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2753: Physical Dating Violence Among College Students in Chile Downloads
Jocelyn A. Lehrer, Vivian L. Lehrer, Evelyn Lehrer and Zhenxiang Zhao
2752: Handedness, Time Use and Early Childhood Development Downloads
David Johnston, Manisha Shah and Michael Shields
2751: Skills Shortages and Training in Russian Enterprises Downloads
Hong Tan, Yevgeniya Savchenko, Vladimir Gimpelson, Rostislav Kapeliushnikov and Anna Lukiyanova
2750: The Power of the Family Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Paola Giuliano
2749: Two Types of Inequality: Inequality Between Persons and Inequality Between Subgroups Downloads
Guillermina Jasso and Samuel Kotz
2748: Maximum Fee vs. Child Benefit: A Welfare Analysis of Swedish Child-Care Fee Reform Downloads
Anne Brink, Katarina Nordblom and Roger Wahlberg
2747: Brain Drain, Fiscal Competition, and Public Education Expenditure Downloads
Hartmut Egger, Josef Falkinger and Volker Grossmann
2746: Barriers to Entry, Deregulation and Workplace Training Downloads
Andrea Bassanini and Giorgio Brunello
2745: Equipping Immigrants: Migration Flows and Capital Movements Downloads
Fabian Lange and Douglas Gollin
2744: Defending Gibrat’s Law as a Long-Run Regularity Downloads
Francesca Lotti, Enrico Santarelli and Marco Vivarelli
2743: Labor Search and Matching in Macroeconomics Downloads
Eran Yashiv
2742: Labor Retrenchment Laws and their Effect on Wages and Employment: A Theoretical Investigation Downloads
Kaushik Basu, Gary Fields and Shub Debgupta
2741: Unobserved Individual and Firm Heterogeneity in Wage and Tenure Functions: Evidence from German Linked Employer-Employee Data Downloads
Thomas Cornelissen and Olaf Hübler
2740: Kids or Courses? Gender Differences in the Effects of Active Labor Market Policies Downloads
Michael Lechner and Stephan Wiehler
2739: High Relocation Costs in Search-Matching Models: Theory and Application to Spatial Mismatch Downloads
Yves Zenou
2738: Heterogeneous Treatment Effects: Instrumental Variables without Monotonicity? Downloads
Tobias Klein
2737: Comparing Subjective and Objective Measures of Health: Evidence from Hypertension for the Income/Health Gradient Downloads
David Johnston, Carol Propper and Michael Shields
2736: Child Labor and Household Wealth: Theory and Empirical Evidence of an Inverted-U Downloads
Kaushik Basu, Sanghamitra Das and Bhaskar Dutta
2735: Are Risk Aversion and Impatience Related to Cognitive Ability? Downloads
Thomas Dohmen, Armin Falk, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde
2734: Mums and Their Sons, Dads and Their Daughters: Panel Data Evidence of Interdependent Marginal Utilities across 14 EU Countries Downloads
José Alberto Molina, Maria Navarro Paniagua and Ian Walker
2733: Equilibrium Unemployment with Outsourcing and Wage Solidarity Under Labour Market Imperfections Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Rune Stenbacka
2732: Endogenous Leadership: Selection and Influence Downloads
Emrah Arbak and Marie Claire Villeval
2731: Employment Performance and Institutions: New Answers to an Old Question Downloads
Bruno Amable, Lilas Demmou and Donatella Gatti
2730: Sorting in the Labor Market: Do Gregarious Workers Flock to Interactive Jobs? Downloads
Alan Krueger and David A. Schkade
2729: The Returns to Pencil Use Revisited Downloads
Alexandra Spitz-Oener
2728: Urban Density and Pupil Attainment Downloads
Stephen Gibbons and Olmo Silva
2727: Agency in Health-Care: Are Medical Care-Givers Perfect Agents? Downloads
Einat Neuman and Shoshana Neuman
2726: How Does the Presence of Children Affect Dependent Care? A Psycho-Economic Approach Downloads
J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal, Miriam Marcén and José Alberto Molina
2725: The Productivity Argument for Investing in Young Children Downloads
James Heckman and Dimitriy V. Masterov
2724: The Reliability of Subjective Well-Being Measures Downloads
Alan Krueger and David A. Schkade
2723: From Bottom to Top: The Entire Distribution of Market Income in Germany, 1992-2001 Downloads
Stefan Bach, Giacomo Corneo and Viktor Steiner
2722: Cohort-Level Sex Ratio Effects on Women’s Labor Force Participation Downloads
Shoshana Grossbard and Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes
2721: Recruitment and Job Applications of Older Jobseekers from the Establishments’ Perspective Downloads
