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23675: Simulating Business Cash Flow Taxation: An Illustration Based on the “Better Way” Corporate Tax Reform Downloads
Seth G Benzell, Laurence J Kotlikoff and Guillermo LaGarda
23674: On the Dynamics of Community Development Downloads
Levon Barseghyan and Stephen Coate
23673: Opportunities and Challenges: Lessons from Analyzing Terabytes of Scanner Data Downloads
Serena Ng
23672: Level and Volatility Factors in Macroeconomic Data Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Serena Ng
23671: Globalization and the Increasing Correlation between Capital Inflows and Outflows Downloads
J. Scott Davis and Eric van Wincoop
23670: Portfolio Liquidity and Diversification: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Lubos Pastor, Robert F. Stambaugh and Lucian A. Taylor
23669: Indirect Inference with Importance Sampling: An Application to Women’s Wage Growth Downloads
Robert M. Sauer and Christopher R. Taber
23668: Subsidizing Health Insurance for Low-Income Adults: Evidence from Massachusetts Downloads
Amy Finkelstein, Nathaniel Hendren and Mark Shepard
23667: People Versus Machines: The Impact of Minimum Wages on Automatable Jobs Downloads
Grace Lordan and David Neumark
23666: Macro and Micro Dynamics of Productivity: From Devilish Details to Insights Downloads
Lucia S. Foster, Cheryl A. Grim, John Haltiwanger and Zoltan Wolf
23665: Shopping for Lower Sales Tax Rates Downloads
Scott R. Baker, Stephanie Johnson and Lorenz Kueng
23664: Debt and Financial Vulnerability on the Verge of Retirement Downloads
Annamaria Lusardi, Olivia S. Mitchell and Noemi Oggero
23663: Systematic Managed Floating Downloads
Jeffrey A. Frankel
23662: Consumer Learning and the Entry of Generic Pharmaceuticals Downloads
Neha Bairoliya, Pinar Karaca-Mandic, Jeffrey S. McCullough and Amil Petrin
23661: Unwelcome Guests? The Effects of Refugees on the Educational Outcomes of Incumbent Students Downloads
David N. Figlio and Umut Özek
23660: School Starting Age and Cognitive Development Downloads
Elizabeth Dhuey, David Figlio, Krzysztof Karbownik and Jeffrey Roth
23659: Sympathy for the Diligent and the Demand for Workfare Downloads
Andres Drenik and Ricardo Perez-Truglia
23658: The Tradeoffs in Leaning Against the Wind Downloads
Francois Gourio, Anil Kashyap and Jae Sim
23657: The Emergence of Weak, Despotic and Inclusive States Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson
23656: The Uptick in Income Segregation: Real Trend or Random Sampling Variance Downloads
John R. Logan, Andrew Foster, Jun Ke and Fan Li
23655: Consumption and Income Inequality in the U.S. Since the 1960s Downloads
Bruce Meyer and James X. Sullivan
23654: Which Banks Recover From Large Adverse Shocks? Downloads
Emilia Bonaccorsi di Patti and Anil Kashyap
23653: The Structure of State Corporate Taxation and its Impact on State Tax Revenues and Economic Activity Downloads
Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato and Owen M. Zidar
23652: Rationally Inattentive Behavior: Characterizing and Generalizing Shannon Entropy Downloads
Andrew Caplin, Mark Dean and John Leahy
23651: Monetary Policy in the Capitals of Capital Downloads
Elena Gerko and Helene Rey
23650: Investment-Horizon Spillovers Downloads
Alexander M. Chinco and Mao Ye
23649: Valuing Pain using the Subjective Well-being Method Downloads
Thorhildur Ólafsdóttir, Tinna Laufey Ásgeirsdóttir and Edward Norton
23648: Survival Ambiguity and Welfare Downloads
Frank N. Caliendo, Aspen Gorry and Sita Slavov
23647: Political Distribution Risk and Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
Thorsten Drautzburg, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde and Pablo Guerrón-Quintana
23646: A Survey of Global Impacts of Climate Change: Replication, Survey Methods, and a Statistical Analysis Downloads
William Nordhaus and Andrew Moffat
23645: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: Is There a Role for Physician Education? Downloads
Molly Schnell and Janet Currie
23644: Women, Work, and Family Downloads
Francine Blau and Anne E. Winkler
23643: Foreign Investment and Domestic Productivity: Identifying Knowledge Spillovers and Competition Effects Downloads
Christian Fons-Rosen, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Bent Sorensen, Carolina Villegas-Sanchez and Vadym Volosovych
23642: The Generic Drug User Fee Amendments: An Economic Perspective Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Rena M. Conti and Stephen J. Murphy
