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2030: The Time and Timing Costs of Market Work, and their Implications for Retirement Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
2029: Endogenous Labor Market Participation and the Business Cycle Downloads
Christian Haefke and Michael Reiter
2028: Explorations of the Effect of Experience on Preferences: Two Health-Care Case Studies Downloads
Einat Neuman and Shoshana Neuman
2027: Equilibrium Allele Distribution in Trading Populations Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
2026: The Effect of Benefits on Single Motherhood in Europe Downloads
Libertad Gonzalez
2025: Beans for Breakfast? How Exportable Is the British Workfare Model? Downloads
Olivier Bargain and Kristian Orsini
2024: Testing Theories of Job Creation: Does Supply Create Its Own Demand? Downloads
Mikael Carlsson, Stefan Eriksson and Nils Gottfries
2023: The Effect of Divorce Laws on Divorce Rates in Europe Downloads
Libertad Gonzalez and Tarja K. Viitanen
2022: Military Draft and Economic Growth in OECD Countries Downloads
Katarina Keller, Panu Poutvaara and Andreas Wagener
2021: Skill Transferability, Regret and Mobility Downloads
Lex Borghans and Bart H. H. Golsteyn
2020: The Impact of Group Membership on Cooperation and Norm Enforcement: Evidence using Random Assignment to Real Social Groups Downloads
Lorenz Götte, David Huffman and Stephan Meier
2019: The Happiness Gains from Sorting and Matching in the Labor Market Downloads
Simon Luechinger, Alois Stutzer and Rainer Winkelmann
2018: The Effectiveness of European Active Labor Market Policy Downloads
Jochen Kluve
2017: Reasons for Wage Rigidity in Germany Downloads
Wolfgang Franz and Friedhelm Pfeiffer
2016: A Cross-Country Study of Union Membership Downloads
David G. Blanchflower
2015: Exploring the Nature of Loss Aversion Downloads
Eric J. Johnson, Simon Gächter and Andreas Herrmann
2014: Child Care and Parental Leave in the Nordic Countries: A Model to Aspire to? Downloads
Nabanita Datta Gupta, Nina Smith and Mette Verner
2013: Performance Pay and the Erosion of Worker Cooperation: Field Experimental Evidence Downloads
Stephen V. Burks, Jeffrey Carpenter and Lorenz Götte
2012: Performance Pay and Risk Aversion Downloads
Christian Grund and Dirk Sliwka
2011: Heterogeneous Social Preferences and the Dynamics of Free Riding in Public Goods Downloads
Urs Fischbacher and Simon Gächter
2010: Informal Care and Employment in England: Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey Downloads
Axel Heitmueller and Pierre-Carl Michaud
2009: Youth Unemployment and Crime in France Downloads
Denis Fougere, Francis Kramarz and Julien POUGET
2008: Earnings Inequality in India: Has the Rise of Caste and Religion Based Politics in India Had an Impact? Downloads
Sumon K. Bhaumik and Manisha Chakrabarty
2007: The Narrowing of the U.S. Gender Earnings Gap, 1959-1999: A Cohort-Based Analysis Downloads
Catherine Weinberger and Peter Joseph Kuhn
2006: On-the-Job Search, Productivity Shocks and the Individual Earnings Process Downloads
Fabien Postel-Vinay and Hélène Turon
2005: Modes of Spousal Interaction and the Labor Market Environment Downloads
Daniela Del Boca and Christopher Flinn
2004: Nonparametric Analysis of Household Labor Supply: Goodness-of-Fit and Power of the Unitary and the Collective Model Downloads
Laurens Cherchye and Frederic Vermeulen
2003: Income Mobility of Individuals in China and the United States Downloads
Niny Khor and John Pencavel
2002: Leisure Time in Japan: How Much and for Whom? Downloads
Scott M. Fuess
2001: Performance Pay and Multi-dimensional Sorting: Productivity, Preferences and Gender Downloads
Thomas Johannes Dohmen and Armin Falk
2000: The (Parlous) State of German Unions Downloads
John Addison, Claus Schnabel and Joachim Wagner
1999: Native-Migrant Differences in Risk Attitudes Downloads
Holger Bonin, Amelie F. Constant, Konstantinos Tatsiramos and Klaus F. Zimmermann
1998: Ethnic Networks and U.S. Exports Downloads
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Cletus C. Coughlin and Howard J. Wall
1997: Tenure Profiles and Efficient Separation in a Stochastic Productivity Model Downloads
Ioan Sebastian Buhai and C. N. Teulings
1996: Partisan Impacts on the Economy: Evidence from Prediction Markets and Close Elections Downloads
Erik Christopher Snowberg, Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz
