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9699: Life-Cycle Educational Choices: Evidence for Two German Cohorts Downloads
Martin Biewen and Madalina Tapalaga
9698: Deconstructing Theories of Overeducation in Europe: A Wage Decomposition Approach Downloads
Seamus McGuinness and Konstantinos Pouliakas
9697: The Effect of Choice Options in Training Curricula on the Supply of and Demand for Apprenticeships Downloads
Anika Jansen, Andries de Grip and Ben Kriechel
9696: The Effect of Supplemental Instruction on Academic Performance: An Encouragement Design Experiment Downloads
Alfredo Paloyo, Sally Rogan and Peter Siminski
9695: The Effect of Degree Attainment on Arrests: Evidence from a Randomized Social Experiment Downloads
Vikesh Amin, Carlos A. Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes and Daniel Parisian
9694: Fully Integrating Upper-Secondary Vocational and Academic Courses: A Flexible New Way? Downloads
Cain Polidano and Domenico Tabasso
9693: Who Works for Whom? Worker Sorting in a Model of Entrepreneurship with Heterogeneous Labor Markets Downloads
Emin Dinlersoz, Henry R. Hyatt and Hubert Janicki
9692: The Effectiveness of Medical and Vocational Interventions for Reducing Sick Leave of Self-Employed Workers Downloads
Stijn Baert, Bas van der Klaauw and Gijsbert van Lomwel
9691: Gradual Collective Wage Bargaining Downloads
Sabien Dobbelaere and Roland Iwan Luttens
9690: When Does HRM 'Work' in Small British Enterprises? Downloads
Michael White and Alex Bryson
9689: Something in the Air? Pollution, Allergens and Children's Cognitive Functioning Downloads
Dave Marcotte
9688: Parental Influences on Health and Longevity: Lessons from a Large Sample of Adoptees Downloads
Mikael Lindahl, Evelina Lundberg, Mårten Palme and Emilia Simeonova
9687: Can Parental Migration Reduce Petty Corruption in Education? Downloads
Lisa Sofie Höckel, Manuel Santos Silva and Tobias Stöhr
9686: Parenting Style as an Investment in Human Development Downloads
Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Nicolas Salamanca and Anna Zhu
9685: Employment Adjustments around Childbirth Downloads
Barbara Pertold-Gebicka, Filip Pertold and Nabanita Datta Gupta
9684: Does Financial Deregulation Boost Top Incomes? Evidence from the Big Bang Downloads
Julia Tanndal and Daniel Waldenström
9683: Asymmetric Labor-Supply Responses to Wage-Rate Changes: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Philipp Doerrenberg, Denvil Duncan and Max Loeffler
9682: Soda Taxes and the Prices of Sodas and Other Drinks: Evidence from Mexico Downloads
Jeff Grogger
9681: Greying the Budget: Ageing and Preferences over Public Policies Downloads
Luiz de Mello, Simone Schotte, Erwin R. Tiongson and Hernan Winkler
9680: Paying to Avoid Recession: Using Reenlistment to Estimate the Cost of Unemployment Downloads
Mark Borgschulte and Paco Martorell
9679: The Price of Gold: Dowry and Death in India Downloads
Sonia Bhalotra, Abhishek Chakravarty and Selim Gulesci
9678: Long-Lasting Effects of Socialist Education Downloads
Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln and Paolo Masella
9677: Top Incomes and Human Well-being Around the World Downloads
Richard Burkhauser, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and Nattavudh Powdthavee
9676: Paradox Lost? Downloads
Richard A. Easterlin
9675: Tattoos, Life Style and the Labor Market Downloads
Rik Dillingh, Peter Kooreman and Jan Potters
9674: The Preference Survey Module: A Validated Instrument for Measuring Risk, Time, and Social Preferences Downloads
Armin Falk, Anke Becker, Thomas Dohmen, David B. Huffman and Uwe Sunde
9673: Sleep Restriction and Time‐of‐Day Impacts on Simple Social Interaction Downloads
David Dickinson and Todd McElroy
9672: Islamism and Gender Relations in the Muslim World as Reflected in Recent World Values Survey Data Downloads
Arno Tausch and Almas Heshmati
9671: Why Wait? A Century of Education, Marriage Timing and Gender Roles Downloads
Murat Iyigun and Jeanne Lafortune
9670: Self-Reported Health and Gender: The Role of Social Norms Downloads
Eve Caroli and Lexane Weber-Baghdiguian
9669: Gender in Jeopardy!: The Role of Opponent Gender in High-Stakes Competition Downloads
Michael Jetter and Jay Walker
9668: Discouraged Immigrants and the Missing Pop in EPOP Downloads
Peter Norlander and Todd A. Sorensen
9667: The Impact of Syrian Refugees on the Labor Market in Neighboring Countries: Empirical Evidence from Jordan Downloads
Ali Fakih and May Ibrahim
9666: What Drives the Legalization of Immigrants? Evidence from IRCA Downloads
Alessandra Casarico, Giovanni Facchini and Tommaso Frattini
