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8649: On the Invariance of the Rate of Return to Convex Adjustment Costs
Andrew Abel
8648: Airbus versus Boeing Revisited: International Competition in the Aircraft Market Downloads
Douglas Irwin and Nina Pavcnik
8647: What Does the European Union Do? Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Ignazio Angeloni and Ludger Schuknecht
8646: Institutional Rules for Federations Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Ignazio Angeloni and Federico Etro
8645: The Political Economy of International Unions Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Ignazio Angeloni and Federico Etro
8644: To Be or Not To Be Innovative: An Exercise in Measurement Downloads
Jacques Mairesse and Pierre Mohnen
8643: Downside Risk and the Momentum Effect Downloads
Andrew Ang, Joseph Chen and Yuhang Xing
8642: Efficiency in Marriage Downloads
Shelly Lundberg and Robert Pollak
8641: The Modigliani and Miller Theorem and Market Efficiency Downloads
Sheridan Titman
8640: Labor Market Effects of Population Aging Downloads
Axel Boersch-Supan
8639: Pardons, Executions and Homicide Downloads
Naci Mocan and R. Gittings
8638: The Response to Fines and Probability of Detection in a Series of Experiments Downloads
Avner Bar-ilan and Bruce Sacerdote
8637: The Factor Content of Trade Downloads
Donald Davis and David Weinstein
8636: The Curse of Non-Investment Grade Countries Downloads
Roberto Rigobon
8635: On the Invariance of the Rate of Return to Convex Adjustment Costs Downloads
Andrew Abel
8634: The Role of Industrial Country Policies in Emerging Market Crises Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel and Nouriel Roubini
8633: Takeover bids vs. Proxy Fights in Contests for Corporate Control Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Oliver Hart
8632: Payer Type and the Returns to Bypass Surgery: Evidence from Hospital Entry Behavior Downloads
Michael Chernew, Gautam Gowrisankaran and A. Mark Fendrick
8631: The Merits of Horizontal versus Vertical FDI in the Presence of Uncertainty Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Nancy Marion
8630: DotCom Mania: The Rise and Fall of Internet Stock Prices Downloads
Eli Ofek and Matthew Richardson
8629: Market Entry Costs, Producer Heterogeneity, and Export Dynamics Downloads
Sanghamitra Das, Mark Roberts and James Tybout
8628: Area Differences in Utilization of Medical Care and Mortality Among U.S. Elderly Downloads
Victor Fuchs, Mark McClellan and Jonathan Skinner
8627: Cowards and Heroes: Group Loyalty in the American Civil War Downloads
Dora Costa and Matthew Kahn
8626: Estimation of a Dynamic Auction Game Downloads
Mireia Jofre-Bonet and Martin Pesendorfer
8625: Redistribution in the Current U.S. Social Security System Downloads
Jeffrey Liebman
8624: Intermedia Substitutability and Market Demand by National Advertisers Downloads
Alvin J. Silk, Lisa R. Klein and Ernst R. Berndt
8623: Taxes, Regulations, and Asset Prices Downloads
Ellen McGrattan and Edward Prescott
8622: The Stock Market Crash of 1929: Irving Fisher Was Right! Downloads
Ellen McGrattan and Edward Prescott
8621: Hospitals, Managed Care, and the Charity Caseload in California Downloads
Janet Currie and John Fahr
8620: Trading Inefficiencies in California's Electricity Markets Downloads
Severin Borenstein, James Bushnell, Christopher Knittel and Catherine Wolfram
8619: Transferability of Migration Licenses and the Distribution of Potential Rents Downloads
Laura L. Bivins and Kala Krishna
8618: Short Sales, Damages and Class Certification in 10b-5 Actions Downloads
Robert C. Apfel, John E. Parsons, G. Schwert and Geoffrey S. Stewart
8617: The Transmission Mechanism and the Role of Asset Prices in Monetary Policy Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
8616: Unraveling Reduces the Scope of an Entry Level Labor Market: Gastroenterology With and Without a Centralized Match Downloads
