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7979: The Health Care Consequences of Smoking and its Regulation Downloads
Michael J. Moore and James Hughes
7978: Using Asset Prices to Measure the Cost of Business Cycles Downloads
Fernando Alvarez and Urban Jermann
7977: Nonprofit Sector and Part-Time Work: An Analysis of Employer-Employee Matched Data of Child Care Workers Downloads
Naci Mocan and Erdal Tekin
7976: Tax Policy, Venture Capital, and Entrepreneurship Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg and Søren Nielsen
7975: Accounting for Recent Declines in Employment Rates among the Working-Aged Disabled Downloads
John Bound and Timothy Waidmann
7974: Investor Protection and Equity Markets Downloads
Andrei Shleifer and Daniel Wolfenson
7973: Moving to Opportunity in Boston: Early Results of a Randomized Mobility Experiment Downloads
Lawrence Katz, Jeffrey Kling and Jeffrey Liebman
7972: When Do Research Consortia Work Well and Why? Evidence from Japanese Panel Data Downloads
Lee G. Branstetter and Mariko Sakakibara
7971: International and Domestic Collateral Constraints in a Model of Emerging Market Crises Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Arvind Krishnamurthy
7970: Technological Change and the Environment Downloads
Adam Jaffe, Richard Newell and Robert Stavins
7969: Corruption and Composition of Foreign Direct Investment: Firm-Level Evidence Downloads
Beata K. Smarzynska and Shang-Jin Wei
7968: Is Making Divorce Easier Bad for Children? The Long Run Implications of Unilateral Divorce Downloads
Jonathan Gruber
7967: More Guns, More Crime Downloads
Mark Duggan
7966: Hospital Market Structure and the Behavior of Not-for-Profit Hospitals: Evidence from Responses to California's Disproportionate Share Program Downloads
Mark Duggan
7965: The Recent Transformation of Participatory Employment Practices in Japan Downloads
Takao Kato
7964: Does Factor-Biased Technological Change Stifle International Covergence? Evidence from Manufacturing Downloads
Eli Berman
7963: Retirement Responses to Early Social Security Benefit Reductions Downloads
Olivia Mitchell and John W.R. Phillips
7962: Technology, Trade, and Adjustment to Immigration in Israel Downloads
Neil Gandal, Gordon Hanson and Matthew J. Slaughter
7961: Internet Car Retailing Downloads
Fiona Scott Morton, Florian Zettelmeyer and Jorge Silva Risso
7960: The Impact of the Estate Tax on the Wealth Accumulation and Avoidance Behavior of Donors Downloads
Joel Slemrod and Wojciech Kopczuk
7959: Wiring the Labor Market Downloads
David Autor
7958: The Governance of the New Enterprise Downloads
Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales
7957: The Zero Bound in an Open Economy: A Foolproof Way of Escaping from a Liquidity Trap Downloads
Lars Svensson
7956: Competition Between Private and Public Schools: Testing Stratification and Pricing Predictions Downloads
Dennis Epple, David Figlio and Richard Romano
7955: Decoupling at the Margin: The Threat to Monetary Policy from the Electronic Revolution in Banking Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
7954: A Re-examination of the Predictability of Economic Activity Using the Yield Spread Downloads
James Hamilton and Dong Heon Kim
7953: Indicator Variables for Optimal Policy Downloads
Lars Svensson and Michael Woodford
7952: Ferreting Out Tunneling: An Application to Indian Business Groups Downloads
Marianne Bertrand, Paras Mehta and Sendhil Mullainathan
7951: The Credit Crunch in East Asia: What can Bank Excess Liquid Assets Tell us? Downloads
Pierre-Richard Agénor, Joshua Aizenman and Alexander Hoffmaister
7950: Simple Estimators for Treatment Parameters in a Latent Variable Framework with an Application to Estimating the Returns to Schooling Downloads
James Heckman, Justin Tobias and Edward Vytlacil
7949: The Nature and Nurture of Economic Outcomes Downloads
Bruce Sacerdote
7948: Behavioral Economics Downloads
Sendhil Mullainathan and Richard Thaler
7947: The Diffusion of the Tractor in American Agriculture: 1910-60 Downloads
