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9917: Does Family Background Affect Earnings through Education? A Generalised Approach to Mediation Analysis Downloads
Silvia Mendolia and Peter Siminski
9916: Identifying National Level Education Reforms in Developing Settings: An Application to Ethiopia Downloads
Luke Chicoine
9915: Head Start and the Distribution of Long Term Education and Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Monique De Haan and Edwin Leuven
9914: Minimum Wages and Firm Value Downloads
Brian Bell and Stephen Machin
9913: Temporary Agency Work and the Great Recession Downloads
Daniel Baumgarten and Michael Kvasnicka
9912: Entrepreneurs and Freelancers: Are They Time and Income Multidimensional Poor? The German Case Downloads
Joachim Merz and Tim Rathjen
9911: Information, Financial Aid and Training Participation: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment Downloads
Katja Görlitz and Marcus Tamm
9910: Do Financial Incentives Influence GPs' Decisions to Do After-Hours Work? A Discrete Choice Labour Supply Model Downloads
Barbara Broadway, Guyonne Kalb, Jinhu Li and Anthony Scott
9909: An Oaxaca Decomposition for Nonlinear Models Downloads
Stephen Bazen, Xavier Joutard and Brice Magdalou
9908: Optimal Data Collection for Randomized Control Trials Downloads
Pedro Carneiro, Sokbae Lee and Daniel Wilhelm
9907: The Effect of Weight on Labor Market Outcomes: An Application of Genetic Instrumental Variables Downloads
Petri Böckerman, John Cawley, Jutta Viinikainen, Terho Lehtimäki, Suvi Rovio, Ilkka Seppälä, Jaakko Pehkonen and Olli Raitakari
9906: Persuasion and Gender: Experimental Evidence from Two Political Campaigns Downloads
Vincenzo Galasso and Tommaso Nannicini
9905: Cutting Fertility? The Effect of Cesarean Deliveries on Subsequent Fertility and Maternal Labor Supply Downloads
Martin Halla, Harald Mayr, Gerald J. Pruckner and Pilar Garcia-Gomez
9904: Equal but Inequitable: Who Benefits from Gender-Neutral Tenure Clock Stopping Policies? Downloads
Heather Antecol, Kelly Bedard and Jenna Stearns
9903: Mortality Inequality: The Good News from a County-Level Approach Downloads
Janet Currie and Hannes Schwandt
9902: Wealth Inequality in Sweden: What Can We Learn from Capitalized Income Tax Data? Downloads
Jacob Lundberg and Daniel Waldenström
9901: Cooperation, Punishment and Organized Crime: A Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Southern Italy Downloads
Annamaria Nese, Shane O'Higgins, Patrizia Sbriglia and Maurizio Scudiero
9900: US Child Safety Seat Laws: Are they Effective, and Who Complies? Downloads
Lauren E. Jones and Nicolas Ziebarth
9899: Superstition, Conspicuous Spending, and Housing Markets: Evidence from Singapore Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, Jia He, Haoming Liu, I. P. L. Png, Tien Foo Sing and Wei-Kang Wong
9898: Recent Developments in the Experimental Elicitation of Time Preference Downloads
Stephen Cheung
9897: Did Cheaper Flights Change the Direction of Science? Downloads
Christian Catalini, Christian Fons-Rosen and Patrick Gaulé
9896: Perceptions and Practices of Replication by Social and Behavioral Scientists: Making Replications a Mandatory Element of Curricula Would Be Useful Downloads
Benedikt Fecher, Mathis Fräßdorf and Gert Wagner
9895: Research Parasites Are Beneficial for the Organism as a Whole: Competition between Researchers Creates a Symbiotic Relationship Downloads
Benedikt Fecher and Gert Wagner
9894: Improving the Peer Review Process: A Proposed Market System Downloads
Paul Frijters and Benno Torgler
9893: Developments in Undernutrition in Indian Children Under Five: A Decompositional Analysis Downloads
Peng Nie, Anu Rammohan, Wencke Gwozdz and Alfonso Sousa-Poza
9892: Spatial Income Inequality in India, 1993-2011: A District Level Decomposition Downloads
Mehtabul Azam and Vipul Bhatt
9891: Age and Gender Profiling in the Chinese and Mexican Labor Markets: Evidence from Four Job Boards Downloads
Miguel Delgado Helleseter, Peter Kuhn and Kailing Shen
9890: Regulation and Firm Value: Curious Case of Transparency and Disclosure Laws in Russia Downloads
Suman Banerjee, Ronald Masulis and Sarmistha Pal
9889: School Entry, Compulsory Schooling, and Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from Michigan Downloads
Steven W. Hemelt and Rachel B. Rosen
9888: Multifaceted Aid for Low-Income Students and College Outcomes: Evidence from North Carolina Downloads
Charles T. Clotfelter, Steven W. Hemelt and Helen F. Ladd
9887: High Times: The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on Student Time Use Downloads
Yu-Wei Chu and Seth Gershenson
