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8071: Inflation Stabilization and Welfare Downloads
Michael Woodford
8070: Trade in Capital Goods Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Samuel Kortum
8069: Effects of Competition under Prospective Payment on Hospital Costs among High and Low Cost Admissions: Evidence from California, 1983 - 1993 Downloads
David Meltzer and Jeanette Chung
8068: Factor Price Equality and the Economies of the United States Downloads
Andrew Bernard, J. Jensen and Peter Schott
8067: Free Riding and Sales Strategies for the Internet Downloads
Dennis Carlton and Judith Chevalier
8066: The Risk and Return of Venture Capital Downloads
John Cochrane
8065: The Relation Between Managed Care Market Share and the Treatment of Elderly Fee-For-Service Patients with Myocardial Infarction Downloads
Paul A. Heidenreich, Mark McClellan, Craig Frances and Laurence C. Baker
8064: Longevity-Insured Retirement Distributions from Pension Plans: Market and Regulatory Issues Downloads
Jeffrey Brown and Mark J. Warshawsky
8063: The Effect of Medicaid Expansions for Low-Income Children on Medicaid Participation and Insurance Coverage: Evidence from the SIPP Downloads
John Ham and Lara Shore-Sheppard
8062: A Public Finance Approach to Assessing Poverty Alleviation Downloads
Shlomo Yitzhaki
8061: Grandmothers and Granddaughters: Old Age Pension and Intra-household Allocation in South Africa Downloads
Esther Duflo
8060: Balance SHeet Effects, Bailout Guarantees and Financial Crises Downloads
Martin Schneider and Aaron Tornell
8059: Risks for the Long Run: A Potential Resolution of Asset Pricing Puzzles Downloads
Ravi Bansal and Amir Yaron
8058: Wages Around the World: Pay Across Occupations and Countries Downloads
Richard Freeman and Remco Oostendorp
8057: Monetary Policy Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
8056: Understanding Child Support Trends: Economic, Demographic, and Political Contributions Downloads
Anne Case, I-Fen Lin and Sara McLanahan
8055: School Choice and the Distributional Effects of Ability Tracking: Does Separation Increase Equality? Downloads
David Figlio and Marianne Page
8054: Longer Term Effects of Head Start Downloads
Eliana Garces, Duncan Thomas and Janet Currie
8053: Non-Market Interactions Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Jose Scheinkman
8052: Stock Options for Undiversified Executives Downloads
Brian J. Hall and Kevin Murphy
8051: The Incentive for Working Hard: Explaining Hours Worked Differences in the U.S. and Germany Downloads
Linda A. Bell and Richard Freeman
8050: The Anatomy of Employee Involvement and Its Effects on Firms and Workers Downloads
Richard Freeman, Morris M. Kleiner and Cheri Ostroff
8049: Environmental Tax Interactions When Pollution Affects Health or Productivity Downloads
Roberton Williams
8048: Health Effects in a Model of Second-Best Environmental Taxation or Reconsidering "Reconsidering the Tax-Interaction Effect" Downloads
Roberton Williams
8047: The Role of Interest Rates in Federal Reserve Policymaking Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
8046: Industrial Groupings and Strategic FDI: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Bruce Blonigen, Christopher J. Ellis and Dietrich Fausten
8045: Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets: Policyholder Evidence from the U.K. Annuity Market Downloads
Amy Finkelstein and James Poterba
8044: European Financial Markets After EMU: A First Assessment Downloads
Jean-Pierre Danthine, Francesco Giavazzi and Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden
8043: Closed and Open Economy Models of Business Cycles with Marked Up and Sticky Prices Downloads
Robert Barro and Silvana Tenreyro
8042: Consequences of Imbalanced Sex Ratios: Evidence from America's Second Generation Downloads
Joshua Angrist
8041: Growth Economics and Reality Downloads
William Brock and Steven Durlauf
