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21381: Learning and (or) Doing: Human Capital Investments and Optimal Taxation Downloads
Stefanie Stantcheva
21380: Academics as Economic Advisers: Gold, the ‘Brains Trust,’ and FDR Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
21379: Does Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Make It Harder to Get Hired? Evidence from Disability Discrimination Laws Downloads
David Neumark, Joanne Song and Patrick Button
21378: The Birth of Edge Cities in China: Measuring the Spillover Effects of Industrial Parks Downloads
Siqi Zheng, Weizeng Sun, Jianfeng Wu and Matthew Kahn
21377: Growth and Trade with Frictions: A Structural Estimation Framework Downloads
James Anderson, Mario Larch and Yoto Yotov
21376: Multidimensional Skill Mismatch Downloads
Fatih Guvenen, Burhanettin Kuruscu, Satoshi Tanaka and David Wiczer
21375: Inventing Prizes: A Historical Perspective on Innovation Awards and Technology Policy Downloads
B. Zorina Khan
21374: How was the Weekend? How the Social Context Underlies Weekend Effects in Happiness and other Emotions for US Workers Downloads
John Helliwell and Shun Wang
21373: Broadening the State: Policy Responses to the Introduction of the Income Tax Downloads
Mark Dincecco and Ugo Troiano
21372: Military Officer Quality in the All-Volunteer Force Downloads
Matthew F. Cancian and Michael Klein
21371: The Intergenerational Transmission of War Downloads
Filipe Campante and David Yanagizawa-Drott
21370: The Elusive Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade Downloads
Costas Arkolakis, Arnaud Costinot, Dave Donaldson and Andres Rodriguez-Clare
21369: Why Don't Households Smooth Consumption? Evidence from a 25 Million Dollar Experiment Downloads
Jonathan Parker
21368: Apply Yourself: Racial and Ethnic Differences in College Application Downloads
Sandra Black, Kalena E. Cortes and Jane Arnold Lincove
21367: The Effect of Post-and-Hold Laws on Alcohol Consumption Downloads
Henry Saffer and Markus Gehrsitz
21366: The Rise of Domestic Outsourcing and the Evolution of the German Wage Structure Downloads
Deborah Goldschmidt and Johannes Schmieder
21365: Accounting for Adaptation in the Economics of Happiness Downloads
Miles Kimball, Ryan Nunn and Dan Silverman
21364: When Is Social Responsibility Socially Desirable? Downloads
Jean-Etienne de Bettignies and David Robinson
21363: The Dynamics of Inequality Downloads
Xavier Gabaix, Jean-Michel Lasry, Pierre-Louis Lions and Benjamin Moll
21362: The Private Ordering Solution to Multiforum Shareholder Litigation Downloads
Roberta Romano and Sarath Sanga
21361: Long Run Effects of Temporary Incentives on Medical Care Productivity Downloads
Pablo Celhay, Paul Gertler, Paula Giovagnoli and Christel Vermeersch
21360: Economic and Social Impacts of the Media Downloads
Stefano DellaVigna and Eliana La Ferrara
21359: Who Needs a Fracking Education? The Educational Response to Low-Skill Biased Technological Change Downloads
Elizabeth Cascio and Ayushi Narayan
21358: Fiscal Policies and the Prices of Labor: A Comparison of the U.K. and U.S Downloads
Casey Mulligan
21357: Why the Referential Treatment: Evidence from Field Experiments on Referrals Downloads
Amanda Pallais and Emily Glassberg Sands
21356: Precautionary Savings, Retirement Planning and Misperceptions of Financial Literacy Downloads
Anders Anderson, Forest Baker and David Robinson
21355: Solar Geoengineering, Uncertainty, and the Price of Carbon Downloads
Garth Heutel, Juan Moreno-Cruz and Soheil Shayegh
21354: Birth Weight in the Long Run Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj, Petter Lundborg and Dan-Olof Rooth
21353: Health and Unemployment during Macroeconomic Crises Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj, Petter Lundborg and Dan-Olof Rooth
21352: Household Responses to Severe Health Shocks and the Design of Social Insurance Downloads
Itzik Fadlon and Torben Heien Nielsen
21351: What do Exporters Know? Downloads
Michael J. Dickstein and Eduardo Morales
21350: The Antecedents and Aftermath of Financial Crises as told by Carlos F. Díaz Alejandro Downloads
Carmen Reinhart
21349: Capital Markets in China and Britain, 18th and 19th Century: Evidence from Grain Prices Downloads
Wolfgang Keller, Carol Shiue and Xin Wang
21348: The Long-Term Consequences of Vietnam-Era Conscription and Genotype on Smoking Behavior and Health Downloads
Lauren Schmitz and Dalton Conley
21347: Top Incomes in Canada: Evidence from the Census Downloads
