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21250: The Political Economy of European Integration Downloads
Enrico Spolaore
21249: Sample-selection biases and the “industrialization puzzle” Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn, Timothy Guinnane and Thomas Mroz
21248: Estimating the Impacts of Program Benefits: Using Instrumental Variables with Underreported and Imputed Data Downloads
Melvin Stephens and Takashi Unayama
21247: Innovation and Top Income Inequality Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit, Antonin Bergeaud, Richard Blundell and David Hemous
21246: Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation: Evidence from Health Care Markets Downloads
Heidi Williams
21245: Cross-border Acquisitions and Labor Regulations Downloads
Ross Levine, Chen Lin and Beibei Shen
21244: Trends and Cycles in China's Macroeconomy Downloads
Chun Chang, Kaiji Chen, Daniel Waggoner and Tao Zha
21243: Facts and Fantasies about Commodity Futures Ten Years Later Downloads
Geetesh Bhardwaj, Gary Gorton and K. Rouwenhorst
21242: Ancestry, Language and Culture Downloads
Enrico Spolaore and Romain Wacziarg
21241: Reviving the Limit Cycle View of Macroeconomic Fluctuations Downloads
Paul Beaudry, Dana Galizia and Franck Portier
21240: Mental Health Stigma Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj, Mallesh M. Pai and Agne Suziedelyte
21239: The Impact of Pharmaceutical Innovation on Premature Cancer Mortality in Canada, 2000-2011 Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
21238: How Large is the Stock Component of Human Capital? Downloads
Mark Huggett and Greg Kaplan
21237: International Organizations and Structural Reforms Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Ivan Torre and Gustavo Torrens
21236: Who is Internationally Diversified? Evidence from 296 401(k) Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Kenton Hoyem, Wei-Yin Hu and Enrichetta Ravina
21235: Cyclical Reallocation of Workers Across Employers by Firm Size and Firm Wage Downloads
John Haltiwanger, Henry Hyatt and Erika McEntarfer
21234: The Term Structure of Returns: Facts and Theory Downloads
Jules van Binsbergen and Ralph S.J. Koijen
21233: An Overview of the Stratified Economics of Stratified Medicine Downloads
Mark R. Trusheim and Ernst R. Berndt
21232: Admitting Students to Selective Education Programs: Merit, Profiling, and Affirmative Action Downloads
Dario Cestau, Dennis Epple and Holger Sieg
21231: Majority Choice of Tax Systems in Single- and Multi-Jurisdictional Economies Downloads
Stephen Calabrese, Dennis Epple and Richard Romano
21230: The Big Sort: College Reputation and Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod, Evan Riehl, Juan E. Saavedra and Miguel Urquiola
21229: Early Childhood Education by MOOC: Lessons from Sesame Street Downloads
Melissa S. Kearney and Phillip Levine
21228: Natural Experiments in Macroeconomics Downloads
Nicola Fuchs-Schuendeln and Tarek Hassan
21227: The Long-Term Effects of Hedge Fund Activism Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk, Alon Brav and Wei Jiang
21226: Different Types of Central Bank Insolvency and the Central Role of Seignorage Downloads
Ricardo Reis
21225: Does Exporting Improve Matching? Evidence from French Employer-Employee Data Downloads
Matilde Bombardini, Gianluca Orefice and Maria D. Tito
21224: Financial Markets where Traders Neglect the Informational Content of Prices Downloads
Erik Eyster, Matthew Rabin and Dimitri Vayanos
21223: The Stress Cost of Children Downloads
Hielke Buddelmeyer, Daniel Hamermesh and Mark Wooden
21222: Upcoding: Evidence from Medicare on Squishy Risk Adjustment Downloads
Michael Geruso and Timothy Layton
21221: War and Inflation in the United States from the Revolution to the First Iraq War Downloads
Hugh Rockoff
21220: Balance-Sheet Households and Fiscal Stimulus: Lessons from the Payroll Tax Cut and Its Expiration Downloads
Claudia R. Sahm, Matthew Shapiro and Joel Slemrod
21219: Procuring Firm Growth: The Effects of Government Purchases on Firm Dynamics Downloads
Claudio Ferraz, Frederico Finan and Dimitri Szerman
21218: Physician Practice Style and Patient Health Outcomes: The Case of Heart Attacks Downloads
Janet Currie, W. Bentley Macleod and Jessica Van Parys
21217: The Great Escape: Intergenerational Mobility in the United States Since 1940 Downloads
Nathaniel G. Hilger
