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9854: The Adverse Consequences of Tournaments: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Maria De Paola, Francesca Gioia and Vincenzo Scoppa
9853: What You Don't Know... Can't Hurt You? A Field Experiment on Relative Performance Feedback in Higher Education Downloads
Ghazala Azmat, Manuel Bagues, Antonio Cabrales and Nagore Iriberri
9852: Labor Market Networks and Recovery from Mass Layoffs Before, During, and After the Great Recession Downloads
Judith K. Hellerstein, Mark J. Kutzbach and David Neumark
9851: Are Jobs More Polarized in ICT Firms? Downloads
Petri Böckerman, Seppo Laaksonen and Jari Vainiomäki
9850: Firms and Labor Market Inequality: Evidence and Some Theory Downloads
David Card, Ana Rute Cardoso, Jörg Heining and Patrick Kline
9849: Bias in Returns to Tenure When Firm Wages and Employment Comove: A Quantitative Assessment and Solution Downloads
Pedro Martins, Andy Snell, Heiko Stüber and Jonathan Thomas
9848: Taking the Leap: The Determinants of Entrepreneurs Hiring their First Employee Downloads
Robert W. Fairlie and Javier Miranda
9847: Employment Adjustment and Part-time Jobs: The U.S. and the U.K. in the Great Recession Downloads
Daniel Borowczyk-Martins and Etienne Lalé
9846: When Time Binds: Returns to Working Long Hours and the Gender Wage Gap among the Highly Skilled Downloads
Patricia Cortes and Jessica Pan
9845: Psychological Momentum and Gender Downloads
Danny Cohen-Zada, Alex Krumer and Shtudiner, Ze'ev
9844: Field-of-Study Homogamy Downloads
Alena Bičáková and Štepán Jurajda
9843: Where Did It Go Wrong? Marriage and Divorce in Malawi Downloads
Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock, Selma Walther and Frederic Vermeulen
9842: The Effect of Kinship on Intergenerational Cooperation: A Lab Experiment with Three Generations Downloads
José Alberto Molina, Alfredo Ferrer, J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal, Carlos Gracia-Lazaro, Yamir Moreno and Angel Sanchez
9841: Politics in the Family: Nepotism and the Hiring Decisions of Italian Firms Downloads
Stefano Gagliarducci and Marco Manacorda
9840: Wellbeing Evidence for the Assessment of Progress Downloads
Paul Anand, Laurence Roope and Andreas Peichl
9839: Inheritance and Wealth Inequality: Evidence from Population Registers Downloads
Mikael Elinder, Oscar Erixson and Daniel Waldenström
9838: Sorting around the Discontinuity Threshold: The Case of a Neighbourhood Investment Programme Downloads
Sander Gerritsen, Dinand Webbink and Bas ter Weel
9837: Residential Segregation from Generation to Generation: Intergenerational Association in Socio-Spatial Context among Visible Minorities and the Majority Population in Metropolitan Sweden Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson, Katarina Katz and Torun Österberg
9836: Education as a Tool for the Economic Integration of Migrants Downloads
Maria De Paola and Giorgio Brunello
9835: Use It or Lose It: Irish Evidence Downloads
Irene Mosca and Robert Wright
9834: Does Postponing Minimum Retirement Age Improve Healthy Behaviours Before Retirement? Evidence from Middle-Aged Italian Workers Downloads
Marco Bertoni, Giorgio Brunello and Gianluca Mazzarella
9833: Uptake of Health Insurance and the Productive Safety Net Program in Rural Ethiopia Downloads
Zemzem Shigute, Anagaw Derseh Mebratie, Robert Sparrow, Zelalem Yilma, Getnet Alemu and Arjun S. Bedi
9832: Beyond Job Lock: Impacts of Public Health Insurance on Occupational and Industrial Mobility Downloads
Ammar Farooq and Adriana Kugler
9831: The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Joseph J. Sabia and Thanh Tam Nguyen
9830: Child Access Prevention Laws, Youth Gun Carrying, and School Shootings Downloads
D. Mark Anderson and Joseph J. Sabia
9829: Sleepwalking through School: New Evidence on Sleep and Academic Performance Downloads
Kurt Wang, Joseph J. Sabia and Resul Cesur
9828: Clans, Guilds, and Markets: Apprenticeship Institutions and Growth in the Pre-Industrial Economy Downloads
David de la Croix, Matthias Doepke and Joel Mokyr
9827: Who Gained from the Introduction of Free Universal Secondary Education in England and Wales? Downloads
Robert Hart, Mirko Moro and J. Elizabeth Roberts
9826: The Effect of University Attended on Graduates' Labour Market Prospects: A Field Study of Great Britain Downloads
Nick Drydakis
9825: The Market for Paid Sick Leave Downloads
Simen Markussen and Knut Røed
9824: Moral-Hazard-Free First-Best Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Donald O. Parsons
9823: The Simple Analytics of Job Displacement Insurance Downloads
Donald O. Parsons