9886: Why Do Some Young Adults Not Graduate from Upper Secondary School? On the Importance of Signals of Labour Market Failure Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson, Katarina Katz and Torun Österberg
9885: Human Capital and Education: The State of the Art in the Economics of Education Downloads
Simon Burgess
9884: Canary in a Coal Mine: Infant Mortality, Property Values, and Tradeoffs Associated with Mid-20th Century Air Pollution Downloads
Karen Clay, Joshua Lewis and Edson R. Severnini
9883: Mining in Arctic and Non-Arctic Regions: A Socioeconomic Assessment Downloads
Anders Frederiksen and Maja Due Kadenic
9882: Individual Well-Being and the Allocation of Time Before and After the Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombing Downloads
Andrew Clark and Elena G. F. Stancanelli
9881: Smoking Behaviour and Early Retirement Due to Chronic Disability Downloads
Tommy Bengtsson and Anton Nilsson
9880: Happy People Have Children: Choice and Self-Selection into Parenthood Downloads
Sophie Cetre, Andrew Clark and Claudia Senik
9879: Mental Health and Productivity at Work: Does What You Do Matter? Downloads
Melisa Bubonya, Deborah Cobb-Clark and Mark Wooden
9878: Rising Work Complexity but Decreasing Returns Downloads
Anna Katharina Pikos and Stephan Thomsen
9877: Family Ownership, Workplace Closure and the Recession Downloads
Alex Bryson, Harald Dale-Olsen and Trygve Gulbrandsen
9876: Unions and the Economic Basis of Attitudes Downloads
Michael White and Alex Bryson
9875: The Unanimity Rule and Extremely Asymmetric Committees Downloads
Ruth Ben-Yashar and Leif Danziger
9874: Social Capital, Entrepreneurship and Living Standards: Differences between Immigrants and the Native Born Downloads
Matthew Roskruge, Jacques Poot and Laura King
9873: The Survival of Unique Corporate Cultures Downloads
Gil Epstein and Renana Lindner Pomerantz
9872: On the Interpretation of World Values Survey Trust Question: Global Expectations vs. Local Beliefs Downloads
Ritwik Banerjee
9871: Intuitive Cooperation and Punishment in the Field Downloads
Luis Artavia-Mora, Arjun S. Bedi and Matthias Rieger
9870: The Impact of Violence on Individual Risk Preferences: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
Pamela Jakiela and Owen Ozier
9869: Labor Market Risk in Germany Downloads
Tom Krebs and Yao Yao
9868: Disincentive Effects of Unemployment Benefits and the Role of Caseworkers Downloads
Johannes Schmieder and Simon Trenkle
9867: Labor Market Effects of US Sick Pay Mandates Downloads
Stefan Pichler and Nicolas Ziebarth
9866: The Value of Social Security: Are Formal Jobs Better? Downloads
Lucia Madrigal, Carmen Pagés and Agustina Suaya
9865: Job Displacement Insurance: A Policy Typology Downloads
Donald O. Parsons
9864: Federal Minimum Wage Hikes Do Reduce Teenage Employment: The Time Series Effects of Minimum Wages in the US Revisited Downloads
Stephen Bazen and Velayoudom Marimoutou
9863: Labor Market Reforms in Europe: Towards More Flexicure Labor Markets? Downloads
Werner Eichhorst, Paul Marx and Caroline Wehner
9862: How Do Households Discount over Centuries? Evidence from Singapore's Private Housing Market Downloads
Eric Fesselmeyer, Haoming Liu and Alberto Salvo
9861: The Formation of Prosociality: Causal Evidence on the Role of Social Environment Downloads
Fabian Kosse, Thomas Deckers, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch and Armin Falk
9860: Clever Enough to Tell the Truth Downloads
Bradley Ruffle and Yossi Tobol
9859: Corruption, Norm Violation and Decay in Social Capital Downloads
Ritwik Banerjee
9858: Allocating Effort and Talent in Professional Labor Markets Downloads
Gadi Barlevy and Derek Neal
9857: Procedures for Eliciting Time Preferences Downloads
David Freeman, Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti and Luigi Mittone
9856: Subjective Belief Distributions and the Characterization of Economic Literacy Downloads
Amalia Di Girolamo, Glenn Harrison, Morten Lau and J. Todd Swarthout
9855: How Do Agents React to Dynamic Wage Increases? An Experimental Study Downloads
Dirk Sliwka and Peter Werner
9854: The Adverse Consequences of Tournaments: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Maria De Paola, Francesca Gioia and Vincenzo Scoppa
9853: What You Don't Know... Can't Hurt You? A Field Experiment on Relative Performance Feedback in Higher Education Downloads
Ghazala Azmat, Manuel Bagues, Antonio Cabrales and Nagore Iriberri
9852: Labor Market Networks and Recovery from Mass Layoffs Before, During, and After the Great Recession Downloads
Judith K. Hellerstein, Mark J. Kutzbach and David Neumark
9851: Are Jobs More Polarized in ICT Firms? Downloads
