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3486: Does Immigration Raise Natives’ Income? National and Regional Evidence from Spain Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Sara De La Rica
3485: Social Change Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood and Nezih Guner
3484: The Emerging Aversion to Inequality: Evidence from Poland 1992–2005 Downloads
Irena Grosfeld and Claudia Senik
3483: Imposed Benefit Sanctions and the Unemployment-to-Employment Transition: The German Experience Downloads
Kai-Uwe Müller and Viktor Steiner
3482: Efficiency and Effectiveness of Social Spending Downloads
Peter Herrmann, Arno Tausch, Almas Heshmati and Chemen S. J. Bajalan
3481: Cognitive Abilities and Behavioral Biases Downloads
Jörg Oechssler, Andreas Roider and Patrick W. Schmitz
3480: Employment Effects of Welfare Reforms: Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Life-Cycle Model Downloads
Peter Haan, Victoria Liza Prowse and Arne Uhlendorff
3479: The Immigrant Earnings Disadvantage across the Earnings and Skills Distributions: The Case of Immigrants from the EU’s New Member States in Ireland Downloads
Alan Barrett, Seamus McGuinness and O`Brien, Martin
3478: The Treatment Effect, the Cross Difference, and the Interaction Term in Nonlinear “Difference-in-Differences” Models Downloads
Patrick A. Puhani
3477: Hyperbolic Discounting and the Phillips Curve Downloads
Liam Graham and Dennis Snower
3476: Never the Same After the First Time: The Satisfaction of the Second-Generation Self-Employed Downloads
Andrew Clark, Nathalie Colombier and David Masclet
3475: A Pragmatic Approach to Capital Account Liberalization Downloads
Eswar Prasad and Raghuram G. Rajan
3474: Quasi-Experimental Estimates of the Effect of Class Size on Achievement in Norway Downloads
Edwin Leuven, Hessel Oosterbeek and Marte Rønning
3473: Does the Effect of Incentive Payments on Survey Response Rates Differ by Income Support History? Downloads
Juan David Barón, Robert Vincent Breunig, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Tue Gorgens and Anastasia Sartbayeva
3472: Does More Mean Better? Sibling Sex Composition and the Link between Family Size and Children’s Quality Downloads
Javier Eduardo Baez
3471: Private Supplementary Tutoring in Turkey: Recent Evidence on Its Various Aspects Downloads
Aysıt Tansel and Fatma Bircan
3470: What Have We Learned? Assessing Labor Market Institutions and Indicators Downloads
Werner Eichhorst, Michael Feil and Christoph Braun
3469: Endogenous Reversals of Fortune Downloads
Mark Gradstein
3468: Civil Wars beyond their Borders: The Human Capital and Health Consequences of Hosting Refugees Downloads
Javier Eduardo Baez
3467: Between Meritocracy and Ethnic Discrimination: The Gender Difference Downloads
Mahmood Arai, Moa Bursell and Lena Nekby
3466: Impact of the 1999 Earthquakes on the Outcome of the 2002 Parliamentary Election in Turkey Downloads
Ali T. Akarca and Aysıt Tansel
3465: Cost and Benefit of Apprenticeship Training: A Comparison of Germany and Switzerland Downloads
Regina Dionisius, Samuel Mühlemann, Harald Pfeifer, Günter Walden, Felix Wenzelmann and Stefan C. Wolter
3464: In Search of Gender Bias in Household Resource Allocation in Rural China Downloads
Lina Song
3463: Heterogeneity, State Dependence and Health Downloads
Timothy J. Halliday
3462: The Contribution of Vocational Training to Employment, Job-Related Skills and Productivity: Evidence from Madeira Island Downloads
Santiago Budría and Pedro Telhado Pereira
3461: Macroeconomic Policy and Unemployment by Economic Activity: Evidence from Turkey Downloads
Hakan Berument, Nukhet Dogan and Aysıt Tansel
3460: Shall We Kill or Enslave Caesar? Analyzing the Caesar Model Downloads
Guillermina Jasso
3459: Growing out of Poverty: Trends and Patterns of Urban Poverty in China 1988–2002 Downloads
Simon Mark Appleton, Lina Song and Qingjie Xia
3458: Selective Migration and Health Downloads
Timothy J. Halliday and Michael C. Kimmitt
3457: The Determinants of Female Labour Supply in Belarus Downloads
Francesco Pastore and Alina Verashchagina
3456: The Impact of Population Aging on the Labor Market: The Case of Sri Lanka Downloads
Milan Vodopivec and Nisha Arunatilake
3455: Modelling the Employment and Wage Outcomes of Spouses: Is She Outearning Him? Downloads
Hans Bloemen and Elena G F Stancanelli
