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2323: The Wage Effects of Social Norms: Evidence of Deviations from Peers’ Body-Mass in Europe Downloads
René Fahr
2322: Labour Turnover and Labour Productivity in a Retail Organization Downloads
William Stanley Siebert, Nick Zubanov, Arnaud Chevalier and Tarja K. Viitanen
2321: Innovative Work Practices, Information Technologies and Working Conditions: Evidence for France Downloads
Philippe Askenazy and Eve Caroli
2320: Understanding Instrumental Variables in Models with Essential Heterogeneity Downloads
James J. Heckman, Sergio S Urzua and Edward Vytlacil
2319: Analyzing Cost Efficient Production Behavior Under Economies of Scope: A Nonparametric Methodology Downloads
Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock and Frederic Vermeulen
2318: Housing Satisfaction, Homeownership and Housing Mobility: A Panel Data Analysis for Twelve EU Countries Downloads
Luis Diaz-Serrano
2317: Is There Rent Sharing in Developing Countries? Matched-Panel Evidence from Brazil Downloads
Pedro S. Martins and Luiz Alberto Esteves
2316: How Destructive Is Creative Destruction? The Costs of Worker Displacement Downloads
Kristiina Huttunen, Jarle Møen and Kjell G Salvanes
2315: Shadow Economies and Corruption All Over the World: What Do We Really Know? Downloads
Friedrich Georg Schneider
2314: Swedish Labor Market Training and the Duration of Unemployment Downloads
Katarina Richardson and Gerard J. van den Berg
2313: Lobbying, Corruption and Political Influence Downloads
Nauro F. Campos and Francesco Giovannoni
2312: The Social Contract with Endogenous Sentiments Downloads
Matteo Cervellati, Joan Esteban and Laurence Kranich
2311: The Looks of a Winner: Beauty, Gender and Electoral Success Downloads
Niclas Berggren, Henrik Jordahl and Panu Poutvaara
2310: Studying Labor Market Institutions in the Lab: Minimum Wages, Employment Protection and Workfare Downloads
Armin Falk and David Huffman
2309: The Speed of Employer Learning and Job Market Signaling Revisited Downloads
Steffen Habermalz
2308: The Role of Marriage in Immigrants’ Human Capital Investment under Liquidity Constraints Downloads
Sarit Cohen Goldner, Chemi Gotlibovski and Nava Kahana
2307: What Makes a Die-Hard Entrepreneur? Beyond the ‘Employee or Entrepreneur’ Dichotomy Downloads
Andrew Emmet Burke, Felix FitzRoy and Michael A. Nolan
2306: Identifying the Determinants of Attitudes towards Immigrants: A Structural Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
Jan Brenner and Michael Fertig
2305: Statistical Discrimination in Labor Markets: An Experimental Analysis Downloads
David L Dickinson and Ronald L. Oaxaca
2304: Employment Protection Reform in Search Economies Downloads
l'Haridon, Olivier and Franck MALHERBET
2303: Female Managers and their Wages in Central Europe Downloads
Stepan Jurajda and Teodora Paligorova
2302: Accident Risk, Gender, Family Status and Occupational Choice in the UK Downloads
Suzanne Grazier and Peter James Sloane
2301: The Earnings of American Jewish Men: Human Capital, Denomination and Religiosity Downloads
Barry R. Chiswick and Jidong Huang
2300: Human Capital and Ethnic Self-Identification of Migrants Downloads
Laura Zimmermann, Liliya Gataullina, Amelie F. Constant and Klaus F. Zimmermann
2299: Unemployment Dynamics among Migrants and Natives Downloads
Arne Uhlendorff and Klaus F. Zimmermann
2298: First and Second Generation Immigrant Educational Attainment and Labor Market Outcomes: A Comparison of the United States and Canada Downloads
Abdurrahman Bekir Aydemir and Arthur Sweetman
2297: Employment Protection: Tough to Scrap or Tough to Get? Downloads
Björn Brügemann
2296: Competition, Hidden Information and Efficiency: An Experiment Downloads
Antonio Cabrales, Gary Charness and Marie Claire Villeval
2295: Assessing the Effect of Mother’s Migration on Childhood Mortality in the Informal Settlements of Nairobi Downloads
Adama Konseiga, Eliya Msiyaphazi Zulu and Yazoumé Yé
2294: ICT Adoption and Productivity in Developing Countries: New Firm Level Evidence from Brazil and India Downloads
Rakesh Basant, Simon Commander, Rupert Harrison and Naercio Menezes-Filho
2293: Trust as a Signal of a Social Norm and the Hidden Costs of Incentive Schemes Downloads
Dirk Sliwka
2292: Peers at Work Downloads
Alexandre Mas and Enrico Moretti
2291: Life Cycle Effects of Job Displacement in Brazil Downloads
