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9097: An Assessment of the Proposals of the President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security Downloads
Peter Diamond and Peter R. Orszag
9096: Does It Pay to Work? Downloads
Jagadeesh Gokhale, Laurence Kotlikoff and Oleksiy Sluchynsky
9095: How Do Large Depreciations Affect Firm Performance? Downloads
Kristin Forbes
9094: Using Mandated Speed Limits to Measure the Value of a Statistical Life Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Michael Greenstone
9093: Is There an Effect of Incremental Welfare Benefits on Fertility Behavior? A Look at the Family Cap Downloads
Melissa Kearney
9092: Annuities for an Ageing World Downloads
Olivia Mitchell and David McCarthy
9091: Does Contracting Out Increase the Efficiency of Government Programs? Evidence from Medicaid HMOs Downloads
Mark Duggan
9090: The Impact of Internet Subsidies in Public Schools Downloads
Austan Goolsbee and Jonathan Guryan
9089: Law, Endowment, and Finance Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Ross Levine
9088: Why Do School District Budget Referenda Fail? Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg, Randy A. Ehrenberg, Christopher L. Smith and Liang Zhang
9087: Defining Benchmark Status: An Application using Euro-Area Bonds Downloads
Peter Dunne, Michael Moore and Richard Portes
9086: Trade with Labor Market Distortions and Heterogeneous Labor: Why Trade Can Hurt Downloads
Kala Krishna, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay and Cemile Yavas
9085: Measuring Prices and Price Competition Online: Amazon and Barnes and Noble Downloads
Austan Goolsbee and Judith Chevalier
9084: The Price Level, the Quantity Theory of Money, and the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level Downloads
David Gordon and Eric Leeper
9083: Learning-By-Doing Vs. On-the-Job Training: Using Variation Induced by the EITC to Distinguish Between Models of Skill Formation Downloads
James Heckman, Lance Lochner and Ricardo Cossa
9082: Stock Markets, Banks, and Growth: Panel Evidence Downloads
Thorsten Beck and Ross Levine
9081: Work and Play: International Evidence of Gender Equality in Employment and Sports Downloads
Michael Klein
9080: Currency Returns, Institutional Investor Flows, and Exchange Rate Fundamentals Downloads
Kenneth Froot and Tarun Ramadorai
9079: Decomposing the Persistence of International Equity Flows Downloads
Kenneth Froot and Jessica D. Tjornhom
9078: The Case Against Board Veto in Corporate Takeovers Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk
9077: Competitive Equilibria With Limited Enforcement Downloads
Patrick Kehoe and Fabrizio Perri
9076: The Home Market Effect and Bilateral Trade Patterns Downloads
Gordon Hanson and Chong Xiang
9075: Foreign Currency for Long-Term Investors Downloads
John Campbell, Luis Viceira and Joshua S. White
9074: Education, Poverty, Political Violence and Terrorism: Is There a Causal Connection? Downloads
Alan Krueger and Jitka Maleckova
9073: Price Uncertainty, Tax Policy, and Addiction: Evidence and Implications Downloads
Mark Coppejans and Holger Sieg
9072: Optimal Currency Areas Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Robert Barro and Silvana Tenreyro
9071: The Long Run Importance of School Quality Downloads
Eric Hanushek
9070: Institutional Allocation In Initial Public Offerings: Empirical Evidence Downloads
Reena Aggarwal, Nagpurnanand R. Prabhala and Manju Puri
9069: Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky Prices Downloads
Mark Bils and Pete Klenow
9068: Managerial Power and Rent Extraction in the Design of Executive Compensation Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk, Jesse M. Fried and David I. Walker
9067: Intertemporal State Budgeting Downloads
Bruce Baker, Daniel Besendorfer and Laurence Kotlikoff
9066: Distance to Frontier, Selection, and Economic Growth Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Philippe Aghion and Fabrizio Zilibotti
