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3077: You Don't Always Get What You Pay For Downloads
Wendelin Schnedler
3076: Matching Bias in Labor Demand Estimation Downloads
Giovanna Aguilar Andía and Silvio Rendon
3075: Is Well-Being U-Shaped over the Life Cycle? Downloads
David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald
3074: Intergenerational Transmission of Language Capital and Economic Outcomes Downloads
Teresa Casey and Christian Dustmann
3073: Job Satisfaction and Co-worker Wages: Status or Signal? Downloads
Andrew Clark, Nicolai Kristensen and Niels Westergård-Nielsen
3072: Maternal Education, Home Environments and the Development of Children and Adolescents Downloads
Pedro Carneiro, Costas Meghir and Matthias Parey
3071: Assessing Forecast Uncertainties in a VECX Model for Switzerland: An Exercise in Forecast Combination across Models and Observation Windows Downloads
Katrin Assenmacher and M Pesaran
3070: Children, Kitchen, Church: Does Ethnicity Matter? Downloads
Anzelika Zaiceva and Klaus Zimmermann
3069: The Effect of Job Displacement on the Transitions to Employment and Early Retirement for Older Workers in Four European Countries Downloads
Konstantinos Tatsiramos
3068: The Employment and Earnings of Migrants in Great Britain Downloads
Martyn J. Andrews, Ken Clark and William Whittaker
3067: How General Is Human Capital? A Task-Based Approach Downloads
Christina Gathmann and Uta Schönberg
3066: Capital Accumulation and Unemployment: New Insights on the Nordic Experience Downloads
Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala and Pablo Salvador
3065: The Determinants of Performance Appraisal Systems: A Note (Do Brown and Heywood’s Results for Australia Hold Up for Britain?) Downloads
John Addison and Clive R. Belfield
3064: Performance Measurement, Expectancy and Agency Theory: An Experimental Study Downloads
Randolph Sloof and Mirjam Praag
3063: Measuring Ethnic Identity and Its Impact on Economic Behavior Downloads
Amelie Constant and Klaus Zimmermann
3062: The Revealed Preference Approach to Collective Consumption Behavior: Testing, Recovery and Welfare Analysis Downloads
Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock and Frederic Vermeulen
3061: Over-Education in Multilingual Economies: Evidence from Catalonia Downloads
Maite Blázquez Cuesta and Silvio Rendon
3060: Migration Creation, Diversion, and Retention: New Deal Grants and Migration: 1935-1940 Downloads
Todd Sorensen, Price Fishback, Samuel K. Allen and Shawn Kantor
3059: Where Are the Real Bottlenecks? Evidence from 20,000 Firms in 60 Countries about the Shadow Costs of Constraints to Firm Performance Downloads
Wendy Carlin, Mark Schaffer and Paul Seabright
3058: Why Are the Returns to Education Higher for Entrepreneurs than for Employees? Downloads
Justin van der Sluis, Mirjam Praag and Arjen van Witteloostuijn
3057: Who Gives for Overseas Development? Downloads
John Micklewright and Sylke V. Schnepf
3056: Migrant Ethnic Identity: Concept and Policy Implications Downloads
Klaus Zimmermann
3055: The Wage Impact of Trade Unions in the UK Public and Private Sectors Downloads
David Blanchflower and Alex Bryson
3054: The Value Relevance of Top Executive Departures: Evidence from the Netherlands Downloads
Kees Cools and Mirjam Praag
3053: An Empirical Assessment of Assortative Matching in the Labor Market Downloads
Rute Mendes, Gerard van den Berg and Maarten Lindeboom
3052: Comparative Advantage or Discrimination? Studying Male-Female Wage Differentials Using Displaced Workers Downloads
Astrid Kunze and Kenneth Troske
3051: What Works Best for Getting the Unemployed Back to Work: Employment Services or Small-Business Assistance Programmes? Evidence from Romania Downloads
Núria Rodriguez-Planas
3050: Ethnic Identity and Immigrant Homeownership Downloads
Amelie Constant, Rowan Roberts and Klaus Zimmermann
3049: Real Wage Rigidities and the Cost of Disinflations Downloads
Guido Ascari and Christian Merkl
3048: Spillovers from High-Skill Consumption to Low-Skill Labor Markets Downloads
Francesca Mazzolari and Giuseppe Ragusa
3047: Vertical Industry Relations, Spillovers and Productivity: Evidence from Chilean Plants Downloads
Ricardo López and Jens Suedekum
3046: Poverty in Britain in 1904: An Early Social Survey Rediscovered Downloads
Ian Gazeley and Andrew Newell
3045: Structural Estimation of Search Intensity: Do Non-Employed Workers Search Enough? Downloads