1995: Welfare State Retrenchment: The Partisan Effect Revisited Downloads
Bruno Amable, Donatella Gatti and Jan Schumacher
1994: Should Employment Authorities Worry About Mergers and Acquisitions? Downloads
1993: Do Poor Children Become Poor Adults? Lessons from a Cross Country Comparison of Generational Earnings Mobility Downloads
Miles Corak
1992: Early Retirement Behaviour in the Netherlands: Evidence from a Policy Reform Downloads
Rob Euwals, Daniel J. van Vuuren and Ronald P. Wolthoff
1991: Prediction Markets in Theory and Practice Downloads
Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz
1990: Wages and the Bargaining Regime under Multi-level Bargaining: Belgium, Denmark and Spain Downloads
Robert Alain Plasman, Michael Rusinek and Francois Rycx
1989: Human Capital and Interethnic Marriage Decisions Downloads
Delia Furtado
1988: Geographic Proximity, Trade and International Conflict/Cooperation Downloads
John Robst, Solomon William Polachek and Yuan-Ching Chang
1987: Public Sector Pay and Corruption: Measuring Bribery from Micro Data Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Klara Sabirianova Peter
1986: Evaluating Alternative Representations of the Choice Sets in Models of Labour Supply Downloads
Rolf Aaberge, Ugo Colombino and Tom Wennemo
1985: Beschäftigung Älterer in Deutschland: Der unvollständige Paradigmenwechsel Downloads
Werner Eichhorst
1984: The Interaction between Retirement and Job Search: A Global Approach to Older Workers Employment Downloads
Jean-Olivier Hairault, Francois Langot and Thepthida Sopraseuth
1983: Self-Selection and the Efficiency of Tournaments Downloads
Tor Eriksson, Sabrina Teyssier and Marie Claire Villeval
1982: Is Demand-Pulled Innovation Equally Important in Different Groups of Firms? Downloads
Mariacristina Piva and Marco Vivarelli
1981: Screening Disability Insurance Applications Downloads
Philip de Jong, Maarten Lindeboom and Bas van der Klaauw
1980: An Analysis of Reservation Wages for the Economically Inactive Downloads
David H. Blackaby, Paul L. Latreille, Philip D. Murphy, O'Leary, Nigel C. and Peter James Sloane
1979: Social Class and Undergraduate Degree Subject in the UK Downloads
Massimiliano Bratti
1978: Reputations, Relationships and the Enforcement of Incomplete Contracts Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod
1977: Public Implementation Eliminates Detrimental Effects of Punishment on Human Cooperation Downloads
Erte Xiao and Daniel Houser
1976: How Far and For How Much? Evidence on Wages and Potential Travel-to-Work Distances from a Survey of the Economically Inactive Downloads
Paul L. Latreille, David H. Blackaby, Philip D. Murphy, O'Leary, Nigel C. and Peter James Sloane
1975: Five Open Questions About Prediction Markets Downloads
Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz
1974: American Idol: Evidence of Same-Race Preferences? Downloads
Jungmin Lee
1973: Ottoman Conquests and European Ecclesiastical Pluralism Downloads
Murat F. Iyigun
1972: Competing Approaches to Forecasting Elections: Economic Models, Opinion Polling and Prediction Markets Downloads
Andrew Keith Leigh and Justin Wolfers
1971: Employees Who Become Self-Employed: Do Labour Income and Wages Have an Impact? Downloads
Pernilla Andersson Joona and Eskil Wadensjö
1970: Legal Default Rules: The Case of Wrongful Discharge Laws Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod and Voraprapa Nakavachara
1969: Human Capital Externalities and Growth of High- and Low-Skilled Jobs Downloads
Jens Suedekum
1968: Does the Quality of Industrial Relations Matter for the Macro Economy? A Cross-Country Analysis Using Strikes Data Downloads
John Addison and Paulino Teixeira
1967: Is There a Social Security Tax Wedge? Downloads
Alessandro Cigno
1966: Child Labor, Urban Proximity and Household Composition Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Jackline Wahba
1965: Time to Eat: Household Production under Increasing Income Inequality Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
1964: Bureaucratic Rents and Life Satisfaction Downloads
Simon Luechinger, Stephan Meier and Alois Stutzer
1963: Dependent Forms of Self-employment in the UK: Identifying Workers on the Border between Employment and Self-employment Downloads
René Böheim and Ulrike Muehlberger
1962: The Risk-Return Trade-Off in Human Capital Investment Downloads