3454: The Economics of Communist Party Membership: The Curious Case of Rising Numbers and Wage Premium during China’s Transition Downloads
Simon Mark Appleton, John B Knight, Lina Song and Qingjie Xia
3453: Was the Mandal Commission Right? Living Standard Differences between Backward Classes and Other Social Groups in India Downloads
Ira N. Gang, Kunal Sen and Myeong-Su Yun
3452: Too Young to Leave the Nest? The Effects of School Starting Age Downloads
Sandra E. Black, Paul J. Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
3451: Efficient Tax Policy Ranks Education Higher Than Saving Downloads
Wolfram F. Richter
3450: International Migration, Ethnicity and Economic Inequality Downloads
Martin Kahanec and Klaus F. Zimmermann
3449: Determinants of Managerial Values on Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from China Downloads
Liangrong Zu and Lina Song
3448: Interethnic Marriage: A Choice between Ethnic and Educational Similarities Downloads
Delia Furtado and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos
3447: Tax Rates and Tax Evasion: An Empirical Analysis of the Structural Aspects and Long-Run Characteristics in Italy Downloads
Bruno Chiarini, Elisabetta Marzano and Friedrich Georg Schneider
3446: Occupational Selection in Multilingual Labor Markets Downloads
Núria Quella and Silvio Rendon
3445: Paintings and Numbers: An Econometric Investigation of Sales Rates, Prices and Returns in Latin American Art Auctions Downloads
Nauro F. Campos and Renata Leite Barbosa
3444: The "Bologna Process" and College Enrolment Decisions Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari and Claudio Lucifora
3443: Life Satisfaction in Urban China: Components and Determinants Downloads
Lina Song and Simon Mark Appleton
3442: Global Business Cycles: Convergence or Decoupling? Downloads
Ayhan Kose, Christopher Otrok and Eswar Prasad
3441: From Illegal to Legal: Estimating Previous Illegal Experience among New Legal Immigrants to the United States Downloads
Guillermina Jasso, Douglas S. Massey, Mark R. Rosenzweig and James P. Smith
3440: Feedback and Incentives: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Tor Eriksson, Anders Poulsen and Marie Claire Villeval
3439: The Struggle for Palestinian Hearts and Minds: Violence and Public Opinion in the Second Intifada Downloads
David A. Jaeger, Esteban F. Klor, Sami H. Miaari and M. Daniele Paserman
3438: How Viable Are Unemployment Insurance Savings Accounts: Simulation Results for Slovenia Downloads
Milan Vodopivec
3437: A Caseworker Like Me: Does the Similarity between Unemployed and Caseworker Increase Job Placements? Downloads
Stefanie Behncke, Markus Frölich and Michael Lechner
3436: Union Decline in Britain Downloads
David G. Blanchflower and Alex Bryson
3435: Institutions and Contract Enforcement Downloads
Armin Falk, David Huffman and W. Bentley Macleod
3434: Minimum Wages and Welfare in a Hotelling Duopsony Downloads
Leo Kaas and Paul Madden
3433: New Evidence on the Dynamic Wage Curve for Western Germany: 1980–2004 Downloads
Badi H. Baltagi, Uwe Blien and Katja Wolf
3432: The Impact of College Graduation on Geographic Mobility: Identifying Education Using Multiple Components of Vietnam Draft Risk Downloads
Ofer Malamud and Abigail Wozniak
3431: Understanding Poverty among the Elderly in India: Implications for Social Pension Policy Downloads
Sarmistha Pal and Robert Joseph Palacios
3430: Studying Abroad and the Effect on International Labor Market Mobility: Evidence from the Introduction of ERASMUS Downloads
Matthias Parey and Fabian Waldinger
3429: The Effect of Intragroup Communication on Preference Shifts in Groups Downloads
Michael P. Brady and Steven Y Wu
3428: The Gender Earnings Gap inside a Russian Firm: First Evidence from Personnel Data – 1997 to 2002 Downloads
Thomas Johannes Dohmen, Hartmut Lehmann and Anzelika Zaiceva
3427: Public Sector Pay Gap in France: New Evidence Using Panel Data Downloads
Olivier Bargain and Blaise Melly
3426: Evolution of Capital Structure in East Asia: Corporate Inertia or Endeavours? Downloads
Nigel L. Driffield and Sarmistha Pal
3425: Econometric Causality Downloads
James J. Heckman
3424: Incentive Design and Trust: Comparing the Effects of Tournament and Team-Based Incentives on Trust Downloads
Robert J. Oxoby and Colette Friedrich
3423: Migration and the Wage Curve: A Structural Approach to Measure the Wage and Employment Effects of Migration Downloads
Herbert Brücker and Elke Jutta Jahn
