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19907: Effect of Pensions and Disability Benefits on Retirement in the UK Downloads
James Banks, Carl Emmerson and Gemma Tetlow
19906: Relaxing Occupational Licensing Requirements: Analyzing Wages and Prices for a Medical Service Downloads
Morris M. Kleiner, Allison Marier, Kyoung Won Park and Coady Wing
19905: Collaborating With People Like Me: Ethnic co-authorship within the US Downloads
Richard Freeman and Wei Huang
19904: Regulatory Redistribution in the Market for Health Insurance Downloads
Jeffrey Clemens
19903: A New Approach to Solving the Colonial Monetary Puzzle: Evidence from New Jersey, 1709-1775 Downloads
Farley Grubb
19902: The Role of Health in Retirement Downloads
Alan Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
19901: Acquisitions, Productivity, and Profitability: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry Downloads
Serguey Braguinsky, Atsushi Ohyama, Tetsuji Okazaki and Chad Syverson
19900: Can Intangible Capital Explain Cyclical Movements in the Labor Wedge? Downloads
Francois Gourio and Leena Rudanko
19899: Optimal Tax Progressivity: An Analytical Framework Downloads
Jonathan Heathcote, Kjetil Storesletten and Giovanni L. Violante
19898: Are Chinese Markets for Manufactured Products More Competitive than in the US?: A Comparison of China -US Industrial Concentration Ratios Downloads
Jun Wang and John Whalley
19897: An Optimizing Neuroeconomic Model of Discrete Choice Downloads
Michael Woodford
19896: Efficiency versus Equity in the Allocation of Medical Specialty Training Positions in Spain: A Health Policy Simulation Based on a Discrete Choice Model Downloads
Jeffrey E. Harris, Beatriz G. López-Valcárcel, Patricia Barber and Vicente Ortun
19895: The Demise of U.S. Economic Growth: Restatement, Rebuttal, and Reflections Downloads
Robert Gordon
19894: Young, Restless and Creative: Openness to Disruption and Creative Innovations Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit and Murat Alp Celik
19893: Are Chinese Growth and Inflation Too Smooth? Evidence from Engel Curves Downloads
Emi Nakamura, Jon Steinsson and Miao Liu
19892: Effects of Index-Fund Investing on Commodity Futures Prices Downloads
James Hamilton and Jing Cynthia Wu
19891: Scale and Skill in Active Management Downloads
Lubos Pastor, Robert Stambaugh and Lucian A. Taylor
19890: Central Clearing and Collateral Demand Downloads
Darrell Duffie, Martin Scheicher and Guillaume Vuillemey
19889: Health, Financial Incentives, and Early Retirement: Micro-Simulation Evidence for Germany Downloads
Hendrik Juerges, Lars Thiel, Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Johannes Rausch, Morten Schuth and Axel Boersch-Supan
19888: Does Female Empowerment Promote Economic Development? Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Michele Tertilt
19887: Measuring the ''World'' Real Interest Rate Downloads
Mervyn King and David Low
19886: Is Increased Price Flexibility Stabilizing? Redux Downloads
Saroj Bhattarai, Gauti Eggertsson and Raphael Schoenle
19885: A Macroeconomic Framework for Quantifying Systemic Risk Downloads
Zhiguo He and Arvind Krishnamurthy
19884: Short-run Effects of Job Loss on Health Conditions, Health Insurance, and Health Care Utilization Downloads
Jessamyn Schaller and Ann Stevens
19883: Search Frictions and Market Power in Negotiated Price Markets Downloads
Jason Allen, Robert Clark and Jean-François Houde
19882: Default and Repayment Among Baccalaureate Degree Earners Downloads
Lance Lochner and Alexander Monge-Naranjo
19881: Coal, Smoke, and Death: Bituminous Coal and American Home Heating Downloads
Alan Barreca, Karen Clay and Joel Tarr
19880: Media Bias in the Marketplace: Theory Downloads
Matthew Gentzkow, Jesse Shapiro and Daniel Stone
19879: Risk Aversion and the Desirability of Attenuated Legal Change Downloads
Steven Shavell
19878: Tobacco Control Campaign in Uruguay: Impact on Smoking Cessation during Pregnancy Downloads
Jeffrey E. Harris, Ana Balsa and Patricia Triunfo
19877: The Morphology of Price Dispersion Downloads
Greg Kaplan and Guido Menzio
19876: Revealed Preference, Rational Inattention, and Costly Information Acquisition Downloads
Andrew Caplin and Mark Dean
19875: Testing for Information Asymmetries in Real Estate Markets Downloads
Pablo Kurlat and Johannes Stroebel
19874: Present-Bias, Procrastination and Deadlines in a Field Experiment Downloads
Alberto Bisin and Kyle Hyndman
19873: Trial and Settlement: A Study of High-Low Agreements Downloads
Prescott J.J., Kathryn E. Spier and Albert Yoon
