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10171: Gold, Fiat Money, and Price Stability Downloads
Michael Bordo, Robert D. Dittmar and William Gavin
10170: Consequences of Constitutions Downloads
Torsten Persson
10169: International R&D Deployment and Locational Advantage: A Case Study of Taiwan Downloads
Meng-Chun Liu and Shin-Horng Chen
10168: Competitive Liberalization and a US-SACU FTA Downloads
John Whalley and James Leith
10167: The Formation of International Production and Distribution Networks in East Asia Downloads
Mitsuyo Ando and Fukunari Kimura
10166: Reinventing Boston: 1640-2003 Downloads
Edward Glaeser
10165: Institutions, Capital Constraints and Entrepreneurial Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Europe Downloads
Mihir Desai, Paul Gompers and Josh Lerner
10164: Does Human Capital Transfer from Parent to Child? The Intergenerational Effects of Compulsory Schooling Downloads
Philip Oreopoulos, Marianne Page and Ann Stevens
10163: Helicopter Money: Irredeemable Fiat Money and the Liquidity Trap Downloads
Willem Buiter
10162: Remedies for Price Overcharges: The Deadweight Loss of Coupons and Discounts Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Daniel L. Rubinfeld
10161: Choosing the Federal Reserve Chair: Lessons from History Downloads
Christina Romer and David Romer
10160: The Trade and Investment Effects of Preferential Trading Arrangements Downloads
Philippa Dee and Jyothi Gali
10159: Estimating the Effects of Global Patent Protection in Pharmaceuticals: A Case Study of Quinolones in India Downloads
Shubham Chaudhuri, Pinelopi Goldberg and Panle Jia
10158: Governance and Bank Valuation Downloads
Gerard Caprio, Luc Laeven and Ross Levine
10157: The Risk Tolerance of International Investors Downloads
Kenneth Froot and Paul G. J. O'Connell
10156: The Effects of Overseas Investment on Domestic Employment Downloads
Tain-Jy Chen and Ying-Hua Ku
10155: Do Dropouts Drop Out Too Soon? International Evidence From Changes in School-Leaving Laws Downloads
Philip Oreopoulos
10154: Common Sense and Simplicity in Empirical Industrial Organization Downloads
Ariel Pakes
10153: The Character and Determinants of Corporate Capital Gains Downloads
Mihir Desai and William Gentry
10152: Trade Liberalization and Growth: New Evidence Downloads
Romain Wacziarg and Karen Horn Welch
10151: Commitment Vs. Flexibility Downloads
Manuel Amador, Iván Werning and George-Marios Angeletos
10150: Corporate Earnings Track the Competitive Benchmark Downloads
Robert Hall
10149: Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy Under Imperfect Competition Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
10148: The Effect of Word of Mouth on Sales: Online Book Reviews Downloads
Judith Chevalier and Dina Mayzlin
10147: International Determinants of Religiosity Downloads
Robert Barro and Rachel M. McCleary
10146: Estimating Models of On-the-Job Search Using Record Statistics Downloads
Gadi Barlevy
10145: Which Countries Export FDI, and How Much? Downloads
Assaf Razin, Yona Rubinstein and Efraim Sadka
10144: Endogenous Financial Openness: Efficiency and Political Economy Considerations Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Ilan Noy
10143: Liberalization in China's Key Service Sectors Following WTO Accession: Some Scenarios and Issues of Measurement Downloads
John Whalley
10142: Agents of Embeddedness Downloads
Pierre Azoulay
10141: Weather Forecasting for Weather Derivatives Downloads
Sean D. Campbell and Francis Diebold
10140: The Two-Part Instrument in a Second-Best World Downloads
Don Fullerton and Ann Wolverton
10139: A Simulation-Based Welfare Loss Calculation for Labor Taxes with Piecewise-Linear Budgets Downloads
Don Fullerton and Li Gan
10138: Regeneration, Labour Supply and the Welfare Costs of Taxes Downloads
Edgar Cudmore and John Whalley
