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21184: Neighborhood Sanitation and Infant Mortality Downloads
Michael Geruso and Dean Spears
21183: Mothers' Employment and Children's Educational Gender Gap Downloads
Xiaodong Fan, Hanming Fang and Simen Markussen
21182: The Price of Variance Risk Downloads
Ian Dew-Becker, Stefano Giglio, Anh Le and Marius Rodriguez
21181: The U.S. listing gap Downloads
Craig Doidge, G. Karolyi and René M. Stulz
21180: Personalities and Public Sector Performance: Evidence from a Health Experiment in Pakistan Downloads
Michael Callen, Saad Gulzar, Ali Hasanain, Yasir Khan and Arman Rezaee
21179: A Tractable Model of Monetary Exchange with Ex-post Heterogeneity Downloads
Guillaume Rocheteau, Pierre-Olivier Weill and Tsz-Nga Wong
21177: Optimal Income, Education, and Bequest Taxes in an Intergenerational Model Downloads
Stefanie Stantcheva
21176: Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico Downloads
David Atkin, Benjamin Faber and Marco Gonzalez-Navarro
21175: Foreign and Native Skilled Workers: What Can We Learn from H-1B Lotteries? Downloads
Giovanni Peri, Kevin Shih and Chad Sparber
21174: Misperceiving Inequality Downloads
Vladimir Gimpelson and Daniel Treisman
21173: Maintaining Central-Bank Financial Stability under New-Style Central Banking Downloads
Robert E. Hall and Ricardo Reis
21172: Financial Flows and the International Monetary System Downloads
Evgenia Passari and Helene Rey
21171: Kingpin Approaches to Fighting Crime and Community Violence: Evidence from Mexico's Drug War Downloads
Jason M. Lindo and María Padilla-Romo
21169: Social Networks, Reputation and Commitment: Evidence from a Savings Monitors Experiment Downloads
Emily Breza and Arun G. Chandrasekhar
21168: Liquidity in Retirement Savings Systems: An International Comparison Downloads
John Beshears, James J. Choi, Joshua Hurwitz, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
21167: Market Definition, Market Power Downloads
Louis Kaplow
21166: Days to Cover and Stock Returns Downloads
Harrison Hong, Weikai Li, Sophie X. Ni, Jose Scheinkman and Philip Yan
21165: Skill Biased Structural Change Downloads
Francisco J. Buera, Joseph Kaboski and Richard Rogerson
21164: How You Export Matters: Export Mode, Learning and Productivity in China Downloads
Xue Bai, Kala Krishna and Hong Ma
21163: Can helping the sick hurt the able? Incentives, information and disruption in a disability-related welfare reform Downloads
Nitika Bagaria, Barbara Petrongolo and John van Reenen
21162: Dilemma not Trilemma: The global Financial Cycle and Monetary Policy Independence Downloads
Helene Rey
21161: The Supply and Demand of S&P 500 Put Options Downloads
George Constantinides and Lei Lian
21160: Do Individuals Make Sensible Health Insurance Decisions? Evidence from a Menu with Dominated Options Downloads
Saurabh Bhargava, George Loewenstein and Justin Sydnor
21159: Uncovered Interest Parity and Monetary Policy Near and Far from the Zero Lower Bound Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Yi Zhang
21158: Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises: Can Monetary Policy Really Help? Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta, Elena Perazzi and Eric van Wincoop
21157: Temperature and Human Capital in the Short- and Long-Run Downloads
Joshua Graff Zivin, Solomon M. Hsiang and Matthew J. Neidell
21156: The Effects of Exposure to Better Neighborhoods on Children: New Evidence from the Moving to Opportunity Experiment Downloads
Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren and Lawrence Katz
21155: A Tractable Framework for Analyzing a Class of Nonstationary Markov Models Downloads
Lilia Maliar, Serguei Maliar, John Taylor and Inna Tsener
21154: Why Do Cities Matter? Local Growth and Aggregate Growth Downloads
Chang-Tai Hsieh and Enrico Moretti
21153: Voluntary Associations, Corporate Rights, and the State: Legal Constraints on the Development of American Civil Society, 1750-1900 Downloads
Ruth H. Bloch and Naomi R. Lamoreaux
21152: Colonial New Jersey's Provincial Fiscal Structure, 1709-1775: Spending Obligations, Revenue Sources, and Tax Burdens in War and in Peace Downloads
Farley Grubb
21151: A Structural Model of Electoral Accountability Downloads
S. Boragan Aruoba, Allan Drazen and Razvan Vlaicu
21150: Bank sovereign bond holdings, sovereign shock spillovers, and moral hazard during the European crisis Downloads
Andrea Beltratti and René M. Stulz
21149: The Impact of Trade on Labor Market Dynamics Downloads
