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6536: The Effects of Minimum Wages on the Distribution of Family Incomes: A Non-Parametric Analysis Downloads
David Neumark, Mark Edward Schweitzer and William Wascher
6535: Diversity and Immigration Downloads
Edward Lazear
6534: New Evidence on Pensions, Social Security, and the Timing of Retirement Downloads
Andrew Alan Samwick
6533: Taxation and the Sources of Growth: Estimates from United States Multinational Corporations Downloads
Jason G. Cummins
6532: Does Government R&D Policy Mainly Benefit Scientists and Engineers? Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
6531: What Determines Individual Trade Policy Preferences? Downloads
Kenneth F. Scheve and Matthew J. Slaughter
6530: Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: Liberalization, Overshooting, and Volatility Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
6529: On Theories Explaining the Success of the Gravity Equation Downloads
Simon John Evenett and Wolfgang Keller
6528: Business Cycle Fluctuations in U.S. Macroeconomic Time Series Downloads
James H. Stock and Mark W. Watson
6527: Medicaid Expansions and The Crowding Out of Private Health Insurance Downloads
Esel Y. Yazici and Robert John Kaestner
6526: Investment Subsidies and Wages in Capital Goods Industries: To the Workers Go the Spoils? Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
6525: Taxes and Investment in Annuities Downloads
William M. Gentry and Joseph Milano
6524: Privatization in Emerging Markets Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
6523: Managed Care Provider Volume Downloads
Sarah Feldman and David Scharfstein
6522: Notes on "A Code for Fiscal Stability" Downloads
Willem Hendrik Buiter
6521: An Economic Analysis of Transnational Bankruptcies Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Andrew T. Guzman
6520: Falling Union Membership and Rising Wage Inequality: What's the Connection? Downloads
David E. Card
6519: The More Things Change: Immigrants and the Children of Immigrants in the 1940s, the 1970s, and the 1990s Downloads
David E. Card, John Enrico DiNardo and Eugena Estes
6518: Rethinking the Role of NAIRU in Monetary Policy: Implications of Model Formulation and Uncertainty Downloads
Arturo Estrella and Frederic Mishkin
6517: Vertical Externalities in Tax Setting: Evidence from Gasoline and Cigarettes Downloads
Timothy J. Besley and Harvey Rosen
6516: The Morning After: The Mexican Peso in the Aftermath of the 1994 Currency Crisis Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Miguel A. Savastano
6515: Changing Inequality in Markets for Workplace Amenities Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
6514: The Costs and Benefits of Intensive Treatment for Cardiovascular Disease Downloads
David M. Cutler, Mark McClellan and Joseph P. Newhouse
6513: How Much is Enough? Efficiency and Medicare Spending in the Last Six Months of Life Downloads
Jonathan Skinner and John E. Wennberg
6512: Policy Rules for Inflation Targeting Downloads
Glenn D. Rudebusch and Lars E. O. Svensson
6511: Social Security, Economic Growth, and the Rise in Independence of Elderly Widows in the 20th Century Downloads
Kathleen McGarry and Robert F. Schoeni
6510: The Political Economy of Unilateral Trade Liberalization: The Case of Chile Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Daniel Lederman
6509: The Effect of Offer-of-Settlement Rules on the Terms of Settlement Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Howard F. Chang
6508: Regime Switches in Interest Rates Downloads
Andrew Ang and Geert Bekaert
6507: International Knowledge Flows: Evidence from Patent Citations Downloads
Adam Jaffe and Manuel Trajtenberg
6506: The Economic Progress of Immigrants Downloads
George Borjas
6505: Valuing the Futures Market Clearinghouse's Default Exposure During the 1987 Crash Downloads
David Bates and Roger Craine
6504: The Wage and the Length of the Work Day: From the 1890s to 1991 Downloads
Dora L. Costa
