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4399: Does Military Draft Discourage Enrollment in Higher Education? Evidence from OECD Countries Downloads
Katarina Keller, Panu Poutvaara and Andreas Wagener
4398: Meet the Parents? The Causal Effect of Family Size on the Geographic Distance between Adult Children and Older Parents Downloads
Helena Holmlund, Helmut Rainer and Thomas Siedler
4397: Male and Female Labour Force Participation: The Role of Dynamic Adjustments to Changes in Labour Demand, Government Policies and Autonomous Trends Downloads
Maarten Vendrik and Frank Cörvers
4396: Better Means More: Property Rights and High-Growth Aspiration Entrepreneurship Downloads
Saul Estrin, Julia Korosteleva and Tomasz Mickiewicz
4395: Tournament Incentives in the Field: Gender Differences in the Workplace Downloads
Josse Delfgaauw, Robert Dur, Joeri Sol and Willem Verbeke
4394: Immigrants' Assimilation Process in a Segmented Labor Market Downloads
Miguel Angel Alcobendas and Núria Rodriguez-Planas
4393: Re-Orient? MNC Penetration and Contemporary Shifts in the Global Political Economy Downloads
Arno Tausch and Almas Heshmati
4392: The Effect of Lone Motherhood on the Smoking Behaviour of Young Adults Downloads
Marco Francesconi, Stephen Jenkins and Thomas Siedler
4391: The Redistributive Effects of Political Reservation for Minorities: Evidence from India Downloads
Aimee Chin and Nishith Prakash
4390: Life Satisfaction and Relative Income: Perceptions and Evidence Downloads
Guy Mayraz, Gert Wagner and Jürgen Schupp
4389: Experimental Tests of Survey Responses to Expenditure Questions Downloads
David Comerford, Liam Delaney and Colm Harmon
4388: Work Disability, Work, and Justification Bias in Europe and the U.S Downloads
Arie Kapteyn, James Smith and Arthur van Soest
4387: How Much Can We Trust Causal Interpretations of Fixed-Effects Estimators in the Context of Criminality? Downloads
David Bjerk
4386: Improving the Labor Market Outcomes of Minorities: The Role of Employment Quota Downloads
Nishith Prakash
4385: Do Non-Economic Quality of Life Factors Drive Immigration? Downloads
Joshua Lewer, Gail Pacheco and Stephanie Rossouw
4384: Subsidizing Firm Entry in Open Economies Downloads
Michael P. Pflüger and Jens Suedekum
4383: Pay for Percentile Downloads
Gadi Barlevy and Derek Neal
4382: Does the Choice of Reference Levels of Education Matter in the ORU Earnings Equation? Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
4381: Impact of Paternal Temporary Absence on Children Left Behind Downloads
Alison Booth and Yuji Tamura
4380: Why Do Firms Use Fixed-Term Contracts? Downloads
Pedro Portugal and Jose Varejao
4379: A Microsimulation Approach to an Optimal Swedish Income Tax Downloads
Peter Ericson and Lennart Flood
4378: Grazing, Goods and Girth: Determinants and Effects Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
4377: Endogeneous Household Interaction Downloads
Daniela Del Boca and Christopher Flinn
4376: Child Labor and Trade Liberalization in Indonesia Downloads
Krisztina Kis-Katos and Robert Sparrow
4375: The Impacts of International Migration on Remaining Household Members: Omnibus Results from a Migration Lottery Program Downloads
John Gibson, David McKenzie and Steven Stillman
4374: How Do Adolescents Spell Time Use? Downloads
Charlene Kalenkoski, David Ribar and Leslie Stratton
4373: Producer Protection Legislation and Termination Damages in the Presence of Contracting Frictions Downloads
Steven Wu
4372: Firm Performance and Managerial Turnover: The Case of Ukraine Downloads
Alexander Muravyev, Oleksandr Talavera, Olga Bilyk and Bogdana Grechaniuk
4371: A Cohort Analysis of Labor Participation in Mexico, 1987-2009 Downloads
Robert Duval Hernández and Pedro Orraca Romano
4370: Does Leaving Welfare Improve Health? Evidence for Germany Downloads
Martin Huber, Michael Lechner and Conny Wunsch
4369: Health Inequality over the Life-Cycle Downloads
Timothy Halliday
4368: Health Status and the Allocation of Time Downloads
Timothy Halliday and Melinda Podor
4367: International Differences in Longevity and Health and Their Economic Consequences Downloads
Pierre-Carl Michaud, Dana Goldman, Darius Lakdawalla, Yuhui Zheng and Adam H. Gailey
