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20528: The Value of Postsecondary Credentials in the Labor Market: An Experimental Study Downloads
David Deming, Noam Yuchtman, Amira Abulafi, Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz
20527: Precautionary Saving of Chinese and U.S. Households Downloads
Horag Choi, Steven Lugauer and Nelson Mark
20526: International Financial Integration and Crisis Contagion Downloads
Michael Devereux and Changhua Yu
20525: Why is Infant Mortality Higher in the US than in Europe? Downloads
Alice Chen, Emily Oster and Heidi Williams
20524: Non-Legal-Tender Paper Money: The Structure and Performance of Maryland's Bills of Credit, 1767-1775 Downloads
Jim Celia and Farley Grubb
20523: The Bidder Exclusion Effect Downloads
Dominic Coey, Brad Larsen and Kane Sweeney
20522: Remittance Responses to Temporary Discounts: A Field Experiment among Central American Migrants Downloads
Kate Ambler, Diego Aycinena and Dean Yang
20521: Immigration, International Collaboration, and Innovation: Science and Technology Policy in the Global Economy Downloads
Richard Freeman
20520: Debt Relief and Debtor Outcomes: Measuring the Effects of Consumer Bankruptcy Protection Downloads
Will Dobbie and Jae Song
20519: Incumbency Advantage in Non-Democracies Downloads
Georgy Egorov and Konstantin Sonin
20518: Monetary Policy Effectiveness in China: Evidence from a FAVAR Model Downloads
John Fernald, Mark Spiegel and Eric Swanson
20517: Reconstructing Macroeconomic Theory to Manage Economic Policy Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
20516: Strategic Trading in Informationally Complex Environments Downloads
Nicolas S. Lambert, Michael Ostrovsky and Mikhail Panov
20515: Risk Corridors and Reinsurance in Health Insurance Marketplaces: Insurance for Insurers Downloads
Timothy J. Layton, Thomas G. McGuire and Anna D. Sinaiko
20514: Appropriability Mechanisms, Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from the UK Downloads
Bronwyn Hall and Vania Sena
20513: On the Ethnic Origins of African Development Chiefs and Pre-colonial Political Centralization Downloads
Stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou
20512: Permission to Exist Downloads
Martin Byford and Joshua Gans
20511: The Impact of No Child Left Behind's Accountability Sanctions on School Performance: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from North Carolina Downloads
Tom Ahn and Jacob Vigdor
20510: Real Exchange Rates and Sectoral Productivity in the Eurozone Downloads
Martin Berka, Michael Devereux and Charles Engel
20509: Misclassification in Binary Choice Models Downloads
Bruce Meyer and Nikolas Mittag
20508: Dutch Disease or Agglomeration? The Local Economic Effects of Natural Resource Booms in Modern America Downloads
Hunt Allcott and Daniel Keniston
20507: The Federal Reserve's Abandonment of its 1923 Principles Downloads
Julio Rotemberg
20506: Demographics and Entrepreneurship Downloads
James Liang, Hui Wang and Edward Lazear
20505: Finishing Degrees and Finding Jobs: U.S. Higher Education and the Flow of Foreign IT Workers Downloads
John Bound, Murat Demirci, Gaurav Khanna and Sarah Turner
20504: Public Goods and Ethnic Diversity: Evidence from Deforestation in Indonesia Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Caterina Gennaioli and Stefania Lovo
20503: Cities and the Environment Downloads
Matthew Kahn and Randall Walsh
20502: Growth, Trade, and Inequality Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
20501: The Great Mortgaging: Housing Finance, Crises, and Business Cycles Downloads
Oscar Jorda, Moritz Schularick and Alan Taylor
20500: The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards Downloads
Koichiro Ito and James Sallee
20499: Should Hospitals Keep Their Patients Longer? The Role of Inpatient and Outpatient Care in Reducing Readmissions Downloads
Ann P. Bartel, Carri W. Chan and Song-Hee (Hailey) Kim
20498: International Trade and Intertemporal Substitution Downloads
Fernando Leibovici and Michael Waugh
20497: Why Do People Give? Testing Pure and Impure Altruism Downloads
Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm, Lise Vesterlund and Huan Xie
20496: Household Debt: Facts, Puzzles, Theories, and Policies Downloads
