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23531: Innovation and American K-12 Education Downloads
Aaron Chatterji
23529: How Restricted is the Job Mobility of Skilled Temporary Work Visa Holders? Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
23528: Scraping By: Income and Program Participation After the Loss of Extended Unemployment Benefits Downloads
Jesse Rothstein and Robert Valletta
23527: Inference on Risk Premia in the Presence of Omitted Factors Downloads
Stefano Giglio and Dacheng Xiu
23526: Does Strategic Ability Affect Efficiency? Evidence from Electricity Markets Downloads
Ali Hortaçsu, Fernando Luco, Steven Puller and Dongni Zhu
23525: Women and STEM Downloads
Shulamit Kahn and Donna Ginther
23524: Long-Run Pollution Exposure and Adult Mortality: Evidence from the Acid Rain Program Downloads
Alan Barreca, Matthew Neidell and Nicholas J. Sanders
23523: Beetles: Biased Promotions and Persistence of False Belief Downloads
George Akerlof and Pascal Michaillat
23522: The Relevance of Broker Networks for Information Diffusion in the Stock Market Downloads
Marco Di Maggio, Francesco Franzoni, Amir Kermani and Carlo Sommavilla
23521: A Generalized Approach to Indeterminacy in Linear Rational Expectations Models Downloads
Francesco Bianchi and Giovanni Nicolò
23520: High School Genetic Diversity and Later-life Student Outcomes: Micro-level Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study Downloads
C. Justin Cook and Jason M. Fletcher
23519: Heterogeneous Yield Impacts from Adoption of Genetically Engineered Corn and the Importance of Controlling for Weather Downloads
Jayson L. Lusk, Jesse Tack and Nathan P. Hendricks
23518: Health Plan Payment in Medicaid Managed Care: A Hybrid Model of Regulated Competition Downloads
Timothy Layton, Alice K. Ndikumana and Mark Shepard
23517: The Shock of Falling Among Older Americans Downloads
Inas Kelly
23516: Unions, Workers, and Wages at the Peak of the American Labor Movement Downloads
Brantly Callaway and William Collins
23515: Reorganization or Liquidation: Bankruptcy Choice and Firm Dynamics Downloads
P. Dean Corbae and Pablo D'Erasmo
23514: Mortality Inequality in Canada and the U.S.: Divergent or Convergent Trends? Downloads
Michael Baker, Janet Currie and Hannes Schwandt
23513: Crop Disease and Agricultural Productivity Downloads
Christine L. Carroll, Colin A. Carter, Rachael E. Goodhue and C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell
23512: Credit Market Freezes Downloads
Efraim Benmelech and Nittai K. Bergman
23511: Finance, farms, and the Fed's early years Downloads
Bruce Carlin and William Mann
23510: Right-to-Carry Laws and Violent Crime: A Comprehensive Assessment Using Panel Data and a State-Level Synthetic Controls Analysis Downloads
John Donohue, Abhay Aneja and Kyle D. Weber
23509: Generalized Compensation Principle Downloads
Aleh Tsyvinski and Nicolas Werquin
23508: Money and Politics: The Effects of Campaign Spending Limits on Political Competition and Incumbency Advantage Downloads
Eric Avis, Claudio Ferraz, Frederico Finan and Carlos Varjão
23507: Estimating the Recession-Mortality Relationship when Migration Matters Downloads
Vellore Arthi, Brian Beach and W. Walker Hanlon
23506: Social Security and Saving: An Update Downloads
Sita Slavov, Devon Gorry, Aspen Gorry and Frank N. Caliendo
23505: What is the Business of Business? Downloads
Andreas Nilsson and David Robinson
23504: Still More On Mariel: The Role of Race Downloads
George Borjas
23503: Trade Induced Structural Change and the Skill Premium Downloads
Javier Cravino and Sebastian Sotelo
23502: Dynamics of Housing Debt in the Recent Boom and Great Recession Downloads
Manuel Adelino, Antoinette Schoar and Felipe Severino
23501: Planning for Retirement? The Importance of Time Preferences Downloads
Robert L. Clark, Robert G. Hammond, Christelle Khalaf and Melinda Sandler Morrill
23500: General Equilibrium Trade Modelling with Canada-US Transportation Costs Downloads
Chuantian He, Chunding Li and John Whalley
23499: Kinship Systems, Cooperation and the Evolution of Culture Downloads
Benjamin Enke
23498: The Economic and Social Outcomes of Refugees in the United States: Evidence from the ACS Downloads
William Evans and Daniel Fitzgerald
23496: Estimating the Impact of Crop Diversity on Agricultural Productivity in South Africa Downloads
Cecilia Bellora, Élodie Blanc, Jean-Marc Bourgeon and Eric Strobl
