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3914: Who Makes a Good Leader? Social Preferences and Leading-by-Example Downloads
Simon Gächter, Daniele Nosenzo, Elke Renner and Martin Sefton
3913: Migration in an Enlarged EU: A Challenging Solution? Downloads
Martin Kahanec and Klaus Zimmermann
3912: International Migration, Transfers of Norms and Home Country Fertility Downloads
Michel Beine, Frédéric Docquier and Maurice Schiff
3911: Does the Minimum Wage Have a Higher Impact on the Informal than on the Formal Labor Market? Evidence from Quasi-Experiments Downloads
Melanie Khamis
3910: Vouchers and Caseworkers in Public Training Programs: Evidence from the Hartz Reform in Germany Downloads
Ulf Rinne, Arne Uhlendorff and Zhong Zhao
3909: Curbing Cream-Skimming: Evidence on Enrolment Incentives Downloads
Pascal Courty, Do Han Kim and Gerald Marschke
3908: Inconsistencies in Reported Employment Characteristics among Employed Stayers Downloads
Francesca Bassi, Alessandra Padoan and Ugo Trivellato
3907: Explaining How Delayed Motherhood Affects Fertility Dynamics in Europe Downloads
Massimiliano Bratti and Konstantinos Tatsiramos
3906: Multidimensional Human Capital, Wages and Endogenous Employment Status in Ghana Downloads
Niels-Hugo Blunch
3905: Contingent Convergence: A Comparative Analysis of Activation Policies Downloads
Werner Eichhorst and Regina Konle-Seidl
3904: Cultural Transmission of Work-Welfare Attitudes and the Intergenerational Correlation in Welfare Receipt Downloads
Juan Barón, Deborah Cobb-Clark and Nisvan Erkal
3903: Speed Discounting and Racial Disparities: Evidence from Speeding Tickets in Boston Downloads
Nejat Anbarci and Jungmin Lee
3902: Politicians' Outside Earnings and Political Competition Downloads
Johannes Becker, Andreas Peichl and Johannes Rincke
3901: A Behavioral Account of the Labor Market: The Role of Fairness Concerns Downloads
Ernst Fehr, Lorenz Götte and Christian Zehnder
3900: Self-Employment Dynamics, State Dependence and Cross-Mobility Patterns Downloads
Marco Caliendo and Arne Uhlendorff
3899: Strike Three: Umpires' Demand for Discrimination Downloads
Christopher A. Parsons, Johan Sulaeman, Michael C. Yates and Daniel Hamermesh
3898: Comparing the Early Research Performance of PhD Graduates in Labor Economics in Europe and the USA Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso, Paulo Guimaraes and Klaus Zimmermann
3897: A Note on Measures of Human Capital for Immigrants: Examining the American Community Survey and New Immigrant Survey Downloads
Randall Akee and Mutlu Yuksel
3896: Mismeasured Household Size and Its Implications for the Identification of Economies of Scale Downloads
Timothy Halliday
3895: On the Economics and Biology of Trust Downloads
Ernst Fehr
3894: Do People Become Healthier after Being Promoted? Downloads
Christopher J. Boyce and Andrew Oswald
3893: Self-Regulation through Goal Setting Downloads
Alexander Koch and Julia Nafziger
3892: An Assignment Model with Divorce and Remarriage Downloads
Pierre Chiappori, Murat Iyigun and Yoram Weiss
3891: Unintended Consequences of Welfare Reform: The Case of Divorced Parents Downloads
Marco Francesconi, Helmut Rainer and Wilbert van der Klaauw
3890: Migration and Globalization: Challenges and Perspectives for the Research Infrastructure Downloads
Martin Kahanec and Klaus Zimmermann
3889: Contracts as Reference Points: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Ernst Fehr, Oliver Hart and Christian Zehnder
3888: Do Small Businesses Create More Jobs? New Evidence for the United States from the National Establishment Time Series Downloads
David Neumark, Brandon Wall and Junfu Zhang
3887: Trade Openness and the Demand for Skills: Evidence from Turkish Microdata Downloads
Elena Meschi, Erol Taymaz and Marco Vivarelli
3886: So Many Rocket Scientists, So Few Marketing Clerks: Estimating the Effects of Economic Reform on Occupational Mobility in Estonia Downloads
Nauro Campos and Aurelijus Dabušinskas
3885: The Timing of Labor Demand Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso, Daniel Hamermesh and Jose Varejao
3884: Real Wages over the Business Cycle: OECD Evidence from the Time and Frequency Domains Downloads
Julian Messina, Chiara Strozzi and Jarkko Turunen
3883: How Opportunity Costs Decrease the Probability of War in an Incomplete Information Game Downloads
Solomon Polachek and Jun Xiang
3882: Estimating Complementarity between Education and Training Downloads
Christian Belzil, Jorgen Hansen and Nicolai Kristensen
