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10322: The (Un)changing Geographical Distribution of Housing Tax Benefits: 1980 to 2000 Downloads
Todd Sinai and Joseph Gyourko
10321: Taxation and Corporate Payout Policy Downloads
James Poterba
10320: Household vs. Personal Accounts of the U.S. Labor Market, 1965-2000 Downloads
Casey Mulligan and Yona Rubinstein
10319: Surviving the U.S. Import Market: The Role of Product Differentiation Downloads
Tibor Besedes and Thomas J. Prusa
10318: Is the Invisible Hand Discerning or Indiscriminate? Investment and Stock Prices in the Aftermath of Capital Account Liberalizations Downloads
Anusha Chari and Peter Blair Henry
10317: International Trade and Child Labor: Cross-Country Evidence Downloads
Eric Edmonds and Nina Pavcnik
10316: Why do Americans Work so Much More than Europeans? Downloads
Edward C. Prescott
10315: Putting Computerized Instruction to the Test: A Randomized Evaluation of a "Scientifically-based" Reading Program Downloads
Cecilia E. Rouse and Alan B. Krueger
10314: Globalization and the Gains from Variety Downloads
Christian Broda and David Weinstein
10313: Ethnic Diversity and Economic Performance Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Eliana La Ferrara
10312: Opportunities, Race, and Urban Location: The Influence of John Kain Downloads
Edward Ludwig Glaeser, Eric A. Hanushek and John M. Quigley
10311: Changes in the Disparities in Chronic Disease during the Course of the Twentieth Century Downloads
Robert William Fogel
10310: The Economic Future of Europe Downloads
Olivier J Blanchard
10309: Technology Shocks in the New Keynesian Model Downloads
Peter N. Ireland
10308: Asbestos and the Future of Mass Torts Downloads
Michelle J. White
10307: Consumption vs. Expenditure Downloads
Mark Aguiar and Erik Hurst
10306: Rearranging the Family? Income Support and Elderly Living Arrangements in a Low Income Country Downloads
Eric Edmonds, Kristin Mammen and Douglas Lee Miller
10305: Personal Accounts and Family Retirement Downloads
Alan L. Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
10304: Does "Aggregation Bias" Explain the PPP Puzzle? Downloads
Shiu-Sheng Chen and Charles Engel
10303: Robustness of Productivity Estimates Downloads
Johannes Van Biesebroeck
10302: The Economics of Latin American Art: Creativity Patterns and Rates of Return Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
10301: Did Dividends Increase Immediately After the 2003 Reduction in Tax Rates? Downloads
Jennifer L. Blouin, Jana Smith Raedy and Douglas A. Shackelford
10300: Market Integration and Economic Development: A Long-run Comparison Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Carol Hua Shiue
10299: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Health and Nutrition in Pre-Columbian America Downloads
Richard H. Steckel
10298: Interest Rates and Initial Public Offerings Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic and Peter Rousseau
10297: Dynamics of Labor Demand: Evidence from Plant-level Observations and Aggregate Implications Downloads
Russel W. Cooper, John Haltiwanger and Jonathan L. Willis
10296: Serial Default and the "Paradox" of Rich to Poor Capital Flows Downloads
Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S Rogoff
10295: How Do Banks Set Interest Rates? Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta
10294: Aggregate Supply and Potential Output Downloads
Assaf Razin
10293: The Positive Link Between Financial Liberalization, Growth and Crises Downloads
Aaron Tornell, Frank Westermann and Lorenza Martinez
10292: Subsidy Agreements Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger
10291: How Much Equity Does the Government Hold? Downloads
Alan Auerbach
10290: Monetary and Fiscal Remedies for Deflation Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Maurice Obstfeld
10289: NAFTA and Mexico's Less-Than-Stellar Performance Downloads
Aaron Tornell, Frank Westermann and Lorenza Martinez