23495: Willingness to Pay for Low Water Footprint Food Choices During Drought Downloads
Hannah Krovetz, Rebecca Taylor and Sofia Villas-Boas
23494: When Inequality Matters for Macro and Macro Matters for Inequality Downloads
SeHyoun Ahn, Greg Kaplan, Benjamin Moll, Thomas Winberry and Christian Wolf
23493: Corporate Liquidity, Acquisitions, and Macroeconomic Conditions Downloads
Isil Erel, Yeejin Jang, Bernadette A. Minton and Michael S. Weisbach
23492: The Value of Mandating Maternal Education in a Developing Country Downloads
Bahadir Dursun, Resul Cesur and Inas Kelly
23491: Using Aggregated Relational Data to Feasibly Identify Network Structure without Network Data Downloads
Emily Breza, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Tyler H. McCormick and Mengjie Pan
23490: Polls, the Press, and Political Participation: The Effects of Anticipated Election Closeness on Voter Turnout Downloads
Leonardo Bursztyn, Davide Cantoni, Patricia Funk and Noam Yuchtman
23489: Reducing Inequality Through Dynamic Complementarity: Evidence from Head Start and Public School Spending Downloads
Rucker C. Johnson and C. Kirabo Jackson
23488: The Digital Privacy Paradox: Small Money, Small Costs, Small Talk Downloads
Susan Athey, Christian Catalini and Catherine Tucker
23487: How Did China’s WTO Entry Benefit U.S. Consumers? Downloads
Mary Amiti, Mi Dai, Robert Feenstra and John Romalis
23486: Maimonides Rule Redux Downloads
Joshua Angrist, Victor Lavy, Jetson Leder-Luis and Adi Shany
23485: Cyclical Job Ladders by Firm Size and Firm Wage Downloads
John Haltiwanger, Henry Hyatt, Lisa B. Kahn and Erika McEntarfer
23484: The Effects of Scientists and Engineers on Productivity and Earnings at the Establishment Where They Work Downloads
Erling Barth, James Davis, Richard Freeman and Andrew J. Wang
23483: The Long-Run Dynamics of Electricity Demand: Evidence from Municipal Aggregation Downloads
Tatyana Deryugina, Alexander MacKay and Julian Reif
23482: Per Capita Income and the Demand for Skills Downloads
Justin Caron, Thibault Fally and James Markusen
23481: Upstart Industrialization and Exports, Japan 1880-1910 Downloads
Christopher Meissner and John Tang
23480: Robust Bond Risk Premia Downloads
Michael D. Bauer and James Hamilton
23479: Quantifying the Life-cycle Benefits of a Prototypical Early Childhood Program Downloads
Jorge Luis García, James J. Heckman, Duncan Ermini Leaf and María José Prados
23478: An Evaluation of Bias in Three Measures of Teacher Quality: Value-Added, Classroom Observations, and Student Surveys Downloads
Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Mark J. Chin, Thomas J. Kane and Doug Staiger
23477: World War II and the Industrialization of the American South Downloads
Taylor Jaworski
23476: Complex Asset Markets Downloads
Andrea L. Eisfeldt, Hanno Lustig and Lei Zhang
23475: Insurgent Learning Downloads
Francesco Trebbi, Eric Weese, Austin L. Wright and Andrew Shaver
23474: Taper Tantrums: QE, its Aftermath and Emerging Market Capital Flows Downloads
Anusha Chari, Karlye Dilts Stedman and Christian Lundblad
23473: Tax Advantages and Imperfect Competition in Auctions for Municipal Bonds Downloads
Daniel Garrett, Andrey Ordin, James W. Roberts and Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato
23472: Who Is Screened Out? Application Costs and the Targeting of Disability Programs Downloads
Manasi Deshpande and Yue Li
23471: Did the Affordable Care Act Young Adult Provision Affect Labor Market Outcomes? Analysis Using Tax Data Downloads
Bradley Heim, Ithai Lurie and Kosali Simon
23470: Measuring and Bounding Experimenter Demand Downloads
Jonathan de Quidt, Johannes Haushofer and Christopher Roth
23469: Acquiring Banking Networks Downloads
Ross Levine, Chen Lin and Zigan Wang
23468: Exit, Voice or Loyalty? An Investigation into Mandated Portability of Front-Loaded Private Health Plans Downloads
Juan Pablo Atal, Hanming Fang, Martin Karlsson and Nicolas R. Ziebarth
23467: Flexibility of Adjustment to Shocks: Economic Growth and Volatility of Middle-Income Countries Before and After the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak, Gemma Estrada and Shu Tian
23466: Disability Benefits, Consumption Insurance, and Household Labor Supply Downloads
David Autor, Andreas Ravndal Kostol, Magne Mogstad and Bradley Setzler
23465: Access and Use of Contraception and Its Effects on Women’s Outcomes in the U.S Downloads
Martha Bailey and Jason Lindo
