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12344: On the General Relativity of Fiscal Language Downloads
Jerry Green and Laurence Kotlikoff
12343: Competing With the NYSE Downloads
William O. Brown, Jr., J. Harold Mulherin and Marc Weidenmier
12342: Capital Gains Taxes and Asset Prices: Capitalization or Lock-In? Downloads
Zhonglan Dai, Edward Maydew, Douglas Shackelford and Harold Zhang
12341: Consumption Over the Life Cycle: The Role of Annuities Downloads
Gary Hansen and Selahattin Imrohoroglu
12340: The Lending Channel in Emerging Economics: Are Foreign Banks Different? Downloads
Marco Arena, Carmen Reinhart and Francisco Vazquez
12339: Optimal Control of Externalities in the Presence of Income Taxation Downloads
Louis Kaplow
12338: Does Price Matter in Charitable Giving? Evidence From a Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment Downloads
Dean Karlan and John List
12337: A General Stochastic Volatility Model for the Pricing and Forecasting of Interest Rate Derivatives Downloads
Anders B. Trolle and Eduardo S. Schwartz
12336: Aggregate Implications of Lumpy Investment: New Evidence and a DSGE Model Downloads
Ruediger Bachmann, Ricardo Caballero and Eduardo Engel
12335: Hospital Competition, Managed Care and Mortality After Hospitalization for Medical Conditions: Evidence From Three States Downloads
José J. Escarce, Arvind K. Jain and Jeannette Rogowski
12334: Competitive Wages in a Match with Ordered Contracts Downloads
Muriel Niederle
12333: Optimal Currency Shares in International Reserves: The Impact of the Euro and the Prospects for the Dollar Downloads
Elias Papaioannou, Richard Portes and Gregorios Siourounis
12332: Separation of Powers and the Budget Process Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
12331: Do Rising Tides Lift All Prices? Income Inequality and Housing Affordability Downloads
Janna L. Matlack and Jacob Vigdor
12330: Do Borrowing Constraints Matter? An Analysis of Why the Permanent Income Hypothesis Does Not Apply in Japan Downloads
Miki Kohara and Charles Horioka
12329: The Effect of Female Education on Fertility and Infant Health: Evidence from School Entry Policies Using Exact Date of Birth Downloads
Justin McCrary and Heather Royer
12328: Artificial States Downloads
Alberto Alesina, William Easterly and Janina Matuszeski
12327: A Comparative Analysis of the Labor Market Impact of International Migration: Canada, Mexico, and the United States Downloads
Abdurrahman Aydemir and George Borjas
12326: Trade and Growth with Heterogenous Firms Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
12325: International Migration, Remittances, and Household Investment: Evidence from Philippine Migrants' Exchange Rate Shocks Downloads
Dean Yang
12324: Why Has U.S. Inflation Become Harder to Forecast? Downloads
James Stock and Mark Watson
12323: Federal Policy and the Rise in Disability Enrollment: Evidence for the VA's Disability Compensation Program Downloads
Mark Duggan, Robert Rosenheck and Perry Singleton
12322: Globalization and Endogenous Firm Scope Downloads
Volker Nocke and Stephen Yeaple
12321: New Evidence on Gender Difference in Promotion Rates: An Empirical Analysis of a Sample of New Hires Downloads
Francine Blau and Jed DeVaro
12320: Empirical Studies of Innovation in the Knowledge Driven Economy Downloads
Bronwyn Hall and Jacques Mairesse
12319: Inflation as a Redistribution Shock: Effects on Aggregates and Welfare Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Martin Schneider
12318: Contributions of Zvi Griliches Downloads
James Heckman
12317: Media Markets and Localism: Does Local News en Español Boost Hispanic Voter Turnout? Downloads
Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Joel Waldfogel
12316: Globalization, De-Industrialization and Mexican Exceptionalism 1750-1879 Downloads
Rafael Dobado González, Aurora Gómez Galvarriato and Jeffrey Williamson
12315: People Flows in Globalization Downloads
Richard Freeman
12314: An Exploration of Technology Diffusion Downloads
Diego Comin and Bart Hobiijn
12313: Socially Optimal Districting: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Stephen Coate and Brian Knight
