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2550: The Technology of Skill Formation Downloads
Flavio Cunha and James Heckman
2549: Technological and Organizational Changes, and Labor Flows: Evidence on French Establishments Downloads
Philippe Askenazy and Eva Moreno-Galbis
2548: Exploring the Impact of Interrupted Education on Earnings: The Educational Cost of the Chinese Cultural Revolution Downloads
Xin Meng and Robert Gregory
2547: Instability of the Eurozone? On Monetary Policy, House Prices and Labor Market Reforms Downloads
Ansgar Belke and Daniel Gros
2546: A Post-Deregulation Analysis of Wages in U.S. Freight Transportation Downloads
Steffen Habermalz and Kristen Monaco
2545: The Effects of Wal-Mart on Local Labor Markets Downloads
David Neumark, Junfu Zhang and Stephen Ciccarella
2544: Bargaining at Divorce: The Allocation of Custody Downloads
Christine Atteneder and Martin Halla
2543: Stunting and Selection Effects of Famine: A Case Study of the Great Chinese Famine Downloads
Tue Gorgens, Xin Meng and Rhema Vaithianathan
2542: mhbounds – Sensitivity Analysis for Average Treatment Effects Downloads
Sascha Becker and Marco Caliendo
2541: The Impact of Tax Morale and Institutional Quality on the Shadow Economy Downloads
Benno Torgler and Friedrich Schneider
2540: Trends in Hours and Economic Growth Downloads
L. Rachel Ngai and Christopher Pissarides
2539: The SES Health Gradient on Both Sides of the Atlantic Downloads
James Banks, Michael Marmot, Zoe Oldfield and James Smith
2538: Immigrants Assimilate as Communities, Not Just as Individuals Downloads
Timothy Hatton and Andrew Leigh
2537: Ethnic Persistence, Assimilation and Risk Proclivity Downloads
Holger Bonin, Amelie Constant, Konstantinos Tatsiramos and Klaus Zimmermann
2536: Profiling at the Canadian Border: An Economist's Viewpoint Downloads
Don J. DeVoretz
2535: Ethnic Self-Identification of First-Generation Immigrants Downloads
Laura Zimmermann, Klaus Zimmermann and Amelie Constant
2534: On the Efficiency Costs of De-tracking Secondary Schools Downloads
Kenn Ariga, Giorgio Brunello, Roki Iwahashi and Lorenzo Rocco
2533: Beautiful Serbia Downloads
Holger Bonin and Ulf Rinne
2532: Demand for Higher Education Programs: The Impact of the Bologna Process Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso, Miguel Portela, Carla Sa and Fernando Alexandre
2531: Do I Have What It Takes? Equilibrium Search with Type Uncertainty and Non-Participation Downloads
Armin Falk, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde
2530: The Russian-Ukrainian Political Divide Downloads
Amelie Constant, Martin Kahanec and Klaus Zimmermann
2529: The Compensating Income Variation of Social Capital Downloads
Wim Groot, Henriette Maassen van den Brink and Bernard van Praag
2528: Nominal Wage Rigidities in a New Keynesian Model with Frictional Unemployment Downloads
Vincent Bodart, Grégory de Walque, Olivier Pierrard, Henri Sneessens and Raf Wouters
2527: Earnings Instability and Tenure Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari and Marco Leonardi
2526: Lags and Leads in Life Satisfaction: A Test of the Baseline Hypothesis Downloads
Andrew Clark, Ed Diener, Yannis Georgellis and Richard E. Lucas
2525: Self-Confidence and Search Downloads
Armin Falk, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde
2524: Self-Selection and the Returns to Geographic Mobility: What Can Be Learned from the German Reunification "Experiment" Downloads
Anzelika Zaiceva
2523: Is It the Way She Moves? New Evidence on the Gender Wage Growth Gap in the Early Careers of Men and Women in Italy Downloads
Emilia Del Bono and Daniela Vuri
2522: An Experimental Investigation of Age Discrimination in the French Labour Market Downloads
Peter Riach and Judith Rich
2521: Calvo Wages in a Search Unemployment Model Downloads
Vincent Bodart, Olivier Pierrard and Henri Sneessens
2520: Relative Efficiency, Scale Effect, and Scope Effect of Public Hospitals: Evidence from Australia Downloads
Jian Wang, Zhong Zhao and Amir Mahmood
2519: Reconciling the Estimates of Potential Migration into the Enlarged European Union Downloads
Anzelika Zaiceva
2518: Workplace Industrial Relations in Britain, 1980-2004 Downloads
David Blanchflower, Alex Bryson and John Forth