23641: Estimating the Value of Higher Education Financial Aid: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Christian Belzil, Arnaud Maurel and Modibo Sidibé
23640: The Landscape of US Generic Prescription Drug Markets, 2004-2016 Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Rena M. Conti and Stephen J. Murphy
23639: When Demand Increases Cause Shakeouts Downloads
Thomas N. Hubbard and Michael J. Mazzeo
23638: Using Goals to Motivate College Students: Theory and Evidence from Field Experiments Downloads
Damon Clark, David Gill, Victoria Prowse and Mark Rush
23637: Multi Product Firms, Import Competition, and the Evolution of Firm-product Technical Efficiencies Downloads
Emmanuel Dhyne, Amil Petrin, Valerie Smeets and Frederic Warzynski
23636: Hours, Occupations, and Gender Differences in Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Andres Erosa, Luisa Fuster, Gueorgui Kambourov and Richard Rogerson
23635: Gender: An Historical Perspective Downloads
Paola Giuliano
23634: The Impacts of Reduced Access to Abortion and Family Planning Services: Evidence from Texas Downloads
Stefanie Fischer, Heather Royer and Corey White
23633: It's a Cruel Summer: Household Responses to Reductions in Government Nutrition Assistance Downloads
Lorenzo Almada and Ian McCarthy
23632: The Taxation of Recreational Marijuana: Evidence from Washington State Downloads
Benjamin Hansen, Keaton Miller and Caroline Weber
23631: Tax Audits as Scarecrows: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment Downloads
Marcelo L. Bérgolo, Rodrigo Ceni Gonzalez, Guillermo Cruces, Matias Giaccobasso and Ricardo Perez-Truglia
23630: Exporting and Organizational Change Downloads
Lorenzo Caliendo, Ferdinando Monte and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
23629: Contagion During the Initial Banking Panic of the Great Depression Downloads
Erik Heitfield, Gary Richardson and Shirley Wang
23628: The Effects of U.S. Monetary Policy on Emerging Market Economies' Sovereign and Corporate Bond Markets Downloads
John D. Burger, Francis E. Warnock and Veronica Cacdac Warnock
23627: Disclosure Rules and Declared Essential Patents Downloads
Rudi Bekkers, Christian Catalini, Arianna Martinelli, Cesare Righi and Timothy Simcoe
23626: Private Equity and Financial Fragility during the Crisis Downloads
Shai Bernstein, Josh Lerner and Filippo Mezzanotti
23625: Quicksand or Bedrock for Behavioral Economics? Assessing Foundational Empirical Questions Downloads
Victor Stango, Joanne Yoong and Jonathan Zinman
23624: The Welfare Effects of Long-Term Health Insurance Contracts Downloads
Benjamin R. Handel, Igal Hendel and Michael Whinston
23623: Surprise! Out-of-Network Billing for Emergency Care in the United States Downloads
Zack Cooper, Fiona Scott Morton and Nathan Shekita
23622: Is It Who You Are or Where You Live? Residential Segregation and Racial Gaps in Childhood Asthma Downloads
Diane Alexander and Janet Currie
23621: A Note on Nonparametric Identification of Distributions of Random Coefficients in Multinomial Choice Models Downloads
Jeremy Fox
23620: Paternalism and Pseudo-Rationality Downloads
Itzik Fadlon and David Laibson
23619: School Boards and Student Segregation Downloads
Hugh Macartney and John Singleton
23618: Mobility Report Cards: The Role of Colleges in Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
Raj Chetty, John N. Friedman, Emmanuel Saez, Nicholas Turner and Danny Yagan
23617: Understanding Cultural Persistence and Change Downloads
Paola Giuliano and Nathan Nunn
23616: The Geography of Consumption Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, J. Jensen and Ferdinando Monte
23615: Choosing Your Pond: Revealed-Preference Estimates of Relative Income Concerns Downloads
Nicolas L. Bottan and Ricardo Perez-Truglia
23614: A Risk-centric Model of Demand Recessions and Macroprudential Policy Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Alp Simsek
23613: Does It Matter How and How Much Politicians are Paid? Downloads
Duha T. Altindag, Elif S. Filiz and Erdal Tekin
23612: The Capital Structure of Nations Downloads
Patrick Bolton and Haizhou Huang
23611: The Effects of Provider Choice Policies on Workers' Compensation Costs Downloads
David Neumark and Bogdan Savych
23610: An Analysis of the Memphis Nurse-Family Partnership Program Downloads
James Heckman, Margaret L. Holland, Kevin K. Makino, Rodrigo Pinto and Maria Rosales-Rueda
23609: Why Has Regional Income Convergence in the U.S. Declined? Downloads
Peter Ganong and Daniel W. Shoag
23608: Measuring Social Connectedness Downloads
Michael Bailey, Ruiqing (Rachel) Cao, Theresa Kuchler, Johannes Stroebel and Arlene Wong