Jonathan Zinman
20495: Trade Models, Trade Elasticities, and the Gains from Trade Downloads
Ina Simonovska and Michael Waugh
20494: The Bond Market: An Inflation-Targeter's Best Friend Downloads
Andrew Rose
20493: Leaders and Followers: Perspectives on the Nordic Model and the Economics of Innovation Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
20492: Patents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs Downloads
Iain Cockburn, Jean Lanjouw and Mark Schankerman
20491: Fertility and Financial Development: Evidence from U.S. Counties in the 19th Century Downloads
Alberto Basso, Howard Bodenhorn and David Cuberes
20490: Banks, Liquidity Management and Monetary Policy Downloads
Javier Bianchi and Saki Bigio
20489: Taxation and Top Incomes in Canada Downloads
Kevin Milligan and Michael Smart
20488: Fixed Costs and the Product Market Treatment of Preference Minorities Downloads
Steven Berry, Alon Eizenberg and Joel Waldfogel
20487: Are Dynamic Vickrey Auctions Practical?: Properties of the Combinatorial Clock Auction Downloads
Jonathan Levin and Andrzej Skrzypacz
20486: Measuring the Effect of the Zero Lower Bound on Medium- and Longer-Term Interest Rates Downloads
Eric Swanson and John Williams
20485: Polanyi's Paradox and the Shape of Employment Growth Downloads
David Autor
20484: The Role of Dynamic Renegotiation and Asymmetric Information in Financial Contracting Downloads
Michael Roberts
20483: Self-regulation and Health Downloads
Henry Saffer
20482: Deal with the Devil: The Successes and Limitations of Bureaucratic Reform in India Downloads
Iqbal Dhaliwal and Rema Hanna
20481: Contractual Freedom and the Evolution of Corporate Control in Britain, 1862 to 1929 Downloads
Timothy Guinnane, Ron Harris and Naomi R. Lamoreaux
20480: Asset Management Contracts and Equilibrium Prices Downloads
Andrea M. Buffa, Dimitri Vayanos and Paul Woolley
20479: Labor Market Fluidity and Economic Performance Downloads
Steven Davis and John Haltiwanger
20478: Do Star Performers Produce More Stars? Peer Effects and Learning in Elite Teams Downloads
Casey Ichniowski and Anne Preston
20477: (Measured) Profit is Not Welfare: Evidence from an Experiment on Bundling Microcredit and Insurance Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Richard Hornbeck
20476: Strategic News Releases in Equity Vesting Months Downloads
Alex Edmans, Luis Goncalves-Pinto, Yanbo Wang and Moqi Xu
20475: Constitutional Rights and Education: An International Comparative Study Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Alvaro Garcia-Marin
20474: The Biocultural Origins of Human Capital Formation Downloads
Oded Galor and Marc Klemp
20473: Slow to Hire, Quick to Fire: Employment Dynamics with Asymmetric Responses to News Downloads
Cosmin Ilut, Matthias Kehrig and Martin Schneider
20472: Sorting Between and Within Industries: A Testable Model of Assortative Matching Downloads
John Abowd, Francis Kramarz, Sébastien Pérez-Duarte and Ian Schmutte
20471: Temporary Shocks and Persistent Effects in the Urban System: Evidence from British Cities after the U.S. Civil War Downloads
W. Walker Hanlon
20470: Does Privatized Health Insurance Benefit Patients or Producers? Evidence from Medicare Advantage Downloads
Marika Cabral, Michael Geruso and Neale Mahoney
20469: Poor Quality Drugs and Global Trade: A Pilot Study Downloads
Roger Bate, Ginger Zhe Jin, Aparna Mathur and Amir Attaran
20468: Incentive Pay and Bank Risk-Taking: Evidence from Austrian, German, and Swiss Banks Downloads
Matthias Efing, Harald Hau, Patrick Kampkötter and Johannes Steinbrecher
20467: Creative Destruction: Barriers to Urban Growth and the Great Boston Fire of 1872 Downloads
Richard Hornbeck and Daniel Keniston
20466: Conservation Policies: Who Responds to Price and Who Responds to Prescription? Downloads
Casey Wichman, Laura O. Taylor and Roger H. von Haefen
20465: Subsidies and the Persistence of Technology Adoption: Field Experimental Evidence from Mozambique Downloads
Michael Carter, Rachid Laajaj and Dean Yang
20464: Do Required Minimum Distributions Matter? The Effect of the 2009 Holiday On Retirement Plan Distributions Downloads
Jeffrey Brown, James Poterba and David Richardson
