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5096: Oil Price Shocks and Labor Market Fluctuations Downloads
Javier Ordóñez, Hector Sala and José Silva
5095: Analyzing Social Experiments as Implemented: A Reexamination of the Evidence from the HighScope Perry Preschool Program Downloads
James Heckman, Seong Hyeok Moon, Rodrigo Pinto, Peter Savelyev and Adam Yavitz
5094: Youth Labour Markets in Europe and Central Asia Downloads
Shane O'Higgins
5093: Do Non-Cognitive Skills Help Explain the Occupational Segregation of Young People? Downloads
Heather Antecol and Deborah Cobb-Clark
5092: The Wage-Productivity Gap Revisited: Is the Labour Share Neutral to Employment? Downloads
Marika Karanassou and Hector Sala
5091: The Rise in Absenteeism: Disentangling the Impacts of Cohort, Age and Time Downloads
Erik Biorn, Simen Gaure, Simen Markussen and Knut Røed
5090: Preferences for Redistribution and Pensions: What Can We Learn from Experiments? Downloads
Franziska Tausch, Jan Potters and Arno Riedl
5089: The Opt-Out Revolution: A Descriptive Analysis Downloads
Heather Antecol
5088: Job Changes and Individual-Job Specific Wage Dynamics Downloads
Laura Hospido
5087: Non-Standard Employment and Labour Force Participation: A Comparative View of the Recent Development in Europe Downloads
Günther Schmid
5086: Evolution of Gender Wage Gaps in Latin America at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: An Addendum to "New Century, Old Disparities" Downloads
Hugo Ñopo and Alejandro Hoyos Suarez
5085: New Century, Old Disparities: Gender and Ethnic Wage Gaps in Latin America Downloads
Hugo Ñopo, Juan Pablo Atal and Natalia Winder
5084: Human Capital Investments in Children: A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Parent-Child Shared Time in Selected Countries Downloads
Eva Österbacka, Joachim Merz and Cathleen D. Zick
5083: Job Mismatches and Labour Market Outcomes: Panel Evidence on Australian University Graduates Downloads
Kostas Mavromaras, Seamus McGuinness, O'Leary, Nigel C., Peter Sloane and Zhang Wei
5082: Assessing the Impact of Incomes Policy: The Italian Experience Downloads
Francesco Pastore
5081: Labor-Market Attachment and Training Participation Downloads
Toshie Ikenaga and Daiji Kawaguchi
5080: Why Does Intermarriage Increase Immigrant Employment? The Role of Networks Downloads
Delia Furtado and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos
5079: Information, Uncertainty, and Subjective Entitlements in Bargaining Downloads
Emin Karagözoğlu and Arno Riedl
5078: Wages, Employment and Tenure of Temporarily Subsidized Workers: Does the Industry Matter? Downloads
Gesine Stephan
5077: The Reservation Wage Unemployment Duration Nexus Downloads
John Addison, José António Machado and Pedro Portugal
5076: Hedonic Wage Equilibrium: Theory, Evidence and Policy Downloads
Thomas Kniesner and John D. Leeth
5075: The Effects of School Quality in the Origin on the Payoff to Schooling for Immigrants Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
5074: Intergenerational Transmission of Education: An Alert to Empirical Implementation Downloads
Pedro Pereira
5073: The Persistent Gender Earnings Gap in Colombia, 1994-2006 Downloads
Alejandro Hoyos Suarez, Hugo Ñopo and Ximena Peña
5072: Cumulation of Cross-Section Surveys: Evaluation of Alternative Concepts for the Cumulated Continuous Household Budget Surveys (LWR) 1999 until 2003 Compared to the Sample Survey of Income and Expenditures (EVS) 2003 Downloads
Joachim Merz and Henning Stolze
5071: Black-White Gap in Self-Employment in the U.S.: Do Cohort and Within Race Differences Exist? Downloads
Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere and Willie Belton
5070: The Effects of Aging on Migration in a Transition Economy: The Case of China Downloads
Orn Bodvarsson and Jack W. Hou
5069: The Effect of Part-Time Work on Post-Secondary Educational Attainment: New Evidence from French Data Downloads
Magali Beffy, Denis Fougere and Arnaud Maurel
5068: How Economics Helped Shape American Judaism Downloads
Carmel Chiswick
5067: Identifying Conflict and Violence in Micro-Level Surveys Downloads
Tilman Brück, Patricia Justino, Philip Verwimp and Alexandra Avdeenko
5066: Partial Identification of Willingness-to-Pay Using Shape Restrictions with an Application to the Value of a Statistical Life Downloads
Aaron Sojourner
5065: The Phantom of the Opera: Cultural Amenities, Human Capital, and Regional Economic Growth Downloads
Oliver Falck, Michael Fritsch and Stephan Heblich
