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7678: Human Capital, Heterogeneity, and Estimated Degrees of Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
Song Han and Casey Mulligan
7677: Theoretical Analysis Regarding a Zero Lower Bound on Nominal Interest Rates Downloads
Bennett McCallum
7676: The Determinants of Punishment: Deterrence, Incapacitation and Vengeance Downloads
Edward Ludwig Glaeser and Bruce Sacerdote
7675: The Cost Channel of Monetary Transmission Downloads
Marvin J. Barth and Valerie Ann Ramey
7674: Demand Side Considerations and the Trade and Wages Debate Downloads
Lisandro Abrego and John Whalley
7673: The Demand for Medical Care in Urban China Downloads
Naci H. Mocan, Erdal Tekin and Jeffrey Zax
7672: The Timing of Purchases and Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
John Leahy and Joseph Zeira
7671: Information and Globalization: Wage Co-Movements, Labor Demand Elasticity, and Conventional Trade Liberalization Downloads
James E. Rauch and Vitor Trindade
7670: Games Daughters and Parents Play: Teenage Childbearing, Parental Reputation, and Strategic Transfers Downloads
Lingxin Hao, V. Joseph Hotz and Ginger Zhe Jin
7669: Tax Externalities of Equity Mutual Funds Downloads
John B. Shoven, Joel Dickson and Clemens Sialm
7668: Understanding the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level Downloads
Lawrence J. Christiano and Terry J Fitzgerald
7667: Medicaid Expansions and Welfare Contractions: Offsetting Effects on Prenatal Care and Infant Health? Downloads
Janet Currie and Jeffrey T. Grogger
7666: Parental Employment and Child Cognitive Development Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
7665: Monetary Policy in the Open Economy Revisited: Price Setting and Exchange Rate Flexibility Downloads
Michael B. Devereux and Charles Engel
7664: The Transition Economies After Ten Years Downloads
Stanley Fischer and Ratna Sahay
7663: Estate Taxes and Charitable Bequests by the Wealthy Downloads
David Joulfaian
7662: The Significance of Federal Taxes as Automatic Stabilizers Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Daniel Richard Feenberg
7661: Evaluating the Specification Errors of Asset Pricing Models Downloads
Robert James Hodrick and Xiaoyan Zhang
7660: Financial Contracting Theory Meets the Real World: An Empirical Analysis of Venture Capital Contracts Downloads
Steven Neil Kaplan and Per Stromberg
7659: Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivities are not Valid Measures of Financing Constraints Downloads
Steven Neil Kaplan and Luigi Zingales
7658: Dropout and Enrollment Trends in the Post-War Period: What Went Wrong in the 1970s? Downloads
David E. Card and Thomas Lemieux
7657: Free Trade and Global Warming: A Trade Theory View of the Kyoto Protocol Downloads
Brian R. Copeland and M. Scott Taylor
7656: The Effect of Attending a Small Class in the Early Grades on College-Test Taking and Middle School Test Results: Evidence from Project STAR Downloads
Alan B. Krueger and Diane Whitmore
7655: Can Falling Supply Explain the Rising Return to College for Younger Men? A Cohort-Based Analysis Downloads
David E. Card and Thomas Lemieux
7654: Neutralizing the Adverse Industry Impacts of CO2 Abatement Policies: What Does it Cost? Downloads
Lans Bovenberg and Lawrence H. Goulder
7653: The Bail-In Problem: Systematic Goals, Ad Hoc Means Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen and Christof Ruehl
7652: Aggregate Price Shocks and Financial Instability: An Historical Analysis Downloads
Michael David Bordo, Michael J. Dueker and David C Wheelock
7651: Social Security Incentives for Retirement Downloads
Courtney Coile and Jonathan Gruber
7650: American Living Standards, 1888-1994: Evidence From Consumer Expenditures Downloads
Dora L. Costa
7649: Horizontal Equity: New Measures, Unclear Principles Downloads
Louis Kaplow
7648: Behavioral and Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy Introduction Downloads
Carlo Carraro and Gilbert Metcalf
7647: What Have We Learned from the Reagan Deficits and Their Disappearance? Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