9065: How's Life? Combining Individual and National Variables to Explain Subjective Well-Being Downloads
John Helliwell
9064: Academic Earmarks and the Returns to Lobbying Downloads
John M. de Figueiredo and Brian Silverman
9063: Empirical Analysis of Policy Interventions Downloads
Eric Leeper and Tao Zha
9062: Identifying the Efficacy of Central Bank Interventions: The Australian Case Downloads
Jonathan Kearns and Roberto Rigobon
9061: Carrots, Sticks and Broken Windows Downloads
Hope Corman and Naci Mocan
9060: Does Sales-only Apportionment of Corporate Income Violate the GATT? Downloads
Charles E. McLure, Jr. and Walter Hellerstein
9059: Managing Option Fragility Downloads
Brian J. Hall and Thomas A. Knox
9058: Using Discontinuous Eligibility Rules to Identify the Effects of the Federal Medicaid Expansions on Low Income Children Downloads
David Card and Lara Shore-Sheppard
9057: Expectations and Expatriations: Tracing the Causes and Consequences of Corporate Inversions Downloads
Mihir A. Desai and James Hines
9056: On the Relationship Between the Conditional Mean and Volatility of Stock Returns: A Latent VAR Approach Downloads
Michael W. Brandt and Qiang Kang
9055: The Evidence on Credit Constraints in Post-Secondary Schooling Downloads
Pedro Carneiro and James Heckman
9054: Using Market Valuation to Assess Public School Spending Downloads
Lisa Barrow and Cecilia Elena Rouse
9053: Cheap Labor Meets Costly Capital: The Impact of Devaluations on Commodity Firms Downloads
Kristin Forbes
9052: Factor Price Equalization in the UK? Downloads
Andrew Bernard, Stephen Redding, Peter Schott and Helen Simpson
9051: The Role of the Family in Immigrants' Labor-Market Activity: Evidence from the United States Downloads
Francine Blau, Lawrence Kahn, Joan Y. Moriarty and André Souza
9050: Moral Hazard in Reinsurance Markets Downloads
Neil Doherty and Kent Smetters
9049: Evaluating Value Weighting: Corporate Events and Market Timing Downloads
Owen Lamont
9048: Sales and Consumer Inventory Downloads
Igal Hendel and Aviv Nevo
9047: Pricing Currency Risk: Facts and Puzzles from Currency Boards Downloads
Sergio Schmukler and Luis Servén
9046: Optimal Progressive Capital Income Taxes in the Infinite Horizon Model Downloads
Emmanuel Saez
9045: The New Social Security Commission Personal Accounts: Where Is the Investment Principal? Downloads
Alan Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
9044: Closing the Gap or Widening the Divide: The Effects of the G.I. Bill and World War II on the Educational Outcomes of Black Americans Downloads
Sarah Turner and John Bound
9043: Labor Market Institutions and Demographic Employment Patterns Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola, Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
9042: Ethnic Differences in Demographic Behavior in the United States: Has There Been Convergence? Downloads
Michael Haines
9041: Relational Costs and the Production of Social Capital: Evidence from Carpooling Downloads
Kerwin Charles and Patrick Kline
9040: The Failure of Input-based Schooling Policies Downloads
Eric Hanushek
9039: A Theory of the Currency Denomination of International Trade Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
9038: Drug Treatment as a Crime Fighting Tool Downloads
Mireia Jofre-Bonet and Jody L. Sindelar
9037: Ethnicity, Language, and Workplace Segregation: Evidence from a New Matched Employer-Employee Data Set Downloads
Judith Hellerstein and David Neumark
9036: Employee Costs and the Decline in Health Insurance Coverage Downloads
David Cutler
9035: When Can Partial Public Insurance Produce Pareto Improvements? Downloads
Amy Finkelstein
9034: Stock Market Boom and the Productivity Gains of the 1990s Downloads
Urban Jermann and Vincenzo Quadrini
9033: Is Retirement Depressing?: Labor Force Inactivity and Psychological Well-Being in Later Life Downloads
Kerwin Kofi Charles
9032: Is There an Optimal Industry Financial Structure? Downloads
Peter MacKay and Gordon Phillips
9031: The Interaction of Partial Public Insurance Programs and Residual Private Insurance Markets: Evidence from the U.S. Medicare Program Downloads