3422: Wage Effects of Recruitment Methods: The Case of the Italian Social Service Sector Downloads
Michele Mosca and Francesco Pastore
3421: Women’s Liberation: What’s in It for Men? Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Michele Tertilt
3420: Labor Market Outcomes of Immigrants and Non-Citizens in the EU: An East-West Comparison Downloads
Martin Kahanec and Anzelika Zaiceva
3419: Occupational Mismatch and Moonlighting among Spanish Physicians: Do Couples Matter? Downloads
Juan J. Dolado and Florentino Felgueroso
3418: Meta-Analysis of Empirical Evidence on the Labour Market Impacts of Immigration Downloads
Simonetta Longhi, Peter Nijkamp and Jacques Poot
3417: International Business Visits and the Technology Frontier Downloads
Steve Dowrick and Max Tani
3416: Ideology Downloads
Roland J. Benabou
3415: Macroeconomic Effects of Ownership Structure in OECD Countries Downloads
Donatella Gatti
3414: Does Employment Protection Help Immigrants? Evidence from European Labor Markets Downloads
Filipa Goncalves Sa
3413: Strategic Outsourcing, Profit Sharing and Equilibrium Unemployment Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Jan König
3412: Tobacco and Alcohol: Complements or Substitutes? A Structural Model Approach Downloads
Harald Tauchmann, Silja Göhlmann, Till Requate and Christoph M. Schmidt
3411: Motivating Politicians: The Impacts of Monetary Incentives on Quality and Performance Downloads
Claudio Ferraz and Frederico Finan
3410: Panic on the Streets of London: Police, Crime and the July 2005 Terror Attacks Downloads
Mirko Draca, Stephen Machin and Robert Witt
3409: Lost in Transition: Life Satisfaction on the Road to Capitalism Downloads
Richard A. Easterlin
3408: Qualifying Religion: The Role of Plural Identities for Educational Production Downloads
Timo Boppart, Josef Falkinger, Volker Grossmann, Ulrich Woitek and Gabriela Wüthrich
3407: How Hurricanes Affect Employment and Wages in Local Labor Markets Downloads
Ariel Rene Belasen and Solomon William Polachek
3406: Rent-Sharing under Different Bargaining Regimes: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data Downloads
Michael Rusinek and Francois Rycx
3405: Labour Supply and Taxes Downloads
Costas Meghir and David Phillips
3404: Individual Incentives in Program Participation: Splitting up the Process in Assignment and Enrollment Downloads
Andrea Weber
3403: Does Off-Farm Labor Relax Farmers’ Credit Constraints? Evidence from Longitudinal Data for Vietnam Downloads
Marco Stampini and Benjamin Davis
3402: A Primer on the 35-Hour in France, 1997–2007 Downloads
Philippe Askenazy
3401: What Are the Factors Behind Pay Settlements? Evidence from Spanish and British Data Downloads
Alberto Bayo-Moriones, Jose Enrique Galdon-Sanchez and Sara Martinez-de-Morentin
3400: Risk-Taking Tournaments: Theory and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Petra Nieken and Dirk Sliwka
3399: The Health Returns to Education: What Can We Learn from Twins? Downloads
Petter Lundborg
3398: Brain Drain and its Determinants: A Major Issue for Small States Downloads
Michel AR Beine, Frédéric Docquier and Maurice Schiff
3397: War and Endogenous Democracy Downloads
Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni
3396: Life-Cycle Equilibrium Unemployment Downloads
Arnaud Cheron, Jean-Olivier Hairault and Francois Langot
3395: Prison Conditions and Recidivism Downloads
Francesco Drago, Roberto Galbiati and Pietro Vertova
3394: Are All Labor Regulations Equal? Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Downloads
Ahmad Ahsan and Carmen Pages
3393: Remittances and the Brain Drain: Skilled Migrants Do Remit Less Downloads
Yoko Niimi, Caglar Ozden and Maurice Schiff
3392: A Theory of Military Dictatorships Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni
3391: Geography vs. Institutions at the Village Level Downloads
Michael Grimm and Stephan Klasen
3390: Minimum Wages in Kenya Downloads
Mabel Andalón and Carmen Pages
3389: Entrepreneurial Innovation and Sustained Long-Run Growth without Weak or Strong Scale Effects Downloads
Volker Grossmann
3388: Measuring Skilled Emigration Rates: The Case of Small States Downloads
Frédéric Docquier and Maurice Schiff
3387: Sources of Earnings Instability: Estimates from an On-the-Job Search Model of the U.S. Labor Market Downloads
Luca Flabbi and Marco Leonardi
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