Thomas Lemieux and W. Craig Riddell
21346: Evaluating the Risk of Chinese Housing Markets: What We Know and What We Need to Know Downloads
Jing Wu, Joseph Gyourko and Yongheng Deng
21345: Do Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Addictions and Deaths Related to Pain Killers? Downloads
David Powell, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula and Mireille Jacobson
21344: Networks and the Macroeconomy: An Empirical Exploration Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit and William Kerr
21343: The Pass-Through of RIN Prices to Wholesale and Retail Fuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard Downloads
Christopher Knittel, Ben Meiselman and James Stock
21342: The Private Net Benefits of Residential Solar PV: The Role of Electricity Tariffs, Tax Incentives and Rebates Downloads
Severin Borenstein
21341: Protecting Financial Stability in the Aftermath of World War I: The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Dissenting Policy Downloads
Eugene White
21340: Effective Policy for Reducing Inequality? The Earned Income Tax Credit and the Distribution of Income Downloads
Hilary Hoynes and Ankur J. Patel
21339: The Effect of Savings Accounts on Interpersonal Financial Relationships: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural Kenya Downloads
Pascaline Dupas, Anthony Keats and Jonathan Robinson
21338: A Theory of Civil Disobedience Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Cass Sunstein
21337: Healthy(?), Wealthy and Wise: Birth Order and Adult Health Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
21336: Time Consistency and the Duration of Government Debt: A Signalling Theory of Quantitative Easing Downloads
Saroj Bhattarai, Gauti Eggertsson and Bulat Gafarov
21335: The Development of Corporate Governance in Toulouse: 1372-1946 Downloads
David Le Bris, William Goetzmann and Sébastien Pouget
21334: Banks' Risk Exposures Downloads
Juliane Begenau, Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider
21333: From Financial Repression to External Distress: The Case of Venezuela Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Miguel Angel Santos
21332: On the Origins of Risk-Taking Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux, Petter Lundborg and Kaveh Majlesi
21331: Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver? Evidence from the Weatherization Assistance Program Downloads
Meredith Fowlie, Michael Greenstone and Catherine Wolfram
21330: (Un)Informed College and Major Choice: Evidence from Linked Survey and Administrative Data Downloads
Justine Hastings, Christopher Neilson, Anely Ramirez and Seth D. Zimmerman
21329: Backtesting Strategies Based on Multiple Signals Downloads
Robert Novy-Marx
21328: Mandatory Disclosure and Financial Contagion Downloads
Fernando Alvarez and Gadi Barlevy
21327: The Measurement of Wealth: Recessions, Sustainability and Inequality Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
21326: Does Retirement Improve Health and Life Satisfaction? Downloads
Aspen Gorry, Devon Gorry and Sita Slavov
21325: Mining and Quasi-Option Value Downloads
Christopher Costello and Charles Kolstad
21324: Governance and the Effectiveness of Public Health Subsidies Downloads
Rebecca Dizon-Ross, Pascaline Dupas and Jonathan Robinson
21323: The Taxation of Superstars Downloads
Florian Scheuer and Iván Werning
21322: The Optimal Use of Government Purchases for Macroeconomic Stabilization Downloads
Pascal Michaillat and Emmanuel Saez
21321: Usage-Based Pricing and Demand for Residential Broadband Downloads
Aviv Nevo, John Turner and Jonathan W. Williams
21320: Loan Originations and Defaults in the Mortgage Crisis: Further Evidence Downloads
Manuel Adelino, Antoinette Schoar and Felipe Severino
21319: The Labor Market Effects of Opening the Border: New Evidence from Switzerland Downloads
Andreas Beerli and Giovanni Peri
21318: The Elasticity of Substitution Between Time and Market Goods: Evidence from the Great Recession Downloads
Aviv Nevo and Arlene Wong
21317: Health Disparities Across Education: The Role of Differential Reporting Error Downloads
John Cawley and Anna Choi
21316: Government Economic Policy, Sentiments, and Consumption Downloads
Atif Mian, Amir Sufi and Nasim Khoshkhou
21315: Aggregating Elasticities: Intensive and Extensive Margins of Female Labour Supply Downloads
Orazio Attanasio, Peter Levell, Hamish Low and Virginia Sanchez-Marcos
21314: Relaxing Migration Constraints for Rural Households Downloads
Cynthia Kinnan, Shing-Yi Wang and Yongxiang Wang