3881: Worker Self-Selection and the Profits from Cooperation Downloads
Michael Kosfeld and Ferdinand von Siemens
3880: Die Nachhaltigkeit von geförderten Existenzgründungen aus Arbeitslosigkeit: Eine Bilanz nach fünf Jahren Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Steffen Künn and Frank Wießner
3879: Climbing the Drug Staircase: A Bayesian Analysis of the Initiation of Hard Drug Use Downloads
Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen and Liana Jacobi
3878: Scientific (Wo)manpower? Gender and the Composition and Earnings of PhDs in Sweden Downloads
Anna Amilon, Inga Persson and Dan-Olof Rooth
3877: Education and Early Career Outcomes of Second-Generation Immigrants in France Downloads
Christian Belzil and François Poinas
3876: The Role of Profit Sharing in a Dual Labour Market with Flexible Outsourcing Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Jan König
3875: Fiscal Effects of Minimum Wages: An Analysis for Germany Downloads
Thomas Bauer, Jochen Kluve, Sandra Schaffner and Christoph Schmidt
3874: Emigration and the Age Profile of Retirement among Immigrants Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark and Steven Stillman
3873: Implicit Prejudice and Ethnic Minorities: Arab-Muslims in Sweden Downloads
Jens Agerström and Dan-Olof Rooth
3872: Charitable Giving for Overseas Development: UK Trends over a Quarter Century Downloads
Anthony Atkinson, Peter Backus, John Micklewright, Cathy Pharoah and Sylke V. Schnepf
3871: Teachers' Training, Class Size and Students' Outcomes: Learning from Administrative Forecasting Mistakes Downloads
Pascal Bressoux, Francis Kramarz and Corinne Prost
3870: Welfare and Employment: A European Dilemma? Downloads
Werner Eichhorst and Anton Hemerijck
3869: Unemployment Insurance Generosity: A Trans-Atlantic Comparison Downloads
Stephane Pallage, Lyle Scruggs and Christian Zimmermann
3868: Measuring Unemployment Insurance Generosity Downloads
Stephane Pallage, Lyle Scruggs and Christian Zimmermann
3867: Institutional Features of Wage Bargaining in 23 European Countries, the US and Japan Downloads
Philip Du Caju, Erwan Gautier, Daphne Momferatou and Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
3866: What Makes a Test Score? The Respective Contributions of Pupils, Schools, and Peers in Achievement in English Primary Education Downloads
Francis Kramarz, Stephen Machin and Amine Ouazad
3865: A Nonparametric Examination of Capital-Skill Complementarity Downloads
Daniel Henderson
3864: The Regional Dimension of Collective Wage Bargaining: The Case of Belgium Downloads
Robert Plasman, Michael Rusinek and Ilan Tojerow
3863: Convergence in Institutions and Market Outcomes: Cross-Country and Time-Series Evidence from the BEEPS Surveys in Transition Economies Downloads
Pradeep Mitra, Alexander Muravyev and Mark Schaffer
3862: On the Sorting of Physicians across Medical Occupations Downloads
Pascal Courty and Gerald Marschke
3861: The East German Wage Structure after Transition Downloads
Robert Orlowski and Regina Riphahn
3860: Identifying Social Norms Using Coordination Games: Why Does Dictator Game Sharing Vary? Downloads
Erin L. Krupka and Roberto Weber
3859: Peer Effects and Social Networks in Education Downloads
Antoni Calvó-Armengol, Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou
3858: On the Determinants of Pay of CEOs in UK Public Sector Higher Education Institutions Downloads
Ray Bachan
3857: Not So Lucky Any More: CEO Compensation in Financially Distressed Firms Downloads
Qiang Kang and Oscar Mitnik
3856: The Long-Term Effects of Job Search Requirements: Evidence from the UK JSA Reform Downloads
Barbara Petrongolo
3855: WTP vs. WTA: Christmas Presents and the Endowment Effect Downloads
Thomas Bauer and Christoph Schmidt
3854: Higher Productivity in Importing German Manufacturing Firms: Self-Selection, Learning from Importing, or Both? Downloads
Alexander Vogel and Joachim Wagner
3853: Fertility and Female Employment Dynamics in Europe: The Effect of Using Alternative Econometric Modeling Assumptions Downloads
Pierre-Carl Michaud and Konstantinos Tatsiramos
3852: Ranking Intersecting Lorenz Curves Downloads
Rolf Aaberge
3851: Age-Dependent Employment Protection Downloads
Arnaud Cheron, Jean-Olivier Hairault and Francois Langot
3850: A New Model of Wage Determination and Wage Inequality Downloads
Guillermina Jasso
3849: The Effect of Integration Policies on the Time until Regular Employment of Newly Arrived Immigrants: Evidence from Denmark Downloads
Jens Clausen, Eskil Heinesen, Hans Hummelgaard, Leif Husted and Michael Rosholm
