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23263: Revising Infant Mortality Rates for the Early 20th Century United States Downloads
Katherine Eriksson, Gregory T. Niemesh and Melissa Thomasson
23262: Annuity Options in Public Pension Plans: The Curious Case of Social Security Leveling Downloads
Robert L. Clark, Robert G. Hammond, Melinda S. Morrill and David Vanderweide
23261: Characterizing Global Value Chains: Production Length and Upstreamness Downloads
Zhi Wang, Shang-Jin Wei, Xinding Yu and Kunfu Zhu
23260: The Surprising Pass-Through of Solar Subsidies Downloads
Jacquelyn Pless and Arthur A. van Benthem
23259: Does Quebec's Subsidized Child Care Policy Give Boys and Girls an Equal Start? Downloads
Michael J. Kottelenberg and Steven Lehrer
23258: Is the Internet Causing Political Polarization? Evidence from Demographics Downloads
Levi Boxell, Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro
23257: The Impact of Information Technology on the Diffusion of New Pharmaceuticals Downloads
Kenneth J. Arrow, Kamran Bilir and Alan T. Sorensen
23256: Memory, Attention, and Choice Downloads
Pedro Bordalo, Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer
23255: Corporate Culture: Evidence from the Field Downloads
John R. Graham, Campbell Harvey, Jillian Popadak and Shivaram Rajgopal
23254: Myopia and Discounting Downloads
Xavier Gabaix and David Laibson
23253: Reevaluating Agricultural Productivity Gaps with Longitudinal Microdata Downloads
Joan Hamory Hicks, Marieke Kleemans, Nicholas Y. Li and Edward Miguel
23252: Banking on Trust: How Debit Cards Enable the Poor to Save More Downloads
Pierre Bachas, Paul Gertler, Sean Higgins and Enrique Seira
23251: Globalization Policies and Israel’s Brain Drain Downloads
Assaf Razin
23250: Vertical and Horizontal Redistributions from a Carbon Tax and Rebate Downloads
Julie Anne Cronin, Don Fullerton and Steven E. Sexton
23249: Firm Selection and Corporate Cash Holdings Downloads
Juliane Begenau and Berardino Palazzo
23248: CEO Behavior and Firm Performance Downloads
Oriana Bandiera, Stephen Hansen, Andrea Prat and Raffaella Sadun
23247: Training Contracts, Employee Turnover, and the Returns from Firm-sponsored General Training Downloads
Mitchell Hoffman and Stephen Burks
23246: International Inflation Spillovers Through Input Linkages Downloads
Raphael Auer, Andrei Levchenko and Philip Sauré
23245: Financial Cycles with Heterogeneous Intermediaries Downloads
Nuno Coimbra and Helene Rey
23244: A Head-to-Head Comparison of Augmented Wealth in Germany and the United States Downloads
Timm Bönke, Markus Grabka, Carsten Schröder and Edward N. Wolff
23243: Procrastination and Property Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Michael Chirico, Robert Inman, Charles Loeffler, John MacDonald and Holger Sieg
23242: When Harry Fired Sally: The Double Standard in Punishing Misconduct Downloads
Mark L. Egan, Gregor Matvos and Amit Seru
23241: The Impact of Public and Private Research Support on Premature Cancer Mortality and Hospitalization in the U.S., 1999-2013 Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
23240: Worker Overconfidence: Field Evidence and Implications for Employee Turnover and Returns from Training Downloads
Mitchell Hoffman and Stephen Burks
23239: Urban Water Disinfection and Mortality Decline in Developing Countries Downloads
Sonia R. Bhalotra, Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, Grant Miller, Alfonso Miranda and Atheendar S. Venkataramani
23238: Real Anomalies Downloads
Jules H. van Binsbergen and Christian Opp
23237: Trade Policy and Redistribution when Preferences are Non-Homothetic Downloads
Quy-Toan Do and Andrei Levchenko
23236: The Earnings of Undocumented Immigrants Downloads
George Borjas
23235: Financial Markets and Fiscal Unions Downloads
Patrick Kehoe and Elena Pastorino
23234: The Emergence of Market Structure Downloads
Maryam Farboodi, Gregor Jarosch and Robert Shimer
23233: Intangible Capital and Measured Productivity Downloads
Ellen R. McGrattan
23232: Poorly Measured Confounders are More Useful on the Left Than on the Right Downloads
Zhuan Pei, Jorn-Steffen Pischke and Hannes Schwandt
23231: Asset Mispricing Downloads
Kurt F. Lewis, Francis Longstaff and Lubomir Petrasek
23230: The Economics of Non-Marital Childbearing and The “Marriage Premium for Children” Downloads