10288: Legal Regime and Business's Organizational Choice: A Comparison of France and the United States Downloads
Naomi R. Lamoreaux and Jean-Laurent Rosenthal
10287: Mandatory Unbundling and Irreversible Investment in Telecom Networks Downloads
Robert S. Pindyck
10286: Self-Employment: More may not be better Downloads
David G. Blanchflower
10285: ENTICE-BR: The Effects of Backstop Technology R&D on Climate Policy Models Downloads
David Popp
10284: Capital Controls: Mud in the Wheels of Market Discipline Downloads
Kristin Forbes
10283: Equilibrium Policy Experiments and the Evaluation of Social Programs Downloads
Jeremy Lise, Shannon Seitz and Jeffrey Andrew Smith
10282: Social Security and Unsecured Debt Downloads
Erik Hurst and Paul Willen
10281: The Demand for Sons: Evidence from Divorce, Fertility, and Shotgun Marriage Downloads
Gordon B. Dahl and Enrico Moretti
10280: Monetary Policy and the Volatility of Real Exchange Rates in New Zealand Downloads
Kenneth D. West
10279: Cross-country Conversion Factors for Sectoral Productivity Comparisons Downloads
Johannes Van Biesebroeck
10278: Demand Estimation with Heterogeneous Consumers and Unobserved Product Characteristics: A Hedonic Approach Downloads
Lanier Benkard C. and Patrick Bajari
10277: Financial Openness, Sudden Stops and Current Account Reversals Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
10276: Thirty Years of Current Account Imbalances, Current Account Reversals and Sudden Stops Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
10275: Tax-Motivated Trading by Individual Investors Downloads
Zoran Ivkovich, James Poterba and Scott Weisbenner
10274: Single Mothers Working at Night: Standard Work, Child Care Subsidies, and Implications for Welfare Reform Downloads
Erdal Tekin
10273: Reported Incomes and Marginal Tax Rates, 1960-2000: Evidence and Policy Implications Downloads
Emmanuel Saez
10272: Chaotic Interest Rate Rules: Expanded Version Downloads
Jess Benhabib, Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
10271: Does Copyright Piracy Pay? The Effects of U.S. International Copyright Laws on the Market for Books, 1790-1920 Downloads
Zorina Khan B.
10270: The Declining Equity Premium: What Role Does Macroeconomic Risk Play? Downloads
Martin Lettau, Sydney C. Ludvigson and Jessica A. Wachter
10269: Does Competition Destroy Ethical Behavior? Downloads
Andrei Shleifer
10268: Deflation and Depression: Is There and Empirical Link? Downloads
Andrew Atkeson and Patrick Kehoe
10267: Accounting for Exchange Rate Variability in Present-Value Models When the Discount Factor is Near One Downloads
Charles Engel and Kenneth D. West
10266: Life-Cycle Consumption and the Age-Adjusted Value of Life Downloads
Thomas J. Kniesner, James P. Ziliak and W Kip Viscusi
10265: Does Illiquidity Alter Child Labor and Schooling Decisions? Evidence from Household Responses to Anticipated Cash Transfers in South Africa Downloads
Eric Edmonds
10264: Investor Behavior in the Option Market Downloads
Josef Lakonishok, Inmoo Lee and Allen M. Poteshman
10263: Inflation Illusion and Stock Prices Downloads
John Y. Campbell and Tuomo Vuolteenaho
10262: What do Aggregate Consumption Euler Equations Say about the Capital Income Tax Burden? Downloads
Casey Mulligan
10261: Deep Habits
Morten Overgaard Ravn, Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
10260: Are Americans Saving "Optimally" for Retirement? Downloads
John Karl Scholz, Ananth Seshadri and Surachai Khitatrakun
10259: Why Are Most Funds Open-End? Competition and the Limits of Arbitrage Downloads
Jeremy C. Stein
10258: R&D Investments with Competitive Interactions Downloads
Kristian R. Miltersen and Eduardo S. Schwartz
10257: Is There a Retirement-Consumption Puzzle? Evidence Using Subjective Retirement Expectations Downloads
Steven J. Haider and Melvin Stephens
10256: Market Culture: How Norms Governing Exploding Offers Affect Market Performance Downloads
Muriel Niederle and Alvin E. Roth
10255: The Great Depression and the Friedman-Schwartz Hypothesis Downloads
