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21757: Optimal Income Taxation with Unemployment and Wage Responses: A Sufficient Statistics Approach Downloads
Kory Kroft, Kavan J. Kucko, Etienne Lehmann and Johannes Schmieder
21756: Immigrants and Gender Roles: Assimilation vs. Culture Downloads
Francine Blau
21755: Tax Revenue Trends in Asia and Latin America: A Comparative Analysis Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak, Jungsuk Kim and Donghyun Park
21754: Citations in Economics: Measurement, Uses and Impacts Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
21753: The Dynamics of Comparative Advantage Downloads
Gordon Hanson, Nelson Lind and Marc-Andreas Muendler
21752: Get With the Program: Software-Driven Innovation in Traditional Manufacturing Downloads
Lee G. Branstetter, Matej Drev and Namho Kwon
21751: Economics of Means-Tested Transfer Programs: Introduction Downloads
Robert Moffitt
21750: Forward Guidance in the Yield Curve: Short Rates versus Bond Supply Downloads
Robin Greenwood, Samuel Hanson and Dimitri Vayanos
21749: An Equilibrium Model of Institutional Demand and Asset Prices Downloads
Ralph S.J. Koijen and Motohiro Yogo
21748: Leveraging Lotteries for School Value-Added: Testing and Estimation Downloads
Joshua Angrist, Peter Hull, Parag Pathak and Christopher Walters
21747: Paid Family Leave, Fathers’ Leave-Taking, and Leave-Sharing in Dual-Earner Households Downloads
Ann Bartel, Maya Rossin-Slater, Christopher Ruhm, Jenna Stearns and Jane Waldfogel
21746: The Relationship between Establishment Training and the Retention of Older Workers: Evidence from Germany Downloads
Peter B. Berg, Mary K. Hamman, Matthew M. Piszczek and Christopher Ruhm
21745: Short-run Effects of Parental Job Loss on Child Health Downloads
Jessamyn Schaller and Mariana Zerpa
21744: Bad Investments and Missed Opportunities? Postwar Capital Flows to Asia and Latin America Downloads
Lee Ohanian, Paulina Restrepo-Echavarria and Mark Wright
21743: Agency Business Cycles Downloads
Mikhail Golosov and Guido Menzio
21742: Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Experience with Cap-and-Trade Downloads
Richard Schmalensee and Robert Stavins
21741: Identifying the Cost of a Public Health Success: Arsenic Well Water Contamination and Productivity in Bangladesh Downloads
Mark M. Pitt, Mark Rosenzweig and Nazmul Hassan
21740: Human Capital Development and Parental Investment in India Downloads
Orazio Attanasio, Costas Meghir and Emily Nix
21739: Regulation and Market Liquidity Downloads
Francesco Trebbi and Kairong Xiao
21738: Sign Restrictions in Bayesian FaVARs with an Application to Monetary Policy Shocks Downloads
Pooyan Amir Ahmadi and Harald Uhlig
21737: Self-Oriented Monetary Policy, Global Financial Markets and Excess Volatility of International Capital Flows Downloads
Ryan Banerjee, Michael Devereux and Giovanni Lombardo
21736: Declining Wealth and Work Among Male Veterans in the Health and Retirement Study Downloads
Alan Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier and Nahid Tabatabai
21735: Global Collaborative Patents Downloads
Sari Pekkala Kerr and William Kerr
21734: Explaining Foreign Holdings of Asia's Debt Securities: The Feldstein-Horioka Paradox Revisited Downloads
Charles Horioka, Akiko Hagiwara and Takaaki Nomoto
21733: Job Creation, Small vs. Large vs. Young, and the SBA Downloads
J. David Brown, John Earle and Yana Morgulis
21732: Dynamics of the U.S. Price Distribution Downloads
David Berger and Joseph Vavra
21731: Dynamic Directed Random Matching Downloads
Darrell Duffie, Lei Qiao and Yeneng Sun
21730: Piketty's Book and Macro Models of Wealth Inequality Downloads
Mariacristina De Nardi, Giulio Fella and Fang Yang
21729: Bright Minds, Big Rent: Gentrification and the Rising Returns to Skill Downloads
Lena Edlund, Cecilia Machado and Maria Micaela Sviatschi
21728: Common Currency versus Currency Union: The U.S. Continental Dollar and Denominational Structure, 1775-1776 Downloads
Farley Grubb
21727: Access to Schooling and the Black-White Incarceration Gap in the Early 20th Century US South: Evidence from Rosenwald Schools Downloads
Katherine Eriksson
21726: Inflation and Activity – Two Explorations and their Monetary Policy Implications Downloads
Olivier Blanchard, Eugenio Cerutti and Lawrence Summers
