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20011: Predictability and Power in Legislative Bargaining Downloads
S. Nageeb Ali, B. Douglas Bernheim and Xiaochen Fan
20010: Using Social Media to Measure Labor Market Flows Downloads
Dolan Antenucci, Michael Cafarella, Margaret Levenstein, Christopher Ré and Matthew Shapiro
20009: Debt, Taxes, and Liquidity Downloads
Patrick Bolton, Hui Chen and Neng Wang
20008: On the Role of Group Size in Tournaments: Theory and Evidence from Lab and Field Experiments Downloads
John List, Daan van Soest, Jan Stoop and Haiwen Zhou
20007: The Behavioralist As Tax Collector: Using Natural Field Experiments to Enhance Tax Compliance Downloads
Michael Hallsworth, John List, Robert Metcalfe and Ivo Vlaev
20006: Does Classroom Time Matter? A Randomized Field Experiment of Hybrid and Traditional Lecture Formats in Economics Downloads
Ted Joyce, Sean Crockett, David Jaeger, Onur Altindag and Stephen O'Connell
20005: Unintended Consequences of Products Liability: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Market Downloads
Eric Helland, Darius Lakdawalla, Anup Malani and Seth A. Seabury
20004: Democracy Does Cause Growth Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Suresh Naidu, Pascual Restrepo and James Robinson
20003: Commodity-Price Comovement and Global Economic Activity Downloads
Ron Alquist and Olivier Coibion
20002: A Global View of Cross-Border Migration Downloads
Julian di Giovanni, Andrei Levchenko and Francesc Ortega
20001: Option Value of Work, Health Status, and Retirement Decisions in Japan: Evidence from the Japanese Study on Aging and Retirement (JSTAR) Downloads
Satoshi Shimizutani, Takashi Oshio and Mayu Fujii
20000: Getting Better or Feeling Better? How Equity Investors Respond to Investment Experience Downloads
John Campbell, Tarun Ramadorai and Benjamin Ranish
19999: Building State Capacity: Evidence from Biometric Smartcards in India Downloads
Karthik Muralidharan, Paul Niehaus and Sandip Sukhtankar
19998: Risk Adjustment of Health Plan Payments to Correct Inefficient Plan Choice from Adverse Selection Downloads
Jacob Glazer, Thomas McGuire and Julie Shi
19997: Anatomy of a Credit Crunch: From Capital to Labor Markets Downloads
Francisco Buera, Roberto Fattal-Jaef and Yongseok Shin
19996: Less Cash, Less Crime: Evidence from the Electronic Benefit Transfer Program Downloads
Richard Wright, Erdal Tekin, Volkan Topalli, Chandler McClellan, Timothy Dickinson and Richard Rosenfeld
19995: Fiscal Federalism and Legislative Malapportionment: Causal Evidence from Independent but Related Natural Experiments Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Iván Torre and Gustavo Torrens
19994: Optimal Development Policies with Financial Frictions Downloads
Oleg Itskhoki and Benjamin Moll
19993: Price Cutting and Business Stealing in Imperfect Cartels Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Erik Madsen
19992: Trade, Skills, and Quality Upgrading: A Theory with Evidence from Colombia Downloads
Ana Cecília Fieler, Marcela Eslava and Daniel Xu
19991: Evasive Shareholder Meetings Downloads
David Yermack and Yuanzhi Li
19990: Large and Small Sellers: A Theory of Equilibrium Price Dispersion with Sequential Search Downloads
Guido Menzio and Nicholas Trachter
19989: Who Benefits when the Government Pays More? Pass-Through in the Medicare Advantage Program Downloads
Mark Duggan, Amanda Starc and Boris Vabson
19988: Optimal Employment Contracts with Hidden Search Downloads
Rasmus Lentz
19987: The Causal Effects of Competition on Innovation: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Stefan Bechtold, Lea Cassar and Holger Herz
19986: Putting integrity Into Finance: A Purely Positive Approach Downloads
Werner Erhard and Michael Jensen
19985: Nonlinearities in Sovereign Risk Pricing: The Role of CDS Index Contracts Downloads
Anne-Laure Delatte, Julien Fouquau and Richard Portes
19984: Why Do Banks Practice Regulatory Arbitrage? Evidence from Usage of Trust Preferred Securities Downloads
Nicole Boyson, Ruediger Fahlenbrach and René Stulz
19983: Instrumental Variables: An Econometrician's Perspective Downloads
Guido Imbens
19982: Global Benefits of Marine Protected Areas Downloads
James Rising and Geoffrey Heal
