evidence from Soccer-Ball Producers in Pakistan Downloads
David Atkin, Azam Chaudhry, Shamyla Chaudry, Amit K. Khandelwal and Eric Verhoogen
9221: Sources of the Union Wage Gap: Results from High-Dimensional Fixed Effects Regression Models Downloads
John Addison, Pedro Portugal and Hugo Vilares
9220: Decomposing the Wage Losses of Displaced Workers: The Role of the Reallocation of Workers into Firms and Job Titles Downloads
Pedro Raposo, Pedro Portugal and Anabela Carneiro
9219: What Measure of Inflation Should a Developing Country Central Bank Target? Downloads
Rahul Anand, Eswar Prasad and Boyang Zhang
9218: Losing Our Minds? New Research Directions on Skilled Migration and Development Downloads
Michael Clemens
9217: People and Machines: A Look at the Evolving Relationship Between Capital and Skill in Manufacturing 1860-1930 Using Immigration Shocks Downloads
Jeanne Lafortune, José Tessada and Ethan Gatewood Lewis
9216: Can I Have Permission to Leave the House? Return Migration and the Transfer of Gender Norms Downloads
Michele Tuccio and Jackline Wahba
9215: Trade, FDI, Migration, and the Place Premium: Mexico and the United States Downloads
Davide Gandolfi, Timothy Halliday and Raymond Robertson
9214: The Competitive Earning Incentive for Sons: Evidence from Migration in China Downloads
Wenchao Li and Junjian Yi
9213: Left Behind, At Risk, and Vulnerable Elders in Rural China: What the RUMIC Data Reveal about the Extent, Causes, and Consequences of Being Left Behind Downloads
Rachel Connelly and Margaret Maurer-Fazio
9212: The Effects of Longer School Days on Mothers' Labor Force Participation Downloads
Matias Berthelon, Diana Kruger and Melanie Oyarzún
9211: Violence and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from Homicides in Brazil Downloads
Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner and Marco Manacorda
9210: Income Inequality in Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador: Different Reasons Downloads
María Aristizábal-Ramírez, Gustavo Canavire Bacarreza and Michael Jetter
9209: Crime and Establishment Size: Evidence from South America Downloads
Umut Oguzoglu and Ashantha Ranasinghe
9208: Primary Education Expansion and Quality of Schooling: Evidence from Tanzania Downloads
Christine Valente
9207: Building Trust in Rural Producer Organizations in Senegal: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial Downloads
Tanguy Bernard, Markus Frölich, Andreas Landmann, Pia Naima Unte, Angelino Viceisza and Fleur Wouterse
9206: Agricultural Extension and Technology Adoption for Food Security: Evidence from Uganda Downloads
Yao Pan, Stephen Smith and Munshi Sulaiman
9205: Can Intra-Regional Trade Act as a Global Shock Absorber in Africa? Downloads
Zuzana Brixiova, Qingwei Meng and Mthuli Ncube
9204: Minimum Wages in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Primer Downloads
Haroon Bhorat, Ravi Kanbur and Benjamin Stanwix
9203: Performance Standards and Employee Effort: Evidence from Teacher Absences Downloads
Seth Gershenson
9202: Who Believes in Me? The Effect of Student-Teacher Demographic Match on Teacher Expectations Downloads
Seth Gershenson, Stephen B. Holt and Nicholas W. Papageorge
9201: Do Anti-Bullying Laws Reduce Youth Violence? Downloads
Joseph J. Sabia and Brittany Bass
9200: School Quality and the Development of Cognitive Skills between Age Four and Six Downloads
Lex Borghans, Bart H.H. Golsteyn and Ulf Zölitz
9199: Does the Gender Composition of Scientific Committees Matter? Downloads
Manuel F. Bagues, Mauro Sylos-Labini and Natalia Zinovyeva
9198: Common Law Marriage and Teen Births Downloads
Shoshana Grossbard and Victoria Vernon
9197: Family Shocks and Academic Achievement Downloads
Marie C. Hull
9196: The Effect of Family Size on Education: New Evidence from China's One Child Policy Downloads
Laura M. Argys and Susan L. Averett
9195: Historical Analysis of National Subjective Wellbeing Using Millions of Digitized Books Downloads
Thomas Hills, Eugenio Proto and Daniel Sgroi
9194: The Rise of Domestic Outsourcing and the Evolution of the German Wage Structure Downloads
