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9535: A New Summary Measure of the Effective Tax Rate on Investment Downloads
Roger Gordon, Laura Kalambokidis and Joel Slemrod
9534: Merchant Transmission Investment Downloads
Paul Joskow and Jean Tirole
9533: International agreements on product standard: an incomplete contracting theory Downloads
Pierpaolo Battigalli and Giovanni Maggi
9532: Further Evidence that Legalized Abortion Lowered Crime: A Reply to Joyce Downloads
John Donohue and Steven Levitt
9531: Freight Rates and Productivity Gains in British Tramp Shipping 1869-1950 Downloads
Saif I. Shah Mohammed and Jeffrey Williamson
9530: Why is Productivity Growing Faster? Downloads
Martin Feldstein
9529: Price Discovery in the U.S. Treasury Market: The Impact of Orderflow and Liquidity on the Yield Curve Downloads
Michael W. Brandt and Kenneth A. Kavajecz
9528: Knife Edge of Plateau: When Do Market Models Tip? Downloads
Glenn Ellison and Drew Fudenberg
9527: CEO Turnover and Foreign Market Participation Downloads
Bruce Blonigen and Rossitza Wooster
9526: Measuring Capital Downloads
Walter Diewert
9525: The Equity Premium in Retrospect Downloads
Rajnish Mehra and Edward Prescott
9524: Strikes, Scabs and Tread Separations: Labor Strife and the Production of Defective Bridgestone/Firestone Tires Downloads
Alan Krueger and Alexandre Mas
9523: Do shareholders of acquiring firms gain from acquisitions? Downloads
Sara B. Moeller, Frederik Schlingemann and René Stulz
9522: Deflation, Silent Runs, and Bank Holidays, in the Great Contraction Downloads
Hugh Rockoff
9521: Doomed to Deficits? Aggregate U.S. Trade Flows Re-Examined Downloads
Menzie Chinn
9520: Is Deflation depressing? Evidence from the Classical Gold Standard Downloads
Michael Bordo and Angela Redish
9519: What Can Be Learned from Skeletons that Might Interest Economists, Historians and Other Social Scientists? Downloads
Richard Steckel
9518: Time in Purgatory: Determinants of the Grant Lag for U.S. Patent Applications Downloads
David Popp, Ted Juhl and Daniel Johnson
9517: Export-Platform Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Karolina Ekholm, Rikard Forslid and James Markusen
9516: Resident and Nonresident Tuition and Enrollment at Flagship State Universities Downloads
Michael J. Rizzo and Ronald Ehrenberg
9515: Do Asset Prices Reflect Fundamentals? Freshly Squeezed Evidence from the OJ Market Downloads
Jacob Boudoukh, Matthew Richardson, YuQing Shen and Robert F. Whitelaw
9514: A Currency of One's Own? An Empirical Investigation on Dollarization and Independent Currency Unions Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Igal Magendzo
9513: Geography and Racial Health Disparities Downloads
Amitabh Chandra and Jonathan Skinner
9512: The Equity Premium: Why is it a Puzzle? Downloads
Rajnish Mehra
9511: International Price-Fixing Cartels and Developing Countries: A Discussion of Effects and Policy Remedies Downloads
Margaret Levenstein, Valerie Suslow and Lynda Oswald
9510: Market Integration and Contagion Downloads
Geert Bekaert and Campbell Harvey
9509: Bad Beta, Good Beta Downloads
John Campbell and Tuomo Vuolteenaho
9508: Job Loss Expectations, Realizations, and Household Consumption Behavior Downloads
Melvin Stephens
9507: Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die? An Analysis of Prisoners on Death Row in the United States Downloads
Laura Argys and Naci Mocan
9506: Fiscal Policy and Inflation: Pondering the Imponderables Downloads
Eric Leeper
9505: Education Saving Incentives and Household Saving: Evidence from the 2000 TIAA-CREF Survey of Participant Finances Downloads
Jennifer Ma
