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22136: Animal Spirits in a Monetary Model Downloads
Roger Farmer and Konstantin Platonov
22135: The Theory of Unconventional Monetary Policy Downloads
Roger Farmer and Pawel Zabczyk
22134: Rethinking Performance Evaluation Downloads
Campbell Harvey and Yan Liu
22133: On the Optimal Inflation Rate Downloads
Markus Brunnermeier and Yuliy Sannikov
22132: Government Old-Age Support and Labor Supply: Evidence from the Old Age Assistance Program Downloads
Daniel Fetter and Lee M. Lockwood
22131: Clans, Guilds, and Markets: Apprenticeship Institutions and Growth in the Pre-Industrial Economy Downloads
David de la Croix, Matthias Doepke and Joel Mokyr
22130: The Production of Human Capital in Developed Countries: Evidence from 196 Randomized Field Experiments Downloads
Roland Fryer
22129: The Discounted Euler Equation: A Note Downloads
Alisdair McKay, Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson
22128: Market Reforms in the Time of Imbalance Downloads
Matteo Cacciatore, Romain Duval, Giuseppe Fiori and Fabio Ghironi
22127: Tax Benefits for College Attendance Downloads
Susan Dynarski and Judith Scott-Clayton
22126: Targeted or Universal Coverage? Assessing Heterogeneity in the Effects of Universal Childcare Downloads
Michael J. Kottelenberg and Steven Lehrer
22125: Quantitative Models of Sovereign Debt Crises Downloads
Mark Aguiar, Satyajit Chatterjee, Harold Cole and Zachary Stangebye
22124: Crowdsourcing City Government: Using Tournaments to Improve Inspection Accuracy Downloads
Edward Glaeser, Andrew Hillis, Scott Kominers and Michael Luca
22123: Viewpoint: The Human Capital Approach to Inference Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod
22122: Neoclassical Models in Macroeconomics Downloads
Gary Hansen and Lee Ohanian
22121: Can Iron-Fortified Salt Control Anemia? Evidence from Two Experiments in Rural Bihar Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Sharon Barnhardt and Esther Duflo
22120: Academics vs. Athletics: Career Concerns for NCAA Division I Coaches Downloads
Christopher Avery, Brian Cadman and Gavin Cassar
22119: International Shocks and Domestic Prices: How Large Are Strategic Complementarities? Downloads
Mary Amiti, Oleg Itskhoki and Jozef Konings
22118: Beyond Job Lock: Impacts of Public Health Insurance on Occupational and Industrial Mobility Downloads
Ammar Farooq and Adriana Kugler
22117: Labor Market Institutions in the Gilded Age of American Economic History Downloads
Suresh Naidu and Noam Yuchtman
22116: The Risk Anomaly Tradeoff of Leverage Downloads
Malcolm Baker, Mathias F. Hoeyer and Jeffrey Wurgler
22115: Industry Familiarity and Trading: Evidence from the Personal Portfolios of Industry Insiders Downloads
Itzhak Ben-David, Justin Birru and Andrea Rossi
22114: Rethinking Deindustrialization Downloads
Andrew Bernard, Valerie Smeets and Frédéric Warzynski
22113: Field Experiments in Markets Downloads
Omar Al-Ubaydli and John List
22112: Interactions Between Family and School Environments: Evidence on Dynamic Complementarities? Downloads
Ofer Malamud, Cristian Pop-Eleches and Miguel Urquiola
22111: The Billion Prices Project: Using Online Prices for Measurement and Research Downloads
Alberto Cavallo and Roberto Rigobon
22110: The March of the Techies: Technology, Trade, and Job Polarization in France, 1994-2007 Downloads
James Harrigan, Ariell Reshef and Farid Toubal
22109: Explicit vs. Statistical Preferential Treatment in Affirmative Action: Theory and Evidence from Chicago's Exam Schools Downloads
Umut Dur, Parag Pathak and Tayfun Sönmez
22108: Refugees From Dust and Shrinking Land: Tracking the Dust Bowl Migrants Downloads
Jason Long and Henry Siu
22107: The Effect of Performance-Based Incentives on Educational Achievement: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Downloads
Steven Levitt, John List and Sally Sadoff
22106: The Price Effects of Cross-Market Hospital Mergers Downloads
Leemore Dafny, Kate Ho and Robin Lee
22105: The Environmental Cost of Global Fuel Subsidies Downloads
Lucas Davis
22104: Can Tracking Raise the Test Scores of High-Ability Minority Students? Downloads
David Card and Laura Giuliano