Pieter Gautier, Jose Moraga-Gonzalez and Ronald Wolthoff
3044: Job Changes and Hours Changes: Understanding the Path of Labour Supply Adjustment Downloads
Richard Blundell, Mike Brewer and Marco Francesconi
3043: Item Non-Response and Imputation of Annual Labor Income in Panel Surveys from a Cross-National Perspective Downloads
Joachim Frick and Markus Grabka
3042: Childhood Economic Conditions and Length of Life: Evidence from the UK Boyd Orr Cohort, 1937–2005 Downloads
Paul Frijters, Michael Shields, Timothy Hatton and Richard M. Martin
3041: Individual Responsibility and the Funding of Collective Goods Downloads
Louis Lévy-Garboua, Claude Montmarquette and Marie Claire Villeval
3040: Narrow Bracketing and Dominated Choices Downloads
Matthew Rabin and Georg Weizsäcker
3039: Simplified Implementation of the Heckman Estimator of the Dynamic Probit Model and a Comparison with Alternative Estimators Downloads
Wiji Arulampalam and Mark Stewart
3038: Comparative Analysis of Labor Market Dynamics Using Markov Processes: An Application to Informality Downloads
Mariano Bosch and William Maloney
3037: Marital Sorting, Household Labor Supply, and Intergenerational Earnings Mobility across Countries Downloads
Oddbjørn Raaum, Bernt Bratsberg, Knut Røed, Eva Österbacka, Tor Eriksson, Markus Jantti and Robin Naylor
3036: Initial and Subsequent Location Choices of Immigrants to the Netherlands Downloads
Aslan Zorlu and Clara H. Mulder
3035: Brain Drain or Brain Gain? Micro Evidence from an African Success Story Downloads
Catia Batista, Aitor Lacuesta and Pedro Vicente
3034: Labor Supply with Social Interactions: Econometric Estimates and Their Tax Policy Implications Downloads
Andrew Grodner and Thomas Kniesner
3033: Monetary Persistence, Imperfect Competition, and Staggering Complementarities Downloads
Christian Merkl and Dennis Snower
3032: Large Panels with Common Factors and Spatial Correlations Downloads
M Pesaran and Elisa Tosetti
3031: Students' Academic Self-Perception Downloads
Arnaud Chevalier, Stephen Gibbons, Andy Thorpe, Martin Snell and Sherria Hoskins
3030: Youth Risk-Taking Behavior in Brazil: Drug Use and Teenage Pregnancies Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso and Dorte Verner
3029: An Experimental Investigation of Age Discrimination in the English Labor Market Downloads
Peter Riach and Judith Rich
3028: Unemployment Duration and Disability: Evidence from Portugal Downloads
Dario Sciulli, António Menezes and José Vieira
3027: Is Child Labor Harmful? The Impact of Working Earlier in Life on Adult Earnings Downloads
Patrick Emerson and André Souza
3026: Starting Wages Respond to Employer’s Risk Downloads
Peter Berkhout and Joop Hartog
3025: The Effect of Emigration on Child Labor Downloads
Gil Epstein and Nava Kahana
3024: Regression Discontinuity Design with Covariates Downloads
Markus Frölich
3023: The Expansion of Higher Education and Time-Consistent Taxation Downloads
Panu Poutvaara
3022: Preferences, Intentions, and Expectations: A Large-Scale Experiment with a Representative Subject Pool Downloads
Charles Bellemare, Sabine Kröger and Arthur van Soest
3021: Why Volunteer? Evidence on the Role of Altruism, Reputation, and Incentives Downloads
Jeffrey Carpenter and Caitlin Myers
3020: Job Satisfaction and Family Happiness: The Part-time Work Puzzle Downloads
Alison Booth and Jan van Ours
3019: Performance Pay, Sorting, and Outsourcing Downloads
Fred Henneberger, Alfonso Sousa-Poza and Alexandre Ziegler
3018: The Changing Face of Chinese Immigrants in Canada Downloads
Shibao Guo and Don J. DeVoretz
3017: Individual and Job-Based Determinants of Performance Appraisal: Evidence from Germany Downloads
Christian Grund and Dirk Sliwka
3016: How Do Different Entitlements to Unemployment Benefits Affect the Transitions from Unemployment into Employment? Downloads
John Addison and Pedro Portugal
3015: The Effect of Sanctions on the Job Finding Rate: Evidence from Denmark Downloads
Michael Svarer
3014: What Is the Value of Entrepreneurship? A Review of Recent Research Downloads
Mirjam Praag and Peter H. Versloot
3013: Legitimacy of Control Downloads
Wendelin Schnedler and Radovan Vadovic
3012: The Quantity-Quality Tradeoff of Children in a Developing Country: Identification Using Chinese Twins Downloads
Hongbin Li, Junsen Zhang and Yi Zhu
3011: Small Family, Smart Family? Family Size and the IQ Scores of Young Men Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