19872: Intra-national Trade Costs: Measurement and Aggregation Downloads
Delina Agnosteva, James Anderson and Yoto Yotov
19871: High Discounts and High Unemployment Downloads
Robert Hall
19870: A Contribution to the Empirics of Reservation Wages Downloads
Alan Krueger and Andreas Mueller
19869: Divorce Risk, Wages, and Working Wives: A Quantitative Life-Cycle Analysis of Female Labor Force Participation Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Joyce C. Wong
19868: Political Reservations and Women's Entrepreneurship in India Downloads
Ejaz Ghani, William Kerr and Stephen O'Connell
19867: Management Practices, Relational Contracts, and the Decline of General Motors Downloads
Susan Helper and Rebecca Henderson
19866: Age and Scientific Genius Downloads
Benjamin Jones, Reedy E.J. and Bruce Weinberg
19865: Exporter Dynamics, Firm Size and Growth, and Partial Year Effects Downloads
Andrew Bernard, Renzo Massari, Jose-Daniel Reyes and Daria Taglioni
19864: How Risky Are Recessions for Top Earners? Downloads
Fatih Guvenen, Greg Kaplan and Jae Song
19863: Loose Knots: Strong versus Weak Commitments to Save for Education in Uganda Downloads
Dean Karlan and Leigh L. Linden
19862: The (Surprising) Efficacy of Academic and Behavioral Intervention with Disadvantaged Youth: Results from a Randomized Experiment in Chicago Downloads
Philip J Cook, Kenneth Dodge, George Farkas, Roland Fryer, Jonathan Guryan, Jens Ludwig, Susan Mayer, Harold Pollack and Laurence Steinberg
19861: American Colonial Incomes, 1650-1774 Downloads
Peter Lindert and Jeffrey Williamson
19860: How Johnson Fought the War on Poverty: The Economics and Politics of Funding at the Office of Economic Opportunity Downloads
Martha Bailey and Nicolas Duquette
19859: Demand Modeling, Forecasting, and Counterfactuals, Part I Downloads
Parag A. Pathak and Peng Shi
19858: Every Breath You Take - Every Dollar You'll Make: The Long-Term Consequences of the Clean Air Act of 1970 Downloads
Adam Isen, Maya Rossin-Slater and Reed Walker
19857: Breaking the Link Between Legal Access to Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Accidents: Evidence from New South Wales Downloads
Jason Lindo, Peter Siminski and Oleg Yerokhin
19856: Equilibrium Health Spending and Population Aging in a Model of Endogenous Growth - Will the GDP Share of Health Spending Keep Rising? Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich and Yong Yin
19855: How Durable are Social Norms? Immigrant Trust and Generosity in 132 Countries Downloads
John Helliwell, Shun Wang and Jinwen Xu
19854: International Liquidity and Exchange Rate Dynamics Downloads
Xavier Gabaix and Matteo Maggiori
19853: China's Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreements Downloads
Chunding Li, Jing Wang and John Whalley
19852: Managing Innovation in a Crowd Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Mohamed Mostagir and Asuman Ozdaglar
19851: Equalizing Superstars: The Internet and the Democratization of Education Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, David Laibson and John List
19850: Does Greater Inequality Lead to More Household Borrowing? New Evidence from Household Data Downloads
Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Marianna Kudlyak and John Mondragon
19849: Productivity Response to a Contract Change Downloads
Rajshri Jayaraman, Debraj Ray and Francis de Vericourt
19848: Under the Thumb of History? Political Institutions and the Scope for Action Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo
19847: General Equilibrium Impacts of a Federal Clean Energy Standard Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder, Marc A. C. Hafstead and Roberton Williams
19846: Using the Pareto Distribution to Improve Estimates of Topcoded Earnings Downloads
Philip Armour, Richard Burkhauser and Jeff Larrimore
19845: Firm Age, Investment Opportunities, and Job Creation Downloads
Manuel Adelino, Song Ma and David Robinson
19844: Is the United States Still a Land of Opportunity? Recent Trends in Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, Patrick Kline, Emmanuel Saez and Nicholas Turner
19843: Where is the Land of Opportunity? The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the United States Downloads
Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, Patrick Kline and Emmanuel Saez
19842: Can You Leave High School Behind? Downloads
Sandra Black, Jane Arnold Lincove, Jenna Cullinane and Rachel Veron
19841: Does Medical Malpractice Law Improve Health Care Quality? Downloads
Michael Frakes and Anupam Jena