19981: The Effects of Monetary Policy on Stock Market Bubbles: Some Evidence Downloads
Jordi Gali and Luca Gambetti
19980: The Transmission of Federal Reserve Tapering News to Emerging Financial Markets Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Mahir Binici and Michael Hutchison
19979: Does grief transfer across generations? In-utero deaths and child outcomes Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
19978: Suicide and Property Rights in India Downloads
Siwan Anderson and Garance Genicot
19977: How Do Electricity Shortages Affect Productivity? Evidence from India Downloads
Hunt Allcott, Allan Collard-Wexler and Stephen O'Connell
19976: Aspirations and Inequality Downloads
Garance Genicot and Debraj Ray
19975: Risk, Ambiguity, and the Exercise of Employee Stock Options Downloads
Yehuda Izhakian and David Yermack
19974: One Fundamental and Two Taxes: When Does a Tobin Tax Reduce Financial Price Volatility? Downloads
Yongheng Deng, Xin Liu and Shang-Jin Wei
19973: Uncertainty Traps Downloads
Pablo Fajgelbaum, Edouard Schaal and Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel
19972: Rating Agencies Downloads
Harold Cole and Thomas Cooley
19971: Education, Health and Wages Downloads
James Heckman, John Humphries, Gregory Veramendi and Sergio S. Urzua
19970: Liquidity Trap and Excessive Leverage Downloads
Anton Korinek and Alp Simsek
19969: Estimating the Risk-Return Trade-off with Overlapping Data Inference Downloads
Esben Hedegaard and Robert Hodrick
19968: Exporters and Shocks: Dissecting the International Elasticity Puzzle Downloads
Doireann Fitzgerald and Stefanie Haller
19967: Macroprudential Policies in a Global Perspective Downloads
Olivier Jeanne
19966: The Missing "Missing Middle" Downloads
Chang-Tai Hsieh and Benjamin Olken
19965: Household Demand for Low Carbon Public Policies: Evidence from California Downloads
Matthew J. Holian and Matthew Kahn
19964: Public Transit Bus Procurement: The Role of Energy Prices, Regulation and Federal Subsidies Downloads
Shanjun Li, Matthew Kahn and Jerry Nickelsburg
19963: Uncovered Equity Parity and Rebalancing in International Portfolios Downloads
Stephanie E. Curcuru, Charles P. Thomas, Francis E. Warnock and Jon Wongswan
19962: German-Jewish Emigres and U.S. Invention Downloads
Petra Moser, Alessandra Voena and Fabian Waldinger
19961: Empowering Women: The Effect of Schooling on Young Women's Knowledge and Use of Contraception Downloads
Mabel Andalón, Jenny Williams and Michael Grossman
19960: Managing Credit Bubbles Downloads
Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura
19959: Matching Methods in Practice: Three Examples Downloads
Guido Imbens
19958: Asset Prices in a Lifecycle Economy Downloads
Roger Farmer
19957: Leverage and Beliefs: Personal Experience and Risk Taking in Margin Lending Downloads
Peter Koudijs and Hans-Joachim Voth
19956: Negative Tests and the Efficiency of Medical Care: What Determines Heterogeneity in Imaging Behavior? Downloads
Jason Abaluck, Leila Agha, Christopher Kabrhel, Ali Raja and Arjun Venkatesh
19955: Caveat Lector: Sample Selection in Historical Heights and the Interpretation of Early Industrializing Economies Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn, Timothy Guinnane and Thomas Mroz
19954: The Effects of Medicare on Medical Expenditure Risk and Financial Strain Downloads
Silvia Barcellos and Mireille Jacobson
19953: Opting Out of Good Governance Downloads
Fritz Foley C., Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Jonathan Greenstein and Eric Zwick
19952: Using Bankruptcy to Reduce Foreclosures: Does Strip-down of Mortgages Affect the Supply of Mortgage Credit? Downloads
Wenli Li, Ishani Tewari and Michelle J. White
19951: Trapped Factors and China's Impact on Global Growth Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Paul Romer, Stephen J. Terry and John van Reenen
19950: The Sad Truth About Happiness Scales Downloads
Timothy Bond and Kevin Lang
19949: Election Fairness and Government Legitimacy in Afghanistan Downloads
Eli Berman, Michael Callen, Clark Gibson and James D. Long
19948: Effects of Prescription Drug Insurance on Hospitalization and Mortality: Evidence from Medicare Part D Downloads
Robert Kaestner, Cuiping Long and Caleb Alexander G.