Lutz Bellmann and Martin Brussig
2720: Reducing Income Transfers to Refugee Immigrants: Does Starthelp Help You Start? Downloads
Michael Rosholm and Rune Vejlin
2719: International Differences in the Family Gap in Pay: The Role of Labor Market Institutions Downloads
Arnaud Dupuy and Daniel Fernández-Kranz
2718: Search Frictions on Product and Labor Markets: Money in the Matching Function Downloads
Etienne Lehmann and Bruno Van der Linden
2717: Obesity, Unhappiness, and The Challenge of Affluence: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Andrew Oswald and Nattavudh Powdthavee
2716: Becoming an Entrepreneur Downloads
Hugo Ñopo and Patricio Valenzuela
2715: The American Family and Family Economics Downloads
Shelly Lundberg and Robert Pollak
2714: 'Voluntary' and 'Involuntary' Early Retirement: An International Analysis Downloads
David Dorn and Alfonso Sousa-Poza
2713: Does the Minimum Wage Cause Inefficient Rationing? Downloads
Erzo Luttmer
2712: A Note on Allen-Uzawa Partial Elasticities of Substitution: The Case of the Translog Cost Function Downloads
Atanas Christev and Allen Featherstone
2711: Returns to Private Education in Peru Downloads
Sebastian Calonico and Hugo Ñopo
2710: Unemployment and Gang Crime: Could Prosperity Backfire? Downloads
Panu Poutvaara and Mikael Priks
2709: Are Youths on Income Support Less Happy? Evidence from Australia Downloads
Wang-Sheng Lee and Umut Oguzoglu
2708: Will the Skill-Premium in the Netherlands Rise in the Next Decades? Downloads
Arnaud Dupuy
2707: Technology and the Demand for Skill: An Analysis of Within and Between Firm Differences Downloads
John Abowd, John Haltiwanger, Julia Lane, Kevin McKinney and Kristin Sandusky
2706: Love on the Rocks: Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence in Rural Mexico Downloads
Manuela Angelucci
2705: Total Work, Gender and Social Norms Downloads
Michael Burda, Daniel Hamermesh and Philippe Weil
2704: Does Extending Daylight Saving Time Save Energy? Evidence from an Australian Experiment Downloads
Ryan Kellogg and Hendrik Wolff
2703: Human Capital, Economic Growth, and Regional Inequality in China Downloads
Belton Fleisher, Haizheng Li and Min Qiang Zhao
2702: Income Satisfaction and Deprivation in Spain Downloads
Jose Labeaga, José Alberto Molina and Maria Navarro Paniagua
2701: Spatial and Temporal Aggregation in the Estimation of Labor Demand Functions Downloads
Jose Varejao and Pedro Portugal
2700: Policy Evaluation and Economic Policy Advice Downloads
Christoph Schmidt
2699: Maternity Leave Legislation, Female Labor Supply, and the Family Wage Gap Downloads
Uta Schönberg and Johannes Ludsteck
2698: The Gender Wage Gap in Chile 1992-2003 from a Matching Comparisons Perspective Downloads
Hugo Ñopo
2697: Performance Pay, Group Selection and Group Performance Downloads
Manfred Königstein and Gabriele K. Ruchala
2696: Gift Exchange within a Firm: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Charles Bellemare and Bruce S. Shearer
2695: Endogenous Job Destruction and Job Matching in Cities Downloads
Yves Zenou
2694: Shifts and Twists in the Relative Productivity of Skilled Labor Downloads
Arnaud Dupuy and Philip Marey
2693: Short-Run and Long-Term Effects of Childbirth on Mothers’ Employment and Working Hours Across Institutional Regimes: An Empirical Analysis Based on the European Community Household Panel Downloads
Johannes Geyer and Viktor Steiner
2692: Multinationals as Stabilizers? Economic Crisis and Plant Employment Growth Downloads
Roberto Alvarez and Holger Görg
2691: Inequality and Union Membership: The Impact of Relative Earnings Position and Inequality Attitudes Downloads
Daniele Checchi, Jelle Visser and Herman van de Werfhorst
2690: Bias Corrections for Two-Step Fixed Effects Panel Data Estimators Downloads
Ivan Fernandez-Val and Francis Vella
2689: An Analysis of Hospital Efficiency and Productivity Growth Using the Luenberger Productivity Indicator Downloads
Carlos Pestana Barros, António Menezes, José Vieira, Nicolas Peypoch and Bernardin Solonandrasana
2688: Real Wage Cyclicality in Germany and the UK: New Results Using Panel Data Downloads
Fei Peng and William Siebert
2687: Is Entrepreneurial Success Predictable? An Ex-Ante Analysis of the Character-Based Approach Downloads
Marco Caliendo and Alexander Kritikos
2686: On the Measurement of Polarisation: A Questionnaire Study Downloads