20463: Violence and the Formation of Hopelessness and Pessimistic Prospects of Upward Mobility in Colombia Downloads
Andres Moya and Michael Carter
20462: Controlling Health Care Costs Through Limited Network Insurance Plans: Evidence from Massachusetts State Employees Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Robin McKnight
20461: Storable Votes and Judicial Nominations in the U.S. Senate Downloads
Alessandra Casella, Sébastien Turban and Gregory J. Wawro
20460: The Welfare Effects of Fuel Conservation Policies in the Indian Car Market Downloads
Randy Chugh and Maureen Cropper
20459: Counterparty Risk and the Establishment of the New York Stock Exchange Clearinghouse Downloads
Asaf Bernstein, Eric Hughson and Marc Weidenmier
20458: Tax Morale Downloads
Erzo Luttmer and Monica Singhal
20457: The Price of Experience Downloads
Hyeok Jeong, Yong Kim and Iourii Manovskii
20456: The Informativeness Principle Under Limited Liability Downloads
Pierre Chaigneau, Alex Edmans and Daniel Gottlieb
20455: Export Markets and Labor Allocation in a Low-income Country Downloads
Brian McCaig and Nina Pavcnik
20454: The Revived Bretton Woods System's First Decade Downloads
Michael Dooley, David Folkerts-Landau and Peter Garber
20453: Does Gifted Education Work? For Which Students? Downloads
David Card and Laura Giuliano
20452: Micro Data and Macro Technology Downloads
Ezra Oberfield and Devesh Raval
20451: Turnout Across Democracies Downloads
Helios Herrera, Massimo Morelli and Salvatore Nunnari
20450: Migration and Welfare State: Why is America Different from Europe? Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
20449: Long Workweeks and Strange Hours Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh and Elena Stancanelli
20448: The Effects of Mortality on Fertility: Population Dynamics after a Natural Disaster Downloads
Jenna Nobles, Elizabeth Frankenberg and Duncan Thomas
20447: It's Where You Work: Increases in Earnings Dispersion across Establishments and Individuals in the U.S Downloads
Erling Barth, Alex Bryson, James Davis and Richard Freeman
20446: Preserving History or Hindering Growth? The Heterogeneous Effects of Historic Districts on Local Housing Markets in New York City Downloads
Vicki Been, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Michael Gedal, Edward Glaeser and Brian J. McCabe
20445: Understanding Uncertainty Shocks and the Role of Black Swans Downloads
Anna Orlik and Laura Veldkamp
20444: Is the 'Quarter of Birth' Endogenous? Evidence From One Million Siblings in Taiwan Downloads
Elliott Fan, Jin-Tan Liu and Yen-Chien Chen
20443: The Impact of Family Composition on Educational Achievement Downloads
Stacey Chen, Yen-Chien Chen and Jin-Tan Liu
20442: Aggregate Issuance and Savings Waves Downloads
Andrea L. Eisfeldt and Tyler Muir
20441: Positive Long Run Capital Taxation: Chamley-Judd Revisited Downloads
Ludwig Straub and Iván Werning
20440: The Economics of Aesthetics and Three Centuries of Art Price Records Downloads
William Goetzmann, Elena Mamonova and Christophe Spaenjers
20439: Momentum Crashes Downloads
Kent Daniel and Tobias J. Moskowitz
20438: The Agricultural Origins of Time Preference Downloads
Oded Galor and Ömer Özak
20437: Tax News: Identifying Tax Expectations from Municipal Bonds with an Application to Household Consumption Downloads
Lorenz Kueng
20436: Quantifying the Sources of Firm Heterogeneity Downloads
Colin Hottman, Stephen Redding and David Weinstein
20435: Assessing Asset Pricing Models Using Revealed Preference Downloads
Jonathan B. Berk and Jules van Binsbergen
20434: Experimental Evidence on Distributional Effects of Head Start Downloads
Marianne Bitler, Hilary Hoynes and Thurston Domina
20433: The Carry Trade: Risks and Drawdowns Downloads
Kent Daniel, Robert Hodrick and Zhongjin Lu
20432: Vaccine Approvals and Mandates Under Uncertainty: Some Simple Analytics Downloads
Charles Manski
20431: The Efficiency of Real-World Bargaining: Evidence from Wholesale Used-Auto Auctions Downloads
Brad Larsen
20430: Pathways to Education: An Integrated Approach to Helping At-Risk High School Students Downloads
Philip Oreopoulos, Robert S. Brown and Adam Lavecchia
20429: Endogenous Insurance and Informal Relationships Downloads
Xiao Yu Wang
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