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3310: Earnings Functions and Rates of Return Downloads
James Heckman, Lance Lochner and Petra Todd
3309: Leaving Home: What Economics Has to Say about the Living Arrangements of Young Australians Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark
3308: How Interethnic Marriages Affect the Educational Attainment of Children: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
Jan van Ours and Justus Veenman
3307: Tenure, Wage Profiles and Monitoring Downloads
John Sessions and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos
3306: MIMIC Models, Cointegration and Error Correction: An Application to the French Shadow Economy Downloads
Andreas Buehn and Friedrich Schneider
3305: Forced to Be Rich? Returns to Compulsory Schooling in Britain Downloads
Paul Devereux and Robert Hart
3304: The Asset Portfolios of Native-Born and Foreign-Born Households Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark and Vincent Hildebrand
3303: Market Work and Motherhood Decisions in Contexts Downloads
Daniela Del Boca, Silvia Pasqua and Chiara Pronzato
3302: Returns to Tenure or Seniority? Downloads
Ioan Sebastian Buhai, Miguel Portela, C. N. Teulings and Aico van Vuuren
3301: Mexican Immigrants, the Labor Market and the Current Population Survey: Seasonality Effects, Framing Effects, and Sensitivity of Results Downloads
Fernando Lozano and Todd Sorensen
3300: The Effect of Minimum Wages on Wages and Employment: County-Level Estimates for the United States Downloads
John Addison, McKinley Blackburn and Chad Cotti
3299: Globalization and Innovation in Emerging Markets Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Jan Svejnar and Katherine Terrell
3298: Identification of New Keynesian Phillips Curves from a Global Perspective Downloads
Stephane Dees, M Pesaran, L. Vanessa Smith and Ron P. Smith
3297: Is the GED an Effective Route to Postsecondary Education for School Dropouts? Downloads
John Tyler and Magnus Lofstrom
3296: The Linkages between FDI and Domestic Investment: Unravelling the Developmental Impact of Foreign Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Leonce Ndikumana and Sher Verick
3295: Outside Income and Moral Hazard: The Elusive Quest for Good Politicians Downloads
Stefano Gagliarducci, Tommaso Nannicini and Paolo Naticchioni
3294: Unions, Training, and Firm Performance Downloads
John Addison and Clive R. Belfield
3293: Flexibility at the Margin and Labor Market Volatility in OECD Countries Downloads
Hector Sala, José Silva and Manuel Toledo
3292: Gone for Good? Determinants of School Dropout in Southern Italy Downloads
Shane O'Higgins, Marcello D'Amato, Floro Caroleo and Adriana Barone
3291: Teamwork and Intra-Firm Wage Dispersion among Blue-Collar Workers Downloads
Uwe Jirjahn and Kornelius Kraft
3290: Sexual Orientation, Disclosure and Earnings Downloads
Erik Plug and Peter Berkhout
3289: Do Reservation Wages Really Decline? Some International Evidence on the Determinants of Reservation Wages Downloads
John Addison, Mário Centeno and Pedro Portugal
3288: Unconditional Quantile Treatment Effects under Endogeneity Downloads
Markus Frölich and Blaise Melly
3287: The Big Carrot: High Stake Incentives Revisited Downloads
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Teresa M. García-Muñoz and Shoshana Neuman
3286: Single Mothers and Poverty in Costa Rica Downloads
Thomas (Tim) Gindling and Luis Oviedo
3285: Job Market Signaling and Employer Learning Downloads
Carlos Alós-Ferrer and Julien Prat
3284: Earnings Differences between Chinese and Indian Wage Earners, 1987–2004 Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Sumon Bhaumik, Manisha Chakrabarty and Zhong Zhao
3283: Social Interactions and Labor Market Outcomes in Cities Downloads
Yves Zenou
3282: Are Oligarchs Productive? Theory and Evidence Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Yegor Grygorenko
3281: Transparency, Inequity Aversion, and the Dynamics of Peer Pressure in Teams: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Alwine Mohnen, Kathrin Pokorny and Dirk Sliwka
3280: The Matching Method for Treatment Evaluation with Selective Participation and Ineligibles Downloads
Monica Costa Dias, Hidehiko Ichimura and Gerard van den Berg
3279: South-South Migration: The Impact of Nicaraguan Immigrants on Earnings, Inequality and Poverty in Costa Rica Downloads
Thomas (Tim) Gindling
3278: Matching and Challenge Gifts to Charity: Evidence from Laboratory and Natural Field Experiments Downloads
Daniel Rondeau and John List