12312: Cultures of Corruption: Evidence From Diplomatic Parking Tickets Downloads
Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel
12311: The Boskin Commission Report: A Retrospective One Decade Later Downloads
Robert Gordon
12310: Worker Needs and Voice in the US and the UK Downloads
Alex Bryson and Richard Freeman
12309: Collateralized Borrowing and Life-Cycle Portfolio Choice Downloads
Paul Willen and Felix Kubler
12308: Financial Innovations and Macroeconomic Volatility Downloads
Urban Jermann and Vincenzo Quadrini
12307: The Choice Between Income and Consumption Taxes: A Primer Downloads
Alan Auerbach
12306: Searching for the EU Social Dialogue Model Downloads
Richard Freeman
12305: Do Peers Affect Student Achievement in China's Secondary Schools? Downloads
Weili Ding and Steven Lehrer
12304: The Impact of Poor Health on Education: New Evidence Using Genetic Markers Downloads
Weili Ding, Steven Lehrer, J. Niels Rosenquist and Janet Audrain-McGovern
12303: Early Retirement, Social Security and Well-Being in Germany Downloads
Axel Börsch-Supan and Hendrik Jürges
12302: Australian Government Balance Sheet Management Downloads
Wilson Au-Yeung, Jason McDonald and Amanda Sayegh
12301: What Do We Know About Competition and Quality in Health Care Markets? Downloads
Martin Gaynor
12300: Even For Teenagers, Money Does Not Grow on Trees: Teenage Substance Use and Budget Constraints Downloads
Sara Markowitz and John Tauras
12299: Currency Mismatches, Default Risk, and Exchange Rate Depreciation: Evidence from the End of Bimetallism Downloads
Michael Bordo, Christopher Meissner and Marc Weidenmier
12298: Economic, Neurobiological and Behavioral Perspectives on Building America's Future Workforce Downloads
Eric I. Knudsen, James Heckman, Judy L. Cameron and Jack P. Shonkoff
12297: The Industry Life Cycle and Acquisitions and Investment: Does Firm Organization Matter? Downloads
Vojislav Maksimovic and Gordon Phillips
12296: Baumol-Tobin and the Welfare Costs of National Security Border Delays Downloads
Hui Huang and John Whalley
12295: The Variability of IPO Initial Returns Downloads
Michelle Lowry, Micah S. Officer and G. Schwert
12294: Rational Discounting for Regulatory Analysis Downloads
W Viscusi
12293: Multi-Product Firms and Product Switching Downloads
Andrew Bernard, Stephen Redding and Peter Schott
12292: Dividends and Taxes Downloads
Roger Gordon and Martin Dietz
12291: Beyond BMI: The Value of More Accurate Measures of Fatness and Obesity in Social Science Research Downloads
John Cawley and Richard Burkhauser
12290: Equity Premia with Benchmark Levels of Consumption: Closed-Form Results Downloads
Andrew Abel
12289: Sources of Advantageous Selection: Evidence from the Medigap Insurance Market Downloads
Hanming Fang, Michael Keane and Dan Silverman
12288: The Effect of Dividends on Consumption Downloads
Malcolm Baker, Stefan Nagel and Jeffrey Wurgler
12287: Home Production and the Macro Economy-Some Lessons from Pollak and Wachter and from Transition Russia Downloads
Reuben Gronau
12286: Tinkering Toward Accolades: School Gaming Under a Performance Accountability System Downloads
Julie Cullen and Randall Reback
12285: Would Higher Salaries Keep Teachers in High-Poverty Schools? Evidence from a Policy Intervention in North Carolina Downloads
Charles Clotfelter, Elizabeth Glennie, Helen Ladd and Jacob Vigdor
12284: Optimal Income Transfers Downloads
Louis Kaplow
12283: Ineffective Controls on Capital Inflows Under Sophisticated Financial Markets: Brazil in the Nineties Downloads
Bernardo S. de M. Carvalho and Marcio Garcia
12282: Educational Debt Burden and Career Choice: Evidence from a Financial Aid Experiment at NYU Law School Downloads
Erica Field
12281: Supermodularity and Tipping Downloads
Geoffrey Heal and Howard Kunreuther
12280: Innovativity: A Comparison Across Seven European Countries Downloads
Pierre Mohnen, Jacques Mairesse and Marcel Dagenais
12279: Balancing the Goals of Health Care Provision Downloads
Martin Feldstein
12278: Willpower and the Optimal Control of Visceral Urges Downloads