Lorenzo Caliendo, Maximiliano Dvorkin and Fernando Parro
21148: When Should Governments Subsidize Health? The Case of Mass Deworming Downloads
Amrita Ahuja, Sarah Baird, Joan Hamory Hicks, Michael Kremer, Edward Miguel and Shawn Powers
21147: Giving College Credit Where it is Due: Advanced Placement Exam Scores and College Outcomes Downloads
Jonathan Smith, Michael Hurwitz and Christopher Avery
21146: The Career Effects of Scandal: Evidence from Scientific Retractions Downloads
Pierre Azoulay, Alessandro Bonatti and Joshua L. Krieger
21145: Politics in the Courtroom: Political Ideology and Jury Decision Making Downloads
Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer and Randi Hjalmarsson
21144: The Impact of Disability Benefits on Labor Supply: Evidence from the VA's Disability Compensation Program Downloads
David Autor, Mark Duggan, Kyle Greenberg and David S. Lyle
21143: Above a Swamp: A Theory of High-Quality Scientific Production Downloads
Bralind Kiri, Nicola Lacetera and Lorenzo Zirulia
21142: The Facts of Economic Growth Downloads
Charles Jones
21141: It's Good to be First: Order Bias in Reading and Citing NBER Working Papers Downloads
Daniel Feenberg, Ina Ganguli, Patrick Gaule and Jonathan Gruber
21140: Lost in the Clouds: The Impact of Changing Property Rights on Investment in Cloud Computing Ventures Downloads
Josh Lerner and Greg Rafert
21139: Cofinancing in Environment and Development: Evidence from the Global Environment Facility Downloads
Matthew J. Kotchen and Neeraj Kumar Negi
21138: Preference for Boys, Family Size and Educational Attainment in India Downloads
Adriana D. Kugler and Santosh Kumar
21137: Career Technical Education and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from California Community Colleges Downloads
Ann Stevens, Michal Kurlaender and Michel Grosz
21136: How Modern Dictators Survive: An Informational Theory of the New Authoritarianism Downloads
Sergei Guriev and Daniel Treisman
21135: The Impact of Tuition Increases on Undocumented College Students' Attainment Downloads
Dylan Conger and Lesley J. Turner
21134: Slack Time and Innovation Downloads
Ajay Agrawal, Christian Catalini and Avi Goldfarb
21133: What Do Private Equity Firms Say They Do? Downloads
Paul Gompers, Steven N. Kaplan and Vladimir Mukharlyamov
21132: Networks and Manufacturing Firms in Africa: Results from a Randomized Field Experiment Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Simon R. Quinn
21131: Executive Compensation: A Modern Primer Downloads
Alex Edmans and Xavier Gabaix
21130: Does Exposure to Economics Bring New Majors to the Field? Evidence from a natural Experiment Downloads
Hans Fricke, Jeffrey Grogger and Andreas Steinmayr
21129: Productivity, Safety, and Regulation in Coal Mining: Evidence from Disasters and Fatalities Downloads
Gautam Gowrisankaran, Charles He, Eric A. Lutz and Jefferey L. Burgess
21128: Monetary Policy Spillovers and the Trilemma in the New Normal: Periphery Country Sensitivity to Core Country Conditions Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Menzie Chinn and Hiro Ito
21127: Redistribution and Group Participation: Comparative Experimental Evidence from Africa and the UK Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Ruth Hill
21126: What Drives Nutritional Disparities? Retail Access and Food Purchases Across the Socioeconomic Spectrum Downloads
Jessie Handbury, Ilya Rahkovsky and Molly Schnell
21125: Identification and Efficient Semiparametric Estimation of a Dynamic Discrete Game Downloads
Patrick Bajari, Victor Chernozhukov, Han Hong and Denis Nekipelov
21124: Improving Policy Functions in High-Dimensional Dynamic Games Downloads
Carlos A. Manzanares, Ying Jiang and Patrick Bajari
21123: Are Immigrants a Shot in the Arm for the Local Economy? Downloads
Gihoon Hong and John McLaren
21122: High-frequency, Algorithmic Spillovers Between NASDAQ and Forex Downloads
Takatoshi Ito and Masahiro Yamada
21121: Monnet's Error? Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
21120: The Effect of State Taxes on the Geographical Location of Top Earners: Evidence from Star Scientists Downloads
Enrico Moretti and Daniel Wilson
21119: Goldilocks Economies? Temperature Stress and the Direct Impacts of Climate Change Downloads
Geoffrey Heal and Jisung Park
21118: Liquidity as Social Expertise Downloads
Pablo Kurlat
21117: Culture, Institutions and Democratization Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Gérard Roland
21116: Green Skills Downloads
