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4895: Employment Protection, Technology Choice, and Worker Allocation Downloads
Eric Bartelsman, Pieter Gautier and Joris De Wind
4894: Estimating the Impact of Immigrants on the Host Country Social Security System When Return Migration is an Endogenous Choice Downloads
Murat Kırdar
4893: "Entrepreneurs out of Necessity": A Snapshot Downloads
Markus Poschke
4892: Immigrants at New Destinations: How They Fare and Why Downloads
Anabela Carneiro, Natércia Fortuna and Jose Varejao
4891: Employment, Exchange Rates and Labour Market Rigidity Downloads
Fernando Alexandre, Pedro Bação, João Cerejeira and Miguel Portela
4890: Behind the Lighthouse Effect Downloads
Tito Boeri, Pietro Garibaldi and Marta Ribeiro
4889: Modeling Employment Dynamics with State Dependence and Unobserved Heterogeneity Downloads
Victoria Prowse
4888: Children's Schooling and Parental Migration: Empirical Evidence on the "Left Behind" Generation in Albania Downloads
Gianna Claudia Giannelli and Lucia Mangiavacchi
4887: The Effect of Family Separation and Reunification on the Educational Success of Immigrant Children in the United States Downloads
Thomas (Tim) Gindling and Sara Z. Poggio
4886: Social Interaction and Stock Market Participation: Evidence from British Panel Data Downloads
Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor
4885: Racial Harassment, Ethnic Concentration and Economic Conditions Downloads
Christian Dustmann, Francesca Fabbri and Ian Preston
4884: Explaining the Favorite-Longshot Bias: Is it Risk-Love or Misperceptions? Downloads
Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers
4883: Mental Health and Labour Market Participation: Evidence from IV Panel Data Models Downloads
Paul Frijters, David Johnston and Michael Shields
4882: Wage Effects of Non-Wage Labour Costs Downloads
María Cervini-Plá, Xavi Ramos and José Silva
4881: Neighbourhood Child Poverty in Sweden Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson and Torun Österberg
4880: Gender and the Influence of Peer Alcohol Consumption on Adolescent Sexual Activity Downloads
Glen Waddell
4879: The Dynamics of Women's Labour Supply in Developing Countries Downloads
Sonia Bhalotra and Marcela Umana-Aponte
4878: Family Location and Caregiving Patterns from an International Perspective Downloads
Helmut Rainer and Thomas Siedler
4877: Migration and Urban Poverty and Inequality in China Downloads
Albert Park and Dewen Wang
4876: Intergenerational Earnings Mobility and the Inheritance of Employers Downloads
Miles Corak and Patrizio Piraino
4875: The Economic Value of Virtue Downloads
Fabio Mariani
4874: Selection Policy and Immigrants' Remittance Behaviour Downloads
Stephane Mahuteau, Matloob Piracha and Max Tani
4873: One Last Puff? Public Smoking Bans and Smoking Behavior Downloads
Silke Anger, Michael Kvasnicka and Thomas Siedler
4872: Explaining Rising Returns to Education in Urban China in the 1990s Downloads
Xuejun Liu, Albert Park and Yaohui Zhao
4871: Micro-Evidence on Rent Sharing from Different Perspectives Downloads
Sabien Dobbelaere and Jacques Mairesse
4870: What Makes a Good Conference? Analysing the Preferences of Labor Economists Downloads
Lex Borghans, Margo Romans and Jan Sauermann
4869: Family Violence and Football: The Effect of Unexpected Emotional Cues on Violent Behavior Downloads
David Card and Gordon Dahl
4868: Economics and Religion Downloads
Carmel Chiswick
4867: Home-Leaving Decisions of Daughters and Sons Downloads
Maria Chiuri and Daniela Del Boca
4866: Recent Developments in Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
Sandra Black and Paul Devereux
4865: Documentation IZAΨMOD: The IZA Policy SImulation MODel Downloads
Andreas Peichl, Hilmar Schneider and Sebastian Siegloch
4864: Can Training Programs or Rather Wage Subsidies Bring the Unemployed Back to Work? A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation for Germany Downloads
Renate Neubäumer
4863: Earnings Progression, Human Capital and Incentives: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Anders Frederiksen
4862: Enhanced Fee-for-Service Model and Access to Physician Services: Evidence from Family Health Groups in Ontario Downloads
Jasmin Kantarevic, Boris Kralj and Darrel Weinkauf
4861: Training Subsidies and the Wage Returns to Continuing Vocational Training: Evidence from Italian Regions Downloads
Giorgio Brunello, Simona Comi and Daniela Sonedda
4860: The (Hidden) Financial Flows of Terrorist and Organized Crime Organizations: A Literature Review and Some Preliminary Empirical Results Downloads
