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13195: The Economics, Technology and Neuroscience of Human Capability Formation Downloads
James Heckman
13194: Latin America's Access to International Capital Markets: Good Behavior or Global Liquidity? Downloads
Ana Fostel and Graciela Kaminsky
13193: School Desegregation and Educational Attainment for Blacks Downloads
Sarah J. Reber
13192: From Separate and Unequal to Integrated and Equal? School Desegregation and School Finance in Louisiana Downloads
Sarah J. Reber
13191: The Age of Reason: Financial Decisions Over the Lifecycle Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, John Driscoll, Xavier Gabaix and David Laibson
13190: Wisdom and Creativity in Old Age: Lessons from the Impressionists Downloads
David Galenson
13189: Investor Sentiment in the Stock Market Downloads
Malcolm Baker and Jeffrey Wurgler
13188: Maternal employment, breastfeeding, and health: Evidence from maternity leave mandates Downloads
Michael Baker and Kevin Milligan
13187: An Analysis of the Performance of Federal Indigent Defense Counsel Downloads
Radha Iyengar
13186: Does the Certainty of Arrest Reduce Domestic Violence? Evidence from Mandatory and Recommended Arrest laws Downloads
Radha Iyengar
13185: Demographic Change, Relative Factor Prices, International Capital Flows, and Their Differential Effects on the Welfare of Generations Downloads
Alexander Ludwig, Dirk Krueger and Axel H. Boersch-Supan
13184: Capitalism and Democracy in 2040: Forecasts and Speculations Downloads
Robert Fogel
13183: A Structural Approach to Identifying the Sources of Local-Currency Price Stability Downloads
Pinelopi Goldberg and Rebecca Hellerstein
13182: A Professor Like Me: The Influence of Instructor Gender on College Achievement Downloads
Florian Hoffman and Philip Oreopoulos
13181: Current and Future Prevalence of Obesity and Severe Obesity in the United States Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
13180: Democracy, Technology, and Growth Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Alberto Alesina and Francesco Trebbi
13179: Gender Roles and Technological Progress Downloads
Stefania Albanesi and Claudia Olivetti
13178: Climate Change, Mortality, and Adaptation: Evidence from Annual Fluctuations in Weather in the US Downloads
Olivier Deschenes and Michael Greenstone
13177: Interest Rate Rules, Inflation Stabilization, and Imperfect Credibility: The Small Open Economy Case Downloads
Guillermo Calvo
13176: Assessment of U.S. Cap-and-Trade Proposals Downloads
Sergey Paltsev, John Reilly, Henry D. Jacoby, Angelo Gurgel, Gilbert Metcalf, Andrei P. Sokolov and Jennifer F. Holak
13175: Diffusion of Common Application Membership and Admissions Outcomes at American Colleges and Universities Downloads
Albert Liu, Ronald Ehrenberg and Jesenka Mrdjenovic
13174: Investment and the Cost of Capital: New Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market Downloads
Simon Gilchrist and Egon Zakrajsek
13173: Portfolio Choices with Near Rational Agents: A Solution of Some International-Finance Puzzles Downloads
Pierpaolo Benigno
13172: Information, Technology and Information Worker Productivity: Task Level Evidence Downloads
Sinan Aral, Erik Brynjolfsson and Marshall Van Alstyne
13171: Business Groups and the Big Push: Meiji Japan's Mass Privatization and Subsequent Growth Downloads
Randall Morck and Masao Nakamura
13170: Development Through Synergistic Reform Downloads
James Rauch
13169: Individual Account Investment Options and Portfolio Choice: Behavioral Lessons from 401(k) Plans Downloads
Jeffrey Brown, Nellie Liang and Scott Weisbenner
13168: Neighbors Matter: Causal Community Effects and Stock Market Participation Downloads
Jeffrey Brown, Zoran Ivkovich, Paul A. Smith and Scott Weisbenner
13167: Why Has Unemployment Risen in the New South Africa Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Sebastian Galiani, James Levinsohn, Zoë McLaren and Ingrid Woolard
13166: How Structural Are Structural Parameters? Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde and Juan F Rubio-Ramirez
13165: Predictable Returns and Asset Allocation: Should a Skeptical Investor Time the Market? Downloads
