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20213: Bases, Bullets and Ballots: the Effect of U.S. Military Aid on Political Conflict in Colombia Downloads
Oeindrila Dube and Suresh Naidu
20212: Pharmaceutical Profits and the Social Value of Innovation Downloads
David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite and Manuel Hermosilla
20211: Intensive Math Instruction and Educational Attainment: Long-Run Impacts of Double-Dose Algebra Downloads
Kalena Cortes, Joshua Goodman and Takako Nomi
20210: External Equity Financing Shocks, Financial Flows, and Asset Prices Downloads
Frederico Belo, Xiaoji Lin and Fan Yang
20209: Misspecified Recovery Downloads
Jaroslav Borovička, Lars Hansen and Jose Scheinkman
20208: Premium Transparency in the Medicare Advantage Market: Implications for Premiums, Benefits, and Efficiency Downloads
Karen Stockley, Thomas McGuire, Christopher Afendulis and Michael E. Chernew
20207: Banks Are Where The Liquidity Is Downloads
Oliver Hart and Luigi Zingales
20206: Heterogeneity in the Value of Life Downloads
Joseph Aldy and Seamus J. Smyth
20205: Informality and Development Downloads
Rafael La Porta and Andrei Shleifer
20204: International Environmental Agreements among Heterogeneous Countries with Social Preferences Downloads
Charles Kolstad
20203: Five Steps to Planning Success. Experimental Evidence from U.S. Households Downloads
Aileen Heinberg, Angela A. Hung, Arie Kapteyn, Annamaria Lusardi, Anya Samek and Joanne Yoong
20202: Access to Health Insurance and the Use of Inpatient Medical Care: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act Young Adult Mandate Downloads
Yaa Akosa Antwi, Asako S. Moriya and Kosali Simon
20201: Women's Income and Marriage Markets in the United States: Evidence from the Civil War Pension Downloads
Laura Salisbury
20200: Saving Europe?: The Unpleasant Arithmetic of Fiscal Austerity in Integrated Economies Downloads
Enrique Mendoza, Linda Tesar and Jing Zhang
20199: Testing Asset Pricing Theory on Six Hundred Years of Stock Returns: Prices and Dividends for the Bazacle Company from 1372 to 1946 Downloads
David le Bris, William Goetzmann and Sébastien Pouget
20198: American Banking and the Transportation Revolution Before the Civil War Downloads
Jeremy Atack, Matthew Jaremski and Peter Rousseau
20197: Market Outcomes and Dynamic Patent Buyouts Downloads
Alberto Galasso, Matthew Mitchell and Gábor Virag
20196: Impact of Premium Subsidies on the Take-up of Health Insurance: Evidence from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Downloads
Asako S. Moriya and Kosali Simon
20195: Income Inequality, Social Mobility, and the Decision to Drop Out of High School Downloads
Melissa S. Kearney and Phillip Levine
20194: Monetary/Fiscal Policy Mix and Agents' Beliefs Downloads
Francesco Bianchi and Cosmin Ilut
20193: Information Aggregation in a DSGE Model Downloads
Tarek Hassan and Thomas M. Mertens
20192: A General Rationale for a Governmental Role in the Relief of Large Risks Downloads
Steven Shavell
20191: Intrahousehold Inequality Downloads
Pierre Chiappori and Costas Meghir
20190: Model Disagreement and Economic Outlook Downloads
Daniel Andrei, Bruce Carlin and Michael Hasler
20189: Intra-household Welfare Downloads
Pierre Chiappori and Costas Meghir
20188: An African Growth Miracle? Downloads
Dani Rodrik
20187: On the Fundamental Relation Between Equity Returns and Interest Rates Downloads
Jaewon Choi, Matthew P. Richardson and Robert F. Whitelaw
20186: The Value of Transmission in Electricity Markets: Evidence from a Nuclear Power Plant Closure Downloads
Lucas Davis and Catherine Hausman
20185: Long-Term Damage from the Great Recession in OECD Countries Downloads
Laurence Ball
20184: Grading on a Curve, and other Effects of Group Size on All-Pay Auctions Downloads
James Andreoni and Andy Brownback
20183: Quantifying the Lasting Harm to the U.S. Economy from the Financial Crisis Downloads
Robert Hall
20182: Social Distance and Quality Ratings in Charity Choice Downloads
Alexander Brown, Jonathan Meer and Forrest Williams J.
