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2625: The German Social Long-Term Care Insurance: Structure and Reform Options Downloads
Melanie Arntz, Ralf Sacchetto, Alexander Spermann, Susanne Steffes and Sarah Widmaier
2624: The Immigration Triangle: Quebec, Canada and the Rest of the World Downloads
Don J. DeVoretz and Sergiy Pivnenko
2623: Macroeconomic Impacts of Demographic Change in Scotland: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis Downloads
Katerina Lisenkova, Peter McGregor, Nikos Pappas, John Swales, Karen Turner and Robert Wright
2622: Worker Mobility, Displacement, Redeployment and Wage Dynamics in Italy Downloads
Bruno Contini and Claudia Villosio
2621: Innovation and Employment: A Survey Downloads
Marco Vivarelli
2620: A New Regional Geography of Europe? The Labour Market Impact of the EU Enlargements Downloads
Floro Caroleo and Francesco Pastore
2619: The Effects of Marriage on Couples’ Allocation of Time Between Market and Non-Market Hours Downloads
AbdelRahmen El Lahga and Nicolas Moreau
2618: Individual Well-Being in a Dynamic Perspective Downloads
Conchita D'Ambrosio and Joachim Frick
2617: Brain Drain from Turkey: The Case of Professionals Abroad Downloads
Nil Demet Güngör and Aysıt Tansel
2616: Should Old-Age Benefits Be Earnings-Tested? Downloads
Niku Määttänen and Panu Poutvaara
2615: The Impact of the Recent Migration from Eastern Europe on the UK Economy Downloads
David Blanchflower, Jumana Saleheen and Chris Shadforth
2614: Empirical Modeling of Deprivation Contagion among Social Exclusion Dimensions (Using MCMC Methods) Downloads
Ambra Poggi and Xavi Ramos
2613: The Racial Test Score Gap and Parental Involvement in Britain Downloads
Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou
2612: On the Emergence of Toyboys: Equilibrium Matching with Ageing and Uncertain Careers Downloads
Melvyn Coles and Marco Francesconi
2611: Trade Adjustment and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from Indian Tariff Reform Downloads
Eric Edmonds, Nina Pavcnik and Petia Topalova
2610: Minimum Wages, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and Employment: Evidence from the Post-Welfare Reform Era Downloads
David Neumark and William Wascher
2609: New Insights on Unemployment Duration and Post Unemployment Earnings in Germany: Censored Box-Cox Quantile Regression at Work Downloads
Bernd Fitzenberger and Ralf Wilke
2608: Intergenerational Education Transmission: Neighborhood Quality and/or Parents’ Involvement? Downloads
Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou
2607: A Model with Endogenous Programme Participation: Evaluating the Tax Credit in France Downloads
Hans Bloemen and Elena Stancanelli
2606: Child Labor Downloads
Eric Edmonds
2605: Dann waren's nur noch vier… Wie viele (und welche) Maßnahmen der aktiven Arbeitsmarktpolitik brauchen wir noch? Eine Bilanz nach der Evaluation der Hartz-Reformen Downloads
Werner Eichhorst and Klaus Zimmermann
2604: Workers’ Flows and Real Wage Cyclicality Downloads
Anabela Carneiro and Pedro Portugal
2603: Territorial Differences in Italian Students’ Mathematical Competencies: Evidence from PISA 2003 Downloads
Massimiliano Bratti, Daniele Checchi and Antonio Filippin
2602: Marriage and Divorce: Changes and their Driving Forces Downloads
Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
2601: Are Shirking and Leisure Substitutable? An Empirical Test of Efficiency Wages Based on Urban Economic Theory Downloads
Stephen Ross and Yves Zenou
2600: Inflation Persistence and the Phillips Curve Revisited Downloads
Marika Karanassou and Dennis Snower
2599: The Impact of Income Taxation on the Ratio between Reservation and Market Wages and the Incentives for Labour Supply Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Ludovica Gambaro and Peter Haan
2598: A New Continuous Distribution and Two New Families of Distributions Based on the Exponential Downloads
Guillermina Jasso and Samuel Kotz
2597: Job Creation and Job Destruction over the Life Cycle: The Older Workers in the Spotlight Downloads
Jean-Olivier Hairault, Arnaud Cheron and Francois Langot
2596: Educational Effects of Widening Access to the Academic Track: A Natural Experiment Downloads
Eric Maurin and Sandra McNally
2595: A Persistence Model of the National Minimum Wage Downloads
Melanie K. Jones, Richard Jones, Philip D. Murphy and Peter Sloane
2594: Interpersonal Comparisons of Utility: An Algebraic Characterization of Projective Preorders and Some Welfare Consequences Downloads
