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8997: Art Auctions: A Survey of Empirical Studies Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Kathryn Graddy
8996: Benefits and Costs of Newer Drugs: An Update Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
8995: When Does Trade Hurt? Market, Transition and Developing Economies Downloads
Kala Krishna and Cemile Yavas
8994: Are Financial Assets Priced Locally or Globally? Downloads
G. Karolyi and René Stulz
8993: The Impact of Unionization on Establishment Closure: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Representation Elections Downloads
John DiNardo and David S. Lee
8992: U.S. Stock Market Crashes and Their Aftermath: Implications for Monetary Policy Downloads
Frederic Mishkin and Eugene White
8991: Stock Valuation and Learning about Profitability Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi
8990: The Market Price of Credit Risk: An Empirical Analysis of Interest Rate Swap Spreads Downloads
Jun Liu, Francis Longstaff and Ravit E. Mandell
8989: Ownership Form and Trapped Capital in the Hospital Industry Downloads
Henry Hansmann, Daniel Kessler and Mark McClellan
8988: Risk Sharing and Asset Prices: Evidence From a Natural Experiment Downloads
Anusha Chari and Peter Henry
8987: Stocks as Money: Convenience Yield and the Tech-Stock Bubble Downloads
John Cochrane
8986: The Relationship Between Education and Adult Mortality in the United States Downloads
Adriana Lleras-Muney
8985: A Pollution Theory of Discrimination: Male and Female Differences in Occupations and Earnings Downloads
Claudia Goldin
8984: Private and Social Incentives for Fertility: Israeli Puzzles Downloads
Charles Manski and Joram Mayshar
8983: Evaluating Welfare Reform in the United States Downloads
Rebecca Blank
8982: Industry Growth and Capital Allocation: Does Having a Market- or Bank-Based System Matter? Downloads
Thorsten Beck and Ross Levine
8981: The Allocation of Resources by Interest Groups: Lobbying, Litigation and Administrative Regulation Downloads
John M. de Figueiredo and Rui J.P. de Figueiredo
8980: Are All Patent Examiners Equal? The Impact of Examiner Characteristics Downloads
Iain Cockburn, Samuel Kortum and Scott Stern
8979: Social Networks and the Aggregation on Individual Decisions Downloads
D. Lee Heavner and Lance Lochner
8978: The Distribution of Tax Burdens: An Introduction Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf and Don Fullerton
8977: Patent Protection and Innovation Over 150 Years Downloads
Josh Lerner
8976: Intellectual Property, Antitrust and Strategic Behavior Downloads
Dennis Carlton and Robert H. Gertner
8975: Understanding the Black-White Test Score Gap in the First Two Years of School Downloads
Roland Fryer and Steven Levitt
8974: The Powerful Antitakeover Force of Staggered Boards: Theory, Evidence and Policy Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk, John C. Coates Iv and Guhan Subramanian
8973: Democratic Policy Making with Real-Time Agenda Setting: Part 1 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim, Antonio Rangel and Luis Rayo
8972: The Use and Meaning of Words in Central Banking: Inflation Targeting, Credibility, and Transparency Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
8971: Technological Superiority and the Losses from Migration Downloads
Donald Davis and David Weinstein
8970: Asset Prices in a Flexible Inflation Targeting Framework Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti, Hans Genberg and Sushil Wadhwani
8969: Paper millionaires: How valuable is stock to a stockholder who is restricted from selling it? Downloads
Matthias Kahl, Jun Liu and Francis Longstaff
8968: Accountability, Incentives and Behavior: The Impact of High-Stakes Testing in the Chicago Public Schools Downloads
Brian A. Jacob
8967: Capital Account Liberalization, Institutions and Financial Development: Cross Country Evidence Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Hiro Ito