21216: Job Loss in the Great Recession and its Aftermath: U.S. Evidence from the Displaced Workers Survey Downloads
Henry S. Farber
21215: Crime, Punishment and the Halo Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Downloads
Harrison Hong and Inessa Liskovich
21214: Socioeconomic Status and Learning from Financial Information Downloads
Camelia Kuhnen and Andrei C. Miu
21213: An Economic Rationale for the African Scramble: The Commercial Transition and the Commodity Price Boom of 1845-1885 Downloads
Ewout Frankema, Jeffrey Williamson and Pieter Woltjer
21212: Structural Gravity and Fixed Effects Downloads
Thibault Fally
21211: The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Downloads
Austin Nichols and Jesse Rothstein
21210: The Making of Homo Honoratus: From Omission to Commission Downloads
Michael Hallsworth, John List, Robert Metcalfe and Ivo Vlaev
21209: The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program Downloads
Mark Duggan, Melissa S. Kearney and Stephanie Rennane
21208: The Political Economy of State and Local Investment in Pre-K Programs Downloads
Matthew Kahn and Kyle Barron
21207: Optimal Taxation and Human Capital Policies over the Life Cycle Downloads
Stefanie Stantcheva
21206: Causal Effects of Mental Health Treatment on Education Outcomes for Youth in the Justice System Downloads
Alison Evans Cuellar and Dhaval Dave
21205: The Political Economy of Public Income Volatility: With an Application to the Resource Curse Downloads
James Robinson, Ragnar Torvik and Thierry Verdier
21204: Reducing Crime and Violence: Experimental Evidence on Adult Noncognitive Investments in Liberia Downloads
Christopher Blattman, Julian C. Jamison and Margaret Sheridan
21203: Household Debt and Defaults from 2000 to 2010: Facts from Credit Bureau Data Downloads
Atif Mian and Amir Sufi
21202: Insurgency and Small Wars: Estimation of Unobserved Coalition Structures Downloads
Francesco Trebbi and Eric Weese
21201: Runs versus Lemons: Information Disclosure and Fiscal Capacity Downloads
Miguel Faria-e-Castro, Joseba Martinez and Thomas Philippon
21200: Immigration, Trade and Productivity in Services: Evidence from U.K. Firms Downloads
Gianmarco Ottaviano, Giovanni Peri and Greg Wright
21199: Firming Up Inequality Downloads
Jae Song, David J. Price, Fatih Guvenen, Nicholas Bloom and Till von Wachter
21198: Culture and Global Sourcing Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Bohdan Kukharskyy and Gérard Roland
21197: Soda Taxes and the Prices of Sodas and Other Drinks: Evidence from Mexico Downloads
Jeffrey Grogger
21196: The Market Value of R&D in Weak Innovation Regimes: Evidence from India Downloads
Sunil Kanwar and Bronwyn Hall
21195: Corporation Law and the Shift toward Open Access in the Antebellum United States Downloads
Eric Hilt
21194: Vehicle Miles (Not) Traveled: Why Fuel Economy Requirements Don't Increase Household Driving Downloads
Jeremy West, Mark Hoekstra, Jonathan Meer and Steven Puller
21193: The Indigenous Roots of Representative Democracy Downloads
Jeanet Bentzen, Jacob Gerner Hariri and James Robinson
21192: New Theoretical Perspectives on the Distribution of Income and Wealth among Individuals: Part IV: Land and Credit Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
21191: New Theoretical Perspectives on the Distribution of Income and Wealth among Individuals: Part III: Life Cycle Savings vs. Inherited Savings Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
21190: New Theoretical Perspectives on the Distribution of Income and Wealth among Individuals: Part II: Equilibrium Wealth Distributions Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
21189: New Theoretical Perspectives on the Distribution of Income and Wealth among Individuals: Part I. The Wealth Residual Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
21188: Political Bonds: Political Hazards and the Choice of Municipal Financial Instruments Downloads
Abhay Aneja, Marian Moszoro and Pablo Spiller
21187: Regulating Internalities Downloads
Hunt Allcott and Cass Sunstein
21186: Rigidity of Public Contracts Downloads
Marian Moszoro, Pablo Spiller and Sebastian Stolorz
21185: Ghost-House Busters: The Electoral Response to a Large Anti Tax Evasion Program Downloads
Lorenzo Casaburi and Ugo Troiano
21184: Neighborhood Sanitation and Infant Mortality Downloads
Michael Geruso and Dean Spears
21183: Mothers' Employment and Children's Educational Gender Gap Downloads
Xiaodong Fan, Hanming Fang and Simen Markussen