21725: It’s About Time: Effects of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Mandate On Time Use Downloads
Gregory Colman and Dhaval Dave
21724: The Option Value of Human Capital: Higher Education and Wage Inequality Downloads
Sang Yoon Lee, Yongseok Shin and Donghoon Lee
21723: Impacts of Being Downwind of a Coal-Fired Power Plant on Infant Health at Birth: Evidence from the Precedent-Setting Portland Rule Downloads
Muzhe Yang and Shin-Yi Chou
21722: World Asset Markets and the Global Financial Cycle Downloads
Silvia Miranda-Agrippino and Helene Rey
21721: Wealth Distribution and Social Mobility in the US: A Quantitative Approach Downloads
Jess Benhabib, Alberto Bisin and Mi Luo
21720: Insiders and Outsiders: Local Ethnic Politics and Public Goods Provision Downloads
Kaivan Munshi and Mark Rosenzweig
21719: The Tail that Wags the Economy: Beliefs and Persistent Stagnation Downloads
Julian Kozlowski, Laura Veldkamp and Venky Venkateswaran
21718: Nonlinear Pricing in Village Economies Downloads
Orazio Attanasio and Elena Pastorino
21717: Measuring and Changing Control: Women’s Empowerment and Targeted Transfers Downloads
Ingvild Almås, Alex Armand, Orazio Attanasio and Pedro Carneiro
21716: RMBI or RMBR: Is the Renminbi Destined to Become a Global or Regional Currency? Downloads
Barry Eichengreen and Domenico Lombardi
21715: How Strong are Ethnic Preferences? Downloads
Lars Ivar Oppedal Berge, Kjetil Bjorvatn, Simon Galle, Edward Miguel, Daniel N. Posner, Bertil Tungodden and Kelly Zhang
21714: Prescription Drug Advertising and Drug Utilization: The Role of Medicare Part D Downloads
Abby Alpert, Darius Lakdawalla and Neeraj Sood
21713: Work and Consumption in an Era of Unbalanced Technological Advance Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
21712: Host-MNC Relations in Resource-Rich Countries Downloads
Graciela Chichilnisky and Geoffrey Heal
21711: Climate Engineering Economics Downloads
Garth Heutel, Juan Moreno-Cruz and Katharine Ricke
21710: Central bank Credibility Before and After the Crisis Downloads
Michael Bordo and Pierre Siklos
21709: Discretion in Hiring Downloads
Mitchell Hoffman, Lisa Kahn and Danielle Li
21708: Work Incentives in the Social Security Disability Benefit Formula Downloads
Gopi Goda, John B. Shoven and Sita Slavov
21707: Business Groups in Canada: Their Rise and Fall, and Rise and Fall Again Downloads
Randall Morck and Gloria Y. Tian
21706: Commuting, Migration and Local Employment Elasticities Downloads
Ferdinando Monte, Stephen Redding and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
21705: Research Design Meets Market Design: Using Centralized Assignment for Impact Evaluation Downloads
Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Joshua Angrist, Yusuke Narita and Parag Pathak
21704: Mobile Messaging for Offline Social Interactions: a Large Field Experiment Downloads
Tianshu Sun, Guodong (Gordon) Gao and Ginger Zhe Jin
21703: Why did the Democrats Lose the South? Bringing New Data to an Old Debate Downloads
Ilyana Kuziemko and Ebonya Washington
21702: Training and Search On the Job Downloads
Rasmus Lentz and Nicolas Roys
21701: How Do Right-To-Carry Laws Affect Crime Rates? Coping With Ambiguity Using Bounded-Variation Assumptions Downloads
Charles Manski and John Pepper
21700: Momentum in Imperial Russia Downloads
William Goetzmann and Simon Huang
21699: Immigration, Human Capital Formation and Endogenous Economic Growth Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich and Jinyoung Kim
21698: Which Alpha? Downloads
Francisco Barillas and Jay Shanken
21697: Caloric Requirements and Food Consumption Patterns of the Poor Downloads
Shari Eli and Nicholas Li
21696: Size Discovery Downloads
Darrell Duffie and Haoxiang Zhu
21695: Taste for Competition and the Gender Gap Among Young Business Professionals Downloads
Ernesto Reuben, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
21694: The U.S. Debt Restructuring of 1933: Consequences and Lessons Downloads
Sebastian Edwards, Francis Longstaff and Alvaro Garcia-Marin
21693: Bubble Investing: Learning from History Downloads
William Goetzmann
21692: Unequal Bequests Downloads
Marco Francesconi, Robert Pollak and Domenico Tabasso
21691: Contracting and the Division of the Gains from Trade Downloads
Andrew Bernard and Swati Dhingra
21690: Enlarging the Contracting Space: Collateral Menus, Access to Credit, and Economic Activity Downloads