7646: Economic Reforms and Labor Markets: Policy Issues and Lessons from Chile Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Alejandra Cox Edwards
7645: Controls on Capital Inflows: Do they Work? Downloads
Jose De Gregorio, Sebastian Edwards and Rodrigo O. Valdes
7644: Capital Gains Taxes and Stock Reactions to Quarterly Earnings Announcements Downloads
Jennifer L. Blouin, Jana Smith Raedy and Douglas A. Shackelford
7643: Universities as Research Partners Downloads
Bronwyn Hughes Hall, Albert N. Link and John Troy Scott
7642: Trade and the Rate of Income Convergence Downloads
Dan Ben-David and Ayal Kimhi
7641: Ohlin Versus Stolper-Samuelson? Downloads
Douglas A. Irwin
7640: Could the U.S. Iron Industry Have Survived Free Trade After the Civil War? Downloads
Douglas A. Irwin
7639: Tariffs and Growth in Late Nineteenth Century America Downloads
Douglas A. Irwin
7638: How Did the United States Become a Net Exporter of Manufactured Goods? Downloads
Douglas A. Irwin
7637: Why Do Temporary Help Firms Provide Free General Skills Training? Downloads
David Autor
7636: Why Do the Poor Live in Cities? Downloads
Edward Ludwig Glaeser, Matthew Edwin Kahn and Jordan Rappaport
7635: Foreign-Born Teaching Assistants and the Academic Performance of Undergraduates Downloads
George Borjas
7634: Contractibility and Asset Ownership: On-Board Computers and Governance in U.S. Trucking Downloads
George P. Baker and Thomas N. Hubbard
7633: Growth and Business Cycles Downloads
Larry E. Jones, Rodolfo E. Manuelli and Henry E. Siu
7632: When Did Globalization Begin? Downloads
O'Rourke, Kevin Hjortshøj and Jeffrey Gale Williamson
7631: The Meaning of Patent Citations: Report on the NBER/Case-Western Reserve Survey of Patentees Downloads
Adam Jaffe, Manuel Trajtenberg and Michael S. Fogarty
7630: From Benign Neglect to Malignant Preoccupation: U.S. Balance-of-Payments Policy in the 1960s Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen
7629: Dimensions of Credit Risk and Their Relationship to Economic Capital Requirements Downloads
Mark Carey
7628: Using Elasticities to Derive Optimal Income Tax Rates Downloads
Emmanuel Saez
7627: What has Welfare Reform Accomplished? Impacts on Welfare Participation, Employment, Income, Poverty, and Family Structure Downloads
Robert F. Schoeni and Rebecca M. Blank
7626: Taxes, High-Income Executives, and the Perils of Revenue Estimation in the New Economy Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
7625: Trading Volume: Definitions, Data Analysis, and Implications of Portfolio Theory Downloads
Andrew W. Lo and Jiang W. Wang
7624: Can Subsidies for MARs be Procompetitive? Downloads
Kala Krishna, Suddhasatwa Roy and Marie C. Thursby
7623: Outward FDI and Parent Exports and Employment: Japan, the United States, and Sweden Downloads
Robert E. Lipsey, Eric D. Ramstetter and Magnus Blomstrom
7622: Pricing Upward-Only Adjusting Leases Downloads
Brent W. Ambrose, Patric H. Hendershott and Malgorzata M. Klosek
7621: The Determinants of Trust Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Eliana La Ferrara
7620: Government Ownership of Banks Downloads
Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopezde-Silanes and Andrei Shleifer
7619: Horatio Alger Meets the Mobility Tables Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Harvey Rosen and Robert Weathers
7618: Inflation Targeting in Emerging Market Countries Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
7617: Monetary Policy Strategies for Latin America Downloads
Frederic Mishkin and Miguel A. Savastano
7616: Federalism with and without Political Centralization: China versus Russia Downloads
Olivier J Blanchard and Andrei Shleifer
7615: Covariance Risk, Mispricing, and the Cross Section of Security Returns Downloads
Kent D. Daniel, David Hirshleifer and Avanidhar Subrahmanyam
7614: Using Options to Divide Value in Corporate Bankruptcy Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk
7613: Foundations of Technical Analysis: Computational Algorithms, Statistical Inference, and Empirical Implementation Downloads
Andrew W. Lo, Harry Mamaysky and Jiang Wang