Jasper Hoek
2290: Copayments in the German Health System: Does It Work? Downloads
Boris Augurzky, Thomas K. Bauer and Sandra Schaffner
2289: Earnings Losses of Displaced Workers: Evidence from a Matched Employer-Employee Data Set Downloads
Anabela Carneiro and Pedro Portugal
2288: Institution Formation in Public Goods Games Downloads
Michael Kosfeld, Akira Okada and Arno Riedl
2287: Brain Drain from Turkey: An Investigation of Students' Return Intentions Downloads
Nil Demet Güngör and Aysıt Tansel
2286: Does Employment Protection Create Its Own Political Support? Downloads
Björn Brügemann
2285: Life Cycle Employment and Fertility Across Institutional Environments Downloads
Daniela Del Boca and Robert M. Sauer
2284: Equity and Equality Downloads
Jean-Yves Duclos
2283: Attitudes Towards Immigration: Does Economic Self-Interest Matter? Downloads
Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, Jakob Roland Munch, Sanne Schroll and Jan Rose Skaksen
2282: The Labor Market Costs of Conflict: Closures, Foreign Workers, and Palestinian Employment and Earnings Downloads
Sami H. Miaari and Robert M. Sauer
2281: Evidence of Ethnic Discrimination in the Swedish Labor Market Using Experimental Data Downloads
Magnus Carlsson and Dan-Olof Rooth
2280: Unemployment Insurance in Europe: Unemployment Duration and Subsequent Employment Stability Downloads
Konstantinos Tatsiramos
2279: Smoking Habits: Like Father, Like Son, Like Mother, Like Daughter Downloads
Maria L. Loureiro, Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano and Daniela Vuri
2278: How Corruption Hits People When They Are Down Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
2277: Pareto-Improving Bequest Taxation Downloads
Volker Grossmann and Panu Poutvaara
2276: Employee Training, Wage Dispersion and Equality in Britain Downloads
Filipe Almeida-Santos and Karen A. Mumford
2275: Seemingly Irrelevant Events Affect Economic Perceptions and Expectations: The FIFA World Cup 2006 as a Natural Experiment Downloads
Thomas Johannes Dohmen, Armin Falk, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde
2274: 1.5 Generation Internal Migration in the US: Dispersion from States of Immigration? Downloads
Mark Ellis and Jamie Goodwin-White
2273: Part-Time Pensions and Part-Time Work in Sweden Downloads
Eskil Wadensjö
2272: Why Does Ethnic Diversity Undermine Public Goods Provision? An Experimental Approach Downloads
James P. Habyarimana, Macartan Humphreys, Daniel N. Posner and Jeremy Weinstein
2271: Educational Homogamy: Preferences or Opportunities? Downloads
Helena Skyt Nielsen and Michael Svarer
2270: The Distribution of Total Work in the EU and US Downloads
Michael Christopher Burda, Daniel Hamermesh and Philippe Weil
2269: Dispersion or Concentration for the 1.5 Generation? Destination Choices of the Children of Immigrants in the US Downloads
Jamie Goodwin-White
2268: Back-to-front Down-under? Part-time/Full-time Wage Differentials in Australia Downloads
Alison Lee Booth and Margi Wood
2267: Can You Teach Old Dragons New Tricks? FDI and Innovation Activity in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises Downloads
Sourafel Girma, Yundan Gong and Holger Görg
2266: State Dependence in Canadian Welfare Participation Downloads
Jorgen Hansen, Magnus Lofstrom and Xuelin Zhang
2265: Phillips Curves and Unemployment Dynamics: A Critique and a Holistic Perspective Downloads
Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala and Dennis Snower
2264: The Jack-of-All-Trades Entrepreneur: Innate Talent or Acquired Skill? Downloads
Olmo Silva
2263: Hiring Freeze and Bankruptcy in Unemployment Dynamics Downloads
Pietro Garibaldi
2262: A Note on Decomposing Differences in Poverty Incidence Using Regression Estimates: Algorithm and Example Downloads
Sumon K. Bhaumik, Ira N. Gang and Myeong-Su Yun
2261: Immigrant-Native Differences in Welfare Participation: The Role of Entry and Exit Rates Downloads
Jorgen Hansen and Magnus Lofstrom
2260: Career Progression and Formal versus On-the-Job Training Downloads
Jerome Adda, Christian Dustmann, Costas Meghir and Jean-Marc Robin
2259: Gender Differences in Smoking Behavior Downloads
Thomas K. Bauer, Silja Göhlmann and Mathias Sinning
2258: Pulls, Pushes and Entitlement Failures in Labor Markets: Does the State of Development Matter? Downloads
Sumon K. Bhaumik, Ralitza Dimova Dimova and Jeffrey B. Nugent
