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4469: Discrimination in a Low-Wage Labor Market: A Field Experiment Downloads
Devah Pager, Bruce Western and Bart Bonikowski
4468: Endogenous Indoctrination: Occupational Choice, the Evolution of Beliefs, and the Political Economy of Reform Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
4467: The Impact of Chernobyl on Health and Labour Market Performance in the Ukraine Downloads
Hartmut Lehmann and Jonathan Wadsworth
4466: Kindergarten Enrollment and the Intergenerational Transmission of Education Downloads
Philipp Bauer and Regina Riphahn
4465: Better Protected, Better Paid: Evidence on How Employment Protection Affects Wages Downloads
Karen van der Wiel
4464: Neighborhood Diversity and the Appreciation of Native- and Immigrant-Owned Homes Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark and Mathias Sinning
4463: Fiscal Competition for Imperfectly-Mobile Labor and Capital: A Comparative Dynamic Analysis Downloads
David Wildasin
4462: The Effects of Pension Rights and Retirement Age on Training Participation: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
Raymond Montizaan, Frank Cörvers and Andries de Grip
4461: Is the Wage Curve Formal or Informal? Evidence for Colombia Downloads
Raul Ramos, Juan Duque and Jordi Suriñach
4460: Apprenticeship Training and the Business Cycle Downloads
Samuel Mühlemann, Stefan Wolter and Adrian Wüest
4459: Asabiyya: Re-Interpreting Value Change in Globalized Societies Downloads
Arno Tausch and Almas Heshmati
4458: Do All Material Incentives for Prosocial Activities Backfire? The Response to Cash and Non-Cash Incentives for Blood Donations Downloads
Nicola Lacetera and Mario Macis
4457: The Dynamics of Social Assistance Benefit Receipt in Britain Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari and Stephen Jenkins
4456: Genes, Legitimacy and Hypergamy: Another Look at the Economics of Marriage Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
4455: What Should Be Done About Rising Unemployment in the OECD? Downloads
David Bell and David Blanchflower
4454: 20 Years of German Unification: Evidence on Income Convergence and Heterogeneity Downloads
Tilman Brück and Heiko Peters
4453: Regional Economic Growth and Human Capital: The Role of Overeducation Downloads
Raul Ramos, Jordi Suriñach and Manuel Artís
4452: Looking Inside the Perpetual-Motion Machine: Job and Worker Flows in OECD Countries Downloads
Andrea Bassanini and Pascal Marianna
4451: Evaluating Nonexperimental Estimators for Multiple Treatments: Evidence from Experimental Data Downloads
Carlos A. Flores and Oscar Mitnik
4450: Happiness and Health Care Coverage Downloads
David Blanchflower
4449: Demand for Redistribution, Support for the Welfare State, and Party Identification in Austria Downloads
Andreas Kuhn
4448: An Explanation for the Lower Payoff to Schooling for Immigrants in the Canadian Labour Market Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
4447: Could Education Promote the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process? Downloads
Mayssun El-Attar
4446: Assortative Mating and Divorce: Evidence from Austrian Register Data Downloads
Wolfgang Frimmel, Martin Halla and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
4445: The Americanization of European Higher Education and Research Downloads
Lex Borghans and Frank Cörvers
4444: Atypical Work: Who Gets It, and Where Does It Lead? Some U.S. Evidence Using the NLSY79 Downloads
John Addison, Chad Cotti and Christopher Surfield
4443: Class Size and Class Heterogeneity Downloads
Giacomo De Giorgi, Michele Pellizzari and William Gui Woolston
4442: Wage Returns to University Disciplines in Greece: Are Greek Higher Education Degrees Trojan Horses? Downloads
Ilias Livanos and Konstantinos Pouliakas
4441: The KfW/ZEW Start-up Panel: Design and Research Potential Downloads
Helmut Fryges, Sandra Gottschalk and Karsten Kohn
4440: Does the Welfare State Make Older Workers Unemployable? Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
4439: A Risk Augmented Mincer Earnings Equation? Taking Stock Downloads
Joop Hartog
4438: Do Foreigners Replace Native Immigrants? Evidence from a Panel Cointegration Analysis Downloads
Herbert Brücker, Stefano Fachin and Alessandra Venturini
