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22872: The Interest Rate Effect on Private Saving: Alternative Perspectives Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Yin-Wong Cheung and Hiro Ito
22871: Sustaining Impacts When Transfers End: Women Leaders, Aspirations, and Investment in Children Downloads
Karen Macours and Renos Vakis
22870: Ambiguity and the Tradeoff Theory of Capital Structure Downloads
Yehuda Izhakian, David Yermack and Jaime F. Zender
22869: The Surprising Instability of Export Specializations Downloads
Diego Daruich, William Easterly and Ariell Reshef
22868: Macroprudential Policy: Promise and Challenges Downloads
Enrique Mendoza
22867: It's Not the Thought that Counts: A Field Experiment on Gift Exchange and Giving at a Public University Downloads
Catherine C. Eckel, David H. Herberich and Jonathan Meer
22866: Is The Monetarist Arithmetic Unpleasant? Downloads
Martín Uribe
22865: Japan’s Ultimately Unaccursed Natural Resources-Financed Industrialization Downloads
Randall Morck and Masao Nakamura
22864: The Welfare Cost of Uncertainty in Policy Outcomes Downloads
Edward Schlee and V. Smith
22863: Is it the "How" or the "When" that Matters in Fiscal Adjustments? Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Gualtiero Azzalini, Carlo Favero, Francesco Giavazzi and Armando Miano
22862: Distributional Effects of Air Pollution from Electric Vehicle Adoption Downloads
Stephen Holland, Erin Mansur, Nicholas Z. Muller and Andrew J. Yates
22861: Geographical Distribution of Emergency Department Closures and Consequences on Heart Attack Patients Downloads
Yu-Chu Shen and Renee Y. Hsia
22860: Transforming Cities: Does Urbanization Promote Democratic Change? Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Bryce Millett Steinberg
22859: Fear of Fracking? The Impact of the Shale Gas Exploration on House Prices in Britain Downloads
Steve Gibbons, Stephan Heblich, Esther Lho and Christopher Timmins
22858: Do Good Reports Mean Higher Prices? The Impact of Hospital Compare Ratings on Cardiac Pricing Downloads
Avi Dor, William Encinosa and Kathleen Carey
22857: Is the American Public Corporation in Trouble? Downloads
Kathleen Kahle and René M. Stulz
22856: A Shadow Rate New Keynesian Model Downloads
Jing Cynthia Wu and Ji Zhang
22855: Laws, Educational Outcomes, and Returns to Schooling: Evidence from the Full Count 1940 Census Downloads
Karen Clay, Jeff Lingwall and Melvin Stephens
22854: From “Made in China” to “Innovated in China”: Necessity, Prospect, and Challenges Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei, Zhuan Xie and Xiaobo Zhang
22853: Leaving Big Money on the Table: Arbitrage Opportunities in Delaying Social Security Downloads
Gila Bronshtein, Jason Scott, John B. Shoven and Sita Slavov
22852: Immigrants and Firms' Outcomes: Evidence from France Downloads
Cristina Mitaritonna, Gianluca Orefice and Giovanni Peri
22851: Prepayment Risk and Expected MBS Returns Downloads
Peter Diep, Andrea L. Eisfeldt and Scott Richardson
22850: Firms and Labor Market Inequality: Evidence and Some Theory Downloads
David Card, Ana Rute Cardoso, Jörg Heining and Patrick Kline
22849: Trade Liberalization and Mortality: Evidence from U.S. Counties Downloads
Justin Pierce and Peter Schott
22848: Extending Industry Specialization through Cross-Border Acquisitions Downloads
Laurent Frésard, Ulrich Hege and Gordon Phillips
22847: Take the Short Route: Equilibrium Default and Debt Maturity Downloads
Mark Aguiar, Manuel Amador, Hugo Hopenhayn and Iván Werning
22846: The Impact of Consumer Credit Access on Employment, Earnings and Entrepreneurship Downloads
Kyle Herkenhoff, Gordon Phillips and Ethan Cohen-Cole
22845: Does The Samaritan's Dilemma Matter? Evidence From U.S. Agriculture Downloads
Tatyana Deryugina and Barrett Kirwan
22844: Pegxit Pressure: Evidence from the Classical Gold Standard Downloads
Kris James Mitchener and Gonçalo Pina
22843: An Analysis of the Labor Market for Uber’s Driver-Partners in the United States Downloads
Jonathan V. Hall and Alan Krueger
22842: Multilateral Trade Bargaining and Dominant Strategies Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert Staiger
22841: Shifting College Majors in Response to Advanced Placement Exam Scores Downloads
Christopher Avery, Oded Gurantz, Michael Hurwitz and Jonathan Smith