9822: Labour Supply after Inheritances and the Role of Expectations Downloads
Karina Doorley and Nico Pestel
9821: Taxing Pensions Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Pierre Pestieau
9820: Estimating the Size of the Shadow Economy: Methods, Problems and Open Questions Downloads
Friedrich Schneider and Andreas Buehn
9819: Old‐Age Employment and Hours of Work Trends: Empirical Analysis for Four European Countries Downloads
Arjeta Aliaj, Xavier Flawinne, Alain Jousten, Sergio Perelman and Lin Shi
9818: Working-Time Mismatch and Mental Health Downloads
Steffen Otterbach, Mark Wooden and King Fok
9817: Is European Entrepreneurship in Crisis? Downloads
Wim Naudé
9816: Business Cycle Asymmetries and the Labor Market Downloads
Britta Kohlbrecher and Christian Merkl
9815: Revisiting Okun's Relationship Downloads
Robert Dixon, Guay Lim and Jan van Ours
9814: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs: What's Trade Got To Do With It? Downloads
James Lake and Daniel L. Millimet
9813: Does Less Wage Compression Lead to Less Training in Germany? An Expansion of Acemoglu and Pischke's Model of Training in Imperfect Labor Markets Downloads
Renate Neubäumer
9812: Crime, the Criminal Justice System, and Socioeconomic Inequality Downloads
Magnus Lofstrom and Steven Raphael
9811: Energy Boom and Gloom? Local Effects of Oil and Natural Gas Drilling on Subjective Well-Being Downloads
Karen Maguire and John Winters
9810: Heterogeneous Effects of Medical Interventions on the Health of Low-Risk Newborns Downloads
N. Meltem Daysal, Mircea Trandafir and Reyn Van Ewijk
9809: Population Policy: Abortion and Modern Contraception Are Substitutes Downloads
Grant Miller and Christine Valente
9808: Absence of Altruism? Female Disadvantage in Private School Enrolment in India Downloads
Pushkar Maitra, Sarmistha Pal and Anurag Sharma
9807: A Comparison of Panel Data Models in Estimating Technical Efficiency Downloads
Masoomeh Rashidghalam, Almas Heshmati, Ghader Dashti and Esmail Pishbahar
9806: Size of Training Firms: The Role of Firms, Luck, and Ability in Young Workers' Careers Downloads
Steffen Müller and Renate Neubäumer
9805: Born Entrepreneur? Adolescents' Personality Characteristics and Self-Employment in Adulthood Downloads
Jutta Viinikainen, Guido Heineck, Petri Böckerman, Mirka Hintsanen, Olli Raitakari and Jaakko Pehkonen
9804: The Impact of Television Programmes on Teenage Career Aspirations: The 'MasterChef Effect' Downloads
Giorgio Di Pietro
9803: Bargaining over Babies: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Fabian Kindermann
9802: Families in Macroeconomics Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Michele Tertilt
9801: The Impact of Paid Parental Leave on Labour Supply and Employment Outcomes Downloads
Barbara Broadway, Guyonne Kalb, Duncan McVicar and Bill Martin
9800: The Educational Consequences of Language Proficiency for Young Children Downloads
Yuxin Yao, Asako Ohinata and Jan van Ours
9799: The Returns to College Persistence for Marginal Students: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from University Dismissal Policies Downloads
Ben Ost, Weixiang Pan and Douglas Webber
9798: Cognitive Ability and the Mortality Gradient by Education: Selection or Mediation? Downloads
Govert Bijwaard and Andrew Jones
9797: The More, the Better? The Impact of Instructional Time on Student Performance Downloads
Maria Alejandra Cattaneo, Chantal Oggenfuss and Stefan Wolter
9796: Teacher Quality and Learning Outcomes in Kindergarten Downloads
Maria Caridad Araujo, Pedro Carneiro, Yyannú Cruz-Aguayo and Norbert Schady
9795: Heterogeneous Effects of High School Peers on Educational Outcomes Downloads
Silvia Mendolia, Alfredo R. Paloyo and Ian Walker
9794: International Migration: Driver of Political and Social Change? Downloads
Michele Tuccio, Jackline Wahba and Bachir Hamdouch
9793: Disentangling Neighborhood Effects in Person-Context Research: An Application of a Neighborhood-Based Group Decomposition Downloads
Matt Vogel and Maarten van Ham
9792: Please Call Me John: Name Choice and the Assimilation of Immigrants in the United States, 1900-1930 Downloads
Pedro Carneiro, Sokbae (Simon) Lee and Hugo Reis
9791: Does Bilingualism among the Native Born Pay? Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
9790: Exposure to Refugees and Voting for the Far-Right: (Unexpected) Results from Austria Downloads
Andreas Steinmayr
9789: Bounding the Price Equivalent of Migration Barriers Downloads
Michael Clemens, Claudio Montenegro and Lant Pritchett
9788: Migration, Knowledge Diffusion and the Comparative Advantage of Nations Downloads
Dany Bahar and Hillel Rapoport
