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6029: Intrahousehold Distribution and Child Poverty: Theory and Evidence from Côte d’Ivoire Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Olivier Donni and Prudence Kwenda
6028: Overeducation and Local Labour Markets in Spain Downloads
Raul Ramos and Esteban Sanroma
6027: Business Cycle Effects of Credit and Technology Shocks in a DSGE Model with Firm Defaults Downloads
M Pesaran and TengTeng Xu
6026: Effects of Parental Background on Other-Regarding Preferences in Children Downloads
Michal Bauer, Julie Chytilová and Barbara Pertold-Gębicka
6025: The Geographic Accessibility of Child Care Subsidies and Evidence on the Impact of Subsidy Receipt on Childhood Obesity Downloads
Chris M. Herbst and Erdal Tekin
6024: Should Easier Access to International Credit Replace Foreign Aid? Downloads
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Sajal Lahiri and Javed Younas
6023: Severance Packages Downloads
Fabien Postel-Vinay and Hélène Turon
6022: Intensity of Time and Income Interdependent Multidimensional Poverty: Well-Being and Minimum 2DGAP – German Evidence Downloads
Joachim Merz and Tim Rathjen
6021: Talking about the Pigou Paradox: Socio-Educational Background and Educational Outcomes of AlmaLaurea Downloads
Floro Caroleo and Francesco Pastore
6020: Lifetime Earnings Inequality in Germany Downloads
Timm Bönke, Giacomo Corneo and Holger Lüthen
6019: Maternal Autonomy and the Education of the Subsequent Generation: Evidence from Three Contrasting States in India Downloads
Marco Alfano, Wiji Arulampalam and Uma Kambhampati
6018: Statistical Analysis of Landmine Fatalities in Kurdistan Downloads
Almas Heshmati and Nabaz Khayyat
6017: Race v. Suffrage: The Determinants of Development in Mississippi Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi and Arcangelo Dimico
6016: Firm-Worker Matching in Industrial Clusters Downloads
Octávio Figueiredo, Paulo Guimaraes and Douglas Woodward
6015: More Schooling, More Children: Compulsory Schooling Reforms and Fertility in Europe Downloads
Margherita Fort, Nicole Schneeweis and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
6014: Evidence on the Long Shadow of Poor Mental Health across Three Generations Downloads
David Johnston, Stefanie Schurer and Michael A. Shields
6013: Why Ex(Im)porters Pay More: Evidence from Matched Firm-Worker Panels Downloads
Pedro Martins and Luca David Opromolla
6012: Media Exposure and Internal Migration: Evidence from Indonesia Downloads
Lidia Farré and Francesco Fasani
6011: Trespassing the Threshold of Relevance: Media Exposure and Opinion Polls of the Sweden Democrats, 2006-2010 Downloads
Pieter Bevelander and Anders Hellström
6010: Does Institutional Diversity Account for Pay Rules in Germany and Belgium? Downloads
Stephan Kampelmann and Francois Rycx
6009: Exports, Foreign Direct Investments and Productivity: Are Services Firms Different? Downloads
Joachim Wagner
6008: Semiparametric Selection Models with Binary Outcomes Downloads
Roger Klein, Chan Shen and Francis Vella
6007: Optimal Piecewise Linear Income Taxation Downloads
Patricia Apps, Ngo Long and Ray Rees
6006: Firing Regulations and Firm Size in the Developing World: Evidence from Differential Enforcement Downloads
Rita Almeida and Z. Bilgen Susanli
6005: Firms' Moral Hazard in Sickness Absences Downloads
René Böheim and Thomas Leoni
6004: A General Model of Technical Change with an Application to the OECD Countries Downloads
Almas Heshmati and Subal Kumbhakar
6003: Double-Sided Moral Hazard in Job Displacement Insurance Contracts Downloads
Donald Parsons
6002: It's About Time: Implications of the Period Length in an Equilibrium Job Search Model Downloads
Ronald Wolthoff
6001: Do Foreign Experts Increase the Productivity of Domestic Firms? Downloads
Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, Jakob Munch and Jan Skaksen
6000: The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Innovation: Evidence from Dutch Firm-Level Data Downloads
Ceren Ozgen, Peter Nijkamp and Jacques Poot
5999: Do Women Prefer a Co-operative Work Environment? Downloads
Peter Kuhn and Marie Claire Villeval
5998: The Process of Wage Adjustment: An Analysis Using Establishment-Level Data Downloads
Alberto Bayo-Moriones, Jose Galdon-Sanchez and Sara Martinez-de-Morentin
5997: When, Where and How to Perform Efficiency Estimation Downloads
Oleg Badunenko, Daniel Henderson and Subal Kumbhakar
