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9980: Hedonic Price Indexes with Unobserved Product Characteristics, and Application to PC's Downloads
C. Lanier Benkard and Patrick Bajari
9979: How did Location Affect Adoption of the Commercial Internet? Global Village, Urban Density, and Industry Composition Downloads
Chris Forman, Avi Goldfarb and Shane Mitchell Greenstein
9978: Lessons from Patents: Using Patents To Measure Technological Change in Environmental Models Downloads
David Popp
9977: Unemployment Risk and Compensating Differential in Late-Nineteenth Century New Jersey Manufacturing Downloads
Susan L. Averett, Howard Bodenhorn and Justas Staisiunas
9976: The Consumption Response to Predictable Changes in Discretionary Income: Evidence from the Repayment of Vehicle Loans Downloads
Melvin Stephens
9975: International Adverse Selection in Life Insurance and Annuities Downloads
David McCarthy and Olivia S. Mitchell
9974: The Conditional CAPM does not Explain Asset-Pricing Anamolies Downloads
Jonathan Lewellen and Stefan Nagel
9973: What Effect do Unions Have on Wages Now and Would 'What Do Unions Do' Be Surprised? Downloads
David G. Blanchflower and Alex Bryson
9972: How Do Hospitals Respond to Price Changes? Downloads
Leemore S. Dafny
9971: An Essay on the Revived Bretton Woods System Downloads
Michael Dooley, David Folkerts-Landau and Peter M. Garber
9970: The Cost of Business Cycles Under Endogenous Growth Downloads
Gadi Barlevy
9969: Monetary Policy in an Uncertain Environment Downloads
Martin S. Feldstein
9968: Optimal Monetary Policy in a Liquidity Trap Downloads
Gauti B. Eggertsson and Michael Woodford
9967: Wage Determination and Employment Fluctuations Downloads
Robert Ernest Hall
9966: Price Indexes for Microsoft's Personal Computer Software Products Downloads
Jaison Robert Abel, Ernst R. Berndt and Alan D. White
9965: Scale and Scope Economies in the Global Advertising and Marketing Services Business Downloads
Alvin J. Silk and Ernst R. Berndt
9964: The Impact of Length of the School Year on Student Performance and Earnings: Evidence from the German Short School Year Downloads
Jorn-Steffen Pischke
9963: Does Marijuana Use Impair Human Capital Formation? Downloads
Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Karen E. Ross and Jeanne Ringel
9962: The Economics of Identity and the Endogeneity of Race Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn and Christopher Spiegelman Ruebeck
9961: Is the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level Learnable? Downloads
Bennett McCallum
9960: The Unique Minimum State Variable RE Solution is E-Stable in All Well Formulated Linear Models Downloads
Bennett McCallum
9959: Housing Collateral, Consumption Insurance and Risk Premia: An Empirical Perpective Downloads
Hanno Lustig and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
9958: The "Virtues" of the Past: Education in the First Hundred Years of the New Republic Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz
9957: Private Information and its Effect on Market Equilibrium: New Evidence from Long-Term Care Insurance Downloads
Amy Finkelstein and Kathleen McGarry
9956: Banks' Advantage in Hedging Liquidity Risk: Theory and Evidence from the Commercial Paper Market Downloads
Evan Gatev and Philip E. Strahan
9955: Advance Directives and Medical Treatment at the End of Life Downloads
Daniel Kessler and Mark B. McClellan
9954: Child Care in Poor Communities: Early Learning Effects of Type, Quality, and Stability Downloads
Susanna Loeb, Bruce Fuller, Sharon Lynn Kagan, Bidemi Carrol and Judith Carroll
9953: The Draw of Home: How Teachers' Preferences for Proximity Disadvantage Urban Schools Downloads
Donald Boyd, Hamilton Lankford and Susanna Loeb
9952: The Relationships between Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment and Juvenile Crime Downloads
Alison Evans Cuellar, Sara Markowitz and Anne M. Libby
9951: Capital Investments and Stock Returns Downloads
Sheridan Titman, K.C. John Wei and Feixue Xie
9950: Gone But Not Forgotten: Labor Flows, Knowledge Spillovers, and Enduring Social Capital Downloads
Ajay K. Agrawal, Iain M. Cockburn and John McHale