8966: Boom-Busts in Asset Prices, Economic Instability, and Monetary Policy Downloads
Michael Bordo and Olivier Jeanne
8965: Studying Ourselves: The Academic Labor Market Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg
8964: Where the boys aren't: Non-cognitive skills, returns to school and the gender gap in higher education Downloads
Brian A. Jacob
8963: The Modern History of Exchange Rate Arrangements: A Reinterpretation Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff
8962: Estimating Price Elasticities When there is Smuggling: The Sensitivity of Smoking to Price in Canada Downloads
Jonathan Gruber, Anindya Sen and Mark Stabile
8961: Equity Volatility and Corporate Bond Yields Downloads
John Campbell and Glen B. Taksler
8960: Trade Credit, Financial Intermediary Development and Industry Growth Downloads
Raymond Fisman and Inessa Love
8959: Micro Effects of Macro Announcements: Real-Time Price Discovery in Foreign Exchange Downloads
Torben Andersen, Tim Bollerslev, Francis Diebold and Clara Vega
8958: Social Security and Democracy Downloads
Casey Mulligan, Ricard Gil and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
8957: The Complexion Gap: The Economic Consequences of Color among Free African Americans in the Rural Antebellum South Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn
8956: Closed-Form Likelihood Expansions for Multivariate Diffusions Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia
8955: From Malthus to Ohlin: Trade, Growth and Distribution Since 1500 Downloads
Kevin O'Rourke and Jeffrey Williamson
8954: Going Public When You Can in Biotechnology Downloads
Michael Darby and Lynne Zucker
8953: Odious Debt Downloads
Michael Kremer and Seema Jayachandran
8952: Economic Development as Self-Discovery Downloads
Ricardo Hausmann and Dani Rodrik
8951: IMF Programs: Who is Chosen and What Are the Effects? Downloads
Robert Barro and Jong-Wha Lee
8950: Why Should Emerging Economies Give up National Currencies: A Case for 'Institutions Substitution' Downloads
Enrique Mendoza
8949: Efficiency and Equity in Schools around the World Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Javier A. Luque
8948: Economic Interpretations of Intergenerational Correlations Downloads
Nathan Grawe and Casey Mulligan
8947: Growing by Leaps and Inches: Creative Destruction, Real Cost Reduction, and Inching Up Downloads
Michael Darby and Lynne Zucker
8946: The Growth of Obesity and Technological Change: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination Downloads
Darius Lakdawalla and Tomas Philipson
8945: Homeownership in the Immigrant Population Downloads
George Borjas
8944: Nonparametric Option Pricing under Shape Restrictions Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia and Jefferson Duarte
8943: Network Externalities and Technology Adoption: Lessons from Electronic Payments Downloads
Gautam Gowrisankaran and Joanna Stavins
8942: The Curley Effect Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Andrei Shleifer
8941: Estimation and Identification of Structural Parameters in the Presence of Multiple Equilibria Downloads
Russell W. Cooper
8940: The NAIRU in Theory and Practice Downloads
Laurence Ball and N. Gregory Mankiw
8939: Debt Relief and Fiscal Sustainability Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
8938: The Mildest Recession: Output, Profits, and Stock Prices as the U.S. Emerges from the 2001 Recession Downloads
William Nordhaus
8937: Liquidity Shortages and Banking Crises Downloads
Douglas Diamond and Raghuram Rajan
8936: Medicaid Managed Care and Infant Health: A National Evaluation Downloads
Robert Kaestner, Lisa Dubay and Genevieve Kenney
8935: The New Economy and the Challenges for Macroeconomic Policy Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti
8934: Exchange Rate Pass-Through into Import Prices: A Macro or Micro Phenomenon? Downloads
Jose Campa and Linda Goldberg
8933: The World Distribution of Income (estimated from Individual Country Distributions) Downloads