Francesco Vona, Giovanni Marin, Davide Consoli and David Popp
21115: Welfare and Distributional Implications of Shale Gas Downloads
Catherine Hausman and Ryan Kellogg
21114: The Weaker Sex? Vulnerable Men, Resilient Women, and Variations in Sex Differences in Mortality since 1900 Downloads
Mark R. Cullen, Michael Baiocchi, Karen Eggleston, Pooja Loftus and Victor Fuchs
21113: The U.S. Electricity Industry After 20 Years of Restructuring Downloads
Severin Borenstein and James Bushnell
21112: Demystifying the Chinese Housing Boom Downloads
Hanming Fang, Quanlin Gu, Wei Xiong and Li-An Zhou
21111: Benefit Incidence with Incentive Effects, Measurement Errors and Latent Heterogeneity: A Case Study for China Downloads
Martin Ravallion and Shaohua Chen
21110: Cash burns: An inventory model with a cash-credit choice Downloads
Fernando Alvarez and Francesco Lippi
21109: Government Policy and Labor Supply with Myopic or Targeted Savings Decisions Downloads
Louis Kaplow
21108: AIG in Hindsight Downloads
Robert L. McDonald and Anna Paulson
21107: Entrepreneurship and Financial Frictions: A Macro-Development Perspective Downloads
Francisco J. Buera, Joseph Kaboski and Yongseok Shin
21106: Quantitative Models of Wealth Inequality: A Survey Downloads
Mariacristina De Nardi
21105: Forbidden Fruits: The Political Economy of Science, Religion, and Growth Downloads
Roland Benabou, Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni
21104: Myopia and Complex Dynamic Incentives: Evidence from Medicare Part D Downloads
Christina M. Dalton, Gautam Gowrisankaran and Robert Town
21103: Assets with "Warts": How Reliable is the Market for Technology? Downloads
Vincenzo Palermo, Matthew J. Higgins and Marco Ceccagnoli
21102: Borrowing from the Future: 401(k) Plan Loans and Loan Defaults Downloads
Timothy (Jun) Lu, Olivia Mitchell, Stephen P. Utkus and Jean A. Young
21101: Child Cash Benefits and Family Expenditures: Evidence from the National Child Benefit Downloads
Lauren Jones, Kevin Milligan and Mark Stabile
21100: Effects of Fiscal Shocks in a Globalized World Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Yuriy Gorodnichenko
21099: Is No News (Perceived as) Bad News? An Experimental Investigation of Information Disclosure Downloads
Ginger Zhe Jin, Michael Luca and Daniel Martin
21098: The Half-Life of Happiness: Hedonic Adaptation in the Subjective Well-Being of Poor Slum Dwellers to a Large Improvement in Housing Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Paul Gertler and Raimundo Undurraga
21097: The Use and Misuse of Models for Climate Policy Downloads
Robert Pindyck
21096: Ethnic Complementarities after the Opening of China: How Chinese Graduate Students Affected the Productivity of Their Advisors Downloads
George Borjas, Kirk B. Doran and Ying Shen
21095: Delay Functions as the Foundation of Time Preference: Testing for Separable Discounted Utility Downloads
Keith Marzilli Ericson and Jawwad Noor
21094: Labor Market Slack and Monetary Policy Downloads
David G. Blanchflower and Andrew Levin
21093: Friendship at Work: Can Peer Effects Catalyze Female Entrepreneurship? Downloads
Erica Field, Seema Jayachandran, Rohini Pande and Natalia Rigol
21092: How Do Firms Form Their Expectations? New Survey Evidence Downloads
Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Saten Kumar
21091: Robots: Curse or Blessing? A Basic Framework Downloads
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Seth Benzell and Guillermo LaGarda
21090: An Empirical Examination of Patent Hold-up Downloads
Alexander Galetovic, Stephen Haber and Ross Levine
21089: Chinese Outwards Mercantilism – the Art and Practice of Bundling Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak and Huanhuan Zheng
21088: Are PILOTs Property Taxes for Nonprofits? Downloads
Fan Fei, James Hines and Jill R. Horwitz
21087: The Geography of Development: Evaluating Migration Restrictions and Coastal Flooding Downloads
Klaus Desmet, Dávid Krisztián Nagy and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
21086: Financial Accelerator at Work: Evidence from Corn Fields Downloads
Nittai K. Bergman, Rajkamal Iyer and Richard T. Thakor
21085: Bankruptcy Rates among NFL Players with Short-Lived Income Spikes Downloads
Kyle Carlson, Joshua Kim, Annamaria Lusardi and Colin Camerer
21084: Aspire Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Simon Quinn
21083: Good Rankings Are Bad: Why Reliable Rankings Can Hurt Consumers Downloads
Laurent Bouton and Georg Kirchsteiger
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