3277: Residential Peer Effects in Higher Education: Does the Field of Study Matter? Downloads
Giorgio Brunello, Maria De Paola and Vincenzo Scoppa
3276: Why Remit? The Case of Nicaragua Downloads
George Naufal
3275: Does Competition Enhance Performance or Cheating? A Laboratory Experiment Downloads
Christiane Schwieren and Doris Weichselbaumer
3274: A Public Good Version of the Collective Household Model: An Empirical Approach with an Application to British Household Data Downloads
Chris Klaveren, Bernard van Praag and Henriette Maassen van den Brink
3273: Field Experiments in Economics: Palgrave Entry Downloads
John List and David Reiley
3272: Clash of Career and Family: Fertility Decisions after Job Displacement Downloads
Emilia Del Bono, Andrea Weber and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
3271: Publications: German Economic Research Institutes on Track Downloads
Rolf Ketzler and Klaus Zimmermann
3270: Earnings Instability and Earnings Inequality in Urban China: 1989–2006 Downloads
Zhong Zhao
3269: Informal Employment Relationships and Labor Market Segmentation in Transition Economies: Evidence from Ukraine Downloads
Hartmut Lehmann and Norberto Pignatti
3268: Who Leaves and Who Returns? Deciphering Immigrant Self-Selection from a Developing Country Downloads
Randall Akee
3267: Myth and Reality of Flat Tax Reform: Micro Estimates of Tax Evasion Response and Welfare Effects in Russia Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Klara Sabirianova Peter
3266: Do Legal Standards Affect Ethical Concerns of Consumers? Downloads
Dirk Engelmann and Dorothea Kübler
3265: Why Are Hispanic and African-American Dropout Rates So High? Downloads
Magnus Lofstrom
3264: Do Immigrants Affect Firm-Specific Wages? Downloads
Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, Jakob Munch and Jan Skaksen
3263: Errors in Self-Reported Earnings: The Role of Previous Earnings Volatility Downloads
Randall Akee
3262: Von der Frühverrentung zum längeren Erwerbsleben: Transferleistungen, Arbeitsmarktpolitik und Weiterbildung Downloads
Werner Eichhorst
3261: Telling the Truth May Not Pay Off: An Empirical Study of Centralised University Admissions in Germany Downloads
Sebastian Braun, Nadja Dwenger and Dorothea Kübler
3260: Naturalization Proclivities, Ethnicity and Integration Downloads
Amelie Constant, Liliya Gataullina and Klaus Zimmermann
3259: Origins and Consequences of Child Labor Restrictions: A Macroeconomic Perspective Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Dirk Krüger
3258: On Pitchforks and Tomahawks Downloads
Michael P. Pflüger and Jens Suedekum
3257: Subjective Health Assessments and Active Labor Market Participation of Older Men: Evidence from a Semiparametric Binary Choice Model with Nonadditive Correlated Individual-Specific Effects Downloads
Jürgen Maurer, Roger Klein and Francis Vella
3256: Does Job Satisfaction Improve the Health of Workers? New Evidence Using Panel Data and Objective Measures of Health Downloads
Justina A. V. Fischer and Alfonso Sousa-Poza
3255: Evaluating Continuous Training Programs Using the Generalized Propensity Score Downloads
Jochen Kluve, Hilmar Schneider, Arne Uhlendorff and Zhong Zhao
3254: Panel Unit Root Tests in the Presence of a Multifactor Error Structure Downloads
M Pesaran, L. Vanessa Smith and Takashi Yamagata
3253: The Baby Boom and World War II: A Macroeconomic Analysis Downloads
Matthias Doepke, Moshe Hazan and Yishay Maoz
3252: Establishment of Science Parks in the Federal Region of Kurdistan Downloads
Almas Heshmati
3251: Unravelling Secularization: An International Study Downloads
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Teresa M. García-Muñoz and Shoshana Neuman
3250: The Persistence of Self-Employment Across Borders: New Evidence on Legal Immigrants to the United States Downloads
Randall Akee, David Jaeger and Konstantinos Tatsiramos
3249: Does Immigration Affect the Phillips Curve? Some Evidence for Spain Downloads
Samuel Bentolila, Juan Dolado and Juan F Jimeno
3248: Sweden's Pensioners: How They Have Fared in the Roller Coaster Ride through the Past Decade and a Half of Deep Recession and Economic Exuberance Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson, Mats Johansson and Edward Palmer
3247: Labor Market Policy Options of the Kurdistan Regional Government Downloads
Almas Heshmati
3246: Stability and Dynamics in an Overlapping Generations Economy with Flexible Wage Negotiations Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Mikko Puhakka
3245: Fertility Differences between Married and Cohabiting Couples: A Switching Regression Analysis Downloads