20181: Dominated Choices and Medicare Advantage Enrollment Downloads
Christopher Afendulis, Anna Sinaiko and Richard Frank
20180: A Field Experiment on Directed Giving at a Public University Downloads
Catherine Eckel, David Herberich and Jonathan Meer
20179: Defense Government Spending Is Contractionary, Civilian Government Spending Is Expansionary Downloads
Roberto Perotti
20178: The Effect of Child Health Insurance Access on Schooling: Evidence from Public Insurance Expansions Downloads
Sarah Cohodes, Daniel Grossman, Samuel Kleiner and Michael Lovenheim
20177: Food for Thought: Comparing Estimates of Food Availability in England and Wales, 1700-1914 Downloads
Bernard Harris, Roderick Floud and Sok Chul Hong
20176: Capital Gains Lock-In and Governance Choices Downloads
Stephen Dimmock, William Gerken, Zoran Ivković and Scott J. Weisbenner
20175: Consumption Dynamics During Recessions Downloads
David Berger and Joseph Vavra
20174: Culture: Persistence and Evolution Downloads
Francesco Giavazzi, Ivan Petkov and Fabio Schiantarelli
20173: In a Small Moment: Class Size and Moral Hazard in the Mezzogiorno Downloads
Joshua Angrist, Erich Battistin and Daniela Vuri
20172: Under-investment in a Profitable Technology: The Case of Seasonal Migration in Bangladesh Downloads
Gharad Bryan, Shyamal Chowdhury and Ahmed Mobarak
20171: Consumer Heterogeneity and Paid Search Effectiveness: A Large Scale Field Experiment Downloads
Thomas Blake, Chris Nosko and Steven Tadelis
20170: To Charge or Not to Charge: Evidence from a Health Products Experiment in Uganda Downloads
Greg Fischer, Dean Karlan, Margaret McConnell and Pia Raffler
20169: Medicaid: A Review of the Literature Downloads
Marianne Bitler and Madeline Zavodny
20168: The Impact of Regional and Sectoral Productivity Changes on the U.S. Economy Downloads
Lorenzo Caliendo, Fernando Parro, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg and Pierre Daniel Sarte
20167: The Career Prospects of Overeducated Americans Downloads
Brian Clark, Clément Joubert and Arnaud Maurel
20166: Does in utero Exposure to Illness Matter? The 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Taiwan as a Natural Experiment Downloads
Ming-Jen Lin and Elaine Liu
20165: How does macroprudential regulation change bank credit supply? Downloads
Anil Kashyap, Dimitrios Tsomocos and Alexandros P. Vardoulakis
20164: Human Capital Effects of Anti-Poverty Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Housing Voucher Lottery Downloads
Brian Jacob, Max Kapustin and Jens Ludwig
20163: Collusion at the Extensive Margin Downloads
Martin Byford and Joshua Gans
20162: "Selling Out" and the Impact of Music Piracy on Artist Entry Downloads
Joshua Gans
20161: Inflation Announcements and Social Dynamics Downloads
Kinda Hachem and Jing Cynthia Wu
20160: Weak Versus Strong Net Neutrality Downloads
Joshua Gans
20159: Public Health Insurance Expansions and Hospital Technology Adoption Downloads
Seth Freedman, Haizhen Lin and Kosali Simon
20158: Are Americans and Indians More Altruistic than the Japanese and Chinese? Evidence from a New International Survey of Bequest Plans Downloads
Charles Horioka
20157: The Wealth Distribution in Bewley Models with Investment Risk Downloads
Jess Benhabib, Alberto Bisin and Shenghao Zhu
20156: When Does Education Matter? The Protective Effect of Education for Cohorts Graduating in Bad Times Downloads
David Cutler, Wei Huang and Adriana Lleras-Muney
20155: Small and Large Price Changes and the Propagation of Monetary Shocks Downloads
Fernando Alvarez, Hervé Le Bihan and Francesco Lippi
20154: No-Bubble Condition: Model-free Tests in Housing Markets Downloads
Stefano Giglio, Matteo Maggiori and Johannes Stroebel
20153: A Revealed Preference Approach to the Elicitation of Political Attitudes: Experimental Evidence on Anti-Americanism in Pakistan Downloads
Leonardo Bursztyn, Michael Callen, Bruno Ferman, Ali Hasanain and Noam Yuchtman
20152: House Price Gains and U.S. Household Spending from 2002 to 2006 Downloads
Atif Mian and Amir Sufi
20151: Who do Unions Target? Unionization over the Life-Cycle of U.S. Businesses Downloads
Emin Dinlersoz, Jeremy Greenwood and Henry Hyatt
20150: Highway to Hitler Downloads
Nico Voigtlaender and Hans-Joachim Voth
20149: Does Financing Spur Small Business Productivity? Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
Karthik Krishnan, Debarshi Nandy and Manju Puri
20148: Impacts of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Provision on Health-Related Outcomes of Young Adults Downloads
Silvia Barbaresco, Charles Courtemanche and Yanling Qi
20147: Friends or Foes: The Interrelationship between Angel and Venture Capital Markets Downloads