Xavier Sala-i-Martin
8932: Has Welfare Reform Changed Teenage Behaviors? Downloads
Robert Kaestner and June O'Neill
8931: Religion and Political Economy in an International Panel Downloads
Robert Barro and Rachel M. McCleary
8930: Modern Hyper- and High Inflations Downloads
Stanley Fischer, Ratna Sahay and Carlos Vegh
8929: Estimating the Knowledge-Capital Model of the Multinational Enterprise: Comment Downloads
Bruce Blonigen, Ronald Davies and Keith Head
8928: Financial Intermediation Downloads
Gary Gorton and Andrew Winton
8927: A Century of Current Account Dynamics Downloads
Alan Taylor
8926: The Effects of Gun Prevalence on Burglary: Deterrence vs Inducement Downloads
Philip J Cook and Jens Ludwig
8925: Inflation Targeting: Should It Be Modeled as an Instrument Rule or a Targeting Rule? Downloads
Lars Svensson
8924: Social Security Privatization Reform and Labor Markets: The Case of Chile Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Alejandra Cox Edwards
8923: Does Local Financial Development Matter? Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
8922: Risk Reduction in Large Portfolios: Why Imposing the Wrong Constraints Helps Downloads
Ravi Jagannathan and Tongshu Ma
8921: The Governance of Not-For-Profit Firms Downloads
Edward Glaeser
8920: Wealth Accumulation and the Propensity to Plan Downloads
John Ameriks, Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
8919: Stochastic Technical Progress, Nearly Smooth Trends and Distinct Business Cycles Downloads
Julio Rotemberg
8918: Remedial Education and Student Achievement: A Regression-Discontinuity Analysis Downloads
Brian A. Jacob and Lars Lefgren
8917: Minimum Standards and Insurance Regulation: Evidence from the Medigap Market Downloads
Amy Finkelstein
8916: The Impact of Teacher Training on Student Achievement: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from School Reform Efforts in Chicago Downloads
Brian A. Jacob and Lars Lefgren
8915: The Rising (and then Declining) Significance of Gender Downloads
Claudia Goldin
8914: Is Foreign Exchange Intervention Effective?: The Japanese Experiences in the 1990s Downloads
Takatoshi Ito
8913: The Property Tax as a Tax on Value: Deadweight Loss Downloads
Richard Arnott and Petia Petrova
8912: Expectation Traps and Monetary Policy Downloads
Stefania Albanesi, Varadarajan Chari and Lawrence Christiano
8911: Social Security and Elderly Living Arrangements Downloads
Gary V. Engelhardt, Jonathan Gruber and Cynthia D. Perry
8910: Employment Relationships in the New Economy Downloads
David Neumark and Deborah Reed
8909: On the Timeliness of Tax Reform Downloads
James Hines
8908: Capital Account Liberalization: Allocative Efficiency or Animal Spirits? Downloads
Anusha Chari and Peter Henry
8907: Physician Income Prediction Errors: Sources and Implications for Behavior Downloads
Sean Nicholson and Nicholas Souleles
8906: Junior Must Pay: Pricing the Implicit Put in Privatizing Social Security Downloads
George Constantinides, John B. Donaldson and Rajnish Mehra
8905: Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Volatility in a Small Open Economy Downloads
Jordi Gali and Tommaso Monacelli
8904: The Disturbing "Rise" of Global Income Inequality Downloads
Xavier Sala-i-Martin
8903: Can the New Deal's Three R's Be Rehabilitated? A Program-by-Program, County-by-County Analysis Downloads
Price Fishback, Shawn Kantor and John Joseph Wallis
8902: The Welfare of Children During the Great Depression Downloads
Price Fishback, Michael Haines and Shawn Kantor
8901: Cap and Trade Policies in the Presence of Monopoly and Distortionary Taxation Downloads
Don Fullerton and Gilbert Metcalf
8900: Financial Opening: Evidence and Policy Options Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
8899: HMO Penetration, Ownership Status, and the Rise of Hospital Advertising Downloads
Jason R. Barro and Michael Chu
8898: Teacher Quality and the Future of America Downloads
Peter Temin
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