Amy Finkelstein
9030: Current Accounts in the Long and Short Run Downloads
Aart Kraay and Jaume Ventura
9029: Beyond Markets and Hierarchies: Toward a New Synthesis of American Business History Downloads
Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Daniel M.G. Raff and Peter Temin
9028: Gender Differences in Completed Schooling Downloads
Kerwin Kofi Charles and Ming-Ching Luoh
9027: Tariff-jumping FDI and Domestic Firms' Profits Downloads
Bruce Blonigen, KaSaundra Tomlin and Wesley Wilson
9026: The Deaths of Manufacturing Plants Downloads
Andrew Bernard and J. Jensen
9025: Peer Effects in Medical School Downloads
Peter Arcidiacono and Sean Nicholson
9024: It's Fourth Down and What Does the Bellman Equation Say? A Dynamic Programming Analysis of Football Strategy Downloads
David Romer
9023: Shipping the Good Apples Out? An Empirical Confirmation of the Alchian-Allen Conjecture Downloads
David Hummels and Alexandre Skiba
9022: Intra-national Home Bias: Some Explanations Downloads
Russell Hillberry and David Hummels
9021: The Impact of Social Policy and Economic Activity Throughout the Fertility Decision Tree Downloads
Phillip Levine
9020: Explaining Home Bias in Consumption: The Role of Intermediate Input Trade Downloads
Russell Hillberry and David Hummels
9019: Globalization and Changing Patterns in the International Transmission of Shocks in Financial Markets Downloads
Michael Bordo and Antu Murshid
9018: Child Labor: The Role of Income Variability and Access to Credit Across Countries Downloads
Rajeev Dehejia and Roberta Gatti
9017: Intermediaries in the U.S. Market for Technology, 1870-1920 Downloads
Naomi R. Lamoreaux and Kenneth Sokoloff
9016: Expenditure Switching and Exchange Rate Policy Downloads
Charles Engel
9015: Taxes and Entrepreneurial Activity: Theory and Evidence for the U.S Downloads
Roger Gordon and Julie Cullen
9014: Labor Supply Effects of Social Insurance Downloads
Alan Krueger and Bruce Meyer
9013: Women, War and Wages: The Effect of Female Labor Supply on the Wage Structure at Mid-Century Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, David Autor and David Lyle
9012: The Bush Tax Cut and National Saving Downloads
Alan Auerbach
9011: How Could Everyone Have Been So Wrong? Forecasting the Great Depression with the Railroads Downloads
John Landon-Lane, Eugene White and Adam Klug
9010: Bankruptcy and Small Firms' Access to Credit Downloads
Jeremy Berkowitz and Michelle J. White
9009: Bidder Discounts and Target Premia in Takeovers Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic and Serguey Braguinsky
9008: Gains from FDI Inflows with Incomplete Information Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
9007: Biotech-Pharmaceutical Alliances as a Signal of Asset and Firm Quality Downloads
Sean Nicholson, Patricia Danzon and Jeffrey S. McCullough
9006: Endogenous Political Institutions Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Alberto Alesina and Francesco Trebbi
9005: Monetary Policy in a Financial Crisis Downloads
Lawrence Christiano, Christopher Gust and Jorge Roldos
9004: Heat or Eat? Cold Weather Shocks and Nutrition in Poor American Families Downloads
Jayanta Bhattacharya, Thomas DeLeire, Steven Haider and Janet Currie
9003: Food Insecurity or Poverty? Measuring Need-Related Dietary Adequacy Downloads
Jayanta Bhattacharya, Steven Haider and Janet Currie
9002: The Performance of Performance Standards Downloads
James Heckman, Carolyn Heinrich and Jeffrey Smith
9001: Entrepreneurship in Equilibrium Downloads
Denis Gromb and David Scharfstein
9000: Daily Cross-Border Equity Flows: Pushed or Pulled? Downloads
John M. Griffin, Federico Nardari and René Stulz
8999: The Roots of Latin American Protectionism: Looking Before the Great Depression Downloads
John H. Coatsworth and Jeffrey Williamson
8998: Where Do U.S. Immigrants Come From, and Why? Downloads
Ximena Clark, Timothy Hatton and Jeffrey Williamson
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