Alan Olmstead and Paul Rhode
7946: A Historical Test of the Tiebout Hypothesis: Local Heterogeneity from 1850 to 1990 Downloads
Paul Rhode and Koleman S. Strumpf
7945: Class Struggle Inside the Firm: A Study of German Codetermination Downloads
Gary Gorton and Frank Schmid
7944: Who Benefits Whom in Daily Newspaper Markets? Downloads
Lisa George and Joel Waldfogel
7943: Do R&D Subsidies Stimulate or Displace Private R&D? Evidence from Israel Downloads
Saul Lach
7942: Estimating the Effects of Covariates on Health Expenditures Downloads
Donna Gilleskie and Thomas Mroz
7941: Increasing Returns and All That: A View From Trade Downloads
Werner Antweiler and Daniel Trefler
7940: Why Is Productivity Procyclical? Why Do We Care? Downloads
Susanto Basu and John Fernald
7939: The Evolution of Employment Relations in U.S. and Japanese Manufacturing Firms, 1900-1960: A Comparative Historical and Institutional Analysis Downloads
Chiaki Moriguchi
7938: Credit Market Imperfections and Persistent Unemployment Downloads
Daron Acemoglu
7937: Does Comparable Worth Work in a Decentralized Labor Market? Downloads
Michael Baker and Nicole Fortin
7936: Idiosyncratic Risk and Aggregate Employment Dynamics Downloads
Jeffrey Campbell and Jonas Fisher
7935: IPO Market Cycles: Bubbles or Sequential Learning? Downloads
Michelle Lowry and G. Schwert
7934: Using Locational Equilibrium Models to Evaluate Housing Price Indexes Downloads
Holger Sieg, V. Smith, Spencer Banzhaf and Randall Walsh
7933: The Distribution of Stock Return Volatility Downloads
Torben Andersen, Tim Bollerslev, Francis Diebold and Heiko Ebens
7932: Rising Wage Dispersion Across American Manufacturing Establishments, 1850-1880 Downloads
Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman and Robert Margo
7931: The Gender Gap in Top Corporate Jobs Downloads
Marianne Bertrand and Kevin Hallock
7930: R&D Policy in Israel: An Overview and Reassessment Downloads
Manuel Trajtenberg
7929: The Effects of Bilateral Tax Treaties on U.S. FDI Activity Downloads
Bruce Blonigen and Ronald Davies
7928: Taxing and Subsidizing Housing Investment: The Rise and Fall of Housing's Favored Status Downloads
Patric Hendershott and Michael White
7927: Currency Unions Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Robert Barro
7926: Prudential Supervision: Why Is It Important and What are the Issues? Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
7925: On the Nature of Capital Adjustment Costs Downloads
Russell W. Cooper and John Haltiwanger
7924: Does Managed Care Change the Mission of Nonprofit Hospitals? Evidence From the Managerial Labor Market Downloads
Richard Arnould, Marianne Bertrand and Kevin Hallock
7923: Does the Social Security Earnings Test Affect Labor Supply and Benefits Receipt? Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Peter Orszag
7922: The Optimal Elasticity of Taxable Income Downloads
Joel Slemrod and Wojciech Kopczuk
7921: Different Approaches to Bankruptcy Downloads
Oliver Hart
7920: Taxing Multinationals Downloads
Michael Devereux and Robert Hubbard
7919: Causes of U.S. Bank Distress During the Depression Downloads
Charles Calomiris and Joseph R. Mason
7918: Where Does State Street Lead? A First Look at Finance Patents, 1971-2000 Downloads
Josh Lerner
7917: Environmental Levies and Distortionary Taxation: Pigou, Taxation, and Pollution Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
7916: The Present and Future of Monetary Policy Rules Downloads
Bennett McCallum
7915: Timeless Perspectives vs. Discretionary Monetary Policy In Forward-Looking Models Downloads
Bennett McCallum and Edward Nelson
7914: Endogenous Pricing to Market and Financing Costs Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
7913: A New Approach to Measuring Financial Contagion Downloads
Kee-Hong Bae, G. Karolyi and René Stulz
7912: Estimating the Rental Adjustment Process Downloads
Patric Hendershott, Bryan D. MacGregor and Raymond Y.C. Tse
7911: International Data on Educational Attainment Updates and Implications Downloads