9787: Structural Reform in Germany Downloads
Tom Krebs and Martin Scheffel
9786: Job-Search Periods for Welfare Applicants: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Downloads
Jonneke Bolhaar, Nadine Ketel and Bas van der Klaauw
9785: Time Aggregation and State Dependence in Welfare Receipt Downloads
Manudeep Bhuller, Christian Brinch and Sebastian Königs
9784: Long Run Effects of Youth Training Programs: Experimental Evidence from Argentina Downloads
María Laura Alzúa, Guillermo Cruces and Carolina Lopez
9783: Levelling the Playing Field: The Effects of Slovenia's 2013 Labour Market Reform Downloads
Matija Vodopivec, Suzana Laporsek and Milan Vodopivec
9782: Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Methods for Dynamic Treatment Evaluation Downloads
Gerard J. van den Berg, Petyo Bonev and Enno Mammen
9781: Does Greater Autonomy among Women Provide the Key to Better Child Nutrition? Downloads
Wiji Arulampalam, Anjor Bhaskar and Nisha Srivastava
9780: Effects of Welfare Reform on Women's Voting Participation Downloads
Dhaval Dave, Hope Corman and Nancy E. Reichman
9779: Measuring and Changing Control: Women's Empowerment and Targeted Transfers Downloads
Ingvild Almås, Alex Armand, Orazio Attanasio and Pedro Carneiro
9778: The Labor Supply of Fixed-Wage Workers: Estimates from a Real Effort Experiment Downloads
Jeffrey Carpenter
9777: Can Fixed-Term Contracts Put Low Skilled Youth on a Better Career Path? Evidence from Spain Downloads
J. Ignacio García Pérez, Ioana Marinescu and Judit Vall-Castello
9776: The Shifting Job Tenure Distribution Downloads
Henry Hyatt and James R. Spletzer
9775: How Bad Is Involuntary Part-time Work? Downloads
Daniel Borowczyk-Martins and Etienne Lalé
9774: Circadian Rhythms, Sleep and Cognitive Skills: Evidence from an Unsleeping Giant Downloads
Osea Giuntella, Wei Han and Fabrizio Mazzonna
9773: If You Don't Snooze You Lose: Evidence on Health and Weight Downloads
Osea Giuntella and Fabrizio Mazzonna
9772: Cost-Sharing and Use of Health Services in Italy: Evidence from a Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design Downloads
Michela Ponzo and Vincenzo Scoppa
9771: Does Activating Sick-Listed Workers Work? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Downloads
Kai Rehwald, Michael Rosholm and Bénédicte Rouland
9770: Health and Safety Risks in Britain's Workplaces: Where are They and Who Controls Them? Downloads
Alex Bryson
9769: Criminal Discount Factors and Deterrence Downloads
Giovanni Mastrobuoni and David Rivers
9768: Homo Moralis: Personal Characteristics, Institutions, and Moral Decision-Making Downloads
Thomas Deckers, Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse and Nora Szech
9767: Lab Measures of Other-Regarding Preferences Can Predict Some Related On-the-Job Behavior: Evidence from a Large Scale Field Experiment Downloads
Stephen Burks, Daniele Nosenzo, Jon E. Anderson, Matthew Bombyk, Derek Ganzhorn, Lorenz Götte and Aldo Rustichini
9766: Doing Your Best When Stakes Are High? Theory and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Nicolas Houy, Jean-Philippe Nicolaï and Marie Claire Villeval
9765: Eliciting Risk Preferences: Firefighting in the Field Downloads
Utteeyo Dasgupta, Subha Mani, Smriti Sharma and Saurabh Singhal
9764: Competition and the Racial Wage Gap: Testing Becker's Model of Employer Discrimination Downloads
Guilherme Hirata and Rodrigo Soares
9763: Immigrant Volunteering: A Way Out of Labour Market Discrimination? Downloads
Stijn Baert and Sunčica Vujić
9762: The Formation of Networks in the Diaspora Downloads
Gil Epstein and Heizler (Cohen), Odelia
9761: Racial Differences in Labor Market Transitions and the Great Recession Downloads
Kenneth A. Couch, Robert W. Fairlie and Huanan Xu
9760: Social Contacts, Dutch Language Proficiency and Immigrant Economic Performance in the Netherlands: A Longitudinal Study Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Zhiling Wang
9759: Open Borders, Transport Links and Local Labor Markets Downloads
Olof Aslund and Mattias Engdahl
9758: Technology-Skill Complementarity in the Early Phase of Industrialization Downloads
Raphael Franck and Oded Galor
9757: Enriching Students Pays Off: Evidence from an Individualized Gifted and Talented Program in Secondary Education Downloads
Adam S. Booij, Ferry Haan and Erik Plug
9756: Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Costs of Daycare 0–2 for Girls Downloads
Margherita Fort, Andrea Ichino and Giulio Zanella
9755: Education Policies and Migration across European Countries Downloads
Ainhoa Aparicio Fenoll and Zoe Kuehn
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