Friedrich Schneider
4859: Are Attitudes Towards Economic Risk Heritable? Analyses Using the Australian Twin Study of Gambling Downloads
Anh Le, Paul Miller, Wendy S. Slutske and Nicholas G. Martin
4858: The Glass Door: The Gender Composition of Newly-Hired Workers Across Hierarchical Job Levels Downloads
Wolter Hassink and Giovanni Russo
4857: If Seebohm Rowntree Had Studied Sweden: How Poverty Changed in the City of Göteborg from 1925 to 2003 Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson and Birgitta Jansson
4856: How Do Labor Markets Affect Crime? New Evidence on an Old Puzzle Downloads
David Mustard
4855: A Socio-economic Analysis of Youth Disconnectedness Downloads
Friedhelm Pfeiffer and Ruben Seiberlich
4854: Loss Aversion and Intertemporal Choice: A Laboratory Investigation Downloads
Robert Oxoby and William Morrison
4853: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Use of Drug Therapy Downloads
John Bowblis and Myeong-Su Yun
4852: Shutdown Contests in Multi-Plant Firms and Governmental Intervention Downloads
Matthias Kräkel
4851: Health Care Expenditure and Income in the OECD Reconsidered: Evidence from Panel Data Downloads
Badi Baltagi and Francesco Moscone
4850: Recent Advances in the Economics of Individual Subjective Well-Being Downloads
Alois Stutzer and Bruno Frey
4849: Fiscal Multipliers and the Labour Market in the Open Economy Downloads
Ester Faia, Wolfgang Lechthaler and Christian Merkl
4848: The Gender Pay Gap in Top Corporate Jobs in Denmark: Glass Ceilings, Sticky Floors or Both? Downloads
Nina Smith, Valdemar Smith and Mette Verner
4847: Does Education Reduce the Risk of Hypertension? Estimating the Biomarker Effect of Compulsory Schooling in England Downloads
Nattavudh Powdthavee
4846: Psychological Pressure in Competitive Environments: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment: Comment Downloads
Martin Kocher, Marc V. Lenz and Matthias Sutter
4845: The Multitasking of Household Production Downloads
Charlene Kalenkoski and Gigi Foster
4844: Hazard Analysis of Unemployment Duration by Gender in a Developing Country: The Case of Turkey Downloads
Aysıt Tansel and H. Mehmet Tasci
4843: The Link between the Intrinsic Motivation to Comply and Compliance Behavior: A Critical Appraisal of Existing Evidence Downloads
Martin Halla
4842: Polarization and Rising Wage Inequality: Comparing the U.S. and Germany Downloads
Dirk Antonczyk, Thomas DeLeire and Bernd Fitzenberger
4841: Identification and Estimation of Distributional Impacts of Interventions Using Changes in Inequality Measures Downloads
Sergio Firpo
4840: Overconfidence is a Social Signaling Bias Downloads
Stephen Burks, Jeffrey Carpenter, Lorenz Götte and Aldo Rustichini
4839: The Diffusion of Pay for Performance across Occupations Downloads
Alberto Bayo-Moriones, Jose Galdon-Sanchez and Sara Martinez-de-Morentin
4838: An Economic Model of the Evolution of the Gender Performance Ratio in Individual Sports Downloads
Arnaud Dupuy
4837: Optimal Redistributive Taxation with Both Extensive and Intensive Responses Downloads
Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann and Bruno Van der Linden
4836: The Impact of Degree Class on the First Destinations of Graduates: A Regression Discontinuity Approach Downloads
Giorgio Di Pietro
4835: The Distinction between Dictatorial and Incentive Policy Interventions and its Implication for IV Estimation Downloads
Christian Belzil and Jorgen Hansen
4834: Excess Leverage and Productivity Growth in Emerging Economies: Is There A Threshold Effect? Downloads
Fabrizio Coricelli, Nigel Driffield, Sarmistha Pal and Isabelle Roland
4833: Public Education for the Children Left Behind Downloads
Carmen Camacho and I-Ling Shen
4832: A Simple Theory of Optimal Redistributive Taxation with Equilibrium Unemployment Downloads
Mathias Hungerbühler, Etienne Lehmann, Alexis Parmentier and Bruno Van der Linden
4831: Who Wants to Work in a Rural Health Post? The Role of Intrinsic Motivation, Rural Background and Faith-Based Institutions in Rwanda and Ethiopia Downloads
Pieter Serneels, Jose G. Montalvo, Gunilla Pettersson Gelander, Tomas Lievens, Jean Damascene Butera and Aklilu Kidanu
4830: Is There an Income Gradient in Child Health? It Depends Whom You Ask Downloads
David Johnston, Carol Propper, Stephen Pudney and Michael Shields
4829: The Effect of Job Flexibility on Female Labor Market Outcomes: Estimates from a Search and Bargaining Model Downloads
Luca Flabbi and Andrea Moro
4828: Offshoring, Tasks, and the Skill-Wage Pattern Downloads
Daniel Baumgarten, Ingo Geishecker and Holger Görg