23607: The Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Health Insurance Coverage and Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Mark Duggan, Gopi Goda and Emilie Jackson
23606: The Medieval Roots of Inclusive Institutions: From the Norman Conquest of England to the Great Reform Act Downloads
Charles Angelucci, Simone Meraglia and Nico Voigtländer
23605: The Dire Effects of the Lack of Monetary and Fiscal Coordination Downloads
Francesco Bianchi and Leonardo Melosi
23604: Age of Marriage, Weather Shocks, and the Direction of Marriage Payments Downloads
Lucia Corno, Nicole Hildebrandt and Alessandra Voena
23603: Individual Results May Vary: Elementary Analytics of Inequality-Probability Bounds, with Applications to Health-Outcome Treatment Effects Downloads
John Mullahy
23602: Regression Discontinuity in Time: Considerations for Empirical Applications Downloads
Catherine Hausman and David Rapson
23601: The Economic Burden of Chronic Diseases: Estimates and Projections for China, Japan, and South Korea Downloads
David Bloom, Simiao Chen, Michael Kuhn, Mark McGovern, Les Oxley and Klaus Prettner
23600: Do People Respond to the Mortage Interest Deduction? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Denmark Downloads
Jonathan Gruber, Amalie Jensen and Henrik Kleven
23599: Institutions and Political Party Systems: The Euro Case Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde and Tano Santos
23598: The Financing of Local Government in China: Stimulus Loan Wanes and Shadow Banking Waxes Downloads
Zhuo Chen, Zhiguo He and Chun Liu
23597: Demand for Health Insurance Marketplace Plans Was Highly Elastic in 2014-2015 Downloads
Jean Abraham, Coleman Drake, Daniel W. Sacks and Kosali Simon
23596: Executive Compensation: A Survey of Theory and Evidence Downloads
Alex Edmans, Xavier Gabaix and Dirk Jenter
23595: Margins of Labor Market Adjustment to Trade Downloads
Rafael Dix-Carneiro and Brian K. Kovak
23594: Educational Impacts and Cost-Effectiveness of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Developing Countries: A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Sandra García and Juan Saavedra
23593: Towards a Political Theory of the Firm Downloads
Luigi Zingales
23592: Productivity, Taxes, and Hours Worked in Spain: 1970–2015 Downloads
Juan Carlos Conesa and Timothy Kehoe
23591: Even the Representative Agent Must Die: Using Demographics to Inform Long-Term Social Discount Rates Downloads
Eli P. Fenichel, Matthew J. Kotchen and Ethan T. Addicott
23590: Why Do Defaults Affect Behavior? Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan Downloads
Joshua Blumenstock, Michael Callen and Tarek Ghani
23589: Vulnerability and Clientelism Downloads
Gustavo J. Bobonis, Paul Gertler, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro and Simeon Nichter
23588: What Sets College Thrivers and Divers Apart? A Contrast in Study Habits, Attitudes, and Mental Health Downloads
Graham Beattie, Jean-William P. Laliberté, Catherine Michaud-Leclerc and Philip Oreopoulos
23587: A Welfarist Role for Nonwelfarist Rules: An example with envy Downloads
Matthew Weinzierl
23586: Optimal Regulation of Financial Intermediaries Downloads
Sebastian Di Tella
23585: Check Up Before You Check Out: Retail Clinics and Emergency Room Use Downloads
Diane Alexander, Janet Currie and Molly Schnell
23584: The Employment Effects of Minimum Wages: Some Questions We Need to Answer Downloads
David Neumark
23583: Declining Competition and Investment in the U.S Downloads
Germán Gutiérrez and Thomas Philippon
23582: The Arrival of Fast Internet and Employment in Africa Downloads
Jonas Hjort and Jonas Poulsen
23581: Geography, Search Frictions and Endogenous Trade Costs Downloads
Giulia Brancaccio, Myrto Kalouptsidi and Theodore Papageorgiou
23580: The Cyclical Sensitivity in Estimates of Potential Output Downloads
Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Mauricio Ulate
23579: Risk Preferences in Small and Large Stakes: Evidence from Insurance Contract Decisions Downloads
Benjamin L. Collier, Daniel Schwartz, Howard C. Kunreuther and Erwann Michel-Kerjan
23578: Income Mobility, Income Risk and Welfare Downloads
Tom Krebs, Pravin Krishna and William Maloney
23577: Geographic Cross-Sectional Fiscal Spending Multipliers: What Have We Learned? Downloads
Gabriel Chodorow-Reich
23576: Incentives for Replication in Economics Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Paul Gertler and Mauricio Romero
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