Deborah Goldschmidt and Johannes Schmieder
9193: The Anatomy of Job Polarisation in the UK Downloads
Andrea Salvatori
9192: Seniority Wages and the Role of Firms in Retirement Downloads
Wolfgang Frimmel, Gerard Horvath, Mario Schnalzenberger and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
9191: Means Testing versus Basic Income: The (Lack of) Political Support for a Universal Allowance Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Kerstin Roeder
9190: Modelling the Joint Distribution of Income and Wealth Downloads
Markus Jäntti, Eva Sierminska and Philippe Van Kerm
9189: When Experienced and Decision Utility Concur: The Case of Income Comparisons Downloads
Andrew Clark, Claudia Senik and Katsunori Yamada
9188: The French Productivity Puzzle Downloads
Philippe Askenazy and Christine Erhel
9187: A Bitter Medicine? Short-term Employment Impact of Deregulation in Network Industries Downloads
Andrea Bassanini
9186: Protecting Working-Age People with Disabilities: Experiences of Four Industrialized Nations Downloads
Richard Burkhauser, Mary C. Daly and Nicolas Ziebarth
9185: The Optimal Timing of Unemployment Benefits: Theory and Evidence from Sweden Downloads
Jonas Kolsrud, Camille Landais, Peter Nilsson and Johannes Spinnewijn
9184: Worker-level and Firm-level Effects of a Wage Subsidy Program for Highly Educated Labor: Evidence from Denmark Downloads
Ulrich Kaiser and Johan Moritz Kuhn
9183: The Return to Labor Market Mobility: An Evaluation of Relocation Assistance for the Unemployed Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Steffen Künn and Robert Mahlstedt
9182: Whose Preferences Are Revealed in Hours of Work? Downloads
John Pencavel
9181: Employers Opting Out of Public Disability Insurance: Selection or Incentive Effects? Downloads
Wolter Hassink, Pierre Koning and Wim Zwinkels
9180: Susceptibility to Default Training Options Across the Population Downloads
Lex Borghans and Bart Golsteyn
9179: Worker Reciprocity and the Returns to Training: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Jan Sauermann
9178: On the Origins of Risk-Taking Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux, Petter Lundborg and Kaveh Majlesi
9177: Christianity and Infant Health in India Downloads
Nidhiya Menon and Kathleen McQueeney
9176: The Effect of Income on Mortality: New Evidence for the Absence of a Causal Link Downloads
Alexander Ahammer, Gerard Horvath and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
9175: Birth Weight in the Long-Run Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj, Petter Lundborg and Dan-Olof Rooth
9174: Health and Unemployment during Macroeconomic Crises Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj, Petter Lundborg and Dan-Olof Rooth
9173: The Effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Children's Health, Quality of Home Environment, and Non-Cognitive Skills Downloads
Susan L. Averett and Yang Wang
9172: Healthy(?), Wealthy, and Wise: Birth Order and Adult Health Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
9171: Designing Efficient College and Tax Policies Downloads
Sebastian Findeisen and Dominik Sachs
9170: A Signal of Diligence? Student Work Experience and Later Employment Chances Downloads
Stijn Baert, Olivier Rotsaert, Dieter Verhaest and Eddy Omey
9169: Apply Yourself: Racial and Ethnic Differences in College Application Downloads
Sandra Black, Kalena E. Cortes and Jane Arnold Lincove
9168: Parental Time Investments in Children: The Role of Competition for University Places in the UK Downloads
Almudena Sevilla and Cristina Borra
9167: Investment over the Business Cycle: Insights from College Major Choice Downloads
Erica Blom, Brian Cadena and Benjamin J. Keys
9166: Urban Spatial Structure, Employment and Social Ties: European versus American Cities Downloads
Pierre M. Picard and Yves Zenou
9165: Children of Migrants: The Impact of Parental Migration on Their Children's Education and Health Outcomes Downloads
Xin Meng and Chikako Yamauchi
9164: The Selection of High-Skilled Migrants Downloads