2257: Sectoral Explanations of Employment in Europe: The Role of Services Downloads
D'Agostino, Antonello, Roberta Serafini and Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
2256: Towards a Unifying Approach of the 'New Economic Geography' Downloads
Michael P. Pflüger and Jens Suedekum
2255: Die Wirkung der Hartz-Reform im Bereich der beruflichen Weiterbildung Downloads
Hilmar Schneider and Arne Uhlendorff
2254: Relational Goods, Monitoring and Non-Pecuniary Compensations in the Nonprofit Sector: The Case of the Italian Social Services Downloads
Michele Mosca, Marco Musella and Francesco Pastore
2253: Performance Pay and Earnings: Evidence from Personnel Records Downloads
Tuomas Pekkarinen and Chris Riddell
2252: How Do Trade and Financial Integration Affect the Relationship between Growth and Volatility? Downloads
Ayhan Kose, Eswar Prasad and Marco E. Terrones
2251: Sibling Death Clustering in India: State Dependence vs. Unobserved Heterogeneity Downloads
Wiji Arulampalam and Sonia Radhika Bhalotra
2250: Social Interactions and Schooling Decisions Downloads
Rafael Lalive and Maria Alejandra Cattaneo
2249: Resource Allocation and Firm Scope Downloads
Guido Friebel and Michael Raith
2248: Modernizing China's Growth Paradigm Downloads
Eswar Prasad and Raghuram G. Rajan
2247: The Impact of Wealth on Job Exit Rates of Elderly Workers Downloads
Hans Bloemen
2246: Effects of Attrition and Non-Response in the Health and Retirement Study Downloads
Arie Kapteyn, Pierre-Carl Michaud, James P. Smith and Arthur van Soest
2245: Introducing Family Tax Splitting in Germany: How Would It Affect the Income Distribution and Work Incentives? Downloads
Viktor Steiner and Katharina Wrohlich
2244: Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung und Demokratie: Ist Demokratie ein Wohlstandsmotor oder ein Wohlstandsprodukt? Downloads
Uwe Sunde
2243: Panels with Nonstationary Multifactor Error Structures Downloads
George Kapetanios, M Hashem Pesaran and Takashi Yamagata
2242: Do Wages Compensate for Anticipated Working Time Restrictions? Evidence from Seasonal Employment in Austria Downloads
Emilia Del Bono and Andrea Weber
2241: Is There a Trade-off Between Job Security and Wages in Germany and the UK? Downloads
Dominik Hübler and Olaf Elmar Hübler
2240: The Effect of Filipino Overseas Migration on the Non-Migrant Spouse’s Market Participation and Labor Supply Behavior Downloads
Emily Cabegin
2239: Corporate and Personal Income Tax Declarations Downloads
Laszlo Goerke
2238: Insuring Displaced Workers: Human Capital Losses and Severance Pay Design Downloads
Shuaizhang Feng and Donald O. Parsons
2237: Is Man Doomed to Progress? Downloads
Claudia Senik
2236: The Limits of Self-Governance in the Presence of Spite: Experimental Evidence from Urban and Rural Russia Downloads
Simon Gächter and Benedikt Herrmann
2235: Earnings Inequality and Market Work in Husband-Wife Families Downloads
John Pencavel
2234: New Technology in Schools: Is There a Payoff? Downloads
Stephen Machin, Sandra McNally and Olmo Silva
2233: Money and Mental Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Study of Medium-Sized Lottery Wins Downloads
Jonathan Gardner and Andrew J. Oswald
2232: Earnings-Related Severance Pay Downloads
Laszlo Goerke
2231: Sheepskin or Prozac: The Causal Effect of Education on Mental Health Downloads
Arnaud Chevalier and Leon Feinstein
2230: A Reappraisal of the Virtues of Private Sector Employment Programmes Downloads
Brian Krogh Graversen and Peter Jensen
2229: Genetic, Cultural and Geographical Distances Downloads
Paola Giuliano, Antonio Spilimbergo and Giovanni Tonon
2228: Immigrant Labour Market Assimilation and Arrival Effects: Evidence from the UK Labour Force Survey Downloads
Ken Clark and Joanne Kathryn Lindley
2227: Sorting, Incentives and Risk Preferences: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Charles Bellemare and Bruce S. Shearer
2226: The Tax System Incidence on Unemployment: A Country-Specific Analysis for the OECD Economies Downloads
Jose Ramon Garcia and Hector Sala
2225: Consensual and Conflictual Democratization Downloads
Matteo Cervellati, Piergiuseppe Fortunato and Uwe Sunde
2224: The Location of Immigrants at Retirement: Stay/Return or ‘Va-et-Vient’? Downloads
Augustin de Coulon and François-Charles Wolff
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