2517: Inequality of Learning in Industrialised Countries Downloads
John Micklewright and Sylke V. Schnepf
2516: Parental Education and Child Health: Evidence from a Schooling Reform Downloads
Maarten Lindeboom, Ana Llena-Nozal and Bas van der Klaauw
2515: School Drop-Out and Push-Out Factors in Brazil: The Role of Early Parenthood, Child Labor, and Poverty Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso and Dorte Verner
2514: Activation Policies in Germany: From Status Protection to Basic Income Support Downloads
Werner Eichhorst, Maria Grienberger-Zingerle and Regina Konle-Seidl
2513: The Social Multiplier and Labour Market Participation of Mothers Downloads
Eric Maurin and Julie Moschion
2512: Macroeconomic Conditions and the Distribution of Income in Spain Downloads
Lidia Farré and Francis Vella
2511: Labor Market Dynamics in Romania During a Period of Economic Liberalization Downloads
Benoit Dostie and David Sahn
2510: The Evolution of Citizenship: Economic and Institutional Determinants Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi and Chiara Strozzi
2509: Poverty, Undernutrition, and Child Mortality: Some Inter-Regional Puzzles and their Implications for Research and Policy Downloads
Stephan Klasen
2508: Welfare Effects of the Euro Cash Changeover Downloads
Christoph Wunder, Johannes Schwarze, Gerhard Krug and Bodo Herzog
2507: Selection Wages: An Example Downloads
Ekkehart Schlicht
2506: Multinational Companies, Backward Linkages and Labour Demand Elasticities Downloads
Holger Görg, Michael Henry, Eric Strobl and Frank Walsh
2505: Employment Regulation and Labor Market Policy in Germany, 1991-2005 Downloads
Bernhard Ebbinghaus and Werner Eichhorst
2504: How to Help Unemployed Find Jobs Quickly: Experimental Evidence from a Mandatory Activation Program Downloads
Brian Krogh Graversen and Jan van Ours
2503: Immigration and the Neighborhood Downloads
Albert Saiz and Susan Wachter
2502: Educational Inputs and Outcomes Before the Transition from Communism Downloads
John Beirne and Nauro Campos
2501: Social Relations and Remittances: Evidence from Canadian Micro Data Downloads
Don J. DeVoretz and Florin Vadean
2500: Reciprocity and Payment Schemes: When Equality Is Unfair Downloads
Johannes Abeler, Steffen Altmann, Sebastian Kube and Matthias Wibral
2499: The Age of Mass Migration: Economic and Institutional Determinants Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi and Chiara Strozzi
2498: Intra-Household Allocation of Resources: Inferences from Non-Resident Fathers’ Child Support Payments Downloads
John Ermisch and Chiara Pronzato
2497: Minimum Wages, Globalization and Poverty in Honduras Downloads
Thomas (Tim) Gindling and Katherine Terrell
2496: Wages, Productivity and Aging Downloads
Benoit Dostie
2495: Changing Patterns of Ethnic Minority Self-Employment in Britain: Evidence from Census Microdata Downloads
Ken Clark and Stephen Drinkwater
2494: Life Satisfaction and Economic Outcomes in Germany Pre- and Post-Unification Downloads
Richard A. Easterlin and Anke Zimmermann
2493: The International Migration of Knowledge Workers: When Is Brain Drain Beneficial? Downloads
Peter Kuhn and Carol McAusland
2492: Financial Incentives and the Timing of Retirement: Evidence from Switzerland Downloads
Barbara Hanel and Regina Riphahn
2491: Which Factors Determine the Grades of Undergraduate Students in Economics? Some Evidence from Spain Downloads
Juan Dolado and Eduardo Morales
2490: Student Achievement and University Classes: Effects of Attendance, Size, Peers, and Teachers Downloads
Pedro Martins and Ian Walker
2489: Macroeconomic Effects of Short-Term Training Measures on the Matching Process in Western Germany Downloads
Reinhard Hujer and Christopher Zeiss
2488: Persistence in Infant Mortality: Evidence for the Indian States Downloads
Wiji Arulampalam and Sonia Bhalotra
2487: How Wages Change: Micro Evidence from the International Wage Flexibility Project Downloads
William T. Dickens, Lorenz Götte, Erica Groshen, Steinar Holden, Julian Messina, Mark Schweitzer, Jarkko Turunen and Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
2486: Rural People’s Perception of Poverty in China Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson and Ximing Yue
2485: How General Is Specific Human Capital? Downloads