Melissa S. Kearney and Phillip Levine
23229: Are the Rich More Selfish than the Poor, or Do They Just Have More Money? A Natural Field Experiment Downloads
James Andreoni, Nikos Nikiforakis and Jan Stoop
23228: The Making of Hawks and Doves: Inflation Experiences on the FOMC Downloads
Ulrike Malmendier, Stefan Nagel and Zhen Yan
23227: Dissecting Characteristics Nonparametrically Downloads
Joachim Freyberger, Andreas Neuhierl and Michael Weber
23226: The Investment CAPM Downloads
Lu Zhang
23225: Shock Restricted Structural Vector-Autoregressions Downloads
Sydney Ludvigson, Sai Ma and Serena Ng
23224: Earnings Inequality and Mobility Trends in the United States: Nationally Representative Estimates from Longitudinally Linked Employer-Employee Data Downloads
John Abowd, Kevin L. McKinney and Nellie L. Zhao
23223: Globalized Israel: High Tech Prowess and Buttressing FDI Downloads
Assaf Razin
23222: Measures of Participation in Global Value Chains and Global Business Cycles Downloads
Zhi Wang, Shang-Jin Wei, Xinding Yu and Kunfu Zhu
23221: Why is Growth better in the United States than in other Industrial Countries Downloads
Martin Feldstein
23220: Partial Fiscalization: Some Lessons on Europe’s Unfinished Business Downloads
Michael Bordo and Harold James
23219: Was The First Public Health Campaign Successful? The Tuberculosis Movement and Its Effect on Mortality Downloads
D. Mark Anderson, Kerwin Kofi Charles, Claudio Las Heras Olivares and Daniel Rees
23218: School Lunch Quality and Academic Performance Downloads
Michael Anderson, Justin Gallagher and Elizabeth Ramirez Ritchie
23217: The Impact of Brexit on Foreign Investment and Production Downloads
Ellen R. McGrattan and Andrea Waddle
23216: Financial Frictions and Employment during the Great Depression Downloads
Efraim Benmelech, Carola Frydman and Dimitris Papanikolaou
23215: Does Universal Preschool Hit the Target? Program Access and Preschool Impacts Downloads
Elizabeth Cascio
23214: Economic Development and the Regulation of Morally Contentious Activities Downloads
Julio Elias, Nicola Lacetera, Mario Macis and Paola Salardi
23213: The Economist as Plumber Downloads
Esther Duflo
23212: Are Larger Banks Valued More Highly? Downloads
Bernadette A. Minton, René M. Stulz and Alvaro G. Taboada
23211: Impulsive Consumption and Financial Wellbeing: Evidence from an Increase in the Availability of Alcohol Downloads
Itzhak Ben-David and Marieke Bos
23210: Israel's Immigration Story: Globalization Lessons Downloads
Assaf Razin
23209: Instrumental Variables and Causal Mechanisms: Unpacking The Effect of Trade on Workers and Voters Downloads
Christian Dippel, Robert Gold, Stephan Heblich and Rodrigo Pinto
23208: The Historical State, Local Collective Action, and Economic Development in Vietnam Downloads
Melissa Dell, Nathaniel Lane and Pablo Querubin
23207: Why Being Wrong can be Right: Magical Warfare Technologies and the Persistence of False Beliefs Downloads
Nathan Nunn and Raul Sanchez de la Sierra
23206: FX Market Metrics: New Findings Based on CLS Bank Settlement Data Downloads
Joel Hasbrouck and Richard M. Levich
23205: Aftershocks of Monetary Unification: Hysteresis with a Financial Twist Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi and Barry Eichengreen
23204: The London Monetary and Economic Conference of 1933 and the End of The Great Depression: A “Change of Regime” Analysis Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
23203: State Health Insurance Mandates and Labor Market Outcomes: New Evidence on Old Questions Downloads
Yaa Akosa Antwi and Johanna Catherine Maclean
23202: Firm Entry and Exit and Aggregate Growth Downloads
Jose Asturias, Sewon Hur, Timothy Kehoe and Kim Ruhl
23201: Is Local Public Sector Rent Extraction Higher in Progressive Cities or High Amenity Cities? Downloads
Matthew Kahn
23200: Optimal Transport Networks in Spatial Equilibrium Downloads
Pablo D. Fajgelbaum and Edouard Schaal
23199: The Macrogenoeconomics of Comparative Development Downloads
Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor
23198: Matching Pennies on the Campaign Trail: An Empirical Study of Senate Elections and Media Coverage Downloads
Camilo García-Jimeno and Pinar Yildirim
23197: Technology-Skill Complementarity in Early Phases of Industrialization Downloads