4366: Understanding the Economic Consequences of Shifting Trends in Population Health Downloads
Pierre-Carl Michaud, Dana Goldman, Darius Lakdawalla, Yuhui Zheng and Adam H. Gailey
4365: Growing Up in a Recession: Beliefs and the Macroeconomy Downloads
Paola Giuliano and Antonio Spilimbergo
4364: The Research Potential of New Types of Enterprise Data Based on Surveys from Official Statistics in Germany Downloads
Joachim Wagner
4363: Sweatshop Equilibrium Downloads
Nancy Chau
4362: Do No-Loan Policies Change the Matriculation Patterns of Low-Income Students? Downloads
Glen Waddell and Larry D. Singell
4361: Marital Violence and Women's Employment and Property Status: Evidence from North Indian Villages Downloads
Manasi Bhattacharya, Arjun Bedi and Amrita Chhachhi
4360: In the Eye of the Beholder: Subjective Inequality Measures and the Demand for Redistribution Downloads
Andreas Kuhn
4359: Who Is Hit Hardest during a Financial Crisis? The Vulnerability of Young Men and Women to Unemployment in an Economic Downturn Downloads
Sher Verick
4358: Time Use and Time Budgets: Improvements, Future Challenges and Recommendations Downloads
Joachim Merz
4357: Labor Market Pooling, Outsourcing and Labor Contracts Downloads
Pierre Picard and David Wildasin
4356: Perceptions and Labor Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Australia after 9/11 Downloads
Deepti Goel
4355: The Public Health Costs of Job Loss Downloads
Andreas Kuhn, Rafael Lalive and Josef Zweimüller
4354: Does Positional Concern Matter in Poor Societies? Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Rural Ethiopia Downloads
Alpaslan Akay, Peter Martinsson and Haileselassie Medhin
4353: Gradients of the Intergenerational Transmission of Health in Developing Countries Downloads
Sonia Bhalotra and Samantha Rawlings
4352: One-third Codetermination at Company Supervisory Boards and Firm Performance in German Manufacturing Industries: First Direct Evidence from a New Type of Enterprise Data Downloads
Joachim Wagner
4351: Reputation and Credit Market Formation: How Relational Incentives and Legal Contract Enforcement Interact Downloads
Ernst Fehr and Christian Zehnder
4350: Immigrant Self-Employment: Does Intermarriage Matter? Downloads
Dimitris Georgarakos and Konstantinos Tatsiramos
4349: Does Racism Affect a Migrant's Choice of Destination? Downloads
Ruby Henry
4348: Complements or Substitutes? Task Specialization by Gender and Nativity in Spain Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Sara De La Rica
4347: Terror and the Costs of Crime Downloads
Eric Gould and Guy Stecklov
4346: Real and Nominal Wage Rigidity in a Model of Equal-Treatment Contracting Downloads
Pedro Martins, Andy Snell and Jonathan Thomas
4345: Do Expenditures Other Than Instructional Expenditures Affect Graduation and Persistence Rates in American Higher Education? Downloads
Douglas Webber and Ronald Ehrenberg
4344: Employment Fluctuations with Downward Wage Rigidity: The Role of Moral Hazard Downloads
James Costain and Marcel Jansen
4343: Caste and Punishment: The Legacy of Caste Culture in Norm Enforcement Downloads
Karla Hoff, Mayuresh Kshetramade and Ernst Fehr
4342: The Part-Time Pay Penalty in a Segmented Labor Market Downloads
Daniel Fernández-Kranz and Núria Rodriguez-Planas
4341: Marriage, Cohabitation and Commitment Downloads
Murat Iyigun
4340: Population and Health Policies Downloads
T. Schultz
4339: On the Relevance and Composition of Gifts within the Firm: Evidence from Field Experiments Downloads
Charles Bellemare and Bruce S. Shearer
4338: Financial Liberalization and Democracy: The Role of Reform Reversals Downloads
Nauro Campos and Fabrizio Coricelli
4337: Time and Income Poverty: An Interdependent Multidimensional Poverty Approach with German Time Use Diary Data Downloads
Joachim Merz and Tim Rathjen
4336: Smoking Persistence Across Countries: An Analysis Using Semi-Parametric Dynamic Panel Data Models with Selectivity Downloads
Dimitris Christelis and Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano
4335: Setting the Minimum Wage Downloads
Tito Boeri
4334: Another Look at the Identification at Infinity of Sample Selection Models Downloads
Xavier D'Haultfoeuille and Arnaud Maurel
4333: Immigration and Housing Booms: Evidence from Spain Downloads
Libertad Gonzalez and Francesc Ortega