Christina Gathmann and Uta Schönberg
2484: Long Work Hours: Volunteers and Conscripts Downloads
Robert Drago, Mark Wooden and David Black
2483: Does Manager Turnover Improve Firm Performance? New Evidence Using Information from Dutch Soccer, 1986-2004 Downloads
Bas ter Weel
2482: From No Pay to Low Pay and Back Again? A Multi-State Model of Low Pay Dynamics Downloads
Arne Uhlendorff
2481: Does Immigration Affect Wages? A Look at Occupation-Level Evidence Downloads
Pia Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny
2480: The Macroeconomics of the Labor Market: Three Fundamental Views Downloads
Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala and Dennis Snower
2479: The Beveridge Curve Downloads
Eran Yashiv
2478: Public Education in an Integrated Europe: Studying to Migrate and Teaching to Stay? Downloads
Panu Poutvaara
2477: Decentralization and the Productive Efficiency of Government: Evidence from Swiss Cantons Downloads
Iwan Barankay and Ben Lockwood
2476: Where to Work? The Role of the Household in Explaining Gender Differences in Labour Market Outcomes Downloads
Ralitza Dimova, Ira Gang and John Landon-Lane
2475: Entrepreneurship and the Process of Firms’ Entry, Survival and Growth Downloads
Enrico Santarelli and Marco Vivarelli
2474: Works Councils and the Anatomy of Wages Downloads
John Addison, Paulino Teixeira and Thomas Zwick
2473: On Defining and Measuring the Informal Sector Downloads
Andrew Henley, Reza (Gholamreza) Arabsheibani and Francisco G. Carneiro
2472: A Dynamic Model of Demand for Private Health Insurance in Ireland Downloads
Claire Finn and Colm Harmon
2471: The Long Run Health and Economic Consequences of Famine on Survivors: Evidence from China’s Great Famine Downloads
Xin Meng and Nancy Qian
2470: Did the Hartz Reforms Speed-Up Job Creation? A Macro-Evaluation Using Empirical Matching Functions Downloads
René Fahr and Uwe Sunde
2469: Do Downward Private Transfers Enhance Maternal Labor Supply? Evidence from around Europe Downloads
Ralitza Dimova and François-Charles Wolff
2468: Designing Optimal Taxes with a Microeconometric Model of Household Labour Supply Downloads
Rolf Aaberge and Ugo Colombino
2467: Can Subjective Mortality Expectations and Stated Preferences Explain Varying Consumption and Saving Behaviors among the Elderly? Downloads
Martin Salm
2466: Interpersonal Styles and Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Lex Borghans, Bas ter Weel and Bruce Weinberg
2465: Real Wage Cyclicality in Italy Downloads
Fei Peng and William Siebert
2464: Evaluating Active Labor Market Programs in Romania Downloads
Núria Rodriguez-Planas and Jacob Benus
2463: Moral Hazard Contracts: Does One Size Fit All? Downloads
Alexander Koch and Eloic Peyrache
2462: Returns to Schooling in Kazakhstan: OLS and Instrumental Variables Approach Downloads
Reza (Gholamreza) Arabsheibani and Altay Mussurov
2461: Intermarriage, Language, and Economic Assimilation Process: A Case Study of France Downloads
Xin Meng and Dominique Meurs
2460: The Economics of Prozac: Do Employees Really Gain from Strong Employment Protection? Downloads
Etienne Wasmer
2459: Are the French Happy with the 35-Hour Workweek? Downloads
Marcello Estevao and Filipa Sa
2458: Econometrics: A Bird's Eye View Downloads
John Geweke, Joel L. Horowitz and M Pesaran
2457: Immigrants in a Booming Economy: Analysing their Earnings and Welfare Dependence Downloads
Alan Barrett and Yvonne McCarthy
2456: Employment Fluctuations and Dynamics of the Aggregate Average Wage in Poland 1996-2003 Downloads
Michal Myck, Leszek Morawski and Jerzy Mycielski
2455: U.S. Labor Market Dynamics Revisited Downloads
Eran Yashiv
2454: Investment in Schooling and the Marriage Market Downloads
Pierre Chiappori, Murat Iyigun and Yoram Weiss
2453: Employment Effects of Privatisation and Foreign Acquisition of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises Downloads
Yundan Gong, Holger Görg and Sara Maioli
2452: The Babeldaob Road: The Impact of Road Construction on Rural Labor Force Outcomes in the Republic of Palau Downloads
Randall Akee
2451: Who Misvotes? The Effect of Differential Cognition Costs on Election Outcomes Downloads
Kelly Shue and Erzo Luttmer
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