8040: The Welfare Cost of Business Cycles Revisited: Finite Lives and Cyclical Variation in Idiosyncratic Risk Downloads
Kjetil Storesletten, Chris Telmer and Amir Yaron
8039: Style Investing Downloads
Nicholas Barberis and Andrei Shleifer
8038: Firm Level Investment and R&D in France and the United States: A Comparison Downloads
Benoît Mulkay, Bronwyn Hall and Jacques Mairesse
8037: The Optimal Treatment of Tax Expenditures Downloads
Emmanuel Saez
8036: Issue Unbundling via Citizens' Initiatives Downloads
Timothy Besley and Stephen Coate
8035: The EMS Crisis in Retrospect Downloads
Barry Eichengreen
8034: The Social Consequences of Housing Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Bruce Sacerdote
8033: On the Japanese Economy and Japanese National Accounts Downloads
Albert Ando
8032: The Effects of 401(k) Plans on Household Wealth: Differences Across Earnings Groups Downloads
Eric M. Engen and William Gale
8031: The Middle Class Parent Penalty: Child Benefits in the U.S. Tax Code Downloads
David T. Ellwood and Jeffrey Liebman
8030: An sS Model with Adverse Selection Downloads
Christopher House and John Leahy
8029: The Desirability of Commodity Taxation under Non-Linear Income Taxation and Heterogeneous Tastes Downloads
Emmanuel Saez
8028: Where did British Foreign Capital Go? Fundamentals, Failures and the Lucas Paradox: 1870-1913 Downloads
Michael Clemens and Jeffrey Williamson
8027: Market Mechanisms for Policy Decisions: Tools for the European Union Downloads
Alessandra Casella
8026: Games for Central Bankers: Markets v/s Politics in Public Policy Decisions Downloads
Alessandra Casella
8025: Money and Inflation in the Euro Area: A Case for Monetary Indicators? Downloads
Stefan Gerlach and Lars Svensson
8024: A Framework for Applied Dynamic Analysis in I.O Downloads
Ariel Pakes
8023: Generalized Solow-Neutral Technical Progress and Postwar Economic Growth Downloads
Michael J. Boskin and Lawrence J. Lau
8022: Technological Change, the Labor Market and the Stock Market Downloads
Rodolfo Manuelli
8021: How Elastic is the Firm's Demand for Health Insurance? Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Michael Lettau
8020: Managed Care and Technology Adoption in Health Care: Evidence from Magnetic Resonance Imaging Downloads
Laurence C. Baker
8019: What's in a Grade? School Report Cards and House Prices Downloads
David Figlio and Maurice E. Lucas
8018: Retrospective vs. Prospective Analyses of School Inputs: The Case of Flip Charts in Kenya Downloads
Paul Glewwe, Michael Kremer, Sylvie Moulin and Eric Zitzewitz
8017: The Effects of Business-to-Business E-Commerce on Transaction Costs Downloads
Luis Garicano and Steven Kaplan
8016: 12 Million Salaried Workers Are Missing Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
8015: Is Foreign Direct Investment a Channel of Knowledge Spillovers? Evidence from Japan's FDI in the United States Downloads
Lee Branstetter
8014: Are Profits Shared Across Borders? Evidence on International Rent Sharing Downloads
John Budd and Matthew J.Slaughter
8013: Scale Economies and the Geographic Concentration of Industry Downloads
Gordon Hanson
8012: A Century of Purchasing-Power Parity Downloads
Alan Taylor
8011: The Impact of Capital Gains Taxes on Stock Price Reactions to S&P 500 Inclusion Downloads
Jennifer L. Blouin, Jana Smith Raedy and Douglas Shackelford
8010: Macroeconomic Factors and Antidumping Filings: Evidence from Four Countries Downloads
Michael M. Knetter and Thomas Prusa
8009: The Uneasy Marriage of Export Incentives and the Income Tax Downloads
Mihir A. Desai and James Hines
8008: Evolution and Revolution in the Argentine Banking System under Convertibility: The Roles of Crises and Path Dependence Downloads
Lee Alston and Andres Gallo
8007: The Long-Term Gains from GAIN: A Re-Analysis of the Impacts of the California GAIN Program Downloads
V. Joseph Hotz, Guido Imbens and Jacob A. Klerman
8006: Fixing for Your Life Downloads
Guillermo Calvo and Carmen Reinhart