5064: The Prostitute's Allure: Examining Returns to Beauty, Productivity and Discrimination Downloads
Raj Arunachalam and Manisha Shah
5063: Immigrant Assimilation, Trust and Social Capital Downloads
James Cox and Wafa Orman
5062: Understanding Rising Income Inequality in Germany Downloads
Martin Biewen and Andos Juhasz
5061: Migration and Loving Downloads
Deniz Gevrek
5060: Disclosure, Trust and Persuasion in Insurance Markets Downloads
David de Meza, Bernd Irlenbusch and Diane Reyniers
5059: A Political Economy of the Immigrant Assimilation: Internal Dynamics Downloads
Gil Epstein and Ira Gang
5058: Extrinsic Rewards and Intrinsic Motives: Standard and Behavioral Approaches to Agency and Labor Markets Downloads
James Rebitzer and Lowell J. Taylor
5057: Misclassification Errors and the Underestimation of U.S. Unemployment Rates Downloads
Shuaizhang Feng and Yingyao Hu
5056: Who Will Be Idol? The Importance of Social Networks for Winning on Reality Shows Downloads
Heizler (Cohen), Odelia and Ayal Kimhi
5055: Carrot and Stick: How Reemployment Bonuses and Benefit Sanctions Affect Job Finding Rates Downloads
Bas van der Klaauw and Jan van Ours
5054: Employer Learning, Productivity and the Earnings Distribution: Evidence from Performance Measures Downloads
Lisa Kahn and Fabian Lange
5053: Shadow Economy and Entrepreneurial Entry Downloads
Saul Estrin and Tomasz Mickiewicz
5052: Size Matters: Entrepreneurial Entry and Government Downloads
Ruta Aidis, Saul Estrin and Tomasz Mickiewicz
5051: Interactions between Local and Migrant Workers at the Workplace Downloads
Gil Epstein and Yosef Mealem
5050: Investing in Our Young People Downloads
Flavio Cunha and James Heckman
5049: Strategic Sophistication of Adolescents: Evidence from Experimental Normal-Form Games Downloads
Simon Czermak, Francesco Feri, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Matthias Sutter
5048: Testing the 'Brain Gain' Hypothesis: Micro Evidence from Cape Verde Downloads
Catia Batista, Aitor Lacuesta and Pedro Vicente
5047: Adolescent Drug Use and the Deterrent Effect of School-Imposed Penalties Downloads
Glen Waddell
5046: GDP and the Value of Family Caretaking: How Much Does Europe Care? Downloads
Gianna Claudia Giannelli, Lucia Mangiavacchi and Luca Piccoli
5045: Crisis, What Crisis? Patterns of Adaptation in European Labor Markets Downloads
Werner Eichhorst, Michael Feil and Paul Marx
5044: The Gender Wage Gaps, 'Sticky Floors' and 'Glass Ceilings' of the European Union Downloads
Louis Christofides, Alexandros Polycarpou and Konstantinos Vrachimis
5043: Employer Preferences and Social Policy: Business and the Development of Job Security Regulations in Germany since World War I Downloads
Patrick Emmenegger and Paul Marx
5042: Global Climate Change and the Resurgence of Tropical Disease: An Economic Approach Downloads
Douglas Gollin and Christian Zimmermann
5041: Pollution Abatement and Control Expenditure in Romania: A Multilevel Analysis Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Christophe Rault, Robert Sova and Anamaria Sova
5040: Getting More Work for Nothing? Symbolic Awards and Worker Performance Downloads
Michael Kosfeld and Susanne Neckermann
5039: Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky Wages Downloads
Alessandro Barattieri, Susanto Basu and Peter Gottschalk
5038: Does Income Taxation Affect Partners' Household Chores? Downloads
Arthur van Soest and Elena Stancanelli
5037: Predictability of Asset Returns and the Efficient Market Hypothesis Downloads
M Pesaran
5036: Raising Juveniles Downloads
Clive Bell, Hans Gersbach and Maik Schneider
5035: Whatever Works: Dualisation and the Service Economy in Bismarckian Welfare States Downloads
Werner Eichhorst and Paul Marx
5034: Competitive Preferences and Status as an Incentive: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Gary Charness, David Masclet and Marie Claire Villeval
5033: Rational Choice and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Union Representation Elections Downloads
Henry S Farber
5032: Performance Pay and the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from Spain Downloads
Sara De La Rica, Juan Dolado and Raquel Vegas
5031: The Role of Specific Subjects in Education Production Functions: Evidence from Morning Classes in Chicago Public High Schools Downloads
Kalena E. Cortes, Jesse Bricker and Chris Rohlfs
5030: The State of Collective Bargaining and Worker Representation in Germany: The Erosion Continues Downloads