Petri Böckerman, Seppo Laaksonen and Jari Vainiomäki
9850: Firms and Labor Market Inequality: Evidence and Some Theory Downloads
David Card, Ana Rute Cardoso, Jörg Heining and Patrick Kline
9849: Bias in Returns to Tenure When Firm Wages and Employment Comove: A Quantitative Assessment and Solution Downloads
Pedro Martins, Andy Snell, Heiko Stüber and Jonathan Thomas
9848: Taking the Leap: The Determinants of Entrepreneurs Hiring their First Employee Downloads
Robert W. Fairlie and Javier Miranda
9847: Employment Adjustment and Part-time Jobs: The U.S. and the U.K. in the Great Recession Downloads
Daniel Borowczyk-Martins and Etienne Lalé
9846: When Time Binds: Returns to Working Long Hours and the Gender Wage Gap among the Highly Skilled Downloads
Patricia Cortes and Jessica Pan
9845: Psychological Momentum and Gender Downloads
Danny Cohen-Zada, Alex Krumer and Shtudiner, Ze'ev
9844: Field-of-Study Homogamy Downloads
Alena Bičáková and Štepán Jurajda
9843: Where Did It Go Wrong? Marriage and Divorce in Malawi Downloads
Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock, Selma Walther and Frederic Vermeulen
9842: The Effect of Kinship on Intergenerational Cooperation: A Lab Experiment with Three Generations Downloads
José Alberto Molina, Alfredo Ferrer, J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal, Carlos Gracia-Lazaro, Yamir Moreno and Angel Sanchez
9841: Politics in the Family: Nepotism and the Hiring Decisions of Italian Firms Downloads
Stefano Gagliarducci and Marco Manacorda
9840: Wellbeing Evidence for the Assessment of Progress Downloads
Paul Anand, Laurence Roope and Andreas Peichl
9839: Inheritance and Wealth Inequality: Evidence from Population Registers Downloads
Mikael Elinder, Oscar Erixson and Daniel Waldenström
9838: Sorting around the Discontinuity Threshold: The Case of a Neighbourhood Investment Programme Downloads
Sander Gerritsen, Dinand Webbink and Bas ter Weel
9837: Residential Segregation from Generation to Generation: Intergenerational Association in Socio-Spatial Context among Visible Minorities and the Majority Population in Metropolitan Sweden Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson, Katarina Katz and Torun Österberg
9836: Education as a Tool for the Economic Integration of Migrants Downloads
Maria De Paola and Giorgio Brunello
9835: Use It or Lose It: Irish Evidence Downloads
Irene Mosca and Robert Wright
9834: Does Postponing Minimum Retirement Age Improve Healthy Behaviours Before Retirement? Evidence from Middle-Aged Italian Workers Downloads
Marco Bertoni, Giorgio Brunello and Gianluca Mazzarella
9833: Uptake of Health Insurance and the Productive Safety Net Program in Rural Ethiopia Downloads
Zemzem Shigute, Anagaw Derseh Mebratie, Robert Sparrow, Zelalem Yilma, Getnet Alemu and Arjun S. Bedi
9832: Beyond Job Lock: Impacts of Public Health Insurance on Occupational and Industrial Mobility Downloads
Ammar Farooq and Adriana Kugler
9831: The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Joseph J. Sabia and Thanh Tam Nguyen
9830: Child Access Prevention Laws, Youth Gun Carrying, and School Shootings Downloads
D. Mark Anderson and Joseph J. Sabia
9829: Sleepwalking through School: New Evidence on Sleep and Academic Performance Downloads
Kurt Wang, Joseph J. Sabia and Resul Cesur
9828: Clans, Guilds, and Markets: Apprenticeship Institutions and Growth in the Pre-Industrial Economy Downloads
David de la Croix, Matthias Doepke and Joel Mokyr
9827: Who Gained from the Introduction of Free Universal Secondary Education in England and Wales? Downloads
Robert Hart, Mirko Moro and J. Elizabeth Roberts
9826: The Effect of University Attended on Graduates' Labour Market Prospects: A Field Study of Great Britain Downloads
Nick Drydakis
9825: The Market for Paid Sick Leave Downloads
Simen Markussen and Knut Røed
9824: Moral-Hazard-Free First-Best Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Donald O. Parsons
9823: The Simple Analytics of Job Displacement Insurance Downloads
Donald O. Parsons
9822: Labour Supply after Inheritances and the Role of Expectations Downloads
Karina Doorley and Nico Pestel
9821: Taxing Pensions Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Pierre Pestieau
9820: Estimating the Size of the Shadow Economy: Methods, Problems and Open Questions Downloads
Friedrich Schneider and Andreas Buehn
9819: Old‐Age Employment and Hours of Work Trends: Empirical Analysis for Four European Countries Downloads
Arjeta Aliaj, Xavier Flawinne, Alain Jousten, Sergio Perelman and Lin Shi
9818: Working-Time Mismatch and Mental Health Downloads
Steffen Otterbach, Mark Wooden and King Fok
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