22840: The Impact of Emerging Market Competition on Innovation and Business Strategy Downloads
Lorenz Kueng, Nicholas Li and Mu-Jeung Yang
22839: Macro Risks and the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Eric Engstrom and Andrey Ermolov
22838: Pseudo-wealth and Consumption Fluctuations Downloads
Martin Guzman and Joseph E. Stiglitz
22837: The Theory of Credit and Macro-economic Stability Downloads
Joseph E. Stiglitz
22836: The Competitive Effects of Information Sharing Downloads
John Asker, Chaim Fershtman, Jihye Jeon and Ariel Pakes
22835: The Evolution of Health Insurer Costs in Massachusetts, 2010-12 Downloads
Kate Ho, Ariel Pakes and Mark Shepard
22834: The Economic Contribution of Unauthorized Workers: An Industry Analysis Downloads
Ryan Edwards and Francesc Ortega
22833: World Shocks, World Prices, and Business Cycles: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Andrés Fernández, Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
22832: Screening in Contract Design: Evidence from the ACA Health Insurance Exchanges Downloads
Michael Geruso, Timothy J. Layton and Daniel Prinz
22831: Monetary Policy and the Stock Market: Time-Series Evidence Downloads
Andreas Neuhierl and Michael Weber
22830: An Economic Analysis of U.S Airline Fuel Economy Dynamics from 1991 to 2015 Downloads
Matthew Kahn and Jerry Nickelsburg
22829: Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Downloads
Itzhak Ben-David, Francesco Franzoni and Rabih Moussawi
22828: Corporate Deleveraging Downloads
Harry DeAngelo, Andrei S. Gonçalves and René M. Stulz
22827: Inflation Dynamics During the Financial Crisis Downloads
Simon Gilchrist, Raphael Schoenle, Jae Sim and Egon Zakrajsek
22826: Hospital Competition, Quality, and Expenditures in the U.S. Medicare Population Downloads
Carrie Colla, Julie Bynum, Andrea Austin and Jonathan Skinner
22825: Putting the Cycle Back into Business Cycle Analysis Downloads
Paul Beaudry, Dana Galizia and Franck Portier
22824: Time-Inconsistent Charitable Giving Downloads
James Andreoni and Marta Serra-Garcia
22823: The Optimal Distribution of Population across Cities Downloads
David Albouy, Kristian Behrens, Frederic Robert-Nicoud and Nathan Seegert
22822: Heterogeneity and Persistence in Returns to Wealth Downloads
Andreas Fagereng, Luigi Guiso, Davide Malacrino and Luigi Pistaferri
22821: Durable Coalitions and Communication: Public versus Private Negotiations Downloads
David P. Baron, Renee Bowen and Salvatore Nunnari
22820: Puzzles in the Forex Tokyo “Fixing”: Order Imbalances and Biased Pricing by Banks Downloads
Takatoshi Ito and Masahiro Yamada
22819: International Borrowing Cycles: A New Historical Database Downloads
Graciela Kaminsky
22818: Technical Aspects of Correspondence Studies Downloads
Joanna Lahey and Ryan Beasley
22817: Gender, Marriage, and Life Expectancy Downloads
Margherita Borella, Mariacristina De Nardi and Fang Yang
22816: Housing Demand, Cost-of-Living Inequality, and the Affordability Crisis Downloads
David Albouy, Gabriel Ehrlich and Yingyi Liu
22815: The Affordable Care Act as Retiree Health Insurance: Implications for Retirement and Social Security Claiming Downloads
Alan Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier and Nahid Tabatabai
22814: Past Performance and Procurement Outcomes Downloads
Francesco Decarolis, Giancarlo Spagnolo and Riccardo Pacini
22813: On a World Climate Assembly and the Social Cost of Carbon Downloads
Martin Weitzman
22812: International Transmissions of Monetary Shocks: Between a Trilemma and a Dilemma Downloads
Xuehui Han and Shang-Jin Wei
22811: Complementarity without Superadditivity Downloads
Steven Berry, Philip Haile, Mark Israel and Michael Katz
22810: Analyzing the Influence of Occupational Licensing Duration on Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Suyoun Han and Morris M. Kleiner
22809: Misallocation, Establishment Size, and Productivity Downloads
Pedro Bento and Diego Restuccia
22808: How Information Affects Support for Education Spending: Evidence from Survey Experiments in Germany and the United States Downloads
Martin R. West, Ludger Woessmann, Philipp Lergetporer and Katharina Werner
22807: The Social Cost of Carbon Revisited Downloads
Robert Pindyck
22806: Political Borders and Bank Lending in Post-Crisis America Downloads
Matthieu Chavaz and Andrew Rose