9665: Australia Farewell: Predictors of Emigration in the 2000s Downloads
Richard Burkhauser, Markus Hahn, Matthew Hall and Nicole Watson
9664: The Acceleration of Immigrant Unhealthy Assimilation Downloads
Osea Giuntella and Luca Stella
9663: New Perspectives on Ethnic Segregation over Time and Space: A Domains Approach Downloads
Maarten van Ham and Tiit Tammaru
9662: Intergenerational Transmission of Skills and Differences in Labor Market Outcomes for Blacks and Whites Downloads
Tsunao Okumura and Emiko Usui
9661: Gender and Racial Differences in Peer Effects of Limited English Students: A Story of Language or Ethnicity? Downloads
Timothy Diette and Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere
9660: When Do Gender Wage Differences Emerge? A Study of Azerbaijan's Labor Market Downloads
Francesco Pastore, Sarosh Sattar, Nistha Sinha and Erwin R. Tiongson
9659: The Evolution of Gender Gaps in Industrialized Countries Downloads
Claudia Olivetti and Barbara Petrongolo
9658: Are Men Given Priority for Top Jobs? Investigating the Glass Ceiling in the Italian Academia Downloads
Maria De Paola, Michela Ponzo and Vincenzo Scoppa
9657: Gender Differences in Altruism: Responses to a Natural Disaster Downloads
Matthew Lilley and Robert Slonim
9656: The Gender Wage Gap: Extent, Trends, and Explanations Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
9655: Consumption Smoothing in the Demand for Health Care Downloads
Nicolai Kristensen and Henrik Lindegaard Andersen
9654: Crowding Out in the Labour Market: Do Employers Lend a Hand? Downloads
Dieter Verhaest, Elene Bogaert, Jeroen Dereymaeker, Laura Mestdagh and Stijn Baert
9653: How Soon Is Now? Evidence of Present Bias from Convex Time Budget Experiments Downloads
Uttara Balakrishnan, Johannes Haushofer and Pamela Jakiela
9652: Religion and Depression in Adolescence Downloads
Jane Fruehwirth, Sriya Iyer and Anwen Zhang
9651: Social Insurance with Competitive Insurance Markets and Risk Misperception Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Kerstin Roeder
9650: Market Design for Altruistic Supply: Evidence from the Lab Downloads
Robert Slonim and Carmen Wang
9649: Does It Pay to Care? Prosocial Engagement and Employment Opportunities Downloads
Stijn Baert and Sunčica Vujić
9648: The Compromise Effect in Action: Lessons from a Restaurant's Menu Downloads
Pia Pinger, Isabel Ruhmer-Krell and Heiner Schumacher
9647: Is Shale Development Drilling Holes in the Human Capital Pipeline? Downloads
Dan Rickman, Hongbo Wang and John Winters
9646: Empirical Evidence on the Effectiveness of Social Public Procurement Policy: The Case of the Swiss Apprenticeship Training System Downloads
Mirjam Strupler Leiser and Stefan Wolter
9645: Television, Cognitive Ability, and High School Completion Downloads
Oeystein Hernaes, Simen Markussen and Knut Røed
9644: Can Welfare Conditionality Combat High School Dropout? Downloads
Oeystein Hernaes, Simen Markussen and Knut Røed
9643: Higher Education Expansion and Labor Market Outcomes for Young College Graduates Downloads
Dongshu Ou and Zhong Zhao
9642: Immigration and Prices: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Syrian Refugees in Turkey Downloads
Binnur Balkan and Semih Tumen
9641: Leader Networks and Transaction Costs: A Chinese Experiment in Interjurisdictional Contracting Downloads
Nancy Chau, Yu Qin and Weiwen Zhang
9640: Remittances and Expenditure Patterns of the Left Behinds in Rural China Downloads
Sylvie Démurger and Xiaoqian Wang
9639: Temporary and Permanent Migrant Selection: Theory and Evidence of Ability-Search Cost Dynamics Downloads
Joyce Chen, Katrina Kosec and Valerie Mueller
9638: Local Labor Market Conditions and Crime: Evidence from the Brazilian Trade Liberalization Downloads
Rafael Dix-Carneiro, Rodrigo Soares and Gabriel Ulyssea
9637: Subjective Well-being in China, 2005-2010: The Role of Relative Income, Gender and Location Downloads
Mohammad Asadullah, Saizi Xiao and Emile Kok-Kheng Yeoh
9636: Does Joining the EU Make You Happy? Evidence from Bulgaria and Romania Downloads
Milena Nikolova and Boris Nikolaev
9635: The Urban Wage Premium in Imperfect Labour Markets Downloads
Boris Hirsch, Elke J. Jahn and Michael Oberfichtner
9634: A Wage-Efficiency Spatial Model for US Self-Employed Workers Downloads
J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal, José Alberto Molina and Jorge Velilla
9633: Low Paid Employment in Britain: Estimating State-Dependence and Stepping Stone Effects Downloads
Lixin Cai, Kostas Mavromaras and Peter Sloane
9632: Seniority Rules, Worker Mobility and Wages: Evidence from Multi-Country Linked Employer-Employee Data Downloads