Juan Carlos Candeal, Esteban Induráin and José Alberto Molina
2593: Labour Market Flexibility and Regional Unemployment Rate Dynamics: Spain 1980-1995 Downloads
Roberto Bande and Marika Karanassou
2592: Studying Justice: Measurement, Estimation, and Analysis of the Actual Reward and the Just Reward Downloads
Guillermina Jasso
2591: The Part-Time Wage Penalty in European Countries: How Large Is It for Men? Downloads
Síle O'Dorchai, Robert Plasman and Francois Rycx
2590: The Spike at Benefit Exhaustion: Leaving the Unemployment System or Starting a New Job? Downloads
David Card, Raj Chetty and Andrea Weber
2589: Peer Effects, Unobserved Factors and Risk Behaviours: An Analysis of Alcohol Abuse and Truancy among Adolescents Downloads
Rosa Duarte, José-Julián Escario and José Alberto Molina
2588: Use IT or Lose IT? The Impact of Computers on Earnings Downloads
Peter Dolton, Gerald Makepeace and Helen Robinson
2587: Matching Language Proficiency to Occupation: The Effect on Immigrants’ Earnings Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
2586: Intra-household Gender Disparities in Children’s Medical Care before Death in India Downloads
Abay Asfaw, Stephan Klasen and Francesca Lamanna
2585: An Economic Analysis of Exclusion Restrictions for Instrumental Variable Estimation Downloads
Gerard van den Berg
2584: Happiness and Domain Satisfaction: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Richard A. Easterlin and Onnicha Sawangfa
2583: Identity, Dignity and Taboos: Beliefs as Assets Downloads
Roland Benabou and Jean Tirole
2582: The Changing Nature of the School-to-Work Transition Process in OECD Countries Downloads
Glenda Quintini, John Martin and Sébastien Martin
2581: Wage Flexibility and Labour Market Institutions: A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Miquel Clar, Christian Dreger and Raul Ramos
2580: Fun with Matched Firm-Employee Data: Progress and Road Maps Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
2579: The Effect of the Theo van Gogh Murder on House Prices in Amsterdam Downloads
Pieter Gautier, Arjen Siegmann and Aico van Vuuren
2578: The Vanishing Bequest Tax: The Comparative Evolution of Bequest Taxation in Historical Perspective Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi
2577: ‘Marginal Employment’ and the Demand for Heterogenous Labour: Empirical Evidence from a Multi-Factor Labour Demand Model for Germany Downloads
Ronny Freier and Viktor Steiner
2576: Stuck in the Slow Lane: Traffic Composition and the Measurement of Labor Productivity in the U.S. Trucking Industry Downloads
Kenneth D. Boyer and Stephen Burks
2575: The Critical Period Hypothesis for Language Learning: What the 2000 US Census Says Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
2574: Cooperation, Competition, and Risk Attitudes: An Intergenerational Field and Laboratory Experiment Downloads
Gary Charness and Marie Claire Villeval
2573: Schooling and Citizenship: Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Reforms Downloads
Thomas Siedler
2572: Identity, Cooperation, and Punishment Downloads
Kendra McLeish and Robert Oxoby
2571: Do Employment Protections Reduce Productivity? Evidence from U.S. States Downloads
David Autor, William Kerr and Adriana Kugler
2570: Minimum Wages and Employment Downloads
David Neumark and William Wascher
2569: Political Institutions and the Development of Telecommunications Downloads
Veneta Andonova and Luis Diaz-Serrano
2568: Perspectives from the Happiness Literature and the Role of New Instruments for Policy Analysis Downloads
Bernard van Praag
2567: Skill Uncertainty and Social Inference Downloads
Robert Oxoby
2566: Determinants of Business Success: An Examination of Asian-Owned Businesses in the United States Downloads
Alicia Robb and Robert Fairlie
2565: A New Framework for the Analysis of Inequality Downloads
Flavio Cunha and James Heckman
2564: Worker Characteristics, Job Characteristics, and Opportunities for Phased Retirement Downloads
Robert M. Hutchens
2563: Shadow Economy, Tax Morale, Governance and Institutional Quality: A Panel Analysis Downloads
Benno Torgler and Friedrich Schneider
2562: Corporate Skills as an Ex-Ante Incentive to R&D Investment Downloads
Mariacristina Piva and Marco Vivarelli
2561: Self-Employment: A Way to End Unemployment? Empirical Evidence from German Pseudo-Panel Data Downloads
Daniela Glocker and Viktor Steiner