Muriel Niederle and Alvin Roth
8615: Women as Policy Makers: Evidence from a India-Wide Randomized Policy Experiment Downloads
Raghabendra Chattopadhyay and Esther Duflo
8614: Sticky Information: A Model of Monetary Nonneutrality and Structural Slumps Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw and Ricardo Reis
8613: Public Ownership in the American City Downloads
Edward Glaeser
8612: Long-Term Global Market Correlations Downloads
William Goetzmann, Lingfeng Li and K. Rouwenhorst
8611: Globalization and Inequality: Evidence from Within China Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei and Yi Wu
8610: The Transition to Personal Accounts and Increasing Retirement Wealth: Macro and Micro Evidence Downloads
James Poterba, Steven Venti and David Wise
8609: Risk Aversion and Optimal Portfolio Policies in Partial and General Equilibrium Economies Downloads
Leonid Kogan and Raman Uppal
8608: Aging and Housing Equity: Another Look Downloads
Steven Venti and David Wise
8607: Catching Up with the Joneses: Heterogeneous Preferences and the Dynamics of Asset Prices Downloads
Yeung Lewis Chan and Leonid Kogan
8606: Comparing Wealth Effects: The Stock Market Versus the Housing Market Downloads
Karl Case, Robert Shiller and John Quigley
8605: The Effect of Education on Crime: Evidence from Prison Inmates, Arrests, and Self-Reports Downloads
Lance Lochner and Enrico Moretti
8604: Optimal Monetary Policy in Closed versus Open Economies: An Integrated Approach Downloads
Richard Clarida, Jordi Gali and Mark Gertler
8603: The Empirics of Monetary Policy Rules in Open Economies Downloads
Richard Clarida
8602: Living Rationally Under the Volcano? An Empirical Analysis of Heavy Drinking and Smoking Downloads
Peter Arcidiacono, Holger Sieg and Frank Sloan
8601: The Out-of-Sample Success of Term Structure Models as Exchange Rate Predictors: A Step Beyond Downloads
Richard Clarida, Lucio Sarno, Mark Taylor and Giorgio Valente
8600: Trade Linkages and Output-Multiplier Effects: A Structural VAR Approach with a Focus on Asia Downloads
Tilak Abeysinghe and Kristin Forbes
8599: Why Public Schools Lose Teachers Downloads
Eric Hanushek, John Kain and Steven Rivkin
8598: Urban Decline and Durable Housing Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko
8597: Liquidity Effects in the Bond Market Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic and Peter Rousseau
8596: Technology in the Great Divergence Downloads
Gregory Clark and Robert Feenstra
8595: The Changing Role of America's Veterans Downloads
Hugh Rockoff
8594: Event-Study Evidence of the Value of Relaxing Longstanding Regulatory Restraints on Banks, 1970-2000 Downloads
Kenneth A. Carow and Edward Kane
8593: Pollution Control Innovations and the Clean Air Act of 1990 Downloads
David Popp
8592: Potential Paths of Social Security Reform Downloads
Martin Feldstein and Andrew Samwick
8591: Labor Market Search and Optimal Retirement Policy Downloads
Joydeep Bhattacharya, Casey Mulligan and Robert Reed
8590: The Empirical Frequency of a Pivotal Vote Downloads
Casey Mulligan and Charles G. Hunter
8589: Learning and the Value of Information: Evidence From Health Plan Report Cards Downloads
Michael Chernew, Gautam Gowrisankaran and Dennis P. Scanlon
8588: Redistribution through Education and Other Transfer Mechanisms Downloads
Eric Hanushek, Charles Leung and Kuzey Yilmaz
8587: The Effect of Health on Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence Downloads
David Bloom, David Canning and J.P. Sevilla
8586: Biases in the IPO Pricing Process Downloads
Michelle Lowry and G. Schwert
8585: International Spillovers and Water Quality in Rivers: Do Countries Free Ride? Downloads
Hilary Sigman
8584: Core, Periphery, Exchange Rate Regimes, and Globalization Downloads
Michael Bordo and Marc Flandreau
8583: Aggregate Price Shocks and Financial Stability: The United Kingdom 1796-1999 Downloads
Michael Bordo, Michael Dueker and David Wheelock