3010: Do the Reciprocal Trust Less? Downloads
Steffen Altmann, Thomas Dohmen and Matthias Wibral
3009: Public versus Private Provision of Daycare: An Experimental Evaluation Downloads
Tarja Viitanen
3008: Dual Citizenship Rights: Do They Make More and Better Citizens? Downloads
Francesca Mazzolari
3007: Older and Wiser? Birth Order and IQ of Young Men Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
3006: Are Muslim Immigrants Different in Terms of Cultural Integration? Downloads
Alberto Bisin, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier and Yves Zenou
3005: Public Employment Services and Employers: How Important Are Networks with Firms? Downloads
Stefanie Behncke, Markus Frölich and Michael Lechner
3004: How Tight Are Safety-Nets in Nordic Countries? Evidence from Finnish Register Data Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Herwig Immervoll and Heikki Viitamäki
3003: A Positive Theory of the Earnings Relationship of Unemployment Benefits Downloads
Laszlo Goerke, Markus Pannenberg and Heinrich Ursprung
3002: A Theory of Employment Guarantees: Contestability, Credibility and Distributional Concerns Downloads
Arnab Basu, Nancy Chau and Ravi Kanbur
3001: A Demographic Analysis of the Family Structure Experiences of Children in the United States Downloads
David Blau and Wilbert van der Klaauw
3000: Family Background and Income during the Rise of the Welfare State: Brother Correlations in Income for Swedish Men Born 1932-1968 Downloads
Anders Bjorklund, Markus Jantti and Matthew Lindquist
2999: Circular Migration: Counts of Exits and Years Away from the Host Country Downloads
Amelie Constant and Klaus Zimmermann
2998: Turning a Blind Eye: Costly Enforcement, Credible Commitment and Minimum Wage Laws Downloads
Arnab Basu, Nancy Chau and Ravi Kanbur
2997: Malaria: Disease Impacts and Long-Run Income Differences Downloads
Douglas Gollin and Christian Zimmermann
2996: Labor Market Rigidities and the Employment Behavior of Older Workers Downloads
David Blau and Tetyana Shvydko
2995: Is the Chinese Growth Miracle Built to Last? Downloads
Eswar Prasad
2994: Risk Aversion and Schooling Decisions Downloads
Christian Belzil and Marco Leonardi
2993: Choice Over Time Downloads
Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti
2992: A Study of Academic Entrepreneurs Using Venture Capital Data Downloads
Junfu Zhang
2991: What Explains Trends in Labor Force Participation of Older Men in the United States? Downloads
David Blau and Ryan Goodstein
2990: The Earnings of Immigrants in Ireland: Results from the 2005 EU Survey of Income and Living Conditions Downloads
Alan Barrett and Yvonne McCarthy
2989: Analyzing the Labor Market Activity of Immigrant Families in Germany Downloads
Leilanie Basilio, Thomas Bauer and Mathias Sinning
2988: As SIMPL As That: Introducing a Tax-Benefit Microsimulation Model for Poland Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Leszek Morawski, Michal Myck and Mieczysław Socha
2987: Location-Specific Human Capital, Location Choice and Amenity Demand Downloads
Douglas Krupka
2986: Retirement and Consumption in a Life Cycle Model Downloads
David Blau
2985: Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment in Germany: The Last Five Decades Downloads
Guido Heineck and Regina Riphahn
2984: Are All Democracies Equally Good? The Role of Interactions between Political Environment and Inequality for Rule of Law Downloads
Uwe Sunde, Matteo Cervellati and Piergiuseppe Fortunato
2983: Wages and Ageing: Is There Evidence for the "Inverse-U" Profile? Downloads
Michal Myck
2982: Far Above Rubies: The Association Between Bride Price and Extramarital Sexual Relations in Uganda Downloads
David Bishai and Shoshana Grossbard
2981: Assessing the Importance of Male and Female Part-Time Work for the Gender Earnings Gap in Britain Downloads
Karen Mumford and Peter Smith
2980: The Effects of In-Work Benefit Reform in Britain on Couples: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Marco Francesconi, Helmut Rainer and Wilbert van der Klaauw
2979: Social Security Coverage and the Labor Market in Developing Countries Downloads
Paula Auerbach, Maria Eugenia Genoni and Carmen Pages
2978: Job Losses, Outsourcing and Relocation: Empirical Evidence Using Microdata Downloads
Manuel Artís, Raul Ramos and Jordi Suriñach
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