4437: The Inter-Related Dynamics of Dual Job Holding, Human Capital and Occupational Choice Downloads
Georgios Panos, Konstantinos Pouliakas and Alexandros Zangelidis
4436: The Role of Demographics in Precipitating Crises in Financial Institutions Downloads
Diane Macunovich
4435: Racial Differences in Fringe Benefits and Compensation Downloads
Wallace K C Mok and Zahra Siddique
4434: Intra-Industry Adjustment to Import Competition: Theory and Application to the German Clothing Industry Downloads
Horst Raff and Joachim Wagner
4433: Did the National Minimum Wage Affect UK Prices? Downloads
Jonathan Wadsworth
4432: Employment, Wages, and the Economic Cycle: Differences between Immigrants and Natives Downloads
Christian Dustmann, Albrecht Glitz and Thorsten Vogel
4431: Substitution Effects in Parental Investments Downloads
Loren Brandt, Aloysius Siow and Hui Wang
4430: Disability and Skill Mismatch Downloads
Melanie K. Jones and Peter Sloane
4429: The Political Economy of Conscription Downloads
Panu Poutvaara and Andreas Wagener
4428: Estimating Employment Dynamics across Occupations and Sectors of Industry Downloads
Frank Cörvers and Arnaud Dupuy
4427: Do Means-Tested School Lunch Subsidies Change Children's Weekly Consumption Patterns? Downloads
Larry L. Howard and Nishith Prakash
4426: Recent Trends in Top Income Shares in the USA: Reconciling Estimates from March CPS and IRS Tax Return Data Downloads
Richard Burkhauser, Shuaizhang Feng, Stephen Jenkins and Jeff Larrimore
4425: Immigrants and Employer-Provided Training Downloads
Alan Barrett, Seamus McGuinness, O`Brien, Martin and Philip O'Connell
4424: Modelling Charitable Donations to an Unexpected Natural Disaster: Evidence from the U.S. Panel Study of Income Dynamics Downloads
Sarah Brown, Mark Harris and Karl Taylor
4423: Do as the Neighbors Do: The Impact of Social Networks on Immigrant Employment Downloads
Fredrik Andersson, Simon Burgess and Julia Lane
4422: ORU Analyses of Immigrant Earnings in Australia, with International Comparisons Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
4421: Do Tuition Fees Affect the Mobility of University Applicants? Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
Nadja Dwenger, Johanna Storck and Katharina Wrohlich
4420: Understanding Compulsory Schooling Legislation: A Formal Model and Implications for Empirical Analysis Downloads
Mark Gradstein and Moshe Justman
4419: The Causal Effect of Education on Wages Revisited Downloads
Matt Dickson
4418: Persistence of Civil Wars Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni
4417: The Effect of the Timing and Spacing of Births on the Level of Labor Market Involvement of Married Women Downloads
Kenneth Troske and Alexandru Voicu
4416: The Right Amount of Trust Downloads
Jeffrey Butler, Paola Giuliano and Luigi Guiso
4415: Does Local Business Ownership Insulate Cities from Economic Shocks? Downloads
Jed Kolko and David Neumark
4414: Who Compares to Whom? The Anatomy of Income Comparisons in Europe Downloads
Andrew Clark and Claudia Senik
4413: Tipping and Residential Segregation: A Unified Schelling Model Downloads
Junfu Zhang
4412: Identities, Conflicting Behavioural Norms and the Importance of Job Attributes Downloads
Giovanni Russo and Edwin van Hooft
4411: Post 9-11 U.S. Muslim Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Faisal Rabby and William M. Rodgers
4410: FSU Immigrants in Canada: A Case of Positive Triple Selection? Downloads
Don J. DeVoretz and Michele Battisti
4409: The Value of a Statistical Injury: New Evidence from the Swiss Labor Market Downloads
Andreas Kuhn and Oliver Ruf
4408: Noncompliance and the Effects of the Minimum Wage on Hours and Welfare in Competitive Labor Markets Downloads
Leif Danziger
4407: Children of War: The Long-Run Effects of Large-Scale Physical Destruction and Warfare on Children Downloads
Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel
4406: Middlemen, Non-Profits, and Poverty Downloads
Nancy Chau, Hideaki Goto and Ravi Kanbur
4405: Targeting Fertility and Female Participation Through the Income Tax Downloads
Ghazala Azmat and Libertad Gonzalez
4404: Services Outsourcing and Innovation: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Holger Görg and Aoife Hanley
4403: They Are Even Larger! More (on) Puzzling Labor Market Volatilities Downloads