Lawrence J. Christiano, Roberto Motto and Massimo V Rostagno
10254: The Response of Hours to a Technology Shock: Evidence Based on Direct Measures of Technology Downloads
Lawrence J. Christiano, Martin Eichenbaum and Robert John Vigfusson
10253: Optimal Simple and Implementable Monetary and Fiscal Rules Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
10252: A Search for Multiple Equilibria in Urban Industrial Structure Downloads
Donald R. Davis and David Weinstein
10251: Air Pollution and Infant Health: What Can We Learn From California's Recent Experience Downloads
Janet Currie and Matthew Neidell
10250: Tight Clothing: How the MFA Affects Asian Apparel Exports Downloads
Carolyn L. Evans and James Harrigan
10249: National Sovereignty in an Interdependent World Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger
10248: Persuasion in Politics Downloads
Kevin M. Murphy and Andrei Shleifer
10247: How Well Do Parents With Young Children Combine Work and Family Life Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
10246: Financial Development and the Instability of Open Economies Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Philippe Bacchetta and Abhijit Banerjee
10245: A Scapegoat Model of Exchange Rate Fluctuations Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
10244: Fooling Ourselves: Evaluating the Globalization and Growth Debate Downloads
Juan Carlos Hallak and James Levinsohn
10243: The Labor Market Effects of the 1960s Riots Downloads
William J. Collins and Robert Andrew Margo
10242: How Financial Aid Affects Persistence Downloads
Eric P. Bettinger
10241: Bureaucrats or Politicians? Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Guido Tabellini
10240: Incentives vs. Control: An Analysis of U.S. Dual-Class Companies Downloads
Paul Alan Gompers, Joy Ishii and Andrew Metrick
10239: Is it is or is it Ain't my Obligation? Regional Debt in Monetary Unions Downloads
Russell Cooper, Hubert Kempf and Dan Peled
10238: Investment Prices and Exchange Rates: Some Basic Facts Downloads
Ariel Tomas Burstein, Joao C. Neves and Sergio T Rebelo
10237: Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Productivity: A Firm Level Exploration Based on French Manufacturing CIS3 Data Downloads
Elisabeth Marie Kremp and Jacques MAIRESSE
10236: Financial Development and Growth in the Short and Long Run Downloads
Raymond Fisman and Inessa Love
10235: The Geography of Stock Market Participation: The Influence of Communities and Local Firms Downloads
Jeffrey Robert Brown, Zoran Ivkovich, Paul A. Smith and Scott Weisbenner
10234: Population and Regulation Downloads
Casey Mulligan and Andrei Shleifer
10233: Market Reactions to Export Subsidies Downloads
Mihir A. Desai and James R. Hines
10232: On the Desirability of Fiscal Constraints in a Monetary Union Downloads
Varadarajan Chari and Patrick Kehoe
10231: Efficiency with Endogenous Population Growth Downloads
Mikhail Golosov, Larry E. Jones and Michele Tertilt
10230: Helping the Poor to Help Themselves: Debt Relief or Aid Downloads
Serkan Arslanalp and Peter Blair Henry
10229: Some Simple Analytics of School Quality Downloads
Eric A. Hanushek
10228: Employees' Investment Decisions about Company Stock Downloads
James Jinwoo Choi, David Isaac Laibson, Brigitte C. Madrian and Andrew Metrick
10227: What Happens When Child Care Inspections and Complaints Are Made Available on the Internet? Downloads
Ann Dryden Witte and Magaly Queralt
10226: Interpersonal Effects in Consumption: Evidence from the Automobile Purchases of Neighbors Downloads
Mark Grinblatt, Matti Keloharju and Seppo Ikaheimo
10225: World Markets for Raising New Capital Downloads
Brian J. Henderson, Narasimhan Jegadeesh and Michael Steven Weisbach
10224: Private Benefits and Cross-Listings in the United States Downloads
Evangelos Benos and Michael Steven Weisbach
10223: The New New Financial Thing: The Sources of Innovation Before and After State Street Downloads
Josh Lerner
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