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9679: Firm-Specific Human Capital: A Skill-Weights Approach Downloads
Edward Lazear
9678: Risk Aversion, Liability Rules, and Safety Downloads
Joshua Graff Zivin, Richard Just and David Zilberman
9677: Do Demographic Changes Affect Risk Premiums? Evidence from International Data Downloads
Andrew Ang and Angela Maddaloni
9676: Alcohol Advertising and Alcohol Consumption by Adolescents Downloads
Henry Saffer and Dhaval Dave
9675: Product Quality and Market Size Downloads
Steven Berry and Joel Waldfogel
9674: Diversification and the Taxation of Capital Gains and Losses Downloads
Richard J. Rendleman, Jr. and Douglas Shackelford
9673: Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Latent Affine Processes Downloads
David S. Bates
9672: Inflation Targeting, Price-Path Targeting and Output Variability Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti and Junhan Kim
9671: Teacher Incentives Downloads
Paul Glewwe, Nauman Ilias and Michael Kremer
9670: Twin Fallacies About Exchange Rate Policy in Emerging Markets Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Vincent Reinhart
9669: The Effects of Multinational Production on Wages and Working Conditions in Developing Countries Downloads
Drusilla Brown, Alan Deardorff and Robert Stern
9668: Globalization and International Commodity Trade with Specific Reference to the West African Cocoa Producers Downloads
Christopher L. Gilbert and Panos Varangis
9667: Inflation Targeting in Transition Countries: Experience and Prospects Downloads
Jiri Jonas and Frederic Mishkin
9666: The Monetary Consequences of a Free Trade Area of the Americas Downloads
Barry Eichengreen and Alan Taylor
9665: The Determinants and Consequences of Child Care Subsidies for Single Mothers Downloads
David Blau and Erdal Tekin
9664: A No-Arbitrage Approach to Range-Based Estimation of Return Covariances and Correlations Downloads
Michael W. Brandt and Francis Diebold
9663: Do all networks facilitate international commerce? US law firms and the international market for corporate control Downloads
Simon Evenett
9662: The Role of Information in Driving FDI Flows: Host-Country Tranparency and Source Country Specialization Downloads
Ashoka Mody, Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
9661: Charitable Bequests and Taxes on Inheritance and Estates: Aggregate Evidence from Across States and Time Downloads
Jon Bakija, William Gale and Joel Slemrod
9660: Identifying the Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks on Exchange Rates Using High Frequency Data Downloads
Jon Faust, John Rogers, Eric Swanson and Jonathan Wright
9659: Does Competition Encourage Credit Provision? Evidence from African Trade Credit Relationships Downloads
Raymond Fisman and Mayank Raturi
9658: Financial Crises as Herds: Overturning the Critiques Downloads
Varadarajan Chari and Patrick Kehoe
9657: Payout Policy in the 21st Century Downloads
Alon Brav, John R. Graham, Campbell Harvey and Roni Michaely
9656: Was It Stolper-Samuelson, Infant Industry or Something Else? World Trade Tariffs 1789-1938 Downloads
Jeffrey Williamson
9655: The Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions Wave of the Late 1990s Downloads
Simon Evenett
9654: Exchange Rate Regime Choice in Historical Perspective Downloads
Michael Bordo
9653: Are Idle Hands the Devil's Workshop? Incapacitation, Concentration and Juvenile Crime Downloads
Brian A. Jacob and Lars Lefgren
9652: Public Housing, Housing Vouchers and Student Achievement: Evidence from Public Housing Demolitions in Chicago Downloads
Brian A. Jacob
9651: Why Some Double Taxation Might Make Sense: The Special Case of Inter-corporate Dividends Downloads
Randall Morck
9650: Time Vs. Goods: The Value of Measuring Household Production Technologies Downloads
Reuben Gronau and Daniel Hamermesh
9649: Barriers to Entering Medical Specialties Downloads
Sean Nicholson
9648: Effectiveness of Official Daily Foreign Exchange Market Intervention Operations in Japan Downloads
Rasmus Fatum and Michael Hutchison