Jessica Wachter and Missaka Warusawitharana
13164: Why Doesn't Capitalism Flow to Poor Countries? Downloads
Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch
13163: Choosing Agents and Monitoring Consumption: A Note on Wealth as a Corruption-Controlling Device Downloads
Rafael Di Tella and Federico Weinschelbaum
13162: Women, Wealth and Mobility Downloads
Lena Edlund and Wojciech Kopczuk
13161: Spatial Mismatch or Racial Mismatch? Downloads
Judith Hellerstein, David Neumark and Melissa McInerney
13160: Estate Taxation, Entrepreneurship, and Wealth Downloads
Marco Cagetti and Mariacristina De Nardi
13159: Happiness Adaptation to Income and to Status in an Individual Panel Downloads
Rafael Di Tella, John Haisken- De New and Robert MacCulloch
13158: Economic Experiments and Neutrality in Internet Access Downloads
Shane Greenstein
13157: Investment Spikes: New Facts and a General Equilibrium Exploration Downloads
Francois Gourio and Anil Kashyap
13156: The Adoption and Diffusion of Organizational Innovation: Evidence for the U.S. Economy Downloads
Lisa Lynch
13155: Product Differentiation, Multi-product Firms and Estimating the Impact of Trade Liberalization on Productivity Downloads
Jan De Loecker
13154: Segmented Asset Markets and Optimal Exchange Rate Regimes Downloads
Amartya Lahiri, Rajesh Singh and Carlos Vegh
13153: Pioneers, Submariners, or Thicket-builders: Which Firms Use Continuations in Patenting? Downloads
Deepak Hegde, David C. Mowery and Stuart Graham
13152: Altruism and the Child-Cycle of Alumni Giving Downloads
Jonathan Meer and Harvey Rosen
13151: Exchange Rate Fundamentals and Order Flow Downloads
Martin Evans and Richard Lyons
13150: The Growth Effect of Democracy: Is It Heterogenous and How Can It Be Estimated? Downloads
Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
13149: Offshoring and Unemployment Downloads
Devashish Mitra and Priya Ranjan
13148: Domestic Institutions and the Bypass Effect of Financial Globalization Downloads
Jiandong Ju and Shang-Jin Wei
13147: Inflation Dynamics Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
13146: Patents and the Survival of Internet-related IPOs Downloads
Iain Cockburn and Stefan Wagner
13145: The Simple Economics of Extortion: Evidence from Trucking in Aceh Downloads
Benjamin Olken and Patrick Barron
13144: Outsourcing and Volatility Downloads
Paul Bergin, Robert Feenstra and Gordon Hanson
13143: In Search of the Transmission Mechanism of Fiscal Policy Downloads
Roberto Perotti
13142: Bargaining Around the Hearth Downloads
Robert Pollak
13141: Patent Reform: Aligning Reward and Contribution Downloads
Carl Shapiro
13140: "The Best Price You'll Ever Get" The 2005 Employee Discount Pricing Promotions in the U.S. Automobile Industry Downloads
Meghan R. Busse, Duncan Simester and Florian Zettelmeyer
13139: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, and Trade Liberalization Downloads
Donald Davis and James Harrigan
13138: Labor Unrest and the Quality of Production: Evidence from the Construction Equipment Resale Market Downloads
Alexandre Mas
13137: Individuals' Use of Care While Uninsured: Effects of Time Since Episode Inception and Episode Length Downloads
Carole Roan Gresenz, Jeannette Rogowski and José J. Escarce
13136: Revisiting the Supply-Side Effects of Government Spending Under Incomplete Markets Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos and Vasia Panousi
13135: Directed Altruism and Enforced Reciprocity in Social Networks: How Much is A Friend Worth? Downloads
Stephen Leider, Markus Mobius, Tanya Rosenblat and Quoc-Anh Do
13134: Instrumental Variables Estimation of Heteroskedastic Linear Models Using All Lags of Instruments Downloads
Kenneth West, Ka-fu Wong and Stanislav Anatolyev
13133: How Do Workplace Smoking Laws Work? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Local Laws in Ontario, Canada Downloads
Christopher Carpenter
13132: Taxes, Institutions and Foreign Diversification Opportunities Downloads
Mihir A. Desai and Dhammika Dharmapala
13131: Nominal versus Indexed Debt: A Quantitative Horse Race Downloads
Laura Alfaro and Fabio Kanczuk
13130: Sub-national Differentiation and the Role of the Firm in Optimal International Pricing Downloads