6503: Health Problems as Determinants of Retirement: Are Self-Rated Measures Endogenous? Downloads
Debra Sabatini Dwyer and Olivia S. Mitchell
6502: Why Aren't Savings Rates in Latin America Procyclical? Downloads
Philip Lane and Aaron Tornell
6501: Labor-Market Frictions and Employment Fluctuations Downloads
Robert Ernest Hall
6500: It'll Only Hurt a Second? Microeconomic Determinants of Who Gets Flu Shots Downloads
John Mullahy
6499: Producers and Predators Downloads
Herschel . Grossman
6498: Voracity and Growth Downloads
Aaron Tornell and Philip Lane
6497: Reform from Within Downloads
Aaron Tornell
6496: Mentoring and Diversity Downloads
Susan Athey, Christopher N. Avery and Peter Zemsky
6495: The Current Account and the Real Exchange Rate: A Structural VAR Analysis of Major Currencies Downloads
Jaewoo Lee and Menzie Chinn
6494: Optimal CO2 Abatement in the Presence of Induced Technological Change Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder and Koshy Mathai
6493: Effects of Information Provision in an Vertically Differentiated Market Downloads
Tasneem Chipty and Ann Dryden Witte
6492: Staggered Price Setting and Endogenous Persistence Downloads
Paul Bergin and Robert C. Feenstra
6491: Before the Fall: Were East Asian Currencies Overvalued? Downloads
Menzie Chinn
6490: Costs of Equity Capital and Model Mispricing Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Robert F. Stambaugh
6489: Less-Skilled Workers, Welfare Reform, and the Unemployment Insurance System Downloads
Cynthia K. Gustafson and Phillip B. Levine
6488: The Effect of Price Advertising and Prices: Evidence in the Wake of 44 Liquormart Downloads
Jeffrey Milyo and Joel Waldfogel
6487: Applying Behavioral Economics to the Challenge of Reducing Cocaine Abuse Downloads
Stephen T. Higgins
6486: Tobacco Taxes, Smoking Restrictions, and Tobacco Use Downloads
Robert L. Ohsfeldt, Raymond G. Boyle and Eli L. Capilouto
6485: Asset Prices, Consumption, and the Business Cycle Downloads
John Y. Campbell
6484: Using Sentence Enhancements to Distinguish between Deterrence and Incapacitation Downloads
Daniel Kessler and Steven Levitt
6483: Multiproduct Multinationals and Reciprocal FDI Dumping Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Gianmarco .P. Ottaviano
6482: Why Are Process Monitoring Technologies Valuable? The Use of On-Board Information Technology in the Trucking Industry Downloads
Thomas N. Hubbard
6481: Differentiated Products Demand Systems from a Combination of Micro and Macro Data: The New Car Market Downloads
Steven Berry, James Levinsohn and Ariel Pakes
6480: Thresholds and Context Dependence in Growth Downloads
Atish Ghosh and Holger Wolf
6479: Illegal Child Labor in the United States: Prevalence and Characteristics Downloads
Douglas Kruse and Douglas Mahony
6478: Social Security Benefits of Immigrants and U.S. Born Downloads
Alan L. Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
6477: Incremental Trade and Endogenous Growth: A q-Theory Approach Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Rikard Forslid
6476: Asset Pricing when Risk Sharing is Limited by Default Downloads
Fernando Alvarez and Urban Joseph Jermann
6475: Total Factor Productivity Growth in the Canadian Life Insurance Industry: 1979-1989 Downloads
Jeffrey . Bernstein
6474: Negative Expected Value Suits Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk
6473: Chapter 11 Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk
6472: The Uneasy Case for the Priority of Secured Claims in Bankruptcy: Further Thoughts and a Reply to Critics Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Jesse Fried
6471: Is the Price Level Determined by the Needs of Fiscal Solvency? Downloads
Matthew Buford Canzoneri, Robert E. Cumby and Behzad T. Diba
6470: Government Debt Downloads
Douglas W. Elmendorf and N. Gregory Mankiw
6469: Financial Fragility and the Exchange Rate Regime Downloads
Roberto Chang and Andres Velasco
6468: Current Account Sustainability in Transition Economies Downloads
Nouriel Roubini and Paul Wachtel