Thomas Hellmann and Veikko Thiele
20146: How Did Distributional Preferences Change During the Great Recession? Downloads
Raymond Fisman, Pamela Jakiela and Shachar Kariv
20145: The Distributional Preferences of Americans Downloads
Raymond Fisman, Pamela Jakiela and Shachar Kariv
20144: Estimating the Impact of Microcredit on Those Who Take It Up: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Morocco Downloads
Bruno Crépon, Florencia Devoto, Esther Duflo and William Parienté
20143: Export Destinations and Input Prices Downloads
Paulo Bastos, Joana Silva and Eric Verhoogen
20142: Can Variation in Subgroups' Average Treatment Effects Explain Treatment Effect Heterogeneity? Evidence from a Social Experiment Downloads
Marianne Bitler, Jonah Gelbach and Hilary Hoynes
20141: A Model of Monetary Policy and Risk Premia Downloads
Itamar Drechsler, Alexi Savov and Philipp Schnabl
20140: More Insurers Lower Premiums: Evidence from Initial Pricing in the Health Insurance Marketplaces Downloads
Leemore Dafny, Jonathan Gruber and Christopher Ody
20139: Social Learning and Communication Downloads
Ariel BenYishay and Ahmed Mobarak
20138: Matching Capital and Labor Downloads
Jonathan B. Berk, Jules van Binsbergen and Binying Liu
20137: Financial Knowledge and 401(k) Investment Performance Downloads
Robert L. Clark, Annamaria Lusardi and Olivia Mitchell
20136: Two-Sided Heterogeneity and Trade Downloads
Andrew Bernard, Andreas Moxnes and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
20135: Financial Education and Access to Savings Accounts: Complements or Substitutes? Evidence from Ugandan Youth Clubs Downloads
Julian C. Jamison, Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman
20134: Interest Rates and Money in the Measurement of Monetary Policy Downloads
Michael Belongia and Peter Ireland
20133: Very Long-Run Discount Rates Downloads
Stefano Giglio, Matteo Maggiori and Johannes Stroebel
20132: The Behavioralist as Nutritionist: Leveraging Behavioral Economics To Improve Child Food Choice and Consumption Downloads
John List and Anya Samek
20131: Immigration, Search, and Redistribution: A Quantitative Assessment of Native Welfare Downloads
Michele Battisti, Gabriel Felbermayr, Giovanni Peri and Panu Poutvaara
20130: A Big Data Approach to Optimal Sales Taxation Downloads
Christian Baker, Jeremy Bejarano, Richard Evans, Kenneth Judd and Kerk Phillips
20129: Resource Concentration and Civil Wars Downloads
Massimo Morelli and Dominic Rohner
20128: Has the Financial Crisis Permanently Changed the Practice of Monetary Policy? Has It Changed the Theory of Monetary Policy? Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
20127: When Consumers Do Not Make an Active Decision: Dynamic Default Rules and their Equilibrium Effects Downloads
Keith Ericson
20126: Costs and Benefits to Phasing Out Paper Currency Downloads
Kenneth Rogoff
20125: Small Victories: Creating Intrinsic Motivation in Savings and Debt Reduction Downloads
Alexander Brown and Joanna Lahey
20124: Accounting and Actuarial Smoothing of Retirement Payouts in Participating Life Annuities Downloads
Raimond Maurer, Olivia Mitchell, Ralph Rogalla and Ivonne Siegelin
20123: Pathways to Retirement and the Role of Financial Incentives in Sweden Downloads
Per Johansson, Lisa Laun and Mårten Palme
20122: The Economic Stimulus Payments of 2008 and the Aggregate Demand for Consumption Downloads
Christian Broda and Jonathan Parker
20121: Is the Stock Market Just a Side Show? Evidence from a Structural Reform Downloads
Murillo Campello, Rafael Ribas and Yan Wang
20120: Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: Disability Insurance Programs and Retirement - Introduction and Summary Downloads
Courtney Coile, Kevin Milligan and David Wise
20119: Detection and Impact of Industrial Subsidies: The Case of World Shipbuilding Downloads
Myrto Kalouptsidi
20118: The Effect of School Finance Reforms on the Distribution of Spending, Academic Achievement, and Adult Outcomes Downloads
C. Kirabo Jackson, Rucker Johnson and Claudia Persico
20117: Measuring the Macroeconomic Impact of Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound Downloads
Jing Cynthia Wu and Fan Dora Xia
20116: The Role of Publication Selection Bias in Estimates of the Value of a Statistical Life Downloads
W Viscusi
20115: Estimation of Affine Term Structure Models with Spanned or Unspanned Stochastic Volatility Downloads
Drew Creal and Jing Cynthia Wu
20114: Health, Disability Insurance and Retirement in Denmark Downloads
Paul Bingley, Nabanita Datta Gupta, Michael Jorgensen and Peder Pedersen
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