9949: Propping and Tunneling Downloads
Eric Friedman, Simon Johnson and Todd Mitton
9948: Official Interventions and Occasional Violations of Uncovered Interest Party in the Dollar-DM Market Downloads
Nelson C. Mark and Young-Kyu Moh
9947: Trade Policy and Industrial Sector Responses: Using Evolutionary Models to Interpret the Evidence Downloads
Erkan Erdem and James R. Tybout
9946: Partial Adjustment without Apology Downloads
Robert G. King and Julia Kathryn Thomas
9945: Incomplete Contracts and the Product Cycle Downloads
Pol Antras
9944: Trade Disruptions and America's Early Industrialization Downloads
Douglas A. Irwin and Joseph H. Davis
9943: The Aftermath of Hamilton's "Report on Manufactures" Downloads
Douglas A. Irwin
9942: Does Information Undermine Brand? Information Intermediary Use and Preference for Branded Web Retailers Downloads
Joel Waldfogel and Lu Chen
9941: Changes in the Process of Aging During the Twentieth Century: Findings and Procedures of the Early Indicators Project Downloads
Robert William Fogel
9940: The Terms of Trade and Economic Growth in the Periphery 1870-1938 Downloads
Christopher Blattman, Jason Hwang and Jeffrey Gale Williamson
9939: Optimal Inflation Targeting Rules Downloads
Marc P. Giannoni and Michael Woodford
9938: The Causes and Consequences of Distinctively Black Names Downloads
Roland Gerhard Fryer and Steven Levitt
9937: The Magnitude and Nature of Risk Selection in Employer-Sponsored Health Plans Downloads
Sean Nicholson, Kate Bundorf, Rebecca M. Stein and Daniel Polsky
9936: On the Duration of Trade Downloads
Tibor Besedes and Thomas J. Prusa
9935: The Reappearing Masterpiece: Ranking American Artists and Art Works of the Late Twentieth Century Downloads
David W. Galenson
9934: Unbundling Institutions Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson
9933: Becoming Oldest-Old: Evidence from Historical U.S. Data Downloads
Dora L. Costa and Joanna N. Lahey
9932: Tough Policies, Incredible Policies? Downloads
Andres Velasco and Alejandro Neut
9931: Micro-Foundations of Urban Agglomeration Economies Downloads
Gilles Duranton and Diego Puga
9930: Does the Source of Capital Affect Capital Structure? Downloads
Michael Faulkender and Mitchell Petersen
9929: Monetary Discretion, Pricing Complementarity and Dynamic Multiple Equilibria Downloads
Robert G. King and Alexander L. Wolman
9928: Importing Technology Downloads
Francesco Caselli and Daniel John Wilson
9927: Uncovering the Risk-Return Relation in the Stock Market Downloads
Hui Guo and Robert F. Whitelaw
9926: How Should We Measure Consumer Confidence (Sentiment)? Evidence from the Michigan Survey of Consumers Downloads
Jeff Dominitz and Charles F. Manski
9925: Price Elasticity of Demand for Term Life Insurance and Adverse Selection Downloads
Mark V. Pauly, Kate H. Withers, Krupa Subramanian-Viswana, Jean Lemaire and John C. Hershey
9924: A New Approach to the Valuation of Intangible Capital Downloads
Jason G. Cummins
9923: Capital Deepening in American Manufacturing, 1850-1880 Downloads
Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman and Robert Andrew Margo
9922: On the Efficiency of Competitive Electricity Markets With Time-Invariant Retail Prices Downloads
Severin Borenstein and Stephen P. Holland
9921: Bank Concentration and Crises Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Ross Levine
9920: The Case for Auctioning Countermeasures in the WTO Downloads
Kyle Bagwell, Petros C. Mavroidis and Robert W. Staiger
9919: Adverse Selection and the Challenges to Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Insurance Downloads
Mark V. Pauly and Yuhui Zeng
9918: Mothers' and Fathers' Labor Supply in Fragile Families: The Role of Child Health Downloads
Hope Corman, Nancy E. Reichman and Kelly Noonan
9917: Passive Decisions and Potent Defaults Downloads
James Jinwoo Choi, David Isaac Laibson, Brigitte C. Madrian and Andrew Metrick
9916: Capital Tax Incidence: Fisherian Impressions from the Time Series Downloads
Casey Mulligan
9915: Disentangling Volatility from Jumps Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia
9914: The Effect of Macroeconomic News on Beliefs and Preferences: Evidence from the Options Market Downloads
Alessandro Beber and Michael W. Brandt
9913: Pension Reform in Germany: The Impact on Retirement Decisions Downloads
Axel Borsch-Supan and Barbara Berkel
9912: The Role of Consumer Knowledge of Insurance Benefits in the Demand for Preventative Health Downloads
Steve Parente, David Salkever and Joan DaVanzo
9911: The Pricing of Job Characteristics When Markets Do Not Clear: Theory and Implications Downloads
Kevin Lang and Sumon Majumdar
9910: Identification and Estimation of Hedonic Models Downloads
Ivar Ekeland, James J. Heckman and Lars Patrick Nesheim
9909: How Do Patent Laws Influence Innovation? Evidence from Nineteenth-Century World Fairs Downloads
Petra Moser
9908: Debt Intolerance Downloads
Carmen M. Reinhart, Kenneth S Rogoff and Miguel A. Savastano
9907: Parental Medicaid Expansions and Health Insurance Coverage Downloads
Anna Aizer and Jeffrey T. Grogger
9906: On the Hidden Links Between Financial and Trade Opening Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
9905: Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy: A Linear Quadratic Approach Downloads
Pierpaolo Benigno and Michael Woodford
9904: The Economics of 'Acting White' Downloads
David Austen-Smith and Roland Gerhard Fryer
9903: Procuring Knowledge Downloads
Stephen M. Maurer and Suzanne Scotchmer
9902: Household Saving in Germany: Results of the first SAVE study Downloads
Axel Borsch-Supan and Lothar Essig
9901: A Pound of Flesh or Just Proxy? Using Twin Differences to Estimate the Effect of Birth Weight on Life Chances Downloads
Dalton Conley, Kate Strully and Neil G. Bennett
9900: Does Exchange Rate Risk Matter for Welfare? Downloads
Paul Bergin and Ivan Tchakarov
9899: Changing Economic Geography and Vertical Linkages in Japan Downloads
Eiichi Tomiura
9898: Adjustment is Much Slower than You Think Downloads
Ricardo J. Caballero and Eduardo M.R.A. Engel
9897: Healthy, Wealthy, and Knowing Where to Live: Predicted Trajectories of Health, Wealth and Living Arrangements Among the Oldest Old Downloads
Florian Heiss, Michael D. Hurd and Axel Borsch-Supan
9896: What, Me Vote? Downloads
Richard B. Freeman
9895: Simulation and Estimation of Nonaddative Hedonic Models Downloads
James J. Heckman, Rosa Liliana Matzkin and Lars Patrick Nesheim
9894: Investor Rationality: Evidence from UK Property Capitalization Rates Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott and Bryan D. MacGregor
9893: Inventory Information Downloads
Huining Henry Cao, Richard K. Lyons and Martin Evans
9892: Utility Evaluation of Risk in Retirement Saving Accounts Downloads
James Poterba, Joshua Rauh, Steven Venti and David Wise
9891: Estimating Housing Demand with an Application to Explaining Racial Segregation in Cities Downloads
Patrick Bajari and Matthew Edwin Kahn
9890: Regulations, Market Structure, Institutions, and the Cost of Financial Intermediation Downloads
Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Luc Laeven and Ross Levine
9889: Are Structural Estimates of Auction Models Reasonable? Evidence from Experimental Data Downloads
Patrick Bajari and Ali Hortacsu
9888: Incentive-Compatible Guaranteed Renewable Health Insurance Downloads
Bradley Herring and Mark Pauly
9887: Six Challenges in Designing Equity-Based Pay Downloads
Brian J. Hall
9886: Cities, Regions and the Decline of Transport Costs Downloads
Edward Ludwig Glaeser and Janet E. Kohlhase
9885: You Only Die Once: Managing Discrete Interdependent Risks Downloads
Geoffrey Heal and Howard Kunreuther
9884: Imperfect Knowledge, Inflation Expectations, and Monetary Policy Downloads
Athanasios Orphanides and John C. Williams
9883: Fees and Surcharging in automatic teller machine networks: Non-bank ATM providers versus large banks Downloads
Elizabeth W. Croft and Barbara Spencer
9882: What Works in Securities Law? Downloads
Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez- de-Silane and Andrei Shleifer
9881: The Effect of Schooling and Ability on Achievement Test Scores Downloads
Karsten Hansen, James J. Heckman and Kathleen J. Mullen
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