5996: Does Expanding Health Insurance Beyond Formal-Sector Workers Encourage Informality? Measuring the Impact of Mexico's Seguro Popular Downloads
Reyes Aterido, Mary Hallward-Driemeier and Carmen Pagés
5995: Re-examining the Impact of Dropping Out on Criminal and Labor Outcomes in Early Adulthood Downloads
David Bjerk
5994: The Effects of a Universal Child Benefit Downloads
Libertad Gonzalez
5993: The Frisch Elasticity in the Mercosur Countries: A Pseudo-Panel Approach Downloads
Roberto González and Hector Sala
5992: Factor Shares, the Price Markup, and the Elasticity of Substitution between Capital and Labor Downloads
Xavier Raurich, Hector Sala and Valeri Sorolla
5991: Human Capital and Growth: Specification Matters Downloads
Uwe Sunde and Thomas Vischer
5990: Following in Your Father's Footsteps: A Note on the Intergenerational Transmission of Income between Twin Fathers and their Sons Downloads
Vikesh Amin, Petter Lundborg and Dan-Olof Rooth
5989: Cross-Assignment Discrimination in Pay: A Test Case of Major League Baseball Downloads
Orn Bodvarsson and John Sessions
5988: Creativity and the Family Tree: Human Capital Endowments and the Propensity of Entrepreneurs to Patent Downloads
Albert Link and Christopher Ruhm
5987: The Structure of Collective Bargaining and Worker Representation: Change and Persistence in the German Model Downloads
John Addison, Paulino Teixeira, Alex Bryson and André Pahnke
5986: Long-Run Effects of Public-Private Research Joint Ventures: The Case of the Danish Innovation Consortia Support Scheme Downloads
Ulrich Kaiser and Johan Kuhn
5985: Optimizing Incentive Plan Design: A Case Study Downloads
Alec R. Levenson, Cindy Zoghi, Michael Gibbs and George Benson
5984: A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market (2011-2012 Edition) Downloads
John Cawley
5983: A Community College Instructor Like Me: Race and Ethnicity Interactions in the Classroom Downloads
Robert Fairlie, Florian Hoffmann and Philip Oreopoulos
5982: A Decade of Editing the European Economic Review Downloads
Zvi Eckstein, Esther Gal-Or, Thorvaldur Gylfason, Juergen von Hagen and Gerard Pfann
5981: Rising Wage Inequality and Postgraduate Education Downloads
Joanne Lindley and Stephen Machin
5980: Everybody Needs Good Neighbours? Evidence from Students' Outcomes in England Downloads
Stephen Gibbons, Olmo Silva and Felix Weinhardt
5979: The Recent Evolution of Retirement Patterns in Canada Downloads
Pierre Lefebvre, Philip Merrigan and Pierre-Carl Michaud
5978: Firm Heterogeneity, Informal Wage and Good Governance Downloads
Saibal Kar and Sugata Marjit
5977: Got Water? Social Divisions and Access to Public Goods in Rural India Downloads
Divya Balasubramaniam, Santanu Chatterjee and David Mustard
5976: The Effects of Training on Own and Co-Worker Productivity: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Andries de Grip and Jan Sauermann
5975: Productivity Gains from R&D Investment: Are High-Tech Sectors Still Ahead? Downloads
Raquel Ortega-Argiles, Mariacristina Piva and Marco Vivarelli
5974: Is the Persistence of Teacher Effects in Early Grades Larger for Lower-Performing Students? Downloads
Spyros Konstantopoulos and Min Sun
5973: Non-cognitive Skills and the Gender Disparities in Test Scores and Teacher Assessments: Evidence from Primary School Downloads
Christopher Cornwell, David Mustard and Jessica Van Parys
5972: Duration of Low Wage Employment: A Study Based on a Survival Model Downloads
António M. S. Pimenta, Francisco José Silva and José Vieira
5971: Once Poor, Always Poor? Do Initial Conditions Matter? Evidence from the ECHP Downloads
Eirini Andriopoulou and Panos Tsakloglou
5970: Climbing the Job Ladder: New Evidence of Gender Inequity Downloads
David Johnston and Wang-Sheng Lee
5969: Then and Now: Reflections on Two Australian Mining Booms Downloads
Robert Gregory
5968: Lying and Team Incentives Downloads
Julian Conrads, Bernd Irlenbusch, Rainer Rilke and Gari Walkowitz
5967: Migrant Entrepreneurs and Credit Constraints under Labour Market Discrimination Downloads
Paul Frijters, Tao Sherry Kong and Xin Meng
5966: Happiness, Habits and High Rank: Comparisons in Economic and Social Life Downloads
Andrew Clark
5965: Vote-Buying and Reciprocity Downloads
Frederico Finan and Laura Schechter
5964: Low-Skilled Immigrants and the U.S. Labor Market Downloads
Brian Duncan and Stephen Trejo
5963: Distortions, Endogenous Managerial Skills and Productivity Differences Downloads