John Addison, Alex Bryson, Paulino Teixeira, André Pahnke and Lutz Bellmann
5029: Environmental Regulation and Competitiveness: Evidence from Romania Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Christophe Rault, Robert Sova and Anamaria Sova
5028: The Long-Run Labor-Market Consequences of Civil War: Evidence from the Shining Path in Peru Downloads
Jose Galdo
5027: Optimal Incentive Contracts under Moral Hazard When the Agent Is Free to Leave Downloads
Florian Englmaier, Gerd Muehlheusser and Andreas Roider
5026: Ranking Up by Moving Out: The Effect of the Texas Top 10% Plan on Property Values Downloads
Kalena E. Cortes and Andrew I. Friedson
5025: Fair and Unfair Income Inequalities in Europe Downloads
Daniele Checchi, Vito Peragine and Laura Serlenga
5024: School Competition and Students' Entrepreneurial Intentions: International Evidence Using Historical Catholic Roots of Private Schooling Downloads
Oliver Falck and Ludger Woessmann
5023: Uniform and Nonuniform Staggering of Wage Contracts Downloads
Leif Danziger
5022: Gender Differences and Dynamics in Competition: The Role of Luck Downloads
David Gill and Victoria Prowse
5021: Do Bans on Affirmative Action Hurt Minority Students? Evidence from the Texas Top 10% Plan Downloads
Kalena E. Cortes
5020: Performance Appraisals and the Impact of Forced Distribution: An Experimental Investigation Downloads
Johannes Berger, Christine Harbring and Dirk Sliwka
5019: From Classroom to Wedding Aisle: The Effect of a Nationwide Change in the Compulsory Schooling Law on Age at First Marriage in the UK Downloads
Nattavudh Powdthavee and Kampon Adireksombat
5018: The Changing Economic Advantage from Private School Downloads
Francis Green, Stephen Machin, Richard Murphy and Yu Zhu
5017: Unwillingness to Pay for Privacy: A Field Experiment Downloads
Alastair R. Beresford, Dorothea Kübler and Sören Preibusch
5016: Social Preferences in Childhood and Adolescence: A Large-Scale Experiment Downloads
Matthias Sutter, Francesco Feri, Martin Kocher, Peter Martinsson, Katarina Nordblom and Daniela Glätzle-Rützler
5015: Gender Differences in Competition Emerge Early in Life Downloads
Matthias Sutter and Daniela Glätzle-Rützler
5014: Earnings Dynamics and Inequality among Men in Luxembourg, 1988-2004: Evidence from Administrative Data Downloads
Denisa Sologon and Cathal O'Donoghue
5013: Selective Reductions in Labor Taxation: Labor Market Adjustments and Macroeconomic Performance Downloads
Anna Batyra and Henri Sneessens
5012: Spanish Regional Unemployment Revisited: The Role of Capital Accumulation Downloads
Roberto Bande and Marika Karanassou
5011: The Effect of Product Demand on Inequality: Evidence from the US and the UK Downloads
Marco Leonardi
5010: How Do Immigrants Spend Their Time? The Process of Assimilation Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh and Stephen Trejo
5009: School Shootings and Student Performance Downloads
Panu Poutvaara and Olli Ropponen
5008: Rising Wages: Has China Lost Its Global Labor Advantage? Downloads
Dennis Yang, Vivian Chen and Ryan Monarch
5007: Quantifying Optimal Growth Policy Downloads
Volker Grossmann, Thomas Steger and Timo Trimborn
5006: A Salience Theory of Choice Errors Downloads
Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti
5005: Moody Choice Downloads
Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti
5004: The Effect of Private Health Insurance on Medical Care Utilization and Self-Assessed Health in Germany Downloads
Patrick Hullegie and Tobias Klein
5003: Residual Wage Inequality in Urban China, 1995-2007 Downloads
Chunbing Xing
5002: Education and Family Background: Mechanisms and Policies Downloads
Anders Bjorklund and Kjell G Salvanes
5001: Implicit Contracts, Unemployment, and Labor Market Segmentation Downloads
Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk and David Huffman
5000: The Crime Reducing Effect of Education Downloads
Stephen Machin, Olivier Marie and Sunčica Vujić
4999: The Impact of Teacher Subject Knowledge on Student Achievement: Evidence from Within-Teacher Within-Student Variation Downloads
Johannes Metzler and Ludger Woessmann
4998: Imperfect Information, On-the-Job Training, and the Employer Size-Wage Puzzle: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Shuaizhang Feng and Bingyong Zheng
4997: The Importance of Skill Measurement for Growth Accounting Downloads
Øivind Nilsen, Arvid Raknerud, Marina Rybalka and Terje Skjerpen
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