6467: Stock Repurchases and Incentive Compensation Downloads
Christine Jolls
6466: Consumption Demand Downloads
Orazio Attanasio
6465: Transition to and Tax Rate Flexibility in a Cash-Flow Type Tax Downloads
David F. Bradford
6464: The Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Instruments for Environmental Protection in a Second-Best Setting Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder, Ian Parry, Roberton C. Williams and Dallas Burtraw
6463: An Empirical Analysis of the Potential for Market Power in California's Electricity Industry Downloads
Severin Borenstein and James Bushnell
6462: Tax Policy and Human Capital Formation Downloads
James J. Heckman, Lance Lochner and Christopher Taber
6461: The Value of MFN Treatment Downloads
Madanmohan Ghosh, Carlo Perroni and John Whalley
6460: The Institutional Context and Manufacturing Performance: The Case of the U.S. Defense Industrial Network Downloads
Maryellen R. Kelley and Cynthia R. Cook
6459: Agglomeration and Endogenous Capital Downloads
Richard Baldwin
6458: Global Income Divergence, Trade and Industrializatiion: The Geography of Growth Take-Offs Downloads
Richard Baldwin, Philippe Martin and Gianmarco .P. Ottaviano
6457: Household Savings in Transition Economies Downloads
Cevdet A. Denizer and Holger C. Wolf
6456: Indeterminacy, Bubbles, and the Fiscal Theory of Price Level Determination Downloads
Bennett McCallum
6455: The Financial Accelerator in a Quantitative Business Cycle Framework Downloads
Ben S. Bernanke, Mark L. Gertler and Simon Gilchrist
6454: A Theory of Wage and Promotion Dynamics in Internal Labor Markets Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Michael Waldman
6453: Universal Service in the Digital Age: The Commercialization and Geography of U.S. Internet Access Downloads
Shane Mitchell Greenstein
6452: Transparency and Credibility: Monetary Policy with Unobservable Goals Downloads
Jon Faust and Lars E. O. Svensson
6451: A Contracting-Theory Interpretation of the Origins of Federal Deposit Insurance Downloads
Edward J. Kane and Berry K. Wilson
6450: Assessing the Bias in the Consumer Price Index from Survey Data Downloads
Alan B. Krueger and Aaron Siskind
6449: Would Financial Incentives for Leaving Welfare Lead Some People to Stay on Welfare Longer? An Experimental Evaluation of 'Entry Effects' in the SSP Downloads
David E. Card, Philip Kenneth Robins and Winston Lin
6448: Contracts, Intellectual Property Rights, and Multinational Investment in Developing Countries Downloads
James R. Markusen
6447: An International Comparison of Generational Accounts Downloads
Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Willi Leibfritz
6446: Meritocracy in America: An Examination of Wages Within and Across Occupations Downloads
John Cawley, James J. Heckman and Edward Vytlacil
6445: Cyclical Movements in Wages and Consumption in a Bargaining Model of Unemployment Downloads
Julio Rotemberg
6444: The Behavioral Economics of Smoking Downloads
Warren K. Bickel and Gregory J. Madden
6443: The Effects of Price Changes on Alcohol Consumption in Alcohol-Experienced Rats Downloads
Jeffrey Kent Sarbaum, Solomon William Polachek and Norman E. Spear
6442: Monetary Policy Rules and Macroeconomic Stability: Evidence and Some Theory Downloads
Richard H. Clarida, Jordi Gali and Mark L. Gertler
6441: Capital Inflows into Latin America: A Stop-Go Story? Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
6440: Changing the Price of Pork: The Impact of Local Cost Sharing on Legislators' Demand for Distributive Public Goods Downloads
Alison F. DelRossi and Robert P. Inman
6439: Human Capital and Social Capital: The Rise of Secondary Schooling in America, 1910 to 1940 Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz
6438: Understanding the U.S. Export Boom Downloads
Andrew B. Bernard and J. Bradford Jensen
6437: The Induced Innovation Hypothesis and Energy-Saving Technological Change Downloads
Richard G. Newell, Adam Jaffe and Robert Norman Stavins
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