22103: Learning from Potentially-Biased Statistics: Household Inflation Perceptions and Expectations in Argentina Downloads
Alberto Cavallo, Guillermo Cruces and Ricardo Perez-Truglia
22102: The Labor Supply of Undocumented Immigrants Downloads
George Borjas
22101: Management Practices, Workforce Selection and Productivity Downloads
Stefan Bender, Nicholas Bloom, David Card, John van Reenen and Stefanie Wolter
22100: Money and Velocity During Financial Crises: From the Great Depression to the Great Recession Downloads
Richard G. Anderson, Michael Bordo and John Duca
22099: A Glimpse into the World of High Capacity Givers: Experimental Evidence from a University Capital Campaign Downloads
Tova Levin, Steven Levitt and John List
22098: Identification and Efficiency Bounds for the Average Match Function under Conditionally Exogenous Matching Downloads
Bryan Graham, Guido Imbens and Geert Ridder
22097: Optimal Currency Area: A 20th Century Idea For the 21st Century? Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
22096: Macroeconomic-Driven Prepayment Risk and the Valuation of Mortgage-Backed Securities Downloads
Mikhail Chernov, Brett R. Dunn and Francis Longstaff
22095: The State of American Entrepreneurship: New Estimates of the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship for 15 US States, 1988-2014 Downloads
Jorge Guzman and Scott Stern
22094: Three-generation Mobility in the United States, 1850-1940: The Role of Maternal and Paternal Grandparents Downloads
Claudia Olivetti, M. Daniele Paserman and Laura Salisbury
22093: Organized Crime, Violence, and Politics Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Salvatore Piccolo and Paolo Pinotti
22092: An Input-Output Model of the U.S. Economy with Pollution Externality Downloads
Nicholas Muller
22091: How Management Risk Affects Corporate Debt Downloads
Yihui Pan, Tracy Yue Wang and Michael Weisbach
22090: Revenue and Incentive Effects of Basis Step-Up at Death: Lessons from the 2010 "Voluntary" Estate Tax Regime Downloads
Robert Gordon, David Joulfaian and James Poterba
22089: Why Does Fast Loan Growth Predict Poor Performance for Banks? Downloads
Ruediger Fahlenbrach, Robert Prilmeier and René M. Stulz
22088: Efficient Local Government Service Provision: The Role of Privatization and Public Sector Unions Downloads
Rhiannon Jerch, Matthew Kahn and Shanjun Li
22087: The Design of Trade Agreements Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert Staiger
22086: Empirical Tools and Competition Analysis: Past Progress and Current Problems Downloads
Ariel Pakes
22085: Population Policy: Abortion and Modern Contraception are Substitutes Downloads
Grant Miller and Christine Valente
22084: Detecting Potential Overbilling in Medicare Reimbursement via Hours Worked Downloads
Hanming Fang and Qing Gong
22083: Disruptive Change in the Taxi Business: The Case of Uber Downloads
Judd Cramer and Alan Krueger
22082: Copyright Enforcement: Evidence from Two Field Experiments Downloads
Hong Luo and Julie Mortimer
22081: The "Real" Explanation of the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle Downloads
Nicholas Ford and Charles Horioka
22080: Tax Policy Toward Low-Income Families Downloads
Hilary Hoynes and Jesse Rothstein
22079: To ‘Vape’ or Smoke? A Discrete Choice Experiment Among U.S. Adult Smokers Downloads
Joachim Marti, John Buckell, Johanna Catherine Maclean and Jody L. Sindelar
22078: Family Inequality: Diverging Patterns in Marriage, Cohabitation, and Childbearing Downloads
Shelly Lundberg, Robert Pollak and Jenna E. Stearns
22077: Racial Sorting and the Emergence of Segregation in American Cities Downloads
Allison Shertzer and Randall Walsh
22076: Mirrlees meets Diamond-Mirrlees Downloads
Florian Scheuer and Iván Werning
22075: Global Energy Outlook 2015 Downloads
Richard Newell, Yifei Qian and Daniel Raimi
22074: Network Contagion and Interbank Amplification during the Great Depression Downloads
Kris James Mitchener and Gary Richardson
22073: National Policy for Regional Development: Evidence from Appalachian Highways Downloads
Taylor Jaworski and Carl Kitchens
22072: Bargaining over Babies: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Fabian Kindermann