21313: Exact P-values for Network Interference Downloads
Susan Athey, Dean Eckles and Guido Imbens
21312: Solving Shortage in a Priceless Market: Insights from Blood Donation Downloads
Tianshu Sun, Susan Feng Lu and Ginger Zhe Jin
21311: Cigarette Taxes and Youth Smoking: Updated Estimates Using YRBS Data Downloads
Benjamin Hansen, Joseph J. Sabia and Daniel Rees
21310: The Returns to Microenterprise Support Among the Ultra-Poor: A Field Experiment in Post-War Uganda Downloads
Christopher Blattman, Eric P. Green, Julian C. Jamison, M. Christian Lehmann and Jeannie Annan
21309: Two-sided Altruism and Signaling Downloads
Garance Genicot
21308: The Value of Medicaid: Interpreting Results from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment Downloads
Amy Finkelstein, Nathaniel Hendren and Erzo Luttmer
21307: Technological Change, Occupational Tasks and Declining Immigrant Outcomes: Implications for Earnings and Income Inequality in Canada Downloads
Casey Warman and Christopher Worswick
21306: ICT and Education: Evidence from Student Home Addresses Downloads
Benjamin Faber, Rosa Sanchis-Guarner and Felix Weinhardt
21305: Risk and Risk Management in the Credit Card Industry Downloads
Florentin Butaru, QingQing Chen, Brian Clark, Sanmay Das, Andrew Lo and Akhtar Siddique
21304: Beyond Statistics: The Economic Content of Risk Scores Downloads
Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein, Raymond Kluender and Paul Schrimpf
21303: Is the WTO passé? Downloads
Kyle Bagwell, Chad Bown and Robert Staiger
21302: Can Bureaucrats Really Be Paid Like CEOs? School Administrator Incentives for Anemia Reduction in Rural China Downloads
Renfu Luo, Grant Miller, Scott Rozelle, Sean Sylvia and Marcos Vera-Hernandez
21301: Self-Protection Investment Exacerbates Air Pollution Exposure Inequality in Urban China Downloads
Siqi Zheng, Cong Sun and Matthew Kahn
21300: The Effects of Earnings Disclosure on College Enrollment Decisions Downloads
Justine Hastings, Christopher Neilson and Seth D. Zimmerman
21299: Assessing the Effects of the MFA/ATC from US and World Trade Data after Its Removal Downloads
Daqing Yao and John Whalley
21298: The Welfare Effects of Supply-Side Regulations in Medicare Part D Downloads
Francesco Decarolis, Maria Polyakova and Stephen Ryan
21297: Why Work More? The Impact of Taxes, and Culture of Leisure on Labor Supply in Europe Downloads
Naci Mocan and Luiza Pogorelova
21296: Recent Declines in Labor's Share in US Income: A Preliminary Neoclassical Account Downloads
Robert Lawrence
21295: Human Capital Quality and Aggregate Income Differences: Development Accounting for U.S. States Downloads
Eric Hanushek, Jens Ruhose and Ludger Woessmann
21294: Sentiments, Financial Markets, and Macroeconomic Fluctuations Downloads
Jess Benhabib, Xuewen Liu and Pengfei Wang
21293: Illinois Pensions in a Fiscal Context: A (Basket) Case Study Downloads
Jeffrey Brown and Richard F. Dye
21292: On the Effect of the Costs of Operating Formally: New Experimental Evidence Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Marcela Meléndez and Camila Navajas
21291: Environmental Benefits from Driving Electric Vehicles? Downloads
Stephen Holland, Erin Mansur, Nicholas Muller and Andrew Yates
21290: Hospitals as Insurers of Last Resort Downloads
Craig Garthwaite, Tal Gross and Matthew Notowidigdo
21289: Can Employment Reduce Lawlessness and Rebellion? A Field Experiment with High-Risk Men in a Fragile State Downloads
Christopher Blattman and Jeannie Annan
21288: Compassion or Cash: Evaluating Survey Response Incentives and Valuing Public Goods Downloads
V. Smith, Sharon L. Harlan, Michael McLaen, Jacob Fishman, Carlos Valcarcel and Marcia Nation
21287: Growing Up to Stability? Financial Globalization, Financial Development and Financial Crises Downloads
Michael Bordo and Christopher Meissner
21286: Dark Trading at the Midpoint: Pricing Rules, Order Flow, and High Frequency Liquidity Provision Downloads
Robert P. Bartlett, III and Justin McCrary
21285: Cheap Talk, Round Numbers, and the Economics of Negotiation Downloads
Matthew Backus, Tom Blake and Steven Tadelis
21284: The Accumulation of Human and Nonhuman Capital, Revisited Downloads
Barbara M. Fraumeni, Michael S. Christian and Jon D. Samuels
21283: Choosing a Human Capital Measure: Educational Attainment Gaps and Rankings Downloads
Barbara M. Fraumeni
21282: Core Inflation and Trend Inflation Downloads
James Stock and Mark Watson
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