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3550: Formality, Informality, and Social Welfare Downloads
John Bennett
3549: The Role of Educational Choice in Occupational Gender Segregation: Evidence from Trinidad and Tobago Downloads
Sandra Sookram and Eric Albert Strobl
3548: Education, Information, and Improved Health: Evidence from Breast Cancer Screening Downloads
Keith Chen and Fabian Lange
3547: Intermarriage and the Intergenerational Transmission of Ethnic Identity and Human Capital for Mexican Americans Downloads
Brian Duncan and Stephen J. Trejo
3546: Household Membership Decisions of Adult Children Downloads
Maria Concetta Chiuri and Daniela Del Boca
3545: The Racial Saving Gap Enigma: Unraveling the Role of Institutions Downloads
Willie Belton and Ruth Osarenti Uwaifo Oyelere
3544: The Re-Building Effect of Hurricanes: Evidence from Employment in the US Construction Industry Downloads
Eric Albert Strobl and Frank Walsh
3543: Crime and Partnerships Downloads
Michael Svarer
3542: Foreign Ownership, Employment and Wages in Brazil: Evidence from Acquisitions, Divestments and Job Movers Downloads
Pedro S. Martins and Luiz Alberto Esteves
3541: The Role of Religion in Economic and Demographic Behavior in the United States: A Review of the Recent Literature Downloads
Evelyn L. Lehrer
3540: Déjà Vu? Short-Term Training in Germany 1980–1992 and 2000–2003 Downloads
Bernd Fitzenberger, Olga Orlyanskaya, Aderonke Osikominu and Marie Waller
3539: Gender Differences and the Timing of First Marriages Downloads
Javier Díaz-Giménez and Eugenio Pedro Giolito
3538: Long Term Earnings Inequality, Earnings Instability and Temporary Employment in Spain: 1993–2000 Downloads
María Cervini-Plá and Xavi Ramos
3537: Early Child Development and Maternal Labor Force Participation: Using Handedness as an Instrument Downloads
Paul Frijters, David W. Johnston, Manisha Shah and Michael Shields
3536: Taxes and Benefits: Two Distinct Options to Cheat on the State? Downloads
Martin Halla and Friedrich Georg Schneider
3535: Intergenerational Transmission of Healthy Eating Behaviour and the Role of Household Income Downloads
Alison Goode, Kostas Mavromaras and Murray Smith
3534: Employment Assimilation of Immigrants in the Netherlands: Catching Up and the Irrelevance of Education Downloads
Aslan Zorlu and Joop Hartog
3533: Analysing the Gender Wage Gap Using Personnel Records of a Large German Company Downloads
Christian Pfeifer and Tatjana Sohr
3532: Using Achievement Tests to Measure Language Assimilation and Language Bias among Immigrant Children Downloads
Richard Akresh and Ilana Redstone Akresh
3531: School Attendance of Children and the Work of Mothers: A Joint Multilevel Model for India Downloads
Francesca Francavilla, Gianna Claudia Claudia Giannelli and Leonardo Grilli
3530: Admission Conditions and Graduates' Employability Downloads
Fernando Alexandre, Miguel Portela and Carla Sa
3529: The Rise in Obesity across the Atlantic: An Economic Perspective Downloads
Giorgio Brunello, Pierre-Carl Michaud and Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano
3528: Calibration and IV Estimation of a Wage Outcome Equation in a Dynamic Environment Downloads
Christian Belzil and Jorgen Hansen
3527: Why Populist Democracy Promotes Market Liberalization Downloads
Pauline Grosjean and Claudia Senik
3526: Fertility in Sub-Saharan African Countries with Consideration to Health and Poverty Downloads
Yongil Jeon, Sang-Young Rhyu and Michael P. Shields
3525: The Impact of Risk Attitudes on Entrepreneurial Survival Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Frank M. Fossen and Alexander S. Kritikos
3524: Between Agora and Shopping Mall Downloads
Josef Falkinger
3523: A Note on Risk Aversion and Labour Market Outcomes: Further Evidence from German Survey Data Downloads
Christian Pfeifer
3522: Outsourcing and Labor Taxation in Dual Labor Markets Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Panu Poutvaara
3521: Reforming Retirement-Income Systems: Lessons from the Recent Experiences of OECD Countries Downloads
John Paul Martin and Edward Whitehouse
3520: Parents’ Incomes and Children’s Outcomes: A Quasi-Experiment Downloads
