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22190: What Explains the Flow of Foreign Fighters to ISIS? Downloads
Efraim Benmelech and Esteban Klor
22189: Motivating Effort In Contributing to Public Goods Inside Organizations: Field Experimental Evidence Downloads
Andrea Blasco, Olivia S. Jung, Karim R. Lakhani and Michael Menietti
22188: Decomposing Duration Dependence in a Stopping Time Model Downloads
Fernando E. Alvarez, Katarína Borovičková and Robert Shimer
22187: Age and Gender Profiling in the Chinese and Mexican Labor Markets: Evidence from Four Job Boards Downloads
Miguel Delgado Helleseter, Peter Kuhn and Kailing Shen
22186: Homophily and Transitivity in Dynamic Network Formation Downloads
Bryan Graham
22185: Economic Analysis of Property Rights: First Possession of Water in the American West Downloads
Bryan Leonard and Gary Libecap
22184: The Impact of the Civil War on Southern Wealth Holders Downloads
Brandon Dupont and Joshua Rosenbloom
22183: Bond Risk Premia in Consumption-based Models Downloads
Drew D. Creal and Jing Cynthia Wu
22182: Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on Health Insurance Coverage in Medicaid Expansion and Non-Expansion States Downloads
Charles Courtemanche, James Marton, Benjamin Ukert, Aaron Yelowitz and Daniela Zapata
22181: Climate Econometrics Downloads
Solomon M. Hsiang
22180: Bias against Novelty in Science: A Cautionary Tale for Users of Bibliometric Indicators Downloads
Jian Wang, Reinhilde Veugelers and Paula Stephan
22179: Nutrient Intake: A Cross-National Analysis of Trends and Economic Correlates Downloads
Dhaval Dave, Nadia Doytch and Inas Kelly
22178: Does Trade Liberalization with China Influence U.S. Elections? Downloads
Yi Che, Yi Lu, Justin R. Pierce, Peter Schott and Zhigang Tao
22177: Raise Rates to Raise Inflation? Neo-Fisherianism in the New Keynesian Model Downloads
Julio Garín, Robert Lester and Eric Sims
22176: Technology, Skill and the Wage Structure Downloads
Nancy L. Stokey
22175: Distance and Time Effects in Swedish Commodity Prices, 1732–1914 Downloads
Mario Crucini and Gregor Smith
22174: Social Mobility and Stability of Democracy: Re-evaluating De Tocqueville Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Georgy Egorov and Konstantin Sonin
22173: Preference for the Workplace, Human Capital, and Gender Downloads
Matthew Wiswall and Basit Zafar
22172: Secular Stagnation in the Open Economy Downloads
Gauti Eggertsson, Neil R. Mehrotra and Lawrence Summers
22171: Selective Hearing: Physician-Ownership and Physicians' Response to New Evidence Downloads
David H. Howard, Guy David and Jason Hockenberry
22170: The Effect of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansions on Financial Well-Being Downloads
Luojia Hu, Robert Kaestner, Bhashkar Mazumder, Sarah Miller and Ashley Wong
22169: Organizational Complexity and Balance Sheet Management in Global Banks Downloads
Nicola Cetorelli and Linda Goldberg
22168: The Importance of Family Income in the Formation and Evolution of Non-Cognitive Skills in Childhood Downloads
Jason Fletcher and Barbara Wolfe
22167: Decision Theoretic Approaches to Experiment Design and External Validity Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Sylvain Chassang and Erik Snowberg
22166: Stirring Up a Hornets' Nest: Geographic Distribution of Crime Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Ivan Lopez Cruz and Gustavo Torrens
22165: The Causes and Consequences of Test Score Manipulation: Evidence from the New York Regents Examinations Downloads
Thomas S. Dee, Will Dobbie, Brian A. Jacob and Jonah Rockoff
22164: The Effect of Aid on Growth: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Stephen Knack, Lixin Colin Xu and Ben Zou
22163: The Limited Macroeconomic Effects of Unemployment Benefit Extensions Downloads
Gabriel Chodorow-Reich and Loukas Karabarbounis
22162: Term Structures of Asset Prices and Returns Downloads
David Backus, Nina Boyarchenko and Mikhail Chernov
22161: Coordinated Noise Trading: Evidence from Pension Fund Reallocations Downloads
Zhi Da, Borja Larrain, Clemens Sialm and José Tessada
22160: The Impact of Innovation in the Multinational Firm Downloads
L. Kamran Bilir and Eduardo Morales
22159: Temporary Migration and Endogenous Risk Sharing in Village India Downloads
Melanie Morten
22158: Paving the Way to Development: Costly Migration and Labor Market Integration Downloads