9647: Household Portfolios in Japan Downloads
Tokuo Iwaisako
9646: Financial Distress and Employment: The Japanese Case in the 90s Downloads
Kazuo Ogawa
9645: Sources of Funds and Investment Activities of Venture Capital Funds: Evidence from Germany, Israel, Japan and the UK Downloads
Colin Mayer, Koen Schoors and Yishay Yafeh
9644: Bank Ties and Bond Market Access: Evidence on Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity in Japan Downloads
Patrick McGuire
9643: Unnatural Selection: Perverse Incentives and the Misallocation of Credit in Japan Downloads
Joe Peek and Eric Rosengren
9642: Idiosyncratic Risk and the Creative Destruction in Japan Downloads
Yasushi Hamao, Jianping Mei and Yexiao Xu
9641: Human Capital Externalities in Cities Downloads
Enrico Moretti
9640: Spillovers Across U.S. Financial Markets Downloads
Roberto Rigobon and Brian Sack
9639: Falling Trade Costs, Heterogeneous Firms, and Industry Dynamics Downloads
Andrew Bernard, J. Jensen and Peter Schott
9638: Alcohol Abuse and Suicide Attempts Among Youth - Correlation or Causation? Downloads
Pinka Chatterji, Dhaval Dave, Robert Kaestner and Sara Markowitz
9637: Geography and Export Performance: External Market Access and Internal Supply Capacity Downloads
Stephen Redding and Anthony Venables
9636: Do Airline Bankruptcies Reduce Air Service? Downloads
Severin Borenstein and Nancy Rose
9635: Fifty-four Forty or Fight! Downloads
Herschel Grossman
9634: Continuing Dangers of Disinformation in Corporate Accounting Reports Downloads
Edward Kane
9633: The Flattening Firm: Evidence from Panel Data on the Changing Nature of Corporate Hierarchies Downloads
Raghuram Rajan and Julie Wulf
9632: Teen Births Keep American Crime High Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
9631: Reciprocated Unilateralism in Trade Policy: An Interest-Group Approach Downloads
Pravin Krishna and Devashish Mitra
9630: Does Returning to Work After Childbirth Affect Breastfeeding Practices? Downloads
Pinka Chatterji and Kevin Frick
9629: Collective Investment Decision Making with Heterogeneous Time Preferences Downloads
Christian Gollier and Richard Zeckhauser
9628: Does Family Structure Affect Children's Educational Outcomes? Downloads
Donna K. Ginther and Robert Pollak
9627: Who Bears the Growing Cost of Science at Universities? Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg, Michael J. Rizzo and George H. Jakubson
9626: Does Medicaid Pay Too Much for Prescription Drugs? A Case Study of Atypical Anti-Psychotics Downloads
Mark Duggan
9625: Evolving Discretionary Practices of U.S Antidumping Activity Downloads
Bruce Blonigen
9624: How to Restructure Failed Banking Systems: Lessons from the U.S. in the 1930's and Japan in the 1990's Downloads
Charles Calomiris and Joseph R. Mason
9623: Deflation: Prevention and Cure Downloads
Willem Buiter
9622: Fairness Versus Welfare: Notes on the Pareto Principle, Preferences, and Distributive Justice Downloads
Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell
9621: Productivity Effects of TVE Privatization: The Case Study of Garment and Metal Casting Enterprises in the Greater Yangtze River Region Downloads
Tetsushi Sonobe and Keijiro Otsuka
9620: Bank Supervision and Corporate Finance Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Ross Levine
9619: Is Business Cycle Volatility Costly? Evidence from Surveys of Subjective Wellbeing Downloads
Justin Wolfers
9618: Military Expenditure, Threats, and Growth Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Reuven Glick
9617: Why Plant-Level Productivity Studies are Often Misleading, and an Alternative Approach to Interference Downloads
Hajime Katayama, Shihua Lu and James Tybout
9616: New Estimates of the Average Tariff of the United States, 1790-1820 Downloads
Doulgas A. Irwin
9615: Productivity in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology R&D: The Role of Experience and Alliances Downloads
Patricia Danzon, Sean Nicholson and Nuno Sousa Pereira
9614: Migration, Spillovers,and Trade Diversion: The Impact of Internationalization on Stock Market Liquidity Downloads