Randall Akee, William Copeland, Gordon Keeler, Adrian Angold and Jane E. Costello
3519: Informality and Macroeconomic Fluctuations Downloads
Norbert M. Fiess, Marco Fugazza and William F. Maloney
3518: Is the Glass Ceiling Cracking? A Simple Test Downloads
Ting Hu and Myeong-Su Yun
3517: Belief Elicitation in Experiments: Is there a Hedging Problem? Downloads
Mariana Blanco, Dirk Engelmann, Alexander Karl Koch and Hans-Theo Normann
3516: Armed Conflict and Schooling: Evidence from the 1994 Rwandan Genocide Downloads
Richard Akresh and Damien de Walque
3515: Schools, Skills, and Synapses Downloads
James J. Heckman
3514: Cyclical Movements in Unemployment and Informality in Developing Countries Downloads
Mariano Bosch and William F. Maloney
3513: Monetary Persistence and the Labor Market: A New Perspective Downloads
Wolfgang Lechthaler, Christian Merkl and Dennis Snower
3512: From Individual Attitudes towards Migrants to Migration Policy Outcomes: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Giovanni Facchini and Anna Maria Mayda
3511: Who Are the Microenterprise Owners? Evidence from Sri Lanka on Tokman v. de Soto Downloads
Suresh de Mel, David McKenzie and Christopher Woodruff
3510: Marriage, Partnership and Sexual Orientation: A Study of British University Academics and Administrators Downloads
Alison Lee Booth and Jeff Frank
3509: Uncertainty and the Politics of Employment Protection Downloads
Andrea Vindigni
3508: Do Employment Subsidies Work? Evidence from Regionally Targeted Subsidies in Turkey Downloads
Gordon Betcherman, N. Meltem Daysal and Carmen Pages
3507: Discounting Financial Literacy: Time Preferences and Participation in Financial Education Programs Downloads
Stephan Meier and Charles Sprenger
3506: Immigrant Labor, Child-Care Services, and the Work-Fertility Trade-Off in the United States Downloads
Delia Furtado and Heinrich Sharad Hock
3505: Self-Selection into Teaching: The Role of Teacher Education Institutions Downloads
Stefan Denzler and Stefan C. Wolter
3504: Training Background and Early Retirement Downloads
Raymond Michel Montizaan, Frank Cörvers and Andries de Grip
3503: Risk Aversion and Sorting into Public Sector Employment Downloads
Christian Pfeifer
3502: Labor Market Policies, Institutions and Employment Rates in the EU-27 Downloads
Riccardo Rovelli and Randolph Luca Bruno
3501: The Effects of Labour Tax Progression under Nash Wage Bargaining and Flexible Outsourcing Downloads
Erkki Koskela
3500: Fungibility, Labels, and Consumption Downloads
Johannes Abeler and Felix Marklein
3499: The Effect of Minimum Wages on Immigrants’ Employment and Earnings Downloads
Pia Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny
3498: Firms' Ethics, Consumer Boycotts, and Signalling Downloads
Amihai Glazer, Vesa Kanniainen and Panu Poutvaara
3497: Rule of Law, Institutional Quality and Information Downloads
Randolph Luca Bruno
3496: The Effects of Health and Health Shocks on Hours Worked Downloads
Lixin Cai, Kostas Mavromaras and Umut Oguzoglu
3495: Taking the Easy Way Out: How the GED Testing Program Induces Students to Drop Out Downloads
James J. Heckman, John Eric Humphries, Paul Anthony LaFontaine and Pedro L. Rodríguez
3494: Immigrants and Welfare Programmes: Exploring the Interactions between Immigrant Characteristics, Immigrant Welfare Dependence and Welfare Policy Downloads
Alan Barrett and Yvonne McCarthy
3493: Human Capital Externalities and the Urban Wage Premium: Two Literatures and their Interrelations Downloads
Benedikt Halfdanarson, Daniel F. Heuermann and Jens Suedekum
3492: The Impact of Household Capital Income on Income Inequality: A Factor Decomposition Analysis for Great Britain, Germany and the USA Downloads
Anna Fräßdorf, Markus M. Grabka and Johannes Schwarze
3491: Would a Legal Minimum Wage Reduce Poverty? A Microsimulation Study for Germany Downloads
Kai-Uwe Müller and Viktor Steiner
3490: The Lot of the Unemployed: A Time Use Perspective Downloads
Alan B. Krueger and Andreas . Mueller
3489: Do Migrants Get Good Jobs in Australia? The Role of Ethnic Networks in Job Search Downloads
Stephane Mahuteau and Junankar, Pramod (Raja) N.