8005: GATT-Think Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert Staiger
8004: The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime Downloads
John Donohue and Steven Levitt
8003: Bank Runs and Banking Policies: Lessons for African Policymakers Downloads
Edward Kane and Tara Rice
8002: On the Desirability of a Regional Basket Currency Arrangement Downloads
Eiji Ogawa and Takatoshi Ito
8001: The Environmental Kuznets Curve: Exploring A Fresh Specification Downloads
David Bradford, Rebecca Schlieckert and Stephen H. Shore
8000: Understanding Mid-Life and Older Age Mortality Declines: Evidence from Union Army Veterans Downloads
Dora Costa
7999: Interracial Contact in High School Extracurricular Activities Downloads
Charles Clotfelter
7998: Who Wins the Olympic Games: Economic Development and Medal Totals Downloads
Andrew Bernard and Meghan R. Busse
7997: Japan Premium and Stock Prices: Two Mirrors of Japanese Banking Crises Downloads
Takatoshi Ito and Kimie Harada
7996: Does the Internet Make Markets More Competitive? Downloads
Jeffrey Brown and Austan Goolsbee
7995: Consumption and Risk Sharing Over the Life Cycle Downloads
Kjetil Storesletten, Chris Telmer and Amir Yaron
7994: Wages, Productivity, and the Dynamic Interaction of Businesses and Workers Downloads
John Haltiwanger, Julia Lane and James Spletzer
7993: Fear of Floating Downloads
Guillermo Calvo and Carmen Reinhart
7992: Private Inflows when Crises are Anticipated: A Case Study of Korea Downloads
Michael Dooley and Inseok Shin
7991: Asset Location for Retirement Savers Downloads
James Poterba, John B. Shoven and Clemens Sialm
7990: Sex, Drugs, and Catholic Schools: Private Schooling and Non-Market Adolescent Behaviors Downloads
David Figlio and Jens Ludwig
7989: Interpreting Instrumental Variables Estimates of the Returns to Schooling Downloads
Jeffrey Kling
7988: Near-Rationality and Inflation in Two Monetary Regimes Downloads
Laurence Ball
7987: Computers, Work Organization, and Wage Outcomes Downloads
Peter Cappelli and William H. Carter
7986: Changes in the Wage Structure, Family Income, and Children's Education Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Jorn-Steffen Pischke
7985: Do High Grading Standards Affect Student Performance? Downloads
David Figlio and Maurice E. Lucas
7984: Commercial Policy with Altruistic Voters Downloads
Julio Rotemberg
7983: The Social Discount Rate Downloads
Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
7982: An Economic Analysis of Alcohol, Drugs, and Violent Crime in the National Crime Victimization Survey Downloads
Sara Markowitz
7981: Why Don't Prices Rise During Periods of Peak Demand? Evidence from Scanner Data Downloads
Judith Chevalier, Anil Kashyap and Peter Rossi
7980: Personal Income Taxes and the Growth of Small Firms Downloads
Robert Carroll, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Mark Rider and Harvey Rosen
7979: The Health Care Consequences of Smoking and its Regulation Downloads
Michael J. Moore and James Hughes
7978: Using Asset Prices to Measure the Cost of Business Cycles Downloads
Fernando Alvarez and Urban Jermann
7977: Nonprofit Sector and Part-Time Work: An Analysis of Employer-Employee Matched Data of Child Care Workers Downloads
Naci Mocan and Erdal Tekin
7976: Tax Policy, Venture Capital, and Entrepreneurship Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg and Søren Nielsen
7975: Accounting for Recent Declines in Employment Rates among the Working-Aged Disabled Downloads
John Bound and Timothy Waidmann
7974: Investor Protection and Equity Markets Downloads
Andrei Shleifer and Daniel Wolfenson
7973: Moving to Opportunity in Boston: Early Results of a Randomized Mobility Experiment Downloads
Lawrence Katz, Jeffrey Kling and Jeffrey Liebman
7972: When Do Research Consortia Work Well and Why? Evidence from Japanese Panel Data Downloads
Lee G. Branstetter and Mariko Sakakibara
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