Melanie Morten and Jaqueline Oliveira
22157: Can Currency Competition Work? Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde and Daniel Sanches
22156: Optimal Contracting with Subjective Evaluation: The Effects of Timing, Malfeasance and Guile Downloads
W. Bentley MacLeod and Teck Yong Tan
22155: Canary in a Coal Mine: Infant Mortality, Property Values, and Tradeoffs Associated with Mid-20th Century Air Pollution Downloads
Karen Clay, Joshua Lewis and Edson Severnini
22154: Differences in Quarterly Utilization-Adjusted TFP by Vintage, with an Application to News Shocks Downloads
Eric R. Sims
22153: Corporate Resilience to Banking Crises: The Roles of Trust and Trade Credit Downloads
Ross Levine, Chen Lin and Wensi Xie
22152: The Deposits Channel of Monetary Policy Downloads
Itamar Drechsler, Alexi Savov and Philipp Schnabl
22151: Learning, Career Paths, and the Distribution of Wages Downloads
Santiago Caicedo, Robert E. Lucas, Jr. and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
22150: Levered Returns Downloads
Ivo Welch
22149: Faculty Preferences over Unionization: Evidence from Open Letters at Two Research Universities Downloads
Joel Waldfogel
22148: The Real Effects of Liquidity During the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Automobiles Downloads
Efraim Benmelech, Ralf R. Meisenzahl and Rodney Ramcharan
22147: Measuring Openness to Trade Downloads
Michael E. Waugh and B. Ravikumar
22146: Uninformative Feedback and Risk Taking: Evidence from Retail Forex Trading Downloads
Itzhak Ben-David, Justin Birru and Viktor Prokopenya
22145: The Global Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity: Nature, History, and the Role of Trade Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson, Tim L. Squires, Adam Storeygard and David Weil
22144: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Critical Transitions Downloads
Lee Alston, Marcus André Melo, Bernardo Mueller and Carlos Pereira
22143: Crash Beliefs From Investor Surveys Downloads
William Goetzmann, Dasol Kim and Robert Shiller
22142: Are Online and Offline Prices Similar? Evidence from Large Multi-Channel Retailers Downloads
Alberto Cavallo
22141: Financial Dampening Downloads
Johannes F. Wieland and Mu-Jeung Yang
22140: Supply-Side Policies in the Depression: Evidence from France Downloads
Jérémie Cohen-Setton, Joshua K. Hausman and Johannes F. Wieland
22139: Optimal Reserves in Financially Closed Economies Downloads
Olivier Jeanne and Damiano Sandri
22138: Preferential Trade Agreements Downloads
Nuno Limão
22137: The Inclusive Cost of Pandemic Influenza Risk Downloads
Victoria Y. Fan, Dean T. Jamison and Lawrence Summers
22136: Animal Spirits in a Monetary Model Downloads
Roger Farmer and Konstantin Platonov
22135: The Theory of Unconventional Monetary Policy Downloads
Roger Farmer and Pawel Zabczyk
22134: Rethinking Performance Evaluation Downloads
Campbell Harvey and Yan Liu
22133: On the Optimal Inflation Rate Downloads
Markus Brunnermeier and Yuliy Sannikov
22132: Government Old-Age Support and Labor Supply: Evidence from the Old Age Assistance Program Downloads
Daniel K. Fetter and Lee M. Lockwood
22131: Clans, Guilds, and Markets: Apprenticeship Institutions and Growth in the Pre-Industrial Economy Downloads
David de la Croix, Matthias Doepke and Joel Mokyr
22130: The Production of Human Capital in Developed Countries: Evidence from 196 Randomized Field Experiments Downloads
Roland Fryer
22129: The Discounted Euler Equation: A Note Downloads
Alisdair McKay, Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson
22128: Market Reforms in the Time of Imbalance Downloads
Matteo Cacciatore, Romain Duval, Giuseppe Fiori and Fabio Ghironi
22127: Tax Benefits for College Attendance Downloads
Susan Dynarski and Judith Scott-Clayton
22126: Targeted or Universal Coverage? Assessing Heterogeneity in the Effects of Universal Childcare Downloads
Michael J. Kottelenberg and Steven Lehrer
22125: Quantitative Models of Sovereign Debt Crises Downloads
Mark Aguiar, Satyajit Chatterjee, Harold Cole and Zachary Stangebye
22124: Crowdsourcing City Government: Using Tournaments to Improve Inspection Accuracy Downloads
Edward Glaeser, Andrew Hillis, Scott Duke Kominers and Michael Luca
22123: Viewpoint: The Human Capital Approach to Inference Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod
22122: Neoclassical Models in Macroeconomics Downloads
Gary Hansen and Lee Ohanian
22121: Can Iron-Fortified Salt Control Anemia? Evidence from Two Experiments in Rural Bihar Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Sharon Barnhardt and Esther Duflo
22120: Academics vs. Athletics: Career Concerns for NCAA Division I Coaches Downloads
Christopher Avery, Brian Cadman and Gavin Cassar
22119: International Shocks and Domestic Prices: How Large Are Strategic Complementarities? Downloads
Mary Amiti, Oleg Itskhoki and Jozef Konings
22118: Beyond Job Lock: Impacts of Public Health Insurance on Occupational and Industrial Mobility Downloads
Ammar Farooq and Adriana Kugler
22117: Labor Market Institutions in the Gilded Age of American Economic History Downloads
Suresh Naidu and Noam Yuchtman
22116: The Risk Anomaly Tradeoff of Leverage Downloads
Malcolm Baker, Mathias F. Hoeyer and Jeffrey Wurgler
22115: Trading Skill: Evidence from Trades of Corporate Insiders in Their Personal Portfolios Downloads
Itzhak Ben-David, Justin Birru and Andrea Rossi
22114: Rethinking Deindustrialization Downloads
Andrew Bernard, Valerie Smeets and Frédéric Warzynski
22113: Field Experiments in Markets Downloads
Omar Al-Ubaydli and John List
22112: Interactions Between Family and School Environments: Evidence on Dynamic Complementarities? Downloads
Ofer Malamud, Cristian Pop-Eleches and Miguel Urquiola
22111: The Billion Prices Project: Using Online Prices for Measurement and Research Downloads
Alberto Cavallo and Roberto Rigobon
22110: The March of the Techies: Technology, Trade, and Job Polarization in France, 1994-2007 Downloads
James Harrigan, Ariell Reshef and Farid Toubal
22109: Explicit vs. Statistical Preferential Treatment in Affirmative Action: Theory and Evidence from Chicago's Exam Schools Downloads
Umut Dur, Parag Pathak and Tayfun Sönmez
22108: Refugees From Dust and Shrinking Land: Tracking the Dust Bowl Migrants Downloads
Jason Long and Henry Siu
22107: The Effect of Performance-Based Incentives on Educational Achievement: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Downloads
Steven Levitt, John List and Sally Sadoff
22106: The Price Effects of Cross-Market Hospital Mergers Downloads
Leemore Dafny, Kate Ho and Robin S. Lee
22105: The Environmental Cost of Global Fuel Subsidies Downloads
Lucas Davis
22104: Can Tracking Raise the Test Scores of High-Ability Minority Students? Downloads
David Card and Laura Giuliano
22103: Learning from Potentially-Biased Statistics: Household Inflation Perceptions and Expectations in Argentina Downloads
Alberto Cavallo, Guillermo Cruces and Ricardo Perez-Truglia
22102: The Labor Supply of Undocumented Immigrants Downloads
George Borjas
22101: Management Practices, Workforce Selection and Productivity Downloads
Stefan Bender, Nicholas Bloom, David Card, John van Reenen and Stefanie Wolter
22100: Money and Velocity During Financial Crises: From the Great Depression to the Great Recession Downloads
Richard G. Anderson, Michael Bordo and John Duca
22099: A Glimpse into the World of High Capacity Givers: Experimental Evidence from a University Capital Campaign Downloads
Tova Levin, Steven Levitt and John List
22098: Identification and Efficiency Bounds for the Average Match Function under Conditionally Exogenous Matching Downloads
Bryan Graham, Guido Imbens and Geert Ridder
22097: Optimal Currency Area: A 20th Century Idea For the 21st Century? Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
22096: Macroeconomic-Driven Prepayment Risk and the Valuation of Mortgage-Backed Securities Downloads
Mikhail Chernov, Brett R. Dunn and Francis Longstaff
22095: The State of American Entrepreneurship: New Estimates of the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship for 15 US States, 1988-2014 Downloads
Jorge Guzman and Scott Stern
22094: Three-generation Mobility in the United States, 1850-1940: The Role of Maternal and Paternal Grandparents Downloads
Claudia Olivetti, M. Daniele Paserman and Laura Salisbury
22093: Organized Crime, Violence, and Politics Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Salvatore Piccolo and Paolo Pinotti
22092: An Input-Output Model of the U.S. Economy with Pollution Externality Downloads
Nicholas Z. Muller
22091: How Management Risk Affects Corporate Debt Downloads
Yihui Pan, Tracy Yue Wang and Michael S. Weisbach
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