7612: The Influence of Federal Laboratory R&D on Industrial Research Downloads
James D. Adams, Eric P. Chiang and Jeffrey L. Jensen
7611: Low Wage Services: Interpreting the US - German Difference Downloads
Richard B. Freeman and Ronald Schettkat
7610: Skill Compression, Wage Differentials and Employment: Germany vs. the US Downloads
Richard B. Freeman and Ronald Schettkat
7609: Expectations Hypotheses Tests Downloads
Geert Bekaert and Robert James Hodrick
7608: From Mill Town to Board Room: The Rise of Women's Paid Labor Downloads
Dora L. Costa
7607: Designing Stabilization Policy in a Monetary Union Downloads
Russell W. Cooper and Hubert Kempf
7606: Do Living Wage Ordinances Reduce Urban Poverty? Downloads
David Neumark and Scott Adams
7605: Long-Term Declines in Disability Among Older Men: Medical Care, Public Health, and Occupational Change Downloads
Dora L. Costa
7604: Do CEOs Set Their Own Pay? The Ones Without Principals Do Downloads
Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan
7603: Local Revenue Hills: A General Equilibrium Specification with Evidence from Four U.S. Cities Downloads
Andrew F. Haughwout, Robert Inman, Steven G. Craig and Thomas Luce
7602: Cornucopia: The Pace of Economic Growth in the Twentieth Century Downloads
James Bradford DeLong
7601: The Sexual Activity and Birth Control Use of American Teenagers Downloads
Phillip B. Levine
7600: The Simple Economics of Open Source Downloads
Josh Lerner and Jean Triole
7599: Using the EITC to Help Poor Families: New Evidence and a Comparision with the Minimum Wage Downloads
David Neumark and William Wascher
7598: The First Year of the Eurosystem: Inflation Targeting or Not? Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
7597: How Effective is Redistribution Under the Social Security Benefit Formula? Downloads
Alan L. Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
7596: The Taxation of Executive Compensation Downloads
Brian J. Hall and Jeffrey B. Liebman
7595: Do After-Tax Returns Affect Mutual Fund Inflows? Downloads
Daniel Baird Bergstresser and James Poterba
7594: Public Policy and Extended Families: Evidence from South Africa Downloads
Marianne Bertrand, Douglas Lee Miller and Sendhil Mullainathan
7593: Testing Parental Altruism: Implications of a Dynamic Model Downloads
Kathleen McGarry
7592: Why a Funded Pension System is Useful and Why It is Not Useful Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
7591: Education for Growth: Why and For Whom? Downloads
Alan B. Krueger and Mikael Lindahl
7590: Have Individual Stocks Become More Volatile? An Empirical Exploration of Idiosyncratic Risk Downloads
John Y. Campbell, Martin Lettau, Burton G. Malkiel and Yexiao Xu
7589: Asset Pricing at the Millennium Downloads
John Y. Campbell
7588: Retirement Outcomes in the Health and Retirement Study Downloads
Alan L. Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
7587: The Visible Hand, the Invisible Hand and Efficiency Downloads
Eitan Goldman and Gary Gorton
7586: Germany's Economic Unification: An Assessment after Ten Years Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
7585: Self-Confidence and Social Interactions Downloads
Roland J. Benabou and Jean Tirole
7584: A Dynamic Model of Differential Human Capital and Criminal Activity Downloads
Naci H. Mocan, Stephen C. Billups and Jody Robert Overland
7583: Child Care and the Welfare to Work Transition Downloads
Robert J. Lemke, Ann Dryden Witte, Magaly Queralt and Robert Witt
7582: Obstacles to Optimal Policy: The Interplay of Politics and Economics in Shaping Bank Supervision and Regulation Reforms Downloads
Randall S. Kroszner and Philip E. Strahan
7581: Medium-Term Determinants of Current Accounts in Industrial and Developing Countries: An Empirical Exploration Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Eswar Prasad
7580: Economic Analysis of Social Interactions Downloads
Charles F. Manski
7579: Elected versus Appointed Regulators: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Stephen Coate and Timothy J. Besley
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