3488: Mexican-American Entrepreneurship Downloads
Robert W. Fairlie and Christopher Woodruff
3487: Fixed Effects Bias in Panel Data Estimators Downloads
Hielke Buddelmeyer, Paul H. Jensen, Umut Oguzoglu and Elizabeth Webster
3486: Does Immigration Raise Natives’ Income? National and Regional Evidence from Spain Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Sara De La Rica
3485: Social Change Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood and Nezih Guner
3484: The Emerging Aversion to Inequality: Evidence from Poland 1992–2005 Downloads
Irena Grosfeld and Claudia Senik
3483: Imposed Benefit Sanctions and the Unemployment-to-Employment Transition: The German Experience Downloads
Kai-Uwe Müller and Viktor Steiner
3482: Efficiency and Effectiveness of Social Spending Downloads
Peter Herrmann, Arno Tausch, Almas Heshmati and Chemen S. J. Bajalan
3481: Cognitive Abilities and Behavioral Biases Downloads
Jörg Oechssler, Andreas Roider and Patrick W. Schmitz
3480: Employment Effects of Welfare Reforms: Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Life-Cycle Model Downloads
Peter Haan, Victoria Liza Prowse and Arne Uhlendorff
3479: The Immigrant Earnings Disadvantage across the Earnings and Skills Distributions: The Case of Immigrants from the EU’s New Member States in Ireland Downloads
Alan Barrett, Seamus McGuinness and O`Brien, Martin
3478: The Treatment Effect, the Cross Difference, and the Interaction Term in Nonlinear “Difference-in-Differences” Models Downloads
Patrick A. Puhani
3477: Hyperbolic Discounting and the Phillips Curve Downloads
Liam Graham and Dennis Snower
3476: Never the Same After the First Time: The Satisfaction of the Second-Generation Self-Employed Downloads
Andrew Clark, Nathalie Colombier and David Masclet
3475: A Pragmatic Approach to Capital Account Liberalization Downloads
Eswar Prasad and Raghuram G. Rajan
3474: Quasi-Experimental Estimates of the Effect of Class Size on Achievement in Norway Downloads
Edwin Leuven, Hessel Oosterbeek and Marte Rønning
3473: Does the Effect of Incentive Payments on Survey Response Rates Differ by Income Support History? Downloads
Juan David Barón, Robert Vincent Breunig, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Tue Gorgens and Anastasia Sartbayeva
3472: Does More Mean Better? Sibling Sex Composition and the Link between Family Size and Children’s Quality Downloads
Javier Eduardo Baez
3471: Private Supplementary Tutoring in Turkey: Recent Evidence on Its Various Aspects Downloads
Aysıt Tansel and Fatma Bircan
3470: What Have We Learned? Assessing Labor Market Institutions and Indicators Downloads
Werner Eichhorst, Michael Feil and Christoph Braun
3469: Endogenous Reversals of Fortune Downloads
Mark Gradstein
3468: Civil Wars beyond their Borders: The Human Capital and Health Consequences of Hosting Refugees Downloads
Javier Eduardo Baez
3467: Between Meritocracy and Ethnic Discrimination: The Gender Difference Downloads
Mahmood Arai, Moa Bursell and Lena Nekby
3466: Impact of the 1999 Earthquakes on the Outcome of the 2002 Parliamentary Election in Turkey Downloads
Ali T. Akarca and Aysıt Tansel
3465: Cost and Benefit of Apprenticeship Training: A Comparison of Germany and Switzerland Downloads
Regina Dionisius, Samuel Mühlemann, Harald Pfeifer, Günter Walden, Felix Wenzelmann and Stefan C. Wolter
3464: In Search of Gender Bias in Household Resource Allocation in Rural China Downloads
Lina Song
3463: Heterogeneity, State Dependence and Health Downloads
Timothy J. Halliday
3462: The Contribution of Vocational Training to Employment, Job-Related Skills and Productivity: Evidence from Madeira Island Downloads
Santiago Budría and Pedro Telhado Pereira
3461: Macroeconomic Policy and Unemployment by Economic Activity: Evidence from Turkey Downloads
Hakan Berument, Nukhet Dogan and Aysıt Tansel
3460: Shall We Kill or Enslave Caesar? Analyzing the Caesar Model Downloads
Guillermina Jasso
3459: Growing out of Poverty: Trends and Patterns of Urban Poverty in China 1988–2002 Downloads
Simon Mark Appleton, Lina Song and Qingjie Xia
3458: Selective Migration and Health Downloads
Timothy J. Halliday and Michael C. Kimmitt
3457: The Determinants of Female Labour Supply in Belarus Downloads
Francesco Pastore and Alina Verashchagina
3456: The Impact of Population Aging on the Labor Market: The Case of Sri Lanka Downloads
Milan Vodopivec and Nisha Arunatilake
3455: Modelling the Employment and Wage Outcomes of Spouses: Is She Outearning Him? Downloads
Hans Bloemen and Elena G F Stancanelli
3454: The Economics of Communist Party Membership: The Curious Case of Rising Numbers and Wage Premium during China’s Transition Downloads
Simon Mark Appleton, John B Knight, Lina Song and Qingjie Xia
3453: Was the Mandal Commission Right? Living Standard Differences between Backward Classes and Other Social Groups in India Downloads
Ira N. Gang, Kunal Sen and Myeong-Su Yun
3452: Too Young to Leave the Nest? The Effects of School Starting Age Downloads
Sandra E. Black, Paul J. Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
3451: Efficient Tax Policy Ranks Education Higher Than Saving Downloads
Wolfram F. Richter
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