2560: Mortality and Immortality Downloads
Matthew Rablen and Andrew Oswald
2559: Rent Taxation in a Small Open Economy: The Effect on Transitional Generations Downloads
Marko Koethenbuerger and Panu Poutvaara
2558: Growth, Development, and Technological Change Downloads
Volker Grossmann and Thomas Steger
2557: Does a Food for Education Program Affect School Outcomes? The Bangladesh Case Downloads
Xin Meng and Jim Ryan
2556: Product Market Integration and Labour Markets: Aggregate Gains at the Cost of More Inequality? Downloads
Torben M. Andersen and Allan Sørensen
2555: Minimum Wages, Minimum Labour Costs and the Tax Treatment of Low-Wage Employment Downloads
Herwig Immervoll
2554: Accounting for Intergenerational Income Persistence: Noncognitive Skills, Ability and Education Downloads
Jo Blanden, Paul Gregg and Lindsey Macmillan
2553: Wealth Accumulation and Distribution in Urban China Downloads
Xin Meng
2552: Choice of Fields of Study of Canadian University Graduates: The Role of Gender and their Parents’ Education Downloads
Brahim Boudarbat and Claude Montmarquette
2551: Employment Integration of Refugees: The Influence of Local Factors on Refugee Job Opportunities in Sweden Downloads
Pieter Bevelander and Christer Lundh
2550: The Technology of Skill Formation Downloads
Flavio Cunha and James Heckman
2549: Technological and Organizational Changes, and Labor Flows: Evidence on French Establishments Downloads
Philippe Askenazy and Eva Moreno-Galbis
2548: Exploring the Impact of Interrupted Education on Earnings: The Educational Cost of the Chinese Cultural Revolution Downloads
Xin Meng and Robert Gregory
2547: Instability of the Eurozone? On Monetary Policy, House Prices and Labor Market Reforms Downloads
Ansgar Belke and Daniel Gros
2546: A Post-Deregulation Analysis of Wages in U.S. Freight Transportation Downloads
Steffen Habermalz and Kristen Monaco
2545: The Effects of Wal-Mart on Local Labor Markets Downloads
David Neumark, Junfu Zhang and Stephen Ciccarella
2544: Bargaining at Divorce: The Allocation of Custody Downloads
Christine Atteneder and Martin Halla
2543: Stunting and Selection Effects of Famine: A Case Study of the Great Chinese Famine Downloads
Tue Gorgens, Xin Meng and Rhema Vaithianathan
2542: mhbounds – Sensitivity Analysis for Average Treatment Effects Downloads
Sascha Becker and Marco Caliendo
2541: The Impact of Tax Morale and Institutional Quality on the Shadow Economy Downloads
Benno Torgler and Friedrich Schneider
2540: Trends in Hours and Economic Growth Downloads
L. Rachel Ngai and Christopher Pissarides
2539: The SES Health Gradient on Both Sides of the Atlantic Downloads
James Banks, Michael Marmot, Zoe Oldfield and James Smith
2538: Immigrants Assimilate as Communities, Not Just as Individuals Downloads
Timothy Hatton and Andrew Leigh
2537: Ethnic Persistence, Assimilation and Risk Proclivity Downloads
Holger Bonin, Amelie Constant, Konstantinos Tatsiramos and Klaus Zimmermann
2536: Profiling at the Canadian Border: An Economist's Viewpoint Downloads
Don J. DeVoretz
2535: Ethnic Self-Identification of First-Generation Immigrants Downloads
Laura Zimmermann, Klaus Zimmermann and Amelie Constant
2534: On the Efficiency Costs of De-tracking Secondary Schools Downloads
Kenn Ariga, Giorgio Brunello, Roki Iwahashi and Lorenzo Rocco
2533: Beautiful Serbia Downloads
Holger Bonin and Ulf Rinne
2532: Demand for Higher Education Programs: The Impact of the Bologna Process Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso, Miguel Portela, Carla Sa and Fernando Alexandre
2531: Do I Have What It Takes? Equilibrium Search with Type Uncertainty and Non-Participation Downloads
Armin Falk, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde
2530: The Russian-Ukrainian Political Divide Downloads
Amelie Constant, Martin Kahanec and Klaus Zimmermann
2529: The Compensating Income Variation of Social Capital Downloads
Wim Groot, Henriette Maassen van den Brink and Bernard van Praag
2528: Nominal Wage Rigidities in a New Keynesian Model with Frictional Unemployment Downloads
Vincent Bodart, Grégory de Walque, Olivier Pierrard, Henri Sneessens and Raf Wouters
2527: Earnings Instability and Tenure Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari and Marco Leonardi
2526: Lags and Leads in Life Satisfaction: A Test of the Baseline Hypothesis Downloads
Andrew Clark, Ed Diener, Yannis Georgellis and Richard E. Lucas
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