Charlotte Christiansen, Juanna Schrøter Joensen and Helena Skyt Nielsen
1961: Nonstandard Forms and Measures of Employment and Unemployment in Transition: A Comparative Study of Estonia, Romania, and Russia Downloads
J. David Brown, John Sutherland Earle, Vladimir Gimpelson, Rostislav Kapeliushnikov, Hartmut Lehmann, Almos Telegdy, Irina Vantu, Ruxandra Visan and Alexandru Voicu
1960: Employment Protection, Product Market Regulation and Firm Selection Downloads
Winfried Koeniger and Julien Prat
1959: Social Segregation in Secondary Schools: How Does England Compare with Other Countries? Downloads
Stephen P. Jenkins, John Micklewright and Sylke V. Schnepf
1958: Reassessing the Standard of Living in the Soviet Union: An Analysis Using Archival and Anthropometric Data Downloads
Elizabeth Brainerd
1957: Product Markets and Paychecks: Deregulation's Effect on the Compensation Structure in Banking Downloads
Abigail Wozniak
1956: Merit Aid and Sorting: The Effects of HOPE-Style Scholarships on College Ability Stratification Downloads
Christopher Cornwell and David B. Mustard
1955: Indirect Effects of an Aid Program: The Case of Progresa and Consumption Downloads
Manuela Angelucci and Giacomo De Giorgi
1954: Educational Differences in the Migration Responses of Young Workers to Local Labor Market Conditions Downloads
Abigail Wozniak
1953: The Effects of State-Sponsored Merit Scholarships on Course Selection and Major Choice in College Downloads
Christopher Cornwell, Kyung Hee Lee and David B. Mustard
1952: What Happiness Research Can Tell Us About Self-Control Problems and Utility Misprediction Downloads
Alois Stutzer and Bruno S. Frey
1951: Are the Factors Affecting Dropout Behavior Related to Initial Enrollment Intensity for College Undergraduates? Downloads
Leslie Sundt Stratton, O'Toole, Dennis M. and James N. Wetzel
1950: Subjective Income Expectations and Income Risk Downloads
Xavi Ramos and Christian Schluter
1949: Uses and Abuses of Empirical Evidence in the Death Penalty Debate Downloads
John J. Donohue and Justin Wolfers
1948: The Portfolio Choices of Hispanic Couples Downloads
Deborah A. Cobb-Clark and Vincent Alexandre Hildebrand
1947: Rates of Return to Degrees across British Regions Downloads
O'Leary, Nigel C. and Peter James Sloane
1946: Product Market Deregulation and the U.S. Employment Miracle Downloads
Monique Ebell and Christian Haefke
1945: The Substitutability of Labor of Selected Ethnic Groups in the US Labor Market Downloads
Martin Kahanec
1944: Diagnosing Discrimination: Stock Returns and CEO Gender Downloads
Justin Wolfers
1943: Intergenerational Mobility, Human Capital Transmission and the Earnings of Second-Generation Immigrants in Sweden Downloads
Mats Hammarstedt and Mårten Palme
1942: Self-Selection in Migration and Returns to Unobservable Skills Downloads
Benoit Dostie and Pierre Thomas Leger
1941: Unequal Pay or Unequal Employment? A Cross-Country Analysis of Gender Gaps Downloads
Claudia Olivetti and Barbara Petrongolo
1940: Social Networks in the Boardroom Downloads
Francis Kramarz and David Thesmar
1939: Choice and Success of Job Search Methods Downloads
Andrea Weber and Helmut Mahringer
1938: American Exceptionalism in a New Light: A Comparison of Intergenerational Earnings Mobility in the Nordic Countries, the United Kingdom and the United States Downloads
Markus Jantti, Bernt Bratsberg, Knut Røed, Oddbjørn Raaum, Robin Andrew Naylor, Eva Österbacka, Anders Bjorklund and Tor Eriksson
1937: The Return to the Firm Investment in Human Capital Downloads
Rita Almeida and Pedro Carneiro
1936: Corruption and the Shadow Economy: An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Axel Dreher and Friedrich Georg Schneider
1935: The Returns to Seniority in France (and Why Are They Lower than in the United States?) Downloads
Magali Beffy, Moshe Buchinsky, Denis Fougere, Thierry Kamionka and Francis Kramarz
1934: Head-content or Headcount? Short-term Skilled Labour Movements as a Source of Growth Downloads
Max Tani
1933: Migrating Workers and Jobs: A Challenge to the European Social Model? Downloads
Simon Commander, Axel Heitmueller and Laura Tyson
1932: Can Parents Afford to Work? Childcare Costs, Tax-Benefit Policies and Work Incentives Downloads
Herwig Immervoll and David Barber
1931: Evaluating the Performance of the Search and Matching Model Downloads
Eran Yashiv
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