3848: Active Labor Market Policy Effects in a Dynamic Setting Downloads
Bruno Crépon, Marc Ferracci, Gregory Jolivet and Gerard van den Berg
3847: Incentives and the Sorting of Altruistic Agents into Street-Level Bureaucracies Downloads
Margaretha Buurman and Robert Dur
3846: European vs. American Hours Worked: Assessing the Role of the Extensive and Intensive Margins Downloads
Francois Langot and Coralia Azucena Quintero Rojas
3845: Education and Mobility Downloads
Stephen Machin, Panu Pelkonen and Kjell G Salvanes
3844: Rent-Sharing and the Cyclicality of Wage Differentials Downloads
Philip Du Caju, Francois Rycx and Ilan Tojerow
3843: Rank, Income and Income Inequality in Urban China Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson and Ding Sai
3842: Union Membership and Age: The Inverted U-Shape Hypothesis under Test Downloads
Claus Schnabel and Joachim Wagner
3841: Does the Growth Process Discriminate against Older Workers? Downloads
Francois Langot and Eva Moreno-Galbis
3840: Unemployment Dynamics and the Cost of Business Cycles Downloads
Jean-Olivier Hairault, Francois Langot and Sophie Osotimehin
3839: Gift Exchange in the Workplace: Money or Attention? Downloads
Robert Dur
3838: Repeated Job Quits: Stepping Stones or Learning about Quality? Downloads
Anne Gielen
3837: Luther and the Girls: Religious Denomination and the Female Education Gap in 19th Century Prussia Downloads
Sascha Becker and Ludger Woessmann
3836: Child Care Subsidies and Child Development Downloads
Chris M. Herbst and Erdal Tekin
3835: Promotions and Incentives: The Case of Multi-Stage Elimination Tournaments Downloads
Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk and Matthias Wibral
3834: Contracts as Rent Seeking Devices: Evidence from German Soccer Downloads
Eberhard Feess, Michael Gerfin and Gerd Muehlheusser
3833: Underpaid or Overpaid? Wage Analysis for Nurses Using Job and Worker Attributes Downloads
Barry Hirsch and Edward J. Schumacher
3832: Do Temporary Contracts Affect TFP? Evidence from Spanish Manufacturing Firms Downloads
Juan Dolado and Rodolfo Stucchi
3831: "Might Not Be a Tomorrow": A Multi-Methods Approach to Anticipated Early Death and Youth Crime Downloads
Timothy Brezina, Erdal Tekin and Volkan Topalli
3830: Wage Differentials across Sectors in Europe: An East-West Comparison Downloads
Iga Magda, Francois Rycx, Ilan Tojerow and Daphné Valsamis
3829: Testing for Poverty Dominance: An Application to Canada Downloads
Wen-Hao Chen and Jean-Yves Duclos
3828: The Effect of Community-Level Socio-Economic Conditions on Threatening Racial Encounters Downloads
Heather Antecol and Deborah Cobb-Clark
3827: Rising Tuition and Enrollment in Public Higher Education Downloads
Steven W. Hemelt and Dave Marcotte
3826: Parental Marital Disruption, Family Type, and Transfers to Disabled Elderly Parents Downloads
Liliana E. Pezzin, Robert Pollak and Barbara Schone
3825: The Effect of Active Labor Market Programs on Not-Yet Treated Unemployed Individuals Downloads
Gerard van den Berg, Annette Bergemann and Marco Caliendo
3824: A Comparison of the Poverty Impact of Transfers, Taxes and Market Income across Five OECD Countries Downloads
Sami Bibi and Jean-Yves Duclos
3823: An Empirical Analysis of the Time Allocation of Italian Couples: Are Italian Men Irresponsive? Downloads
Hans Bloemen, Silvia Pasqua and Elena Stancanelli
3822: Wage Bargaining and the (Dynamic) Mincer Equation Downloads
Corrado Andini
3821: Pension Reforms and Women Retirement Plans Downloads
Tito Boeri and Agar Brugiavini
3820: The Effects of Maternity Leave Extension on Training for Young Women Downloads
Patrick Puhani and Katja Sonderhof
3819: Optimal Income Taxation of Married Couples: An Empirical Analysis of Joint and Individual Taxation Downloads
Peter Haan and Dolores Navarro
3818: "Every Catholic Child in a Catholic School": Historical Resistance to State Schooling, Contemporary Private Competition, and Student Achievement across Countries Downloads
Martin R. West and Ludger Woessmann
3817: Does Retirement Kill You? Evidence from Early Retirement Windows Downloads
Norma Coe and Maarten Lindeboom
3816: Who Becomes an Entrepreneur? Labor Market Prospects and Occupational Choice Downloads
Markus Poschke
3815: Children and Parents Time Use: Empirical Evidence on Investment in Human Capital in France, Italy and Germany Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso, Elsa Fontainha and Chiara Monfardini
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