4827: Guilt from Promise-Breaking and Trust in Markets for Expert Services: Theory and Experiment Downloads
Adrian Beck, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Jianying Qiu and Matthias Sutter
4826: The Distributional Impact of Public Services When Needs Differ Downloads
Rolf Aaberge, Manudeep Bhuller, Audun Langørgen and Magne Mogstad
4825: Multidimensional Measurement of Richness: Theory and an Application to Germany Downloads
Andreas Peichl and Nico Pestel
4824: Differences in the Distribution of High School Achievement: The Role of Class Size and Time-in-Term Downloads
Miles Corak and Darren Lauzon
4823: Wages and Immigrant Occupational Composition in Sweden Downloads
Jorgen Hansen, Roger Wahlberg and Sharif Faisal
4822: A New Model for Equitable and Efficient Resource Allocation to Schools: The Israeli Case Downloads
Iris BenDavid-Hadar and Adrian Ziderman
4821: Employee Training and Wage Dispersion: White and Blue Collar Workers in Britain Downloads
Filipe Almeida-Santos, Yekaterina Chzhen and Karen Mumford
4820: The Costs of Favoritism: Is Politically-Driven Aid Less Effective? Downloads
Axel Dreher, Stephan Klasen, James Vreeland and Eric Werker
4819: The Intergenerational Transmission of Employers Downloads
Miles Corak and Patrizio Piraino
4818: Comparative Statics for a Consumer with Possibly Multiple Optimum Consumption Bundles Downloads
Indraneel Dasgupta and Prasanta K. Pattanaik
4817: Growth, History, or Institutions? What Explains State Fragility in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi and Andrea Guerzoni
4816: The Added Worker Effect and the Discouraged Worker Effect for Married Women in Australia Downloads
Xiaodong Gong
4815: Public Pensions, Changing Employment Patterns, and the Impact of Pension Reforms across Birth Cohorts: A Microsimulation Analysis for Germany Downloads
Johannes Geyer and Viktor Steiner
4814: Economic Mobility, Family Background, and the Well-Being of Children in the United States and Canada Downloads
Miles Corak, Lori Curtis and Shelley Phipps
4813: Higher Education Attainment: The Case of Intergenerational Transmission of Education in Portugal Downloads
Pedro Pereira
4812: Risk Taking Behavior in Tournaments: Evidence from the NBA Downloads
Christian Grund, Jan Höcker and Stefan Zimmermann
4811: Intergenerational Income Mobility in Urban China Downloads
Honge Gong, Andrew Leigh and Xin Meng
4810: A Shred of Credible Evidence on the Long Run Elasticity of Labor Supply Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, Kirk Doran and Bruce Schaller
4809: The Evolution of the Returns to Human Capital in Canada, 1980-2005 Downloads
Brahim Boudarbat, Thomas Lemieux and W. Craig Riddell
4808: Do Output Contractions Trigger Democratic Change? Downloads
Paul Burke and Andrew Leigh
4807: Can We Measure Individual Risk Attitudes in a Survey? Downloads
Xiaohao Ding, Joop Hartog and Yuze Sun
4806: Anticipation, Free-Rider Problem, and Adaptation to Trade Union: Re-examining the Curious Case of Dissatisfied Union Members Downloads
Nattavudh Powdthavee
4805: Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies: The Role of Institutions and Generational Change Downloads
Saul Estrin and Tomasz Mickiewicz
4804: Gambling and the Use of Credit: An Individual and Household Level Analysis Downloads
Sarah Brown, Andrew Dickerson, Jolian McHardy and Karl Taylor
4803: Measuring the Willingness to Pay to Avoid Guilt: Estimation Using Equilibrium and Stated Belief Models Downloads
Charles Bellemare, Alexander Sebald and Martin Strobel
4802: The Returns to English-Language Skills in India Downloads
Mehtabul Azam, Aimee Chin and Nishith Prakash
4801: Cream-Skimming, Parking and Other Intended and Unintended Effects of Performance-Based Contracting in Social Welfare Services Downloads
Pierre Koning and Carolyn Heinrich
4800: The Credibility Revolution in Empirical Economics: How Better Research Design Is Taking the Con out of Econometrics Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Jorn-Steffen Pischke
4799: Education and the Welfare Gains from Employment Protection Downloads
Olivier Charlot and Franck Malherbet
4798: Labour Supply and Commuting Downloads
Eva Gutiérrez-i-Puigarnau and Jos van Ommeren
4797: Social Mobility: Is There an Advantage in Being English in Scotland? Downloads
Maarten van Ham, Allan M. Findlay, David Manley and Peteke Feijten
4796: The Effect of Education on Smoking Behavior: New Evidence from Smoking Durations of a Sample of Twins Downloads
Pierre Koning, Dinand Webbink and Nicholas G. Martin
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