21182: The Price of Variance Risk Downloads
Ian Dew-Becker, Stefano Giglio, Anh Le and Marius Rodriguez
21181: The U.S. listing gap Downloads
Craig Doidge, G. Karolyi and René M. Stulz
21180: Personalities and Public Sector Performance: Evidence from a Health Experiment in Pakistan Downloads
Michael Callen, Saad Gulzar, Ali Hasanain, Yasir Khan and Arman Rezaee
21179: A Tractable Model of Monetary Exchange with Ex-post Heterogeneity Downloads
Guillaume Rocheteau, Pierre-Olivier Weill and Tsz-Nga Wong
21178: Thinking, Fast and Slow? Some Field Experiments to Reduce Crime and Dropout in Chicago Downloads
Sara B. Heller, Anuj K. Shah, Jonathan Guryan, Jens Ludwig, Sendhil Mullainathan and Harold A. Pollack
21177: Optimal Income, Education, and Bequest Taxes in an Intergenerational Model Downloads
Stefanie Stantcheva
21176: Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico Downloads
David Atkin, Benjamin Faber and Marco Gonzalez-Navarro
21175: Foreign and Native Skilled Workers: What Can We Learn from H-1B Lotteries? Downloads
Giovanni Peri, Kevin Shih and Chad Sparber
21174: Misperceiving Inequality Downloads
Vladimir Gimpelson and Daniel Treisman
21173: Maintaining Central-Bank Financial Stability under New-Style Central Banking Downloads
Robert E. Hall and Ricardo Reis
21172: Financial Flows and the International Monetary System Downloads
Evgenia Passari and Helene Rey
21171: Kingpin Approaches to Fighting Crime and Community Violence: Evidence from Mexico's Drug War Downloads
Jason Lindo and María Padilla-Romo
21170: Do ‘Cheeseburger Bills’ Work? Effects of Tort Reform for Fast Food Downloads
Christopher S. Carpenter and D. Sebastian Tello-Trillo
21169: Social Networks, Reputation and Commitment: Evidence from a Savings Monitors Experiment Downloads
Emily Breza and Arun G. Chandrasekhar
21168: Liquidity in Retirement Savings Systems: An International Comparison Downloads
John Beshears, James Choi, Joshua Hurwitz, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
21167: Market Definition, Market Power Downloads
Louis Kaplow
21166: Days to Cover and Stock Returns Downloads
Harrison Hong, Weikai Li, Sophie X. Ni, Jose Scheinkman and Philip Yan
21165: Skill Biased Structural Change Downloads
Francisco J. Buera, Joseph Kaboski and Richard Rogerson
21164: How You Export Matters: Export Mode, Learning and Productivity in China Downloads
Xue Bai, Kala Krishna and Hong Ma
21163: Can helping the sick hurt the able? Incentives, information and disruption in a disability-related welfare reform Downloads
Nitika Bagaria, Barbara Petrongolo and John van Reenen
21162: Dilemma not Trilemma: The global Financial Cycle and Monetary Policy Independence Downloads
Helene Rey
21161: The Supply and Demand of S&P 500 Put Options Downloads
George Constantinides and Lei Lian
21160: Do Individuals Make Sensible Health Insurance Decisions? Evidence from a Menu with Dominated Options Downloads
Saurabh Bhargava, George Loewenstein and Justin Sydnor
21159: Uncovered Interest Parity and Monetary Policy Near and Far from the Zero Lower Bound Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Yi Zhang
21158: Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises: Can Monetary Policy Really Help? Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta, Elena Perazzi and Eric van Wincoop
21157: Temperature and Human Capital in the Short- and Long-Run Downloads
Joshua Graff Zivin, Solomon M. Hsiang and Matthew J. Neidell
21156: The Effects of Exposure to Better Neighborhoods on Children: New Evidence from the Moving to Opportunity Experiment Downloads
Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren and Lawrence Katz
21155: A Tractable Framework for Analyzing a Class of Nonstationary Markov Models Downloads
Lilia Maliar, Serguei Maliar, John Taylor and Inna Tsener
21154: Why Do Cities Matter? Local Growth and Aggregate Growth Downloads
Chang-Tai Hsieh and Enrico Moretti
21153: Voluntary Associations, Corporate Rights, and the State: Legal Constraints on the Development of American Civil Society, 1750-1900 Downloads
Ruth H. Bloch and Naomi R. Lamoreaux
21152: Colonial New Jersey's Provincial Fiscal Structure, 1709-1775: Spending Obligations, Revenue Sources, and Tax Burdens in War and in Peace Downloads
Farley Grubb
21151: A Structural Model of Electoral Accountability Downloads
S. Boragan Aruoba, Allan Drazen and Razvan Vlaicu
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