22071: The Performance of Elected Officials: Evidence from State Supreme Courts Downloads
Elliott Ash and W. Bentley Macleod
22070: The Purpose of Trade Agreements Downloads
Gene Grossman
22069: Accounting for the New Gains from Trade Liberalization Downloads
Chang-Tai Hsieh, Nicholas Li, Ralph Ossa and Mu-Jeung Yang
22068: Families in Macroeconomics Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Michele Tertilt
22067: Competitive Price Targeting with Smartphone Coupons Downloads
Jean-Pierre H. Dubé, Zheng Fang, Nathan Fong and Xueming Luo
22066: International Comparative Household Finance Downloads
Cristian Badarinza, John Campbell and Tarun Ramadorai
22065: Speculative Fever: Investor Contagion in the Housing Bubble Downloads
Patrick Bayer, Kyle Mangum and James W. Roberts
22064: Too-Big-To-Fail Before the Fed Downloads
Gary Gorton and Ellis Tallman
22063: Sufficient Statistics for Imperfect Externality-Correcting Policies Downloads
Mark R. Jacobsen, Christopher Knittel, James Sallee and Arthur A. van Benthem
22062: Quantitative Models of Commercial Policy Downloads
Ralph Ossa
22061: Decentralized Governance and the Quality of School Leadership Downloads
Derek Laing, Steven Rivkin, Jeffrey Schiman and Jason Ward
22060: Some Theoretical Connections Among Wealth, Income, Sustainability, and Accounting Downloads
Martin Weitzman
22059: Fiscal and Financial Crises Downloads
Michael Bordo and Christopher Meissner
22058: The Macroeconomic Impact of Financial and Uncertainty Shocks Downloads
Dario Caldara, Cristina Fuentes-Albero, Simon Gilchrist and Egon Zakrajsek
22057: University Innovation and the Professor's Privilege Downloads
Hans Hvide and Benjamin F. Jones
22056: A Market Based Solution for Fire Sales and Other Pecuniary Externalities Downloads
Weerachart Kilenthong and Robert Townsend
22055: The Limits of Propaganda: Evidence from Chavez's Venezuela Downloads
Brian Knight and Ana Tribín
22054: Teacher Applicant Hiring and Teacher Performance: Evidence from DC Public Schools Downloads
Brian Jacob, Jonah E. Rockoff, Eric S. Taylor, Benjamin Lindy and Rachel Rosen
22053: Liquidity Requirements, Liquidity Choice and Financial Stability Downloads
Douglas Diamond and Anil Kashyap
22052: Effects of Welfare Reform on Women's Voting Participation Downloads
Dhaval Dave, Hope Corman and Nancy Reichman
22051: Economic Conditions, Illicit Drug Use, and Substance Use Disorders in the United States Downloads
Christopher S. Carpenter, Chandler McClellan and Daniel Rees
22050: The Market for Financial Adviser Misconduct Downloads
Mark Egan, Gregor Matvos and Amit Seru
22049: The Long Run Effects of Labor Migration on Human Capital Formation in Communities of Origin Downloads
Taryn Dinkelman and Martine Mariotti
22048: Can Fixed-Term Contracts Put Low Skilled Youth on a Better Career Path? Evidence from Spain Downloads
J. Ignacio García-Pérez, Judit Vall Castello and Ioana Marinescu
22047: The Social Value of Financial Expertise Downloads
Pablo Kurlat
22046: Globalization and Political Structure Downloads
Gino Gancia, Giacomo Ponzetto and Jaume Ventura
22045: Excess Volatility: Beyond Discount Rates Downloads
Stefano Giglio and Bryan Kelly
22044: Safe Asset Scarcity and Aggregate Demand Downloads
Ricardo Caballero, Emmanuel Farhi and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
22043: Estimating Social Preferences and Gift Exchange at Work Downloads
Stefano DellaVigna, John List, Ulrike Malmendier and Gautam Rao
22042: The Long-Run Effects of Disruptive Peers Downloads
Scott Carrell, Mark Hoekstra and Elira Kuka
22041: Offshoring and Labor Markets Downloads
David Hummels, Jakob Munch and Chong Xiang
22040: Net Neutrality, Pricing Instruments and Incentives Downloads
Joshua Gans and Michael Katz
22039: Transparency and Negotiated Prices: The Value of Information in Hospital-Supplier Bargaining Downloads
Matthew Grennan and Ashley Swanson
22038: A Theory of Bidding Dynamics and Deadlines in Online Retail Downloads
Dominic Coey, Bradley Larsen and Brennan Platt
22037: Subsidies and Structure: The Lasting Impact of the Hill-Burton Program on the Hospital Industry Downloads
Andrea Park Chung, Martin Gaynor and Seth Richards-Shubik
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