9504: Multinational Enterprises, International Trade, and Productivity Growth: Firm-Level Evidence from the United States Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Stephen Yeaple
9503: Taxation of Interest Income Downloads
Roger Gordon
9502: Fairness and Redistribution: U.S. versus Europe Downloads
Alberto Alesina and George-Marios Angeletos
9501: Peer Effects in Higher Education Downloads
Gordon Winston and David Zimmerman
9500: Capital Account Openness and the Varieties of Growth Experience Downloads
Michael Klein
9499: Disposition Matters: Volume, Volatility and Price Impact of a Behavioral Bias Downloads
William Goetzmann and Massimo Massa
9498: Can Information Heterogeneity Explain the Exchange Rate Determination Puzzle? Downloads
Eric van Wincoop and Philippe Bacchetta
9497: Using Matching, Instrumental Variables and Control Functions to Estimate Economic Choice Models Downloads
James Heckman and Salvador Navarro
9496: Retirement Incentives and Couples' Retirement Decisions Downloads
Courtney Coile
9495: Human Capital Policy Downloads
James Heckman and Pedro Carneiro
9494: Micro-Simulation of Social Security Reforms in Belgium Downloads
Raphael Desmet, Alain Jousten, Sergio Perelman and Pierre Pestieau
9493: Will the Sovereign Debt Market Survive? Downloads
Andrei Shleifer
9492: Consumption Taxes and Economic Efficiency in a Stochastic OLG Economy Downloads
Shinichi Nishiyama and Kent Smetters
9491: Monetary Policy for Inattentive Economies Downloads
Laurence Ball, N. Gregory Mankiw and Ricardo Reis
9490: Institutions Don't Rule: Direct Effects of Geography on Per Capita Income Downloads
Jeffrey D. Sachs
9489: The Economics of Foreign Direct Investment Incentives Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom and Ari Kokko
9488: Capital Account Liberalization, The Cost of Capital, and Economic Growth Downloads
Peter Henry
9487: The Value of a Statistical Life: A Critical Review of Market Estimates throughout the World Downloads
W Viscusi and Joseph Aldy
9486: Monetary Policy and Real Stabilization Downloads
Lars Svensson
9485: Border Delays and Trade Liberalization Downloads
Edgar Cudmore and John Whalley
9484: Constraints on the Level and Efficient Use of Labor in Japan Downloads
Hiroshi Ono and Marcus Rebick
9483: Economic Analysis of Accident Law Downloads
Steven Shavell
9482: Do and Should Financial Aid Packages Affect Students' College Choices? Downloads
Christopher Avery and Caroline Hoxby
9481: Equity market liberalizations as country IPOs Downloads
Rodolfo Martell and René Stulz
9480: Individual Subjective Survival Curves Downloads
Li Gan, Michael Hurd and Daniel McFadden
9479: The Center and the Periphery: The Globalization of Financial Turmoil Downloads
Graciela Kaminsky and Carmen Reinhart
9478: The Emergence of Strong Property Rights: Speculation from history Downloads
Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales
9477: Do We Now Collect Any Revenue From Taxing Capital Income? Downloads
Roger Gordon, Laura Kalambokidis and Joel Slemrod
9476: Is the Convergence of the Racial Wage Gap Illusory? Downloads
Amitabh Chandra
9475: An Equilibrium Analysis of Real Estate Downloads
Steven R. Grenadier
9474: Individual Perceptions of the Criminal Justice System Downloads
Lance Lochner
9473: Unionization and Wage Inequality: A Comparative Study of the U.S, the U.K., and Canada Downloads
David Card, Thomas Lemieux and W. Craig Riddell
9472: Welfare Transitions in the 1990s: The Economy, Welfare Policy, and the EITC Downloads
Jeffrey Grogger
9471: Competition Among Hospitals Downloads
Martin Gaynor and William Vogt
9470: Investor Sentiment in Japanese and U.S. Daily Mutual Fund Flows Downloads
Stephen Brown, William Goetzmann, Takato Hiraki, Noriyoshi Shirishi and Masahiro Watanabe