Raphael Franck and Oded Galor
23196: Keeping It in the Family: Lineage Organization and the Scope of Trust in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Jacob Moscona, Nathan Nunn and James Robinson
23195: Peer Effects in Computer Assisted Learning: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Di Mo
23194: China's Gradualistic Economic Approach and Financial Markets Downloads
Markus Brunnermeier, Michael Sockin and Wei Xiong
23193: The Returns to Online Postsecondary Education
Caroline M. Hoxby
23192: Macroeconomic Conditions and Opioid Abuse Downloads
Alex Hollingsworth, Christopher Ruhm and Kosali Simon
23191: Bubbles for Fama Downloads
Robin Greenwood, Andrei Shleifer and Yang You
23190: Prolonging Coal’s Sunset: The Causes and Consequences of Local Protectionism for a Declining Polluting Industry Downloads
Jonathan Eyer and Matthew Kahn
23189: The Operation and Demise of the Bretton Woods System; 1958 to 1971 Downloads
Michael Bordo
23188: The Structure of Health Incentives: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Mariana Carrera, Heather Royer, Mark F. Stehr and Justin R. Sydnor
23187: Back to Basics: Why do Firms Invest in Research? Downloads
Ashish Arora, Sharon Belenzon and Lia Sheer
23186: Long-Run Covariability Downloads
Ulrich K. Müller and Mark Watson
23185: High-Skilled Immigration, STEM Employment, and Non-Routine-Biased Technical Change Downloads
Nir Jaimovich and Henry Siu
23184: Political Cycles and Stock Returns Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi
23183: Agricultural Diversity, Structural Change and Long-run Development: Evidence from the U.S Downloads
Martin Fiszbein
23182: Firm-Related Risk and Precautionary Saving Response Downloads
Andreas Fagereng, Luigi Guiso and Luigi Pistaferri
23181: Impact of Violent Crime on Risk Aversion: Evidence from the Mexican Drug War Downloads
Ryan Brown, Verónica Montalva, Duncan Thomas and Andrea Velasquez
23180: Human Decisions and Machine Predictions Downloads
Jon Kleinberg, Himabindu Lakkaraju, Jure Leskovec, Jens Ludwig and Sendhil Mullainathan
23179: Funding Liquidity without Banks: Evidence from a Shock to the Cost of Very Short-Term Debt Downloads
Felipe Restrepo, Lina Cardona Sosa and Philip E. Strahan
23178: Illusory Gains from Chile's Targeted School Voucher Experiment Downloads
Benjamin Feigenberg, Steven Rivkin and Rui Yan
23177: Sticking Points: Common-Agency Problems and Contracting in the U.S. Healthcare System Downloads
Brigham Frandsen, Michael Powell and James Rebitzer
23176: Firms' Internal Networks and Local Economic Shocks Downloads
Xavier Giroud and Holger M. Mueller
23175: Currency Matters: Analyzing International Bond Portfolios Downloads
John D. Burger, Francis E. Warnock and Veronica Cacdac Warnock
23174: The Returns to Nursing: Evidence from a Parental Leave Program Downloads
Benjamin U. Friedrich and Martin B. Hackmann
23173: When Work Disappears: Manufacturing Decline and the Falling Marriage-Market Value of Men Downloads
David Autor, David Dorn and Gordon Hanson
23172: Recovery from the Great Depression: The Farm Channel in Spring 1933 Downloads
Joshua Hausman, Paul Rhode and Johannes F. Wieland
23171: With a Little Help from My Friends: The Effects of Naloxone Access and Good Samaritan Laws on Opioid-Related Deaths Downloads
Daniel Rees, Joseph J. Sabia, Laura M. Argys, Joshua Latshaw and Dhaval Dave
23170: Deviations from Covered Interest Rate Parity Downloads
Wenxin Du, Alexander Tepper and Adrien Verdelhan
23169: Revisiting the Commodity Curse: A Financial Perspective Downloads
Enrique Alberola and Gianluca Benigno
23168: Self-Employment Dynamics and the Returns to Entrepreneurship Downloads
Eleanor W. Dillon and Christopher T. Stanton
23167: Bank Health Post-Crisis Downloads
Kyriakos T. Chousakos and Gary Gorton
23166: Evaluating Measures of Hospital Quality Downloads
Joseph J. Doyle, Jr., John A. Graves and Jonathan Gruber
23165: A Narrative Analysis of Mortgage Asset Purchases by Federal Agencies Downloads
Andrew J. Fieldhouse and Karel Mertens
23164: When Britain turned inward: Protection and the shift towards Empire in Interwar Britain Downloads
Alan de Bromhead, Alan Fernihough, Markus Lampe and Kevin O'Rourke
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