Yoram Amiel, Frank Cowell and Xavi Ramos
2685: Revisiting the German Wage Structure Downloads
Christian Dustmann, Johannes Ludsteck and Uta Schönberg
2684: How Many Hours Do You Have to Work to Be Integrated? Full Time and Part Time Employment of Native and Ethnic Minority Women in the Netherlands Downloads
Pieter Bevelander and Sandra Groeneveld
2683: The Labour Market Position of Turkish Immigrants in Germany and the Netherlands: Reason for Migration, Naturalisation and Language Proficiency Downloads
Rob Euwals, Jaco Dagevos, Mérove Gijsberts and Hans Roodenburg
2682: Rationality as a Barrier to Peace: Micro-Evidence from Kosovo Downloads
Sumon Bhaumik, Ira Gang and Myeong-Su Yun
2681: Benefit-Entitlement Effects and the Duration of Unemployment: An Ex-Ante Evaluation of Recent Labour Market Reforms in Germany Downloads
Hendrik Schmitz and Viktor Steiner
2680: Employment Protection Legislation and Wages Downloads
Marco Leonardi and Giovanni Pica
2679: A Positive Analysis of Targeted Employment Protection Legislation Downloads
Juan Dolado, Marcel Jansen and Juan F Jimeno
2678: Earnings, Schooling and Economic Reform: Econometric Evidence from Hungary (1986-2004) Downloads
Nauro Campos and Dean Jolliffe
2677: Immigration, Integration and the Labour Market: Turkish Immigrants in Germany and the Netherlands Downloads
Rob Euwals, Jaco Dagevos, Mérove Gijsberts and Hans Roodenburg
2676: Earnings and Occupational Attainment: Immigrants and the Native Born Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
2675: The Gradual Transformation of Continental European Labor Markets: France and Germany Compared Downloads
Werner Eichhorst
2674: Still Searching for the Wage Curve: Evidence from Germany and Italy Downloads
Andreas Ammermüller, Claudio Lucifora, Federica Origo and Thomas Zwick
2673: The Benefits of Being Economics Professor A (and not Z) Downloads
Mirjam Praag and Bernard van Praag
2672: Top Incomes in Sweden during Three-Quarters of a Century: A Micro Data Approach Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson and Birgitta Jansson
2671: The “Dynamic” of Job Competition during the ICT Revolution Downloads
Arnaud Cheron, Francois Langot and Eva Moreno-Galbis
2670: The International Transferability of Immigrants’ Human Capital Skills Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
2669: A Theory of Child Targeting Downloads
Olivier Bargain and Olivier Donni
2668: The Effect of Pensions on Longevity: Evidence from Union Army Veterans Downloads
Martin Salm
2667: Entry, Exit and Productivity: Empirical Results for German Manufacturing Industries Downloads
Joachim Wagner
2666: Smoking and Social Interaction Downloads
Panu Poutvaara and Lars Siemers
2665: Nature and Nurture in the Intergenerational Transmission of Socioeconomic Status: Evidence from Swedish Children and Their Biological and Rearing Parents Downloads
Anders Bjorklund, Markus Jantti and Gary Solon
2664: Occupational Language Requirements and the Value of English in the U.S. Labor Market Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller
2663: Gender, Affect and Intertemporal Consistency: An Experimental Approach Downloads
Kendra McLeish and Robert Oxoby
2662: Principals as Agents? Investigating Accountability in the Compensation and Performance of School Principals Downloads
Sherrilyn Billger
2661: Productivity and Size of the Export Market: Evidence for West and East German Plants, 2004 Downloads
Joachim Wagner
2660: Turning Unemployment into Self-Employment: Effectiveness and Efficiency of Two Start-Up Programmes Downloads
Hans J. Baumgartner and Marco Caliendo
2659: On the Definition and Measurement of Chronic Poverty Downloads
Rolf Aaberge and Magne Mogstad
2658: Status, Happiness, and Relative Income Downloads
John Beath and Felix FitzRoy
2657: Employment Effects of Educational Measures for Work-Injured People Downloads
Henning Bach, Nabanita Datta Gupta and Jan Høgelund
2656: Why More West than East German Firms Export Downloads
Joachim Wagner
2655: Direct Evidence on Risk Attitudes and Migration Downloads
David Jaeger, Holger Bonin, Thomas Dohmen, Armin Falk, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde
2654: An Experimental Investigation of Age Discrimination in the Spanish Labour Market Downloads
Peter Riach and Judith Rich
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