4332: Count Your Hours: Returns to Education in Poland Downloads
Michal Myck, Anna Nicinska and Leszek Morawski
4331: Gender Gaps across the Earnings Distribution in Britain: Are Women Bossy Enough? Downloads
Yekaterina Chzhen and Karen Mumford
4330: Does Schooling Affect Health Behavior? Evidence from the Educational Expansion in Western Germany Downloads
Hendrik Jürges, Steffen Reinhold and Martin Salm
4329: Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Nonadditive Hedonic Models Downloads
James Heckman, Rosa Matzkin and Lars Nesheim
4328: Severity of Work Disability and Work Downloads
Umut Oguzoglu
4327: The Economies of Scale of Living Together and How They Are Shared: Estimates Based on a Collective Household Model Downloads
Aline Bütikofer and Michael Gerfin
4326: The Effect of Economic Downturns on Apprenticeships and Initial Workplace Training: A Review of the Evidence Downloads
Giorgio Brunello
4325: Monitoring Job Offer Decisions, Punishments, Exit to Work, and Job Quality Downloads
Gerard van den Berg and Johan Vikström
4324: Evaluating Marginal Policy Changes and the Average Effect of Treatment for Individuals at the Margin Downloads
Pedro Carneiro, James Heckman and Edward Vytlacil
4323: Gender Wage Inequality and Economic Growth: Is There Really a Puzzle? Downloads
Thomas Schober and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
4322: Labor Turnover Costs, Workers' Heterogeneity, and Optimal Monetary Policy Downloads
Ester Faia, Wolfgang Lechthaler and Christian Merkl
4321: Overskilling Dynamics and Education Pathways Downloads
Kostas Mavromaras, Seamus McGuinness and King Fok
4320: Endogenous Monopsony and the Perverse Effect of the Minimum Wage in Small Firms Downloads
Leif Danziger
4319: Job Search with Bidder Memories Downloads
Carlos Carrillo-Tudela, Guido Menzio and Eric Smith
4318: Remittances to Latin America from Migrants in the United States: Assessing the Impact of Amnesty Programs Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Francesca Mazzolari
4317: Understanding the Workweek of Foreign Born Workers in the United States Downloads
Fernando Lozano
4316: Southern African Economic Integration: Evidence from an Augmented Gravity Model Downloads
Thierry Warin, Phanindra Wunnava, Optat Tengia and Kirsten Wandschneider
4315: Symbolic Values, Value Formation and Interpersonal Relations Downloads
Giacomo Corneo
4314: The Effect of Joint Custody on Marriage and Divorce Downloads
Martin Halla
4313: A Suggested Method for the Measurement of World-Leading Research (Illustrated with Data on Economics) Downloads
Andrew Oswald
4312: Immigrant Circulation and Citizenship: Hotel Canada? Downloads
Don J. DeVoretz
4311: Increased Opportunity to Move Up the Economic Ladder? Earnings Mobility in EU: 1994-2001 Downloads
Denisa Sologon and Cathal O'Donoghue
4310: Automatic Stabilizers and Economic Crisis: US vs. Europe Downloads
Mathias Dolls, Clemens Fuest and Andreas Peichl
4309: Cherry-Picking in Labor Market with Imperfect Information Downloads
Shuaizhang Feng and Bingyong Zheng
4308: Neighborhood Dynamics and the Housing Price Effects of Spatially Targeted Economic Development Policy Downloads
Douglas Krupka and Douglas Noonan
4307: The Effect of Power Outages and Cheap Talk on Willingness to Pay to Reduce Outages Downloads
Fredrik Carlsson, Peter Martinsson and Alpaslan Akay
4306: Fertility Decline and the Heights of Children in Britain, 1886-1938 Downloads
Timothy Hatton and Richard M. Martin
4305: IQ and Family Background: Are Associations Strong or Weak? Downloads
Anders Bjorklund, Karin Hederos Eriksson and Markus Jantti
4304: A Note on Adapting Propensity Score Matching and Selection Models to Choice Based Samples Downloads
James Heckman and Petra Todd
4303: Enforcement of Contribution Norms in Public Good Games with Heterogeneous Populations Downloads
Ernesto Reuben and Arno Riedl
4302: Expected Inflation, Sunspots Equilibria and Persistent Unemployment Fluctuations Downloads
Frédéric Dufourt, Teresa Lloyd-Braga and Leonor Modesto
4301: How Do Young Innovative Companies Innovate? Downloads
Gabriele Pellegrino, Mariacristina Piva and Marco Vivarelli
4300: Gender and Competition Downloads
Alison Booth
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