22805: The Compositional Effect of Rigorous Teacher Evaluation on Workforce Quality Downloads
Julie Cullen, Cory Koedel and Eric Parsons
22804: Trade, Pollution and Mortality in China Downloads
Matilde Bombardini and Bingjing Li
22803: E-governance, Accountability, and Leakage in Public Programs: Experimental Evidence from a Financial Management Reform in India Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Clément Imbert, Santhosh Mathew and Rohini Pande
22802: Intertemporal Substitution in Health Care Demand: Evidence from the RAND Health Insurance Experiment Downloads
Haizhen Lin and Daniel W. Sacks
22801: The Long Shadow of a Fiscal Expansion Downloads
Chong-En Bai, Chang-Tai Hsieh and Zheng Michael Song
22800: Should Central Banks Care About Fiscal Rules? Downloads
Eric Leeper
22799: Leverage Dynamics without Commitment Downloads
Peter DeMarzo and Zhiguo He
22798: Taxing the Rich More: Preliminary Evidence from the 2013 Tax Increase Downloads
Emmanuel Saez
22797: Divergent Paths: Structural Change, Economic Rank, and the Evolution of Black-White Earnings Differences, 1940-2014 Downloads
Patrick Bayer and Kerwin Kofi Charles
22796: The Mortality and Medical Costs of Air Pollution: Evidence from Changes in Wind Direction Downloads
Tatyana Deryugina, Garth Heutel, Nolan H. Miller, David Molitor and Julian Reif
22795: Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk Downloads
Kent D. Daniel, Robert B. Litterman and Gernot Wagner
22794: Public Debt as Private Liquidity: Optimal Policy Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos, Fabrice Collard and Harris Dellas
22793: Commodities for the Long Run Downloads
Ari Levine, Yao Hua Ooi and Matthew Richardson
22792: The Effect of E-Cigarette Minimum Legal Sale Age Laws on Traditional Cigarette Use and Birth Outcomes among Pregnant Teenagers Downloads
Michael F. Pesko and Janet Currie
22791: Balancing, Regression, Difference-In-Differences and Synthetic Control Methods: A Synthesis Downloads
Nikolay Doudchenko and Guido Imbens
22790: Currency Manipulation Downloads
Tarek A. Hassan, Thomas M. Mertens and Tony Zhang
22789: A Real Estate Boom with Chinese Characteristics Downloads
Edward Glaeser, Wei Huang, Yueran Ma and Andrei Shleifer
22788: Crime and Durable Goods Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Laura Jaitman and Federico Weinschelbaum
22787: Fighting Crises Downloads
Gary Gorton and Guillermo Ordonez
22786: Discrimination as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Evidence from French Grocery Stores Downloads
Dylan Glover, Amanda Pallais and William Pariente
22785: Forward Guidance without Common Knowledge Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos and Chen Lian
22784: Log-linear Approximation versus an Exact Solution at the ZLB in the New Keynesian Model Downloads
Gauti Eggertsson and Sanjay R. Singh
22783: Innovation Network Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit and William Kerr
22782: Trends in Cumulative Marginal Tax Rates Facing Low-Income Families, 1997-2007 Downloads
Gizem Kosar and Robert Moffitt
22781: Regression Kink Design: Theory and Practice Downloads
David Card, David S. Lee, Zhuan Pei and Andrea Weber
22780: Competitive Effects of Scope of Practice Restrictions: Public Health or Public Harm? Downloads
Sara Markowitz, E. Kathleen Adams, Mary Jane Lewitt, PhD, Cnm and Md Anne Dunlop
22779: Knowledge Elites and Modernization: Evidence from Revolutionary France Downloads
Mara P. Squicciarini and Nico Voigtländer
22778: Business Income and Business Taxation in the United States Since the 1950s Downloads
Conor Clarke and Wojciech Kopczuk
22777: Elite Identity and Political Accountability: A Tale of Ten Islands Downloads
Jean-Paul Carvalho and Christian Dippel
22776: Racial and Gender Discrimination in Transportation Network Companies Downloads
Yanbo Ge, Christopher Knittel, Don MacKenzie and Stephen Zoepf
22775: Factions in Nondemocracies: Theory and Evidence from the Chinese Communist Party Downloads
Patrick Francois, Francesco Trebbi and Kairong Xiao
22774: Securities Lending as Wholesale Funding: Evidence from the U.S. Life Insurance Industry Downloads
Nathan Foley-Fisher, Borghan Narajabad and Stephane Verani
22773: Multidimensional Private Information, Market Structure and Insurance Markets Downloads
Hanming Fang and Zenan Wu
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