Robert Barro and Jong-Wha Lee
7910: Policy Rules and External Shocks Downloads
Laurence Ball
7909: Are Two Heads Better Than One?: An Experimental Analysis of Group vs. Individual Decisionmaking Downloads
Alan Blinder and John Morgan
7908: An Optimizing IS-LM Framework with Endogenous Investment Downloads
Miguel Casares and Bennett McCallum
7907: How Do Doctors Behave When Some (But Not All) of Their Patients are in Managed Care? Downloads
Sherry Glied and Joshua Graff Zivin
7906: Do the Rich Save More? Downloads
Karen E. Dynan, Jonathan Skinner and Stephen Zeldes
7905: Occupation-Level Income Shocks and Asset Returns: Their Covariance and Implications for Portfolio Choice Downloads
Steven Davis and Paul Willen
7904: The World Technology Frontier Downloads
Francesco Caselli and Wilbur Coleman
7903: The Effect of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on the Location of Assets in Financial Services Firms Downloads
Rosanne Altshuler and Robert Hubbard
7902: International Capital Inflows, Domestic Financial Intermediation and Financial Crises under Imperfect Information Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Kenneth Kletzer
7901: Verifiability and the Vanishing Intermediate Exchange Rate Regime Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel, Sergio Schmukler and Luis Servén
7900: Are Financial Crises Becoming Increasingly More Contagious? What is the Historical Evidence on Contagion? Downloads
Michael Bordo and Antu Murshid
7899: Aspects of Global Economic Intergration: Outlook for the Future Downloads
Martin Feldstein
7898: Inventors and Pirates: Creative Activity and Intellectual Property Rights Downloads
Herschel Grossman
7897: The Creation of Effective Property Rights Downloads
Herschel Grossman
7896: Outside Funding of Community Organizations: Benefiting or Displacing the Poor? Downloads
Mary Kay Gugerty and Michael Kremer
7895: Live Long, Live Well: Quantifying the Health of Heterogenous Populations Downloads
John Mullahy
7894: Entrepreneurship and Household Saving Downloads
William Gentry and Robert Hubbard
7893: The Asset Price Incidence of Capital Gains Taxes: Evidence from the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and Publicly-Traded Real Estate Firms Downloads
Todd Sinai and Joseph Gyourko
7892: The Regulation of Entry Downloads
Simeon Djankov, Rafael La Porta, Florencio LopezdeSilanes and Andrei Shleifer
7891: Measuring the "Ideas" Production Function: Evidence from International Patent Output Downloads
Michael E. Porter and Scott Stern
7890: Upstairs, Downstairs: Computer-Skill Complementarity and Computer-Labor Substitution on Two Floors of a Large Bank Downloads
David Autor, Frank Levy and Richard Murnane
7889: Optimal Exchange Rate Policy: The Influence of Price Setting and Asset Markets Downloads
Charles Engel
7888: The Impact of School Choice on Student Outcomes: An Analysis of the Chicago Public Schools Downloads
Julie Cullen, Brian Jacob and Steven Levitt
7887: The Impact of Information Technology on Emergency Health Care Outcomes Downloads
Susan Athey and Scott Stern
7886: Paying our Presidents: What do Trustees Value? Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg, John L. Cheslock and Julia Epifantseva
7885: Contagion in Latin America: Definitions, Measurement, and Policy Implications Downloads
Kristin Forbes and Roberto Rigobon
7884: The Inexorable and Mysterious Tradeoff Between Inflation and Unemployment Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
7883: Managed Care, Technology Adoption, and Health Care: The Adoption of Neonatal Intensive Care Downloads
Laurence C. Baker and Ciaran S. Phibbs
7882: Aging and Housing Equity Downloads
Steven Venti and David Wise
7881: The Public-Private Mix in the Modern Health Care System - Concepts, Issues, and Policy Options Revisited Downloads
Dov Chernichovsky
7880: Fin de Siecle Real Interest Parity Downloads
Eiji Fujii and Menzie Chinn
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