Dhritiman Bhattacharya, Nezih Guner and Gustavo Ventura
5962: Taxing Women: A Macroeconomic Analysis Downloads
Nezih Guner, Remzi Kaygusuz and Gustavo Ventura
5961: Why Are So Few Females Promoted into CEO and Vice-President Positions? Danish Empirical Evidence 1997-2007 Downloads
Nina Smith, Valdemar Smith and Mette Verner
5960: Does Culture Affect Divorce Decisions? Evidence from European Immigrants in the US Downloads
Delia Furtado, Miriam Marcén and Almudena Sevilla
5959: Are Children "Normal"? Downloads
Dan Black, Natalia Kolesnikova, Seth G. Sanders and Lowell J. Taylor
5958: Multilateral Resistance to Migration Downloads
Simone Bertoli and Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga
5957: Learning about a Class of Belief-Dependent Preferences without Information on Beliefs Downloads
Charles Bellemare and Alexander Sebald
5956: Fewer Jobs or Smaller Paychecks? Aggregate Crisis Impacts in Selected Middle-Income Countries Downloads
Gaurav Khanna, David Newhouse and Pierella Paci
5955: Is Internet Job Search Still Ineffective? Downloads
Peter Kuhn and Hani Mansour
5954: Women's Age at First Marriage and Marital Instability: Evidence from the 2006-2008 National Survey of Family Growth Downloads
Evelyn Lehrer and Yu Chen
5953: Financial Liberalization and the Brain Drain: A Panel Data Analysis Downloads
Aniruddha Mitra, James Bang and Phanindra Wunnava
5952: Opt Out or Top Up? Voluntary Healthcare Insurance and the Public vs. Private Substitution Downloads
Daniele Fabbri and Chiara Monfardini
5951: Are Occupations Paid What They Are Worth? An Econometric Study of Occupational Wage Inequality and Productivity Downloads
Stephan Kampelmann and Francois Rycx
5950: Integrating Personality Psychology into Economics Downloads
James Heckman
5949: Is Leisure a Normal Good? Evidence from the European Parliament Downloads
Naci Mocan and Duha Altindag
5948: Search, Effort, and Locus of Control Downloads
Andrew McGee and Peter McGee
5947: Teachers' Salaries in Latin America: How Much Are They (Under or Over) Paid? Downloads
Alejandra Mizala and Hugo Ñopo
5946: Mothers Do Matter: New Evidence on the Effect of Parents' Schooling on Children's Schooling Using Swedish Twin Data Downloads
Vikesh Amin, Petter Lundborg and Dan-Olof Rooth
5945: Cycles of Wage Discrimination Downloads
Jeff Biddle and Daniel Hamermesh
5944: The Causal Effect of Education on Health: What is the Role of Health Behaviors? Downloads
Giorgio Brunello, Margherita Fort, Nicole Schneeweis and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
5943: The Stability of Big-Five Personality Traits Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark and Stefanie Schurer
5942: Underreporting of Earnings and the Minimum Wage Spike Downloads
Mirco Tonin
5941: The Effect of Variable Pay Schemes on Workplace Absenteeism Downloads
Konstantinos Pouliakas and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos
5940: Economic Conditions at the Time of Birth and Cognitive Abilities Late in Life: Evidence from Eleven European Countries Downloads
Gabriele Doblhammer, Gerard van den Berg and Thomas Fritze
5939: Conflict and its Impact on Educational Accumulation and Enrollment in Colombia: What We Can Learn from Recent IDPs Downloads
Kate Wharton and Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere
5938: Does It Pay to Be Productive? The Case of Age Groups Downloads
Alessandra Cataldi, Stephan Kampelmann and Francois Rycx
5937: Scarring Effects of Remaining Unemployed for Long-Term Unemployed School-Leavers Downloads
Bart Cockx and Matteo Picchio
5936: Wage Dispersion and Labor Turnover with Adverse Selection Downloads
Carlos Carrillo-Tudela and Leo Kaas
5935: Gender Gaps across Countries and Skills: Supply, Demand and the Industry Structure Downloads
Claudia Olivetti and Barbara Petrongolo
5934: Social Interactions in the Labor Market Downloads
Andrew Grodner, Thomas Kniesner and John A. Bishop
5933: Minimum Wages and Teen Employment: A Spatial Panel Approach Downloads
Charlene Kalenkoski and Donald J. Lacombe
5932: The Trend over Time of the Gender Wage Gap in Italy Downloads
Chiara Mussida and Matteo Picchio
5931: Real Exchange Rate, Foreign Trade and Employment: Evidence from China Downloads
Xiangquan Zeng, Cui Yuxue, Shisong Qing and Yang Yumei
5930: Taxes, Wages and Working Hours Downloads
Peter Ericson and Lennart Flood
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