Petri Böckerman, Per Skedinger and Roope Uusitalo
9631: The Puzzling Fixity of Multiple Job Holding across Regions and Labor Markets Downloads
Barry Hirsch, Muhammad M. Husain and John Winters
9630: Multiple Job Holding, Local Labor Markets, and the Business Cycle Downloads
Barry Hirsch, Muhammad M. Husain and John Winters
9629: Working Hard in the Wrong Place: A Mismatch-Based Explanation to the UK Productivity Puzzle Downloads
Christina Patterson, Aysegul Sahin, Giorgio Topa and Giovanni L. Violante
9628: Personality Traits and the Evaluation of Start-Up Subsidies Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Steffen Künn and Martin Weißenberger
9627: Is There a Rationale to Contact the Unemployed Right from the Start? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment Downloads
Bert van Landeghem, Frank Cörvers and Andries de Grip
9626: The Role of Sickness in the Evaluation of Job Search Assistance and Sanctions Downloads
Gerard J. van den Berg, Barbara Hofmann and Arne Uhlendorff
9625: The Support Paradox in Community Enterprise Experiments in The Netherlands Downloads
Reinout Kleinhans and Maarten van Ham
9624: Making Disability Work? The Effects of Financial Incentives on Partially Disabled Workers Downloads
Pierre Koning and Jan-Maarten van Sonsbeek
9623: Electoral Incentives and the Allocation of Public Funds Downloads
Frederico S. Finan and Maurizio Mazzocco
9622: Targeted Business Incentives and the Debt Behavior of Households Downloads
Wenhua Di and Daniel L. Millimet
9621: The Health Implications of Social Pensions: Evidence from China's New Rural Pension Scheme Downloads
Lingguo Cheng, Hong Liu, Ye Zhang and Zhong Zhao
9620: Are Japanese Men of Pensionable Age Underemployed or Overemployed? Downloads
Emiko Usui, Satoshi Shimizutani and Takashi Oshio
9619: Working Time Reductions at the End of the Career: Do They Prolong the Time Spent in Employment? Downloads
Andrea Albanese, Bart Cockx and Yannick Thuy
9618: Fiscal Sustainability and Demographic Change: A Micro Approach for 27 EU Countries Downloads
Mathias Dolls, Karina Doorley, Alari Paulus, Hilmar Schneider, Sebastian Siegloch and Eric Sommer
9617: Opening the Blackbox: How Does Labor Market Policy Affect the Job Seekers' Behavior? A Field Experiment Downloads
Patrick Arni
9616: Religion, Discrimination and Trust Downloads
Swee-Hoon Chuah, Simon Gächter, Robert Hoffmann and Jonathan H. W. Tan
9615: The Importance of Peers for Compliance with Norms of Fair Sharing Downloads
Simon Gächter, Leonie Gerhards and Daniele Nosenzo
9614: Same Process, Different Outcomes: Group Performance in an Acquiring a Company Experiment Downloads
Marco Casari, Jingjing Zhang and Christine Jackson
9613: Does Self-Control Depletion Affect Risk Attitudes? Downloads
Holger Gerhardt, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch and Jana Willrodt
9612: Women Do Not Play Their Aces: The Consequences of Shying Away Downloads
Jörg Claussen, Eszter Czibor and Mirjam Praag
9611: A Review of the Circular Economy and its Implementation Downloads
Almas Heshmati
9610: Effects of Unionization on Workplace-Safety Enforcement: Regression-Discontinuity Evidence Downloads
Aaron Sojourner and Jooyoung Yang
9609: The Dynamic Effect of Disability on Work and Subjective Wellbeing in Australia Downloads
Melanie Jones, Kostas Mavromaras, Peter Sloane and Zhang Wei
9608: The Relationship between Maternal Pre-Pregnancy BMI and Preschool Obesity Downloads
Susan L. Averett and Erin K. Fletcher
9607: Capital Income Taxation and Household Production Downloads
Patricia Apps and Ray Rees
9606: Do Higher Corporate Taxes Reduce Wages? Downloads
Clemens Fuest, Andreas Peichl and Sebastian Siegloch
9605: Lower Bounds and the Linearity Assumption in Parametric Estimations of Inequality of Opportunity Downloads
Paul Hufe and Andreas Peichl
9604: Identification and Inference in Regression Discontinuity Designs with a Manipulated Running Variable Downloads
Francois Gerard, Miikka Rokkanen and Christoph Rothe
9603: Socio-Economic Segregation in European Capital Cities: Increasing Separation between Poor and Rich Downloads
Sako Musterd, Szymon Marcińczak, Maarten van Ham and Tiit Tammaru
9602: Types of Spatial Mobility and the Ethnic Context of Destination Neighbourhoods in Estonia Downloads
Kadi Mägi, Kadri Leetmaa, Tiit Tammaru and Maarten van Ham
9601: Gender Discrimination and Common Property Resources Downloads
Marco Casari and Maurizio Lisciandra
9600: Job Search, Locus of Control, and Internal Migration Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Juliane Hennecke and Arne Uhlendorff
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