Murillo Campello and Mauricio Larrain
21689: Factors Determining Callbacks to Job Applications by the Unemployed: An Audit Study Downloads
Henry S. Farber, Dan Silverman and Till von Wachter
21688: Greek Budget Realities: No Easy Options Downloads
Christopher House and Linda Tesar
21687: Where Does Voucher Funding Go? How Large-Scale Subsidy Programs Affect Private-School Revenue, Enrollment, and Prices Downloads
Daniel Hungerman and Kevin Rinz
21686: The Choice Channel of Financial Innovation Downloads
Felipe Iachan, Plamen T. Nenov and Alp Simsek
21685: Asymmetry of Information within Family Networks Downloads
Joachim De Weerdt, Garance Genicot and Alice Mesnard
21684: Liquidity Risk, Bank Networks, and the Value of Joining the Federal Reserve System Downloads
Charles Calomiris, Matthew Jaremski, Haelim Park and Gary Richardson
21683: Rosca Meets Formal Credit Market Downloads
Hanming Fang, Rongzhu Ke and Li-An Zhou
21682: What Determines End-of-Life Assets? A Retrospective View Downloads
James Poterba, Steven Venti and David Wise
21681: Maybe Next Month? Temperature Shocks, Climate Change, and Dynamic Adjustments in Birth Rates Downloads
Alan Barreca, Olivier Deschenes and Melanie Guldi
21680: Fiscal Stimulus in Economic Unions: What Role for States? Downloads
Gerald Carlino and Robert P. Inman
21679: Pricing with Limited Knowledge of Demand Downloads
Maxime C. Cohen, Georgia Perakis and Robert Pindyck
21678: Patent Assertions: Are We Any Closer to Aligning Reward to Contribution? Downloads
Fiona Scott Morton and Carl Shapiro
21677: Comparative Advantage, International Trade, and Fertility Downloads
Quy-Toan Do, Andrei Levchenko and Claudio Raddatz
21676: Using Linked Survey and Administrative Data to Better Measure Income: Implications for Poverty, Program Effectiveness and Holes in the Safety Net Downloads
Bruce Meyer and Nikolas Mittag
21675: Do Employers Prefer Migrant Workers? Evidence from a Chinese Job Board Downloads
Peter Kuhn and Kailing Shen
21674: The Welfare Gains from Macro-Insurance Against Natural Disasters Downloads
Eduardo Borensztein, Eduardo Cavallo and Olivier Jeanne
21673: Windfall Gains and Stock Market Participation Downloads
Joseph Briggs, David Cesarini, Erik Lindqvist and Robert Östling
21672: Economic Cycles in Ancient China Downloads
Yaguang Zhang, Guo Fan and John Whalley
21671: The Welfare Effects of Nudges: A Case Study of Energy Use Social Comparisons Downloads
Hunt Allcott and Judd B. Kessler
21670: Global Imbalances and Currency Wars at the ZLB Downloads
Ricardo Caballero, Emmanuel Farhi and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
21669: Is It Harder for Older Workers to Find Jobs? New and Improved Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
David Neumark, Ian Burn and Patrick Button
21668: Income Inequality and Asset Prices under Redistributive Taxation Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi
21667: House Prices and Consumer Spending Downloads
David Berger, Veronica Guerrieri, Guido Lorenzoni and Joseph Vavra
21666: How Do Patents Affect Follow-On Innovation? Evidence from the Human Genome Downloads
Bhaven Sampat and Heidi Williams
21665: Do Employer Pension Contributions Reflect Employee Preferences? Evidence from a Retirement Savings Reform in Denmark Downloads
Itzik Fadlon, Jessica A. Laird and Torben Heien Nielsen
21664: The Pitfalls of External Dependence: Greece, 1829-2015 Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Christoph Trebesch
21663: Local Instruments, Global Extrapolation: External Validity of the Labor Supply-Fertility Local Average Treatment Effect Downloads
James Bisbee, Rajeev Dehejia, Cristian Pop-Eleches and Cyrus Samii
21662: Exchange Market Pressure in OECD and Emerging Economies: Domestic vs. External Factors and Capital Flows in the Old and New Normal Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Mahir Binici
21661: The Coming Wave: Where Do Emerging Market Investors Put Their Money? Downloads
G. Karolyi, David Ng and Eswar Prasad
21660: Political Economy of Debt and Growth Downloads
Marco Battaglini and Levon Barseghyan
21659: Employment and Training Programs Downloads
Burt S. Barnow and Jeffrey Smith
21658: Evaluating Public Programs with Close Substitutes: The Case of Head Start Downloads
Patrick Kline and Christopher Walters
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