Hermann Gartner, Christian Merkl and Thomas Rothe
4402: The Life-Cycle and the Business-Cycle of Wage Risk: A Cross-Country Comparison Downloads
Christian Bayer and Falko Juessen
4401: Public Sector Employees: Risk Averse and Altruistic? Downloads
Margaretha Buurman, Robert Dur and Seth van den Bossche
4400: Do Better Paid Politicians Perform Better? Disentangling Incentives from Selection Downloads
Stefano Gagliarducci and Tommaso Nannicini
4399: Does Military Draft Discourage Enrollment in Higher Education? Evidence from OECD Countries Downloads
Katarina Keller, Panu Poutvaara and Andreas Wagener
4398: Meet the Parents? The Causal Effect of Family Size on the Geographic Distance between Adult Children and Older Parents Downloads
Helena Holmlund, Helmut Rainer and Thomas Siedler
4397: Male and Female Labour Force Participation: The Role of Dynamic Adjustments to Changes in Labour Demand, Government Policies and Autonomous Trends Downloads
Maarten Vendrik and Frank Cörvers
4396: Better Means More: Property Rights and High-Growth Aspiration Entrepreneurship Downloads
Saul Estrin, Julia Korosteleva and Tomasz Mickiewicz
4395: Tournament Incentives in the Field: Gender Differences in the Workplace Downloads
Josse Delfgaauw, Robert Dur, Joeri Sol and Willem Verbeke
4394: Immigrants' Assimilation Process in a Segmented Labor Market Downloads
Miguel Angel Alcobendas and Núria Rodriguez-Planas
4393: Re-Orient? MNC Penetration and Contemporary Shifts in the Global Political Economy Downloads
Arno Tausch and Almas Heshmati
4392: The Effect of Lone Motherhood on the Smoking Behaviour of Young Adults Downloads
Marco Francesconi, Stephen Jenkins and Thomas Siedler
4391: The Redistributive Effects of Political Reservation for Minorities: Evidence from India Downloads
Aimee Chin and Nishith Prakash
4390: Life Satisfaction and Relative Income: Perceptions and Evidence Downloads
Guy Mayraz, Gert Wagner and Jürgen Schupp
4389: Experimental Tests of Survey Responses to Expenditure Questions Downloads
David Comerford, Liam Delaney and Colm Harmon
4388: Work Disability, Work, and Justification Bias in Europe and the U.S Downloads
Arie Kapteyn, James Smith and Arthur van Soest
4387: How Much Can We Trust Causal Interpretations of Fixed-Effects Estimators in the Context of Criminality? Downloads
David Bjerk
4386: Improving the Labor Market Outcomes of Minorities: The Role of Employment Quota Downloads
Nishith Prakash
4385: Do Non-Economic Quality of Life Factors Drive Immigration? Downloads
Joshua Lewer, Gail Pacheco and Stephanie Rossouw
4384: Subsidizing Firm Entry in Open Economies Downloads
Michael P. Pflüger and Jens Suedekum
4383: Pay for Percentile Downloads
Gadi Barlevy and Derek Neal
4382: Does the Choice of Reference Levels of Education Matter in the ORU Earnings Equation? Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
4381: Impact of Paternal Temporary Absence on Children Left Behind Downloads
Alison Booth and Yuji Tamura
4380: Why Do Firms Use Fixed-Term Contracts? Downloads
Pedro Portugal and Jose Varejao
4379: A Microsimulation Approach to an Optimal Swedish Income Tax Downloads
Peter Ericson and Lennart Flood
4378: Grazing, Goods and Girth: Determinants and Effects Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
4377: Endogeneous Household Interaction Downloads
Daniela Del Boca and Christopher Flinn
4376: Child Labor and Trade Liberalization in Indonesia Downloads
Krisztina Kis-Katos and Robert Sparrow
4375: The Impacts of International Migration on Remaining Household Members: Omnibus Results from a Migration Lottery Program Downloads
John Gibson, David McKenzie and Steven Stillman
4374: How Do Adolescents Spell Time Use? Downloads
Charlene Kalenkoski, David Ribar and Leslie Stratton
4373: Producer Protection Legislation and Termination Damages in the Presence of Contracting Frictions Downloads
Steven Wu
4372: Firm Performance and Managerial Turnover: The Case of Ukraine Downloads
Alexander Muravyev, Oleksandr Talavera, Olga Bilyk and Bogdana Grechaniuk
4371: A Cohort Analysis of Labor Participation in Mexico, 1987-2009 Downloads
Robert Duval Hernández and Pedro Orraca Romano
4370: Does Leaving Welfare Improve Health? Evidence for Germany Downloads
Martin Huber, Michael Lechner and Conny Wunsch
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