10137: The Use of Literature Based Elasticity Estimates in Calibrated Models of Trade-Wage Decompositions: A Calibmetric Approach Downloads
Hui Huang and John Whalley
10136: Kleptocracy and Divide-and-Rule: A Model of Personal Rule Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, James Robinson and Thierry Verdier
10135: Competitive Risk Sharing Contracts with One-Sided Commitment Downloads
Dirk Krueger and Harald Uhlig
10134: Does Child Labor Decline with Improving Economic Status? Downloads
Eric Edmonds
10133: Entrant Experience and Plant Exit Downloads
Timothy Dunne, Shawn Klimek and Mark Roberts
10132: Aggregate Consequences of Limited Contract Enforceability Downloads
Thomas Cooley, Ramon Marimon and Vincenzo Quadrini
10131: The Price is (Almost) Right Downloads
Randolph B. Cohen, Christopher Polk and Tuomo Vuolteenaho
10130: Have National Business Cycles Become More Synchronized? Downloads
Michael Bordo and Thomas Helbling
10129: Law and Employment: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean Downloads
James Heckman and Carmen Pages
10128: External Constraints on Monetary Policy and the Financial Accelerator Downloads
Mark Gertler, Simon Gilchrist and Fabio Natalucci
10127: Health Plan Conversions: Are They in the Public Interest? Downloads
Nancy Dean Beaulieu
10126: Legal Institutions and Financial Development Downloads
Thorsten Beck and Ross Levine
10125: International Lending of Last Resort and Moral Hazard: A Model of IMF's Catalytic Finance Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Bernardo Guimaraes and Nouriel Roubini
10124: Why is Manhattan So Expensive? Regulation and the Rise in House Prices Downloads
Edward Glaeser, Joseph Gyourko and Raven Saks
10123: The LM Curve: A Not-So-Fond Farewell Downloads
Benjamin Friedman
10122: The Timing of Births: Is the Health of Infants Counter-Cyclical? Downloads
Rajeev Dehejia and Adriana Lleras-Muney
10121: What Mean Impacts Miss: Distributional Effects of Welfare Reform Experiments Downloads
Marianne Bitler, Jonah Gelbach and Hilary Hoynes
10120: Behavioral Decision-Making: An Application to the Setting of Magazine Subscription Prices Downloads
Fiona Scott Morton and Sharon Oster
10119: Pareto Efficient Income Taxation with Stochastic Abilities Downloads
Marco Battaglini and Stephen Coate
10118: The Central Role of Noise in Evaluating Interventions that Use Test Scores to Rank Schools Downloads
Kenneth Chay, Patrick McEwan and Miguel Urquiola
10117: A Multiple Indicators Model for Volatility Using Intra-Daily Data Downloads
Robert Engle and Giampiero Gallo
10116: Two Trees: Asset Price Dynamics Induced by Market Clearing Downloads
John Cochrane, Francis Longstaff and Pedro Santa-Clara
10115: Cross-Border Valuation: The International Cost of Equity Capital Downloads
Gordon Bodnar, Bernard Dumas and Richard D. Marston
10114: Patents and R&D as Real Options Downloads
Eduardo S. Schwartz
10113: The Effect of School Choice on Student Outcomes: Evidence from Randomized Lotteries Downloads
Julie Cullen, Brian A. Jacob and Steven Levitt
10112: Financial Aid and Students' College Decisions: Evidence from the District of Columbia's Tuition Assistance Grant Program Downloads
Katharine Abraham and Melissa A. Clark
10111: A Tale of Two Time Scales: Determining Integrated Volatility with Noisy High Frequency Data Downloads
Lan Zhang, Per A. Mykland and Yacine Ait-Sahalia
10110: Cross-Border Tax Externalities: Are Budget Deficits Too Small? Downloads
Willem Buiter and Anne Sibert
10109: The Optimal Degree of Discretion in Monetary Policy Downloads
Susan Athey, Andrew Atkeson and Patrick Kehoe
10108: The Market for American State Government Bonds in Britain and the United States, 1830-1843 Downloads
Namsuk Kim and John Joseph Wallis
10107: Generalized Disappointment Aversion and Asset Prices Downloads
Bryan Routledge and Stanley Zin