8582: Bond Market Inflation Expectations in Industrial Countries: Historical Comparisons Downloads
Michael Bordo and William G. Dewald
8581: Affiliate Activity in Japanese and U.S. Multinationals and Japanese Exports, 1986-1995 Downloads
Robert Lipsey and Eric Ramstetter
8580: Love and Money: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Household Sorting and Inequality Downloads
Raquel Fernandez, Nezih Guner and John Knowles
8579: Commodity Market Integration, 1500-2000 Downloads
Ronald Findlay and Kevin O'Rourke
8578: Job Displacement, Disability, and Divorce Downloads
Kerwin Kofi Charles and Melvin Stephens
8577: Are the Japanese Selfish, Altruistic, or Dynastic? Downloads
Charles Horioka
8576: Antidumping and Retaliation Threats Downloads
Bruce Blonigen and Chad Bown
8575: Trade Protection and Wages: Evidence from the Colombian Trade Reforms Downloads
Pinelopi Goldberg and Nina Pavcnik
8574: Gender, Occupation Choice and the Risk of Death at Work Downloads
Thomas DeLeire and Helen Levy
8573: International Technology Diffusion Downloads
Wolfgang Keller
8572: Courts and Relational Contracts Downloads
Simon Johnson, John McMillan and Christopher Woodruff
8571: After the Epidemic: Recent Trends in Youth Violence in the United States Downloads
Philip J Cook and John H. Laub
8570: State and Local Prevalence of Firearms Ownership: Measurement, Structure, and Trends Downloads
Deborah Azrael, Philip J Cook and Matthew Miller
8569: Financial Markets in Times of Stress Downloads
Graciela Kaminsky and Carmen Reinhart
8568: The Geographic Reach of Market and Non-Market Channels of Technology Transfer: Comparing Citations and Licenses of University Patents Downloads
David C. Mowery and Arvids A. Ziedonis
8567: Developments in Decumulation: The Role of Annuity Products in Financing Retirement Downloads
Olivia Mitchell
8566: A Multivariate Model of Strategic Asset Allocation Downloads
John Campbell, Yeung Lewis Chan and Luis Viceira
8565: Trading Volume: Implications of An Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model Downloads
Andrew Lo and Jiang Wang
8564: The Distributional Impacts of Indonesia's Financial Crisis on Household Welfare: A "Rapid Response" Methodology Downloads
Jed Friedman and James Levinsohn
8563: Were Compulsory Attendance and Child Labor Laws Effective? An Analysis from 1915 to 1939 Downloads
Adriana Lleras-Muney
8562: Alcohol Taxes and Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Dhaval Dave and Robert Kaestner
8561: Population Aging, Savings Behavior and Capital Markets Downloads
Axel H. Boersch-Supan and Joachim Winter
8560: Migration Consequences of Welfare Reform Downloads
Robert Kaestner, Neeraj Kaushal and Gregg Van Ryzin
8559: Endogenous Currency of Price Setting in a Dynamic Open Economy Model Downloads
Michael Devereux and Charles Engel
8558: Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations and the Dynamics of Retail Trade Industries on the U.S.-Canada Border Downloads
Jeffrey Campbell and Beverly Lapham
8557: The Market for Crash Risk Downloads
Robert Bates
8556: Changes in the Age Distribution of Mortality Over the 20th Century Downloads
David Cutler and Ellen Meara
8555: Trade in University Training: Cross-State Variation in the Production and Use of College-Educated Labor Downloads
John Bound, Jeffrey Groen, Gabor Kezdi and Sarah Turner
8554: Theoretical and Empirical properties of Dynamic Conditional Correlation Multivariate GARCH Downloads
Robert Engle and Kevin Sheppard
8553: Aging and International Capital Flows Downloads
Axel Boersch-Supan, Alexander Ludwig and Joachim Winter
8552: Firm Age and Wages Downloads
Charles Brown and James Medoff
8551: Tax Rates and Tax Evasion: Evidence from "Missing Imports" in China Downloads
Raymond Fisman and Shang-Jin Wei
8550: The Adjustment of Prices and the Adjustment of the Exchange Rate Downloads
Charles Engel and James Morley
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