Emre Ozdenoren, Stephen Salant and Dan Silverman
12277: Stability First: Reflections Inspired by Otmar Issing's Success as the ECB's Chief Economist Downloads
Vitor Gaspar and Anil Kashyap
12276: Capital Structure with Risky Foreign Investment Downloads
Mihir A. Desai, C. Fritz Foley and James Hines
12275: When Does Domestic Saving Matter for Economic Growth? Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Diego Comin and Peter Howitt
12274: Does Corruption Produce Unsafe Drivers? Downloads
Marianne Bertrand, Simeon Djankov, Rema Hanna and Sendhil Mullainathan
12273: Love or Money? Health Insurance and Retirement Among Married Couples Downloads
Kanika Kapur and Jeannette Rogowski
12272: Energy Conservation in the United States: Understanding its Role in Climate Policy Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
12271: Measuring International Trade in Services Downloads
Robert Lipsey
12270: Resolving Macroeconomic Uncertainty in Stock and Bond Markets Downloads
Alessandro Beber and Michael W. Brandt
12269: Disease and Development: The Effect of Life Expectancy on Economic Growth Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson
12268: Monetary Policy When Potential Output is Uncertain: Understanding the Growth Gamble of the 1990s Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Matthew Shapiro
12267: Socioeconomic Status and Health in Childhood: A Comment on Chen, Martin and Matthews (2006) Downloads
Anne Case, Christina Paxson and Tom Vogl
12266: $2.00 Gas! Studying the Effects of a Gas Tax Moratorium Downloads
Joseph J. Doyle, Jr. and Krislert Samphantharak
12265: Population Aging, Fiscal Policies, and National Saving: Predictions for Korean Economy Downloads
Young Jun Chun
12264: A Century of Work and Leisure Downloads
Valerie Ramey and Neville Francis
12263: Information Spillovers in the Market for Recorded Music Downloads
Ken Hendricks and Alan Sorensen
12262: New Evidence on Real Wage Cyclicality within Employer-Employee Matches Downloads
Donggyun Shin and Gary Solon
12261: Why Does the Law of One Price Fail? An Experiment on Index Mutual Funds Downloads
James Choi, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
12260: Individual Versus Aggregate Collateral Constraints and the Overborrowing Syndrome Downloads
Martín Uribe
12259: Capital Levies and Transition to a Consumption Tax Downloads
Louis Kaplow
12258: Protection for Sale or Surge Protection? Downloads
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama and Kala Krishna
12257: Education and Labor-Market Discrimination Downloads
Kevin Lang and Michael Manove
12256: Noise Traders Downloads
James Dow and Gary Gorton
12255: Private Investment and Government Protection Downloads
Carolyn Kousky, Erzo Luttmer and Richard Zeckhauser
12254: Input and Technology Choices in Regulated Industries: Evidence From the Health Care Sector Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Amy Finkelstein
12253: There Goes the Neighborhood? Estimates of the Impact of Crime Risk on Property Values From Megan's Laws Downloads
Leigh Linden and Jonah E. Rockoff
12252: Judicial Risk and Credit Market Performance: Micro Evidence from Brazilian Payroll Loans Downloads
Ana Carla A. Costa and Joao De Mello
12251: The Impact of Group Diversity on Performance and Knowledge Spillover -- An Experiment in a College Classroom Downloads
Zeynep Hansen, Hideo Owan and Jie Pan
12250: Democracy and Protectionism Downloads
Kevin O'Rourke and Alan Taylor
12249: China's FDI and Non-FDI Economies and the Sustainability of Future High Chinese Growth Downloads
John Whalley and Xian Xin
12248: Risk, Uncertainty and Asset Prices Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Eric Engstrom and Yuhang Xing
12247: Stock and Bond Returns with Moody Investors Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Eric Engstrom and Steven R. Grenadier
12246: Division of Labor and the Rise of Cities: Evidence from U.S. Industrialization, 1850-1880 Downloads
Sukkoo Kim
12245: Are Elite Universities Losing Their Competitive Edge? Downloads
E. Han Kim, Adair Morse and Luigi Zingales
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