Ross Levine and Sergio Schmukler
9613: The State of U.S. Corporate Governance: What's Right and What's Wrong? Downloads
Bengt Holmstrom and Steven Kaplan
9612: Hog Round Marketing, Seed Quality, and Government Policy: Institutional Change in U.S. Cotton Production, 1920-1960 Downloads
Alan Olmstead and Paul Rhode
9611: How Often to Sample a Continuous-Time Process in the Presence of Market Microstructure Noise Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia and Per A. Mykland
9610: Effects of Child Health on Parents' Relationship Status Downloads
Nancy E. Reichman, Hope Corman and Kelly Noonan
9609: The Effects of War Risk on U.S. Financial Markets Downloads
Roberto Rigobon and Brian Sack
9608: The New Comparative Economics Downloads
Simeon Djankov, Edward Glaeser, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez- de-Silane and Andrei Shleifer
9607: The Evolution of High Incomes in Canada, 1920-2000 Downloads
Emmanuel Saez and Michael Veall
9606: A Brazilian-Type Debt Crisis: Simple Analytics Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
9605: Expected Returns and Expected Dividend Growth Downloads
Martin Lettau and Sydney Ludvigson
9604: Frictionless Technology Diffusion: The Case of Tractors Downloads
Rodolfo Manuelli and Ananth Seshadri
9603: In-State versus Out-of State Students: The Divergence of Interest between Public Universities and State Governments Downloads
Jeffrey A. Groen and Michelle J. White
9602: The Effect of Automobile Insurance and Accident Liability Laws in Traffic Fatalities Downloads
Alma Cohen and Rajeev Dehejia
9601: Power-hungry Candidates, Policy Favors, and Pareto Improving Campaign Finance Policy Downloads
Stephen Coate
9600: Antitrust Merger Policy: Lessons from the Australian Experience Downloads
Philip L. Williams and Graeme Woodbridge
9599: Inflation Targeting and Sudden Stops Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Arvind Krishnamurthy
9598: Intellectual Property & External Consumption Effects: Generalizations from Pharmaceutical Markets Downloads
Tomas Philipson and Stéphane Mechoulan
9597: The Kindergarten Rule of Sustainable Growth Downloads
William Brock and M. Scott Taylor
9596: Transition Policy: A Conceptual Framework Downloads
Louis Kaplow
9595: Banks and Markets: The Changing Character of European Finance Downloads
Luigi Zingales and Raghuram Rajan
9594: Historical Perspectives on U.S. Economic Geography Downloads
Sukkoo Kim and Robert Margo
9593: Race and Pregnancy Outcomes in the Twentieth Century: A Long-Term Comparison Downloads
Dora Costa
9592: Rail Reform Strategies: The Australian Experience Downloads
Helen Owens
9591: A Workers' Lobby to Provide Portable Benefits Downloads
Joni Hersch
9590: Union Participation in Strategic Decisions of Corporations Downloads
Eileen Appelbaum and Larry W. Hunter
9589: Market Evaluations of Banking Fragility in Japan: Japan Premium, Stock Prices, and Credit Derivatives Downloads
Takatoshi Ito and Kimie Harada
9588: Are There Civic Returns to Education? Downloads
Thomas Dee
9587: What Do Financial Markets Think of War in Iraq? Downloads
Andrew Leigh, Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz
9586: The Retirement-Consumption Puzzle: Anticipated and Actual Declines in Spending at Retirement Downloads
Michael Hurd and Susann Rohwedder
9585: The Effect of Expected Income on Individual Migration Decisions Downloads
John Kennan and James Walker
9584: Does Education Improve Citizenship? Evidence from the U.S. and the U.K Downloads
Kevin Milligan, Enrico Moretti and Philip Oreopoulos
9583: Financial Development and the Composition of Industrial Growth Downloads
Raymond Fisman and Inessa Love
9582: Financial Dependence and Growth Revisited Downloads
Raymond Fisman and Inessa Love
9581: The Measurement of Firm-Specific Organization Capital Downloads
Baruch Lev and Suresh Radhakrishnan
9580: Foreign Capital in Latin America in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Downloads
Alan Taylor
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