Edward Balistreri and James Markusen
13129: The Forward Premium is Still a Puzzle Downloads
Craig Burnside
13128: Performance Pay and Wage Inequality Downloads
Thomas Lemieux, W. Bentley Macleod and Daniel Parent
13127: The Time and Timing Costs of Market Work Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh and Stephen Donald
13126: Trust and Social Collateral Downloads
Markus Mobius and Adam Szeidl
13125: End-stage Renal Disease and Economic Incentives: The International Study of Health Care Organization and Financing Downloads
Avi Dor, Mark V. Pauly, Margaret A. Eichleay and Philip J. Held
13124: Do Security Analysts Speak in Two Tongues? Downloads
Ulrike Malmendier and Devin Shanthikumar
13123: Precautionary Demand for Foreign Assets in Sudden Stop Economies: An Assessment of the New Merchantilism Downloads
C. Bora Durdu, Enrique Mendoza and Marco Terrones
13122: Political Dynasties Downloads
Ernesto Dal Bó, Pedro Dal Bó and Jason Snyder
13121: The Small World of Investing: Board Connections and Mutual Fund Returns Downloads
Lauren Cohen, Andrea Frazzini and Christopher Malloy
13120: The Prospects for Sustained Growth in Africa: Benchmarking the Constraints Downloads
Simon Johnson, Jonathan Ostry and Arvind Subramanian
13119: Debt Maturity: Is Long-Term Debt Optimal? Downloads
Laura Alfaro and Fabio Kanczuk
13118: International Financial Integration and Entrepreneurial Firm Activity Downloads
Laura Alfaro and Andrew Charlton
13117: Constrained After College: Student Loans and Early Career Occupational Choices Downloads
Jesse Rothstein and Cecilia Elena Rouse
13116: Explaining Women's Success: Technological Change and the Skill Content of Women's Work Downloads
Sandra Black and Alexandra Spitz-Oener
13115: Implications of Search Frictions: Matching Aggregate and Establishment-level Observations Downloads
Russell Cooper, John Haltiwanger and Jonathan Willis
13114: Why is the Dollar So High? Downloads
Martin Feldstein
13113: Incentives in Obesity and Health Insurance Downloads
Inas Rashad and Sara Markowitz
13112: Daily Changes in Fed Funds Futures Prices Downloads
James Hamilton
13111: Are Shocks to the Terms of Trade Shocks to Productivity? Downloads
Timothy Kehoe and Kim Ruhl
13110: Removing the Disincentives in Social Security for Long Careers Downloads
Gopi Goda, John B. Shoven and Sita Slavov
13109: Putting the Corporation in its Place Downloads
Timothy Guinnane, Ron Harris, Naomi R. Lamoreaux and Jean-Laurent Rosenthal
13108: Cointegration and Consumption Risks in Asset Returns Downloads
Ravi Bansal, Robert Dittmar and Dana Kiku
13107: Rational Pessimism, Rational Exuberance, and Asset Pricing Models Downloads
Ravi Bansal, A. Gallant and George Tauchen
13106: Inequality and Institutions in 20th Century America Downloads
Frank Levy and Peter Temin
13105: The Joy of Giving or Assisted Living? Using Strategic Surveys to Separate Bequest and Precautionary Motives Downloads
John Ameriks, Andrew Caplin, Steven Laufer and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
13104: Financing Development: The Role of Information Costs Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood, Juan Sanchez and Cheng Wang
13103: Das (Wasted) Kapital: Firm Ownership and Investment Efficiency in China Downloads
David Dollar and Shang-Jin Wei
13102: Hit or Miss? The Effect of Assassinations on Institutions and War Downloads
Benjamin F. Jones and Benjamin Olken
13101: Do Markets Care Who Chairs the Central Bank? Downloads
Kenneth Kuttner and Adam Posen
13100: Assessing China's Exchange Rate Regime Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel and Shang-Jin Wei
13099: Monetary Policy Analysis with Potentially Misspecified Models Downloads
Marco Del Negro and Frank Schorfheide
13098: Decentralization and Environmental Quality: An International Analysis of Water Pollution Downloads
Hilary Sigman
13097: Environmental Policy as Social Policy? The Impact of Childhood Lead Exposure on Crime Downloads
Jessica Wolpaw Reyes
13096: Understanding the Evolution of the U.S. Wage Distribution: A Theoretical Analysis Downloads
Fatih Guvenen and Burhanettin Kuruscu
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