Matthias Parey, Jens Ruhose, Fabian Waldinger and Nicolai Netz
9163: Remittances and Relative Concerns in Rural China Downloads
Alpaslan Akay, Olivier Bargain, Corrado Giulietti, Juan David Robalino and Klaus Zimmermann
9162: Voter Reaction to Government Incompetence and Corruption Related to the 1999 Earthquakes in Turkey Downloads
Ali Akarca and Aysıt Tansel
9161: May There Be Victory: Government Election Performance and the World's Largest Public-Works Program Downloads
Laura V Zimmermann
9160: Guns and Butter? Fighting Violence with the Promise of Development Downloads
Gaurav Khanna and Laura V Zimmermann
9159: A Model of Dynamic Conflict in Ethnocracies Downloads
Dripto Bakshi and Indraneel Dasgupta
9158: Is Industrialization Conducive to Long-Run Prosperity? Downloads
Raphael Franck and Oded Galor
9157: Why Do South Korean Firms Produce So Much More Output per Worker than Ghanaian Ones? Downloads
Simon Baptist and Francis J. Teal
9156: Home Production and Retirement in Couples: A Panel Data Analysis Downloads
Eric Bonsang and Arthur van Soest
9155: Roads Leading to Self-Employment: Comparing Transgenerational Entrepreneurs and Self-Made Start-Ups Downloads
Boris F. Blumberg and Gerard Pfann
9154: Optimal Wage Redistribution in the Presence of Adverse Selection in the Labor Market Downloads
Spencer Bastani, Tomer Blumkin and Luca Micheletto
9153: Labor Supply and Productivity Responses to Non-Salary Benefits: Do They Work? If So, at What Level Do They Work Best? Downloads
Marilyn Spencer, Deniz Gevrek, Valrie Chambers and Randall Bowden
9152: A Tax Benefit Model for Policy Evaluation in Luxembourg: LuxTaxBen Downloads
Nizamul Islam and Lennart Flood
9151: The Impact of Short- and Long-Term Participation Tax Rates on Labor Supply Downloads
Charlotte Bartels and Nico Pestel
9150: The Ambiguity Triangle: Uncovering Fundamental Patterns of Behavior Under Uncertainty Downloads
Daniel Burghart, Thomas Epper and Ernst Fehr
9149: Fairness and Frictions: The Impact of Unequal Raises on Quit Behavior Downloads
Arindrajit Dube, Laura Giuliano and Jonathan Leonard
9148: Dismissal Disputes and Endogenous Sorting Downloads
Pietro Garibaldi and Gerard Pfann
9147: Innovation and Employment in Patenting Firms: Empirical Evidence from Europe Downloads
Vincent Van Roy, Daniel Vertesy and Marco Vivarelli
9146: The Employment Effects of State Hiring Credits Downloads
David Neumark and Diego Grijalva
9145: Low-Skilled Jobs and Student Jobs: Employers' Preferences in Slovakia and the Czech Republic Downloads
Lucia Mytna Kurekova and Zuzana Žilinčíková
9144: Cigarette Taxes and Youth Smoking: Updated Estimates Using YRBS Data Downloads
Benjamin Hansen, Joseph J. Sabia and Daniel . Rees
9143: Increasing Coverage of Antiretroviral Therapy and Male Medical Circumcision in HIV Hyperendemic Countries: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Downloads
Pascal Geldsetzer, David E. Bloom, Salal Humair and Till Bärnighausen
9142: Physician Payment Contracts in the Presence of Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection: The Theory and its Application to Ontario Downloads
Jasmin Kantarevic and Boris Kralj
9141: Health Disparities Across Education: The Role of Differential Reporting Error Downloads
John Cawley and Anna Choi
9140: Employer Downsizing and Older Workers' Health Downloads
Italo Gutierrez and Pierre-Carl Michaud
9139: Multidimensional Affluence in Income and Wealth in the Eurozone: A Cross-Country Comparison Using the HFCS Downloads
Sine Kontbay-Busun and Andreas Peichl
9138: Direct and Indirect Effects of Training Vouchers for the Unemployed Downloads
Martin Huber, Michael Lechner and Anthony Strittmatter
9137: The Early Labour Market Effects of Generally and Vocationally Oriented Higher Education: Is There a Trade-off? Downloads
Dieter Verhaest and Stijn Baert
9136: Experimental Evidence on the Long-Term Impacts of a Youth Training Program Downloads
Pablo Ibarrarán, Jochen Kluve, Laura Ripani and David Rosas Shady
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