19947: Patents as Quality Signals? The Implications for Financing Constraints on R&D Downloads
Dirk Czarnitzki, Bronwyn Hall and Hanna Hottenrott
19946: Maturity Rationing and Collective Short-Termism Downloads
Konstantin Milbradt and Martin Oehmke
19945: Do Loan Officers' Incentives Lead to Lax Lending Standards? Downloads
Sumit Agarwal and Itzhak Ben-David
19944: Particulate Pollution and the Productivity of Pear Packers Downloads
Tom Chang, Joshua Graff Zivin, Tal Gross and Matthew J. Neidell
19943: The Political Coase Theorem: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Gustavo Torrens and Maria Lucia Yanguas
19942: In with the Big, Out with the Small: Removing Small-Scale Reservations in India Downloads
Leslie Martin, Shanthi Nataraj and Ann Harrison
19941: Trade and Uncertainty Downloads
Dennis Novy and Alan Taylor
19940: Breastfeeding and Child Disability: A Comparison of Siblings from the United States Downloads
George Wehby
19939: Did Robert Bork Understate the Competitive Impact of Mergers? Evidence from Consummated Mergers Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, Daniel Hosken and Matthew C. Weinberg
19938: Exiting from QE Downloads
Fumio Hayashi and Junko Koeda
19937: Understanding the Role of Time-Varying Unobserved Ability Heterogeneity in Education Production Downloads
Weili Ding and Steven Lehrer
19936: The Economics of Work Schedules under the New Hours and Employment Taxes Downloads
Casey Mulligan
19935: Heterogeneous Paths Through College: Detailed Patterns and Relationships with Graduation and Earnings Downloads
Rodney Andrews, Jing Li and Michael Lovenheim
19934: Learning From the Doers: Developing Country Lessons for Advanced Economy Growth Downloads
Anusha Chari and Peter Henry
19933: Institutions, Human Capital and Development Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Francisco Gallego and James Robinson
19932: The Labor Market Effects of Reducing the Number of Illegal Immigrants Downloads
Andri Chassamboulli and Giovanni Peri
19931: Liquidity Risk and the Dynamics of Arbitrage Capital Downloads
Péter Kondor and Dimitri Vayanos
19930: Retirement Security in an Aging Society Downloads
James Poterba
19929: Endogenous Co-residence and Program Incidence: South Africa's Old Age Pension Downloads
Amar Hamoudi and Duncan Thomas
19928: Adjusting Body Mass for Measurement Error with Invalid Validation Data Downloads
Charles Courtemanche, Joshua Pinkston and Jay Stewart
19927: The Safety Trap Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Emmanuel Farhi
19926: The Growing Dependence of Britain on Trade during the Industrial Revolution Downloads
Gregory Clark, Kevin O'Rourke and Alan Taylor
19925: The Economics of Human Development and Social Mobility Downloads
James Heckman and Stefano Mosso
19924: The Argentina Paradox: Microexplanations and Macropuzzles Downloads
Alan Taylor
19923: The Link Between Manufacturing Growth and Accelerated Services Growth in India Downloads
Rajeev Dehejia and Arvind Panagariya
19922: Driving to Opportunity: Local Rents, Wages, Commuting Costs and Sub-Metropolitan Quality of Life Downloads
David Albouy and Bert Lue
19921: The Learning Process and Technological Change in Wind Power: Evidence from China's CDM Wind Projects Downloads
Tian Tang and David Popp
19920: The Effectiveness of Mandatory Mortgage Counseling: Can One Dissuade Borrowers from Choosing Risky Mortgages? Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, Gene Amromin, Itzhak Ben-David, Souphala Chomsisengphet and Douglas Evanoff
19919: Urban Population and Amenities Downloads
David Albouy and Bryan Stuart
19918: Equilibrium Tax Rates and Income Redistribution: A Laboratory Study Downloads
Marina Agranov and Thomas R. Palfrey
19917: Foreign Ownership of U.S. Safe Assets: Good or Bad? Downloads
Jack Favilukis, Sydney Ludvigson and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
19916: Gravity and Extended Gravity: Using Moment Inequalities to Estimate a Model of Export Entry Downloads
Eduardo Morales, Gloria Sheu and Andres Zahler
19915: The Dynamic Effects of Educational Accountability Downloads
Hugh Macartney
19914: Debt Crises and Risk Sharing: The Role of Markets versus Sovereigns Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Emiliano Luttini and Bent Sorensen
19913: Financial Incentives, Health and Retirement in Spain Downloads
Pilar Garcia-Gomez, Sergi Jimenez-Martin and Judit Vall Castello
19912: Big-Box Retailers and Urban Carbon Emissions: The Case of Wal-Mart Downloads
Matthew Kahn and Nils Kok
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