9469: Modeling and Measuring Russian Corporate Governance: The Case of Russian Preferred and Common Shares Downloads
William Goetzmann, Matthew Spiegel and Andrey Ukhov
9468: Healthy Living in Hard Times Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
9467: The collapse of a medical clearinghouse (and why such failures are rare) Downloads
C. Nicholas McKinney, Muriel Niederle and Alvin Roth
9466: Efficiency and the Bear: Short Sales and Markets around the World Downloads
William Goetzmann, Ning Zhu and Arturo Bris
9465: Rain or Shine: Where is the Weather Effect? Downloads
William Goetzmann and Ning Zhu
9464: Fees on Fees in Funds of Funds Downloads
Stephen Brown, William Goetzmann and Bing Liang
9463: Universities, Joint Ventures, and Success in the Advanced Technology Program Downloads
Michael Darby, Lynne Zucker and Andrew Wang
9462: Owner-Occupied Housing as a Hedge Against Rent Risk Downloads
Todd Sinai and Nicholas Souleles
9461: Diversification and the Optimal Construction of Basis Portfolios Downloads
Bruce N. Lehmann and David M. Modest
9460: Health Policy and Technological Change: Evidence from the Vaccine Industry Downloads
Amy Finkelstein
9459: Has Monetary Policy Become More Effective? Downloads
Jean Boivin and Marc Giannoni
9458: Time-Consistent No-Arbitrage Models of the Term Structure Downloads
Michael W. Brandt and Amir Yaron
9457: Gaucho Banking Redux Downloads
Gerardo della Paolera and Alan Taylor
9456: Inter-Asset Differences in Effective Estate Tax Burdens Downloads
James Poterba and Scott Weisbenner
9455: Simulating the Response to Reform of Canada's Income Security Programs Downloads
Michael Baker, Jonathan Gruber and Kevin Milligan
9454: The cash flow, return and risk characteristics of private equity Downloads
Alexander Ljungqvist and Matthew Richardson
9453: Portfolio Choice and Health Status Downloads
Harvey Rosen and Stephen Wu
9452: Omitted Product Attributes in Discrete Choice Models Downloads
Amil Petrin and Kenneth Train
9451: Letting States do the Dirty Work: State Responsibility for Federal Environmental Regulation Downloads
Hilary Sigman
9450: Regulation, Distribution Efficiency, and Retail Density Downloads
David Flath
9449: Testing Theories of Discrimination: Evidence from "Weakest Link" Downloads
Steven Levitt
9448: Legacies in Black and White: The Racial Composition of the Legacy Pool Downloads
Cameron Howell and Sarah Turner
9447: Distance, Skill Deepening and Development: Will Peripheral Countries Ever Get Rich? Downloads
Stephen Redding and Peter Schott
9446: Why Have Americans Become More Obese? Downloads
David Cutler, Edward Glaeser and Jesse Shapiro
9445: The Productivity of U.S. States Since 1880 Downloads
Kris James Mitchener and Ian McLean
9444: Inefficiency of Corporate Investment and Distortion of Savings Behavior in Japan Downloads
Albert Ando, Dimitris Christelis and Tsutomu Miyagawa
9443: The Response of the Informal Sector to Trade Liberalization Downloads
Pinelopi Goldberg and Nina Pavcnik
9442: Dynastic Management Downloads
Francesco Caselli and Nicola Gennaioli
9441: Tests of Multifactor Pricing Models, Volatility Bounds and Portfolio Performance Downloads
Wayne Ferson
9440: Routine Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
9439: Export versus FDI Downloads
Elhanan Helpman, Marc Melitz and Stephen Yeaple
9438: Is Japan's Innovative Capacity in Decline? Downloads
Lee Branstetter and Yoshiaki Nakamura
9437: Hi-tech Innovation and Productivity Growth: Does Supply Create Its Own Demand? Downloads
Robert Gordon
9436: Mismeasurement of the CPI Downloads
Kenn Ariga and Kenji Matsui
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