23464: Are U.S. Companies Too Short-Term Oriented? Some Thoughts Downloads
Steven N. Kaplan
23463: School Performance, Accountability and Waiver Reforms: Evidence from Louisiana Downloads
Thomas Dee and Elise Dizon-Ross
23462: The Effects of School Reform Under NCLB Waivers: Evidence from Focus Schools in Kentucky Downloads
Sade Bonilla and Thomas Dee
23461: Differentiated Accountability and Education Production: Evidence from NCLB Waivers Downloads
Steven W. Hemelt and Brian Jacob
23460: Governance and Stakeholders Downloads
Vikas Mehrotra and Randall Morck
23459: Homophily in Entrepreneurial Team Formation Downloads
Paul Gompers, Kevin Huang and Sophie Q. Wang
23458: Short Run Gravity Downloads
James Anderson and Yoto Yotov
23457: Long Run Growth of Financial Technology Downloads
Maryam Farboodi and Laura Veldkamp
23456: On the Geography of Global Value Chains Downloads
Pol Antras and Alonso de Gortari
23455: Asset Pricing in the Quest for the New El Dorado Downloads
Daniel Andrei and Bruce I. Carlin
23454: And the Children Shall Lead: Gender Diversity and Performance in Venture Capital Downloads
Paul Gompers and Sophie Q. Wang
23453: The Impact of Student Debt on Education, Career, and Marriage Choices of Female Lawyers Downloads
Holger Sieg and Yu Wang
23452: An Equilibrium Model of Housing and Mortgage Markets with State-Contingent Lending Contracts Downloads
Tomasz Piskorski and Alexei Tchistyi
23451: Monetary Policy and the Redistribution Channel Downloads
Adrien Auclert
23450: The Effect of Insurance Expansions on Smoking Cessation Medication Use: Evidence from Recent Medicaid Expansions Downloads
Johanna Catherine Maclean, Michael Pesko and Steven Hill
23449: Speculative Dynamics of Prices and Volume Downloads
Anthony A. DeFusco, Charles G. Nathanson and Eric Zwick
23448: Tempered Particle Filtering Downloads
Edward Herbst and Frank Schorfheide
23447: The Life Cycle of Scholarly Articles across Fields of Research Downloads
Sebastian Galiani and Ramiro H. Gálvez
23446: The Effect of Malpractice Law on Physician Supply: Evidence from Negligence-Standard Reforms Downloads
Michael D. Frakes, Matthew B. Frank and Seth A. Seabury
23445: Does Choice Increase Information? Evidence from Online School Search Behavior Downloads
Michael F. Lovenheim and Patrick Walsh
23444: Health Plan Payment in U.S. Marketplaces: Regulated Competition with a Weak Mandate Downloads
Timothy Layton, Ellen J. Montz and Mark Shepard
23443: Rethinking the Benefits of Youth Employment Programs: The Heterogeneous Effects of Summer Jobs Downloads
Jonathan M.V. Davis and Sara B. Heller
23442: Earning your CAP: A Comprehensive Analysis of The University of Texas System's Coordinated Admissions Program Downloads
Rodney J. Andrews and John Thompson
23441: China's Lost Generation: Changes in Beliefs and their Intergenerational Transmission Downloads
Gérard Roland and David Y. Yang
23440: International Monetary Relations: Taking Finance Seriously Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld and Alan Taylor
23439: How Do Peers Impact Learning? An Experimental Investigation of Peer-to-Peer Teaching and Ability Tracking Downloads
Erik O. Kimbrough, Andrew D. McGee and Hitoshi Shigeoka
23438: The Effect of Prior Choices on Expectations and Subsequent Portfolio Decisions Downloads
Camelia Kuhnen, Sarah Rudorf and Bernd Weber
23437: Management and Student Achievement: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment Downloads
Roland Fryer
23436: Deterrence and the Optimal Use of Prison, Parole, and Probation Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Paul N. Riskind
23435: Nation-Building, Nationalism and Wars Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Bryony Reich and Alessandro Riboni
23434: How Production Risk and Flexibility Affect Liquidity Management: Evidence from Electricity Generating Firms Downloads
Chen Lin, Thomas Schmid and Michael S. Weisbach
23433: The Labor Market Effects of Refugee Waves: Reconciling Conflicting Results Downloads
Michael A. Clemens and Jennifer Hunt
23432: Innovative Originality, Profitability, and Stock Returns Downloads
David Hirshleifer, Po-Hsuan Hsu and Dongmei Li
23431: Innovation Policy in a Networked World Downloads
Olav Sorenson
23430: Finance and Growth: Household Savings, Public Investment, and Public Health in Late Nineteenth-Century New Jersey Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn
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