19840: Two Tales of Adjustment: East Asian Lessons for European Growth Downloads
Anusha Chari and Peter Henry
19839: Alcohol Exposure In Utero and Child Academic Achievement Downloads
Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder, George L. Wehby, Sarah Lewis and Luisa Zuccolo
19838: Advertising, Reputation, and Environmental Stewardship: Evidence from the BP Oil Spill Downloads
Lint Barrage, Eric Chyn and Justine Hastings
19837: Return of the Solow Paradox? IT, Productivity, and Employment in U.S. Manufacturing Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, David Autor, David Dorn, Gordon Hanson and Brendan Price
19836: Cash-on-Hand & College Enrollment: Evidence from Population Tax Data and Policy Nonlinearities Downloads
Dayanand Manoli and Nicholas Turner
19835: Could a Website Really Have Doomed the Health Exchanges? Multiple Equilibria, Initial Conditions and the Construction of the Fine Downloads
Florian Scheuer and Kent Smetters
19834: How Constraining Are Limits to Arbitrage? Evidence from a Recent Financial Innovation Downloads
Alexander Ljungqvist and Wenlan Qian
19833: Restoring the Product Variety and Pro-competitive Gains from Trade with Heterogeneous Firms and Bounded Productivity Downloads
Robert Feenstra
19832: Voting to Tell Others Downloads
Stefano DellaVigna, John List, Ulrike Malmendier and Gautam Rao
19831: Lights, Camera,... Income!: Estimating Poverty Using National Accounts, Survey Means, and Lights Downloads
Maxim Pinkovskiy and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
19830: The Future of U.S. Economic Growth Downloads
John Fernald and Charles Jones
19829: Marry Your Like: Assortative Mating and Income Inequality Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood, Nezih Guner, Georgi Kocharkov and Cezar Santos
19828: Social Implications of Fiscal Policy Responses During Crises Downloads
Carlos Vegh and Guillermo Vuletin
19827: Microcredit Impacts: Evidence from a Randomized Microcredit Program Placement Experiment by Compartamos Banco Downloads
Manuela Angelucci, Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman
19826: Why Has U.S. Policy Uncertainty Risen Since 1960? Downloads
Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom, Brandice Canes-Wrone, Steven Davis and Jonathan A. Rodden
19825: Incentives, Selection and Productivity in Labor Markets: Evidence from Rural Malawi Downloads
Raymond P. Guiteras and B. Kelsey Jack
19824: Linkage of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Systems: Learning from Experience Downloads
Matthew Ranson and Robert Stavins
19823: Recovery from Financial Crises: Evidence from 100 Episodes Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff
19822: A Theory of Income Taxation under Multidimensional Skill Heterogeneity Downloads
Casey Rothschild and Florian Scheuer
19821: How Sticky Wages in Existing Jobs Can Affect Hiring Downloads
Mark Bils, Yongsung Chang and Sun-Bin Kim
19820: The Information Value of Online Social Networks: Lessons from Peer-to-Peer Lending Downloads
Seth Freedman and Ginger Zhe Jin
19819: Why and Wherefore of Increased Scientific Collaboration Downloads
Richard Freeman, Ina Ganguli and Raviv Murciano-Goroff
19818: Origins of Stock Market Fluctuations Downloads
Daniel L. Greenwald, Martin Lettau and Sydney Ludvigson
19817: Misinformed Speculators and Mispricing in the Housing Market Downloads
Alex Chinco and Christopher Mayer
19816: The Economics of Online Postsecondary Education: MOOCs, Nonselective Education, and Highly Selective Education Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
19815: Tax Benefits to Housing and Inefficiencies in Location and Consumption Downloads
David Albouy and Andrew Hanson
19814: Market Set-Up in Advance of Federal Reserve Policy Decisions Downloads
Dick van Dijk, Robin L. Lumsdaine and Michel van der Wel
19813: State Capacity and Economic Development: A Network Approach Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Camilo García-Jimeno and James Robinson
19812: The Price of Political Uncertainty: Theory and Evidence from the Option Market Downloads
Bryan Kelly, Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi
19811: Risk, Insurance and Wages in General Equilibrium Downloads
Ahmed Mobarak and Mark Rosenzweig
19810: Missing Gains from Trade? Downloads
Marc Melitz and Stephen Redding
19809: Powerful Independent Directors Downloads
Kathy Fogel, Liping Ma and Randall Morck
19808: Rainfall Forecasts, Weather and Wages over the Agricultural Production Cycle Downloads
Mark Rosenzweig and Christopher Udry
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