Junfu Zhang and Xue Song
3244: Parental Leave Policies and Parents’ Employment and Leave-Taking Downloads
Han Wen-Jui, Christopher Ruhm and Jane Waldfogel
3243: A New Unified Theory of Sociobehavioral Forces Downloads
Guillermina Jasso
3242: Gender Differences in Charitable Giving Downloads
Greg Piper and Sylke V. Schnepf
3241: Employment Protection Reforms, Employment and the Incidence of Temporary Jobs in Europe: 1995–2001 Downloads
Lawrence Kahn
3240: Too Bad to Benefit? Effect Heterogeneity of Public Training Programs Downloads
Ulf Rinne, Marc Schneider and Arne Uhlendorff
3239: Heterogeneous Life-Cycle Profiles, Income Risk and Consumption Inequality Downloads
Giorgio Primiceri and Thijs van Rens
3238: Reference-Dependent Preferences and Loss Aversion: A Discrete Choice Experiment in the Health-Care Sector Downloads
Einat Neuman and Shoshana Neuman
3237: Credit Constraints as a Barrier to the Entry and Post-Entry Growth of Firms Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Thibault Fally and Stefano Scarpetta
3236: Distributive Justice and CEO Compensation Downloads
Guillermina Jasso and Eva M. Meyersson Milgrom
3235: A Gendered Assessment of the Brain Drain Downloads
Frédéric Docquier, B. Lindsay Lowell and Abdeslam Marfouk
3234: Income Volatility and Health Downloads
Timothy Halliday
3233: Gender Based Taxation and the Division of Family Chores Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Andrea Ichino and Loukas Karabarbounis
3232: Is Education the Panacea for Economic Deprivation of Muslims? Evidence from Wage Earners in India, 1987–2005 Downloads
Sumon Bhaumik and Manisha Chakrabarty
3231: Joining Panel Data with Cross-Sections for Efficiency Gains: An Application to a Consumption Equation for Nicaragua Downloads
Randolph Bruno and Marco Stampini
3230: City Air or City Markets: Productivity Gains in Urban Areas Downloads
Douglas Krupka
3229: Physicians' Multitasking and Incentives: Empirical Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
Etienne Dumont, Bernard Fortin, Nicolas Jacquemet and Bruce S. Shearer
3228: Determinants of Poverty during Transition: Household Survey Evidence from Ukraine Downloads
Tilman Brück, Alexander Danzer, Alexander Muravyev and Natalia Danzer
3227: Steering towards the High Road: A Study of Human Resource Management in Two Indian Garment Factories Downloads
Henrietta Lake
3226: Are Immigrants More Mobile Than Natives? Evidence from Germany Downloads
Matthias Schündeln
3225: The Trend in Female Labour Force Participation: What Can Be Expected for the Future? Downloads
Rob Euwals, Marike Knoef and Daniel van Vuuren
3224: Wages, Rents and Heterogeneous Moving Costs Downloads
Douglas Krupka and Kwame Donaldson
3223: Revolution and Family in Rural China: Influence of Family Background on Current Family Wealth Downloads
Hiroshi Sato and Shi Li
3222: Private School Quality in Italy Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola, Daniele Checchi and Veruska Oppedisano
3221: Within and Between Gender Disparities in Income and Education Benefits from Democracy Downloads
Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere
3220: Start-Ups by the Unemployed: Characteristics, Survival and Direct Employment Effects Downloads
Marco Caliendo and Alexander Kritikos
3219: International Job Search: Mexicans In and Out of the US Downloads
Silvio Rendon and Alfredo Cuecuecha
3218: The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Flows to the Federal Region of Kurdistan Downloads
Almas Heshmati and Rhona Davis
3217: Immigrant Networks and Their Implications for Occupational Choice and Wages Downloads
Krishna Patel and Francis Vella
3216: The American High School Graduation Rate: Trends and Levels Downloads
James Heckman and Paul LaFontaine
3215: Training the Unemployed in France: How Does It Affect Unemployment Duration and Recurrence? Downloads
Bruno Crépon, Marc Ferracci and Denis Fougere
3214: Sex Ratios and Crime: Evidence from China’s One-Child Policy Downloads
Lena Edlund, Hongbin Li, Junjian Yi and Junsen Zhang
3213: A Model for Industrial Development of the Federal Region of Kurdistan: Science and Technology Policy, Instruments and Institutions Downloads
Almas Heshmati
3212: Do Labour Market Institutions Matter? Micro-Level Wage Effects of International Outsourcing in Three European Countries Downloads
Ingo Geishecker, Holger Görg and Jakob Munch
3211: Jobless Growth through Creative Destruction: Ireland’s Industrial Development Path 1972–2003 Downloads
Qi Li, Patrick Walsh and Ciara Whelan
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