10106: Firm Location and the Creation and Utilization of Human Capital Downloads
Andres Almazan, Adolfo de Motta and Sheridan Titman
10105: Nonparametric Tests for Common Values at First-Price Sealed-Bid Auctions Downloads
Philip Haile, Han Hong and Matthew Shum
10104: Categorical Redistribution in Winner-Take-All Markets Downloads
Roland Fryer and Glenn Loury
10103: Color-Blind Affirmative Action Downloads
Roland Fryer, Glenn Loury and Tolga Yuret
10102: Self Enforcing Voting in International Organizations Downloads
Giovanni Maggi and Massimo Morelli
10101: Stakeholder, Transparency and Capital Structure Downloads
Andres Almazan, Javier Suarez and Sheridan Titman
10100: The Role of Retiree Health Insurance in the Employment Behavior of Older Men Downloads
David Blau and Donna Gilleskie
10099: Optimal Taxation When Consumers Have Endogenous Benchmark Levels of Consumption Downloads
Andrew Abel
10098: Grasshoppers, Ants, and Pre-Retirement Wealth: A Test of Permanent Income Downloads
Erik Hurst
10097: How Do Legal Differences and Learning Affect Financial Contracts? Downloads
Steven Kaplan, Frederic Martel and Per Stromberg
10096: The Developed World's Demographic Transition - The Roles of Capital Flows, Immigration, and Policy Downloads
Hans Fehr, Sabine Jokisch and Laurence Kotlikoff
10095: Crisis Resolution: Next Steps Downloads
Barry Eichengreen and Kenneth Kletzer
10094: On the Writing and the Interpretation of Contracts Downloads
Steven Shavell
10093: Monetary Policies for Developing Countries: The Role of Corruption Downloads
Haizhou Huang and Shang-Jin Wei
10092: Health Insurance Coverage and the Macroeconomy Downloads
John Cawley and Kosali Simon
10091: Getting Inside the "Black Box" of Head Start Quality: What Matters and What Doesn't? Downloads
Janet Currie and Matthew Neidell
10090: The Environment and Globalization Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
10089: An "Inflation Reports" Report Downloads
Eric Leeper
10088: Child Labor, Crop Shocks, and Credit Constraints Downloads
Kathleen Beegle, Rajeev Dehejia and Roberta Gatti
10087: Inequality and Trade Downloads
Devashish Mitra and Vitor Trindade
10086: Does the Failure of the Expectations Hypothesis Matter for Long-Term Investors Downloads
Antonios Sangvinatsos and Jessica Wachter
10085: The Impact on Consumption and Saving of Current and Future Fiscal Policies Downloads
Katherine Carman, Jagadeesh Gokhale and Laurence Kotlikoff
10084: Labor Versus Capital in Trade-Policy Determination: The Role of General-Interest and Special-Interest Politics Downloads
Pushan Dutt and Devashish Mitra
10083: Acquiring Knowledge Within and Across Firm Boundaries: Evidence from Clinical Development Downloads
Pierre Azoulay
10082: Global Sourcing Downloads
Pol Antras and Elhanan Helpman
10081: Zvi Griliches' Contribution to the Theory of Human Capital Downloads
Reuben Gronau
10080: How do Regimes Affect Asset Allocation? Downloads
Andrew Ang and Geert Bekaert
10079: A Theory of Factor Allocation and Plant Size Downloads
Thomas Holmes and Matthew Mitchell
10078: Inventories and the Business Cycle: An Equilibrium Analysis of (S,s) Policies Downloads
Aubhik Khan and Julia Thomas
10077: Determinants of Labor Demand in Colombia: 1976-1996 Downloads
Mauricio Cardenas and Raquel Bernal
10076: Economic Insights from Internet Auctions: A Survey Downloads
Patrick Bajari and Ali Hortacsu
10075: Mass Secondary Schooling and the State Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz
10074: A Prism into the PPP Puzzles: The Micro-foundations of Big Mac Real Exchange Rates Downloads
David Parsley and Shang-Jin Wei
10073: Crises and Growth: A Re-Evaluation Downloads
Romain Ranciere, Aaron Tornell and Frank Westermann
10072: The Alternative Minimum Tax and Effective Marginal Tax Rates Downloads
Daniel Feenberg and James Poterba
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